The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 13, 1910, SECTION TWO, Page 10, Image 26

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atEAI. nrrtlT. t BEAI.ES.TATE, . ) MJS: a "T!.., . -taleFTn. L.nd7 For-Sa.e-xarma. For Sale-Farm
A. r aa. m. I ACmiB. I " I
EST acxda. toe i;.oa that la today rc
In. uu highest ladoreeniaat from tbe Oie
XuA AgTU-uiluxai Coliicc
A model JO-arra fr-tlt (arm la tho hart
of the beet fruit section on n uln county
road. Land 1 level aim perfect. y eleor-a.
and ready for the Piaullng of fruit. This
placa baa a brand-caw laro-rooro hun
low doom. equally ottf barn and cliuken
coop with runways, etc of Uirtt ace-pi -e)
pattern: I-xhI water, achoolhouee with
in a ctty block ar4 church c,ua..y near.
Price $-2r.o. ownwr hoe lo Ut oue-bair
cash, ha i a ura easy lamia.
We have threo lo-acra tract, each with
three acr.a of n.-r'"J comaiwiul
apple orchard. M some, talaacu . .ere.i
tpHM mall plec. In reax. Adjoining
hlxt..y improve! rruit ranch. Price al.eO
mca and for a peraon'wbo will Immediate
ly locata and Improvt the term, can b
eapocially attractive
lo-arr. li beet trv't raising section. 8
acrea cleared. Prlca AllOo. larme eaay.
Inlnlnf ft r:
fruit ranch. Prlc llu-. IM) iw
buy tola p. ace. to auit buyer.
13 acre, .djnlnma; firm frolt potion.
acre, cleared, .mail hous. and born, good
bearing I.Ti r orchard, r-alanca
land rca1- for tmmllata p.oiit ng. r'r
$1100; will handle tli.s. Tbia won I
ba ea the marltet lon-
We also bava other attractive .mall
I Mr. Manama
Chamber of tnw.
S ACltV.S. -' CASH.
3 acrea. 13 muc. iron.
rf Portland; adjoin country town. gooa
school, march at.d ftorr. tn coo.1 r.
red mad; eiecrlc Una has been uri',,I0
naht in front f tract; l located now two
m.;ea frurn aid of urn. MB-; "
oil. no trtrt,; f .ur-r.:th.
a ll'tl. oorr.r containing tr- and ruft
Frtca IK M. -. aal. ralanc- -aay lama.
! iLht. STi C !i- ,-
1 nrra. IS mH-a from '""""
rf Portlar-d. two mUei from end d
trio lln; lam. Una haa b'n rur'"1, J
within or IK blocka of thl traL-t; - '
miia frora acaooi. c( urch nud r
.l-enw rl.-h .il. fo aravrl; vrlca
43 7o eaaX ba.anc uy tonne.
IH crea. .tut S b..K-k. lrm '''-
earlina. 14 mllaa from Ron. and oln
CMt.r: bm.ri an.1 llrht l"h'rv.!,rl
rl.ra: prlca -'). I.U cn. '"'"
aaay tarrna. or win cll halt til.
or H, a,rea far 131 .i, 1'U c"". balana
caay tarnia.
a acrra. nioauy to timber; innil
lono corda of wood; fn.uia on clectrlr lin.
tha wo,. J aJona auoulJ PT a pr rlt ot
IJ0. leavlnc te luBd entirely fr.e ot
root to taa purohaacr. After thla land ha.
1MB cleared, ooe can aubJvida t
a-r. tracta and -t from 1 lo $ 0 an
acra for It. It bin locat-J directly "
.-arlina. cl.-a IB; prlca 1. " cstt
balaAca eaeY term .
r. 4;a and ik ."iil. H "try J';7V
Oroand Flo.r. I'hona Main tu.-.. A o.t-.
iovACKt5TL'i-:l i rl'Mi' sidetiiack ox
Tins GiiorNu.
inrj acrra. with electric l;ne runnlnc
throuali enter of It. with paencr d
pot and aidatrarlt on aroLla'la. alllim ten
mila circle, tlood houaa and b.n n. fm
l y orchard. Tula pUc la half ter. una
bataaca of about Oo acrea la In timtx-r
that will eatlmata about 10.1"0 cor.le of
wood, which, can ba delivered In J'ort
land. under contract, at a -ry low ct.
makina a profit on tha cordood alono
to tha purchaa.r. after p.ivnna; all ex-peca-a.
of li.ix t iq.iw. After tha
timber U off. tti'l tract can be undi
vided rd aold f.T from to t" lr
acre. Tola la the beat euodlnalon prop
arty on thi market tortay. Tha land la
partially level and partially alopina.
Kc.t aoll. l-rlca SJ per cr. one-
fourth caaa. balance easy terma.
it. E. THOMi'SU.N CO..
Cor. 4th and oak bta
Phone Main '; A :t3-T;
SO ACRES, on F.lectrla I.lne. Cloae In.
DO ai rea. timbered, eatlmaled
at 10.000 corda of wood. Thla wood can
ba cut and delivered under contract. In
r.wtl:nd. at t i p r cor.l. A profit of should bo uiada upon the cord
woexl on thia placa ao cloac to l'ortlimd.
After tha timber la cul thla tract can ba
aubdividcd into 1. - an l 3-acr tracta and
aold for to .a0 per acre. Thia la a
anap at e-o per acra. ona-lourlh Caah,
baiaoca aaar tcrma.
to ACHES, 12500.
SO arrra 15 nillea from buatneaa center
of; rich, deep aoll. level, rloaa
to country town, near electric line, prao ail cleared, la an eic.-edmcly Una
place. i;s KT acre. J-ioo caah. kalanca
aaay terma.
Uasxy hld.. cor. :! and t'ik ata.
rhonea Mia '.t't. A 3 i-7.
treated on Jruckley avenue and Pandy
road; tha pla.-a for our auburban horn- j
Una view of ML St. Helena au.l Hood and
overlooklnc the Columbia Kner; fine ma
cadam roadi the year round; O. K. A.
runa throuirh thla trct an. I will -.ab-l:ah
a euuurbnn motor aervica; a:x mllca
from the renter of the clt . tho ,m'"i
ration anahere around Portland, phona
or call c. Franklin Fiaher. Uatiilltoa
but dine
Si lAIVS, improved v.llh sooa T-roora mod
ern oouae. l.-a bearlnc fruit tree; a.rra
of loaanlerTiea. H acre of f:r.e ruapber
rlea. aood atrawlterry bed. chicken ard
and p.eniy of room Wl for a nanlrB:
minutea' from- Morr!a.n brl.lise; faci
3TA feat on Improved atruet with cement
walka and curL-e. atreelcar runa paat tna
propert; only e'"V per lot. Inclultn Im
provementa. or a 1. 1 trade In aa a ftrt pav-n-.enl
on income property. V. C Ide.
l.i:nirrmr: l t'l'lc.
Orecon city cariu-.e. cholt-a land and all
anilrr culiivall-'n; b.-arms or. harde. lo".
ire.- applee. pcachee. e:c. New tl-room
bunraloar. ae.l .t. r. Tula la a piace and la aold at a a-icnflca
rr'C HA 3 IlINUt.KK.
