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Improvement of Willamette
Below Oswjego Urged.'.
25 16 100
Suburbs South of Madison Street
Bridge Name Committee to Cir
culate Petitions Secretary
Prepares Statistics.
Based on carefully collated statis
tic! showing tonnage and vessels using
the Wllamette River soutn of Madison
Bridge, petitions will be presented to
the Federal government to deepen the
channel to Oswego to a depth of 30
feet. Interested In this movement are
Dak Grove. MUwaukle. Sellwood. South
Portland and Fulton, and an active Or
ganization has been formed of repre
sentative citizens from these districts
ko -present this issue to United States
engineers and the Oregron Congress
Petitions are being prepared by a
ttpecial committee and a letter is be
ing prepared addressed to the Portland.
Manufacturers' Association, Commer
cial Club and other civic organizations,
asking for their indorsement. It will
be urged that by a channel ?0 feet deep
to Oswego the Portland harbor will be
enlarged for that distance south, and
- hat it will result in opening up to use
!ong stretches of river front now of
mall value for manufacturing estab
lishments and mills. Already a consid
erable number of concerns have loca
tions south of Madison Bridge. Thb
rement factory at Oswego will ship
1000 barrels of cement a day when in
Bert C. onea. secretary of the gen
eral committee from the districts which
ire behind the movement, collected the
following dttta in approximate figures:
"The character, draft and capacity "of
the boats, etc., ere steam and sail
ocean-going vessels, oil barges towed
by steam boats, also- steam boats en
gaged in local traffic. The draft varies.
In the Summer ships drawing from 21
to 26 feet can reach Inman. Poulsen
pumber Mills and the Portland Lumber
Mills, but in the Fall the limit is 17
Iq. IS feet, on account of the water be
ing only 19 feet at zero, on account of
the Bull Run City pipe line. This may
mean an obstacle to our undertaking,
but all things considered it is not, for
the trade is supplied partly now by
ateamers capable of taking care of
their business and what would accrue
as a benefit if the cliannl was deepened
ko Oswego,- is our aim and ambition, for
Under the present conditions only two
of the mills are accomniodated.-
"The approximate freight handled Is:
Lumber 15,000,000 feet a month, for
eign: 10,000,000 feet a month, coast
wise; paper. 160 tons a day; pulp, 100
tons a day; fuel oil, 500 tons a month;
general freight, 1000 tons a month;
logs. 350,000.000 feet towed in.
'The capacity of the mills along the
water front is approximately as fol
lows per 10 hours: Inman-Poulsen
Mills, 250,000 feet; Portland'' Lumber
Mills, 250,000 feet; Oregon & Washing
ton Mills, 100,000 feet; West Side Lum
ber Mills, 100,000 feet; Multnomah'Box
and Lumber Company. 75,000 feet; Sell
wood Lumber Mills, 150,000 feet; Jones
Lumber Mills", 100,000 feet; Mllwaukia,
60,000 feet.
"When It is realized that the output
on the river is so great, with only a
channel for reaching two of the mills.
It stands to reasoi. that a 30-foot chan
nel to Milwaukie and Oswego would in
crease the volume oZ business. '
"There are a large number o con
cerns along the West Side who would
avail ...emselves of the cheaper trans
portation. The Oregon Furniture Com
pany, the chair factory, the packing
plant, the tannery and several others.
The building of the cement plant -at
Oswego with the capacity of 1000 bar
rels a day in the start is a sign of the
times. Now this company Is shipping
2000 tons of cement and 1000 tons of
iron fo the construction of the build
ings. It aims to ship largely by
water." ;.
Oriental Liner Carries Big Shipment
From Japan.
With 1100 tons of general cargo from
Oriental ports the steamt'hlp Selja en
tered yesterday. The vessel arrived up
late Friday night and was moored at the
lower end of the Alako dock. The prin
cipal item on the manifest was sulphur,
of which there were 5S37 mats. There
was only 22 packages of overland cargo.
The Government will receive very little
duty from the stuff brought ou -the
Selja. The complete manifest is as fol
lows: For Portland Sulphur, 5Sa7 pack
ages: matting, 250 rolls; merchandise. 17-M
packages; rice. 6625 bags; 'beans, 33 bags;
peanuts, 700 bags; gunnies. 125 bales; tin.
328 slabs; sake. 93 packaged; eugar, 240
bagg; chilllas, 50 bags; brooms, 28 bales.
