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    Toll s Gibbs, Inc. morrison at seventh Toll s Gibbs, Inc. morrison at seventh Toll Gibbs, Inc
, i . ., -, - -
Store Onalifv Un to the Standard Always and Prices the Lowest
Courteous and Efficient Service Our Aim at All Times Is to Improve It Oiit-of-Town Orders and Inquiries Given Prompt and Careful Attention
A Most Unusual:, Sale. -of Tailored ,-Suits; Dresses; and- Gowns That
any Women Are Going to Find Most HelpfulIt Begins Tomorrow
Beautiful Dresses and Gowns for Afternoon and Evening Affairs. Handsome Two-Piece and Three-Piece
Tailored Suits lor Their Ditlerent-Uccasions models rom makers wno Are ramea ior
Their Originality. Charming Debutante Dresses and Dancing Dresses havings in nne
Apparel That Will Stir Fashionable Portland. Other Chances to Save in Dresses and Suits.
In Beautiful Gowns and
A . black Cashmere Meteor, with
chiffon bodioe over white. $150
now $97.50
A handsome amber brown - Chif
fon over rose duchess, with brown
and green imported trimming un
derlay. $115.00-now.. $79.50
A gray satin Meteor Gown with
yoke crochet, lace and silver bat
ton trimming $100 .
now $69.50
A blue Chiffon Marquisette over
white. $150.00 now. . .$97.50
A beautiful yellow Satin Meteor,
with bodice of bugle trimming.
$125.00 now .$89.30
A gold and white Brocade, with
marten trimming. $275.00
now ...$179.50
A black and gold velvet, hand
made lace bodice, gold-trimmed.
$250.00 now $165.00
A blue and silver brocade Poiret
model, with hand-made lace bod
ice. $250.00 now ...$165.00
Two beautiful "White Gowns,
worth $85.00 each, another in Na
tier blue and another of handsome
black Marquisette over blue, also
worth $85.00. Your choice.. $65
A handsome white at $75.00; one
coral Crepe Meteor, $67.50; beau
tiful black Meteor, $69.50 ; shaded
helio Satin Duchess, $69.50 ; black
Cashmere Meteor, $69.50; silver,
gray Crepe, $69.50 ; handsome
dark taupe Chiffon and satin com
bination. $69.50. Choice $59.50
loOor Fine SSSSU Tailored Spits
All of Our Models From Max M. Schwarcz
Are Unusual Reductions.
Are Included.
.These of course show the highest art in
tailoring, styles that Fashion has indorsed as
most correct, materials that have come front
over the sea. They, too, are garments that
eannot be duplicated and are not. to be seen
elsewhere, for they are exclusive models. The
woman who perhaps has long awaited such an
opportunity is not going to be disappointed in
what she will find in these groupings.
$135 Tailored Suit Now $95 A. two-piece
model in tan eolienne, beautifully trimmed
with hand embroidery and braid. Handsome
separate blouse.
$160 Tailored Suit Now $95 A charming
three-piece model in Natier blue, with the new
flat hand embroidery.
25 Two-Plece and Three-Piece Tailored
Cloth Suits; Heretofore Priced from $75 to
$100 Now $49.50 Handsome garments in
which clever tailoring, beauty of fabrics and
style are distinctive. Broadcloth, Venetians,
satin cloth and serges are the materials. Long
and short-coat styles.
A Special Collection of Odd Suits, Worth
$60, Now $49.50 Some of our finest Tail--ored
Suits all made of imported materials-
broadcloth and rough materials. They're suita
that cannot be duplicated hence this special
grouping. '
$135 Tailored Suits Now $95 Two differ-
ent models three-piece medium gray shade.
Separate blouse of heavy eolienne, trimmed
with hand braiding and embroidery and gold
$100 Tailored Suit Now $85 A handsome
two-piece model gray coat and skirt, which
is eut high. Beautifully hand-embroidered.
$115 Tailored Suit Now $89.50 In
heavy, rough weave blue silk, with silk and
gold thread embroidery.
$195 Tailored Suits Now $95 Two modelsthree-piece
in black eolienne, handsome
ly braided and hand-embroidered. Exquis
itely trimmed.
And These Three Special Groupings:
$60 and $65 Tailored Suits Now $49.50
$70 and $80 Tailored Suits Now $54.50
$80 and $119.50 Tailored Suits Now $69.50
rrrt - i H O WOMEN 3 AND
jl WO uyjpxscflciu vuiromjs AHA MISSES'
Dresses Regularly-Priced Up to $20 at $9.75
In this group are Women's and Misses' Dresses in black and white check and of plain
serge. Also included are hlack silk Dresses in women's ana misses' sizes.
Dresses Regularly Priced as High as $35 at $14.75
One-piece styles in worsteds, serges, silk, messaline, challies and pongee all new styles,
some of them braid-trimmed and with fancy yokes. Both long and short sleeves and hifrh and
Dutch neck styles. So many "one-of-a-kind" to chooe from here that distinctive selection
ehonld not be difficult.