;H Lean t-'.-
lo-acre tr . t. a. r. a in baer.lam. S
a. ree in l; f t . -i l r acre; be.iver
dim la producing iWI ancka of prtxe or.iona
lo the acre; oniona aru aorlh t.'ay 11
rrr aack. each ll a. re tm. t wi.l f.rodu.a
$ ;.av l:nd la i mile from eltctnc car
t . n vrv cluse to Portland:
lerma ItoO cash. b.ilanLC a yeara at
per rant. Iim
room J. Jjcnii tT'
i:icna b. !:.. Mo ana
s ;.ir k.
v ACI1KS, bicMy improved, o mil
.a from
(Iraliain. n- r l.ivcr.
tlrove. an ul.-il hom.-pl.
icravcL Price .. p-r mr
land nc.i- -i'ove. v.
frutt: '' to li-HI f.-et riot
no rck or
. alao 4o arr-'t
e. V..11 a.Liptcd for
'iev.i:lon. I'tuc H'Ji
ea are eccptlouall y
n.'U..e p:-..p. : . a.l-
per acr.'. tn-ae p
c-.H.t an. I til" Pri.
jolnlna. W. W. Kiton.
at I lo'-.e II. ClL
o ncr, TiJ Uelmuul
W have a lane tract, admirably nrtapt
e tor eolonlaatioa or f Jr orchard devei. p.
meal; thla land la A-l In avary particu
lar aeceaaib.e. Bearly a.l In cultivation;
aaatataaca could ba alven tn puttlna this
a tiia market la ama.l trarta: ptl-e la
low aad terma ran be had; rojal ba aeeo
pa appreciated. Oresoa TlUa A Trua:
Ca , Albany. Or. .
a acre overiooklnc Wl .amctle Falla.
1 fine fmlt l re. a. aurden;
aprlnc piped all around aupp.ytnir W c.ia
u.m.ra. horae. buic;. a.l tooia and fv-r-Blture
in honae; au.trat view and a an.vp.
Ci.i'l'KKl.l'V:!!. lOl'-'S.. 414 Couch biuav
yl llt KUAN lU'Mt: S1'KCIAI.ISTS.
lo ACivCS. all c. eared and In cultivation;
ftva minutea walk from etallon; nne.
level, rich lard; va. HI trad fir equlrt la
IT'tod Boaa and lot to Portland, price.
I iooJl Tb.a la aa tuiuaual opportunity
for aoma 1U to et a arr.all piece of
craare at a very email price. IV. ti. Ida.
4; Lumt-ermer-a b'lg.
lj! aCRES deep, rich aoil. Rv mr.ea from
reater of city: lara-a r.atlva timber:
h oa
tha weat a.da and will do to plat
Into city lota very aooa.
1'rica oaiy s-uo
Ll-n'TrTi'-i cl'ig olh and Ptark.
ja ACKi-4. cl-wa to Portland anil atatloa.
flrat-ciaaa aoil. forced oa 3 eMraj ault
ahla for rarden. fruit and chicken raach.
If you want it at tha prlca of llau an
aera. art at onca aa 1t w ll not laat lone.
rl-2 Lumber Exchanite Plda;.
Palmer Acrea. 9T5 down, l-'o monthly,
enkea yon owner of 3 acres of land tbal
rA;.a oniona. aaparaaua. etc.; rt-ar re
aon Electric. Fred . oermau, ajj Burn-, M .
a ACRES. 6 mllca aaal of Vancvuver. Waah..
all In beeirui prunea and anlnuls. 5-roora
brave aad barn; only $-k). fie'd caati.
aba'ince etay: V, mile from station.
HI T I ISHOP. 1.-.3 Third St.
ai.av S ACRiS of A-l parden land. Juat
oatalda city limits, southwest of toea; u.
uva umbar. l?ft corda w -.'d par acra.
1:1 Lambermeaa tUf.. Sth ar.a S'ar.
If wanttna; a suburban home
ar. caolca ;rtfa Inteatmaat.
4o not fall to aoneult tha
-trrprRBAS home spbjiai.ists.-
fLOCrillTHK PROS. 414 Couch bl da.
JOIXINil city Umlta of Vancouver. With.
SO acrea very cheap, moat aelL rimtanla
foe a-ardenlac. pou.lrr or bomea. bell all
ar part- Call :! 4V
Tt acrea. un!mprved, chol.e ti'.'able iartd.
- ciaared. runmaf water, near ounty
road. S milea from Port and 1. ier
arra. part caah- tl- couch bids"
VV.1 KTH mere.
l acrea at 1ak rtrova 4 -
cent rare; cm. ao-- c-
JL, J, MraxxAj Ab-tLftoa tide.
Hilt WAIT? , .
Too have, undoubtedly lonxed for a placa
In the cvmntrv. wliera you can have a
Ufa of ln; prudence and al the aama
tima brlna; up your family In a naaliny
puts aiuioepuere: for a placa of about
tea acre, all cleared and In cultiva
tion. cac enouch to !ha cite to rr.aka It
on a f w miiuif ride on tha train and
whera frvisnt and paaaenser rates arc
amall. .
OfTera ou the pportujiMy to iret aur1
a placa al a rraaonablo price, and beat or
all. tha terms are very eoay. This tract Is
situated on taa Cnltd Uullwajs Una and
la the cioat.t la largo tract bcln w.v
dtvl-led .in the nt-w eatenslou wcat of
The a1!: la a very deep loam, tnera is
r.i a atone acr a partlcla of itiavcl in
this vlcinny; rlear. cold water la found
Ir rreat ahiiadame only a short dlaiance
from tha iurtn.'; on many of tha trarta
we have this rich b.ack aaale commonly
called heav-rdaro. which aella for SUCH
fabulous rrlrea In other dlatrlcta.
IA vol; HKAL.I.E what money a man
ra mak- wita only a few acrea of aucn
soil aa tola ...
At th.i present tlma w aro aclllns this
pr-ixriy at a 20 l-r cent rtUcounl. hiit
THIS IHs. fU NT 1.1 A ttOt'T Tn 1K
TAevEN OFF. A nuriher of reopla v.'ho
hava imeatlgat. d -ron l 't Ions tlluroucnir
hjve bouaht in VUOVF.USU' Ln
Y'lir .UT.rd to let tills opportunity
Mrtl-r sco us Monday, as tha best tracts
are Loire rapidly. . .
83i.::s Chamber of Commerce.
Vancouver: 1M acres in cultivation, bal
ance peture land. On Lea l. River creek
with ram on place, fair houaa and dairy
barn. Tula place for laoUO. on terms.
14 M'RHS .,
IN CTI.TIVA TION. 1 mil from OR
ES T GIIOVE. and "w-mlla from fcLc.1.
TllfC STATION. Good Uooaa and -ajarn.
IV I O ' yvc
l'i mllrs from rltv limits and COO
from NEW XT. HOOD RT.. for JP..5
acru. This is all In CL I.TIA ATION
Ill TO no A i fL r. -c
Run . . -
. per
V and
mill aoll lor ll.'' per acre u ""'"
R oom CTiambcr of Commerce.
14 Vj ACRES.
Here's iour chance to double Jeaur
money. This place IX located only 21.
niiirs from the heart of I'ortland, and
vou can ride rlirhi to It on the train.
The land haa a ovl alopa and the aoll
la the very beat. There la an abundance
of water the ear round supplied by.l";;
sprinna. ! has a bearlna; family orc&ar5i
and a amall houaa In neat condition. All
i . . Cor rrnlt-ralalnk- Ad-
jomlnr land Is selllna; for 2uO to J400- acre. This 1 a real sacniice. ciu.
dillck. PTiCo 12a
A. r. 1 1 . ...
41 Henry bids.
acres on Mitchell ave.. near Alns
nvirth ave., In Mock . Ennlowood 1'ark.
Thla land lira nlmoet level and haa been
aubdlvided Into acre tract.. Our client
does not wish to retail these acre tracts,
but If we cao close them out In a short
time he will accept $7200. on eaay terms.
Tills Is an opportunity tor you to et a
countrv home and at the same time reap
a profit from the sale of tne acre tracts
around you. The soil is specially adapted
to the urowlnir of fruit nnd l.errtes.
2 IS Stark t-treeu
flF-i per acre li-acre tract.
11S per acrtj 10-acre tract.
Sl per acre 47-acre tract..
iizi per acre S-acra tracts.
I2il per acre 10-acre tract.
All close to Portland, on electric line,
poll rlrh blur loam: no rravel or roc It .
COMPANV. 4v Couob Jiidat.
