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Toll & Gibbs, Inc. morrison at seventh , Tall s Gibbs, Hoc.
The Premier Event of the Year in
JBeauftifol Gowns and Dresses
amid Fine TS&g"nD Tailored Suits
Models that every occasion of dress de
mands distinctive styles and exquisite mate
rials resplendent in what Fashion has se
her seal of approval upon. A handsomer as
semblage of fine apparel for women has never
been shown in Portland surely in this spe
cial offering the opportunity for many to
choose a gown, dress or fine tailored suit for
the social and theatrical events of the season.
The sale begins Monday.
A gold and white Brocade, with marten trimming.
$275.00 now 9179.50.
A black and gold velvet, hand-made lace bodice, gold
trimmed. $250.00 cow $165.00.
A blue and silver brocade Poiret model, with hand-made
. laoe bodioe. $250.00 now $165.00.
A black Marquisette with irridescent beads interwoven.
$215.00 now 9150.00.
A black velvet dinner or afternoon gown: real lace yoke,
sOrer-end-gray trimmed. $175.00 now $127.50.
An imported gown of wistaria stripe chiffon over duchess
satin, beautifully trimmed. $165.00 now $125.00.
A handsome Satin Meteor, trimmed with beautiful heavy
lace; French sqr.are and gold spider trimming. $150.00
now $97.50.
A gorgeous white Chantilly Lace, over rose messaline the
new tunie dress, with cross ribbon trimming. $165.00 now
A blue Chiffon Marquisette over white. $150.00 now
$97.50. v
A beautiful yellow Satin Meteor, with bodice of Bugle
trimming. $125.00 now $89.50.
A Mack Cashmere Meteor, with ehiffon bodice
over white. $150.00 now $97.50.
A handsome amber brown Chiffon over rose
durhe$s, with brown and green imported trimming
underlay. $115.00 now $79.50.
A gray satin Meteor Gown with yoke crochet,
lace and silver button trimming $100.00 now
A handsome black Crepe Meteor. $95.00 now
Two beautiful white Gowns, $85 each.
One Katier blue, $85.
One handsome black Marquisette aver blue
your choice $65.
A handsome white at $75.00; one coral Crepe
Meteor, $6750; beautiful black Meteor, $69.50;
shaded helio Satin Duchess, $69.30; black Cash
mere Meteor, $69.50; silver gray Crepe, $69.60;
handsome dark taupe Chiffon and satin combina
tion, $69.50. Your choice, $59.50.
$135 Tailored Buita Now $95 Two different
models three-piece medium gray shade. Separate
blouse of heavy eolienne, trimmed with hand braid
ing and embroidery and gold braid.
$100 Tailored Suit Now $85 A handsome
two-piece model gray eoat and skirt, which is out
high. Beautifully hand-embroidered.
$115 Tailored Suit Now $89.50 In heavy,
rough weave blue silk, with silk and gold thread
$195 Tailored Suits Now $95 Two models-three-piece
in black eolienne, handsomely braided
and band-embroidered. Exquisitely trimmed.
$135 Tailored Suit Now $95 A two-piece
model in tan eolienne, beautifully trimmed with
hand embroidery and braid. Handsome separate
$160 Tailored Suit Now $95 A charming
three-piece model in Natier blue, with the new
flat hand embroidery. ,
25 Two-Piece and Three-Piece Tailored Cloth
Suits; Heretofore Priced from $75 to $100 Now
$49.50 Handsome garments in which elever
tailoring, beauty of fabrics and style are distinct
ive. Broadcloth, Venetians, satin cloth and serges
are the materials. Long and short-coat styles.
A Special Collection of Odd Suits, Worth $60,
Now $49.50 Some of our finest Tailored Suits
all made of imported materials broadcloth and
rough materials. They're suits that cannot be du
plicated hence this special grouping.
$60.00 and $ 65.00 Suits NOW $49.50
170.00 and $ 80.00 Suits NOW $54.50
$80.00 and $119.50 Suits NOW $69.50
These of course show the highest art in tailor
ing, styles that Fashion has indorsed as most cor
rect, materials that have come from over the sea.
They, too, are garments that cannot be duplicated
and are not to be seen elsewhere, for they are ex
clusive models. The woman who perhaps has
long awaited such an opportunity is not going to
be disappointed in what she will find in these
is soon to be completed a great and
good work and a worthy tribute to
him whose wise forethought has pro
vided this magnificent institution, of
which Portland and the State of Ore
jgon may well be proud.
