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numerators in Two Districts
Charged With Padding
4668 Names.
wiMHCBPniiQ m uliu nnu
3D1 ,408 PERSONS,
1 1 f J
Da rand Rrmorn Stlpma From 1)1
wiorj and Ssjs Count In IxxJr-Injr-Hoase
Claim Errors .
Foand by Supervisors.
WAf HIXOTOS. Oct. I. Charejlnr
fraudulent effort on the part of two
Individual enumerators to pad ths cen
sus returns for Minneapolis to the
tret of 4.IS names. Censua Director
Durand tonight announced the correct
population of that city to be 301.40s.
Ft. Paul's population la S14.744. ict
the Twin cities tonether Sl.16.
The sain for St. Taul waa It per cent
aa asatnst 49 per cent for Minneapolis.
In 11 St. Paul ahowed 1J.0S. a eratn
of 21 1-J per cent and Mlnneapolla a
eraln of 23.1 per rent.
The announced flifure for Mlnneapo
lla la a a-aln of almost 4 per cent over
the population of 100. which waa 102.
Tl. In rliin out the returna Mr. Durand
znade a statement In which he aald that
aa originally forwarded to the bureau,
the Mlnneapolla report contained 30.
074 names. But while more than 4.000
of these had been eliminated, there waa
no evidence, he said, of any concerted
attempt on the part of the enumeratora
or of the supervisor, or of any group
of private Individuals fraudulently to
pad the census returna. The greater
part of the names eliminated were In
two out of 13 enumeration district In
the oity.
Frauds Not Deliberate.
"The enumeratora for those two dis
tricts may not hare deliberately in
tended to defraud, but It scarcely seems
possible that they should hare failed
to note that they were, to say the least.
Interpreting; the Instructlona very loose
ly." salil the director.
"The over-counting In these two dis
tricts resnltrd almost altogether from
tti- repetition f visitors to lodglng
hnnse and hotels.
"Not content m-lth enumerating all
tne people who were present In such
lixlglng-houses and hotels on census
iiv at on the day of the first visit of
the enumerator, these enumeratora
contend very Urge numbers 'of people
were not present at the flrst visit or
the census day, but who came to these
lodging -houses subsequently.
Moving of Persona Can Mix.
-ft Is evident that thla practice. In
th nrst pl.tee. permits the duplication
of names within the city Itself, by rea
son of the feet that many persona go
from one lodging-house to another, and
In the second plare. results In the
.enumerating of people who -am to lh
4ty after the census day aJ who were,
prrsumablv enumerated elsewhere."
. Noting the fart that It had been aug
, yed tr,3t (h Census Jtureau had
N tn at fault In not arranging for the
enumeration of lodclng-house and ho
tels on a, single day. Mr. Durand aald
that aa a matter of fact the Instruc
tions to the supervisors were specific
ally that, so far as possible, they
snould arrange for the enumeration of
lodging-houses and hotels In a single
lav. but that It waa thought unwise to
make the Instructions absolutely bind.
Ing In every case.
In addition to the namea eliminated
from the achedulee on account of repe
tition of visitors In the districts of
these two enumerators, a considerable
number were stricken out because a
critical examination In the Census Bu
reau showed them to be direct Stipu
lations. These errors are credited to
overslrht on the part of the enumera
tor and the special agents.
Woman and Men Held for Abduc
tion of 17-Yrar-Old Girl.
Tlie county grand Jury yesterday re
turned indictments against I.uther Ad
cox. William Hoyd and Grace Baylea.
a'U. "iKvttle Allen." an Inmate of a re-e-.rt
at The lilies, charged with In
clining Isabel Jlirlow. a 17-year-old
Kirt. to enter disreputable houses.
Warrants have been placed In the of Sheriff Stevens.
The Indictments against the alleged
-x l it., slavers'" Is the upshot of the
.rir-tt of a woman known to the po
liro under the alias of Gertrude Blake.
