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Hew Idea
All Styles and Sizes
ew Idea
Price, 50c a Year
Pledge Against Further Demo
cratic "Tinkering" Offered
by Leader.
The Most in Value, The Best in Quality
Prices Have Been Cut to Vanishing Point in This Mighty Trade-Winning IE vent
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In Maiden Speech, New Member At
tacks Payne-Aldrich Bill Non
Partisan Board to Report to
Congress Demanded.
WASHINGTON. May 21. Continuing
the debate upon the tariff, with the
sundry civil bill nominally the subject
under consideration. Champ Clark, mi
nority leader, and Eugene N. Foss, new
ly elected Democratic Representative
from Massachusetts, made radical at
tacks upon the present tariff.
Clark said in conclusion that he had
a proposal to make to the Republicans.
It was that if a bill proposing substan
tial reductions in the woolen goods ,
aoneauie were onerea, ne wouaa givo
bond that every Democrat would vote
for It without offering an amendment
of any sort.
Clark called attention to what he
called Inconsistency In President Taft's
utterances. He said:
"I wish to call attention to the fact
that the President said, on August 6,
1S08, that 'the bill la not a perfect bill
T a complete compliance with the
promises made prior to the election of
Taft's Popularity Hurt?
'In September, 1909, the President
went on an extensive speech-making
tour, beginning with a speech In Bos
ton, In which he eulogized Sen
ator Aldrich, to the skies. That
was the first serious wound which
the President inflicted upon his own
popularity, for right or wrong, and I
think right, the American people hold
Senator Aldrich largely responsible for
the enormity of the Payne-Aldrich
tariff bill. On the 17th of September,
1909, the President said in Winona,
Minn.: 'On the whole, however, I am
bound to say that I think the Payne
tariff bill is the best tariff bill that
the Republican party ever passed.'
"When the American people read that
declaration the next morning and remem
bered the utterance which I have quoted
from the President's statement of August
6. they wondered what change had come
over the spirit of his dream. They could
not reconcile the two statements. They
knew that the tariff bill had not changed
aince August 6, 1909, and they marveled
as to how a bill, which the President de
clared on that day to be neither a per
fect bill nor a complete compliance with
the promises made, could on the 17th day
of September be the best tariff bill that
the Republican party ever passed. All
the perfumes of 'Araby the Bleat' cannot
sweeten the Payne-Aldrich tariff bill to
please the dainty nostrils of the people.
They believe it to be the worst tariff bill
ever passed by the American Congress.
That speech was the serious wound num
ber two, which the President Inflicted on
his own popularity."
Sugar Reduction Small. '
Clark attacked the sugar schedules
of the Payne-Aldrich tariff law and
ridiculed Republican tariff on refined
sugar. The reduction, he said, was so
small that every man with common
sense knew that the consumer never
would be benefitted by it In any way
whatsoever. Clark declared that the
Payne tariff had not reduced the price
of clothing, but had Increased It and
resulted in a shoddier class of goods.
Foss said that the people were de
manding protection, but It was pro
. tectlon against the Payne-Aldrich bill
they wanted. He favored a tariff com
mission, provided it were a non-partisan
one. Declaring that a commission
should report to Congress and not to
the President, Mr. Foss demanded:
"Why does the Administration seek to
be solicitous that this small body be
absolutely under the control of the
executive, seeing that It Is primarily
Intended for legislative purposes. Is
there an ulterior motive?
"If the commission Is to be merely
an executive Instrument and report
only to the President, how is Con
gress to receive the Information, ex
cepting that which the President may
wish to transmit It. and what is to
prevent the executive department from
withholding or suppressing or coloring
such information as has more than
once been done heretofore?
"I recognize that the people have
lost confidence In the Republican party
and that they are - no longer looking
to them for an honest revision. The
people have turned to the Democratic
party. Now the responsibility of an
honest revision of the tariff is up to
the Democratic party with the aid of
the Insurgent and such Independent
elements as will ally themselves with
Reduction Is Demanded.
"The people demand that the revision
and reduction of the tariff be carried
out by the Democratic party as soon
as the new Congress can convene. The
Democratic party ought to raise the
issue that there shall be an extra ses
sion next Spring to do the work which
Congress has proved faithless to. The
people have made the immediate re
duction of the tariff the issue and the
Democratic party must pledge itself
in a most distinct and specific way to
carry out this course; in order that the
mandate shall 'be a compelling one:
that the victory shall be so complete
that the Republican executive will be
forced to acquiesce in it and call Con
gress together."
Mr. Foss declared that the rallying
cry shall be made "Free wool and cheap
"Today," he said, "millions of our
people are deprived of comfort and
health and even of life by the so-called
protective tariff on wool and woolens
for the benefit of the sheep ranchers
and woolen trusts."
Mr. Foss declared for lower duties on
sugar and said the people were de
manding further reductions in iron and
Upholding the Republican party as
the ardent and consistent champion of
the protection of American industries
and American labor, Crumpacker, of
Indiana, urged the proposed appropria
tion of J250.000 for extending the work
of the tariff board in obtaining infor
mation. "The only fear the country's Indus
tries need entertain," said he, "Is the
Democratic party with its fatuous ad
vocacy of Its grotesque tariff for rev
enue only policy."
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New York Theaterdom Anx
iously Watches Westerner.
Best Plays Produced to Come West
With Completion of Now Famous
Rebellion of 1000 Theater
Owners Over Country.