Women's and misses' sizes, and all colors In this group.
A Special Group of
Odd Tailored Suits
$25 and $29.50 Vals. at '$17.85
They're all this season's styles and materials Suits
in which it is easy to discern that exelusiveness that
marks Tull & Gibbs' garments. Misses' Norfolk Suits
of blue serge, semi-fitted models for little women, and
' many styles for women. " Fancy mixtures, serges and
rough cloths. Guaranteed linings.
A Special Sale SIZESD In Women's Suits
2r3 erf" for Suits Worth $35. $37.50,
SS'.DU' $40. $42.50 and $49
We specialize in the larges sizes in Tailored Suits have them made up in styles that are be
coming to women who wear large sizes. Waist length is shorter and cut much fuller for the abdo
men. The skirts, too, are fuller. And then they're shown in the very newest materials man
nish worsteds, mixtures, cheviots, serges and broadcloths. Coats of most models are about 34
inches long, somewhat longer than in our regular sizes, and the linings, too, are the best
of guaranteed Skinner satin or silk.
The woman who wears a large size who finds it difficult to get a suit that is modeled
correctly for her figure, will not only appreciate our showing, but will recognize in this sale her
'opportunity. '
An Ebdbraordmary Sale
Lily of France" Corsets
$5.00 $S!ODEL3NP
Instead of conducting a special demon
stration of the Idly of France Corsets this
season, we have planned in its place a
pleasant surprise, having arranged with
the manufacturers of the celebrated Cor
sets to make these most remarkable con
cessions in price.
200 Lily of Franoe Corsets, worth $10 and
$7.60 at $5 each.
In this special group will be found a va
riety of model suited to every typo of fig-.
are slender, medium or stoat.
Low or medium bust,-medium or ex
treme length hips.
Made of fine imported corset materials
French coutil, broche and brocade. All
sizes from 18 to 36. '
No extra charge for fittings or altera
tions. ,
The sale is for one week only begin
ning tomorrow.
Toylaod Has Donned
Its Christmas Garb
The spirit of Christmas time is in the air Toyland bias caught it and -is splendidly
ready ready with everything that the toymaker's art has conceived to delight the little
folks. Last season we surprised the good people, of Portland when we introduced this
new Toyland a greater surprise awaits them this season, for we've brought together
here what we believe to be the cleverest and best showing of Toys that Portland has
ever known the toy centers of Europe have contributed their best reproductions in
miniature of the great and busy world of work and pleasure. '
Come and bring the children see the beautiful dolls, large and small; the wonderful
mechanical toys ; the wagons and automobiles ; the electric cars and airships, and the
hundred-and-one other things.
Upholstery Extra Special
German Frieze is the most serviceable and among the most artistic
upholstering fabrics made a most practical and correct covering for
davenports, couches, chairs and over-etuffed furniture.- It is 50 inches
wide and shown in those shades of red, blue, olive, green, gold,' eta, that
one finds in modern wall decorations, hangings and floor coverings.
Those who have good upholstered pieces that need recovering could do
no better towards prolonging their service and attractiveness than by
upholstering them in German Frieze. This sale presents that opportunity.
$1.50 Yard for Upholstering Fabrics Worth $2.50 Yard Tapestry
iO inches wide, in the verdure effects and conventional designs so much
ued nowadays.
Send in your Furniture, or if Von desire, we will call and famish
estimate on its re-covering. We guarantee our workmanship. Upholstery
Store, Sixth Floor. '
Special Attractions in
Glove Section
Two-clasp pique sewn mocha Gloves.
One-clasp cape Gloves with new stitched
"Olan" three-clasp overseam suede Gloves,
and also two-clasp "Olan" pique sewn suede
Gloves in black, white, tan, brown, gray, navy,
green, red, mode, cream and pearL Sizes 5Vi
to 8. .
$1.29 for $1.50 Gloves Children's and
Misses fleece-lined, one-clasp mocha Gloves in
grav'onlv. Sizes 2 to 12 years.
$1.89 for $2.00- Gloves This affords
choice of all our $2 values, including "Rey
nier" two and three-clasp "Narcisse" Fan
chon pique sewn suede Gloves and one-clasp
heavy tnocha . Gloves. Newest 6hades and
95 for $1.25 Gloves This special price (ff ers choice oft
- Ladies' two-clasp overseam glace kid "Marcelle" Gloves.
Three-clasp "Area" overseam suede kid Gloves.
One-clasp and mocha and one-button chamois Gloves.
Two-clasp reindeer fabric and double silk Gloves.
All new shades, sizes '5 to 67' '
95 for $1.25 Gloves Children's and Misses' two-clasp
"Marcelle" overseam glace kid Gloves. Also onej-clasp
mocha and chamois Gloves. Sizes 1 to 12 years.
$1.29 for $1.50 Gloves At this : special .price ' choose
from: ,
Our. two-clasp .overseam "Narcisse"- -and "Marcelle"
pique sewn glaoe kid Golves. '
One pearl clasp washable mocha Gloves.