Tl e m oman was arrested in her apart
tointa In a downtown hotel last week
on a warrant charging her with con
tributing to the delinquency of a minor.
The -men - are accused of having
brought the child Into the custody of
Crace Ttayles. for. a disreputable house
at Th Dnllet.
Subsequent to her arrest the Baylea
woman turned the Harlow child from
the house at The Dallea. Last Tues
day the II. r low girl turned up at her
home In this cltly voluntarily con
fessed the manner In which ah waa
lured on the downward path by tit
principals In the case.
Wife of Allseed Murderer Accuses
Her of Coin and Gem Larceny.
Katie Shomer. ! years old. a waitress
In the tearoom of a downtown depart
ment store, waa arrested last night by
Detectives Sloane and Kmllcott on com
plaint -of I.ydia ftlrhardon. woo ac
cuses her of larceny. Miss Shnmer la
:ield at the rlty prison In default of
I.ydia Richardson, the complainant. Is
the wife of Aurlilus Richardson, who
la accused of murdering Jess Hale, a
fireman three months ago.
Mrs. Richardson and her t-year-old
son live at 2 Jefferson street. She
rented rooms In her home to several
r.ersons. among whom waa Mis Shomer,
whom she aruses of stealing 139 In
roid and a diamond rlug valued
1300 In Mrs. Richardson's absence from
the house.
The re wltl he heard In the Mu
nicipal Court Monday.
Yellow Fever Fatal on Steamer.
VI'TTORIA. Oct. 2S. The steamer Hen
lev had bid weather from Santa Crua.
fter hr!n held several hour at quar
antlne . for inspection. Chief Engineer
)l..t'ev ArA soon after the vessel left
the foutS. An effort to land her was
male, hut the port officials refused, fll
aenoeSng hi case aa yellow fever. He
waa bttrled at sa last Tuesday. 200 mile
from San ldro.
.iV V ji.j.e.W,. 1 ti ii Kins' !" . 1-.w. . .
Le Blaae la CJealer Greiar- . I -i'tt
Grahame-White Takes Aero
Speed Trophy.
Going 80 Miles an Hour Machine
Falls and in Glide to Earth Craft
Severs , Telejrraph Pole.
Brook ins Meet." Injury. .
tfontlnued Frem First Page.)
next year. Wright brothera will also
build a new racer and go after It
John B. Molseant will be a third chal
lenger. " "
Tou bet." he aald. Tin going after
It. , IM don't bring It back, some other
American- will."'
Walter Brooklna. of ths Wright team.
who today took up the new "baby"
Wright racer, met with a serious mla-
hap. Experts had predicted that If the
engine ever refused to explode the ma -
cllne could never glide safely to a land
ing, but would fall, and that was pre
cisely what happened.
Brooklna F-tcapes Death.
Brooklna waa Juat coming around the
torn Into the home etretrh for a trial
circle, preparatory to entering into the
Cordon Bennett race, when four of his
eight cylinders ceased firing. With only
half power he tried first to sustain hlra-
If by mounting and then decided It
wss wiser to land and plunged to earth.
In the strict sense of ths word he did
not falL he dived. And It Could almost
be said that he made a perfect landing.
that is. the angle at which he hit the
earth from a height of bit feet waa al
most perfect. But driven by the wind,
and hi engine he came hurtling through
the air at such tremendous speed that
when he touched ths earth hla front
wheels and forward frame collapsed un
der him. The machine stuck Its nose In
the dirt, slowly reared tall upward and
finally collapsed. topside undermost.
Brooklna was thrown from hla seat In
the somersault.
When the suit cleared. Brooklna waa
seen staggering about, his arms tightly
clasped about bis stomach, lie raised
them spasmodlrally to bis head and tore
off hla helmet. The he clasped his
head with hla hands and rocked to and
fro. facing the grandstand as if to bow
In acknowledgment of applause. It waa
apparent that he did not know what he
waa doing.
