The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 19, 1910, SECTION TWO, Image 17

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Specials in New
Ha mmocKs
Summer 1 0
$2.00 HAMMOCKS, woven of three-ply yarn, in pretty
light or dark colors. Made full size with upholstered pillow
and valance complete. Special $1.49.
$3.00 HAMMOCKS, firmly woven of hard twisted yarn.
Complete with upholstered pillows. Deep valance and con
cealed spreader. Special $2.39.
$2.00 W. B. Nuform
Corsets, Special $1 .39
200 New Summer Model W. B. Nuform
Corsets made in light weight" materials and
modeled in a fashion suitable for mid-Summer
Gowns. Made of fine Batiste and trimmed
with lace, beading and ribbon. Has medium
bust, long hip and back. Hose supporters at
tached. Monday Special, $1.39
$1.75 Ladies Nainsook
Gowns, Special $1.10
At regular these are the best selling
Gowns we have in stock. There is a variety
of styles that are made and trimmed in many
dainty ways. With lace insertion, beading
and ribbons. They are made in either fine
Cambric or Nainsook. In slip-over, circular
neck and short-sleeved styles. On Monday
they go on sale at a
Special Price of $1.10
Vacation Sale of
Victor Talking
In the mountains, at the seashore, in the camp, the Victor
has become a requisite in making up a list of your necessary
items. In order to interest the vacation parties we will sell
until July 1 Victor Talking Machines
50c DOWN, 50c A WEEK.
For Victor Numbers 1, 2 or 3.
NEMO CORSETS In Every Style for Midseason
SMART SET CORSETS Wear for Every Figure
A Remarkable and Interesting Announcement of a White Tailored Suit Sale
Every White Tailored Suit
Reduced in Price
Unseasonable, cold and rainy weather for the past few
weeks in the East weakened the confidence of a manufac
turer who had a great stock of fine midsummer models in
white tailored suits on hand. There was ho chance of sell
ing these in or around New York. The orders didn't come.
Offers at reduced prices met with no response.
A happy thought struck him that possibly on the Coast
more favorable weather and a sacrifice of all profits would
release these suits.
We bought over a hundred of them at our own prices. So
cheap that it would be impossible to' get regular for our
OWN suits. Consequently we REDUCED EVERY
on sale tomorrow at special prices.
f-t.very style, size
and model is repre
sented in this sale.
Every jacket is lined
with silk and every
skirt made in the very
newest plaited style.
$50.00 Suits $39.50
$47.50 Suits $38.00
$45.00 Suits $36.15
$42.50 Suits $33.50
$40.00 Su ft $32.00
$37 50 Suits $29.85
$35.00 Suits $28.25
$32.50 Suits $26.40
$30.00 Suits $23.98
$27.50 Suits $21.85
$25.00 Suits $19.85
$22.50 Suits $18.50
$20.00 Suits $16.45
''fmy 0 St'-
Graduation Gifts
Beautifully bound
books for young men
and women. In stand
ard works elegantly
bound in leather. Har
rison Fisher picture
books. Small pocket
editions of the poets.
We have the finest as
sortment of books in
the city.
Framed Pictures Special 75c
new assortment of framed
pictures and French
GAINSBOROUGH HEADS in antique gold frame 10
by 12-inch size. ETCHINGS framed with two-inch
cream mat and l'a inch brown oak frame. Size 12 by
27 inches.
BEETHOVEN SONATA framed close in two inch
mission frame 10 by 23 inches. "Youns Mother" and
"Alone" both framed with cream mat and gold frame 14
by 18 inches with fancy corners. "Firelight Fancies," "He
and She" framed close in two inch oak frames. Hundreds
of other pictures artistically framed.
M Ci 1 o mi rv
iV, 1 ew ouvies reason
Hundreds of Bathing Suits in neat
models, trimmed in braid; in Dutch neck
and other styles. At $2.00, $2.50,
S3.00 and S3.50.