Beautiful 10-acre tract, only 5 mllea
from center of city, all Improved, under
cultivation. BO gravel or waste land. hlKh
rolling soiL on O. W. P. carllne. half
mile from station, near Reed Institute,
il"yf down, enav terms.
iDi Couch.
Join our free excursion to tha richest,
cheapest land In the world, and take a
new a tart for sure succeee and affluence:
J.V to $10 per arre. In tracts to suit: el
per acre down and to cents per acre quar
terly. Next excursion about Deo. 1st. Oct
our literature ard think It over.
RADII A PATTON. tieneral Aaenta.
S22 Lumbermeoa Bide , 6tb and btark.
SO ACRES, on the Oregon Electric. 1 mile
from Garden Home: new ti-room bouse:
m.Klcrn conveniences, rood barn; 3 acres
In berries, arapca and some orchard; IS
acres of nne onion land; closing up an
elate, muat ae.l at ooce. Oet particulars,
price llu.vo.. caah.
H. II. 111DAHL.
o03 Lumbermen, lildc.
Thone Mxrahall A 5o-l5.
120 acres near Salem. In Ibat district
of fertile soil, where prunea, walnuta or
almost anythln under the sun can ba
Itrown; the owner must raise some money
and we can make you a price oa thla Ibat
will aetonleh you.
270 -a Stork Street.
.3 arrea eulllvalel. balance burnt over
aiul seeded to clover for pasture; new -room
house, new barn, fenced. II milk
coaa horaca. waon. etc. chickens, kouae
hold furniture: the best of soil, no gravel
or atone: home orchard: near Vernon.
Waah.; water For terms, call
T Heard of Trade bide;.
bH ACHES Bear Vancouver. Wastk. well
improved: lloOO. ,
Have some etump land In Cowllts val
ley at I per acre.
Lois of farms, stock anil fruit lands.
A. H. Ooddard. phone Main DUGS.
Uoom Q. 2..:iv Vaatilne;ton St.
ABOUT 100acreaflne, well-watered Innd
near Vashoueal for anle; partly Culti
vated and also 2 4 acres close to
Ueil station, on O. W. P. R. R.
A! K I '.. H AN TS It K A LT Y CO..
227-2- AMnetn Ulds..
1 ofl s Third Pu
eil.'.i Near Summer Lake; nearly level,
cood produclne soil: rropa never fall; you
should buv thla land now while It Is
choap; e.'.oO c.i..h. balance easy terma
Fltf:i C. KIN'!. .
S14 Spaldlne Miln . 3.1 and Waahtnirton at a
bo'MET liTxi; hood.
10 acres, about 4la nlles from Port
litid. within a few hundred feet from
Multnomah station: rood 4-room house,
frelt trees and all In flne cultivation;
M0. V: ra-h lUocb Really Co., 221 hcrmens bid c.
3 AClfE-S. cottnae. closo In.
4 acres, hue Improvements, nice borne.
t acrea, house, orchard, best land.
All above near cltv ltmlfe and carlinea.
21t Qorbett P-ldi;.. l'ortland.
A SNAP Soo aens near LexicKton. Or., all
la cultivation. ISO acrea alfaUti. 100 acres
orchard land; sood 0-room houae, kikh!
oiitbulldlrss, price 18..'mw v, caah;
terms. Call 2o's F.jat Morrison St.
Ktll.INQL'ISHMr-NT 10" acres. oa Rood
county road. 4 mllea from town. All lo
cultivation, fair bulldlna: beat proposi
tion ofered In Orenon; prlca IIOOO. Call
'-'v-: H Eaat M.rriao,h St.
ACIIKS la hlh cultivation; no rocks, beat
of soil: on tao county roads. W mile from
electric railway, but 30 minutes from
Portland; 20 trains dally; 1200, cosy
terma O S1. orcronlan-
ilN acres, near ilount Ccott carllne, at
SlOthJ per acre.
2lo! Stark St.
Main S., A r..VM.
TEN acres, alt cieare.l. on mala county
rmA, one mile from R. R. station, choice
fruit and vegetable land. 12a per acre,
third cosh, balance to eulL hi 612. Ore-
lio At. nr.". '-o-10
mllca from ancouver. JH miles
from ele.-trlc railway extension; near by
land held at 2oo per acre. KlaiadeU.
-hi-up A Paiy. Sl Railway Exchange.
EV.1.LI.I.M n.inoAi.i.
S acrea for 1200. half caah; only 20
minuta ride from Portlands center: has
running stream and nice (trove; only 2
blocka fro-u carllne. B 6oi. Oregonlan.
tlit DOWN and b.i'.anca easy terms will
han.l.e 10 acres on electric Una close to
Portland, one crop will pay for entire
tract. 1M Couch bldg: .
Near Tteaverton. t per acre below
market' tame. 4o2 Cotnmclal block. 2d
. ..,.. Marahall 17.VI.
ana v wi..'a - -
& ACRES IB miles trom rwimno; excei
len. value at :-O0. 50 cash. 110 per
Tnontrl M. F- Lee. 411 Corbett b.dg.
yon -i in-acre land, near IjUtevlew,
Or., " owner. 130 acre, half cash. V 6US.
K ACRF.S within ten blocks or tne, electric
railway, but 3 mluulee from Portland;
j--4i easy terma O ola. Orcaronlan.
;ivTWO acres, cloae to car. a mllea oat.
rood soil, fine location: eaay terma ill
couch blg
10O ACRES on Columbia R!v-er and rajlway.
between Tortand and Astoria; 1S n-ar
fave. caah. Aoi SIS. Orecosias,
I11J. AND 10 DOWN.
Close tn Oreinn Electric, short rlrle out
of Por: land. 6 acres, all cleared, good level
land, part set lo cherries and other 'r"';
small new houae. good well, fenced, and
bv ail odds he cheapest land in neighbor
hood aa man'e .wile la sick and must
change climate. I .
7 miles of Portland, at 1400 an acre;
highly improved with good -house, barn,
and other buildings: fine young orchard
and berries; all cultivated but S acres;
adjoining acreage I10 to $700 an acre;
email cash payment and easy terms.
acres In S and t-vear-old commercial
apples, balance In cultivation this year,
beautiful slope, watered by springs, mile
of track of s P., near crowing valley
town. Is positively a great big bargain.
. IVe have a considerable number of
small places from 1 to 10 acres, on 5-cent ranging In price from 3v0 to
Suite 500 Gerllnxer Bklg.. 2d and Alder.
rhonea ilarshall19S.A;33i
Small 10-acre tracts at Besverton; well
drained, gently rolling, stumpage. tim
bered and pasture lands; price from $1.15
an acre up to 9273 an acre. You will like
thla acreage: easy termA
At Garden Home acres of beautiful
garden lanOs; 2 blocks from depot; well
drained, b. , soil and no gravel' tood
for truck or poultry; 1 acre.SMlO; 2 acres
7.-.0 an arre: 6 acrea 7oo an acre: very
caay terms; a nice rural homo and an
excellent InveatmvnL
Near Hellwood and Erro: 14 fertile
acres In one-acre tracts: Ideal garden land,
no atumps or gravel; water piped to each
acre: all modern conveniences of happy
rural life: an Ideal suburban home, a
money-making farm and an A-l Invest
ment all In one. Thla rich land Is ovel
and well-drained, on good roads, only
mile from O. W. P. R. R. depot. see the
splendid potatoes raised here: let us snow
you these acres and you will lil:e them;
price !HX an acre, very easy terms. Can
rou beat thla price In this locality t WELL
For good buys In farms and acreage soe
H A. CHANDLER. 610 Lumbennens blug.
Main S7l.rl. .Ith and fcUark Sis.
Mt- Scott uistrlct
120 down 10 per month.
