The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 03, 1910, SECTION FOUR, Page 6, Image 44

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Deal at Union Avenue and East
; Burnside Street Starts
'; Buyers Buying.
Good-Sized Transactions Reported
ATI Parts of Business Section.
; ' Factory Sites Play Impor
jj tant Part In Trading:.
i !
rn a week of unusual activity In real
state circles the Kast Side has more
than held Its own in the general move-
Brothers, has been platted and will be
Improved. Brubaker & Benedict have
added five acres to the Windsor -.eights
tract. Nearly all the lots In the orig
inal' tract have been sold out.
Plans have been prepared for a two
story frame building: 42 1 y 72 feet, to
be erected on East Twenty-first street,
near Hawthorne avenue, for Mrs. L- L
"Weir. It will cost 18000." The building
will contain four flats of five rooms
each, with sleeping: porches, and sep
arate compartments in the basement.
W. L Whltlock has bought two lots
In Windsor Heights, on the Section Line
road, for 1400. and has started on the
basement of a $2000 residence on one of
the lots. W. H- H. Morgan has erected
a $5000 two-story frame building at the
corner of East Fifteenth and Division
streets. Windsor Heights.- Mr. Morgan
will put up a number of residences in
this section during the year. He will
build on East Fiftieth, between Clinton
and Division streets, where he owns a
number of lots.
George F. Russell has purchased from
Messrs. Finnegan & Ballou the new
two-story stone business building. B6x
100, located on Kilpatrick street, near
the Bank of Kenton, In Kenton, for
$15,000. The lower part is occupied as
a hardware store and the upper rooms
are beins used for apartments.
'The Kenton Building & Construction
Company has started on the erection of
12 new cottages In different portions of
the r.ew subdivision at Kenton. Two
' 4t.
4 sifZS"'' r ,
I rV2 ffgZi&f' J flSW $h,
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Hi 11
ii ,uujUML . -iff -rtri I
ll ; I -11X1 rsfe- A" III
I. i mwlllil
'jnett. Several important deals have
bees negotiated for East Side locations
end properties in the business district
have been changing: hands at figures
whioh' are continually increasing.
Prominent among the East Pide
transactions is the transfer of a single
lot at the southeast corner of T7nion
avenue and East Burnside streets,
which was bought by an outside invest
or from- E. W. Mutch for $45,000. The
property has on it four frame buildings,
bringing in a rental of $223 a month on
Jeases which expire in 31! years. This
nalo was- made through the agency of
E.'J. Daly.
Another Union avenue sale was the
Trr-hasc by Fred Fritz of a quarter
block at the southeast corner of Union
avenue and East Main street from
Euchtel & Kern for $17,000. This was
bought by the sellers two years- ago for
$11,000. The. sale was made through
th combined agency of John Kirkliam
ana J. W. Streit.
3"he largest East Side deal of the
-ek was made through the agency of
the-- O'Brien Realty Company, which
Bold for $100,000 the entire addition of
WHburton. This is a 35-acre platted
traitt on the Peninsula, owned by the
R.,.M. Wilbur Estate.- It was bought
toy. the Northwestern Trust Company
And will be placed on the market after
being thoroughly improved. A great
Increase in values is shown in the fact
that the Wilbur Estate bought this 35
acrjes three years ago from J. C. Ains
worth for $35,000.
The Portland Pacific Investment
Company bought an entire block in
Tork addition from A. B. Scott for $15,
000 This block Is between East Forty
firs and East Forty-second streets on
East Clay street. It will be improved
with homes. The sale was made
through the agency of the II. P. Palmer-Jones
Twohy Brothers, railroad contractors,
bought r.Vi acres on West avenue and
the O. R. & N tracks from John A.
Nor;man for $8000. This property is
also, to be used for industrial purposes
In oonnection with other properties re
cently bought by the same firm in that
dlefrict. On the 17 acres now owned
by (hem a great manufacturing and re
paid plant will be established with
warehouses built for the handling of
thegreat amount of equipment used by
thirf company.
. 4
.Ajdains Brothers, of Seattle, have
bought all of block 4. York Addition, on
Toric street, between East -Twenty,-lxtji
and East Twenty-seventh streets,
for ,$20,000, from J. O. Elrod. The block
is suitable for the site' of a taitory
with a '400-foot frontage on the main
line of ithe.-O. . R-& X.. Company near
the Doernbeeher Manufacturing Conj
paay. At present the land .Js not im
proved, but negotiations have been
started for the erection of buildings on
the ground. ' The. property lies in Sulli
vanjs Gulch, which is being made a
warehouse and manufacturing district.