Ilrlll.ther Steals March.
While he waa staggering for perhaps
20 paces, an ambulance was rushed to
pick him up and hurried him to ths
field hospital. It was later announced
that he had been painfully Injured In
the groin and aeverely bruised, there
were no bones broken and he waa not
In danger of his life.
Le Blanc got a black eye, a deep cut
undr the chin and a broad scratch
acrosa the right temple, hut was able to
be about before tho day waa over.
All owing for the good lurk that tossed
the race into Grahame-Whites lap he
still won from the American team by
superior preparedness. Of tho three
Americans selected to defend the cup by
the Aero Club of America-only two start
ed, and those two barely before the time
limit allowed elapsed. Orahame-White
chose an early morning hour, when the
wind, wss most favorable, and stole a
march on 11 defenders. After his rec-ord-bresklng
time had been noted, the
Americans waited until the last moment
for good atr.
Hamilton bad trouble with his car
buretor and never got off the ground:
Brooklna had been Uaabkd. and Drexel
had only a oO-horsepower Blerlot to com
pete against Cirahaxne-While's 100-horse-power
Latham In a KO-horsepower Antoin
ette, never ahowed speed enough to be
dangerous, and left the course on his
lith round when an ugly guat almost
blew him Into the crowd.
Molaaant Win on Nerve.
Molssant was only notified that he had
to defend ths place of Brookins. half an
hour before he got away. His mechanics
were so hurried In getting the Blerlot
ready that they forgot to attach ono of
ths heavy rubber bands which help to
control the elevation plane at the rear,
and he found them unequal to maneuver
It by sheer atrength. . Aa be turned Into
th- seventh lap he lost control, flew wide
over the grandstand, turned back Into
the field and aettled.
But Molssant waa not done. The cup
and l were Grshame-Wblte's beyond
recall, but there was atill a chance to
win second place for America, even
ram Wm
n" "
Walter Brooklna.
though the honor brought no C1- -ant
attached his rubber band and went
UPCnde'r'ths rules governing the Gor
don Bennett race, an aviator is allowed
only one stop and any time hs .ponds
on the earth for fuel or other neces
saries la counted against him and in
cluded in his total of elapsed time. It
had been blowing half a galo between
the hour when Latham quit and tho
closing hour. ' , .
When the wind Anally moderated.
Latham had nearly five hour
him and Molssant saw a chance for o
ond place. By aheer pluck ho won It.
Latham also finished, but Ogllvie.
of the British team, manager tor the
Fnglleh Wright Company, waa ahead
of him. and when the last contestants
had finished the rana too4. Orhm
Whlte first. Molssant second. Ogllvl
third and Latham fourth.
Drexel tho only other Amerlcsn
starter, csma down In the seventh lap
after he had found ths wind too dan
geroua at ths turns.
In the two special event for sJtl
..... - it ..Vile rivals. Hoxsey
and Johnstone, tried once more to out
do each other. This time it waa Hox
sey who brought down the laurels with
two flrst prlxes. though the American
record is atill with Johnston.
Gordon Wennett International speed rare,
dlstanre too kilometers. S2.14 mllaa Won
br Grahame-White. lOO-hors. power Blerlot:
lime. 1 hour. 1 minute. 4.74 seconds; second,
j. F. Molssant. iO-horse power Blerlot; one
hour. 47 minutes, 44 M seconds: third. 0ll
vle Wright. 3 hours. S minute. 3S.;
fourth. Latham. Antoinette. 6 hour. 4 min
utes 83.41 seconds. Drexsl did not finish.
First special, altitude, won by Arch Hox
sey (Wrlghti. B140 feet; second. Johnstone.
4irlffht. A233 feet.
Peeond special altitude, won by Hoxsey
fWrlshtt. 444 feet; second. Johnstone
(Wrlsht). 1 feet- .