This is all level cleared with water
plpe.i to each tract, graded streets, B-cent
I carfare good school near by. Tract faces
newly macadamised street. Immediate
possession given oa payment of (20. This
Is near the last of acreage bargains avall-
able in thla close-In district. Surrounding
property now platted In lota is selling for
a much higher figure. Take Mount Scott
car, get off at Lents, go north on Alain
st. and you will find agent at Cadwella
Bcfea from 10 to 4 P. M. Sunday.
70 Fourth at.
04 East Aider st.
Real estate bought, sold and exchange!,
phone Main SittO. A S475.
S22 Falling Bldg.. Sd and Wash. Ste,
104 acres, all cleared, located at Nortn
Plains. IS milea from Portland; very nne
oil. price I37O0. only $000 cash, balanco
easy terma at 6 per cent Interest.
Two acres, located at Tlgardville 10
minutes- walk Salem Electric; good 7
room bouse, barn, s acre In fruit : price
36"t. only 000 cash, or will accept bouse
n, lot In the city as first payment.
I. r -Tl -TIH) v trnxtvs a
1 ti acres, good bulldinga, 1 rod from
station Oregon City line, berries and fruit;
iJuoU. terms. ,
S acres, aearly all fruit and berries: 4
blocks to Oregon Cltf line: good build
ings, water system; 8ou0. balf cash.
8 'a acrea, S minutes' walk to station
Salem line; 6-roovri house, barn, fruit,
nne soil, snap at IS700. easy terms.
CLOD FELT ER BROS.. 414 Couch bladg.
Acreage In Tlgard, vicinity with good
suburban electric service -and cloae to
"Portland: a locality with a future; lu-15-ecre
tracts and larger, for sale by
421-422 Chamber of Commerce.
82-page book explaining what each or
the 84 counties Is best adapted for; gives
arr.ouat of Government land open to home
stead In each county: map attached. Six
2,4, showing new R. R and towns. Includ
ing Eastern and Central Oregon; counties
In different colors; drawn to March 1.
1910; latest map In U. 9.: price 25c.
Nimmo A Kuney. 13 Hamilton 'bldg.
ItiO-ACRE relinquishment. 2 acres In cul
tivation; good buildings, eprlng and creek
on farm; one mile from school, mall daily;
this Is a bargain; five timber claims, two
to three million feet cedar. In Tillamook
Co. J. A. Davis. S14. Swetland bldg..
. Portlanl.Or.
RELINQUISHMENT or homestead having
6 OOO.OuO feel of fine timber on It. lo
cated tn Lane County, Or., for aale for
glioO. Inquire 321 Falling bldg.; phone
Main B7 or A ;i'.'4. '
IT COSTS too much to describe places In
full Come and see us. Claims guaranteed
worth IliiM) to 3U0O for only 200. Keep
your money In your pocket until we aliovr
them to you. 90 5th at.
FOR the best homeateada In Central Ore
gon, call on us or phone Main 4S3o. Pio
neer Locating Co.. 011 Swetland bldg., 5th
and 'Washington ate,. Portland. Or.
y or Kale Fruit Lands.
Join our free excursion to the richest,
cheapest land In the world, and take a
new start for sure success and affluence;
$4 30 to $10 per acre. In tracts to suit: $1
per acra down and r.0 cents per acre quar
terly. Next excursion about Dec 1st- Get
our literature and itiink it over.
HA BH A PATTON. General Agents,
822 Lumbormana Bldg., at a and blark.
160 acres, loo acres In cultivation. 8
acres In bearing orchard, soli red shot;
new house, barn and outbuildings; 1 mile
to town. This la a snap at the price. $'.5
per acre; terma
30 acree. all cleared: good 8-room
house, barn. We will plant this tract to
llrst-class trees and take care of tb.-m for
71 years for $ $1000 cash, balance long
time. per cent.
31tt Board of Trade.
40 acres, one mile from ML Hood auto
road. Uo miles from Portland, close lo
new at t. Hood fcllectrlc; flne rich
loam shot soil, covered with second
growth Br. eaay to clear, running stream
of water through corner; gradual slope,
no waste land; - excellent view of ML
Hood. Thla la In a coming district and
good for quick turn: $i0 per acre.
418-410 Board of Trade llldg.
Telephone Main 00 a. A 7302.
160 acres fmlt land: orchard adjoining;
mall house, spring and some other im
provements; 4 .miles to railroad station:
$30 an acre. Terms.
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
TS ACRES, best red shot soil, all In fruit,
partly full-bearing; 4 ceres Epltxenherga
.and Newtowns. 2 acres Anjou pears, plenty
amall fruits, abundance water, perfect
drainage; good fe-room house and bam;
main county road. 1 mile toa-n: beautiful,
profitable home: IJf.OO. easy terma. R. E.
Warwick. Caecado Locks. Oregon.
aiomn.iv i i. -
Listen to this: $.".0 to $10O per acra for
some of the best apple land In the Mosler
district; eaay payments, near proposed
electric railway, good roads, water, etc:
10 acres and up. Thoa McCueker. 32K
. . .... ki ,
l.umoei Hi." o.wp.
..- Wi il l n vm T LIKE TO
Own a nice little tract of apple land In
tho eelrbrated Moster dlstrlit. with elec
tricity for light, heat and power, at a
lower price than Is aaked for land with
out ItT 10, 20. 40 or fell-acre tracts. $100
to $130 on eaay payments. I defy you to
beat It anvwhere.
THOS. M'CUSK ER. 320 Lombermens Bldg.
2400 acres fruit land on X. P. railroad;
will come under big ditch; 14 mile from
cur of North YaVlma; $15 an acre.
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
For few dart only. 80 acres flne appla
' land lO miles from Hood River. $3S per
acre, half caah: don't overlook thla
THOS. M'CUSK ER. 329 Lumbermcne Bldg.
WANTED Orchard no! undrtr four years
old or In bearing on good fruit land,
cleared. Will- exchange A-l Portland
property up to $ and aaaum dlffar
Addraaa F fil Oracoxdaa,
ESTACADA. Is the section that la today re
ceiving the hfgheet indorsement, of the
Ocogon Agricultural College.
Unless yon are looking for fair-priced
highly Improved, fruit farms, don't read,
the following:
A model, mcdlum-glxed fruit ranch.
Photograph of lame In the Slory of Es
tacadu" In this paper; 27 sjires In heart
of best section on main county rood:
acres of 4-year-old commercial orchard,
being best selected Spltx. nborg and Jona
than apples. This orchard is Just com
ing Into bearing, and tho trees are In
perfect condition. The balance of tho land
with amall exception, la cleared and ready
lor additional planting. Thla place Is
highly Improved, having on it ono of the
best types of semi-bungalow homes, "t
rooms and bath; running hot and -cold
water, septic cesspool and other up-to-dalo
Improvements. This houao la an Meal
country homo, and is as finely finished
aa posslblo to be. Adjoining house Is waah
houae wltb running water, tool shop and
woodshed. All we ask Is that If you are
looking for an Ideal fruit ranch that you
will let us take you to Estacada and you
can see for yourself. Prlco $10,000; terms,
Thero Is also In tha beat fruit section
a 47-acre ranch which haa Just been put
on the market, and then, owing to the
ownar having to leave on account of Ill
ness. Thla place Is highly Improved. The
entire 47 acree Is undci rultsvatlon. con
taining 14 acres of perfectly cared for
prune tree a This prune orchard will yield
a prollt of not leas than $1."hk per year.
. There la also about 10 acres of com
mercial apple orchard, 1 and 4 ycara old.
An acre and one-half of young Lambert
cherry trees, a family orchard of plums,
quinces, etc Tho balance of the land Is
now under oat stubble and ready for fur
ther planting of fruit. Thla place has a
road frontage on two roads. Is well fenced
(wire and board), first-class -room house,
new windmill water system, barns, coope,
prune dryer, and other buildings. Price
Is right and $5000 clown will buy this
place, which Is good for an assured lo per
c-nt income. Total price $13,000. This la
one of the beat ever.
