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Dress Goods Sale of Tremen
1 lite liititfetr m 'bttmbnt;
Every Yard of Dress Goods in the Store at Radical Reductions
We have suddenly decided (o cut prices on every yard of
dress goods in our store. Continued bright, sunshiny weather
finds us ici'.h a tremendous over stock at this, the height of the
dress goods season. There should b: an unprecedented response
to this advertisement for you have the assurance that at this
le you get the choice of the best slock of dress goods in thz city.
Quality, the keynote of our store is
reflected in every weave of dress goods
we handle. None but dependable first'
class, high-grade merchandise finds a
place on our shelves.
and bonnie ph
the Highlands of Scotland these Scotch spun tweeds
ie plaids in beautiful combinations are here in abundance, jypilj
From France we quote beautiful Henriettas, Albatross and
From Belgium, suitings and tailored dress fabrics.
From Germany, serges and cheviots.
From Austria, mannish mixtures, diagonals and broadcloths.
The weather is going to be cold, and these dress goods are
warm. We cordially solicit your inspection of these wonder
Jul specials.
MAGGIONI are the Best Kid Gloves
Forsythe Flannel Tailored Waists
No Groceries
No Liquors
No Bakery
No Restaurant
a B. Corsets
W. B. Corsets
Last week our firm inspected the new stores of Halle Bros.,
Cleveland, Ohio, McCreery's new store in Pittsburg, Clmbets
new store in New York. From reports received, OUR new
store will reap the benefits of the innovations and improvements
inaugurated in these great mercantile establishments.
Every day brings us nearer the realization of our ambition
to give to the people of Portland and Oregon a store radically
different and conducted on entirely different lines and methods
from those now in vogue here.
We can say now with positive assurance that we shall have
NO grocery store. NO meat market. NO bakery, NO restaurant
and NO liquors. We shall not indulge in extravagant advertis
ing, false price quotations, fictitious values, nor catch-penny
methods of alluring trade.
Our business policies will remain unchanged. The same
methods and the same principles, that have been handed down
to us from the time our firm was established in the golden days
of California, remain as our ideals for the future.
It's true that we have been called by envious competitors the
Rip-Van-Winkle store. If that means old fashioned honor
if it expresses old time reliability, old style quality and fair
treatment, then we shall remain the Rip-Van-Winkle store.
Come tomorrow and see what a bustle there is. Something '
tf interest must be going on to bring so many people here and
to give Ihem such pleasant expressions. First, we think it is
the fact that the store is alive and awake; next it is because of
the store's known reliability the fair prices and the cheerful
prompt service.
The spirit of activity, of confidence and of progress Is in the
air here. You can't help feeling it as soon as you come into
the store. Welcome--
As Seen Around the Store
In the Jewelry Section
New Vanity Bags in gunmetal, sterling silver and gold.
with complete toilet requisites and mirror.
Novelty little streetcar Purses for dimes and nickels in gun
metal, sterling and gold.
Lavaliers in platinum, sterling and gold. In Oriental and
East Indian designs. Set with cashmere stones, coral and other
Coral Chains. Necklaces in artistic, unique styles.
Jet Jewelry imported direct from Paris.
Rhinestone Hat Pins in an amazing variety of settings.
Silver deposit Glasswear for table use in cocktail sets, lemon,
dishes, finger bowls, trays, sherbet glasses.
Mesh Sags in solid silver, German silver, gunmetal and gold.
Prices a great deal less for the identical styles and qualities as
shown in exclusive shops.'
In the Leather Section
Bead Bags, the practical novelty for women. Their multicol
ored beads produce such delicate color effects. Paris rages over
these beautiful bags.
We are showing them in an almost endless assortment from
one dollar to fifty dollars. .
Velvet Bags, Suede Bags, Paisley Bags and Japanese Bags
with the long silk cord handles in the oval and square shapes.
Exquisite new novelties.
$ 1 0.75 For These New $ 1 5.00 Long Coats
$2 1 .75 For These New $32.50 Tailored Suits
'fir til IP
fH&! ill H ilL
The smartest followers of fashion
are choosing new tailored suits with
the tube and cuff modeled skirts. They
are new different and in the proper
swagger appearance that is readily dis
tinguishable from the wide skirts worn
last season.
These suits at 21.75 are among
the handsomest and smartest models
brought out this year. The remarkable
low price is possible because we con
tracted for this entire lot of suits con
suming all the material the manufac
turer had on hand.
The suit is made ofim- '
ported cheviot, French
serge and two tone diag
onal mixtures in black,
navy, brown, green and
The jackets are made on the correct
30-inch length all lined with the finest
quality Skinner's satin. Some' three
quarter and others semi-fitting.
$10.75 is a very small price for
these new coats. ' Just a little more
than the cost of the material, to say
.nothing of the tailoring, the lining
and the findings.