At the suggestion of many interest
ed in this work, we have arranged a
model room for the inspection of those
who may wish to donate, and on which
we have made a special price.
Note of New Arrivals in
Shirtwaist Shop
The New Slip-On Blouse Waist
. A strange combination that
gives an almost perfect Gibson
type, but has the regular kimono
sleeve. It is made of duchesse
satin with band of velvet around
neck and down sleeve. In black
and in colors, at $8.95.
New Imported Crepe Waists that
are hand-made, with Irish crochet
insertion and hand-embroidered
designs. Some have hand-worked
eyelets with colored edge. Charm
ing accessories to women's dress,
these exquisite creations from
over the sea, $17.50 to $25.
Some of the Latest Things
Neckwpar, Belts
50 to $2.25 Keiser Tailored
Stocks in plain linen. Embroidered
and pique Ascot Stocks in white and
35 to $12.50 Dainty lace
trimmed Net Collars with Persian
trimmings and ecru lace collars, with
jabots. Irish crochet separate collars
and stocks and with jabots. All the
newest styles.
$9.75 to $12.50 Lace Scarfs
for evening wear. Spanish lace and
silk hand-run,- fine net scarfs in
black, white and opera shades.
75 to $3.95 Imported. Belts
in patent leather, all colors, in seal,
calfskin, suede and morocco. Red,
navy, green, brown and tan. Also
new crush belts in morocco and suede.
TOia eHantlAn V, ATTI ATTYrnia?fYr tl I TTi
at this season of the year to the din-ft
ing-room, for it is here that relatives
and friends gather around the festive
board at Thanksgivingtime and the
later holidays to give thanks and bid
each other well. The bargains . that
the Furniture Store offers in this sale
"will prove timely to many. Prices are
considerably lower than regular ana
the buying terms are most convenient.
' $21.00 Buffet for $14.75 In dull finished
golden oak, with 3 drawers and large compartment
Payment terms, $4 down and $2.50 month.
$39.00 China Cabinet for $21.50 In fumed
oak an arts and crafts design. Payment terms,
$4 down and $3.50 month.
$35 China Cabinet for $21.50 In golden
oak has bent-glass doors and ends. Payment
terms $4 down and $3.50 month.
$39 China Cabinet for $25.75 In fumed oak,
with bent-glass sides and front. Payment terms,
$5 down and $4 month.
$34 Buffet for $26.50 In golden oak, with
the regular buffet appointment. Payment terms,
$5 down and $4 month.
$45 Buffet for $31.50 In fumed oak also
has the regular buffet appointment Payment
terms, $5 down and $150 month.
$4'i China Cabinet for $34.50 In fumed oak,
41 inches wida. Payment terms, $6.50 down and
$5 month.
$46 Buffet for $36.75 In dull-finished gold
en oak, with the regular buffet appointment Oak
drawer and door pulls. Payment terms, $6.50
down and $5 month.
$50 Buffet for $37.50 A Colonial design in
the fumed oak, with shelf over mirror. Payment
terms $7 down and $5.50 month.
' $54 China Cabinet for $39.50 Colonial de
sign in golden oak, with mirror back of top shelf.
Payment terms $7 down and $5.50 month.
$68.50 China Cabinet for $51.50 Large Col
onial design in fumed oak. Payment terms $12.50
down and $7.50 montn.
" frfs r. SL A.
$80 Buffet for $57.50 In all quarter-sawed
golden oak, 54 inches wide. Has 5 small drawers,
1 linen drawer and 2 compartments. Payment
terms, $12.50 down and $7.50 month.
$94 Buffet for $77.50 In fumed oak, 66 ins.
long and well appointed. Payment terms, $15
down and $12.50 month.
$79 China Cabinet for $56.50 In quarter
sawed golden oak, with mirror back of two top
shelves. Bent-glass sides and front. Payment
terms $12.50 down and $7.50 month.
$38.50 Dining Table for $26.50 An arts and
craf ts design in the fumed oak, 48-inch square top
8-ft. extension. Payment terms, $5 down and
$4 month.
$34.60 Dining Table for $24.75 Round top,
pedestal-base table in the fumed oak. Extends to
6 feet. Payment terms $5 down and $4 month.
