The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, February 06, 1910, SECTION FOUR, Page 12, Image 48

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New 15-Story Block Will Be
Tallest Structure in
Tenants on Site at Fifth and Alder
Streets Are Ordered, to Vacate
Quarters. Structure to
He Monumental.
On March 10 the work of building
Portland's tallest building will cont
inence, when the John B. Yeon 15-story
building at the northeast corner of
Fifth and Alder streets will be start
ed on Its Journey skyward. This grreat
structure, to cover a quarter-block.
Mil bo the tallest building: in Portland,
with a height of 198 feet. A city ordi
nance planes 200 feet as the utmost
height to which a building can be built
At present the tallest building In Port
land is the Oregonian tower, which
has a height of 196 feet. The Wells
Fargo building.. 182 feet. and the
Kpalding building. 168 feet, are the
tallest buildings, exclusive of towers.
Notice was given the tenants of the
Feon property at Fifth and Alder
itreets yesterday. to move out by March
5. Then the old shacks on the property
will quickly be torn away, and exca
vation will be started for the monster
uilding. The contracts for the work
tvlll be let this week, and according to
figures received, the structure will cost
between $600,000 and $650,000. It will
be a rush order of work from start to
finish. Mr. Yeon saying yesterday that
the building would be completed and
ready for occurancy by March 10, 1911.
Twelve months is the full limit of
time allowed in the contract for the
erection of the hullding.
The building will be 100 by 100 feet,
with a light court on the east side 28
by 50 feet. There will be 365 offices
In the building, exclusive of th3 base
ment, first and second floors. The
first and second floors will be reserved
for store purposes, and the basement
will be constructed for occupancy by a
high-class grill.
Building to Be Imposing.
The exterior of the building will pre
sent an imposing appearance. The cor
nice will stand out nine feet all around
the structure, even on the east and
north sides. Mr. Yeon says this will
be made possible, by the fact that
neighboring buildings will in all proba
bility never be built as tall as his
structure, and he will secure a permit
from the owners of the property, with
an agreement to remove the cornice at
any time the adjoining property own
ers so demand. This cornice effect will
give the building a completed appear
ance rarely found in a large office
The main entrance will be on the
Fifth street side, and will be hand-
omely furnished with mosaics, mar
bles and highly ornamented decora
tions. The finish of the exterior will
be terra cotta of light color with orna
mentation to the fifth floor, a blank
appearance from the fifth to the
12th floor, while the space taken by
the 12th. 13th and 14th stories will be
broken by a number of Ionic columns
extending the height of the three
stories between the windows. The
walls of the 15th story, which lies In
the shadow of the heavy cornice, are
blghly ornamented.
The finish and equipment of the
building will be of the finest possible.
There will be four swift electric pas
senger elevators, an Immense steam
heating plant and electric generating
plant, a vacuum cleaning plant, hot and
cold water and clothes closets in every
room, and every convenience and ele
gance known. The woodwork will all
be solid mahogany or oak. There will,
however, be but little wood In the
building. With the building designed
as absolutely fireproof and as a class
A structure, the woodwork 'has been
limited to the casing, doors and trim
mings. The building will be of steel
and reinforced concrete design, and the
concrete floors will add not only to
the flreproofing of the structure, but
will act as a sound deadener.
Finish Elegant Tlirougliout.
One feature of the building will be
the elegance of the finish of the halls
and corridors through the entire build
ing. The corridors will all be tiled, and
they will also be wainscoted with huge
marble slabs extending to 'the same
height as the doors. This will add to
making the halls light, as well as sani
tary and beautiful. The lighting fix
tures in the building will ail be of the"
finest, and the little details of finish
have been worked out to a nicety so
as to guarantee a building which will
stand as a monument in the city and
which will not deteriorate with age.
The walls will be built heavy enough
to carry three additional stories, but
Mr. Yeon says he has no idea of car
rying the building beyond the 15-story
mark either now or at any future date.
The permit for the erection of this
building will not appear in the 1910
list of buildings. Mr. Yeon secured the
permit on December 17 to aid in
financing the structure. This has now
been completed, and the work on the
big building will soon become an act
uality. The building was designed by
Keid Bros., architects, of San Francis
co, whose first work in Portland was
the designing of The Oregonian build
ing, completed in 1S93, when this build
ing was as much a monument in Port
land as the Yeon building will now be
come. How Property Has Advanced.
