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Toll & Gibbs, fac SSS ToE Qafofos, Inc aJsh Toll Gibbs, Inc.
Visitors During the Rose Festival and at all Times Are Invited to Make This Their Headquarters To You
We Extend the Conveniences of This Store They're Yours to Make the Most, of and Welcome
Tlhe Jooe Rose Sales
PoirOaracFs Qreaitest Jiunnie Event
of BSeoiraoinniy lEoteirs Koto Its Second 'Week Toinnioiriro w
Another Six Days of June Rose Sale Opportunities. Phone and Mail Orders Given Prompt and Careful -Attention
An event that will hold undisputed sway during the month of June as the foremost in value-giving' in faetr the greatest event . of economy in many month.
Last week demonstrated the attractiveness of the June Rose Sale offerings in every department in every line of merchandise. - 'And this week and the follow
ing weeks during the sale's progress will be marked by the offering of values equally as attractive as 'last week bargains suchras; never fail to appeal to the
most thrifty. Rose Festival visitors will recognize in this sale their opportunity for supplying many of their needs at a great saving. You HI appreciate the com
fort and convenience that the service of this store affords always.
The Window Decorating Contest
Opens Tomorrow Window No. 2, decorated by the Florence Meade Cir
:le of the Universalist Church, opens at 11 A. M. See following displays
iy other Women 's organizations throughout the week.
ENJOY BREAKFAST, MID-DAY LUNCH OR AFTERNOON TEA IN THE WISTARIA TEA ROOM On the Balcony. Service from 8:30 to 5:30. Ladies Rest Room Adjoining
Is the Special Price
at Which We've Grouped
Tailored! Soifts
The Cloak and Suit Section offers as one of the June Rose Sale at- a
tractions for the second week's selling these remarkable values in RcUleU VSlllCS tO $50
just 100 strictly Tailored Suits garments in. which fine' tailoring, ; : -
together with the most fashionable materials, will be quickly recognised by the most discriminating women
suits of beautiful serge, of fancy mixtures, homespuns, Irish tweeds and English cheviots. Just such a chance
as this that many women no doubt have awaited just such a collection that should enable them -to choose
a tailored suit in their favorite material and shade -
' - ' - ' . .' .
Wonderful Opportunities of the June Rose Sale are -
the One-Fourth, One-Third and One-Half Reductions in
Eventing Gowns and -Dinner Presses -Beauttifol
Imported Silk Presses
Dehutante Presses and Three-Piece Suits
The woman or miss who desires to take advantage of these
persuasive savings will find excellent assortment in our col
lection of these pretty dresses and many different colors.
Some extremely beautiful imported models in correct fashions for American women.
dresses, all hand-made, and a few imported linen suits in white and colors.
Regular Values $45 to $275
Also charming lingerie
$17.50 to $25 Values in
Presses and "Wool
$10. $18.50
and SIS
Linen Jacket Suits at SSSS
About fifty of these Silk Dresses that have jus't
recently arrived are to be a part of the offering
of the Cloak and Suit Section in the June Rose
Sale tomorrow and Tuesday. . Some of them are
styles that are being shown for Pall wear.
Twenty -five Wool Dresses for beach .wear are
also a part of this $12.95 group.
Parasols Sri. at Malf
Choose the one that matches your Summer suit
or dress and share the saving of one-half. Our
entire stock of them offered at this reduction.
Regular values, $1.50 to $20.00.
Another June . Rose Sale, offering from the. Ready-to.-Wear " Section . and one that
should interest many is this group of Li len Jacket Suits that go on special sale
tomorrow and Tuesday at $6.95. Abou". six different styles to choose from in
the lot; the coats in lengths of from 28 inches to 36 inches; some piped in dif
ferent colors ; double and single-breasted styles. ." Skirts have the new band fold
effect. A Summer opportunity for the woman who does not consider her wardrobe
complete without the suit of linen. '
SLSpring Coats S9-75 "Xt1 -.
Women's arid Misses' Spring Coats in fancy mixtures, shepherd checks, and some
black serge and covert coats the new three-quarter styles with belts.
$1.30. $1.75
$2 and S2.B0.Vala.
Jabots and Rabats, Prills, Dutch Collars, hand-embroidered Tailored Collars and
Irish Crochet Collars. Also Calfskin, Ela stic and Patent Leather Belts, grouped on
this special 95 table. Main Aisle. r . t : "
Portieres and Couch Covers
Repeating Last Week's Extraordinary June
Rose Sale Savings. Sixth Floor
Portieres Plain and
$4.50 values, at, pair. . .
