The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 31, 1909, SECTION TWO, Page 9, Image 21

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v ant M .nday.
Hotel clerk tc'l a-5t.. $;o wwk and
Cook, euntry hotel. $45; family cock. 1 35.
1 waitress s, same country hotel. $-0.
Ws :rre. cMaibernutid. $25. same
country fctel
2 wlr;iw'. $! snd a week, close in.
Coird r.ure g.rl.
2 kitchen he'.p;r. $2 room ar.d board.
I.i i ir.'i country. $15.
H"Uh.'M help of ail kmd.
2 flTn to attend narlih'-u; at a year
r u.d health rvs-rt. $4o and to and loom
and hoard; op with m experience a a
nia--st i-e prdTTod.
34.1", Washington bt., Ur. 7th. Upstairs.
nOK and he'pT, camp.
j 'nnks In rifv.
f'hambmatd and w!trM, out of
ity. S2.V room and bard. far advanced.
r'hnml'T work, in rit v.
cir C'r gnral housework at good
Wft(f S.
Ladies- Dept. 25 Morrison.
GIRLS wanted to make shirts and overalls.
Ml Hood factory. Couch.
LADIES and g:r anywhere earn pood. steady
.1 f..r 11a flt h llie I
Kcnts for" 'onus- and Instructors; no
p ore n;..r,M- rtquirc 1; r- ranvawmr. ,mr
!an Sales Co. Dept. HU. Delaware City.
re:. -
$2.50 rer d?y paM to one lady In each town
to distribute free circular and take orders
rnn,.ntrn.i viavorin la tubes: per
manent position. J. S. Ziegler Co., Chi-
Mi-viriPH. rienartnient of Public Safety
for Young women. Advice or assistance
g.adly fiven to a:i )uuie wmu.
Lo:a C, Baldwin, supt.. room 37 Y. vv. C.
A. bldg., 7th and Taylor eta.
fcTENOUHAI'H KJR ahd cashier In Insurance
office, coiiiitwit In general office work, and
d'S.r'.Vr permanency; jositlon ope-n January
lt- ; apply In own handwriting. Y 5u9.
( regonlan.
Permanent position to experiep.-ed and
competent workers. Apply to Mrs. Rich
arca, In charge of alteration d-rartment.
WANTED Experienced hands on
Jackets; must be g od seamstresses and
understand alterations. Eastern OutfHtlng
Co.. Washington at l')th st.
LADf alone. Ertst Hide, will board and
room lady for $li month and llpht services
morning and even if ; school girl pre
ferred. AD 49G. Oregonian.
TRCFT WORTH Y woman, each locality: $13
weekly, work pleasant, position perma
nent. Address Manager. Box 42L Koko
ino. Indiana.
"WANTED Capable young women to enter
training school for nursn. For particulars
write to Hoqulam General Hospital, llo
qulani. Wash.
WANTED Young lady stenographer, one
willing to start at low waf-s and work
up. Address in own hand- writing, statins
age and experience. J. F. T., 101 Front st.
WANTKD By Taonma law firm, lady stenog
rapher ftr cnorr.l of He work; mu.n have
Tiad exerier.-e aa court stenographer. Call
M--nda. Main 0.UI. I'urtlanJ.
LADY newers Make snnltarr belts at home,
materials furnl.-htrd. fl'J p r hundrel. Iar-t:-urs
stamped envelope. Dept. IWS. Em
prr Mfc. V... I'hliHp.
Uool) vaiM to pimpetent woman to cook
and do k neral huusework in smalt family.
Kosemont. 'ort!and Heights. Main 666.
A 5Sil.
MAKE money writing stories; pleasant work
for you; big pay- fend for fre booklet,
tells how. Press Syndicate, Bai Fran
cisco. SPANISH language Instruction. native
teacher, day. evening, classes preparing
for Government positions. 309 Common
wealth bills'., dth and Anktny.
WANTKD Actors and actresses for road
slioa ; no amateur waJitt-d. V jUU, Ore
gonian. -
6Tt rIO Music. German, French, English
literature. 42 Morrison. Main 20'j7.
SHORTHAND taught by private or claas tn
tructlona 62 Worcester. Muney saved.
;HOOL of shorthand and typewriting; In
struction by expert; (0 a month. 2GU 14th.
sitions to A-l Instructors. 514 Swetland.
srruATiox waxted male.
Bookkeepers mod Clerks.
WANTED Position by two Ksstem young
men with acme good manufacturing or con
tracting concern, where there te a chance
of advancement; have had several years' ex
perience in general clerical work; capable
f handling office and can furnta-h b-st of
reference, desire to i-cate in the Waj per
manently. E 401, Oregon tan.
HxKKKKPKI, cashier and correspondent
now emp.oyed dte-irea to open correspondence
w :th good reliable firm with a view of
making change by January 1. either in or
out of Portland; single, sks S2. 8 years' ex
Irience; Al references and Indorsement fur
nished aad bund given. J 4U7. Oregonlan.
YOUNG single man deslrea position In gen
era mtrcnandise store in country town:
all around man used to handling country
trade. 8 years' experience; am sure 1 can
please an honeat employer; can furnish
best of ef erencee. ' AC 4h7. Oregonlan.
SALESMAN Experienced In-machinery lines
enpet-ially on concrete machinery, brick
mai-binery. street paving equipment and
suf pllf s and contractors' equipim-nt, de
s res position. Is acquainted In, this terri
tory. N 410. Oregonlan. i
BY general merchandise man. now city em
ployed, small piace, hard work and hour
no oljertlor. ; have conducted 'modern stre
East; advertlMng. personality and general
mxnagement have bulit huninj; trade. &
Oi-v. oregooian. ,
-WANTED Immediately. poitio by Eastern
yftunf man with seven years' lumber office
experience as stern grapher. invoice clerk and
distant bookkeeper, excellent recommenJa
ttoru (Am previous employer. Addr . F.
B. 11.. 473 Aider St.
AM a competent bookkeeper and account
ant: a steady. -Talthtul oince man. witnr
best of city experience and references,
.lust give me a chance to demonstrate.
Age . T 406. Oregoman.
SALESMAN of 12 yeara' experience open for
engagement, financial or commercial; will
travel la giod territory for hih-clam propo
sition ; best of reference. K. 4W7, Ore
gonUn. .
pusiTTON" any kind. In or out of office;
Tak German, kn w city: bookkeeper, a?e
"2: references; will go out. V 3o7, Ore
gonlan. PIT CATION wantod. young man Just from
the East, thoroughly experienced In of
fice work, desires position. L 60S. Ore
gonlan. COMPETENT experienced stenographer and
office man wants position where can as
sist with books; references. AK 49S, Ore
gonian. Ynl'KG man wants position as salesman or
general office m.iu; can operate type
writer; bet of references. Ail &07, Ore
gunian. -
COMPETENT, experienced, railroad stenog
rapher and telegraph operator, wants po
sition; best reference. AD 4i7. Oregonlan.