P.'anS'and specifications have-been
prepared for the parochial residence
for-St- Francis parish, to be erected on
the' northeast corner of East Oak and
East E'eventh streets, at a cost of
$7500. The residence will be two and
on&rhalf stories. 46 by 57 feet, with full
basement and 18 rooms. It will te of
frame cpnstruction with an exterior of
white mag' site on metal lath, to correspond-with
the exterior of St. Fran
cis .Church. The basement is all ready
for. the superstructure. David O'Neil
bastthe contract for the building.
T.f Myrick track of 20 acres leccntly
purchased by Whipple Brothers, bank
ers 'of Devil's Lake, J. D., will soon
be platted and placed on the market.
Cement sidewalks and hard-surface
streets are included in the plans for im
provements. The 30-:. ere tract Ij-ing
between th Richmond car lino and
Windsor Heights, owned by Mcjuahon
of these houses will be two siorles high
and contain eight rooms. Each will cost
$2500. and the remaining 10 will be
live-room bungalows, .costing an aver
are of $1500 each. The contractors have
Just completed 2500 feet of cement
curbing and cements walks' on Derby
Ff. K. Judge Residence Is Well Ar
ranged Grounds Around House
Are Artistically Parked.
Few residences in Portland have
such superb scenic advantages as has
the home of II. E. -Judge. located on
the cast bank of the Willamette River
a mile south of the Sellwood golf links.
This home, a pretty . bungalow of the
Swiss chalet type, is located on a bluff
on the very edge of the river and com
mands an excellent outlook up and
down the river for miles, and a view
of the tree-clad hills on the opposite
bank of the river.
The grounds around the home have
now been prettily parked and the place
fitted up in ideal manner.. The home
is a one-story bungalow with over
hanging eaves and a big porch on the
west, which is an intrinsic part of the
house ' and from which the panorama
on the river Is revealed. - The owner's
bedroom and living room open onto
this porch wit'h wide casement win
dows, making the - view possible also
from these-rooms.
The interior finish of the house is
simple and artistic. Brown tones prevail-
throughout, the .rooms being fin
ished in various shades of brown and
the exterior shingles stained the same
color. The living room is done in
flemish oak, ' with the walls tinted a
light chocolate brown. A wide open
bricked fireplace with tiled hearth,
lends to the cheery appearance of the
room. The electric fixtures,: which are
conveniently arranged all . over the
house, are of hammered brass, specially
designed for this home.
The dining-room Is in a dark -oak
finish and is paneled to the ceiling
with wood, and carries light beams.
The vestibule -Is treated in. the same
manner. The owner's chamber is tinted
a dark-cream, with the woodwork in
the natural oak -finish. The pass pan
try is fitted with every modern con
venience, such as built-in refrigerating
appliances, tireless cookers and a
handy shelving -.'arrangernent. -Tiled
bath, full concrete basement -and a
roomy .kitchen, are. other features- of
the home. - ;
All the furniture is .designed to fit
in with the general'harmonious scheme.
The hangings are of bungalow cloth
in natural color and harmonize with
the general color scheme of the house.
The grounds -around the, place have
been artistically arranged. Apart from
the bungalow is 'a small cabin which
has been fitted up as a chamber for
guests. This little house fits in with
the general rustic - effect -. of the
grounds. -
Townsend Is Extradited.
SALEM, Or., July 2. (Special.) Ex
tradition papers were Issued today for
George A. Townsend, alias G. T. Cromp
ton. at the request of the Governor of
Minnesota. Townsend Is in Jail in
Portland. He is wanted In Ramsey
County, Minnesota. - on a charge of
grand larceny. -
11 L tJ " jl
I, , mi I ! M I II " T I ' ' ' .a..... . I
is not only the best place to spend
all day Sunday and the Fourth,
but ideal for a permanent home.
Go with us Sunday or Monday.
Bring the children and a basket
of lunch you'll enjoy it.
The FRED Av JACOBS COM PA NY'S Four Excursion Trains
leave East Water and East Morrison Streets as follows:
3 simidl 4r
10 A.M.
2 P. M.
. You will have the best time at ERROL HEIGHTS you ever had. If ERROL HEIGHTS appeals to you, and you care to invest in
a homesite, we will actually pay you for doing so. On every dollar you pay us on your contract for three years, we will pay you
5 per cent interest, in cash, twice a year.;. We offer you an attractive double, profit. While you are receiving 5 per cent, your
property is increasing in value. ' , - , . - -
Main 6869
We Will
Be Glad to
Take You
Any Time
; The above offer is the most liberal real estate proposition ever advertised in this paper.
It is well worth your conscientious consideration.
$50,000 IX-.XOB HILX. ' SITES
Property Xerer Before on Market Is
Taken bj Buyers as Soon as - -
. It Is - Ijisted." - r "
Property valued at more than $50,000 has
been sold in small parcels by the .Lewis
Estate within- the last 10 days. This
property - lias " never heretofore been
placed on the market and has been left
in an unimproved condition in the best
parts of, the city. As soon , as . it was
placed on the market through the agency
of Keasey; Humason & Jeftery, it -was
quickly taken by the investors, who have
been ' watching- eagerly for some time.
