The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 05, 1910, SECTION THREE, Page 6, Image 43

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i We Cordially Welcome to 0ir City All Rose Carnival Visitors and Extend to Them tine Courtesies of Our Store, Promisii
lttk Jul me
Every White Article Redu'd
5Qc Values 17c
The woman who cares for good embroideries every
woman does will be interested in this very tin
usual offering, because she will have a chance to
secure just the embroidery she wants at much less
than the regular price. 10,000 yards in this lot. All
are this season's patterns, of embroidery, edges and
insertions; -widths from 3Vi to 10 inches; cambric,
swiss and nainsook materials; our regular 1 re
stock values up to 50c a yard, on sale for v
65c Ribbons at 39c
40c Ribbons at 22c
Warp Prints, Dresdena and Novelty Ribbona of
extra quality silk, light and medium shades;
five and six inches wide ; regular val-
vse to 65c; secial at this low price, yd
Pl.yLa Hair Bow Taffeta Ribbons, Plain Satin
Taf Jeta Ribbons and Moire Taffeta, in white,
blue, pink, lavender, Mais, Nile, cardinal,
brown" tan, black, navy, cadet, etc
Values So 40c. Special price, the yard
75c Laces
Trim ming's 27c
A great clean-np of
Dress Trimmings and
Laces, comprising fancy
' guimps, fancy bands,
Venise lace - bands, in
white, cream, ecru and
two - tonrd bands, ete. ;
this lot contains all
short ends of trimmings
which sell regularly np
to' 65e and. 75c a yard.
Special removal O "7
sale price, a yd. C
L a c e s
43c Doz.
Washable Valenciennes
Laces, in a good assort
ment of patterns, edges
and insertions to match
in widths np to 1 inch.
Regular values to $1.00
a dozen; special June
White Days IQ-
price, at, dozen
$1.5Q Vals. 69c Doz.
Washable Valenciennes Laces, in edges and inser
tions to match ; very complete assortment of all new
patterns; widths up to J. at inches; our regu- fZtJkf.
lar values to $1.50 dozen; on special sale at "7C
$1 Veiling at 48c
$2.5Q Automobile
Veils for $1.48 Eacb
A big assortment of Parisian Novelty Veiling, in
all -wanted colors, including black and white. A
very serviceable quality for dress and street yf
hats; values to $1, special removal price, yd. "OC
AUTO VEILS of good quality chiffon, hemstitched
all around; complete line of all wanted 01 A Q
shades ; regular $2.50 values, special, ea. P ."O
Greater Olds-Wort man-King Store
Women's Unit Underwear
75c Values for 39c
Ladies' Vests, Pants and Union Suits, in elastic ribbed or swiss-ribbed, Spring or Sum
mer weight; high neck, long-sleeve vests, low neck, no-sleeve vests; ankle or knee-length
pants; union suits in the high-neck, long-sleeve, ankle-length 6tyle, or low-neck, nn
no-sleeve, knee-length styles. Regular stock values to 75c; removal sale price'''
We invite all visitors to tHe city as well as our Home folKs to share in t)
occasion At tHe beginning of the season -we HovtgHt Heavily in seaso
apparel for men, women and. cHildren during Carnival Weeh Man?
will bear tHe "Removal Sale" Price or tHe "June WHite Days" Sale P
Tahe advantage of tHis very unusual saving opportunity As tHe saltj
Mill Clean-up
50Q Pieces
New Scrim
Best 3Qc Quality Special at 15c
Our Mr. Lilburn, buyer for the drapery, carpet and furniture department, has
just returned from a two months ' trip to market. He found a mill just in the
act of winding up their season's -business. They had just 500 bolts of that
very popular fancy Scrim for curtains, and, by driving a hard bargain, our
buyer succeeded in getting the lot at about half the regular mill price. There 's
every wanted new shade and pattern in the lot, suitable for making any kind
of curtains for cottages, dens, bedrooms, bungalows, sash curtains, etc. 1 (?
Actual 30c variety, priced special for the removal sale at, the yard
Factory Ends of
All Kinds Lace
F ar a sol
Don't fail to see these very. new Jap
anese Parasols, designed especially
for the Portland Rose Festival.
Made of very strong Japanese paper,
mounted on bamboo frames. Tops
are decorated in large rose designs.
Priced very special for to- f
morrow's selling at only, ea. JC
Cvxrt aiirs
3000 yards of all the most popular laoe cur
tain goods, factory lengths of three yards
each. Just the size for any kind of a cur
tain or a convenient size to cut up for sash
curtains, den or hall curtains. They come
in all the new block or .striped effects, in
lace or novelty nets. By coming early you
can find several of a kind, if you wish to
match them up in pairs. On sale as follows :
IrisH Point
Curia i ms
A mill clean-up of 1000 pairs of high-grade
Irish Point Curtains, exceptionally good
values; floral and scroll patterns, appliqued
on best French net; special at these prices:
$ S.00 TO $ 6.00 VALUES, PAIR, $3.25
$ 7.50 TO $ 8.00 VALUES, PAIR, $4.75
$ 8.50 TO $ 9.60 VALUESPAIR, $5.5Q
$11.00 TO $13.00 VALUES, PAIR, $7.5Q
$13.50 VALUES, SPECIAL, PR., $8.0Q
$16.50 to $20.00 VALUES, PR., $10.75
Child r en's
Pique Coats, in the plain box effect or fancy
styles, which are slightly- soiled from be
ing on display: Sizes from 2 to. 6 years.