YOi'SM salesman wants roltion with sta
tionery or bookIlir.g firm; brought up to
the trade. Address AF &u7. Oregonlan,
YOt'NG MAN of 23 wishes position as clerk
In store, haf had 4 years' experience In
grocery store. AF 41S. Oregouian.
WANTED Position by competent bookkeeper,
wholesale hou rfcrrcJ; refeienct-a. T-41S,
Oregon ian.
YOl'NO man wants position as bookkeeper
or collect r; reference. A &S. Oregonlan.
M lcel laneoas.
JAPANESE .rrew wants cord wood to cut.
Ing Job first place N 4t-S. Oregonlan.
G4XD baritone player wanta position, 15
years experience, it 4i, Oregonian.
MIDDLE-AGED man wanted ; hard work
and small wages. 4S Hoyt st.
YOCVG MAN who will work want to learn
auto business. S 499. Oregonian.
NPW grd ol'f h-uw and window ranlng to
d. D. J. Henderson. Main 29 iO.
JAPANESE schoolboj.. after school hours;
do most anything. D &n. Oregouian.
WANTED Any kind f work from 10 A.
M. to 4 P. M. AM &0'J, Oregonlan.
I WOULD like to hear from some live con-cf-ri
that tor not only on the lookout for.
but must have, a man of proven executive
capscttv. wh has and can direct and who
wiil beheve In your bustn and the spirit
and poster of "lo-IfO" and "I can" to get
ru'ts. Have nr.. connection now, but
desire chantte. If wi-ie knowledge of burt
n.!? and men has taught you that the only
::fference ltween a high-priced man and
a (heap one If that you know what yon pay
the h;ch-pr!ed one. but you don t know
what vou pav the chap one. then Jet's talk
it over. AD t Oregonian.
YOT'NG MAN In bu.lne In city, having half
of his time unoccupied during dull uami.
wants piece in real estate office, or will
go on road with etat!ishd line; experi
ence, and best references. 514 Buchanan
YOI'NG msn. -7. sohr. willing worKr.
handy with tools, wants position where
he coud learn auto business or as c-ach-mr.n
or barn b"9-: understands care of
good horses. AJ 4!l Oregonlan.
A Ynr.vO man. !I years rtid. good business
ability. thorouKli ly fn mi liar with real e
tMte. has banking experience, will start
w-lth any rood firm at a moderate salary.
Ch as. Dime. US4 College st.
WA XT HI- Position of responsibility where
m.iralitv and honentv ar appreciated, by
vnune married man with railroad and
lumber office experience. Can make rood.
ilest local reference, o uregonian,
ELDERLY graduate optometrist would
like position with a licensed practitioner,
where he can make himself useful while
prpa'-inff for state examination. T 493,
pvpkkirvced vounr man holdlnr respon
r..nitton wonM like to assist with
bookkeeping end account evenings and
every saturaay anemoon. al -tw. vj
WANTED To build fires mornings and clean
por-he In private; or rooming-house for
room rent; rolddl-e-aged man; references
given. X 40U. Oregonlan.
PUBLIC warehousing, storage and wharf
are: experienced middle-aged man, hav-
lug office and executive ability; can
handle iaDor. ti wj, oregonian.
EX PERI ENOED grocery clerk want posi
t ion : reference : cit v or country. Phon
Sellwood 1416. Address AF Oaego-
ALL-ROUND Job and newspaper printer.
some linotype experience. 'Oeaires position
can estimate; go anywhere. C 507, Orego
WANTED To run boarding house or take
contract of boarding crew, men In camp
or boarding-house : got good outfit. Ad
dress W. Oaks. 1123 Vernon ave.
MAN". 30. with several years experience In
real estate and fire Insurance, desires
position as salesman, collector or outside
man. D 417, oregonian.
POSITION wanted by machinist and repair
man. repairing or driving automobile or mo
tor boat; 13 years; d or row
encea. AL 418. Oregonlan.
ASSISTANT manag-r in an a-pannienif;
open for pmpo tin, salary' or perentasre
bams. Address) Lock Box 4i4. Portland. Or.
RELIABLE Japanese young man who can
rea i or sneak English, wishes to work in
store, factory, hothouse or in office. AF
4iW, Oregonlan.
BAKER wants work In country shop, rood
on bread and cake. Joe Vocloel. 406
Jlroad st.. Mrttaviiia.. rortiana. or.
A POHBR. reliable colored man wishes situ
ation aa porter or waiter In hotel or private
family: no objection t5 leaving; city. Call
for 3 day. Main oiwv.
STRONG, willing German, 27 years, wishes
place as houseman or porter; speaas
and write English; reference. AO 410,
Oregonian "
FIRST-CLASS Japanese cook. Roy Isubol.
wishes a position in small family for good
wages. AJ -iH-. oreRonnui,
PHV.SSKR and cleaner for city or on trude.
For particulars. M. Le Roy, 54S Wash.
Main 40.
FIRST-CLASS carpenter wants employment
by day, contract on new buildings or re
pairing. 374 2d St. C. Hansen. Main 2220.
POSITION na salesman. 20 years' experi
ence, embracing many lines; bank refer
ence. Address AC 4lt. Oregonlan.
MID1MJS-AGED Eastern man. experienced
oTice worker, wining to worn at any
thing, seeks position. AF 497. Oregonlan.
BUSINESS young man would like position
with responsible firm. Inside or out; best
references. AB 4t7, Oregonlan.
BUILDING and repairing by experienced
carpenter, finishing a specialty; all work
guaranteed. Phone Tabor 1305.
DRl'G clerk, registered, experienced, satts-
factory reference ; relief work considered;
city preferred. Addre L Buy, Oregonian.
SINGLE MAN, 30 years, good habits and
address, first -class w atchinaker. engraver
and optician. B 490, oregonian.
EXPERIENCED hotel engineer wlshe po
sition; can furnish reference. AH 4!t,
CIRCULAR SAW-FItER wants position as
filer or mill foreman and flier combined.
Address S 497. Oregonlan.
BAND and circular saw filer wonts filing
position where family can run boarding
house. Addr-'s V 4SJ4. Oregonlan.
FIRST-CLASS spotter, dry cleaner, pressor
wishes position at once. Address Room 29,
Annex Hotel, 240 Front.
SITUATION wanted aa carpenter or general
foreman. lO years' experience; out of town
preferred. N 416. Oregonian.