Total, 16,035 packages.
Tomorrow the steamship Rygja. of the I
same line will arrive at Astoria. The
Rygja comes from Otaru, Japan, via
Honolulu. She sailed for the Columbia
River before the Selja, but was detained
at the island port discharging sulphur.
Advance mmifeet of the Rygja uliows
that she has on board 31,133 packages of
general cargo the principal items ro'ng
rice and sulphur. The manifest of the
Rygja will show: Japanese hard wood
logs, 1S90: hard wood boards, 5421; eulphur,
17,608 mats; gunnies, S54 bales; tin, 661,
slabs; tapioca, 600 bags; merchandise, 421
packages.; rice, 34S3 bags; pepper, 150
bags; coffee, 100 bags; tea, one chest.
Total, 31,139 packages.
Inspectors Prevent Sailing or Steam
ier and Order Fire Pump.
Installation of a new ' firo pump and
smothering pip s in the hold delayed the
steamship Golden 5ate for 21 hours and
she did not sail for Ti'.lamock Bry ports
until late last evening. Till veswi was
scheduled to rail at 10 o'clock Friday
night, but was held up for a day.
The Golden Gats was Inspected Fri
day morning and the local board ordered
the installation of smothering pipes and
a. Are pump. The Golden Gate, on last
inspection, was engaged in the fishing
trade and as a tender, it was not neces
sary for her to carry fir lighting ap
paratus. On engaging in the business of
a general grader the pipas and pump
are necessary.
British Steamship Inverness Clears
With Fnll Cargo.
Carrying 2,836,662 feet of lumber, valued
at J34.776, the British steamship Inver-J
nesa clsatgd yesterday for Calcutta. The
cargo was dispatched by Balfour. Guthrie
& Co. The Inverness left down at 2
o'clock In the afternoon.
- The Inverness is the second of the lum
V iiox vessels to clear foreign (or the pre-
They are earning at present from 25 to J.00
on every dollar now invested'by our customers
iVrtnr rt i.'i. i,.. i t -i I. r i m"'-i;j jir X j:Jn. -ytSt - f if Y'rxrT" ""I - &-
ent month. .The British ship Manx King
got away Thursday with 1,167,270 feet
for Port Adelaide. One or -two cargoes
will finish before the end of the month.
While April lumber shipments will fall
short of the exports for February and
March they will make a good showine
and May will line up with an exceptional
ly big showing. The steamship Knight of
the Garter, under, chprter to the China
"EJxport!ng-& Importing Company, will be
Dae to Arrive
Nam. From. Dt
Bella. . Honckonr. ... la port
Bu H. E'moro. TlllamooK. . . Apr. 17
lUnona Ccos Bar.... Apr. IT
Kr.ennKe. ... . .Fm Pedro. . Apr. J7
Rygja Otarn Apr. 18
B"p Out aan PranclJK Apr. 18
Banti Clara. .. .Ban Francisco Apr. 20
Golden Gate. . . Tillamook... . . Apr. 21
Oro i Kider. .San Par- Apr. 23
Falcon San Francisco Apr. 24
KautCltT .. Sao ?ruar!sc. Apr. 25
Kenrlk Tbsen.. HntrVopa. . . June 1
Hercules.. . . . . Honekontr. . . .Jun; 4
Scheduled to Oeaart.
Name. For Date.
RysJa - Honxkone. . . .Apr. IT
vi. H Elmore. '1 il... iuk Apr. 19
Roanoke Stn Francisco Apr. 19
Ramona ro Est ... Apr. 20
P"Hn Hoovhonc. Apr 21
nolnn fiat.. .. T!1 -monk ...Apr. 22
Santa Clara Sin Francisco Apr. 23
hocf CiiT zn fr -MriciscJ Apr. 23
Oeo V BUder. .Pap Podro. . . Apr. 2tJ
Falcon Ban Pedro Apr. 27
Kansos fit. . . . Ksn Francisco Apr. 30
H'firfk Thsca . . HonirVcnK. . . June 12
Hercules. ...... Honjrknnjr. . . . June Id
Entered Saturday.
Tellowstone, Am. steamship. (Lud
low), with general carg-o, from San.
Golden Gate, Am. steamship. (An
derson), with general cargo, from
Asuncion. Am. steamship, (Brid-g-ett),
with fuel oil, from San Fran
cisco. Cleared Saturday.
