The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 24, 1909, SECTION THREE, Page 10, Image 34

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1 mmm mn Ml m nm SPiT .3 ifl vi a u M 7 M M M M
Man Well Known in Portland
Honored by the Shonts Lines
Ernest Sylvanus Benson, for Ten Years Connected With the O. R. & N.
Here. Is Made Controller-of the Toledo, St. Louis &
' Western and the Alton Railroads.
Harriman System Has Low
Grade Route East of Si
erras Under Way.
ct t T-T7 rvr r.r? TrrirtV l
St s
' jt
. .. . , ht i , th owner and holder of ten shares of preferred stock of the
I. A Staiger. of 292 wasnington oi., roumiu, v., c...0
SEAI. T subscribed and sworn to. before rrfe this 23d day of October, 19C9. lSlSINotary Public for 1 li e'gon.
Jtond Xotv Being Bnllt From Mojnve
to Heeler Is Also Fart of Line.
8 59 Miles or Xr-w rroject
Are to Be in Oregon.
A new low-(tr'le rniit mft of the
Sierras between Portland and Los An
gers Is prfel in a statement Issued
in X( York iiy JuIIub Kruttsclinitt
concerning tli mor Important exten
sions of the Harriman l!ns now under
actual construction.
The Klaniaih-Xairon line is apparently
to form a part of this n?w low-crade
rojte. and In Southern rnllfornla a
branch H. miles lone, from Mojave north
to Keeler. is unil?r construction which
will also ultimately becon-.o a part of
the new roi:te.
Of the 3",K' mllrs of new road now
under construction by the Harriman sys
tem In the I'nited StaTs and Mexico. 3o9
miles are In Oregon. In the territory of
the Oregon Rallroa.l Navigation t'om
r,nv im m'!.s of new line are being
Kradid. In On son 4G mil -a of road are
being opened, between Klgin and Joseph,
and a branch 110 miles Ions Is under way
up the Deschutes River Into the central
portion of the state at Redmond, while
in Northern Idaho a line Is soon to run
from Rockford. on the main line, east
to a point on Lake Coeur d'Alene. op
posite Harrison, 15 miles.
Grays Harbor Branch in Progress.
From Centralia. Wash., between Port
land and Taeotna on the Northern Pa
cific, the section now being double
tracked for traffic of the Harriman lines,
a branch is being run west to Grays
Harbor. SS miles. This will ultimately
run northward miles to Tuget Sound
through one of the finest forest sections
In the world. The Oregon & Washington,
building from Portland north to Ta
coma and Seattle. 2S0 miles, has started
track-laying. The terminal at Tacoma
Involves the building -of a tunnel STuO
feet long at the entrance to that city
from the south. At the present time over
14i feet of this tunnel has been com
pleted, and work is progressing at the
rate of 2 feet a day.
Another tunnel Into East Portland. 5500
feet long, runs between the Willamette
and folumh'.a rivers. The tracks then
cross the Columbia over the Steel bridge,
running Into Vancouver. At Sattle over
eight mites of heavy work are under way
between the -terminal and points outside
the city limits. The finest station on the
pacific -oast is to be erected In that city
at a cost of over JjOO.onC".
When plans were made to secure ter
minal in Seattle for the Union Pacific,
propsrty was secured sufficient to care
for all the traffic that would come to
the lines in 50 years, arsumlng the con
tinued growth of the city at the present
rate. When the busings demands It.
over a half mile of frontage wiii- enough
to provide plenty of warehouse and track
age room will be available.
Southern Pacific Build 400 Miles.
Extensions under nay on the Southern
Pacific total over V milea. Of this 173
miles ar? btlng added to the Oregon
lints. About IS miles of new construc
tion wre necessary to effect an entrance
into Portland from lines or) the west side
of the Willamette Valley. A branch 97
miles long is beir.g pushed through tim
ber lands in Oregon from Htllsboro on
the Portland-Albany branch, to the coast.
Extension are being built from Natron,
southward and from Klamath Falls
northward, involving the present con
struction of about 60 miles of a line to
be. 152 miles.
The amount of money Involved in the
construction of the total 2000 miles, which
will reach new territory in nearly every
tte In which the lines run and cause
radical ultimate changes of condition in
Mexico, is placed conservatively at ll'JO.
Ofi.OO). and is an unparalleled outlay for
the construction of branches and Im
provements of a system already so well
Intrenched. Of this amount, about one
half has already been expended, while
the recent sales of Treasury securities,
together with the aurplus accumulated
from operation during tli? past year gave
the svstem a further working capital In
the neiehborhood of SSS.OOO.OOO. The cost
of much of the construction under way
will not have to be met for another year,
or even two. so that the Harriman lines
are able to carry on their improvement
nrreramm"! without the necessity of
making further provision of funds.