THOROUGHLY honeat and competent man
would like Janitor work or night watch
man. AD 4S5. Oregonlan.
COLLECTOR of monthly account on salary
or cornrnlss-ion; city reference. y, K.
Whlteeide. OJ8 Broadway. Phone C 1973.
CLEANING Winter and holiday window;
dwelling a, peciftity. si am 0014. 1 no.
GARDENER would like situation with pri
vate family or any Kind of employment;
good ail-round man. A 3781.
WINDOW or bousecleantng to do; reference.
WANTED Work by day or hour by good
honest girl. Main
YOUNG Japanese boy wishes situation as a
schoolboy. AL &Q. Oregonlan
Bookkeeper and Stenographer.
WANTED Position by young lady book
ivcper and stenographer; 7 years' experi
ence in insurance, real estate and loans;
also building and loan, andy 2 years in a
hardwood floor office; references. Phone
slain 6850.
CAPABLE! Eastern stenographer. with
several years' experience, rapid opera
tor. capable of handling corespondenca
without dictation, desires position; city
or country. N 495, Oregonian.
BY a refined, neat spnearlng lady steno
grapher, now - employed: neat appearing,
concientlou and reliable; not afraid to
work; beat of reference. AE 507. Ore
gonlan. STENOGRAPHER, with 5 years experience,
desires permanent position; rapid, accu
rate ami neat. Would consider moderate
salary to start with. R 405, Oregonlan.
WANTKD Position by a competent sten
ographer of '6 year experience. Phone A
STENOGRAPHER Experienced in law.
commercial, lumber; city or country. AJ
4 U 7. Oregonlan.
YOl'NO ladv would like work In an office
as stenographer and typewriter. Y 499,
BOOKKEEPER desire set of books for a
few hours each day, accurate, experienced.
Miss Swindells. A 1070, M. 00.
BY competent stenographer with some ex
perience, at reasonable salary. Phone A
34 40
EXPERIENCED stenographer from the
East desire permanent position. Phone
Main MS 7.
YOUNG lady would like position as a book
keeper or general office work: can oper
ate typewriter. L 495, Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED lady bookkeeper, who can
um typewriter, d-sslre position. V 496,
YOUNG ladv stenographer wishes position.
FIRST-CLASS. experienced stenographer,
desires a position. M 507. Oregonian.
WANTED Position by experienced stenog
rapher. Call M. 801O. .
GOOD gjrl want) to do factory work. It 507.
SUITS to order: high-grad woolen, f0.
Coais, skirts, 'princes dm sses; your own ma
terial, at reajcnable prices. Kilte Ladies'
Tailors. Mil Wash., near lth.
DRESSMAKING and all kinds family sew
Ire. Mrs. Schocnortt. 2.t 11th sL Main
DRESSMAKING and plain sewing by day.
reasonable. Miss Abt-ten. A 4oo7. .".til
DRESSMAKER, stranger, from the East,
wishes work by the day, 93. Address AL
49v. oregonian.
DRE3SMA KER f experienced) and tailoress
will make engagements in families. Main
DRESSMAKING and plain sewing done at
34 13th St.. cor. t lay. Apartment a.
FIRST-CLASS" drsrnnking by the day.
j'none ofxiiawn
SEAMSTRESS wlshc to go out avwln; by the
day. Phone FJat 24M.
FA .-j; HON A R LE suit from K up: At guar-at.u-ed.
Uu N. 17th. e.r. Kearney.
DR11SSMAKER want sewing by day or week
best of references. Ad dross 4." E. 37th t
FIRST-CLASS dressmaking, lowest price.
Mr. Angela. a:U li Yt atx st.. room jiv.
DRESSMAKING at home or by the day.
, Ifhone Main 6104.
HOUSEKEEPER, capable of assuming en
tire charge, w-ants position In modern, re
fined home of widower, with 1 or 2, chil
dren; comforts of home of more consid
eration than big wage. AH 411, Orego
EDUCATED widow, good commercial houso
keeper. would lika position In household
of educated. respectable w mower or
bachelor by Nov. IS; references. AC 483,
WANTED position as housekeeper by lady
experienced and capable In taking entire
care or cniuiren aim munuKuig a. noma;
best reierenccs. A 0o., Oregonian.
RESPECTABLE widow desires position as
hnox.-kt-eoer In hotel or rcOn Im-house
No triflers need answer. Ad?lrc3s U 4U5,
Oregonlan. j
YOT'NG Swedish girl, right fron the old
country, wants to get house work in pri
vate family. Answer, O. L., 406 North
WANTED By refined young Scandinavian
lady, pjeitlon a housekeeper fr widower or
oacneior; gooa Dome preierrea. u 4-, ore
- gonlan.
K REFINED ajid nice-looking lady would
keep house for widower or bachelor, some
one refined and having a nice home. F
4l7, Oregonian.
A WIDOW of ability desires position aa
housekeeper In widower's family. Best of
references, o 410, Oregonian.
REFINED, middle-aged lady a housekeeper
for cluii. hot.'l or widpwer, in or out of
city. AJ ,J. oresoniaiu
HOUSEKEEPER Refined lady of 05; wid
ower's family. Y 4u5, Oregonlan.
WOMAN with little girl 5 years old. desires
position as nousetteoper. -in Second st.
COMPETENT lady wishes position as house
keeper. V 4S7, Oregonian.
BY widow lady, position as housekeeper. Ad
dress V Sotf, Oregonlan.
PRACTICAL experienced nurse open for en
gagements; $15 per week; &lo capable
woman w an is regular day work. Main
PROFESSIONAL nurse, 10 years experience
all kinds nursing, maternity, invalids, com
panion to lady, charge infants; reference.
Mam OU10.
BY EXPERIENCED practical nurse, care of
the sick: not afraid of hard cases or In
stitutional work. Main 4 4 tilt.
MIDDLE-AGED practical nurse, best refer
ences; cxtensjvi exjrlence, all kinds of
nurotng. .Phone A itilb.
GOOD practical nurse wishes care of In
valid lady or gentleman. AM 4U0, Ore
PRACTICAL nurse would like care of in
valid lady or child: desire good home
more than wages. Phone A 34U0.
'TRAINED NURSE. Philadelphia reference.
moderate price. Main 32i.
COMPETENT 'nurse wishes position; city
references. Call Main 1721. I
PRACTICAL nurse wishes some extra case.
Phone C 2027.
FOR an experienced nurse call up East 5148.
EXPERIENCED COOK wants position In
home where second girl Is employed. AN
4tfi. Oregonian.
LADY w-ith highest city references wants
position as cook in cafeteria or delicates
sen. Phone East 4624. room 1.
