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&. CMlblbS IOo Morrison at Seventh ' Toll Sb GilblbSc, IllCo Morrison at Seventh TlUlll
Portland Agents for the New Domestic Sewing Machines, The South Bend Malleable Range. Sold on the Terms $1 Down, $1 Week. Mail Orders Given Prompt and Careful Attention
Aodl Mow for tlhe FoMrtlhi Weelk of tlhe JuaoelRoi
aleSo Activity Will
aurlk tlhe Si:
dliogo Adldlitioinia.1 3Ba,rga,iKis Every Section of Str
Supreme in value-giving; quality up to the standard; interesting assortment this tells of the offerings of every department to the fourth week of the June Rose Sale. It
has, indeed, been an opportune event during the first, second and third weeks' will continue to attract hundreds of prudent buyers as long ,as it continues Avill be lour
remembered by those "who have shared in the monej'-saving opportunities that it has offered and continues to offer. It's well to take advantage of the Fourth AVeek Savings,
Am Event Extraordinary ami Corsets
240 Corsets in up-to-date models at
marked savings. Every woman
should be able to choose
from this collection
Commencing tomorrow, and continuing
t h rough the entire fourth week of the June
Rose Sale, the Corset Dept. will offer the most
unusual values in Corsets that have been pre
sented in many months. All are this season's
mod els high-bust and low-bust, long-hip
models, featuring the smaller waist and fuller
hip. A complete . line of models for every
type of figure. Made of imported materials
and boned with AValohn.
IN LOT 1100 Corsets, St2
Worth From $5 to $7.50 HP-2oQ2
Madeleine Corsets, Lily of France Cor-.
sets, and Modart Corsets in this lot. A
complete range of sizes 18 to 36, is to be
found in one model or another. Only
about one of a size, however, so it would
be well to take advantage early.
IN LOT 265 Corsets, tflJO
Worth From $10 to $15 p0
This lot is made up of Madeleine and
Lily of France Corsets. Of French coutil
and broche, and boned with,walohn. All
nro new, up-to-date models small waist,
low bust and long, graceful hip lines.
Splendid assortment of sizes. In white
and also in light blue.
IN LOT 330 Fine -
srra19-50 $10.00
The woman who considers the best none
too good cannot afford to overlook what is
offered in this lot.' All are strictly high
grade models, and possess those features
that give that charm and grace to the fig
ure that all women seek. Low-bust or
medium-bust, long-hip effects. Made of
fancy broche and silk brocade. Trimmed
with Oriental or hand-made linen Cluny
lace. In white and in light blue. v
IN LOT 4 45 Corsets
Worth from $10 to $25
A lot made up of odd and broken sizes,
only three or four sizes in each model.
On the whole, there is fairly good assort
ment, and the woman vho sets apart this
as her price for a corset will no doubt find
her size in this lot. All are good models,
made of French coutil, silk, brocade and
fancy broche. Lace and embroidery-trimmed.
AM Tihroiuiglhi the Carpefc Store Stock
Are Many Opportunities to Save That Will Appeal to
Economical Homefurnishers Easy Payments, Too
$65 French Wilton Rugs, 9x12 ft. at $49 The
"Rug tie Luxe,"' beautiful, soft, two-tone ef
fects in blue, rose and green.' Exquisite color
ings in small Oriental effects. Tans and grays
and all the delicately blended color harmonies
for -which these rugs are famous. To close out
a number of discontinued patterns, we've
marked them at this low price in the fourth
week of the June Rose Sale.
$50 Wilton Rugs, 9x12 ft., at $39 Several pat
terns which we will not carry again. They are
all good designs in modern color combinations
and are famous for their wearing qualities. The
patterns offered in this sale are two-tone tan,
tan and green and old red and blue in Oriental
block design.
$12 Fiber Rugs, 8 ft. 3 in. by 10 ft. 6 in. at $9.75
$14.00 Fiber Rugs, 9 feet by 12 feet., at $10.95
A most seasonable offering for the fourth week
, of the June Rose Sale. Nothing is so cleanly
and cool for the Summer, and no floor covering
comes in such a variety of pleasing designs
. -
and colors. "We are soon to select next season's
goods and are offering our entire line of these
two sizes at remarkably low prices.
The Popular Rag Rugs in the June Rose Sale
They are a source of delight to all lovers of
daintily beautiful floor fabrics. To introduce
them more effectively, we are pricing the most
attractive ones so low that all may possess, as
well as admire, them.
36x72 in., Regular Price $5.50, at $4.25
30x60 in., Regular Price $3.50, at $2.95
In plain centers with dainty floral borders.