The site for this building was pur
chased by Mr. Yeon in 1904 for $160,000.
It is 100x100 feet, and has been bring
ing In a good revenue. Mr. Yeon said
yesterday that when he purchased the
property many of his acquaintances said
he should have had a guardian ap
pointed to keep him from throwing his
money away.
When he waa later offered $200,000
for the quarter block the doubters were
silenced, and now Mr. Yeon tells of an
offer of $400,000 made three weeks ago
and of $450,000 made last week. The
latter offer, he says, was accompanied
by a check of $40,000 to bind the deal,
and this, he says, he returned to the
owner with the statement that $450,000
was not enough for his corner. A quar
ter block at Fifth and Morrison street
was sold but a week ago for $515,000,
and Mr. Yeon bases the valuation of
his ground much upon this sale.
Portland, Me., Has Heavy Snow.
PORTLAND. Me.. Feb. E. Breaking
all records for snowfalls since 18S8.
when there was a fall of 22 inches, a
sudden storm has left this section of
Maine buried under a 16-inch blanket
of heavy snow. In Portland the sched
ules of both electric and steam roads
axe disarranged, while shipping doe
not Yentur out 1 sort, -yj - -
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';rT a ."
Reid Bros., Architects.
Property Owners Near Steel Bridge
Ask for Connection With New
Oregon-Street Location.
A petition has ben filed with the
City Auditor by residents and property-owners
on Holladay avenue, Lar
rabee and Crosby strets, near the Wil
lamette River, asking the city to build
a viaduct from Holladay avenue to the
new railroad bridge soon to be con
structed. This petition is signed by practically
all residents affected by the removal
of the railroad bridge from Holladay
avenue to Oregon street. It is set forth
in the petition that this viaduct is to
be built in such a manner that It will
not Interfere In any way with the
tracks of the O. R. & N. Company un
derneath. This viaduct, if built, will be some
thing over 400 feet long to reach the
approach of the railroad bridge on Ore
gon street, and may be built on Lar
rabee street. Petitioners made a
strong effort to prevent the removal
of the bridge from Holladay avenue to
Oregon street, but having failed, now
ask for this viaduot. They set forth
that they have much valuable property
on Holladay avenue, where investments
were made on the supposition that the
railroad bridge would remain, and
which will be greatly depreciated in
value if they are not provided with
this . direct connection with the new
railroad bridge.
glowing' colors, with Columbia support
ing the flagstaff. and In the eagle's
mouth are the words: "Let us have
peace." Mr. Parrish's words are ex
ceedingly well chosen, have the right
National swing to them, and can be
sung without fear of arousing sectional
ism either in North or South, the
words make you want to shout, and
the chorus carries along the patriotic
strain. Of course, the music Emmett
wrote to the original "Dixie" is too
well known to require any commenda
tion here It Is loved all the world
over and In the opinion of many is the
the real music to the real American
National anthem. The music to "The
Star Spangled Banner" is taken from
an old English drinking tune. Dr.
Parvln'a arrangement for the piano Is
done In excellent taste, and will do
much to popularize the song. The lat
ter deserves a cordial welcome not only
in Oregon but all over the country as a
new National song worth singing. It
will stir all who hear it.
New National Song From Oregon.
"Dixie to Date" Is a new patriotic
song which has just been received for
review, and It Is well worth attention.
Its patriotic words are by Rob Roy
Parrish, of Independence, Or., music by
Daniel Decatur Emmett, and the musi
cal arrangement Is by Z. M- Parvln,
Mus. Doc, of this city. The title
page looks so patriotic that one
gets a thrill looking at It. The
American flag is represented in soft.