They are swagger coats, strictly
taiiormade of fancy mixed cloaking
in tan, gray and brown. 54 inches
long, single breasted, semi-fitting with
mannish notched collars and reveres
or rolling shawl collar. You'll enjoy
lots of wear and comfort out of these
worthy coals.
' A Few Positive Examples of Economy
Judge Our Sale by These Reductions
50c and 60c Dress Goods 39c Yard,
All wool Albatross, Nunsveiling, Batiste and mixed suitings
in all colors.
50c Dress Goods 45c Yard
All wool Henriettas, French Serges and Storm Serges also
40-inch Scotch wool plaids.
$1.50 Dress Goods 79c Yard
All wool suitings 50 inches, all wool stripe serges 54 inches,
tailor suitings 50 inches, gray homespuns 48 inches and all
wool and silk and wool plaids.
$2.0q and $2.50 Dress Goods $1.48
All wool novelty suitings, two-toned diagonals, canvas
Bouretts, tailor stripes, mannish mixtures in all colors.
$2.00 Dress Goods $1.59 Yard
Imported French broadcloths 54 inches wide. Sponged and
shrunk. Comes in all colors.
$3.50 Dress Goods $2.48 Yard
Best German and Austrian broadcloths 56 inches wide. Guar
anteed shrunk. In black and street and evening colors.
$1.75 Dress Goods $1.29 Yard
English Tussah Royal Priestley's best quality, 46 inches
wide. In black and colors. Silk and wool Poplins 42 inches
wide in black and'colors.
$1.00 Dress Goods 79c
44-inch all wool storm serges. In black, navy, brown, reds
and greens.
$3.50 and $4. 00 Dress Goods $2.89
Fine Imported English tailor suitings 60 inches wide.
$2. 00 Dress Goods $1. 19
54 inches plain colored novelty suitings, satin stripes, corduroy
effects, invisible checks and stripes. In a full assortment of
All Black Dress Goods Reduced
60 c All-wool French Batiste per yard . 45c
$1.00 A ll-wool Fancy Serges per yard 79c
$1.25 All-wool Heavy Canvas per yard 85c
$1.25 French Poplins and Taffetas per yard 98c
$1.50 54-inch Chiffon Panamas per yard $1.19
. $1.00 50-inch Storm Serge per yard 79c
' 85c 44-inch Priestley's Briliantine per yard ..... 59c
$2.50 54-inch French Broadcloth per yard .... $1.98
$1.50 40-inch Silk Stripe Marquisette per yard .... 98c
French and Italian Silk Undergarments
In a Special Sale for Monday
$3.50 Handmade QO
Combinations . . P '
$2.75 Handmade 9 OQ
Night Robes .. .
Ladies hand-made and hand
embroidered nightrobes with
scalloped edge, neck and
sleeves ; also embroidered front
and sleeves. Buttonholes
drawn' with ribbons.
$1.25 Handmade
Ladies hand-made and hand
embroidered chemise with dain
ty embroidered front, scalloped
edges and buttonholes drawn
with ribbons. c
$3.00 Italian Silktf? O AQ
Underwear fpz.!?
Ladies fine Italian silk un
dervests with plain crochet
edge and beading and ribbon.
Has under arm shield.
Ladies hand embroidered and
handmade combination corset
cover and drawers with scal
loped edges and embroidery on
the front with ribbon drawn
through button holes.
$3.50 Italian Silk (Q
Ladies' fine Italian silk under
vests with plain French band
top and fine lace veining. Un
der arm shield. Extra quality.
$3.95 Italian Silkjjj
Ladies' fine Italian Silk un
der vests with Crochet edge,
embroidered fronts in a dainty
design. Under arm shield.
New Ideas Are Developed in These Attractive $10 Hats
$235 for the New Ding Dong Shapes $8.00 Is the Price Elsewhere
These new Hats show radical style changes in
both shapes and trimming. They are developed
and modeled on the tailored order, and are exam
ples of the new Tyrolean, Ding Dong, Mushroom
and close turban styles.
Every week you'll find new develop
ments in millinery here. As the season
advances our styles change with the
varying whims of fashion. Ever alert
to secure the latest fads and fancies in
headwear, you'll see them exhibited
Hirst in our store, and always less
than elsewhere.
As we write this advertisement our Millinery
Manager phones this office that more new fur, felt
and scratch felt, Ding Dong shapes are in.
Ranleigh Slip -On Raincoats
For Women and Children
Retailing From $20.00 to $35.00
These coats are made in the newest and most up-to-date slip
on models.- They are practical, dressy and perfect fitting,
made ot- tine double texture materials with Raglan sleeves and
mannish sform collars. Designed on men's models.
$1.25 Table Linens $ 1 .05 Yd. $3.75 Napkins $2.85 Dozen
72 inches wide, bleached Ta
ble Damask, in a beautiful as
sortment of floral and conven
tional patterns. Extra heavy
pure linen.
A lot of 250 dozen assorted
patterns grass bleached Nap
kins absolutely pure linen. Cize
24 by 24 inches. .