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LOSS OF 350,000
Expert Testifies That Oregon
Trust Books Show Big
Mysterious Envelope, tAtempt Is
Made to Show, Represented Only
Sunpendcd. Entry Jury May
Oct Case Next Wednesday.
That the books of the Oregon Trust
& Savings Bank positively show a loss
of $50,000 In cash, or Its equivalent,
and that only a violent assumption
could account for the discrepancy as
a mere vgge of bookkeeping', were
the assertions of John Y. Richardson,
expert accountant, who was on the
stand yesterday morning for the pros
ecution in the trial of W. Cooper Mor
ris. Richardson experted the books
of the bank and was used as a prin
cipal witness In the recent trial of
"Walter H, Moore in the same connec
tion. Judge Oordon, attorney for Morris,
incidentally indicated a portion of the
defense's case by trying to get from
' Richardson an ad-mission that the mys
terious cash item in a brown envelope
represented no cash, but merely a sus
pended entry and that there was there
fore no loss of money represented
thereby. He framed a question to in
dicate that various '"dead" expendi
tures by depreciation were collected in
the $50,000 item and that it was used
ro swell temporarily the bank's appar
ent funds' till the crisis was over, when
it was charged off.
Juggle for Erfect Implied.
Ilichardson replied that If the prem
ises were true, the conclusion might
be and there would have been no loss.
To support this Idea, Judge Gordon
called the witness' attention to his
testimony in the Moore trial that there
had been no cash coming in on the
days when these entries appeared,
leaving the Inference that the $50,000
represented merely a juggle to improve
temporarily the apparent strength of
the bank.
Richardson gave the jury his con
clusion that the $50,000 entry was
purely fictitious and was made to force
a balance, but this was ordered stricken
out by Judge Gantenbein. The facts
upon which he based his conclusion
were, however, allowed to stand. The
prosecution is well pleased with the
showing made by Richardson and be
lieves that the second step In the chain
connecting Morris with .the disap
pearance of the money has been estab
lished. By-Laws Are Lost.
Joel M. Long, who drew the by-laws
of the bank, was called yesterday
morning by the prosecution in an ef
fort to supply the gap left by the ab
sence of the original copy of the by
. laws, which is not to be found. It is
rbe desire of the state to establish the
fact that under the rules of the bank
neither Moore nor TorrJs had author
ity to make each transfers on the
books -without -he permission of the
board of directors. Ruling on the ad
missibility of a copy of the by-laws
was reserved by Judge Gantenbein un
til Monday.
Contrary to original expectations, the
prosecution was unable to finish yes
terday noon and the case was ad
journed until Monday morning. In the
meantime it was ordered that the gen
eral ledger of the bank be left in the
custody of the counsel for the defense,
who will be held responsible for it.
The state has several more witnesses
and hopes to conclude by noon on Mon
day. The defense expects to consume
about a day in taking testimony, not
allowing for an extended cross-examination
of Morris, which is probable.
Allowing for this and for possible re
buttal testimony, tt is not likely that
the -case will go to the- jury before
Wednesday, late in the day.
Commercial Club's Oirt to President
Appreciated Through Letter.
The Portland Commercial Club is in
receipt of a personal letter from Presi
dent Taft, thanking the club for a book
.of views of Oregon scenery, given him
s a souvenir of his visit to Portland
last .rail. Tne book was delivered to
the President through the Oregon dele
gation in Congress, and the letter
reached the club through he same
channel. The letter follows:
Some time ago I received from the Port
land Commercial Club a beautiful book of
pictures of Oregon icenerv. inMiultn.. n),n
a brief history of the state, written by the
late Judge George H. Williams, and the
signatures of several thousand school chil
dren who formed a living nag on Multnomah
Field on the occasion of my visit to Fort
land last October. I wish you would convey
to the Portland Commerical Club. . and
through that organization, to the school
children of Portland, mv ineer rhnnk. mr
the remembrance. I shall never forset the
beautiful representation of the nag bv tho
thousands of school children of Porrintnl
Sincerely yours. WM H. TAFT.
The book sent was an elegant vol
ume. It was bound by a local firm for
the President and a photograph of the
iving nag of school children, beauti
fully colored, was of special interest.
It also contained hundreds of splendid
photogravures of Oregon beauty spots.
Mayor and Park Board Members
Approve Work at Macleay.
A committee from the Park Board, con
sisting of Dr. J. E. Wetherbee and E. T.
Mlsche, with Mayor Simon, visited Mac
leay Park yesterday afternoon and made
an inspection of the new city park where
the Park Board has completed its la
bors. Mayor Simon expressed himself as
pleased with the nature of the work,
which has been done in such a way as
not to mar the natural beauty but to
leave the park as rugged and beuutiful
naturally as ever.
Practically all that has been done has
been to remove the old dead undergrowth
and to put a new trail through the place
so as to make it accessible and to remove
the debris of an old flume which had
been left on the park grounds.
Women Will Cause Removal of
Rubbish and Cans.
Eugene High Klects.
EUGENE, Or., May 7. The student
body of the high school elected officers
yesterday as follows: President.