Police Think: Mount Tamalpais Skel
eton May Reveal Murder.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 5. The po
lice of the cities about San Francisco
Bay are exerting every energy today
to identify the skeleton of the woman
found on the slope of Mount Tamal
pais by mountain climbers last Thurs
day. Officers, working on the case are
convinced that the young woman was
murdered but at present they are ex
erting all their efforts to Identify the
The records of missing persons In
the police headquarters and morgues
of this city and Oakland are being
searched. It Is believed by some, how
ever, that the skeleton may be that
of a tourist, and in an effort to verify
this theory the description will be sent
broadcast over the country. In Marin
County, where the body was found,
excitement prevails and crowds are
searching the mountain side for ad
ditional clews.
The municipal records show that no
less than 108 women have been reported
since the fire as missing, at least nine
of whom,- according to their descrip
tions, may have been the missing girl.
Morgan & Robb, 250 Stark- St., can
write your Burglary Insurance.
Full 15 minutes or
longer after boiling com
mences Then you not only get
the fine color, fragrance
(all its own), but' the
clear brain and steady
nerves of "days of old."
. Trust to Intelligence.
You cannot by process of law pre
vent any one from drugging them
'selves to death. We must meet the
evil by an appeal to the intelligence.
One of the drugs that does the
most harm to Americans, because of
its widespread use and apparent in
nocence, is coffee.
Ask any regular coffee drinker if
he or she is perfectly well. At least
one-half are not.
Only those with extra vigor can
keep well against the dally attack of
caffeine (in the coffee). The heart
and pulse gradually lose strength;
dyspepsia, kidney troubles and nerv
ous diseases of some sort set in and
the clearly marked effects of coffee
poisoning are shown.
These are facts and worth. any
one's thought.- The reasonable and
sensible thing Is to leave It off and
shift to Postum. The poison that
has been secretly killing is thus
withdrawn and a powerful rebuild
ing agent put to work.
The good effects generally begin
to show inside of 10 days. If health
and comfort are worth anything to
you, try it.
"There's a Reason" for
Postum Cereal Company, Ltd., Battle Crek, Mich.
Our Annual Savings in Interest and Taxes
Because We Built on the East Side
Do you know that West Side Business Property is getting entirely too high for the Furniture Business? Do you see the newspaper
accounts from day to day of single lots selling f or $2"50.000.00, of quarter blocks for $350,000.00 and $400,000.00? Do you know that
Furniture is so bulky that it take a building covering a quarter block and from four to six stories high to display even $50,000.00 worth
of Furniture? Now, suppose we had built on the West Side, naturally the investment would have been hundreds of thousands of
dollars more than our present investment, and the extra money involved would have had to be reckoned with from an interest stand
point, while much larger taxes would also have had to be considered. Then suppose we had sold the same quantity of furniture
during the, year, is it not reasonable that we would have had to charge our customers more than $25,000.00 a year extra for the
very same furnishings? Is there any way we could have avoided it? Now, supose we were paying rent on the West Side,' the landlord
would have hacLlo have a proit on his investment, making our expense of doing business still larger. If anyone can figure out how
West Side merchants can sell furniture so low as we do, he will be the greatest mathematician we ever saw. There must be a reason
for all things. Our business for January was 80 per cent larger than that of January of last year, which is evidence that the people
are rapidly learning that our prices are lowest.
$37.50 1 Three-Piece Parlor
Set, Very Special at $28.15
Birch mahogany, three pieces, plush
upholstered seats.
$60 3-Piece Parlor Set $45
Selected birch mahogany, loose cush
ion seats, .covered with silk plush;
neat panel back, brass trimmed feet.
$60 Karpen Parlor Set $45
Best birch mahogany, fully guaran
teed upholstering, in fine figured
tapestry; imitation crotched mahog
auv back.
$38.00 China Closet $28.00
Quartered oak, golden polish finish;
has mirror in baek of top shelf;
also has mirror back piece on top
shelf of cabinet ; bent-glass sides and
door, four shelves, large and roomy.
$21 China Closet now $16
Quarter-sawed oak, bent-glass ends
and swell front; mirror in back of
top piece, three shelves.
$22.50 Oak Buffet at $17.00
Quartered oak, 'golden finish, with
two small drawers and a large bin;
good French plate beveled mirror;
very tasty in design. ,
$40 Gent's Chiffonier $30
Quartered oak, golden finish, ward
robe front, nine compartments, ad
justable mirror, sliding suit hang
ers; attractive and useful.