$38 Dining Table for $27.50 In quarter
sawed golden oak five-leg style 6-ft extension.
Payment terms, $5 down and $4 month.
$52 Dining Table for $37.50 Square top
Table in the fumed oak; 8-ft. extension. Payment
terms $7 down and $5.50 month.
$57 Dining Table for $41.50 In quarter
sawed golden oak, with pedestal base and claw
feet; 8-ft. extension. Payment terms $7 down and
$5.50 month. .
$60 Dining Table, $44.50 In. dull finished
golden oak, scroll pedestal base, 54-inch top and
8-ft. extension. Payment terms $7 down and $5.50
$7 Chairs at $5.25 In golden oak, with full
leather seat'
$7 Chairs at $5.35 Golden oak chairs with leather
seats and scroll fronts.
$11 Arm Chair to Match at $8.50.
- $15 Dining Chairs at $8.75 In quarter-sawed gold
en oak, with rush seat.
$19 Arm Chairs to Match at $9.75.
Wooderf ul Values in the Wilton Rugs
Forty Rugs in All Room Sizes 9 it x 12 ft. $65 and $60 High
T& $37.50, $44.50 and $49.50
Our representative is now in New York selecting new goods for the Spring trade and
this means your opportunity; we must have space on our rug racks for the new arrivals.
The Bugs offered are our very best and there's that variety of design and color that will
meet every demand.- For the living-room or dining-room there is an assortment unequaled
in any special rug offer we have ever made browns, tans, greens and blues in pro
fusionsplendid fabrics that will grace any home or public place. Small Rugs to match
many of the patterns on sale.
For the sleeping-room or reception-room the plain and two-tone centers in seamless
Bugs offer a rare opportunity to secure high-rade artistic Bugs at the price of the ordi
nary. Plain blues, tans, greens and rose, and soft two-tone allover effects so much sought
after in up-to-date decorative schemes are well represented in this offering.
In View of the Unusually Low Prices at Which These Bugs Are Being Offered, They
Will Not Be Sent Out on Approval.
The Best the World Has to Offer in
Gloves Is Found in Portland's
Newest Glove Section"
Brief Mention Here of a Few of Our
Women's and Children's Fabric Gloves
25 and 50 A complete line of color in
Children's Cashmere and "Wool Golf Gloves.
White, navy, brown, gray and red.
5 0" Ladies' All-Wool Cashmere Gloves, in
black only sizes 5V4 to 8.
CashmerWte Silk-lined Gloves with kid bind
ing and different color linings. All sites, in
In black only SO.
1.25 Ladies' two-easp double silk or silk
lined Gloves, Taxis point embroidered. Sizes
. to 8.
$1.25 -Two-clasp, pique-sewn, with Paris
point embroidery, "Reindeer Fabric" Gloves in
white, natural and buck. Guaranteed washable.
T5gM Drapery Store
1 i
Have Come These Bargains for Monday
and Tuesday Sixth Floor
$2.45 Tair for Nottingham Lace Curtains in
ivory and ecru tints and in white. Worth $3.50
and $4 pair. New patterns.
$4.95 Pair for. Irish Point, CTuny and Ara
bian Lace Curtains in ivory and ecru tints and
in white. Regular $3 and $3.50 pair values.
12Va Yard for decorative Burlap' in red,
blue, green, brown, etc. Worth 18c yard, and 36
inches wide.
1S Yard for white, ivory and ecru Curtain
Scrim. 40 inches wide and worth 30c yard.
25 Yard for plain and figured Cretonne and
Taffeta in all colors and 36 inches wide. Worth
35c and 40c yard.
25 Yard for Upholstery Fringe in silk and
wool colors red, green, brown and tan. Worth
IL50 yard.
Mrs. L. C. Redding, of New
York, Will Demonstrate the
Modart Corsets
"The Improved Front-Laced"
One More Week
Inspired By the Past WeeK's Suc
cess, We Have Arranged to
Continue the Demonstration An
other WeeK.
We hope any who doubts that Modart Is
better, or that these front-laced corsets are
not more comfortable, stylish, give better
and smoother-fiting gown effects than other
corsets they know aboutor that front-laced
is the correct principle .pf construction from
every standpoint, will just try one.