Inverness. Br. steamship, (Venus),
with 2,890.002 feet of lumber valued
at $34,773. for Calcutta.
Golden Gate, Am. -steamship. XAni
dersun), with general cargo for Till
amook. Asuncion, Am. steamship, (Brid
a;ett), with b&llosftfoi- &an Francis
co. here In May and will take out a record
breaking cargo. She will talw a full
cargo at Portland, and it is estimated
that sh will carry close to 5,000.000. The
craft registers 4295 net tons. She is
bound to San Francisco with coal for
the Government.
AVork on Dredge Clilnook Delayed
5y Demand Which Is Refused.
Rivet men to the number of 20, em
ployed on t'n dredge Chinook at the
Marine Iron Works, St. Johns, caused a
small sized commotion at the works
Friday night when a dr-mand was made
for higher wages. The request for an
advance from $4 a day to $tia day was
refused and the men struck; At noon
yesterday all places had been tilled and
the work proceeded.
Alleging that they could do twice the
amount of work in a given time if pai3
than they could for 4, the men said
they felt that they should receive the
higher scale of wage and let the con
tractors for the dredge reap the bene
fit. Manager Machen took a different
'Concert by Mme. TA"urla Is Fare-
well ta British Mariners.
The concert given by Mme. d'Auria
Friday, evening In the Institute hall o(
the Seamen's Friend Society proved a
great success. The. concert was a- fare
well to the officers and crew of the Brit
ish ship Brabiock, who are about toail
after a long stay In port.
Captain McKay, Chief Officer Oakley
and all the crew attended. Sailors from
ot.her shins in oort were also nresent.
t, Mme.Nd'Auria was In good voice and
I was called again and again to the plat
form. Every number on the programme
was applauded. The programme was:
Chorus, "Blessed Be the God and
Father," St. David's choir; solos, Miss
Fowler and Mr. Thomas; Flower Song,
Miss Olga Golberg; "The Thistle Down,"
Women's Club chorus: "The Glow
Worm," Highland Glee Club; solo, Mrs.
Charles Heft; solo, Mr. Wilmot; solo.
Miss Margueretta d'Auria; chorus "From
Thv Yvi itg a Father." St- David's
I choir; solo,. Miss Suza Jones; -songs.
Mme. d Aurla.
The concert next Friday evening will
Jje given by Mrs. Kathleen Lawler
Fiji Line Is Announced.
VANCOUVER, B. C.. April 16.
(Special.) A new shipping line, to be
composed of sailing vessels. Is to be
operated between this port and the
FIJI Islands by local and Belllngham
capitalists, in connection with a trade
in hardwood which' the company is
about to establish. The men have pur
chased 65,000 acres of hardwood In the
Fljis, and on the outward voyages of
the sailing vessels .from this port they
will carry British Columbia fir and
cedar. A saw and planing mill is to be
erected here and one at Belllngham for
the purpose of manufacturing the hard
wood into doors, sashes and interior
finishing. The new concern consists
of J. S. Emerson, of Vancouver; J. Af
Ward Bell, of Vancouver: George W.
Loggie, of Belllngham, and J Warren
Bell, of Suva. '. -
Wireless Messages .Heard in River.
While at anchor at Walker's Island
Friday night, the wireless operator on
board the steamship Asuncion, Captain
Brldgett, heard messages passing be-
tween the temship W. S. Porter and
Two double boilers and two
the Marine Iron Works, at St. Johns for the United States engineer
dredge Ciinook. Work on the boilers has proceeded so rapidly that
the Job will be completed within five weeks. The old boilers were
lifted from the- vessel and Btrfpped and new tubes were placed In
position. The boiler shown' is' one of the smaller and measures 14x17
feet. The Job Is the largest fepiler Job handled North Of San Francisco.
the station- at North Head. Messages
passing between, the Perkins Hotel sta
tion at Portland, and St- Helens and As
toria" were also heard. The picking up
of. messages from a--ahip at sea by an
other vessel anchored In the river and
well inside the Coast mountains is an
unusual occurrence.
Berlin Leaves (or Alaska, Tomorrow
and Others Follow.
ASTORIA. Or., April 16. (Special.)
The first, of the local Alaska salmon
fleet, the Portland - Alaska Packers'
Association's ship Berlin, will sail for
Nushagak River, Bristol Bay, -tomorrow
morning. The Alaska Fishermen's
Packing Company's ship, W. B. Flint,
will be ready to sail on Monday morn
ing, and it is expected the ship St.
