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The Meier &. Frank Store Beautifully Illustrated Souvenir of This Store, Our Rose City, Etc., Given Free to Every Visitor Agents
Butterick Patterns, Globe-Wernicke Bookcases, Willamette Machines Nemo, Warner, Estelle Corsets Summer Underwear of All Kinds
The Greater Meier FranJfe 3
sssL m yi mmi
. & rsr- w - -x.
Portland's Largest and Best Store announces for this week the greatest collection of bargains ever offered by any
institution On account of lack of space it is impossible to tell you on this page of all of the Festival and June
White Day Offerings In addition to this full page advertisement, you will find further announcements of the
Greater Meier & Frank Store's unparalleled bargain news on Page 3 of Section 2; on Page 5 of Section 3; Page 3 of
Section 5 and Page 11 of Section 1 Extra service, extra delivery Everything this week to facilitate easy shopping.
Festival Offerings in Women's Section
Apparel of Distinction Specially Priced
qso, 3q anu vpiu oiik. waists iui ?j.uj
l V.V i - - m m i: i Ci I w1, :
tailor-made and fancy styles In black and latest r t?
colors Sizes 34 to 44 Values to $ 1 0. sale price P J
A Word About Tailored Waists
In Portland
All our warranted pure linen Tailored Waists are included in the
m y June White Sale at a great reduction more man niiy nnmoers
7 'and all beautifully finished - Sizes fl LQ 4. fl? 1 f
Xy-' 32 to 46 Priced for this sale from H 1 vO IU P I v
S lv ri !. !1 r
7 1
The New Millinery for the Rose
Festival and June White Days
imported Millinery at One-Half Off
An opportunity is offered patrons in the Millinery Section to
morrow Imported Pattern flats and designs from our own work
rooms Many especially prepared for Rose Festival week, will
be priced at the following unusual reductions; Imported Paris
models from Lichenstein, Gerhardt, Rebonx and other celebrated
French fashion authorities VaTues to $60 ft r
for this sale at the phenomenal reduction of llC""! IUaA
F1SK HATS V4 OFF New line Fisk Shirtwaist Hats Mushroom and tailor shape V OFF
All Misses and Children's Millinery, including sailors and outing hats, Materially Reduced
Two Big Festival BargainsTailored Suits
$ 1 5, $ 1 8, $20 Suits $9.85
Your Choice of 200 Suits
Wool Tailor-Made Suits of Berge, diagonal, cheviot and
worsteds ; jglors jiavy, black, gray, tan, grape, rose, leather
and green; jacket regulation length; some plain tailored;
others have shawl collar of moire silk and two-button cut
away; others have soutache braid trimming on cuff 3 and
collars. Skirts full pleated; regular values to O C
$20.00 ; special price for this great Festival sale &J00
Washable Suits$10$5-5
Women's Tailored Wash Suits that are
made with medium:length jackets, semi
fitted single-breasted, small revers and
notchedcollar ; parasol to match-; colors
tan, leather, green, light blue, pink and
white; values to $10.00; spe- A
cial for this Festival sale at pOxO
Our New Optical Department Announcement
Thus new department is in charge of Edward W. Wheeler, a graduate of the Philadelphia Optical College, the Northern
Illinois College of Opthalmology and Otology. Also passed the State Board of Oregon. Has practiced in Portland
the past two and one-half years. With the opening of this department our aim is to give the best satisfaction at the
lowest possible prices. We do our own grinding, placing us in a position to make the very lowest prices for work.
Lenses fitted in frames, at this price, the pair. .$1.00 Kryptoks, the invisible bifocals, fitted in any IQ f(
Regular $6 rimless gold-fitted riding bow cable d0 AQ style gold-fitted frame; complete, at this price Hf&mJM
temples, with lenses to suit your eyes, special P" We fill any oculist's prescription. Visit this department.