No corset ever made so sensational a hit
in 'meeting the exacting requirements of
particular women throughout the country,
and no maker ever made so complete a
showing of such remarkable success as has,
from the very beginning, been accorded
Modart Corsets, ''The Mould of Fashion."
Search as. you may and you H find their
value not duplicated. Made from specially
-riOrieivi materials, in utvlfts thev
originate and so carefully finish, they have a tailored look and style dis
tinction that instantly pleases.
Revilloo Freres
This little list but faintly hints of
the great variety here.
Black Fox and beautiful Northern
Fox in many different styles, $25
to $65.
Genuine Ermine, from Siberia, pore
white, in Neck Pieces and large Cape
effects. 912.50 to $125.
In Japanese Mink, Australian Opos
sum, white and red Fox, Marten
(skunk), Raccoon and many other furs,
are handsome pieces.
Russian Pony Coats another ship
ment of them just received 52 inches
long and lined with Skinner satin. We
continue to sell them at our original
price, in spite of the advance of mak
ers $49.50.
Specials in Bedding floor
$7.95 PAIS for full sise, fine all-wool Blankets, white
with pink and blue borders. Worth $11.50 pair.
$2.95 EACH for full siza Comforters that are filled
with white eotton and covered in ailkoline. Colors blue,
yellow and pink. Worth $4.00 each.
$1.45 PAIS for Feather Pillows worth $2 and $2.25
pair. Covered with stripe sad fancy tiok. Sise 20 inches
by 26 inches. .
Increased Display of
' Upnolsfrered -.
Many new arrivals
during the past week
accounts for this in
creased showing;
large Turkish Rockers
I mounted on Harring
ton Springs, easy
Arm Chairs and Rock
ers with heavy mahog
any or oak frames in
dull finish, with both
brown, maroon and
black leather uphol
stery. Trustworthiness of construction,
workmanship and finish, and comfort, are
easily recognised throughout our splendid
display. ' : , .
At $11 is a high-hack Arm Rocker in
dull-finished golden oak with full leather
spring seat.
Turkish Rockers as low as $36.
A Thanksgiving Sale of Floe Dinner Sets,
Cut Glass and Table SilverwareBasement
$11.75 for $15.50 Dinner Sets of 50 Pieces
English Semi-Porcelain. This gives choice of
Set in dainty conventional decoration, gold and
Set in conventional ' poppy design, blue and
gold. , ' ".
Set in conventional ; marguerite design, blue
with gold edge. "
? 16.75 for $20.00 Dinner Sets of 100 Pieces
ustrian China. This gives choice of
Set in pretty conventional violet decoration.
Set in new Arts ana urarxs aesign.
Set in rose decoration, with gold edge.
$31.25 for $38.50 Dinner Seta of 100 Pieces, in
French Limoges China, very fine ware, with two fine
gold bands. .
Jbo.vo I or $b.du eei oi oix imxvos ami ojj.
Wildwood pattern in me imiwl xvemmcw
-10-year guarantee. Hollow handles.
85 for $1.25 Set of 6 Teaspoons The "Wild
wood pattern in tne iteiiance piate.
J52.00 for $3.00 Set of 6 Table Spoons The
nuunwu u mv - x
Special, $1.48 for Cut Glass Spoon Trays in
several different shapes and cuts.
Special, $2.48 for- half dozen Cut Glass
Tumblers in heavy palm cut. -
Special, $2.48 Pair, for Cut Glass Sugar
Bowl and Cream Pitcher. Heavy and in an at-"
tractive cut.
The 'Simplex,", a good family size
12Yi in. by 17 in., made of heavy steel
have no corner seams grease cannot ao
eumulate. Removable tray. Prepare for
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Continue a
The Free Wall Paper Offer 7
Last week was the busiest that our Department of Interior Decoration has ever known, and well it might
be for on Monday morning we commenced giving away 2000 rolls df fine Wall Paper for living-rooms and
sleeping-rooms. Although this stock has been greatly reduced, the variety remains unchanged, so that those
who wish to take advantage of this remarkable offer will have the same opportunity for wide selection as those
who participated last 'week.
All we axe asking is our regular charge for hanging, and, as stated before, will be done right--we will
stanTback of it. If desired we will give an absolute contract on the work of preparing the walls and doing
the work complete. ' . i
Bring in your room measurements the length,, height and breadth apd number of openings, and select
your paper. Decorative Department, Sixth Floor. , v
' : : : : '