The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 24, 1909, SECTION FOUR, Page 10, Image 46

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Four Floors of Handsome
Home Are Below Grade.
Victor Thrane Koiilence on Portland
Heights Has Features IJarely
Found Two Wine Cellars and
Ballroom Are Provided.
A residence, unique in design and con
struction, tins been completed on Port
land Heights for Victor Thrane. a local
I tlmberman. at a cost of Jli." The new
home is located on the Talbot road in
the, Greenwny Addition, just across the
tracks from the t.reenway station. The
unique feature of the building which ap
pears most prominently Is the construc
tion, which permits or two stories and an
attic above the general ground lovel. and
a basement, a sub-basement, a wine cel
lar and a sub-wine cellar as four stories
beneath the first floor of the home.
The home is built on a tract of seven
acres on the brow of a hill overlooking
Portland. It is on the verge of the in
cline and from the side near the tracks,
where is located the main entrance to
the first floor of the building, but two
stories appear above the ground level, but
so steep is tnc grade trial on me omei
' side cf the building the wide piazzi over-
looking the city is 40 feet above ground tho four stories built beneath the
first floor overlook the hill and the city.
The building wae designed by Architect
Krnest Kroner to meet the requirements
of the im-line on which the residence is
constructed. It is what is known as tho
German Black Forest style of architec
ture, the prominent architectural feature
being the heavy overhanging gables fin
ished with spruce battens. The roof is
shingled in an artistic fashion and the
residence is finished with rustic exterior.
The first floor of the builfilng. open
ing on the street level on the west, has
a large living-room. 29X-0 feet In size,
a part of which is a large alcove set
aside for dining purposes, separated from
the main living-room by a folding screen.
This screen may be moved aside at will
so as to make a large banquet-room. The
room is handsomely tapestried, has an
artistic wide fireplace, beamed ceilings
and is finished In silvered spruce. Sil
vered spruce, hitherto unknown In Port
land, is ussd as the finish throughout
the building.
Vernnda Inclosed in Glass.
The entrance hall opens on a large
veranda. 25x20 feet In size, overlooking
the city and 40 feet above the ground.
It Is entirely inclosed In glass with slides
which penult the glass casing being re
moved at any time.
The only other rooms on the first floor
are the kitchen, pantry and lavatory. Orrn
the second floor there are three bed
rooms, a sewing-room and two baths.
' The baths are tiled to the headline. The
rooms are all equipped with large clothes
closets and all are finished In slivered
spruce. There is but one large room
finished in the attic, this being used as
a storeroom.
In the first basement there is a room
- 1t!1 feet In size and with a 12-foot
f ontug. There are also two servants-
ronnis."a servants' hath. -a laundry, fur
r.ace room and storeroom. The heat
ing plant Is a combination of hot air
and hot water. The billiard room has
a fine view overlooking the city.
In the sub-basement, below the main
basement, there Is a large ballroom,
2"xi0 feet In size. This room Is equip
ped with a stage at one end for giving
amateur theatricals, private balls and
entertainments, and Is handsomely fin
ished. Below this room In a wine cellar.
15x16 feet In s'ze. and beneath the wine
. cellar Is a sub-wine cellar. 10x10 feet In
size. Both wine cellars are lined with
a moisture and air-proof, tarred ' cork
Modern Garage an Adjunct.
To the side of the dwelling is con
structed a garage which has a room for
the chauffeur on the top floor, below this
room for the automobiles, cement
floored and properly equipped, while be
low the automobile room Is a stable with
accommodations for three horses. Thin
building, Is sanitary, neat and convenient
In construction. The gHsoline for the
automobiles Is kept underground 100 feet
. avay from the garage, connected with
a system nf pump and pipe lines. There
is a private telephone system connecting
the house, garage, chicken yard and
' One of the features of the architec
tural work In connection with the erec
tion of this house is the building of a
large retaining wall to hold back the
street. This wall. 15 feet high, is built
of concrete, timbered artistically with
a cedar trellis along the top, with flower
tioxes set In along the wall and with I
vines climbing up the sides and hiding
the concrete work. The wall Is about
J 40 feet long.
Kesidence Sites on Peninsula De
mand Good Prices.