$5 and $5.50 values, pr,
$8 and $8.50 values, pr.
$10.00 values, at, pair. . .
$12 and $12.50 vals., pr,
$15.00 values, at, pair,. .
Couch Covers Conch
$2.50 Covers, at, each
$3.00 Covers, at, each
$3.50 Covers, at, each
$4.00 Covers, at, each
$5.00 Covers, at, each
$6.00 Covers, at, each
$6.75 Covers, at, each
Figured Effects All Desirable Colorings.
.$3.20 $6 and $6.50 values, pr. .$4.40
.$3.60 $7 and $7.50 values, pr..$4.75
.$4.95 $9.00 values, at, pair. . t .$5.55
. $5.70 $11.00 values, at, pair. . . . $6.20
.$7.35 $13.50-$14 values, pair. . .$7.60
.$7.75 $18.00 values, at, pair. ..$11.25
Length and Width New Patterns and Colorings
....$1.55 $ 7.50 Covers, at, each.. $ 4.60
$1.95 $ 8.50 Covers, at, each..$ "4.95
$2.45 $ 9.00 Covers, at, each..$ 5.45
$2.85 $10.00 Covers, at, each..$ 5.95
$3.50 $15.00 Covers, at, each.. $10.35
$3.95 $25.00 Covers, at, each.. $ 8.85
$3.95 $35.00 Covers, at, each.. $21.00
Odd Lengths and Sample Lengths of Upholstery
and Drapery Fabrics in the' June Rose
Sale at about Half Price
Lawn MoWCTS -Timely Savings
Garden Hose thJuneRsaie.
The highest grade machines that can be secured for the money
the kind that can be relied upon to keep the lawn looking
its best with least labor and annoyance. These savings should
mean many better-kept lawns .
$3.50 Capital Lawn Mowers, 14-inch, at .$2.65
$4.25 Regal Lawn Mowers, 16-inch, at $3.25
$6.50 Crown ball-bearing Lawn Mowers, 14-inch, at.. $4.95
$7.00 Crown ball-bearing Lawn Mowers, 16-inch, at. . $5.50
$8.50 Crown ball-bearing Lawn Mowers, 18-inch, at..$6.50
$9.75 Supreme ball-bearing Lawn Mowers, 18-inch, at. $7.25
$10.50 Supreme ball-bearing Lawn Mowers, 20-inch, at. $7. 75
Mowers and Garden Hose on
the Terms $1 Down, 50c Week
$4.40 for 50 feet of -inch cotton Garden Hose, worth $5.50.
$4.50 for 50 feet of -inch cotton Garden Hose, worth $6.00.
$4.95 for 50 feet of 2-inch, 5-ply Garden Hose, worth $6.50.
$6.25 for 50 feet of is-inch, 7-ply Garden Hose, worth $7.75.
u fia 4P.. tr..a. worth
A June Rose Sale seeond-week oppor
tunity in the Corset Section 200 Corsets
grouped at this attractive price and all
up-to-date models. Medium and lpw-bust
and long hip or high bust, long hip models.
Made of the best quality of . batiste and
coutil and all boned with rustproof steel.
Sizes 18 to 30 in one model or another.
New Arrivals in Dutch Neck and: Short
Sleeve Waists in Lawn Crepe and Mar.
quisette at $2.50 to $25.
'Children's Vehicles -Noteworthy
Savings ...
The easy-payment terms of $1 down
$1.50 Folding: Go-Cart, June Rose
Sale price at $2.50
$4.50 Folding Go-Cart, June Rose
Sale price at . $2.75
$6.00 Folding Go-Cart, June Rose
Sale price at $3.95
$8.00 Folding Go-Cart, June Rose
Sale price at ,.f. .$4.45
and 50c week secures any of these.
$8.95 Folding Go-Cart, June Rose
Sale price ;at .'...$4.85N
$10.00 Folding- Go-Cart, June Rose
Sale priceat $5.75
$24.00 Baby Carriage, June Rose
Sale price at $9.75
$25.00 Baby Carriage, June Rose
Sale price at.: $13.50
Third Floor
In the June Rose Sale , of Furniture
stocks contribute to the second week of the
Portland's best-selected and most Varied furniture
June Rose Sale 's buying opportunities that will command the attention of those who are replenishing
the furnishings of the home. We're enabled to list here only a few of the offerings of the Furniture
Displays. Second, Third; Fpurth.and Fifth Floors and Annexes.