36x72 in., Regular Price $3.50, at $2.95
30x60 in., Regular Price $3.00, at $2.40
The most unique in all "raggery" quaint ef
fects that lend a charm wherever used. . .
36x72 in., Regular Price $3.50, at $2.95
30x60 in., Regular Price $3.00, at $2.40
An Knfcrodoetoiry Special Sale of tlhe
gsIReal Economy Gas Ranges
In the Base
ment Store
$18.50 "Real Economy" Gas Range at
$14.20 A four-burner range of the low
oven type, height 33 inches, top 31 by
19 inches, oven is 16Vi by 1632 by 11
inches. Broiling oven is 161. hy 16y2
by 5 inches. Galvanized tray under
top burners, broiler pan with grill,
spring balanced drop oven doors.
Trimmed with nickel.
$38.00 "Real Economy" Gas Range at
$31.95 A four-bumer range of the ele
vated oven type," with - nickel door
frame, plate glass panel and oven indi
cator. Size of oven 1614 by 16 by 12
inches. Broiling oven 16y2 by 16 by
5 inches. Shelf below cooking surface.
A distinctly up-to-date gas cooking ap
paratus that embodies the very best
$30.00 "Real Economy" Gas Range at
$24.90 Another four-burner range of
the elevated oven type. Same general
construction as the one mentioned
above, with the exception of the glass
front and oven indicator.
oyiog Terms, ggl Down, ggl Week Sourft
See Opposite Page for a Few of the Many Interesting Bargains
Offered in the June Rose Sale of Furniture.
A Fourth Week Offering of
12S T sail reel Soits
$29.50 Suits
$35.00 Suits
at $I87i
Really one of the most notable offer
ings of the June Rose Sale this interest
ing collection of ,125 tailored suits that
we've grouped at one special price. The
very newest model that charming style
for misses the new Norfolk semi-fitted,
is included in the lot. They're of navy
blue and all-white serge. Other semi
fitted models with the new almost no
plait skirt, which will be much in favor
this. Fall. Many different cloths and
st3rles to choose from. That distinctive
ness of style, of material, of tailoring
that marks every Tull & Gibbs' tailored
suit, is as strongly and cleverly brought
out in these as in the finest garments. The
narrow skirt (not the extreme) the no
plait style, is one of fashion's favored
features for Fall.
ew Ooftiog Soils'
Of California
All-Wool Flannel
Right-up-to-the-minute iu style are these new
strictly tailored models in fact, they're advance
styles modified for Fall wear. Made in the very
newest material the new gray with the pipe
stripe, as it is called, and the new tan all the
new flannel cloth mixtures just the same mate-i
rial as men's outing suits are made of. They're
the most charming suits for Summer and Fall
wear every woman looks her best in one of them.
ic Sale
In the NecK
wear Section
Jabots, , Rabats. Stocks, Riding Stocks, Belts,
Dutch Collars, Frills and the very latest thing in
Ties the new four-in-hand, crocheted and in all
color. This special 95e collection includes also
Irish Crochet Collars and Hand-Embroidered
Collars. Main Aisle.
Helpful Savings in This
List of June Sale Bargains
the Drapery Dept,
I2V2C Yard For Curtain Swiss, 36 in. wide, that
sells regularly at 18c yd. and 20c yd. In white
only, dotted, figured and cross bar effects.
27c Yard For Curtain Scrim, 40 inches wide,
that sells regularly at 45c yd and 50e yd. In ecru
tint and white.
18c Yard For Cluny Curtain Edgings and In
sertions in ecru tint and in white; regular 25c
yd. and 35c yd. values.
35c Yard For Plain Curtain Nets, 54 inches
wide, in ecru tint. Regularly 50c yard.
50c Yard For Curtain Madras that sells regu
larly at $1.00 yd. In desirable shades of green,
red, pink, etc. 50 inches wide.
$1.25 Yard For Imported Curtain Madras, 50
inches wide, in colors .yellow, blue, natural, etc.
Regularly $2.50 yd.
$1.55 Pair For Plain Net Curtains with cluny
edge. 22 yds. long. In ecru tint and in white.
Regular $2.50 pair values.
$6.95 Pair For Plain Net Curtains, with eluny
edgings and insertions. 2V- yards long and in
Arabian color. Regular $9.50 pair and $10 pair
$1.45 Each For Couch Covers that are full couch
length and width. Oriental designs. Regular
$2.25 values. SIXTH FLOOR.
Ira Bedding gS"
$1.25 Pair for full-size gray cotton Summer Blankets,
with pink and gray borders. Regular $2.25 values.