A number of sales have been made dur
ing the last few days at University Park
through the real estate agency of Hart
& Sibray. Among the sales are the fol
lowing: E. H. Gillman bought a house and lot
located on Dwlght street from M. H.
Tower for J2500: J. O'Brien bought a
small house on Yale street for JtioO; Harry
Farr bought two lots on Jarrard etreet
as a site for a bungalow; William Min
nlck bought a house and lot for $1000;
M. H. Tower bought two lots on Woolsej
street for JTSO for a bungalow. Several
new residences are being completed ' at
I'nlverslty Park and surroundings. A. L.
Shannon. D. C. Hoyt. J. B. Yeon. George
Ross and Russell Hoyt are erecting
homes. On. the tunnel across the Penin
sula the contractors for the Harriman
lines are now operating two shifts of
men, working night and day.
J. B.' Yeon, who has been Investing
heavily on the Peninsula, purchased the
following property this week: Lot 3,
block 9, Macgley Highland, on Rodney
avenue, with a seven-room house, for
I3S00: lots 8 and 9. block 22. Walnut Park,
for $3300; also lot 10. In block 21. Walnut
Park, with a new house of eight rooms,
for $7000. The latter property was bought
from W. H. Shea.
The Lang-Hill Land Company eold lots
Z and 4. block 7. Lexington Heights, to
J. F. Brown for $900. The company also
sold 20 acres of Improved land near
Mount Scott to A. C. Hunt for $4600.
E. L. George has purchased 100x100 feet
on the corner of East Twenty-second and
Knott streets of Jacob Crotzer for $.1300.
It Is located In the high-priced district
of Irvington.
Mrs. Beatrice Bowman has purchased
lot 11. block 52, In Vernon Tract, of tlw
Howard Land ConTpany for $2300. The
lot is occupied with a bungalow.
The Tabor" Heights Realty Company
announces the sale of the following: To
C. B. Walker, lot 7, block Q. $S60; Will
iam G. Fiedler, south half of lot 6. block
Q. $: J. R.'Coon. lot 3, block 6 Welch
horough Addition. $S50. Mr. Coon will
erect a bungalow.
. Officer Tried for I'nrujy Tongue.
MANUKA, Oct. 23. A court-martial with
Rear-Admiral Arthur P. Nazro presiding
sat at Cavlte today and tried Surgeon
Francis W. F. Wieber on a charge of
using abusive language to a brother. of
ficer. " j
Properties in Albina Are Being Im
proved With Many Fine Homes
and Business Blocks.
The rebuilding of the Portland Flour
ing Mills, recently destroyed by fire, is
now under way, and the order ' for the
machinery has been placed. The piling
has been driven and the concrete foun
dation started. Plans for the building
are being prepared by the company's own
architect ' and will be ready within a
short time. Work on the new plant will
be done by day work under the direct
supervision of the mill company. Hurley
Mason Company has been given ..the con
tract for' the erection of four reinforced
concrete grain elevators. Four concrete
grain elevators had Just been built be
fore the fire, adjoining the building
burned, but were not injured in the least.
These are considered the safest and most
economical buildings in which- to store
grain. The main building will be of
heavy, slow-burning ; construction and
cost $200,000.
In Upper Albina a number of Impor
tant improvements are under way. .Work
on the new engine house tn Russell
street, near WilllamR avenue, , Is pro
gressing. This flrehouse will : be 41x113
feet and the eost will be about $13,500. W.
B. Steel Is the contractor. ' Engine Com
pany No. 7 and Truck No.- 5 will occupy
the new building,, which will be of brick
construction. The engine house on Rus
sell street Is- an old building and was put
up In the early days of Albma city gov
ernment and moved from Lower-to Up
per Albina.
GofT & .Kimball are building three cot
tages at Vancouver avenue and Mason
street, each to cost $1C00. Each will con
tain five rooms and they are to be com
pleted by November 15. The same Arm
will erect two two-story dwellings on
Wygant and Rodney streets, .to eost $2500
J. H. Rinehart is erecting a' $12,000 two
tory brick. 50x70 feet, on Monroe street
and Williams avenue. Th first floor
will be for stores and the second for
offices. . .. .. .
Charles G. Bunte' is erecting an attrac
tive home on Skidmore. street and Van
couver avenue. 30x43, to cost $2500.