GENERAL housework where can take les
sons on piano. Give references. R. F. D. 1,
box 84. La Center, Wash.
YOt'NG LADY desires position ai cook,
first-class German-H ungarian cook ; must
have good waxes. AG 4l7. Oregonian.
COMPETENT colored woman would like a
pluce as chambermaid. Phone Main 1101.
CCMPE'INT second girl would like situa
tion In private family. C 4;2, Oregonian.
FANCY washing done at home; beat refer
ences, al boe, Oregonian.
MisceUu neons.
WANTED By refined young woman, po
sition as companion to elderly lady or
partial invalid. Phone East 4010.
COMPETENT young Norwegian girl wishes
light hqousework ; fond of children; prefer
West Side. K 4lS, Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED piano' teacher gives Hsson,
00 centj: Deg inner specialty; re Terences.
Main 5415.
YOUNG lady with experience wlshe. position
as cashier or will take clerical worn. A3
dresBj W 507, Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED girl cook, boarding-house.
3o. tt. Louis. Main -uaw, a. mo.
WOMAN want work from 12 to 3 afternoons.
AC 49T. Oregonian.
WANTED Laundry to take home; refer-
YOT'NG lady wishes position as waitress;
experienced. Main 11 04.
WANTED Position to care for child. AE
40S. Oregonlan.
GIRL. 1JC Just come from Germany, wants
position in good family, win. r. Clinton.
GERMAN woman wants work by day. wash
ing, ironing. Phone Main (42T. room 9.
WANTED Work by the hour. Miss Os-
born. Phone Tabor 1 low.
COLORED" woman wants work by the day.
Phone Main ttiuo. "
MIDDLE-AGED woman wants day work and
will care for chjlqren. wojrtiawn 240.
COMPETENT woman want steady day
work Phone labor 701.
A LADY would like to get Janitor work. C
4 us. oregonian.
YOUNG LADY gives piano lessons. r0c per
lesson; reference given. Phone Main S1H3.
FIRST-CLASS laundress wants work; no
half days; references. Woodlawn 1611.
WANTED Day work by" capable woman.
Phone Mam 4Ji4.
WANTKD Wash I hit and housecleanWff.
Phone Main 042. room H.
WANT day work, 11.50 and carfare; no
cashing. Phone A 3UU2.-
LESSONS lit vocal music at reasonable term.
313 llth. A 77o3.
LESSONS given to backward pupils In gram
mar school atudi0. B 2002.
EXPERIENCED pianist wlshe position. R.
L., 34 1 Marguerite ave.
CAPABLH woman want cooking or cleaning
by day. Phone Main 14at.
WANTED Position. Illifttr-ited singer and
pianist. lady. AL 0"i. Oregonian.
LACE curtain washed, stretched called for
and delivered, -hkj psor jncr
EXPERIENCED girl -wlshe work a wait
ress. Tabor fiDl.
WOMLV wast day work. Phone Main 6S1S.
STENOGRAPHER employed, desires posi
tion, available January 1; would give por
tion of each day until then to familiarize
herself with dutie required. O 5U8, Ore
TION wants position for sisters togethrtr
as cook and second maid In private fam
ily. Inquire Monday, hours 10 to 12.
EXPERIENCED private teacher (lady)
wishes room In exchange for lessons In
German or other studies. X 41)7. Ore
gonlan. WANTED BY LADY, position to read hourly
to invalids, children, elderly people or any
one requiring such ?rvice. Phone A 4778,
or address N, care Oregonlan.
TWO experienced girls want position In
house as cook and waiter; wages, $4u and
$30. 368 N. lith St.
DRAWING, oaf n tin and china painting
taiglit; Christmas order taken. Phone
Main b2S3.
ELDERLY LADY. ' refined, educated, good
plain cook, practical housekeeper, seeks
position , 111 small, quiet fatiUy. P 4l7,
WANTED Position a singer or piaao
player by young lady of pleasing person
ality. Phone A 740u.
WILL DO nairdreewlng, shampooing and ecalp
treatment in your own home; Eat Side pre
ferred. Phone Sellwood 53.
A YOUNG ladv wlshe position as billing
or general office work. Please call at once.
W 4h5. Oregonlan.
A COMPETENT and thoroughly experienced
laundress wishes work by day or hour;
references given. B 5lK", Oregonlan.
LACE CURTAINS washed and stretched 40o
a pair; 5 years' experience. Phona C 1653,
East 5337
EXPERIENCES colored waitress wishes
party and dinner engagement. 335 S. 13th
HERE at last: first advertisement in Lit
erary Digest, May 15. sold 514 : started
15 lawyers and 19 preachers as agents
making 4T to $90 weekly; long time com
ing, cost $13,000 to perfect; shaving nwn
delighted, buy eagerly; only machine ever
invented to sharpen very kind of razor;
learn how to make $90 weekly. Never
Fail Co.. 99 Nicholas, Toledo, O.
A WONDERFULLY profitable Dusiness; $20
to per week, according to locality,
conducting office agency for America's
latest Improved guaranteed service dress
shoes; 10 original health and comfort
features; great possibilities; no , risk.
Write today. Marvel Shoe Co., 105 Sum
mer st., Boston, Mass.
$1200 PER YEAR selling our Wm. A. Rogers
Silverware, Jo-welry, Watches, Gold Clocks,
Jew el Boxes, Cutlery, Rarors, patented
Kitchen Utenells. Lace Curtains, Hosiery,
Sweater Coats, Soap and Silverware Out
fits and 1200 other quick gelling outfits.
Write quick for our Free Catalog and
proposition. The Phillips Co., 43 Phillips
Bid?..- Dayton, Ohio.
LOCAL county and general agents for
"ALADDIN" kerosene mantle lamps;
light superior to gas or electricity: burn
less oil than ordinary lamps; odorless,
noiseless, wimple, clean, safe; a revolution
In 11 k h Mne: field : a real money-making
opportunity for hustlers. Dept. 5. Mantle
Lamp Company of America, Fortiana, or.
GENERAL sales agent wanted for th state
to place the Ralston Now-Process Water
Still on the market. This still solves the
question of a pure water supply definitely
and the exclusive state rights here offered
will, prove of incalculable value to a real
ambitious organizer. vermiiye sc rower,
50 Church St., New York City.
Fast" needles are pure nioney-miikrs for all
our agents; made by factory established in
170(1: one minute demonstration these
wonderful new patented hand-sewing needles;
men and women alike are suece.?ful; free
samples. Hold-Thread-Needle Co., 3l5
Broad w ay. New York City.
$3.00 FOR $1.00: Caldwell's Home Barber.
Entirely new. Just patented. Best agents
proposition ever ofTered. Anyone can cut
hair as well as barber. Beat Safety Razor
at any price. All for $1.00. Agents want
ed who enn sell good new proposition.
