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Thousands Aid in Plans That
Are to Make Third Rose
Festival Big Success.
Arrangements Will Go Forward With
Rash During Fortnight Before
Carnival Begins. Fetes of
Past Are to Be F.clipsed.
The wonderful pageantry of old Rome,
the brilliance of a ml-careme parade at
Florence, an Introduction to feudal and
pre-feudal days all this, combined with
the perfume and beauty of hundreds of
thousands of the flower of Portland and
Oregon the lovely rose will Introduce to
many thousand wondering visitors just
what abilities Portland has in preparing a
Roue Festival.
There have been Rose Festivals In pre
vious years. To be precise, there have
been three of them. The plans for the
days of June 6-11 have reached comple
tion so nearly It has becpme obvious to
all studying them that with the assistance
of the humble rose, the great rose, the red
rose, the white rose and a score of oth
ers Portland's fiesta will be on a scale
of magnificence deserving a place in the
history of new world splendors.
Business Men Help.
More than in previous years, the busi
ness men will be seen worshipping at the
shrine of beauty and roses, a worship
they will attest to by the whole-hearted
scheme of decoration they now have un
der way. From every floor of her sky
scrapers it Is planned that Portland shall
proclaim to the visiting throngs the grace
and beauty of her patron flower.
The women of Portland have done their
part. To them have been the care and at
tention required by the delicate flowers.
Theirs has been an unheralded and un
sung duty. It has been nobly done.
The railroads have spread broadcast the
announcements of Portland's great an
nual festival. In the East, in the West,
In the South and in the North the glad,
gay carnival has been heralded. The Har-rim-an
lines have issued special rose fold
ers; the Northern Pacific and Hill' lines
have emblazoned the festival on station
ery and continued allusions to It in the
varied literature Issued by the publicity
bureaus. All roads have granted reduced
transcontinental rates.
The Festival management has done Its
part. The Festival committee has pub
lished all kinds of matter that has
brought the Festival before the public.
Even abroad the Portland fete has been
beard of. It has arranged for the various
kinds of entries in the numerous proces
sions and pageants that' will mark the
coming and the passing of the Rose Fes
tival. Rose Society is Busy.
The Portland Rose Society, too, has
done Its part. To the Rose Society, its
officers and supporters has fallen the task
of arousing" enthusiasm In growing th
flower that is to be the actual embodi
ment of what would be engraved on the
city coat-of-arms, were Portland to have
such a thing.
The part of the Peninsula residents has
been partly accomplished. They have
raised, enthusiasm such as has never been
equaled in the city. In hundreds of gar
dens are now growing the rosea that later
will be cast broadcast over the city streets
by the Peninsula's fairest residents.
Patriotic residents have but li days
in which to prepare for the great, big,
good time. They have U days to write
and urge their friends to come and see
Portland. They have 14 days in which
to decorate. They have 14 days to pre
pare the hundreds of roses they Intend
to donate for the purpose of decorations.
They have 14 days to decide whether they
are going to make the Rose Festival
something that will enter into the lives
of them all and make them prouder-of
their city. No resident of Portland
doubts for a moment that In those 11
days, they will make the residents of
other cities envy them their city and
other cities envy them their citizenship)
Festival Benefits City.
It is because of its effect on the growth
or the city that Portland people will do
all in their power to push the Rose Fes
tival. A few disagree with it. " They
hold it obstructs the passage of business,
but the movement of a city from the rear
to the foremost ranks must necessarily
be attended with much that all-are not
in entire agreement with. Yet the fact
that all are interesed in seeing their
queen of cities take the rank that is
due to her will be the dominant factor in
the Rose Festival.
Portland people owe a great deal to
Portland the city. They now have the
opportunity to express to the city their
gratitude for - what she has done for
them. Is there any who would wish to
' be a detriment? It would seem not. Any
there would be will have to face the
. execration of a whole community.
A whole week will be taken up with
the rejoicings. - Monday, June 6. is the
Introductory day. It Is not only overly
devoted to public entertaining, because
It is the day most of the visitors will ar
rive, and to permit them to settle down
before the city becomes thronged in
every street, is the purpose of postpon-
lng the full commencement of the fes
Tuesday Day of Activity.
Tuesday, the Festival gets Into full
swing. On that day the rose will begin
to take her own in the scheme of the
city's Festival programme. Scattered in
hundreds of thousands along the streets.
the prodigality of Portland with her
roses will make the city and the day
an ever-present memory among . those
who go back to districts where a single
rose is an expensive luxury. The even
lng will be taken up with a pageant that
will convey, metaphorically, the growth
of Portland from a clearing in the woods
where two men quarreled over the name
of the city they dreamed would stand
on the Willamette should be called, to
the Rose City, Portland, the arbiter of
the destinies of the Northwest.
With the Society Circus and the au
tomobile parade, Wednesday, Portland
will have an opportunity to show her
capabilities in . the way of acquiring
wealth for her residents, for the auto
mobile has now become one of the stand
ards by which a city's position in the
matter of wealth is gauged.
The great climax Is Thursday, When
the entire day is one long round of ex
Vitement and spectacular productions.