Regular values up to $4 each, J1 QQ
special removal price, garment p A ivO
WOOL OOATS, of serge, panama, broad
cloth and fancy checks, made in box style ;
ages from 2 to 6 years. On sale as follows :
$10 OstricK
Removal Sale of our entire stock of Dress G
Removal Sale prices prevail on entire stock of Linin:
Removal Sale prices on our entire stock of fine Si
Removal Sale prices on our entire stock of Wash Goo
Removal Sale prices now prevail on all our Stationer
Every pair of Hose in our entire stock is now reduc
Every Undergarment included in the Removal Sa
Every pair of Gloves go at the Removal Sale priceS
Every Umbrella is now marked at a great reduction
Removal Sale prices prevail on all our Drug Sundries
Removal Sale prices on all our Jewelry Novelties
3QOO Drummers' Samples of
Tapestry for Cushion Tops
Another pick-up by our drapery buyer.- 3000 drummers' samples of imported Tapestry Squares,,
which average about 27x27 inches; the most extensive assortment you have ever had the oppor- Z
tunity to look over. Splendid for upholstering chairs, seats, etc., and for cushion tops; reduced
900 Squares, Ol 11900 Squares, Qfl!!700 Squares, 11500 Squares, 7ttn
values to 45, at 1 c values to 75c at OVi yalues to $1.00 JV values to $1.50
Regular 75c SilK Floss Pillows at 57c
Extra quality white cambric-covered Silk Floss Pillows, just right size for the above cushion tt7f
tnrc rYnv Tmilai le -valvine on cn1t at. fViis tot-v nrtenia. ".Tutu Whit Tin-va" Truw AaAh
Women's Fancy
Removal Sale of entire stock of Women's Handbags
Removal Sale prices prevail on all of our Suitcases'
Every pair of Shoes in our entire stock now reduced!
Every Household Article in our entire stock reduced
Every Rug in our vast establishment has been reducedi
Every pair of Curtains in entire stock now reduced
Removal Sale prices now prevail on all Garden Tools
Removal Sale prices on our entire line of Refrigeratory
Removal Sale prices now include all Kitchen Goods!
Removal Sale prices must clear our stock of Chinawaref
75c Values at 39 c
25c VaUies at lOc
Neckwear never was so pretty never so at
tractive as this season. "Oh, isn't that
lovely t" and a score of other such enthu
siastic remarks are heard in our neckwear
store every day. Here 's a line of fine qual
ity jabots, rabats, Dutch collars and nov
elty Summer neckwear, all this sea- OQ
son's styles; values to 75c, special'
ANOTHER LOT,- which comprises a manu
facturer's sample . line of jabots, rabats,
Dutch collars, embroidered linen collars,
croat stocks, wash stocks, lace stocks and
many other novelties; regular val- 1 fg
ues to 25c; June "White Days price XvfC
$1 Belts at 48c
Ladies' SilK Elastic
Ladies' Silk Elastic Belts, fitted with fine
assortment of novelty buckles; colors are
black, brown, navy, tan, green, white, etc.
Our regular stock values up to $1; A Q
special removal sale price, at, each
Sample Line of
A special purchase for Carnival Week
fancy novelties, hand-painted and lace de
signs; the best offer of the season. Prices:
$10.50 TO $12.50 VALUES AT $ 8.95
$13.00 TO $18.00 VALUES AT $11.95
$19.00 TO $25.00 VALUES AT $15.95
$2ig Parasol 98c
Japanese Parasols with hand-painted tops
and bamboo frames, with detachable han
dles ; just the parasol for the Rose Festival.
Our regular values to $2.50, at QO
this special removal sale price iOl
Great THird Off Sale
French Lingerie
Beautiful hand embroidered French lingerie, including chemise, made of
French cambric, nainsook, linen and batiste, beautifully trimmed in floral
spray, conventional or eyelet work designs, priced from $1.00 to $22.50
regular; drawers, circular or plain, priced regular from $1.25 to $27.50;
corset covers, priced regular from $1.50 to $16.50 ; petticoats, priced reg
ular from $5.00 to $65.00; combinations, priced regular from $4.50 to-!