Just at Few of the Many Bar
gains in Bedroom Furniture
$11.50 full-sized Dresser, in the fir,' finished golden, 24x30 bevel
mirror. . . ....$8.25
$75.00 3-piece Suit, in the natural ash, flat finish;-bed full size;
complete ; , .$42.50
$23.00 Dresser, in the solid oak, golden finish; large French oval
mirror - . .... 7. $17.00
$57.75 Dresser, full quartered and polished oak; very large and
roomy .$39.50
$157.00 Bed. Dresser and Chiffonier, forming one of the best sets
we have; all solid oak; bed is a four-poster; dresser and chif
fonier extra large . 4 . .S119.00
$81.00 Chiffonier, in the golden, solid oak arid beautifully quar-
erea $49.75
uu uresser, tne same .to . match the
above chiffonier '. $58.75
$59.00 Mahogany Napoleon Full-Sized Bed
at 7..- -..$41.50
$24.00 Mahogany-Finished Bed, full size;
a very good design...-. $14.50
$52.00 Mahogany Bed, . size ; solid ; beau
tiful grain .$29.50
xou-inch bevel mirror.
$28.00 Mahogany Veneered Chiffonier; has
no .mirror: full serpentine front: srood.
large, roomy drawers..; ...$19.50
$44.00 Circassian Walnut Bed; full size;
at.. $31.25
$66.00 Circassian "Walnut Bed; three-quarter;
full roll. . $35.00
$37.00 Mahogany, cheval mirror; solid; 27
$40.00 Cheval Mirror. This is in the golden oak, shaped mirror and Convenient
heavy standards ............. $29.50 Payment Terms
The Showing of Brass Beds, Sron Beds
Offers Unusual Opportunities in the June Rose Sale
$26.00 full size Brass Bed, six spindles and 2-inch tubing, finished at top with good big cap. .$19.50
$37 full size Brass Bed, 7 fillings, and broken up, with crossbar effect, to make extra neat. $2750
$45.00 three-quarter Brass Bed, 2-inch posts, neatly finished on top; 9 fillings, of -in. brass. $32.50
$49 three-quarter Brass Beds, continuous . posts, polished brass, cast brass corners $3-4.50
,$59.50 full sized satin Brass Bed, a splendid pattern " $4175
$59 three-quarter Brass, satin-finished, 2-inch tubing, -inch filling '. '. '. . '. . .$42oO
$77.50 full size satin Brass Bed, 10 fancy 5-8-inch fillings ..'!!!! '. $5250
$15175 full size white enamel Bed, chilless, good sized tubing "..".".".".."..".". .$925
$19.00 full size continuous-post chilless Bed, seven large fillings !.$1125
$20.00 full size, continuous post ; in the cream enamel, extra heavy . Y.Y."$1275
$23.00 full size cream Enamel Bed, fancy shape.: ......Y.Y..Y $1325
$24.50 full size, cream, chilless; nine heavy fillings ; . . .."...".."."...". V.V.' V$15"25
$6.00 full sized Iron Bed, in the green enamel V.V.V.V .."."..".". $365
$7.50 full sized Bed, cream and gold ; top brass rail both head and foot ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. S3 95
$7.25, full sized, in. the cream color; this bed is the scroll effect . . . ..$475
$16.00, an extra heavy cream "and Pompeiian bronze, full size. .".."......" . .$895
- . - . $9.50 full-sized, green enamel, seven fillings and capped with brass! . . . . . . . . . . $593
Easy v - $23-75, full-size Iron Bed, cream, with double continuous top, absolutely plain S13 50
Payment 27-' full-size Iron Bed, carrying 9 large full brass fillings and capped at the
top -......'.'................. $ X8 75
leriTlS $370, full-ize,tw-inch posts, which are continuous ! 92450
Office Fornitmre
oak, sanitary base, - roll top
i -
roll top.. Typewriter . Desk,
$40.00 golden
- Desk, at
$41 sanitary ' base,
oak, at ,
$40 flattop. Type writer-Desk, in golden oak. .
$85.50 roll-top. Typewriter Desk in golden oak.
$89.00 mahogany roll-top- Desk in golden oak,
long, at .' :
$89.00 golden oak, 60-in. sanitary roll-ton Desk.