Paul Pengra; vice-president, IJryan
Tebar; secretary. Katherine Watson;
treasurer, Amos West; manager debate,
Bert Lombard; manager basketball,
Lester Koch; manager News. Marsh
Goodwin; editor News, Luton 'Ackerson;
alumni member of executive committee,
FVlward Baiiey.
If He Ioes Not Turn Out and Get
Busy on May 14, Women Will
JShame Him All Public Bod
ies Will Aid Jn Movement.
Women discovered scrutinizing the
premises in residence districts, paying
particular attention to back yards, or
even eyeing vacant lots that adjoin
buildings in the business districts, are
not taking preliminary notes for a
wholesale raid on the hidden wealth of
Portland. They are just scouts sent
out by the Portland Women's Club in
its campaign for a wholesale cleaning
up of the city, .aay 14.
The city has been districted to or
ganize the movement, and each section
will be thoroughly canvassed prior to
the date sent apart for the annihila
tion of the tin cantnd burning of rub
bish. Civic, religious, industrial and
society organizations have volunteered
their services to assist the Women's
Club in its effort to have a clean citv.
The lazy man who refuses to use a
rake on Maj- 14 will be memorialized
by the women of Portland and held up
to-ridicule for school children and pos
terity to view with horror. The wo
men will suggest, request, implore and
demand that every able-bodied man in
Portland exercise his muscle until the
unsightly yards and commons harmon
ize with well-kept parks. The women
have made no threats, so far. but sev
eral have scowled. There, a few
men in Portland who understand what
contracted eyebrows mean, and they
are already taking delight in explain
ing to their wives the intricacies of
the shovel and garden tools. Some
have discoursed on the beauties of pret
ty lawns to the extent of taklne: stens.
in advance of the day set apart for
cleaning up, to remove rubbish.
Women Will Wield Broom.
Many-women in the city declare they
will not only take part in the cam
paign, but will turn out May 14 with
brooms and calico dressed to help In
the work. This is not an idle threat,
they declare, nor is it their intention
to humiliate the men into activity, al
thought they will not object if it has
that efect. Many propose actually to
perform the duties of the stronger sex.
To the requests of Mrs. Rllen It. Mill
er, corresponding secretary of the civic
committee of the Portland Women's
Club, organizations throughout the city
have pledged their support in making
May 14 the biggest "housecleaning
day" ever known in Portland.
Miss Mary B. Day, general secretary
of the Young Women's Christian Asso
ciation, wroto to Mrs. Miller:
"I want to assure you of our hearty
appreciation of the effort the Women's
Club is making for a civic movement,
and also of our desire to co-operate
with you as an association in your
work on the second Saturday in May.
It you could suggest to us some defi
nite piece of work you would like to
liave us do, we will try to see if we
cannot accomplish it.''
M. O. Huriiy. of the Northeast Side
() on the
f) sixteenth!
(II On Monday. May 16th, Irv
Vg' ington Park lots will be ad
A vanced in price that is, what
ii iew we nave lett- Property
Vg further out, far from carlines. V&,
X without many of the ad van- J
gv tagea of Irvington Park, are 9
Ve) se!lin& at s,x and seven hun- (F
dred dollars per lot, while our
price for lots in Irvington A
Park Is $450. So. in justice (x
to ourselves, in justice to the Uli
f present owners of lote we ?
have sold In Irvington Park, S
we are going to advance the In.
price (on May 16th) to some- V
v thing near what the property
le is worth. In no part of the
X? city can be seen more and
.g. better evidence of home build- A
fx) inT than in Irvington Park. (J
VV Not for speculation, not by us Vfi;
for advertising purposes, but IT
to be occupied by the builders W
111. as homes. Take an Alberta IS,
v' car, five-cent fare, and see My
what is going on. See our Mr.
xj Schwan, on the ground, and (i
' select a site for your home
before the price advances. x
U F. B. Holbrook Co. j
jrl Room 1, Ground Floor, Wor-
V cester Bids;. &
;c Phone Main BS96. Phone A 7507
Improvement Association, wrote this
reply: ,
"Your communication of - the 12th
Inst-, relative to cleaning-up day In this
city, will be read at a meeting of the
Northeast Side Improvement Associa
tion, which takes, place this evening at
Woodman's Hall, Rodney avenue and
Russell street, at 8 o'clock, and the
members invited to co-operate."
The board of governors of the Port
land Commercial Club directed Secre
tary W. J. Hoffman to write the fol
lowing: "I was directed by the board of gov
ernors of the Portland Commercial
Club, at today's meeting, to acknowl
edge the receipt of your letter of the
11th Instant, addressed to President
Beckwith, with reference to a proposed
'municipal housecleaning day,' and to
advise you that this movement -has the
heartiest endorsement of the club. We
feel that this a most creditable move
ment, and sincerely trust your results
accomplished, will be all that you may
Dr. J. R. Wetherbee, chairman of the
Civic Improvement League, comes for
ward with this pledge:
"I shall be glad to do all I can to
assist you in this most worthy cause."