Ki.ndlna of prise winners:
oAhme-whlie-Flr In Oordon Bennett.
l.Vsw; prevloua winnings. $1700; total to
'foxier' First In nrst special altitude.
I.-...0; Brst In second special sltltude. 50;
total today. loio: prevloua winnings. 3267S;
total to date. a7S. , ,
Lsthsm t Antoinette) Previous wtnnlngs,
11 Johnston. Wrlht Second first "Pedal
altitude. 250; second In aerond special al
titude I3&0: total today. $0O: . previous
wlnnTnsi Jl 55: total to date. $1025.
WMn"t-PT.Vlou. winnings. .11200.
Drexel Previous winnings. ioOO.
Tt.easeD Previous winnings. 100.
Aunuroj " . ....
Brooalnss Previous winning 150.
MrFrvlous winnings, 100.
. , ...vlAtu vrlnntnca. S50.
willard Prevloua winnings. 350.
rsstest lap of the Gordon Bennett course.
Are kllometera. 811 mile LeBlanr 3 min
utes. 44 2 second. World s record.
raatest lap of the winner Made by
Orahame-Whlte. 3 minutes 86 2-6 seconds. I
Mathlen, French Aviator, Succeas
fnlly Files With PassenRer.
BRl'SSELS, Belgium. Oct. 29. Mathleu,
th French aviator who started from
Parts with a passenger yesterday In a
flight to Brussels in sn seroplane and
who waej. forced to mske a landing at
Braine-le-Comte. Belgium, after having
fli.wn about 160 miles, arrived here early
''ia'hkMi left Paris on his Tight of 170
miles at 12:31 o'clock yesterday. Hs
landed at latere, about 70 miles from
Paris, to replenish gaaoltne. Ths only
other stop was overnight at Braine-ls
Mathleu abandoned the proposed re
turn flight to Paris because of trouble
with htai ssroplane.
. Captain Knight Given Farewell.
tct. 2. (Special.) Captain H. E.
Knight, accompanied by his wife, left
last night for Fort Logan. Colo., where
he will spend 10 dsys before going to
Kansas City. Mo., to assumo eharga of
the recruiting station there. Ths en
llated men of Company M, Captain
Knight's old company In ths Philippine
Islands, went to hla quarters yssterday
sfternoon and bade him farewell. Ths
First Infantry band gava a concert In
his honor. Captain Knight Is one of
the oldest officer of the First In
fantry. Thla la the flrat detail h ha
had away from' his resriment, he hav
ing served as post adjutant for ths
past tores snd a half years. Hs Is ex
pected to join ths rirt Infantry In
two years.
Record of Jonrney of America II,
Attested by Canadian Official,
Is Received.
NEW YORK,Vt. 29. Alan R Haw
ley having won the world a champion
ship honors in the field of long-dlst-anci
ballooning. 1 looking for fresh
fields to conquer. He plans no to go
in for aeroplanlng. He haa no Idea of
giving up ballooning, which ha regard
Si the finest sport in th. world but
be r.cognlxe. the advent of the aero-
P'-Tprobably ahall still participate in
balloon races." said Mr. Hawley before
leaving for the Belmont Park aviation
meet today, "but I shall also have a
look around in the aeroplane game
after I have had a good rest from our
experience with tho America II.
"What typo of plane I shall use. i
cannot say. Much has been done with
i.. but the game is still
ajlUrttDMiVB) -
vo"ng- . , of the
America II la In the hands of President
C. F. Bishop of tne Aero -'""
A?"nCHudes a map of the country with
Humphreys Seventy-Seven
Breaks up Grip and
A Common Cold
The first feeling of a Common
Cold is lassitude and weakness; fol
lowed by Sneezinjr, Coughing and
Sore Throat. .
If "Seventy-seven" is taken at the
"first feeling" the Cold disappears.
If treatment is delayed, it takes
longer, but the Cold yields to
"Seventy-seven" at any stage.
A small rial of pleasant pellets, fits
the vest pocket.