$37.50; bride's sets of 3 garments, priced regular from $18.50 to $50.00
In all a very extensive assortment of elegant garments, many of which
are made by the sisters in the French convents. The work on such gar
ments is the best that skill can produce. For the "June White
Days" sale we price these $1.00 to $65.00 garments at less
1052Italian SilK Vests s7
Values $3.25 to $1Q.5Q Reduced "A
High-grade Italian Silk Vests with plain or embroidered bodice, neck and)
arms finished with plain hem or lace trimmed. They come in white and a
Plumes $5.95
A very extensive line of high-grade Willow
Plumes, in black and white. Extra heavy
body, with long fiber and large, gracefully
drooping heads. Plumes which sell readily
at $10 each. Not one in the lot ffC Q EJ
worth less; very special, each ?''
$45.QO Tailored
Suits Now $17.65
A great sorting up sale of 550 Suits at great Jbargain prioes:'
Lot 1 Oomprises350 of our very best styles in serges, diagonals,
wide wales, sackcloths, mannish materials and fancy mixtures.
The jackets are styled in the medium length, semi or tight-fitting,
with plain tailored notch collars or shawl collars, faced with silks
or self materials ; some are nicely trimmed ; two or three-button
styes. The skirts are all plaited in the very latest approved fash
ions. A broad range of colors to choose from; all sizes in the lot.
These are all our regular stock suits. We have taken 350 of
our best values to $45.00 and priced them spe- g j CfTt
cial for Carnival week at the low price, the suit X .Q3
Regular $25 Suits at $9.85
Lot 2 This assortment comprises 200 fine Tailored Suits in
serges, wide wales, mixtures, etc. The newest short jacket styles,
semTor tight3ltting. Every wanted color in the lot. In our deter-
r mention to Bell every suit before we move, we price
these values to $25.00, at this ridiculously low price"
assortment of colors. Priced regular from $3.25 up to
$10.50. Removal June White Days price reduced less
35.QO Drawers $2.79
Women's Drawers of fine nainsook or
longcloth, styled with fancy flounce of
embroidery, finished with ribbon; also
lace-trimmed; cut generously full; dain
ty, sheer garments; regu- CO TQ
lar values up to $5.00 for P. 7
$2.50 Pettico'ts $1.39'
An exceptionally good line of women's
Petticoats, made of best quality cam
brie, with India linon flounce, edged
with embroidery, all made with under-
15 LinenndGrash
Tailor'd Suits $7
A seasonable sale of the best and most practical Tailored Suits for
Summer wear. They are made up with the same care and the
same perfect workmanship as high-priced wool suits. The linen
fabric is the heavy soft kind that does not wrinkle easily. The
mercerized finish gives a rich, lustrous tone to the surface. These
suits come in plain natural linen color, also ame
thyst, gray, light and cadet blue; reg. $15; special J J
ew Reps and Linette
$8.5Q Dresses at $3.89
Extra good quality of Imported reps and linette materials; made
up in all the new styles for Summer, with bodice of fancy braids
and buttons ; with yokes' of lace. Skirts are made in the latest
plaited, tunic or panel front styles. There's a full line of sizes,
in natural linen and a good range of colors; regu
lar $8.50 values. Very special Removal Sale price
-1 Regular $30.00 Trimmed Hats $10.98 Each
yO Every Hat in the store is reduced from V4 to y2, including all Paris Patterns, all Street and Dress Hats. A special lot of 100 very
'4 select styles in Pattern Hats trimmed in the latest vogue ready to don the best lot we have grouped for a sale in all ft r Q
3V ottr experience, actual values to $30.00, is priced special for Carnival opening day at the exceptionally low figure 3 X U70
flounce; cut generously full fljl 0(V
in the body; $2.50 values at piOI7
75c Rompers for 39cj
6Qc Baby Slippers 39cj
A big line of children's Rompers, made of chambray, gingham or denim
all the best wanted colors, and a complete line of styles for little OQJ
fellows from 6 months to 6 years of age; regular values to 75o Oi7t(
BABY SLIPPERS, in ties and three-button styles, patent vamps QQJ
with colored kid tops; sizes 0, 1, 2, 3; regular 60c values, special''!
$2.75 Gingliam Dresses 98
$7.75 Dresses $3,
The infants' and children's store, second floor, of -J
fers remarkable values in all kinds of wearing ap-f
parel at removal sale prices. Girls' fancy plaid an3
plain gingham Presses, sizes 2 to 14 years ; our regu
lar stock values up to $2.75, very special QQ I
removal sale anil Jiin W hit T)ava mien. ea.
REPS, POPLIN'S and fine imported Trench GinghanJ
Dresses for little ladies from 6 to 14 years of age
These dresses are all styled according to the lates
vogue. The assortment is so extensive that you caa
find about the dress you have m mind. C Q
Regular values up to $7.75, special for Pi'
SOILED DRESSES A special lot of children
Dresses, sizes 6 to 14 years of age T made of lawn
and piques. They have been slightly soiled from h
ing displayed, but a little pressing or washing wil
put them in lirst-class shape. It you are not to-
particular you will lay m a supply of these. QQ
T?omIa?- vslItipix tr r0 - nnnr nrirAI srepial J J'
. - " 1 7 1 I