Nicholas, belonging to the Columbia
River Packers' Association, will sail on
Tuesday. v
The Alaska. Fishermen's Packing
Company's ship St. Francis sailed from
San Francisco about a week ago, and
as these vessels are bound for the
Nushagak River, it is expected they
will reach their destination about the
same time.- The Jabez Howes, which Is
to take machinery and' supplies to the
Colombia River Packer's Association's
new cannery at Ghlgnlk Bay, will not
sall, before the latter part of the com
ing week.
Steamer to Be Fined $10,000.
VICTORIA, B. C, April 16. The new
steamer Protest laus, of the Blue Funnel
I 1-Jne, on her return from Tacoma on
j Monday will be fined $10,000 for bringing
mora vheiu rctiuiiLeu unuer ino
customs laws, which permit one new ar
rival only for every BO tons of the regis
tered tonnage. The Protesllaus brought
190 CrdtfamenOYer 50 more than the cus
toms laws permit. .
Sew Tug Service Arranged.
GARDINER. Or.. April 16. (Special.)
The Simpson Lumber Company's tug
Astoria having been condemned by the
' Sent1 ;.
single boilers are being? repaired at
M a hi t
33d and Fremont streets.
A view of all Portland.
The highest point on the beauti
ful Alameda.
LOTS $1200.00 AND UP
Automobiles' leave
every hour Sunday
Inspectors, the tug Gleaner, owned by
the GardinerMill Company, will do the
towing: for both the Umpqua and Coos
Bay bar. It Is expected that, a new
tug will be built this Summer (or the
Simpson Lumber Company, probably on
Coot Bay.- . "-
Marine Notes.
A corrected manifest of the steamship
Falcon shows 152 bales of wool from Ken
newick for Boston..
With passengers and freight from Coon
Bay ports the steamship Ramona is due
to arrive this afternoon. . ,
The oil tank steamship Catania is due
to arrive today from San Francisco with
fueKoil for the Associated Oil Company.
The steamship Agunclon discharged
fuel oil at Unnton yesterday for the As
sociated Oil Company. She left down at
midnight. x
With 208 passengers and a "full cargo
of general merchandise the steamship
Kansas City sailed for San Francisco
at 9 o'clock yesterday morning.
' Astoria Marine Notes.
ASTORIA. Or.. April 16 (Special.)
The steamer Falcon sailed today for
San Francisco, with freight from Port-
i land, en route to Atlantic Coast points,
i The steam schooner Shoshone ar
rived today from San Francisco, and
will load lumber at St. Helens.
The steam schooner Tamalpais ar
rived today from San Francisco with a
cargo of cement for Portland.
The gasoline schooner Oshkosh ar
rived today from Alsea Bay with 2951
cases of salmon for Elmore & Co.
The British ship Manx King arrived
down from Portland today and will
finish .loading lumber at the Hammond
mill for-Australia.
The gasoline schooner Wilhelmina
1500 acres of this estate, beautiful lying land, plats just completed and filed
and now offered for sale. . "
2200 acres adjoining this has been sold in small tracts and is developed in
fruit, berries and suburban homes. ' ' '
We have nine general merchandise stores, five churches and four good public
schools accessible from these' tracts; blacksmith shop, feed and supply houses
and warehouses convenient. Free delivery of merchandise, also rural free deliv
ery of mails: good telephone service, wonderfully rapid community development.
. Very fertile soil, no rock, graveL hills or cold white land, but gently rolling
country, platted into tracts of Yz to 20 acres each Completed and traveled road
to each tract. -
' "Within the 10-mile circle of the Courthouse and only 40 minutes ride; 8 elec
trie cars and 5 steam trains each way per day accommodate this locality.
TVe have timbered land with running water at $125.00 to $200.00 per acre.
All cleared land, Teadjr for crop, at $200.00 per acre and up.
Some tracts with home buildings and some with orchards just coming into
bearing, at reasonable prices and all 'upon such terms as you care to undertake.-
Call at our offices, 245 Stark street and arrange to go with us, without ex
pense to you, and enlarge on our every assertion.
o o
In the Country. Club district.
. LOTS $450.00 AND UP
Including all improvements.