Caldwell Sales Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
SEND for free copy of "The Thomas Agent,"
greatest agent' paper ever published; filled
with money-making plans, "nulicense tax"
decision of Supreme Court; pointers to
agents; every aent in ttif United States
snuuio, nave copy at once. Aauress touay
Thomas Agent, 4ol5 Wayne ave., Dayton, O.
ORANGE GROVES for $5 per tree. Including
the land ; farming by proxy; strong com
pany; trees planted and taken care of 3
yeara; want reliable men In this territory
to represent m. Vrlte today for particu
lars, handsome, book. etc. Tamasopo Or
ange Grove Co., 3M) Security bidg., Chicago.
AGENTS and mail order men make 100 to
in 'O ier cent profit celling our Indian and
Mexican novelties: be.-n holiday line; Illus
trated folder. supplied at cost. Write quick.
The Francis E. Lester Co., Dept. 540, Mesilla
Tark. N. M.
MEN AND WOMEN distribute free circular,
take orders for concentrated flavoring In
tube; eavea consumer one-half; home trade
eaily established; god9 prepaid; exclusive
territory; salary $2.50 per day and com
mission. F. E. Barr Co., Chicago. -
MAN cleared $118?, lady $720 last 6 months
selling Holladay's Marvel Shoe Polish;
seif,shlning, waterproof. Why not you?
For demonstrated samples and terms, Hol
laday. 126 West Slst, New York.
BE INDEPENDENT Don't work for others.
Send 25 cents in silver and I will guarantee
to Instruct you how to start in mail order
business for 25 cento or refund your money.
A. C. Winter, Box 230, Chicago, III.
NEW, profitable field, brilliant Mexican dia
monds exactly resemble genuine; defy ex
perts: quick pales. large commissions; spe
cial offer. Mexican Diamond Imp. Company,
Dept. 440. Las Cruoos. N. M.
AGENTS 100 per cent profit Introducing guar
anteed nne hosiery, ror men. women and
children; la be ft and bst npents proposi
tion; pample fre. Thomas- Mfg. Company,
4015 State et., Dayton. O.
SEND for sworn statement $10 and $12 daily
pront introducing s-plece kitchen set, 1000
other patented articles, not for sale in
store. Thomas Mfg. Co., 8015 State St.,
Dayton, O.
AGFNTP The new game, "The Rae to the
North Pole. ' sells on sight; no talking nw
sury; agents make $10 a day. Address Mon
roe Novelty Co.. Monroe, Ind.
SALESMEN WANTED .to take our cash
weekly selling choice nursery stock out
fit free. Capital City Nursery Company,
Salem. Oregon.
WANTED Salesmen wjio can sell treoe; out
fit furnished; cash advanced weekly; good
territory. Address Oeegon Nursery Com
pany. Oronoco. Or., via Hlllsboro.
all want It: exclusive territory; write to
day. Fitwell Clothing Co., 5ol Tike,
BIG MONEY till Christmas. Pillow tops 2."w
portraits' 30c, frames 15c; samples and
catalog free.. Writa quick. Berlin Art As
sociation, Dept. 17. Chicago.
GENERAL and special, by large. oM-Itne.
health and accident company; new. libera,
easy selling policies; choice territory; big
pay. Royal Casualty Co., St. Louis.
$5 DAILY selling handy tool: 12 articles in
on; ngntning seller: sample tree. Tnmaa
Mfg. Co.. 4ol5 Barney b'.k.. Dayton, O.
AGENTS- In every county in Oregon, 2 good
specialties; good profits, w. H. Williams,
lsSfc 12t-r st.. Portland. Or.
Wanted, a Man
who is out of work to read Ore
gonian Help Wanted Columns
for one week.
who has rend Oregonian Help
"Wanted columns for one week
without finding work and
T.ho will not work if it is of
fered him.
LADY agents make $13 a week easy; if you
are In need of steady employment or only
want to make enough money to buy your
Christmas presents, send me your address
and I will show you how to make $1S a
week easy and sure; if you are in need of
employment write to me at once; I guar
antee that you can make $1S a week ab
solutely sure; you will be surprised at how
easv it can be done. Send me your ad
dress, anyway; it will be to your Interest
to investigate. Writ today. You will posi
tively make $18 a week easy. S. R. Miller,
Pres.. SbU Royal bldg., Detroit, Mich.
$3 A DAY sure; send us your address and
we will show you how to make $3 a day
absolutely sure; we furnish the work and
teach you free; you work In the locality
where you live. Send us your address and
we will explain the business fully. Re
member, we guarantee a. clear profit of $3
for every day's work, absolutely sure.
Write at once. Royal Manufacturing Co.,
Box 12,11), Detroit, Mich.
AGENTS Men and women in every town
to sell the celebrated Triplex Handbag for
-" women, four bu-ga for four separate pur
posed, all in one; can be enlarged to meet
your needs a you go along. Write for
terms and particular of other new pat
ented articles. S. A. Diamond A Bro. Co.,
Manufacturers, C5 West 2lJ5t sv, New
WONDERFUL invention, big money selling
Canchester incandescent kerosene . lamp,
burns with or without mantle, lO times
brighter than electricity, gas, actelylene,
one-tenth cost; burner fits standard lamps;
savers 75 pr cent oil; no trimming wicks:
beware imitations; outfit free. Canchewter
Light Co., 26 State St., Dept. 1H K, Chi
cago. STORES. DECORATORS We carry largest
stock of holiday decorations, bells, garlands,
wreaths, festooning, post cards, booklets,
art novelties, toys, dolls, masks, glass Xmaa
tree ornaments, confetti, canes, horns,
celebration and fair goods; catalogue free.
Miller, 158 Park Row, New York.
Agents, big money made selling our nursery
stock; great demand, fine line, cash com
mission weekly. Salem Nursery Co.. Salem.
FIRST-CLASS, modern five or six-roomed
cottage with good basement In desirable
neighborhood, on East Side, by reliable
party; references furnished if necessary.
AB 403, Oregonian.
DESIRE 2 well-heated rooms, with board,
in refined private family, for 2 adults;
table must be good; East Side. AB 43t,
' Oregonlan.
WANTED To rent, house, convenient for
boarders, furnished or empty. X 4trti, Ore
gonian. WANTED Rooming-howe. about Id rooms,
good location; small ,yard ; must be bar
gain; no argents. L 41H. Oregonian.
WANTED 3 or 4 rooms, or small flat, fur
nished or unfurnished, close in. L. A.
Bailey, 414 Couch bldg.
WE are in touch with several parties wish
ing to rent desirable homes on either
East or West Side. If your place Is for
rent, kindly call and see us or phone
Main 0710.