(Mr. Standlsh.)
.132-8.1. Chamber of Commerre.
USTACADA. the section that is today re
ceiving the highest indorsement of the
Oregon Agricultural College.
We have a number of very attractive
pieces of fruit land In aires ranging from
20 so 60 acrea Some under young orch
ard, some merely cleared land, others
soml-cleared. and others being part or
larger fruit ranches. Inveatigata these be
fore you look elsewhere.
For Instance. $40O down will buy 20
acres In the heart of the beat fruit sec
tion: total price $22oO. terms easy. This
f iece has about 4 acres cleared, good road
rontagu. aud the balance Is eaay clearing.
20 acree. price $2500. Land adjoining
old for $.tii0 per acre. This la a beautiful
parcel of land, about 12 acscs cleared and
the balance containing ono of the hand
somest groves of patriarchal fir trees In
the state. Turms right
One successful farmer vrho needs the
rash offers to sell SO acres of absolutely
oxvared land. 20 acres of which are un
der 2-year-old commercial orchard, bal
ance of land now under oat stubble. Price
$130 per acre, terms easy. This won I Da
on the markot loug.
We have a fine 40-acre farm for sale
about six miles east of Estacada. about 20
acres of cleared land. 8 acres of bearing
orchard, a good house and other Improve
ment. It takes $1200 cash down, total
price $2760.
We also have aome fine 40-acre pieces
Improved and unimproved. Prices from
$2230 to $:.oo0.
We have a dandy old farm of 75 acres
which we can sell off In 20 or 30-acre
pieces. Hlils farm la In heart of seat sec
tion. Price on application.
(Mr. Standlsh.)
332-338 Chamber of Commerce.
That Jackson County has captured tha
prize again, this time at Vancouver, B.
C, for the best carload of apples? W a
have some flne tracts of land there. Hera
ri0i acrea. well Improved, on EoruJ
River 2 miles from railroad; price. $12a
per acre; worth $200; splendid terma
120 acre of fine fruit land, 2 mllea
from railroad station; lOoO cords of wood;
on county road; $ per acre: one-quarter
rash, balance B per cent; will trade for
Portland property.
100 acres; aome Improvements, can be
irrigated by funning stream on Place; a
mile, from railroad station; price. $J0 per
acre; one-quarter cash, balance tlma at 0
per cent-
310 Board of Trade Bldg
All cleared and In high state of cultiva
tion. Deep red ahot soil that has made
this district famous. Five-acre bearing
fruit orchard, big berry patch. Balance
In wheat and oats. Six-room house, good
barn. 3 hen houses, wagon and tool ahed.
everything in llrst-class order. Fenced
and cross fenced. On main county road
three miles from Sheridan. By far tha
best buy In this district. Easy terms.
t4 4th at.. B. of T. bldg.
7.100 acres; price. $10 per acre.
.eee. .l.leillilll tO DUt atld Sell It
tract"; $20 per acre.
lajO SCI ce, suidi.u.u, ---'-
acres In orchard; price. $05,000.
1230 acres: a fine buy at $20 per acre.
About 1200 acrea. on river; flna buy at
soo'a'c'resi In Klickitat County. Wash
ington; tine fruit land; $15 per acre.
Many other placea that will be glad to
take up with you; good terms can be
given on all.
810 Board of Trade Bldg.
Do yon want the beat 7
Clews to Portland. R. R. ststion on placa.
Don't fall to call on
7O6-708 Corbett bldg.
It surely will be to your advantage to see
us before buying.
Peeing Is believing.
A full-bearing orchard within e ftht
milea of Portland, where land but half a
m e away has recently sold for $1000 per
Tire This orchard should almost pay
for itself in one year. Owner has presa-
i",f, tlr'CrVeo-r- 0? wiVl.
,i300 K.. WrENC'cO..
412-413 A'blngton bldg.. IQf Vi Third St.
10 15 20-ACRB tracts near Portland: finest
fruit land and chicken ranches, close to
railroad station: good roads; other farms
nearby; $17.50 to $30 per acre, port- caah.
balance to suit at 6 per cent. -JIFARLAND
810 Corbett Bldg.. Portland.
460 acres,
80 miles from Portland,
1 ml. to R. R.
Price $50 per acre.
3S3 btate au. gm.o. c...
UNIMPROVED fruit land in i tract.
roads, school, telephone, groceries deliv
ered lumber on land to build houses;
ran get work In mill and live on land.
5"ulre etrowbrlrtge bldg second floor.
room 4. corner 1st and Alder.
-RARGAIN In apple land: owner of 80 acres
i.SmDroved fruit land, two miles from
VarTHorn station. In Hood River district:
X U'aen at a T for $5450; all good
Tflnla land except live acres; gentle north
alopi: best bargain In Hood River
dt.trlct. McCargar. Bate. Lively. 313
Falling oios.
TttTHFL ACRES Best fruit land In Ore
Bgon; deep rich soil. 10-acre tract, all In
cult vution : 1 mile statlpn : m"
, fe"Anl nly- '
ai McKay b ag.
WE HAVE some attractive bargains In fruit
nasl the famous Mosior and Hood
KivT-r districts: both amall and large
tracta If you are looking for fruit landa,
it will pay you to see MoCargar. Bate. A
Lively. 315 Falling bldg. .
ao acres fruit land, with spring. lumber
or house" 4i.cre In 1-year Spltxenbergs,
an"d Ortleys; price $3500, terma
Owner. K 6U2. oregouii-
tJ tL1 1 X I c) - j. .
160 or 320 acres, unimproved, on Una
,w railroad to Mount Hood. Under value
. t quick turn. Vanduyn & Walton, MS
Chamber Commerce; .
One mile from electric line, land level.
No. 1 for fruit; price $123 per acre; make
Urms to ault "e't..C'i11',n,,hft,k
T. Berry, the owner, at No. 4 N. 6th st.
fV-N acres planted to Spltxenbergs and Yel
iow Newtnwns. on railroad, adjoins good
town' phone. R. F. D. : no Irrigation. A
baTcoin. Call 204 Chamber of Commerce
"goldendale simcoe FRUII 'LANDS.
cioo en h balance -10 month. OSO. BV.
C.aedrco- lobbymmerclal Club bldg.
apple land. 10 to 40 acres $40 an acre.
' . . , . . V l 1 1)1." LT
O. w. p. Lana t-o-. -i"
niwii'E RIVER 10 acres apples. pears.
rsi. 1 )- old. f 600. Oiagonlaa,
16 acrea on railroad. 00 miles south or
Portland: improved as follows: 6 acres
SO Ben Davis. 101 Spitxenhergs. 18S Bald;
win apples, full bearing. 6 years o.d; 4.
acres 1-year-old Comic and Bartie.l
pears, Spltxenbergs and Yellcw Newtownaj
4.2 acres grain held: all good land, wen
drained. In highly de'eloped fruit section;
we have a splendid exhibit of apples in
our office, grown on this tract; come in
and sample them. .
If vou are really looking for a great big
bargain, you will buy on sight; price
per acre. If you will give iie place the
same careful care as It haa had in tne
past, $i00 cash will handle this deal. The
crop will eaally make all future Pay
ments. No better location can bo found
for a poultry ranch; consider for a min
ute the real value and call for full par
ticulara. CHAPIN ft "HERLOW.
832-338 Chamber of Commerce.
We have for sale In this rapidly de
veloped apple section tracts of land from
' 5 acres up to 4O0 acres. We can sell you
an uncleared tract for $25 per acre or a
fully-developed tract up tn $300. v e have
large holdings of contractu and keep tn
touch of Its developments, its lands lie
rolling and soil Is red and black shots,
which make It perfect for apple-growing.
If you are Intereated. why not buy now,
go to raising aplcs and In a few years
. you will have thousands where you have
invested hundreds? Let us talk with you.
ma Board of Trarte ,
For bale Farnia.