East Ankeny-IJydePark car to
end of the line You'll
. . see the sign.
our office
Jump in!
time 0
PHONES MAIN 6869, A 6267
arrived today from Taquina with gen
eral cargo for Portland. -
The steamer Roanoke will arrive at
7:30 this evening from San Pedro and
Ban Francisco with freight and passen
gers for Portland.
The tank steamer Catania arrived off
the bar this afternoon from California
with a cargo of crude oil for Portland
and will cross in this evening.
Inspectors Ames and Weldin were
here today and Inspected the steamers
North Star and Myrtle.
The steam schooner Nome City sailed
today for San Francisco with a cargo
of lumber loaded at St. Helens.
V The steamar- Kansas City sailed this
evening for San Francisco with freight
and passengers from Portland.
The steamer Coaster, with a cargo of
lumber from the Hammond mill, sailed
for San Francisco this evening. ;
. Arrivals and Departures.
PORTLAND, April 16. Arrived Steam
ship Asuncion, from San Francisco. Sailed
Steamship Kansas City, for San Francisco;
British steamship Inverness, for Calcutta.
Astoria. Or., April 16. Condition at the
mouth of the river at 5 P. M.. smooth;
wind northwest SiO miles; weather, clear.
Sailed at 5 A. M. Steamer Nome City, for
San Francisco. Arrived and left up during
the night, gasoline schooner Wilhelmina;
left up at 9 A M. Schooner Oshkosh. Ar
rived at 5:30 and left up at 7 A. M.
Stsamers Shoshone a&d Tamalpais. from San
Francisco. - Sailed tt (t A. M. Steamer Fal
con, for San Francisco. Arrived down at
3 P. M. Steamer Kansas City; arrived
down during: night British ship ManxJvlng.
Ban Francisco, April 16. Arrived at 8
A- M. Steams Geo. TV". Elder, from Port
land. Sailed at 1 P. M. Steamer Rose
City, for Portland; sailed at 2 P. M.. steam
er Klamath, for Portland. Steamer Santa
Clara In v.tow of tug- Hercules left Table
Bluff at 11 A. M. for this port.
Liverpool. April 10. Sailed April 14.
French bark Hoc he. for Portland.
Neab Bay. April 16. Arrived Bargre
Washlng-tcrn. from Portland
San Francisco, April 1 6. Arrived Steam
MAIN 35 ' A 3500
ers Ttedondo. from Coos Bay; Geo. W. Elder,
from Portland : Burkman, from Seattle.
Sailed Ship Bohemia, for Bristol Bay;
bark Emily F. Whitney, for Bristol Bav;
steamers Sierra, for Honolulu; G. C. Lln
dauer, for Grays Harbor; President, for Se
attle; Hyades. for Honolulu, via. Seattle an-i
Tacoma; Klamath, for Antorla: F.Uzabeth,
for Bandon; Norwood, for Grays Hkrbor.
Hongkong, April 16. Arrived previously
Cyclops, from Liverpool tor Tacoma; Se
attle Maru, for Tacoma.
Southampton, April 16. Sailed St. Paul,
for New York.
Havre, April la Sailed V Bretagne, for
New 'Tork.
Stettin. April 16. Arrived Belle of
Spain, for Victoria, B. C
New York, April 16. Arrived t,a Toor
ralne, from Havre. Sailed Caronla for
Liverpool; St. Louis, for Southampton; Bal
tic, for Liverpool ; Cretie, for Naples.
Ganoa, April 11. Sailed Taormlna. for'
New York; 12th. Memphis, for San Fran
cisco. Marseilles. April 14. Sailed Amiral Du
perre. for San Franclaco.
Hamburg. April 14. Sailed Radamea, for
"Dover, April 16. Sailed Kroonland, for
New York. -
New York, April 16 Sailed La Gaacogne,
for Havre.
London, April " 16. Sailed Calrnrona, for
Portland: Lancastrian, for Boston; Minoe
tonka, for New York.
Tides at Astoria Sunday-. t
0:03 P. M 7.0 feet'2:25 P. M ... .0.4 foot
Hallways Fined for Xeglect-
SAX.T LAKE CITT. April 16. Held
g-ullty on elgrht of the 14 counts whicli
charged violation of the Federal stat
utes firoverninsr safety appliances, tha
! Rio Grande Railway Company was dl
j rected by Federal Judgre John Marshall
yesterday to pay a fine of $800 and
coats. The Oregon Short Line was
found guilty on one count of a similar
charpre, and a penalty of $10J was as
sessed against the company. '