2S Onk St.,
Portland, Or.
WANTED To rent with privilege of buy
lug, small house with 5 or 10 acres; must
be near carline and Portland ; running
water. AN 4 90. Oregonian.
WANTED Furnished house or flat close
iu. West Side; best of care. AC 4US. Ore
gonlan. WANTED A six or seven-room furnished
house, walking distance ; Eut or West
t Side; all adults. AB 500. Oregonian.
I WANT houses to rent, from 10 rooms up;
have seven on waiting list now. D.
Vincent, 420 Lumbermen's bldg.
BY NOV. 15 Furnished or unfurnished cot
tage, south of Porter st. Phone M. 3915,
WILL rent or -lea."e furnished house, best
of care and references. D 4 Si 3, Oregonian.
FAMILY of 4 adults would like furnishod
apartment, heated flat, or modern ho use
by Nov. 12, close In, East or West Side;
permanent if suited ; referenoos. Phone
C 1716 or call 710 E. Madison.
WANTED to rent for six months on West
ide, a furnished housekeeping apartment or
houiie for four adults. O-mraaJider ElUcott,
U. S. N., P. O. Drawer 756.
MODERN 3-room apartment, nloely furnished;
references. Phone C 2G42.
NEAT and steady young man desires a well
furnished room in a quiet private family;
muse have bath with hot water at any
time and electric lights; West Side pre
ferred; state price and phone. A J 5UW,
Oregonlan. '
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms; irtuet have
two bedrooms, modern conveniences and be
reasonable in price; will be permanent If
rooms satisfactory. Call Main 81 ; ask
for Mr. Mallory. Phone Sunday early.
MOTHER and son desire housekeeping rooms,
private family. East Side preferred; must be
reasonable; .mate full particular. P. O.
Bux 563.
YOl'NO married couple without children
desire 2 or 3 furnished housekeeping rcoms
in private family; West Side preferred.
K 4Ji. Oregonian.
WANTED fiittlng-room, bedroom and kitchen
for light housekeeping, nicely furnished,
close In : reliable couple. Phone A 271U or
write 185 Eoet 20th st., city.
GENTLEMAN desires furnished room, -well
heated and lighted, walking distance,
permanent roomer; atate monthly rental.
AE 600, Oregonian.
THREE houseke'ping rooms on Wejt Pide;
must ne moderate in price and close fn. E
501, Oregonian. t
2 OR 4 well furnished rooms with bath and
hoat; Sunnyside district preferred. Phone
B 2499 or H 499, Oregouian.
WANTED 2 or 8 heated housekeeping rooms
for adults; prefer kitchen only furnished;
close In. D 507, Oregonlan.
WANTED 2 or 3 rooms and bath, furnished.
centrally located. H 400, oregonian.
WANTED Room, furnished for light house-
lrnunlnif tn Kq I h in I. 1U7 n.ff,inlnn
WANTED Nice room by Jady, close in, B
507, Oregonian.
Room With Board.
WANTED Room and board near Holladay
school, by young man employed during
day, about November 10; must be reason
able; state conveniences and terms. P 432,
ROOM and hoard In private refined family.
walking distance, by refined young lady
who is employed by the day; state price.
P 4fl0, Oregonian.
1 OR 3 gentlemen want room and board.
What have you? Answer this A. M. II
497. Oregonian.
WANTED For lady and daughter, room and
board In private ramny; state term. 1
6u7, Oregon lan.
YOl'NO man desires board and room In strict
ly private home, i-Jast preierrea aaa
west of 17th. F 5y7, Oregonian.
UNIVERSITY graduate wants room or room
and board In a homo in ruana -rieignts
district. AK 509, Oregonian.
WANTED Board and room for gentle
man ana -year-oia ouy, near snaver
school, p 403, Oregonlan.
YOT'NG LADY wlhe board and room. West
Side: references. T 4u;, oregonian.
MAN employed doslros board near 14th and
BY two young men, room and board In-pri
vate family, a -ii, oregonian.
FURNISHED, also unfurnished rooms, suit
able for gejntlemen. Kamm bldg., 1st
and Pine.
NICELY furnished rooms for gentlemen.
207 6th st.
Furnished Room.
HOTEL LENOX, cor. 3d and Main sts.,
furnished rooms, single or en suite, at rea
ronable prices, modern conveniences. Op
posite the Plaza.
HOTEL ELWELL 7th and Alder; new,
modern rooms, steam heat, running water,
free phone, private bath; by day. week or
month, reasonable.
132 37th cor. Wash.; new building,
newly furnished; every room light and
sunny; hot water, steam heat; low prices.
THE MERCEDES. 20th and Washington sts.,
elegantly furnished rooms, all modern con
veniences, p laxity of heat; $15 and up
Furn lulled Rooms.
New, modern, fireproof build tnf, steam
heated hot and cold running water in all
rooms.' richly furnished, finest beds that
money can buy. and It doesn't cost any
more than some cheap lodging-house;
nice large office on ground iloor ; every
thing first-class; rates. 50c. 75c and $1
per day; $:.. and up per week. Cali and
see us. 128 0th st. North.
Rooms, baths and toilets all outside
and absolutely clean. Steam heat, con
tinuous hot water in rooms, electric lights,
beds' the best. Hot- I Nosris, 132 Seven
teenth ,st., corner Washington.
Homelike. Homelike'. Homelike,
Seventh and Ankeny Sts..
One whole year of redecorating, remitting
and refurnishing, all for your benefit.
A delightful Winter homo at reasonable
rates fur those who appreciate cleanliness
and comfort.
330 Yamhiil Street.
Rooms single or eusuite, by day, week or
month; "special low rates by tho month;
steam heat, private baths, hot and cold
water in all rooms; nicely furnished ; di
rectly opposite Portland Hotel.
Corner loth and Washinston St.
New. management; THOROUGHLY
BATHS; single or- en suite; SPECIAL
LOW SUMMER RATES by the week or
month; tourist trade solicited. .
645 M: Washington SL
Newly furnished rooms, housekeeping
apartments and unfurnished rooms; prices
reasonable; fine furnishings; very central;
brick building.
THE BARTON, 13th and ider, new man
agement; newly renovated throughout; 70
outside rooms, steam heat, electric lights,
etc. ; rooms $10 month up; suites w ith
running water, $22.50 to $30; elegaat
public parlor; pouts and baths free.
FRANKLIN HOTE7 cor. 13th and Wash
ington sts. Most elegant furnished; free
teit phone, hot and coiU water iu every
room; shower baths and tub baths. Come
and see for yourself. Rates $4 week up.
New, modern, elegantly furnished
rooms, wlbh or without private bath; per
manent or transient.