$2.85 Each for full- size Comforters, filled with white
cotton and covered with silkoline. In several colors.
Regular $3.75 and $4.00 each.
$3.85 for full-size Feather Pillows, filled with feathers
of a good grade and covered in good quality ticking.
Regular $7.00 pair values.
Toll & OilblbSs, Ine
Morrison at Seventh
A Seasonable Oppoirfcooity no
fcoese Mew Lioeo Soits ait 1 -75
We've pictured here the style of these
smart, new linen suits that o on sale to
morrow at this special price. They're
copied from the very latest Parisian
model, with just that little difference
from other styles that make them all the
more desirable. , Made of French linen,
with' the, patent, leather combination of
collar, belt and cuffs. Also in Dutch
neck effect, with short sleeves, the collar
being trimmed with red or black patent
leather. Good news for the woman who
seeks a summerv and sensible suit of linen.
An Odd Lot of $;5.00 to $35.00
XaiHore'di Soits at gg-50
Just 41 Tailored Suits in this special gronp
most of them the plain tailored styles. Of excel
lent materials French serges, cheviots, stripe
serges, white serges and the white serges with
black pin stripe. Taffeta or messaline silk linings.
A Jooe Sale of 2QO Shiirtwaists
Gives Choice ot Waists Worth
S5.00, $4.95, $3.95 and $3.50
The. Summer wardrobe is not complete without its Frill Waist, livery
waist in this special collection lias a front or side frill, which is detach
able. Made of imported batiste, chiffon lawn, mull and India swiss.
Some of them have dainty colored striped trimming; others trimmed
with hand embroidery. . All sizes.
Temmptipg Values io Kimonos
Another Event That Will Be an Important Attrac
tion of the Fourth Week of the June Rose Sale
Kimonos hundreds of them our
entire stock at savings Jhat will
interest many, during tjae fourth
week of the June Rose Sale. Long
Kimonos, made of figured lawns,
batiste and Swiss, with plain gath
ered yoke. Some fitted styles, with
and without collars. Others made
very full. Regular $2.48, $2.93,
$3.50 and $6.95 Kimonos at $1.95.
Short Kimonos and House Jackets at 39c
Of Swiss, fancy lawn, figured batiste
and India linon. Some are the collarless
styles, with long sleeves; others with
Dutch neck and short sleeves. Regular
values 55e to $1.00
Long Kimonos at 95c Of fancy figured
lawn, in light or dark patterns, plain or
fancy. Regular values $1.19 to $2.48.
Kimonos at 95c This collection includes
also fancy white House Saeies, lace or
embroidery trimmed, in line Persian
lawn, Swiss and fancy batiste. Regular
values $1.58 to $1.7!).
Fancy Short Kimonos and Fine House
Sacques at $1.98 Ribbon and embroi
dery trimmed, some with dainty lace.
Others made of imported Swiss and fin
est batiste and beautiful Persian lawns.
Drop shmlder effect and short-cut fancy
sleeves. Regular values $2.95, $4.95 and
$6.95 iu .this lot.
Housekeepiimg Helps
June Sale, Fourth
W eek Bargains
Cleaning and polishing cloths for general kitchen ami household work. In 7 sizes.
7c Cloths at 5c each
14c Cloths at 11c each
24c Cloths at 18c each
:59c- Cloths iU 28c. each
10c Cloths at 8c each
J8; Cloths nt 13c each
30c Cloths at 23c each
Decorated shelf paper with plain pattern and colored pattern edges.
10c lengths, 5 yards, at 8c II 20c edgings at. bolt
15c edgings at, bolt 12c j 25c edgings at, bolt
Decorated Japanese fiber trays in 9 sizes.
()0c Trays at. .
75c Trays at . .
fc5c Travs at...
$1.20 Trays at..
$2.50 Travs at.
$1.10 Trays at 98c
$1.40 Trays at $1.05
$1.95 Trays at... $1.47
$2.a5 Trays at. $2.15
' Decorated splash mats for protecting walls back of sinks and wash basins
nlar 2oc values at 19c
Stove mits and daubers Regular 15c values at 12c.
Table mats of imported straw, in oval and oblong shapes, for protecting dining
table and stands from hot vessels, jardinieres, etc. Iu 15 sizes.
. .55c
. .90c
15c Mats at.... 12c
20c Mats at 16c
35c Mats at. . 22c
40c Mats at 29c
70c Mats at. 53c
$1.00 Mats at 75c
20c Mats at 16c
25c Mats at 19c
.'50c Mats at 20c
00c Mats at 46c
80c Mats at T 1 60c
$1.30 Mats at $1.00