On this day there is the horse and ve
hicle parade, endinpr with a battle of
, roses that cannot fail to amaze. Port
land is the one town in the world where
roses can be used in a battle of this
nature. Battles of flowers are not new.
but It is a rare thing to find roses used
with prodigality, and a battle of roses
cannot be accomplished with less than
hundreds of thousands of expensive
blooms, a use that will seem almost crim-
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Dr. M. S. Bennet, Manager.'
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Gold or Enamel Fillings,
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Silver Fillings, each, and
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OFFICE HOURS 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. SUNDAY 9 A. M. to 12.
Phones A and Main 2119. Fifteen Years in Portland.
ina to those who see the rose first used
in this way.
Friday is the children a day, when the
children of the town, garbed in roses.
will parade for the wondering thousands.
and on Saturday the great Festival will
end in a blaze of glory.
The fuH programme for the week fol
lows :
Monday, June 6.
Morning Welcome to taoraecomers.
Noon Arrival of Bex Ongonvm, King of the
Festival, In Aerocrait.
BveningWFeaat of lanterns and general Il
lumination. Paln' battle of the Monitor and
Merrimac. and Inaugural pyrotechnic oa the
Willamette, at Oaka Part.
" Tuesday, June 7.
Morning Shower or Kosas, oy tne reniraum
r I .... 1 . . r l,:r In train o f mtnmi.-
AU VJI n v m Aiwuwu.Mu.., ... .
cu8 loaded with beautiful blooms.
Afternoon Formal opening or tne rwma .x
hlblt at the Exposition building. Nineteenth
and WajshinKtoa streets, by the Portland Rose
Society. .
Evening Massed uanas parading on ooun oi
honor. Spirit . of the Golden West illuminated
parade. "
Wednesday, tfnne o.
. . . I l mn,n,ltU.Jl
aflmmgAwara l V ' ' - -
rose exhibit. Exposition building, by Rose Bo-
Afternoon "Parade of decorated automobiles.
roso exhibit at Exposition building.
livening Society circus on Multnomah ,Fld.
Formal closing of rose exhibit.
Thursday, June 9.
Aliernuon vi i .ui. y... .. 1 .... . - .
aitd' carriages; uniiie m .... ,
on Morrison, between Fifth and Sixth streets.
Evening j-lrliliant ciftinwii tiaiauo
Oregonus, King of the carnival.
Friday, June 10.
. r- 1 .ll. anA m.lnnin. htf
xomins mi ii i .v. , , t. ...... -
all business houses to out-of-town customers
and visitors.
Afternoon, o o ciock xn wjiimhi raouu
rade on Grand avenue. East Portland, B00O
school children participating.
Evening aociety circus n juuiiuuiuBn x- icm.
Saturday, June 11.
Afternoon Matinee Society circus at Mult
nomah Field. ';
Evening Grand and gorgeous electrical pa
rade, entitled "The Dream of Rex Oregonus."
Th Festival will close In a blaze of glory.
The Period When the Nervous Activity
Is at Ita Greatest.
'.'Against the practice of giving tea
and coffee to children, we cannot speak
too strongly. Childhood is the period
when the nervous activity is at its
greatest. The brain is ever busy re
ceiving new impressions. Reflex ac
tion, co-ordination of muscles, and the
special senses are all under a special
course of training.
"The nervous system is pushed to its
utmost capacity, and long is the list of
victims that follow its over-stimula
tion. In these little people nothing but
harm can come from the use of such
cerebral stimulants as tea or coffee.
Bad, then, as this practice is, let us as
physicians be aggressive in its prohibi
tion. "Do not be satisfied by answering
'No when asked as to their use, but
let us teach the families with whom
we come In contact that such practice
is evil. V'e speak emphatically, be
cause not only ampns; the poor and un
educated, but among : the rich, who
should know better, this practice is
marvelously prevalent." The Home
Doctor. ' ... ....
Children like a warm beverage for
breakfast, and it is well for them to
have it if the drink is a food and not
a drug-.
Postum is made to supply a . rich
nourishing liquid food with a crisp cof
fee ' taste for those who cannot and
should not use coffee. Analysis shows
It to contain about fourteen per cent,
of muscle-forming elements and 66.11
per cent of energy and fat-producing
elements, which go to nourish and sus
iain the delicate nerve centers through
out the body and from which the vital
energy proceeds.
The success of child or adult depends
larcrely upon proper sustenance for the
body. Children who depend upon the
intelligence of their elders to furnish
them with good food deserve our most
1 careful attention and thought
Read "The Road to Wellvllle." found
In pkga. "There's it Reason.""
Booth Will Be Maintained at Union
Depot and Flowers Will' Be Scat
tered In Streets.
The Peninsula Rose Festival Associa
tion, which is setting the pace for activity
and enthusiasm, has its headquarters in
the flrehall on . Alblna avenue, and Man
ager Xolta is the busiest man in North
Albina, attending six meetings last week
on the Peninsula in making arrangements
for different events. Enthusiasm is man
ifested all over the Peninsula.