Our watch and jewelry repair department has been moved to the first floor, new building. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Exclusive Negligee Gowns
A Great Festival Event
Special low prices in full line of choice Wash House Gown's,
dotted swiss, batiste, French organdie, silk mull, crossbar,
dimity; made French baby yokes, square or round collar;
trimmed with lace embroidery and ribbon accordion pleat
ed, lace, embroidered or shirred flounce, all white and colors.
i$ 5.00 House Gowns $4.12
$ 6.00 House Gowns $5.05
$ 7.00 House Gowns $5.95
$ 8.00 House Gowns $6.95
$12 House Gowns $10.35
$14 House Gowns $12.25
$16 House Gowns $13.60
$18 House Gowns $15.25
Imp'dHosiery Silk Hose
Festival Special 48c ManufactVs Prices
A brand-new lot of our own importation Women's Bilk Hose, made especially for
of women's fine full-fashioned lisle Hose the M. & F. Co. The three great spe-
, -t j t to i, ' cials, the best silk Hose ever offered tor
in allover lace and lace boots, in sheer, quali'ty? priee Bervice. We stand back
dainty patterns; may be had '.n 48c of every pair. Ask for the numbers. In
all the new, wanted shades, pair x- lac oniy. On sale at this low price:
p T?-4.;. T-. Aaa1t Quality 804 and 806, at, the pair, $1.50
JP O" r eSUVOl W eeiV Quality 803, on sale at, the pair, $2.00
Quality 800, on sale at, the pair, $2.25
Serviceable Hose for Infants & children's
Boys and Girls 25c 50c suk Socks 35c
Serviceable Hose for boys and girls. We ;
carry the best brands, those that guaran- 50c infants' and children s bilk bocks
tee wear and satisfaction at popular in assorted colors. This is a special lot
prices, snch as "Black Cat," "The Ca- of broken lines in sizes and shades to be
Ilet," "The Victor," "That's nad at cost price in this sale. OC.
It," and others, on sale at, pair We offer them at this price, pair
Festival Days in the Shoe Store
3000 Pairs Oxfords on Sale
Tan Oxford Special Misses' 8c Children's
$5,00 Values $3.19 $1.69 and $1.49 Pair
As the season is here for tan footwear, 1000 pairs misses' and children's patent
we will put on sale 1800 pairs of Russian colt blucher Oxfords, light or heavy soles
calf, tan or brown vici kid, in button, Nature - shaped toes. Black vici kid
lace or blucher cut oxfords; elite ties or button or blucher shoes, with medium
strap pumps; made with plain or tipped wejgnt soies and very low heels; gun
toes. Cuban or medium low heels; regu- metal ankie ftrap pumps witn plain toes
lar values up to $o, special !?0 "J Q and ieather bow; light extension soles,
for this great sale, the pair . .
A great value. The M. & T. quality in Misses' sizes, HVa to 2, special, $1.69
every pair. Dept. 3d floor; 7 elevators. Children's sizes, SVfc to 11, pair, $1.49
Men's and Youths Oxfords Special
$5.00 Values $3.15 11 $1.59-$1.99 Special
Festival Week, Laces, Embroideries
Many Unparalleled Offerings
Embroideries Specials
A complete assortment of Embroidery Flounces, with bands to match, for lin
gerie gowns. Come in eyelet and floral design. Flounces 18 to 27 inches wide.
Bands 3 to 5 inches wide. Notice the two. special prices quoted below on these:
Values to $2, specially priced at 98 Values to $3.00, specially priced $1.69
3000 YARDS SWISS, NAINSOOK AND CAMBRIC, Embroidery Edges and In
sertion, 1 to 9 inches wide. Come in assorted designs for women's and
children's undermuslins. Values to 45c; special price, per yard, only X OC
500 yards of Swiss and Nainsook Corset Cover Embroidery. Designs in eye
let and appenzelle. Note the two special prices we give below take advantage :
Values to $1.25, special price 69 Values to $2.00, specially priced 98
White Chiffon and Nets Special
Entire stock of Colored Nets and Allovers, 18 to 45 inches wide i. Sff
Suitable for waists and yokes. Special price for this great sale at 4 Vsll
45-inch "White Chiffon Cloth, with border; designed for overdresses.
Values up to $2.75, special at $1.98 Values up to $3.50, special at $2.69
Great Sale of Women's Wash Belts
Interesting News
for Girl Graduates
We are showing a complete line of Lin
gerie Gowns, Suitable for "gTadaiatiop
exercises," at June reduced prices. Some
are elaborately trimmed with hand em
broidery, Irish crochet ; others in daintier,
plainer styles with fine tucking and Va
lenciennes lace at prices ranging from
$7.50 to $25.00. Sizes from 14 to 18 years.