One-clasp silk-lined mocha Gloves.
$1.98 for $2.25 Gloves "BeynerV extra
quality .three-clasp overseam glace kid. Gloves
in black only. , .-.!
One-clasp or, one-button "Cheverette
Tanne" Gloves in black, white and light and
dark leather shades. Also in slate and pearL
"Eeynier" two-pearl button, best quality
suede Gloves in black,' white and gold.'
$3.00, $3.50 and $4.00 for 16-but-ton
lengths in best quality glace and suede kid
Gloves, in black, white, 'pink, light blue, laven
der, canary and pearL - , '
$4.00 to $6.00 for 20 and 24-button
lengths in both suede and glace kid Gloves.
In black, white and the opera shades. - Sizes
5Va to 7. . .
Bargains in -Leather Fmiroitore
Several sample pieces that have been marked lower in order to relieve
the congestion of stocks on our fourth floor, the result of the new furni
ture that has arrived in the past week or two.
$15.00 Arm Chair for $9.50 Frame of mahogany, in dull finish. Slip type
seat, upholstered in leather. A sample piece.
$31.00 Arm Chair for $17.50 A colonial style arm chair of finest mahog
any, in dull finish. Seat covered in leather.
$22.50 Arm Chair for $16.75 A comfortable pattern, with leather uphol
stered seat and back. A splendid odd piece for library or living-room or for an
office. t
$35.00 Ann Chair for $21.50 Large chair, eovered entirely in black
leather, tufted arms and back.
$55.00 Couch for $29.50 ''Karpen" make, leather upholstered, with
frame in mahogany finish. ,
Bargains in Home Desks
and Library Desk -Tables
$15.00 Desk for $8.75 In birdseye maple, a. neat de
sign, -with full-width drawer.
$35.00 Desk for $17.50 A pretty desk in dull-finished
birdseye maple, with" hand-carved drawer front.
$21.00 Desk Table for $11.75 Of quarter-sawed gold
en oak, in .polished finish. When drawer is pulled out you have the convenience
of the home desk, with ink well, a place for stationery, etc. When drawer is
closed has the appearanoe of the library table. Top measures 24 by 40 inches.
Terms to
That New Dining Table SgS"""-
The one that you have been planning to
buy for many months it's here in our
splendid showing, just the style that you
have set your heart upon.' The timely
arrival of many new designs during the
past few days has greatly increased our
display. In the golden oak, in the fumed
oak and the mahogany is there equal rep
resentation of the newest Dining Table
designs pedestal and leg styles, rounded
and square top.
Pedestal-base Tables in the golden oak,
dull finish and in the fumed oak, 6-foot extension at $15.00.
Most' pedestal styles are fitted with the "Duo style" lock, which keeps
the pedestal pitact when table top is enlarged up to two leaves.
Choc?e your new table tomorrow, you'll find the right one at the price you
wish to pay. The payment terms we'll arrange to suit your convenience.
Monday and Tuesday Economies
At $1.95 are white Lace Curtains in applique
designs, 2',2 yards long. You choose from $3 pair
and $3.25 pair values in this lot.
At $2.85 are Scrim Curtains in ivory tint
and in white, with pretty lace edgings and in
sertions. 2Vi yards long and worth $4.75 and
$5 pair.
$1.05 Yard for Drapery Material suitable
for door and window hangings. In red and blue
only. Recular price $1.75 yard.
$1.45 for Couch Covers that are three
yards long and in the regular width. Oriental
stripe and other patterns. 'Regular' price $2.50. '
Are These
Specials Sn Bedding
Prepare for eolder weather that is to come. The Tull & Gibbs Bedding Depart
ment is prepared to take care of your needs and most economically.
Four specials for Monday and Tuesday :
$5.25 Each for Down Comforters, Worth $7.50 and $8 Nothing better of
fered at their regular values these down-filled Comforters that are full size and
.covered with satine. In both light and dark colors.
$5.25 Each for Fine Cotton Comforters, Worth $7.50 Full size and covered
with silk mull, with plain borders. Unusual values. '
' ' $7.95 PAIS for full size, fine all-wool Blankets, white with pink and blue
borders. Worth $11.50 pair."
$2.95 Pair for $4.75 Feather Pillows Good medium grade Bed Pillows, in
size 20 inehee by 27 inches, and eovered with brown striped ticking.
At 123.75 is-a
Announcing the Arrival of a Car of
Tine Leopold Office Desks
They were placed on our floor last week these newest types of office
desks all of them with the sanitary basedesks in which the exacting
office-man will find his particular demands well met. "Leopold" is the
recognized shopmark of "desk supremacy" in construction, style and
appointment. Portland's office furnishers have come to recognize the
Tull & Gibbs office equipment service as the most dependable.
At $37.50 is a low roll top desk, of quartersawed oak, 56 inches long,
flat-top desk to match, also 56 inches long.
Typewriter desk to match, at $29.00.