$112.50 mahogany roll-top Desk, 66 inches long
in golden
60 inches
$106.00 golden oak, sanitary base, roll-top Desk, 69 inches
long, at $02.50
iro.u goiaen eim iwwiy unair, at 90,23
$7.50 golden elm Rotary Chair, at. .. . .$6.25
$8.00 golden oak Arm Chair, at $6.75
$10.00 golden oak Rotary Chair, at $8.25
$12.50 golden oak-Arm Chair, at $9.75
$14.00 golden oak Rotary Chair at $12.00
Seasonable savings that should enable every
one to enjoy Summer comfort.
$1.50 for Hammocks worth $2.00.
$1.75 for Hammocks worth $2.50.
$2.95 for Hammocks worth $4.00.
$4.10 for Hammocks worth $5.50. ;
f4.50 for Hammocks worth $6.00.
4.90 for Hammocks worth $6.50. .
$5.95 for Hammocks worth $8.00.
The Carpet and Rug Stocks
Made-Up Carpet Rns Roll ends of carpets, in desirable patterns and colorings, made up into practical room sizes
iuia saowui rvuucuuns ibm suouia prove mauctive.
$27.00 Rug, 8 ft. 3 in. by 10 ft. 6 in., of best body Brussels,
at $18.00
$32.50 Rug, 7 ft. 6. in. by. 10 ft. 5 in., of Bigelow Axminster,
at $25.00
$36.00 Rug, 8 ft.' 3 in. by 8 ft. 4 in., of Bundhar Wilton,,
at....:...; ..$25.00
$30.00 Rug, 8 ft. 3 in. by 10 ft. 5 in., of best body Brussels,
at $24.00
$22.00 Rug, 8 ft. 3 in. by 10 ft. 6 in., of 10-wire tapestry
Brussels, at . .$15.75
$20.00 Rug, 8 ft. 3 in. by 9 ft. 5 in., of 10-wire tapestry
Brussels, at.. $14.75
Such an event as the June Rose Sale would be incomplete without a proper representation of the Hodges Fiber, the
best of inexpensive Summer floor coverings, and so we have included our immense stock of these artistic, durable and san
itary rugs and mattings. There is no color scheme so dainty that Hodges Fiber cannot meet its demands for floor furnish
ings. Its refreshing softness of color and its stability of texture make it a delight to the eye and a pleasure to the tread.
The rugs have a variety of design unequaled in the most costly floor fabrics and the range of sizes includes all that modern
size rooms require. There are many so-called "Fibers,". but only one Hodges the original and best of all. All 9 ft. by 12 ft.
and 8 ft. 3 in. by 10 ft. 6 in., and Hodges Fiber Mattings, are included in- the June Rose Sale. Attractively low prices.
$12.00 Hodges Rugs, 8 ft. 3 m. by 10 ft. 6 in., at. . . . .$9.75
Eureka fiber Matting, regularly 60c yard, sewed,. laid and
lined for, yard 45
$14.00 Honges Rugs, 9 ft. by 12 ft., at... . $10.95
Hofi Fiber Matting, regularly 80e yard, sewed, laid and
lined for, yard 60
These and Many Other Opportunities
In the Craftsman
Furniture oak
$14.50 Arm Chahyin fumed oak, with leather
covered spring seat, at $9.75
Matched Set of 3 Pieces, in fumed oak, sold
singly if desired.
$15.00 Arm Rocker at $11.25
$15.00 Arm Chair at $11.25
$28.00 Settee at : .$18.75
Matched Set of 3 Pieces, also in the fumed oak,
with leather covered, loose seat cushions. A
splendid craftsman design.
$33.00 Settee at .$22.50
$18.00 Settee at $13.25
$23.50 Arm Chair, in fumed oak, with loose
leather cushions in seat and back, at $17.25
$40.00 Arm Rocker, in the fumed oak, with
leather cushion back and leather-upholstered
spring seat, at .$29.50
$45.00 Bookcas?, in fumed oak, two doors, old
copper trimmings, at $29.75
$43.00 large Arm Rocker, in fumed oak, with
loose leather cushion in back and spring seat.
a . $31.75
$60.00 Combination Bookcase and Desk, in
fumed oak, two sections for books, desk in
center. A splendid combination piece for a
small library, at ...$39.50
Tull 8c Gibbs, Inc. eTeSth