8S5 acrerf, all fine soil, on main S. P.
Railway, and station In. quarter mile.
Fine residence, good outbuildings, well
stocked: owned bv an old man; no debts;
price $18,000; will accept good portlattd
proporty for part, time on past. Tliisfs
fine for cutting up Into amall farms.
lO acres, well Improved, fine buildings,
fine stock and well equipped In every way
to move right onto. Close to Portland.
Price only $4000. Time oa par.
5 acres, good orchard, fair bulldinga
Fine road, close to Portland; $2750 and
time on part.
7 acres, fine land, running water, fair
buildings, close to Portland; only $2000.
Time on part.
ID acres at Forest drove, best fruit land
nice residence, only $2000. .
20 acres, line land, and elegant
country home, windmill on this, close to
Portland: $6000. time on part-
10 acres, fine land, fair buildings and
close to Portland: $:i200.
l.bave the above and many others. I
keep a competent man in the country oil
the time tooking up desirable small farms,
and if you are Interested in a farm I can
Interest you. Come and ask about them,
or write J. E. Smith, 513 Chamber Com
merce, Portland. Or.
40-etcre turkey ranch. 4 miles
from good railroad town m.
Willamette Valley. In tho heart'
of an orchard district, small
amount cleared, some under
woven-wire fence, new 4-room
house, stream on place, some
limber; land eaally cleared.
Thia is a great turkey sec
tion. This ranch was started
with a view of developing It Into
a first-class poultry ranch, but
the owner died and Improve
ments stopped.
To settle the estate we hava
It for sale for
$750 CASH.
605 Corbett Bldg.
312 acre, cultivated apple land and
dairy ranch, all wire fenced: R. R. station
on the farm. A new 5-room California
bungalow, living-room. 8 sleeping. Dutch
kitchen, bathroom, up-to-date plumbing
throughout the house; woodshed, wash
houso attached to house; 1 5-room farm
ers' cottage, fine well of water. 10-foot
wheel on 40-foot tower, tank capacity of
2000 gallons; tower furnished complete,
contains the following rooms: One milk
room, hot and cold water; also carpenter
shop and nicely furnished sleeping-roorri;
l."rt acres of wheat, oats and barley. Fam
ily orchard, variety Xrult. The best pas
ture land In Valley. Price $18,000; terms
to guit buyer.
505 Couch bldg.
Join our free excursion to the richest,
cheapest land in the world, and take a
new start for sure success and affluence;
$.1.50 to $10 per acre. In tracts to suit; fl
per acra down and 60 cents per acre quar
terly. Next excursion about Dec 1st. Get
our literature and think it over.
RABB & PATTON, General Agents.
822 Lumbermen. Bldg., 5th and Stark.
104 acres, 2 miles from town, in its best
district, 23 acres cleared, 15 acres planted
to trees 60 acres easily cleared, house,
bam eprlng. running water; this is -one
of the best places for growing apples ana
is a splendid buy; $30 per acre; good
terma , '
We have many attractive places In this
section and will be pleased to talk with
you aoouv nieui.
3 10 Board or -rraq e
FOR SALE 157 acres, all tillable. U mile
to railroad station, school and church, 8
miles from Battle Ground. Wash.; 11 acre;
cleared. 20 vary easily cleared; plenty or
fruit and berries, this year's crops, rural
telephone. 50 chickens. 5 head of cattle. 2
cows, plenty pasture., farm implements and
email tools: spring water piped into the
kitchen: 5-room house, new: small barn
and outbuildings: price. $3000, on easy
terms. p. O. Box 35. Battle Ground,
AVaah. .'.
The high price of farm produce and the
growing population of l'ortland make
garden and fruit farming exceedingly
profitable on small tracts near the city.
Wo have a large list of the choicest acre
age to be found around Portland and can
iavo you money and the trouble of hunting
270U Stark Street
7800 acres, on North fmpqua River,
splendid dairy, stock and fruit proposition;
will cut Into several" farms: large outside
range; price $16 per acre with 10 years to
nay out at 6 per cent; blue print at office.
310 Board of Trade Bldg.
goo acres; about 600 in grass: on Nea.
tucca River.- Tillamook County: stock,
tools. Implements and furniture; $22.50 sn
acra on very easv terms. Make an offer.
Chamber OI v-ommerce plan.
80 ACRES. 1 mile west Garden Home, on
Oregon Electric only 200 yards from S.
p west Side, and only 3 miles from
Council Crest; all cleared and over $.1000
worth of Improvements: only $100 an ncre.
term J, J. Cahalin, 327 Chamber of
140 acres, good dairy farm; will sell 40
acres cheap and rent balance for term
of vears; rent to be applied on Improve
menta good chance for man to go in
dairy business. See owner, Cramer Realty
Co., 602 Spalding.
FOR SMALL farms or large tracts, call at
farm landa department of
Ground Floor, Chamber of Commerce bldg.
( See H A R T O G )
An apple orchard tha takes only $200
cash to handle. .
It means an Independence for you. See
or write for Information to Purse, 818
C ham ber of Commerce. Main 730a.
20n"ACRES, all in cultivation: 40 acres level
black loam, balance slightly rolling; creek
through .place, on county road, Hi mile,
from raftwayr fair house, barn and out
buildings; very best of soil; $75. easy
terms. Q 514. Oregonian.
26 000 About $10,000 cash, balance to
ult- for one of the best dairy farms of 28
acres on the Columbia, with all the stock
and Implement.; a big money-maker. .
F. FUCHS, 211 Vt Morrison St.
60 acre at, $40 per acre, on easy
terms, for a fine tract of fruit land 20
miles south of Portland.
F FUCHS. 221 Morrison St.
aano ACRES suitable for colonizing. 7 miles
from railroad. Shasta County. California;
ill fenced good stock ranch; price $15
per "re: a bargain. Addrea. J. A. John
son. Oimda1CaL
14000 for a fine 17-acre. well-Improved
farm 1 mile to banks, stores and high
school.: cash, balance to stilt.
F FUCHS, 221-4 Morrison St.
For .ala. farm.; prlcea reasonable; a.
i. O. Box S.. Carlton. Or,
ESTACADA, the section that Is today re
ceiving the highest Indorsement of tha
Oregon Agricultural College.
Can you afford to spend $12,800 with
$3000 cash down and baiance easy for thia
fine old farm; e.1.41 acre., 80 acrea cleared
farmed land, fine old family orchard,
house, 8-room and bath, good barn, run
ning water throughout, well fenced. Thig
is in the heart of Springwater section. 3
miles trom Estacada. next door to the
schoolhouse, and adjoining the postoffiee
and general store. Let us show you tht.
1.14 acre, less than one mile from ship
ping point with good house and barns on
same; bearing orchard, also yoim orch
ard, tine stream of water, and all tor $11.
ooo. Terms very easy. You had better
inquire about this.
75 acres. 65 cleared, house, bam. bear
ing orchard, and acres of ' plowed land,
ready for planting of fruit or crops for
$12,000. This is one of those handsome old
farms you read about.
- How would you like to he the Postmas
- ter and own an 80-acre ranch about six
miles from Estacada. about half of the
land cleared, pood house and buildings;
' price $7300. The owner of this ranch acts
as district Postmaster. At present rate of
roalty increase, thia place la certainly a
good investment.
jar, ncres, about half cleared, beautiful
sloping land, some young orchard, house
and, other improvements, over a mile of
road frontnge in heart of the best fruit
section. This place would make an ideal
sub-division piece. Price on application.
(Mr. Standish.)
.1.12-318 Chamber of Commerce.
' The season's choicest offering in a 10
a acre farm, every inch in cultivation, on
r fine graded street, with sidewalk to electric-'
railway station: brand new 6-room
bungalow, never been occupied, all plas
. tereil and piped for hot and cold water,
bathroom ail ready for tub and other fix
tures; good well, woodshed, etc.