Washington and 17th, first-class furnished
rooms, single or en suite; all modern con
veniences; $3 weekly up A 2047, M. 5047.
THE MERTARPER, 120 13th. cor. Washing
ton, brand new. handsomely furnished;
every modern convenience; hot water in all
rooms; very reasonable terms.
NICELY furnished, comfortable rooms, $1.5
to $5; free phone,, lights, bath, etc. No. 2
N. 1.4th.
BURNISHED rooms. Elm Place, formerly
Kit on Court Aanex. 414 Yamhill and
1 nicely furnished housekeeping room.
THE HAWTHORNE, loth, and Salmon.
THE ESTES Good rooms, reasonable ; new
furniture, telephone and baths fre. 327
Stark, corner bth. Mrs. Maud J. Estes.
THE REX Modem rooms, $2.50 to $5 per
weak. 54S Washington st.
THE BRAE-SIDE, 42ft Alder Modern, cen
tral. $3. $4. $5 per week; transient.
THE RANDOLPH, 3d and Columbia, rooms;
bath, heut; EiOc to $1 day, $3 to $4 week.
TWO NICE furnished rooms, with piano. 200
14th st., cor. Taylor.
NICE clean rooms $1 per week and up. 407
Stark st. Phone A 3GS2.
I'urnihhetl Rooms In Private lam lie.
FOR RENT Front room In private family, on
Eajft Side, furnished or unfurnished. AO
41ti. Oregonian.
FURNISHED room, suitable for two; mod
ern and reasoi.abJe. 54S Flanders, near
NICE sunny front room, with alcove and par
lor i"uxnl."hincrs, including piano: can secure
board next door; reasonable. 3704 13th.
2 NICK unfurnished rooms for rent with
bath and gas, at 214 N. 10th st. $6.50 a
215 12TH ST., near White Temple, modern
rooms reasonable; close In ; private fam
ily; gentlemen only. Phone A 5G!2.
LARGE deslrnble room for gentlemen, hot
and cold water, furnace heat, 0 minutes'
walk from P. O. Main 1000.
LARGE front room in modern home, nicely
I furnished, near Steel bridge; walking dls-
NICE front parlor, suitable fur two; electric
lights, free phone and bath, heat ; reason
able. . Board if desired. 2S1 7th st.
424 SIXTH ST. Large front room fr two,
either sex: modern, walking distance.
Phone A 372.S.
NEATLY furnished front room, very reason
able to rltfht party. lt7 North 22d st.
Phone Main 0S5.
424 SIXTH ST. Fine
reasonable, either sex.
room for clerk;
NICELY furnished room, walking distance, $0
per month. 429 Sixth st.
TWO front rooms ground floor, nicely fur
nished for housekeeping. 411 Taylor st.
213 THIRTEENTH Newly furnished rooms,
modern, hot and cold water; central.
FOUR unf urnishxwl rooms, good location.
Call Woodlawn 1126 bet. 10 and 2.
NICELY furnished room, stfl table for one or
two gentlemen. 1U1 4th. Main S774.
NICELY furnished room. reasonable. '103
Park st., near Morrison.
FOR RENT Half of a pinno etudlo, $5 a
month. AE 5oo. Orogonian.
FOR RENT Furnished room in private
' family. 30 N. 10th st.
$3,5o A larse front room, suitable for 2;
walking distance. 294 llth st.
NICELY furnished room, steam heat, close
In. 473 Alder.
NICELY funlshed front room, bath, phone,
etc; walking distance. .089 Gliean st.
NIC' EL Y furnished front room, close In.
Phone B 2669, 41'6 E. Burnside st.
NICELY furnished front room for rent for i
or 2. Address 475 7th st.
MONTGOMERY and First, 380 Front, room,
firot Moor. Main 7431.
331 14TH ST. Two p'.eafint rooms for house
keeping, $4 week. Main 1U70.
NICE Ijont room ; stove, bath, good bed. 175
17th st., corner Yamhill.
NEATLY furnished room for - gentleman ; rent
$5, private family. 443 5th et.
ROOM In new, modern Irvington home; ref
erences, phone East 5078.
COZY ROOM for gentlemen, bath and phone,
$8. walking distance. 43u Jefferson.
NEATLY furnished room. 3(0 5th st.; $2.50
week, gas, bath and phone.
LARGE warm "room, nicely furnished, heat,
light, bath, close in. G32 Flanders.
NEWLY furnished heated bath. 453 Morri
son st., phone Main 5234.
LARGE- room in private family for two gen
tlemen. 27 East 7th jst. ; reasonable.
Ih8 12TH Pleasant room for gentleman; cen
tral, modern. I'hone Main 4;;92.
NICELY furnished front alcove room, walk
ing distance. 541 Gth st.
PLEASANT room, one or two. central, mod
ern, reasonable. 212 12th at.
305 12TH ST. Rooms, $1.50 to $4 per weeic;
very dts'ra-"l location.
$1.50 PER WEEK and up, modern fur
nished rooms. 750 Love joy st.
NICE large furnished room for two gen
tlemen. O 491, Oregonlan.
HANDSOMELY furnished largo front room;
hot water heat. 429 Market st. A 4000.
FOR RENT Well-furnished large front room
for one or two gentlemen. 472 Yamhill ei.
FI'RNISHED ROOMS, single or en suite, pri
vate family. 712 Hoyt st.
WALKING distance; modern, neat and clean.
529 Couch St., bet. 15th and lttth.
$10 3 furnished rooms, 341 N. ltith st.
Fumihhed Rooms In rrtvate Families.
LARGE, airy front bedroom, neatly furnished;
pleaant location; no children; suitable for
1 or 2; walking distance; reasonable. Phone
Main 22S or call 42b 2d si., near Hall.
ATTRACTIVE well furnished rooms, prlvats
residence, splendid neighborhood, break
fast if desired; reasonable rates; no sign.
1J0 North 18th.
SWELL, new, modern furnished room. g.ts
and electric lights, fret' phone and bath,
suitable for two gentlemen; $11 p-r month.
414 E. Harrison, cor. tiih. Phone E. 5311.
321 TWELFTH ST., nice front room, hot
and cold water, electric light, 10 minutes'
walk from Postoflice, suitable for business
Ft'RNlSH ED room. electric light. fur
nace heat and phone; $f and $10 per
month; close in, West Side, two carline. ltO
North 10th st. Phone Main 322S.
TWO nicely furnished, well-heated rooms; one
with ulcove; suitable for throe or four; rent
reasonable; lo-niinute walk from Poet off Us).
474 Main. Phone A 1705.
FOR RENT One nicely furnished room in
private firtnlly; also one unfurnished room;
free bath; $6 per moth, phbne East 490S.