Friday afternoon the North Alblna Rose
Culture Club held a meeting in the asso
ciation headquarters, Mrs. A. B. Stone
presiding. The following delegates rep
resented different sections: St. Johns
Mrs. J. F. Hendricks, Mrs. McKlnney and
Mrs. J. A. Henry; Peninsula station Rev.
C. Buechler, Mrs. N. A. Rhomberg. Mrs.
A. Goodall; Piedmont Mrs. Frank Pat
ton; Woodlawn A.. F. Flegel; Highland
Mrs. A.- R. Diamond; Kenton Mrs. S. L.
Wlpodward; University Park Mrs. Frank
Merrill and Mrs. W. J. Gemmell; North
Albina H. A. Ruble, S. I Osborne and
Mrs. J. Brooks. Arrangements were com
pleted to assist at the rose exhibit at the
Exposition building, to secure roses and
help at the Union Depot rose booth.
Voting in -the queen contest will start
next Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at
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all points on the Peninsula, and the re
sults will be telephoned dally to the head
quarters, the telephone 'being Woodlawn
2871. Following are .the candidates so far:
Portland Union Stock Yards and Kenton
Miss Ida. Daughtrey ; North Alblna Miss
Vera Ctirnmngs; Portsmouth and Uni
versity Park Miss Josephine Fulley and
Miss Kay "Wloe; University Park station
and Peninsula station-rMiss Laura Hil
ton; "Walnut Park Mra W. M. Killings
worth; Multnomah Mrs. W. K. Ogden.
- Mr. Nolta has appointed Eugene V.
Palmer, Charles Lomerine and V. M.
Kerney. to secure funds to decorate Kill
ingsworth. avenue for the local exhibit to
be held Immediately following the Rose
Festival. This committee will act In con
junction . with the Rose Culture Club In
getting up this 'local rose exhibit. Kill
Ingsworth avenue will be decorated be
tween Union and Patton avenues. For
the local exhibit there will be a parade
of automobiles and decorated vehicles,
headed by two bands. Several prizes will
be given. ,
Mr. Nolta. for the Peninsula Rose
Festival Association, has Issued a letter
to rose growers on the Peninsula, calling
their attention to the rose booth that Is
to be maintained at the Union Depot and
to the' "shower of roses from several
streetcars, which will take place on June
7, beginning at 10 A. M. He asks each
resident of the Peninsula to notify him
how many roses can be furnished. These
roses are to be delivered along the car
lines at places yet to be designated.
113,890.74, while assets are listed at
J28.793.62. Among the creditors are
many of the well-known. ... business
houses of the city. .
a horse, E. S. Norton, a veterinary, has
filed suit against George S. Allen In
the Superior Court. This is one of the
smallest suits on record in this county.
If the plaintiff wins he Is not allowed at
torney s fpes.
S. A. Mulford Is Bankrupt.
S. A. Mulford. of Portland, and for
merly connected with the management
of the Elton Court, yesterday filed. a
voluntary petition in "bankruptcy in the
United States Court. The liabilities
enumerated In the schedules amount to
Disorderly Characters Are Sentenced
to Pay $100 Each.
It was a sorry dy lor women of the
underworld when they faced Judge Ben
nett In i the Municipal Court yesterday
morning. Carrying out the threat he
made some time ago, Judge Bennett hand
ed out stiff fines to the women who were
brought before him on vagrancy and
conducting disorderly houses charges.
Hazel Jackson, who was booked on the
police blotter as a "vag," asked that her
case be set over until Monday. In the
.meantime. Judge Bennett said she would
have to remain in Jail or put up a cash
bail of JoOO to guarantee her appearance
in court. Mamie Coleman's case was also
continued until Monday, and, in default
of $500 casta ball, she remained In Jail.
One hundred dollar fines each were im
posed on Ada. Wilson and Zaza Morris,
who were convicted of conducting dis
orderly houses. Virginia Shaw, Lou
Smith, Lou Monsalller and Rosy Casterin
were fined $26 each and given a warning
by Judge Bennett that if they were
brought before him a second time they
would be severely dealt with.
Sutt Filed for $8.
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Piano Triumphs
at American Beauty Show
Miss Essie M.
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Earnest Hutcheson,
of the P e a b o d y
Conserv a t o r y of
Baltimore, and
Earnesto Consolo,
of the Chicago Mu
sical 'College, cap
tivated the audi
ence at each - per
formance of the
American B eauty
Show with ex
tremely difficult
selections. She
writes concerning
Mason & Hamlin
May 21, 191k
The Wiley B. Allen Co., 304 Oak Street, City.
. Gentlemen : I wish to express to you once more my heartfelt
thanks for your kindness to me in contributing the use of a won
derful Mason & Hamlin Piano. I have never been so completely
satisfied with any other piano. They are remarkable in all the
essential qualities which go to make up an artistic instrument of
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The action assists the player in a truly wonderful way.
Whether in a crashing blow, or in repetition, staccato, or in tha
singing' of a melody, the action sensitively responds at all times.
As. for the tone, it is always beautiful, full, with a remarkable
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The leadership of Mason & Hamlin Pianos, and the remark
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