$37.50 Gent's Chiffonier,
Quartered Oak, for $28.15
Quartered oak, golden finish, seven
drawers, adjustable mirror; conven
ience in a nutshell. Just exactly
the thing for man or boy.
$13.50 Imitation Mahogany
Rocker Special at $10.15
Imitation mahogany Rocker, with
rush seat and back, Tope-shaped legs
and back posts.
$6 Reception Chair $4.50
Quartered oak,, golden finish, fluted
legs, earved back, saddle seat; well
selected grain. A rare bargain.
$11.50 Roman Seat $8.50
Quartered oak, golden finish. A neat
hall or reception piece.
$12.50 Roman Seat $9.00
Quartered oak, early English finish,
slatted baek ; tasty design) beautiful
ly finished.
Your home is incompletely furnished
till a Macey Sectional Bookcase oc
cupies its favorite niche in your par
lor or library. We are East Side
agents for these famous Bookcases.
$37.50 Oak Dresser $28.15
Full quartered oak, golden Colonial
pattern, rectangular mirror, 26x32,
trench plate, beveled.
$37.50 Circassian Walnut
Dresser, Special at $28.15
Circassian walnut, carefully select
ed grain, swell front, shaped French
plate beveled mirror, 24xd0.
$50 Oak Dressers $37.50
Princess Dresser in the quartered
polden oak; larg-e and massive Co
lonial four-post design, top 24x45,
mirror 24x40.
$45 Princess Dress 'r $33.75
Quartered oak, golden finish, ser
pentine front, 2 small and 1 large
drawers, finished inside and out;
shaped mirror, 24x40.
$33.75 Dresser for $25.30
Selected birdseve maple, serpentine
front, .. finished inside and out,'
drawer bottoms cannot warp ; top
22x42 inches, mirror 24x30, beveled
French plate.
$23 Weath'd Hall Tree $17
Solid oak, weathered finish, French
beveled plate mirror, 16x28 inches,
umbrella holder; also chest for rub
bers, etc This is an odd piece, the
only one left of its line, and it is be
ing offered extraordinarily low
having been rjneed low to start with.
nuxbt y tde- fantify ze rtv time at
the UMeWice tinted daity. the
od Uwe &hc&u? do vou ke&h it
eoveed tfeeau&e it id &e?iatefied and
vmf foavf flubt teeeived a new
lint Sotfa dining and fia&h
ta&Ceb In- oak and ntahogan. vh
Souffit tfoem in vif Sa& fuanti
tie& and got- a AjweiaS Saaln vont
tfiv -ffOetokfo and ahc giving ouv eub
tont&Klr an e&jweiaCfy Sow- jPUee.
$22.50 Solid Oak Dining
Table, Special for $16.90
Solid oak, golden finish, round ped-
base, neatly veneered,
$15 Oak Din'g Table $11.25
Solid oak, golden and weathered,
round and square, 42-inch top, ex
tends six-feet.
$15 Extension Table $11.25
Solid oak, golden and weathered,
round top, pedestal base, six-foot
extension ; a bargain at the regular
price, a snap at the special price.
$18 Extension Table $13.50
Square, 5 square legs, 42x42-inch
top when closed, extends six feet;
early English finish. One almost
the same in golden finish at same
$22.50 Ext's'n Table $16.90
Round top, 48x48 inches, early Eng
lish finish, plain and neat pedestal
base, 6-foot extension.
$13.25 Oak Din'g Table $10
Round, golden finish, good work
manship ; extra values.
$24 Oak Dining Table $18
Quartered oak, srolden finish, five
large round legs, with claws on bot
tom ; 4o-inch ton. 6-foot extension
$35 Extension Table $26.25
Quartered oak, golden finish, round
top, 45x45 inches, heavy pedestal
base, claw feet; extends six ieet.
$50 Extension Table $37.50
Quartered oak, golden finish, round
top, 54xo4 inches, extends b ieet.
$65 Extension Table $48.75
Golden oak, full quarter sawed, 54
inch top, 8 feet extension, cluster
pedestal, massive design.
$75 Extension Table $56.25
Quarter sawed oak, golden wax fin
ish, round top, 54x54 inches, extends
to 8 feet, plain pedestal base; beau
tifully selected grain, and a genuine
$10 Library Table at $7.50
Solid oak, fumed finish, square top,
36x36 inches; well made and exiel
lent value.