The soil is the VERY BEST In the state,
absolutely free from rock or gravel: laud
Is gently sloping, affording excellent nat
ural drainage: no stumps. nor snags In
. the. entire tract.
This place is only 13 miles from Port
land In the beautiful Tualatin Valley and
ie only a little over V4 a mile from station
and store. ' .
There Is no better location for POUL
What is the use in buying an old.
worn-out place with a shack for a house
and old, ramshackle outbuildings when
vou can buy a new, up-to-date place with
a gem of a house like thlsT And test
of all. the price is only $3450, and $610
-cash will handle it with easy payments
on the balance.
This is Just the sort of a place a great
many people are looking for. Somebody
will get It this week; be on hand early
Monday morning. (D)
332-338 Chamber of Commerce.
25 acres of the best soil In this coun
try; good 5-room house with runnini
water piped uuiu apiioa e.vo o-
barns; stone milk house, which can he
tisecl lor residence, goou mum o.c..e.
Land all cleared and level. Adjoins
. l?I..Mn linn haa heen Sur
veyed richt through this tract. Is now
. n... e-nm a.... nf eamA line. All
ready to move Into.. Price $7500. only
$2000 cash, balance easy terma.
140 ACRES .5000 cash.
140 acres. Adjoins good country town.
Close IQ eiecii ie nun; i"v -
and under cultivation: 40 acres in good
. . . . . . c .- ii.. V. .-1. 1. anrlnv. nn the
Place: good 5-room iramo nouso mio
V,n,.aa. t n-o nam- th
laiiiy oou imuo owuo.-, ; . ,
be deep soil; good family orchard. An
elegant place. 10 wmicu oo.j e . -from
the business center of Portland.
Price $173 Der acre. $5000 cash, balance
eaay terms.
. . . . n-.I.i.ITirOV CO
Cor. 4th and Oak Sts.- Ground Floor Henry
Phone Main 6US4; A 3327.
. 1 ACeoCC eje.O CACTI
au sverea. wiLh 7-room house. House
is in only fair condition; good family or
i. nnn.i.tinv of nnnlea. oears. cher
ries ahd pluma: living stream running
through one corner; 3 blocks of electric
railway; within 10-mlle circle of center
of Portland, nest oi son; iauo u
ins; all cleared and ready for cultiva
tion. This is a big bargain. This place
can be made into a beautiful suburban
home as well as a profitable one. feplen
dld fruit land, and can be set out to
fruits, strawberries and shrubbery.
well as adapting a portion of it for chlcK
ens. ducka. etc. It has the convenience
of the city, together with the economy
and freedom of the country. Price $11)30,
$50 cash, balance easy terms.
e- , . I. .. .1 CValr arm.
Phone Main 0084: A 3327.
Greatest opportunity to homeseeker.
unquestionaoiy. uulib cj.,-
trict: where land can be bought from J13
to acre; veiy wj fcc'"v. , . :
12 miles from Aberdeen and Hoquiam. t o
most promising cities in world; soli Is
rich and free from Rravel; easy clearing,
ohnnoanre of water during Summer
months: school and store are located on
land: unlimited market: 3000 acres to se
lect from; Duy now wnue . ..... .
selection good: In addition we have sev
eral partly improveu lanua
ingm, from 25 to J7S per acre. It Is to
your Interest to write for further Infor
mation at once to
CO.. Aberdeen. Wash.
nri mccocvT
We have two Florida propositions, lo
cated near Ijane v-ny, aim " J.
discount on both of them. Land Intensely
productive and fine for sweet potatoes.
Irish potatoes. Bermudas, celery, lettuce,
cabbage, tobacco, tomatoes, peanuts, pe
cans, strawberries, oranges, figs, grapcs
rice, oats, conou, com. un.. c..
side, being Ideal for stock, dairying, bee.
and poultry, xnree raiininuB, o c. ...... ,
good water and beautiful lakes. Indorsed
bv farmers, bankers and Board of Trade.
$5 a month buys a farm. Beautiful 20
iage art book telling all about It free
send for the book.' Columbia-Florida Land
Co.. 500 Times bldg.. St. Louis. Mo.
l.hl'Ai ic r. i.oui.
cotfa tflls. eleetrlo line pro
tectee:- no acres finest oat land: very
few sttrmns on balance; good five-room
house, fair barn, two fine springs; power
stream witn vrouv, ...... -',"V''
good roads, range, heating dishes
and some other furniture Included. $23 an
cn j . l. ofin 'tn cii.t fit ti TlfP
rent." Edwin Hooker Company, Chamber
of Commerce bldg. -
sso ACRES. $22 an acre. In Lane County:
soil all good fruit land: ISO acres In en -tivation:
400 acres more slashed and al
most ready for the plow; good family pr-
- chard, good house, barn, granary, machine
shed fine spring. SO acres easily irrigated
if desired. Thousands of acres of outside
' rnnce By a little development work this
place can easily be made worth $60 an
acre Easy term, and will take some
trade. W. G. Ide. 425 Lumbermens bldg.
ORCHARD land or grain land; 1040 acres
In body, 8 miles from railway, all fenced
with a new. 7-barbed wire fence, fine
creek with water power, 4 small house,
and barn; railway must cross west end;
this would make the best stock farm In
the state, as the crass grows the year
around. Price $1S.000: .mall Payment down
Slid time to suit on balance. W. D. Mlx-
ter. Albany. (Jr.. ov ner.
Tn ACRES in Willamette Valley, $40 an
acre- 200 'acres cleared, 120 acres In timber-
'LSOO.OOO feet of good saw timber: two
large barns and small family orchard.
This land Is exceptionally good fruit land
and is ready for immediate development.
Two fine springs on the place and good
rtmnlng stream; 40 acres of fine bottom
fand7 this place is worth $50 an acr.
right now: will take some trade.
W. G. IDE, 425 Lumbermens bldg.
per ecre for 1000 acres for less), near
Brownsville: 100 cult.: 8-room house.
Chamber of Commerce- Bldg-
f See 11 A. rv A c
. . . . . .1 n..nHeAH Ihfltl.
EXAS school lanns; iieiciai
sand acres coming on market monthly a.
Sr, Sotf I?' 'cr,rrl40
ther Information. Journal Publishing Co.,
Houston. Texas.
STcyw:Bn370 acres fruit land: deep red
foothl 1 land; registered Shropshire sheep.
O t C hogs, A. J. C. C. Jerseys, imple
ment., potatoes, machinery, good horses,
cood living while fruit grows: low price,
gay terms. W. B- Mister, Sheridan. Or.
rcTiR-SALE A well-Improved farm of 67
acre? 60 acres free from .tumps and un
der plow; good buildings, plenty of fruit.
Sood soil on county road, two mile, from
fvvoViUroad town.; $3800. $2550 cash. C.
Gray. Independence, Or.
LUmAiA No irrigating; delightful ell-mate-
fruit farms $10 to $S0 per acre;
iaw term.: free booklet V. Invastors'
Trust ft Mortgage Corporation. Ltd.. 134
Hastings St- W. Vancouver. B. C.
1TO ACRES In the mineral district of Boone
CoT Ark . will oell for $1000 or will trade
oe' stock of goods of equal value. F. E.
Thomas; '69 Washington .. Chehalis.
BUY Missouri land; raises everything, good
markets, cheap now. gong up. easy
Srms; we help you: write quick. Mis
souri State Immigration Board. Spring
field, St" .
This choice tract of tand. all In a high
. state of cultivation, no rock or gravel,
lies perfectly ; good 4-room house, new
barn and outbuildings: good young or
chard; Just one-half mile from the city
limits of the thriving oily of Woodhiirn,
!2 mile to car. Price only $3200; good
This is a sniendid close-in country home.