Brilliantine Bathing Suits in Princess
styles. Trimmed with braid, in a very
fetching model. Price S4.00
Another style, made in brilliantine, in
the Princess model, in navy blue and
trimmed with fancy braid. Price S5.00
Novelty Brilliantine Bathing Suits,
made with separate jersey tights in1 the
new Princess model, trimmed with straps
and braid, in navy, brown and cardinal.
Price S8.50
Fancy Princess Bathing Suits of ex
tra quality brilliantine, in a very strik
ing model; braid-trimmed. Price $10
Silk Bathing Suits in Princess and
belted styles, in plain and plaid silks.
price S18.50.
A Great Sale of Neckwear 39c
Compared with previous neckwear sales held in Portland this should prove
a wonderfully interesting event, as every piece of neckwear, which includes
stock collars, iabots, Dutch collars, tabs, rabats, in an immense assortment.
are all brand new. They are all crisp and clean. They are all new midsum- j
mer styles. . There is a window, full of them on Washington street. It is a
great opportunity to buy all your Summer needs at just about wholesale cost.
The majority of styles sell in our regular stock at 65c and 75c apiece.
Embroidery Flouncings
Values to $1.25 Yard
Twenty-five different patterns ih beautiful 27
inch width flouncings." The patterns include dainty
and large floral designs. Eyelet and lace effects, .
scalloped and hemstitched edges. The greatest em
broidery value offered this season. These embroi
deries are displayed in the Washington-street win
dow. You need but see them to appreciate the re
markable values.
Vacation Tirine Is Here
Sale Suitcases and Bags
IN RATTAN CASES you will find an immense
variety. They are all made with good strong brass
locks, reinforced leather corners and heavy brass
catches. Special rattan suitcases at $2.95, $3.23,
$3.45, $4.49, $5.48 and $6.18.
IN LEATHER SUITCASES you will find un
questionably the largest assortment in the city. For
the past month we have been receiving shipments
of leather suitcases especially made for our store.
These are all made of special frames of extra quality
leather, with strong brass locks, heavy leather cor
ners, reinforced with heavy studs. Strong straps.
Extra strong catches. You will find an immense
range of special prices. $2.50, $2.95, $4.85,
$4.95, $5.48, $6.48 and $6.95.
We are also showing a great assortment in mat
ting cases. They are made especially strong and
are light and water proof. Special at $1.48, $2.75,
$3.25, $3.95 and $4.25.
IN LEATHER HANDBAGS you get the choice
every goodleathersuitable for making bags in tan,
brown and black. Sizes 14 to 18 inches. Special,
$3.73, $4.95, $5.95 and up to $13.15. ' .
New Hindoo Turbans $2.95
You have seen these stylish tur
bans on the street. It is a style
that sprung up suddenly. You can
trace it directly to Lipman, Volfe
& Co. We introduced it weeks and
weeks in advancs of other milliners.
Monday we show new Hindoo tur
bans, artistically draped in the new
Parisian models with silk and vel
vet ribbon entwined in the folds.
Price $2.95
Hats $3.00
Last week, despite the cool
weather, trimrped hats left our
salesroom in vast numbers. In
-order to complete the rout our
millinery manager has given or
ders to sell two hundred more
trimmed hats selected from our
stock, selling regularly up to
$12. Your choice of any of
these hats in both black and col
ors for three 'dollars.
Shapes 69c
There has not been a day since
the opening of the millinery sea
son that we have not sold shapes
cheaper than any other house in
Portland. We have watched the
millinery business carefully and
always surpassed other stores,
in variety, style" and price.
On Monday we start a sale of
shapes, unequalled, we believe, of
any sale of shapes in Portland.