$32.50 Libr'y Table $24.50
Quartered oak, wax finish; top 30x
46 inches, Cadillac make, with desk
feature in each end, having ink well,
pencil holders and stationery recep
$20 Library Table at $15
Fumed oak, one drawer, top 24x36
inches : good shelf, braced legs. ' Kar
pen make. ' -
$24 Library Table for $18
Quartered oak, early English finish,
top 24x32 inches, five drawers; neat
pattern and a useful article.
$11.50 Library Table $8.60
Plain oak, golden finish, top 22x36
inches. Just the thing for a small
room. Also have this ia the ' early
English finish.
$45 Library Table $33.75
Quartered oak, golden finish ; top 30
by 48 inches ; massive design, 1 long
drawer, with small ones on each end.
A big beauty.
Cor. E,
$37.50 Le'her Couch $31.90
Genuine black leather, tufted and
beautifully fluted around edges ;
claw feet.
$32.50 Couch for $24.40
Fabricord leather, black and smooth,
very highest class of imitation leath
er, quartered oak frame, gol.len fin-
lsn, snowing au around; lias Ureak
$36 Leather Couch at $30
Genuine black leather, tuftsd; leath
er completely covers frame; claw
feet. A rare bargain.
$18 Sq'reTube Bed $13.50
Iron Beds, made in artistic desitm,
square posts and square spindles. We
have dressers to match.
$14 Cottage Bed at $10.50
Gray enamel, square posts and fill
ers. Dressers to match.
$15 Cottage Bed at $11.25
Ivory enamel, square outline, with
round spindles. Just the thing for
children's room.
$18 Iron Beds Go at $13.50
Square post and square filler; white,
full size. A very pretty bed, with,
metal castings.
$15.00 Iron Beds at $11.00
Massive style, white, three-quarter
$3.25 Smyrna Rug $2.45
Varied colors and designs, 39 by 60
$6 Smyrna Rug, 4x7, $4
Durable; a good bargain.
$7.75 Navajo Rugs $5.75
Made from finest selected Arizona
wool, dyed with the best vegetable
dyes ; guaranteed not to fade ; varied
colors and designs.
$8.00 Sanitary Rugs, 9xl2..S5.95
$2.75 Rugs, 3x6 SI. 95
$5 Navajo Rugs, 3x5, $3.75
Same as above, special size.
$7125 Brussels Rugs $4.75
Oriental and floral designs, with
serviceable colorings. Size 6x9.
$4.75 Kurdistan Rug $3.65
Size 4x6 feet.
Assorted colors; very serviceable,
same quality in 3x5 size, reduced
from $2.50 to $1.85
Axminster Remn'ts at Cost
We have several short rolls of good
Axminster Carpet, 16 to 20 yards
each, to clear out. No profit is ex
pected on same.
One Hall Runner, bordered
4x15, Brussels, at $10.00
15c Green Burlap, 6c Yard
This is slightly damaged.
$125 Brussels Carpet 75c
We have several patterns of this 10
wire . Tapestry Brussels Carpet in
remnants of from 15 to 40 yards,
suitable for small rooms; will sew,
line and lay same at 75 cents a yard,
which is not full cost, but remnants
are in the way and valueless to us.
$1.50 Inlaid Linoleum $1.00
Floral and black patterns imported
Inlaid Linoleum Remnants. One
piece containing 15 yards, one piece
containing 20 yards, one piece con
taining 514 yards, one piece contain
ing 7 2-3 yards, one piece containing
2212 yards.
$7.50 Two-Burner Alcohol
Gas Stoves, Special $5.65
Two burners, free from odor; much
more safe than gasoline and cleaner
than ordinary gas.
$12.75 Three-Burner Alco
hol Gas Stoves for $9.60
Three burner, black japan finish;
stands on four lejrs ; takes the place
of a gas plate. Ordinary family cook
ing can be done on this stove.
$5 Alcohol Gas Stove $3.75
One burner, nickel-plated, just the
thing for sickroom or living-room,
where very light cooking is being
done, or hot water is often required.