Among the sales which were: made are
the following: - , . . -, -'
Adolph Haar bought a quarter' block at
the northwest corner -of Twentieth and
Overton streets for $11,000. He will build
a.n apartment house. . - - , '
John Streed bought a quarter "block at
the southwest corner of Nineteenth and
Overton streets for $11,500. He will hold
It as a speculation. .
Adolphe Wolfe. of'Dpman, Wolfe &
Co.. bought a quarter block at the north
west corner of Twentieth and Overton
streets for $10,500. ' ' He bought it as. a
W. J. Clemens bought a quarter block
at the southwest corner of Twentieth and
Pettygrove streets for $10,500. He v will
hold it as a speculation.
Paul Van Fridayh boht a single lot
at the northeast corner of Twenty-first
and Overton streets for $000. He will
build a. fine residence for a home.
A. jy. Hoops bought a quarter block on
Bast Seventeenth and Thompson streets
in Irrington for $4Vm. He will build, a
All these -properties -were. owned. by the
Lewis Estate and were sold through the
agency of Keasey,' Humason & Jeffery. ;
tracts for the buildins required that it
should have been finished by now.
Physicians Will Say If He-Is Too 111
to Go. to. Jail.
SAN FRANCISCO,' July . 2. Abraham
Ruef, the former, political-bosu, under
sentence of 14 -years' imprisonment for
bribery -and at liberty- on - $300,000 -bail.'
appeared ; before : Superior - Judge Law
lor today in response - to .. an order, . to
show cause why- he should not be re
manded to-the custody "of the Sheriff..
Ituof had been admitted' to bail by
Judge - CabanUB on the showing that
his htalth'. was impaired, that several
members of his family were ill -and
that time and opportunity ;were needed
in which t to - prepare his appeal ; from
the Judgment against him. His appeal
has been . filed . with 'the Appellate
Court and he : has not recently been
confined, tolhls home .-by, sickness.;.'
Ruef declared ' to Judge Lawlor to
day that he was still very, ill ;and-that
confinement in - the - County "Jail prob-.
ably .would -result In his death. After,
hearing his statement,- the judge or
dered that ' a medical . examination of
his- physical condition , be made, and
continued the hearing until, nest Wed
nesday. - - '
Body Taken to Butte for Burial.
The body of Elwood E: Walker, -who
died in Portland a few days ago,, was
taken to Butte, Mont.; his former home,
last evening. Mr. Walker came to
Portland for treatment, and died Thurs
day. He was the son of Mr. and .Mrs.
George E. Walker, of Butte,-and- for
merly, of Portland. He is survived by
two sisters living in this city Mrs.
Marlon Versteeg, at East Twenty
fourth and Hancock streets, and ' Mrs.
Lillian Hickey, of South Portland; also
a brother,' George Walker.
Propeller Gone, Steamer Sails In.-
BOMBAY. July 2. The Austrian-Lloyd
steamer Trieste arrived here today un
der sail, having lost her propeller. Much
anxiety was felt, as the steamer was 12
days overdue from Aden. She left
Trieste on June 4, with 34 passengers and
a crew of So.
Stone Work Now - Being Placed and
moors installed -Will Be Cora
- - pleted byiEnd of Year. '
After several" months of - delay,' due to
the non-delivery of steel, , the work on
the new county Courthouse is now pro
gressing rapidly. The entire framework
of steel for the big six-story structure
has been completed and the work of
placing . the , facing, flreproofing ' "the
columns and putting in the floors is being
carried out. .
The -facing-is-a-fine quality of ashlar
granite which . has already been ptaced
up; to the' second floor. Above that the
facing will' be' .-Bedford sandstone. This
stone is already-on hand and I? now being
cut ready;. to be put - in position.- Beau
tiful lintels, over the ; entrance?, 15 feet
long, and long lintels over all the open
ings give an idea of the magnificence of
the finish of - the structure. The granite
has been dressed in ten point, which gives
it -the appearance of - a marble, and,
while it is handsome, it wmild -show the
effect of the stone better if dressed with
a coarser lining.
The steel , of the. building" is being fire
proofed wi,th concrete-. This work has
already been carried to the fourth floor.
The second,' third and fourth floors- have
been laid. These. are of hollow tile and
reinforced 'concrete. The masons aro now
cutting the" stone for the elaborate detail
work on .'the Fourth-street entrance,
which i9 a -massive- and- beautiful en
trance. - The structure, which wasi de
signed by -Whidden & Lewis, architect,
will be completed by January, 1, 1911, ac
cording to present estimates. The con-
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A. D. CHARLTON, Asst. General Passenger Agent
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