74 East Hth.. cor. Stark.
LARGE, sunny room, modern conveniences,
gentlemen preferred. Johnson St., near
23d ; references. Phone Main 0314, or A
ELEGANTLY FURNISHED front alcove, gas
and electric lights, furnace heat; new and
romfortubla; walking distance. 340 Har
rison st.
FURNISHED front room, upstairs, furnace
heat.1 central, on East Side; $7-50 per
month. Call 4&2 Williams ave.
LARGE, well furnished front room. furna
heat, close in ; ideal for 2 young ladle.
$12.50 per month. Call 4814 Williams ave.
NICELY-FURNISHED room; within walking
-distance, suitable for lady employed dur
ing day. 1ST East 14th st.
ELEGANT rooms, suites or single in one of
Portland's best homes, for few select room-,
era. 37 S. 1-Ui at.; phone Main 2496.
SUITE furnished rooms to rent, for one or
2 K-"tlemen. 20 E. 0th St., cor. Ash. Call
FRONT room, with alcove, on second floor
of modern steam-heated apartment. Flat
D, 400 Jefferson. Main 75W4.
TWO nicely furnished rooms, with or with
out board, reasonable. 420 Eltxa st., near
Union ave.
NEWLY furnished rooms, even convenience,
close iu, swell location, gentlemen only
A 7013.
VERY desirable, sunny rooms, stngle or en,
suite, lor gentlemen; all modern conven
iences, phone A 3003 or Main 0203.
FURNISHED or unfurnished room, with grate,
suitable for young man; reference. 4U2
Taylor st.
NEWLY furnished parlor suite of rooms,
walking distance, and furnace heat. 430
Mill. Phone M. 64y0.
WELL furnished parlor bedroom, select
neigh bo rhod. walking distance. Call after
G P. M. or Sunday, 407 Holladay ave.
LARGE front room, alcove, modern conven
iences; suitable for one or two gentlemen
or couple employed during day. 210 llth.
A LARGE front room suitable for one or
two gentlemen. 51 E. 7 th St., bot ween
Oak and Pine.
NICELY furnished room, suitable for one or
two gentlemen, all modern convenience.
424 Jefferson. Phone Main 5421.
FURNISH ED front room in Nob Hill dis
trict for a gentleman; reference required.
Phone Main 4134.
487 TAYLOR, near 14th, double parlors, fur-ni-uce
heut, running wat t, good piano, 1
or 2 gentlemen, $2U or $25 month.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished room, furnace
heat, bath, phone, close in. Phone Mam
$10 UP. furnace heat, house, modern, gas
and electric lights. Phone A 5048, 00 Vs
7th Bt.
NICELY furnished front rooms, furnace heat,
elegant location, on carline. Ool East Mor
rison. 351 HALL ST. NEAR 7TH Furnished room,
bath, hot-water heal, phone; no other ruom
eivi, modern. Phone 51a in 03H7.
NICELY furnished outside rooiXr. furnace
heat, hot water, gentlemen only; walking
distance. 414 Jefferson.
FU R N IS H E D room for rent to 1 or 2 gentle
men, 5 blocks ast of Steel bridge, private
fumtly.e324 Hussalo st.
FvR RENT Modern furnished rooms at
443 luth St.; reference wanted. Call Sun-'
ONE large front room and 2 smaller rooms
for two gentlemen; well furnished. 30G
Columbia st.
TO LET Furnished rooms, hot and cold
wa;er ; reasons b 13 terms. 4(1 N. a 1st at.
Phone A 5603, beforo M.
404Vi PARK ST. 2 nice rooms suitable for
2 gentlemen? furnace heal, all conven
iences, reasonable.
FURNISHED room for rant. 3S0 llth st. Gen
tlemen preferred.
In f urn It-lied Rooms.
TWO light, cheerful room fn modern home;
furnace btrt table board ; references.
Phone A 4i'20.
TWO or three rooms, closets and bath, ;
West Side; good condition; low rent, oba
Seventh st.
Rooms With Board.
710 Washington St., near King, brand
new, elegantly furnished ; every room has
a private bath, telephone; the maximum
of convenience and excel lenoe, the mini
mum of expense. It you want the best
In the city for the money, call and In
spect ; dining-room In connection.
One elegantly furnished suite, with pro
vate bath, for rent, after the 15th o
October. Cor. Grand and Hawthorne ave.
PORTLAND Women's Union, 22d'year, room
with board. ute of sowing .room and li
brary. 510 Flanders St., Miss Francrs N.
Hea'h, SupL Woman's Exchange, ISO 5th
hu Mis. M- E. Bretherton. supt.
JUST OPENED Private hoardlng-house.
between Alder and Morrison ; all homo
cooking ; table board, $5 per week. 140
llth st.
THE MANSION, beautiful grounds, elegant
ly furnished rooms, conservatory, billiards,
separate table board, 5th and Jefforson.
AN Ideal home; newly furnished noms; also
select table board; .-plendtd kicatluti; refer- .
ence. Phone A 4920.
THE COLONIAL, 15 end 107 10th st.. cor
ner Morrison. Select family hotel; reason
able rates.
ROOM suitable for two; steam heat, hot. cold
waiter, bath, board. 47 L Morrison.
THE CALVARD Take W car at depot to
door 452 Morrison, cor. 13th. Main 301)7.
FRONT room for two gentlemen, with'board.
54 N. 10th, or. Davis. '
BOARD, $4 per week. 471 Morrison.
Rooms With Board In Private Family.
430 Yamhill t.; nice front room, suttuble for
tw j, with bvard. Main 4903.
BOARD and room In private family. IH3
Yamhill st.
LARGE, well furnished worn, first-class
table ooard. 75 North 14th. Main 8174.
CLEAN, sunny room, board, home privileges,
family fond music, reading. Main 5413.
BOARD $4.50 week, home cooking. 830
Union ave. North.
ROOM and board for 2 gentlemen. In Irving
ion. I'hone East 2707.
SMALL room, with board, reasonable, close
in. b East Stli St.. N. Phone Last 722.
FURNISHED rooms for rent with or with
out boffrd. 830 Union ave. North.
$20 Room and board for two. Phone Main
FURNISHED room with board. 855 llth st.
phone A 10"6.
TWO. 3 or 4' housekeeping rooms, first floor.
FRONT' room with board for 2. reasonable:
easy walking distanco. phone East 54 IS.
ROOM and board for two young ladies em
ployed during day. Phono A 427.
FRONT room, with boai'd for two, walking
distance. K5 E. 8th st., N
LARJE front room, with board, for 3 gen
tlemen, at $23 each. 549 1' am hill St.