At all dealers in medicine 25c, or
Humphreys' Homeo. Medicine Co., Cor.
William and Ann Streets, New Tork.
Made with thouerhtful considerations of comfort in
them wear of the fabric and a GUARANTEE of
money worth or money back. .
Whether for BOYS, YOUNG MEN or OLD, the same
Care and attention to detail is given to every .garment.
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Why not make your selections of a SUIT, RAINCOAT
or OVERCOAT from this superb collection NOW?
Later on the choosing may not be quite so good.
LADIES' and MISSES' RAINCOATS in exclusive
styles now in.
MODEST PRICES always prevail here.
a star penciled upon it showing tho
. . wnAAn l.H. a
place wnere uib ouuuwii iii
document signed by Joseph Dominique
Quay, Commissary of the Superior
Court of the town of Chlcoutlml, and
the barograph record of the journey.
The statement of Commissary Quay
seta forth that the two balloonist
reached the chateau Sa&uenay, of
which he is the proprietor, on October
25. "when we took them for hunters re
turning from the woods." He adds
that he looked over their record and
could find no flaw. "Besides," he says,
... . V- . If..... UgvUo El Till TARt
have done a great deal of walking."
The aeronauts are confident that the
balloon can be recovered, but probably
not until a deep snow-fall will make
possiblo Its removal on sledges. The
balloon is resting on two trees and is
The Aero Club of America has voted
to award Hawley its special gold med
al for distinguished service to the
cause of aeronautics. Captatn Thomas
Baldwin waa the first vto receive this
medal. In recognition of flis work In
building the first war dirigible bal
loon, which was purchased by the Gov
ernment. Only four other aeronauts
have received this honor. -
Seven companies supply Iondon with yas
and the prices vary from 4U to 69 cents for
limrt feet.
Built' with the same care and thorough
ness as the Packard touring cars. 48
per cent of all Packard trucks sold have
been purchased by companies who have
repeated their first orders for one or
more additional trucks.
- Twenty-third and Washington Sts.
Main 4542 A 1127
Daughter Jumps and Escapes Harm.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Pethman, of
Hood River, Are Victims. "
HOOD RIVER. Or.. Oct. 29. (Spe
cial.) As the result of their team be
ing frightened by an automobile truck
on the East Side this evening-. Mrs. C.
Dethman lies In the Cottasce Hospital
here tonight with three ribs broken
and other internal injuries. Mr. Deth
man is badly cut and bruised and the
wagon is a wreck. Miss Dethman was
also In the wagon hut jumped before it
went over the bluff.
The accident happened on the road
leading out of town into the East Slile
apple district, at a point where there
is a curve In the road. The wagon and
I Its occupants rolled down an almost
! sheer fall of 150 feet. That all were
n tllUrl ia .nniililfirnil m irn ru lous.
Mr. Dethman says that a truck tow
ing another automobile came upon the
horses around the curve suddenly an'l
the noise and lights caused the horses
to jump over the bluff. Just as the
wagon was going over the edge Miss
Dethman Jumped and saved herself
hut Mr. Dethman and his wife went
clear to the bottom with the rolling
bodies of the horses crashing- alonHT
with them. Strange to fay the animals
were apparently not much Injured as
they were afterwards led by a long
detour up to the road.
As quickly as possible an automobile
and a doctor were sent to the scene
of the accident and the injured woman
was taken to the hospital. It is not
known whether she will recover.
Mr. Dethman Is one of the oldest
pioneers of the valley, a member of
the Board of Directors of the Hood
River Apple Growers' Union, and own
er of many acres of the finest orchard
in the valley.
Dr Walker Weds Vancouver Girl.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. Oct. 23.-(Spe-ciaU-Dr.
Lewis F. Walker, formerly
dentist of this city, but now of Aber
been. married Miss MadSe
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. "o8";
of this city, Monday. The couple will
make their hnnw in Aberdeen.
a), jew
l ONE" )