(Continued From First Page.)
Botha Will Form Cabinet.
CAPE TOWN, Cape Colony, May 21.
General Louis Botha, Premier of the
Transvaal, has been summoned to form
the first Union Ministry Cabinet of
United South Africa, of which Viscount
Gladstone is the first Governor-General.
The trouble is they want more than a
fair chance."
"The syndicate has some mighty good
plays," added Mr. Cort, "they should be
seen by our audiences, and I hope they
will be. But there are also many excel
lent shows put out by the Shuberts.
Why should these be kept from our
patrons simply because there is a fight
on between two organizations?
"The newspapers and the public were
both clamoring for these independent
attractions, and the only way we could
play them was to organize Independ
ently. The past season was a disas
trous one for many of the circuits, and
most of us decided that it was about
time that Erlanger fought his own bat
tle with the Shuberts. We, as theater
owners, were not interested in this fac
tional warfare, but for years we have
been used as ammunition by the syndi
cate. "I am thoroughly satisfied with th
outlook for next season," said Mr. Cort
In conclusion. "We managers are go
ing to get a run for our money, and
the theater-goers will get a run for
theirs. And the Pacific Coast will have
a chance to see the plays that have
made New York famous, and not the
cast-off scraps of the syndicate's
In theatrical circles they - are still
talking In hushed whispers of how
Cort, single-handed. . started., and won
his famous revolution. When he came
to New York, a few weeks ago, the
general Impression was that the West
erner had arrived to receive his book
ings for next season.
"Dead Ones" Reported Displayed.
The story is that Erlanger spread out
to Cort's horrified gaze a list of "dead
ones," and told him that they were
intended for the entertainment of Pa
cific Coast and Northwest patrons.
"There is one play that might do,"
Cort remarked after a careful survey of
the outfit. "And this drama lsn t bad.
1 although we had it last season. But
the rest! Why, I couldn t sit through
them myself without shedding tears,
And they are supposed to be comedies."
Erlanger assumed his justly celebrat
ed Napoleonic attitude. One might
have expected that he was about to
summon the "Old Guard."
"Take what I give you, or take
nothing," he decreed.
"By George, I believe I will take
everything," Cort is reported to have
replied, and the rebellion had started.
The Shuberts received the "rebel'
with open arms. In a day or so the Na
tional Theater Owners' Association
was formed, and the newspapers sat up
and took notice. Then came a striking
illustration or WeBtern diplomacy."
There Is an organization In town
known as the Producing Managers'
Association. It is, or rather was. doin
inated by the syndicate. The members
held a meeting a few days ago, and the
National Theater Owners' Association,
in writing, "humbly craved" a confer
The syndicate leaders believed that
Cort was trying to sue for terms, and
agreed to a conference on a later date.
After this action had been taken be
yond recall, it suddenly struck the
"Producers" that they had formally
recognizee: tne existence of an organi
zation that Erlanger said did not exist
So the syndicate managers all resigned
irom tne rroaucers. ' Later the Pro
ducers "expelled" the syndicate man
agers. Then Cort took all the .wind out of
the syndicate's sails by announcing that
he would book: any and all shows that
came along, provided they were good.
"Cort is bound hand and foot to the
Shuberts," Klaw & Erlanger walled.
To which Cort replied, "Send Along
your money-makers, and I will give
you as good terms as you extorted from
me for punk shows last year.
More 'Flop-Overs' Expected.
Even the managers who are sup
posed to be on the inside with the
syndicate, do not like the outlook.
Their territory, by Klaw & ErlangerS
edict, practically ends at the Missouri
River.. The bulk of the one-night
stands have slipped away, and one-
night stands , are mighty valuable
things to have. Several of these un
fortunate producers, fearing that next
season will wipe them out, are nego
tiating in secret, and it would not
be surprising to hear of more flops.
The list of attractions that is going
to the Far West has not yet been ar
ranged. But this sums up the situa
The Pacific Coast next season will
see the best shows in its history. The
fchuberts are going to send their stars
out West, and backed by strong com
panies, x ney nave got .to make good.
ana tney realize it. For the -."Cort Re
bellion," as it is called on the Great
White Way, has raised the greatest
rumpus in theatrical history. . .
over at Klaw & Erlanger's office
they "have nothing to say" regarding
plans for the Pacific Coast. Even
Press Agent John Murray has aban
doned his official manifestos attacking
For what is the use of savin ar that
certain man will not let von swim
wiien an me rime ne is calling:
-x,ome on in. The Pacific Coast
water is line.
Doctor Doubts Recovery of Health.
. Will Remain Blind.
NEW YORK, May 21. Clara Morris.
the former actress, had a severe sink
ing spell yesterday, and her condition
last night was reported critical.
The physician in attendance at her
home in Yonkers says no hope remains
that she will regain her sight and he is
doubtful of her recovery. .
Hovenden Acres, the old Hovenden
homestead, will be put on the market
June 1, by the Union Bank & Trust
Company, in ten-acre tracts.
The sweet, "toastie"
flavour of
Crisp, fluffy bits of
perfectly ripe white
corn -a o o k e d, rolled
and then toasted to an
appetizing brown.
Served with cream and
sometimes fruit, this
dainty food pleases the
whole family.
Give the home-folks
a treat.
"The Memory Lingers"
' Battle Creek. Mich.
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