We especially invite our friends who con
template the purchase in this line to call.
For the Convenience of Out-of-Town Patrons
Aside from this being the largest and best store in which to shop, we have provided especially for our friends from out
of town to make this store their headquarters-during the coming week. Our spacious restaurant, Accommodating 000
people, will be open to the accommodation of our out-of-town friends, and our rest room and writing-room are at your
disposal. We are also giving away to our out-of-town friends, and also to those in the City of Portland, a beautifully
illustrated embossed booklet, containing views of the store and other information concerning our Rose City, which we
know you will enjoy reading about and find very interesting. We also have a registration booth on our first floor, in
the Annex, where we invite you to register your name or the names of any out-of-town friends to whom you would care
to have ns send our Spring and Summer catalogue, and such other information as we publish from time to time.
Pongee Silk
Special 69c Yd.
Colored Tussah Pongee Silk, in natural,
brown, navy, alice, gray, reseda, wis
taria and tan. The best styled silk of
the season; buy all you want of CQ
it at this special sale price, yard
In Every
Section of the
Men's Oxfords in patent colt, black or
tan Russian calf; tan, brown or black
vici kid leather, with Goodyear welt soles
blucher, lace or button styles; all new,
desirable lasts; values up to flIO 1 C
$o.00; special for sale, pair S,J
Boys' or youths' box calf or vici kid
Shoes, lace or blucher, cut with good
weight soles, on sale at these low prices :
Sles 9 to 13, special at, the pair, $1.59
Sizes 1 to 5Va, special at, the pr $1.99
Every Section
of the
Is Represented
In our Belt Section we will offer exceptional values in Women's Wash Belts.
Come in plain and fancy designs. All are fitted with fine mother of pearl
buckles. Don't fail to see these wonderful values and take advantage of prices.
Regular 75c values, special Festival price at this exceptional low figure 49
Regular 50c values, special Festival price at this exceptional low figure 28
Regular 35c values, special Festival price at this exceptional low figure 19
Foulard Silk
Special 89c Yd.
2000 yards of Cheney Foulard; comes in
the best designs of the season, in navy,
browns, old rose, alice, wistaria, black
and tan; special for this great QQ.
sale at the low price of, yard -'"'
Great Reductions in Wool Serges
Cream "Wool Serges, in various widths, will be sold at the following very low prices :
40 inches wide, for 730 42 inches wide, for 830 45 inches wide, for 980
48 inches wide, on sale at, yard $1.09 50 inches wide, on sale at, yard, $1.23
Mesh and Auto Veils
Are Reduced for Festival Week
50c65c Mesh 38c
200 pieces imported French Silk Meshes
in all the new and staple kinds and
shades, single and double thread, plain,
dotted and fancy meshes; 'offered OQ.
in this sale at low price of, yard''
$4 Auto Veils $2.29
All-silk Chiffon Cloth Auto Veils, extra
large, with wide hemstitched borders;
also the double chiffon Veil, in two-toned
effects; come in all shades ;J0 OQ
at this special low price, ea. V'
Festival Prices on Summer Needs
$1-$1.50 Gloves 57c
16-button length silk and lisle Gloves;
white, black and' colors; 5y2 to C7
8; regular $1.00 to $1.50, pair '
$3.50 Neckwear 98c
Women's Neckwear in all new styles,
jabots, rabats, yokes, chemisettes, cas
cades, side plaits and lace col- QQ
lars; regular $1.25 to $3.50, at OC
20c Kerchiefs at 10c
Women's hand-embroidered initial Linen
Handkerchiefs, 4-inch hems ; our 1 ff
regular 20c values, sale price, ea. vt
$2.50 Parasols $1.19
500 Parasols, white with dainty pink
rosebuds and rose borders; natural and
enameled handles; our .best flj 1 1 Q
regular $2.50 values, at, each if
$3.00 Silk Vests, Special $1.98
Women's Italian Silk Vests, white, pink and blue; fancy d QQ
lace edge- yoke; all sizes; regular $3.00 values, marked at
The same as above with embroidered yokes; regular $3.50
and $4.00 values, at the uncommonly low price of, the garment