The Young Men's Christian Associa
tion is turned into an amy of workers
by this letter from H. V7. Stone, gen
eral secretary:
"I want to assure you that the Port
land Young Men's Christian Association
will be glad to co-operate with you in
any way we can towards this splendid
movement your club is making, in
seeking to clean up Portland."
The foregoing are samples of the
many letters received by rs. Miller
since the first call for volunteers was
sent out a month ago, and similar
pledges come in every day.
iiiys One
of CaLoaciiaLini Laurie!
Northern British Columbia today offers the grandest opportunity to the small
investor $5.00 per acre, two years to complete pa.yments. Companies pur
chased thousands of acres, hundred miles, two years ago, and selling today
at $13.00 per acre. We are locators, "with men on the ground for past two
years, staking tor, companies. We now offer the small investor the same op
portunity; come in and secure 80 acres or larger.
Situated in Bulkley Valley on the main line of the Grand Tnmt Tifin Tii.
way in a country settling rapidly. This acreage will sell for $20 an acre withm
next three years. Come in and talk it over
days open until 8 P. M
Open Sunday afternoon ; other
Room 639 Hamilton Building
Everything reduced at our furniture
sale starting Monday. Walter & Beck
with Furniture Company, Grand ave
nue and East Stark.
An architect of Chihuahua, Mex., has ob
tained a patent on a method for making con-
crt houses In one pf?oe.
Pastors of City Will Present Topic
From Pulpit, and Sunday
Schools will Teach It.
This is the day set aside to honor
'mother." In almost every state in
the Union "peclal services will be held
in the churches and thousands of per
sons will wear white carnations as a
loving remembrance and tribute to
their beBt friend. Portland will not
be remiss in this duty.
Hundreds of people purchased white
carnations yesterday. Although this
is the first year that Portland has rec
ognized the day to any particular ex
tent, "mother's day" promises to be a
success here, due to the energetic work
of members of the Oregon State Con
gress of Mothers.
Booths at the various department
stores and places frequented by busi
ness men were well patronized yester
day, and it is probable that there will
be few people on the street today with
out the boutonlere signifying that
"mother is remembered."
Great bunches of flowers were quick
ly disposed of at the Young Men's
Christian Association yesterday at the
noon hour, when hundreds of men
passed through the foyer on their way
to the dining-rooms. Many business
men purchased the flower-tributes for
their employes, and the little buttons
which' were sent out by the National
Congress of Mothers also quickly dis
appeared. In the churches today many of the
ministers will take "Motherhood" for
their theme, and the children attend
ing Sunday school will be instructed
in their filial duty and the love which
they should bear their parents.
New Firms Are Incorporated.
SALEM, Or.. May 7 .-(Special.)
Articles of incorporation have been
filed in the office of the Secretary of
State as follows: Santiam Fruit Colony,
principal office, Portland; capital
stock, $12,000; incorporators. James R.
Bushey, E. A. Snodgraes, Martin Eb
bcrt, J. B. Dickover and Geo. 13. Wright
man. Mutual Hotel Company, princi
pal office. Portland; capital stock, 10,
000: incorporators, F. W. Stadter, M. N.
Cavanaugh and J. M. Dunbar. Two
States Investment Company, principal
office, Portland; capital stock. $5000:
Incorporators, L. N. Russell, W. J.
Crocker and B. E. Haney. Portland
Aeroplane Company, principal office,
Portland, capital stock. $5000; incor
porators, Frank Betmann, Arthur
Langguth and P. A. Taylor. Stewart
Timber Company, principal office,
Portland; capital stock, $150,000: in
corporators, John Stewart, David E.
Stewart and William H. Powell. Purity
Cream Company, principal office, Port
land; capital stock, $20,000; incorpora
tors, William Schulmerich. J. W.
Shearer and . A. Bell. Hong Kone
Cafe, principal office. Portland; capi
tal stock $4000; incorporators. Lea
Sing Sew, Lee Quin and Hoey Chung
Cho. Oregon & Western Colonization
Company, principal office. Portland;
capital stock, $ 1 0,000 T Incorporators, F,
S. Rieder, H. H. Parker and A. E.
Rural Carrier Is Named.
ington, May 7. (Special.) Jesse M.
Henderson has been appointed rural
carrier, and Everett W. Frazler substl
tute for route No. 3 at McMinnvllle.
Have You
off the Newest Play?
10,000 PEOPLE
3000 HOMES
A small, but rapidly growing town, the future metropolis of Central Oregon;
surrounded by 750,000 acres of agricultural land and 2,000,000,000 feet of the
finest pine timber. - These natural resources coupled with its rapid develop
ment on account of the railroad's advent makes it the best little city irr Oregon
from a business point of view. Don't miss the opportunity of a ground floor entrance.
"Everybody in the East thinks, talks and dreams more about Oregon than the
Oregonians themselves."
Do You Know What This Means to You?
It means that you can double or treble your money in the next six months.
Inaction cannot do it. Call on us tomorrow and talk with the'man in charge
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Gentlemen : I am interested in your newest play, The Awakening
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T3 rm