Notion Specials
25c Skirt Hangers 17
10c Tube or Bottle Glue 8
5c Paper Pins, 2 papers. . . .5
5c Safety Pins, 2 cards 5fi
25c Moth Proof Hangers. 19
15c Cake Paraffine 11
5c Card Collar Supporters. .4
5c Scouring Soap, 3 cakes. lO
10c Box Ball Blueing 6
15c Can Liquid Stove Polish
for only 8f
25c Dozen Wax Candles.. 19
8c Jet Headed Pins, cube. .4
10c Invisible Hair Nets. . . .5
5c Box Hair Pins 3$
5c Pkg. Wire Hair Pins, very
heavy, 2 packages for. . . . . .5
50c Washable Hair Roll. .35
40c Bath Tub Enamel. . . .29
25c Bottle "3 in 1" Oil. . .19
10c Tailor's Tape Measure. 7
10c Stove Polishing Mitts.. 5
Carpet Tacks, 3 packages. .5
Gas Mantles, 3 for .25
Shinola Outfit, with Polish
for only .25
Lingerie Tape, 12 yards. .15
Concerning Our Qualites
-The people who regularly trade here, who .know the
Lipman, Wolfe & Co. store thoroughly, are our most loyal
customers. We point with pride to many families who have
been our steady customers for two, and frequently three
generations, who rely upon our service with the assured
confidence created by years of shopping experience. They
refer to it as "OUR STORE," and are stalwart in their ap
preciation of our qualities and economies.
Ask them about our BARGAINS. Ask them about our
GOODS. They will tell you that OUR BARGAINS are
REAL; that BARGAINS in this store do not mean the
lowering of standards. They will tell you that when you
want something good you MUST buy here. They will tell
you that our advertisements are AUTHENTIC and RE
LIABLE. We want YOU to know our store as they do.
If increasing efforts, obliging, courteous salespeople and
worthy methods count, you are bound to class ours as
Lingerie Waists
Spec 1. $2.95
The newest lingerie waist, in
15 distinct different styles. Includ
ing cross bar and dotted Swisses
with fine hand embroidery. High
and Dutch neck and long or short
sleeves. In all sizes from 34 to
44-inch. Some have hand em
broidery and others are trimmed
with tucks and yokes of dainty
Val. insertion and.; lace. Every
waist is new and up-to-date.
Values to $6.50 Each
Demonstration of
Eclipse Manicure
An expert manicurist is in
Toitet Section demonstrating
superiority of Eclipse mani
cure articles over all other
makes. With every 25c pur
chase she will giveamanicure
Beautiful Imported Jet Jewelry
Advices from Paris predict an even greater popularity in
the Fall for this rich jet jewelry. We were fortunate in
securing a sample line of imported novelties. Only one or
two of a kind.-
In beautiful hair barrettes, neck chains, bracelets, pen
dents, crosses, veil pins, brooch pins, hair combs and
braid pins.
They range in price from $4.00 to $20.00 apiece. We will
sell them on Monday at HALF PRICE.
. Sale of Rich Cut Glass
100 cut glass nappies in the 5-inch size." In a very pretty
pattern. Special 69.
100 cut glass nappies in the 6-inch size. Cut in a variety
of patterns. Special 99.
We have some 8-inch bowls in the pin wheel and chrysan
themum cut. The best value we have ever seen this Spring.
They go on sale special at $2.48.
Some 9-inch bowls cut very deep in a very graceful pat
tern. These we offer at a very attractive price of $3.79.
Sugar and cream sets in the pin wheel pattern. Cut very
deep. Special, per set $1.99.
Colonial Rag Rugs
500 Colonial rag rugs for
the artistic home. Especially
suitable for bedroom use. In
solid colors of tan, blue,
pink, light green and brown.
Or in hit-and-miss design.
With pretty fancy borders.
$1.50 Rugs 27x54 98c
$2.00 Rugs 30x60 $1.19
$3.50 Rugs 36x72 $2.39
$5.00 Rugs 4x7 $3.45
$9.00 Rugs 6x9 $6.45
$12.50 Rugs 8x10 $8.95
Bathing Suit Materials
60c English Mohair 48c Yd
Thirty-eight inches -wide, ' in
navy, black, cardinal, brown,
cream and gray.
English Mohair
75c quality 59
$1.00 quality 83
$1.25. quality. ........ ..$1.05
Mohair, brilliantine and Sicil
ians. Conies in navy, black, car
dinal, wine, myrtle, gray and