J. Patterson is erecting a ' $2500 resi
dence on Williams avenue and Monroe
street. The $15,000 building .of A. R.
hi. tiV m., ad Mr Jmh &-'
Lii )t M r- I rfS :
the lowest
priced lots
in any
are in
That statement does notl-ead cheapest you can figure how any place is cheaper than another
it says lowest priced. In other words, you can buy a lot for less money in Alameda Park than in
any other part of Portland the same distance from the center of the city.
It can be made stronger yet : Nowhere in the city of Portland today, even at a much greater
' distance, are the prices for lots so low, where building restrictions, hard - surface pavement, cement
sidewalks and curbs, ornamental flowering shade trees, clusters of street lamps, gas, electric light,
telephones, and sewer throughout the entire tract, as in Alameda Park.
In brief the lowest-priced property in Portland today is in ALAMEDA PARK the "Tux
edo" of Portland, the highest grade residence district. f
You can save from $200 to $1000 on a lot, with nice pine trees, and get in the best neighborhood,
by securing your homesite in ALAMEDA PARK.
So much for today. How about a few years hence? Wouldn't you rather own a lot in ALA
MEDA PARK close in where values will increase more rapidly, than to go a greater distance?
Don't you feel, as a matter of fact don't you know, that property is going to be much higher in ALA
MEDA PARK than it will be elsewhere, while now you can buy a lot 30 and 50 per cent less than
you can in other localities ?
Why do you know this? Because ALAMEDA PARK, when built up, will be the cream resi
dence district' in the city, the "Tuxedo" of Portland.
Come to ALAMEDA PARK today, and see the finest view and hgmebuilding spot in Portland.
Representatives of this office there to answer any questions.
Make arrangements to go there with us by auto.
PHONES MAIN 7958, A-3651
Zeliar, on Williams avenue, near Stan
ton street, is nearing completion.
George Bonner, chief engineer of the
tug John " McCraken ' will soon occupy
his new home, which Is being erected on
Montana avenue and Simpson street. The
foundation and first story of this resi
dence will be of concrete blocks. The
house contains eight rooms, with hard
wood floors In the living-rooms and tiled
floors In the kitchen and pantry. Mr.
Bonner owns three lots. The plan of the
house was prepared by A. C Kmery &
Co.. and the completed structure will cost
$5000. It Is one of the best built homes in
this section.
The Eliot schoolhouse. erected on Knott
street and Rodney avenue, Albina, to
take the place of the Wllllajns-avenue
"T 1' - 5
.....-j-,'1.a. .s
- "ft 'h O. V. vLw&.v'
One of the attractive buildings which has recently been completed on the Kast Side is the Kadderly
apartment building, located at Kast Ninth and East Ankeny streets, which was built at a cost of $10,000.
The owner. A. A. Kadderly. has held the property on which the building is located for 22 years. The flats
are 4Si by M feet In size and contain four apartments of five and six rooms each. They are fitted with the
modern .appointments of flat buildings. Tho Kadderly building was designed and by J. A. Zeller.
W. A. SHAW, President.
"W. H. FEAR, Vice-President.
J. W. TABER, Secretary.
Capital Stock . . .
. 50,000.00
We are the pioneer firm in acreage selling in this city. Inquire of our patrons as to
our judgment and business methods in handling acreage.
Our property offers more and stronger inducements to the conservative investor than any
other outlying property on the market today. No wildcat speculation in buying acres of
beautiful laying, highly fertile land on the edge of a great and rapidly growing city.
Five acres here, purchased on our very liberal terms, can easily be paid for from your
savings and will show most satisfactory increase in value each year.
L Now selling in such sized tracts as you desire at from $100.00 to $300.00 per acre, payable
in easy installments.
, Call at our office.
24512 Stark Street
and" arrange to go at our expense and examine this property.
schoolhouse. Is already filled with pupils.
The growth In that portion of the district
has been great. In fact, all the new
sehoolhouses that are completed are now
We carry a complete line of gas,
electric and combination fixtures in
stock; also make special designs
and estimates. Call at our sales
room or phone B 2151, or East 116,
and we will call on you. !?tore open
evenings by appointment.
Engineers, Founders,
Machinists mnd Boilermakers,
Building; and Structural Work.
Fire Hydrants, Log Hauls, Cast
bears, Hydraulic Ulants, Water
Gales, Lumber Trucks, etc