30 acres; 23 acres In high state of culti
vation: -land lies perfectly. Just gentle
south slope; jrood 3-room house, barn and
outbnlldlnaa. ri71 bearing prune trees. 123
bearing Royal Anne cherry trees. 75 bear
ing apple trees. 1.1 hearing pear trees. 3
acres young orchard. 2 acres berries.
harness, buggv. cow, ail farm implements,
etc. Trice, $000. Just 34 miles city
limits of Portland, level graveled road
all the way.
This farm is Just i mile from railroad
and same- distance from Santiatn River.
There are so acres, 12 acres in cultivation,
balance timber and pasture, with 1 good
springs. The land is all good and there
La no soil in Oregon better adapted to the
growth ' of apples. Good 7-room lause.
small barn, woodshed. 2 clllcken-houses ;
small bearing orchard. 100 young trees
Just oat out. Price only $2300.
122 6th St. North. Cor. 6th and Gllsan.
Main 4381. A 720'J.
13 acrea 140 acres cleared, balance
limber, suitable for fuel. 100 acres plow
land; soil Is a black sandy loam, can ba
plowed at any time: natural grass through
out the year; buildings consist of S-rooin
frame house. 3-room dalrvhotise, 3 stock
barns, windmill and outbuildings; personal
property as follows: 1 Shorthorn bull l
year old. 1 Jersey bull. 2 years old, i
Grade Jersey heifers 3 years old in
Spring,, all bred: 5 yearling heifers. .
yearling heifers, 3 horses, two. eight and
nine years old. 2 sows and 16 pigs. 20
. head mixed hogs, 2 dozen chickens, 2 sela
" heavy harness. 1 heavy wagon, 1 llKht
wagon, 1 cart. 1 hack, 1 tuggy, 1 mower,
1 rake. 2 large plows. 1 small plow. 1
double-shovel plow, 1 cultivator, 1 tubular
cream separator. 1 harrow, 2 rowboats,
25 tons hay in barn. -This
farm is located in Clatsop County
on the railroad, station is one-half mile
up the track: all milk Is sold for 20a
per gallon during Winter and 25c during
Summer, delivered at depot; the soil is
especially adapted for cabbage, celery,
kale and all root crops; no better dairy
land in Oregon. '
Farm bounded on east and west by
water; the lakes afford splendid canvas
back shooting; the cows are high-grade
Jersey, freshening now on to Spring.
This place is an Ideal dairy and stock
ranch and a genuine bargain for $15.oo,
$10,000 cash, balance on or before five
years; will consider good e'earer! W 11
lamette Valley farm to extent of $S000.
332-338 Chamber of Commerce.
ESTACADA. the section that is today re
ceiving the highest indorsement of the
Oregon Agricultural College.
It Is not often that a person can buy
a big farm of .124 acres, at a price low
enough to allow of Its being nsed as a
dairy or cattle ranch, and at the same
time have tho land adjoining one of tha
finest fruit sections in Oregon.
We have to offer this 324-acre place
with good S-room house, barns and other
improvements, about 40 acres of fine
cleared cultivated land, balance of land
ideal pasture or range, also adjoining this
Is unlimited Government land which can
also be used for range. This land when
cleared, as tho soil is of tho famous rort
hot variety, is ideal fruit land, and the
owner can later on sell off piece, at reg
gular fruit land prices.
You had better Investigate this for It
represents a line Investment and also Is a
good big farm. Price Jlli.OOO. Terms easy.
Land within a milo and a half selling at
over' $300 per acre.
(Mr. Standish.)
332-338 Chamber of Commerce.
We have thousands of acres of Canadian
Pacific Railway wheat lands in Alberta
for sale at from $12 to $20 an acre. These
lanes are all close to'rallways. and town,
and are first-class In quality. There- are
no better wheat-producing lands in tno
world. We also have a large list of Im
proved lands In Alberta at prices from
20 to $35 an acre. These lands pay for
themselves In from two to five years. We
furnish reduced rates over the lines or.
the Canadian Pacific Railway to people
who wish to see these lands. Also de
scriptive literature free. Send us your
name and we will send you literature fully
describing this wonderful country. More,
- money has been made bv farmers in
Alberta than any farming country on the
American continent for the last five years.
425 Lumbermens bldg.
One of the most highly developed farma
In Willamette Valley; 49 acres, situated
.1-3 mile from city limits. Salem. Or., on
Willamette River. About 30 acres in
prunes, peaches and walnuts, from 3 to
15 years old. Ha. hay. garden unci
wooded pasture lots. A No. 1 house with
windmill; modern fruit drier; cottage fpr
hired help; barn and outhouses all m
first-class repair. This place Is a splen
did revenue producer. It is an Ideal
homeslte or can .bsu5'L'E readilr'
v 874 Michigan ave., Portland, Or. i
Would like to get in touch with Party
who wishes to buy good 100-acre farm,
no agenta; includes fine 8-room house, ce
ment walks, good fence, telephone; . also
large ham. nearly new: t"Vi,S., hetim,
ness. wagon and plow; one of most beautiful
home, in Columbia County, on county road
half mile from depot, mile irom high
school: school wagon passes every morn
ing. About 65 acres bottom land 10
acres fir and oak for house use. balance
very dark rich loam; good orchard, trees,
bearing fruit; farm afijoining has just
beeS sold and cut in 5 and 10-acre tracts
This is bent Investment that person can
possibly get. For more information, ad
dress L. F. Stevens, Scappoose, Or.
Then don't miss the opportunity to v is t
the Sldwood Farms, the newest and best
cofony. Sldwood Farms, thirty nilnutes
from Jacksonville, the coming metropolis
of the South. Atlantic Canal n one side
Si. John. River on the other: Florida East
Coaat Railway through center: rolling,
fertile soil climate unexcelled year round;
fSea Winter home- delightful bathing;
best social conditions:, greatest farming
Spportun fy. $30 per aero; easy terms: val
SSs increasing daily. Write for booklet.
Florida0 Homeseekers Corporation, Jack-
-nnellle Florida. .
s'-wi PER ACRE One-fourth down, balance
XOO V,avi because OWDr
naamore land than he can cultivate, buy.
in 80-aere farm, partially Improved hav
ing small house and barn and orchard of
7v trees. 600 bearing: schoolhouse on
p'ee. county road through It: this ; place
commands a fine view of the Columbia
K7,nJ Is only a mile and a half from
fteamboat landing and N. P. Ry- ''lovn
at Martins Bluff, in Cowlitz Coun'y;
Washington, and 6 . miles from county
Mat; farm 1.' well watered and 1. certaln-
ly gbarcfa'.n:.vic woodland. -Wash.
MCi r aaji- .
no acrti 30 acres, 6-year-old tearing
orchardVooVre. ; In cVopbalanca , pasture
tnri wood good bulldinKS. near goou
town, soh?' $3000 worth apple" this year;
i. baraaln at $100 per acre: terms.
Nlffi'aS Just' right for orchard o,
dairy farm: 8-room house, good barn.
oon railway Exchange bldg.
ei,-v of owner 1 miles of limit, of Van
BUY of owner aw ndv loam: no
Sraril hardpan, rock or swamp; 4 acres
EfJhfv fertilized, garden land; two more
rngcuRlvationV rnarket garden or berries.
toolsT buildings, crops. Inquire of A. C.
Viblic Market. Vancouver. Wash.
fln ACRES of garden land, all bottom, 300
860 ACBE.O oi a cultivation, bal-
Ince ash timber, fine creek and 4-acre
fake- 14 mile, to railway: will .ell on
small payment and long time, or woo d
cSn. da? good re.ldence property. Price $0
.ee. w. D. Mixter. Albany. Or.
(ii AND 100 acres of Willamette Valley gar-
w. .... . c -.ii.. renm r.llw.v all In
cultivation except small tract of ash tim
ber along the creek; $80 per acre: would
take small payment or consider good resi
dence property. W. D. Mixter. Albany, Or.
about farms and fruit lands In tracts of
3 to 2000 acres sea O. W. F. Land co
1st and Alder