- . - "
, : 'f
Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound
Hurries Grays Harbor AVork.
An officer of the Chicago. Milwaukee
& Puget Sound Is quoted as saying that
nassenaer and freight trains will be in
nneration about February. 1S10, between
fvattle. Tacoma. Aberdeen and Hoquiam
Track laving on the Gate City-Grays
Harbor section of the line, which is to
be used Jointly by this company and the
Harriman lines, is expected to be fin
ihd January next. The section from
Ciaif Citv east to McKenna to the Ta
coma Eastern is expected to be finished
as soon as the Gate City-Aberdeen line,
and on completion of this work, train
service is to be started between Seattle
nd the harbor cities.
The C. M. P. S. intends to build
branch lines as quickly as possible and
as soon as surveys now under way are
finished, will build a line both north and
south or Othello. It is the intention to
build into the Moses Lake district. A
line to tap the coal and timber sections
near Enumclaw will be started at once,
and I to be completed as quickly as pos-
ihl Survevs north of Grays Harbor
have been completed and next year work
will be started on ft line north toward
the Juan de Fuca Strait. The Tacoma
Eastern line is being extended some 20
miu to tin new timber districts, but
not as an extension toward Portland.
Portiand-VancouTer Special Still to
Continue Its Run.
Portland railroad men discredit the
r.nnri nubllshed in Seattle that the
Northern Pacific is to cancel the Portland-Vancouver
special now operated
Jointly by the Northern Pacific and
Great Northern between this city and
Rrtrixh folumbla. A rumor had been
beard here of somewhat similar trendy j ran
but It was to the effect that a Great
Northern train would provide the same
service under the trl-party agreement
entered into bv the Northern Pacinc.
Great Northern and Harriman systems
affecting; the Portland-Tacoma line.
i (
r .. -V .
. ' ? t S t ' '
. ' '
1 cently appointed comptroller of the
' Toledo. St. Louis & Western and the
Chicago & Alton Railroad companies,
which Theodore P. Shonts Is preeident. Is
well known In Portland. From 194 to 1904
he was general auditor for the Oregon
Railway Navigation Company ana tne
Portland & Asiatic Steamship Company.
operating steamers to the Orient. In No
vember of JS4 he was transferred to the
Southern Pacific lines east of El Paso,
Tex. In April of the succeeding year he
gave up railroad work to enter the serv
ice of the Government a general auditor
of Panama Canal affairs,
whon Mr. Shonts left the Government
service, resigning the chairmanship of the
Panama Commission, business metnotis
gave way to the red tape of
and Navy, and Mr. Benson, a few months
later, also resigned, accepting the position
of consulting accountant for the Inter-horougii-Alctropolitan
Company, of New
York, the holding company tor wie
York traction lines. This position he filled
for the last two years, and he will con
tinue to discharge its duties in addition to
those of his new office.
His new appointments necessitate a
transfer of his headquarters from New
York to Chicago, where when 16 years old
Mr. Benson began his business career in
the local office of the Burlington & Qulncy
Railroad. . " '
Mr. Benson was born In Worcester,
Mass. His father's mother was a Taft. a
descendant of Ebenezer Taft, one of the
earliest settlers of Massachusetts. His
ancestors fought in the Revolution, three
of them having stood shoulder to shoulder
in the hattle of Lexington.
That is. the Great Northern woum op
erate the train Individually.
Northern Pacific, officials say tnai De
reen Portland and Seattle the train Is
popular and carries a neui nomv.
From Seattle north, the Great Northern
operates the train. The tnrougn Dull
ness, it is said, probably does not Jus
tifv the use of the parlor-car equip
ment and the timecard between Port
land and Puget Sound is not just what
the Northern Pacific would like.
If there is any change in trains. It is
believed here that the present slightly
undesirable features will be adjusted
in some other way tnan Dy cancennB
the train. ...
Harriman Deschutes 'Mne to Rush
Its Construction.
Track' laying on the first 15 miles of
the Harriman Deschutes roaa win wm
about November L according to H. . A.
Brandon, construction engineer, who ar
rived In Portland. from Grass Valley yes
terday. . '
The track-laying crews now engaged in
the Couer d'Alene district will be through
by the end of the month and will then
bo transferred to tne twscnuitrs. wi.
hundred and nine miles of the work are
now covered by sub-contractors, extend
ing from the. mouth of the river to a
point about seven miles souin oi jiuurao.
A wireless concern, which calls itself
United Wireless," rniu which Is little
more than a snipwrecaeu j..crui
Wireless 'revamped, has sold, I am in
formed, over One Million- (tl.000.000.00)
to the people of Oregon, at prices rang
ing from $10.00 to I3S.00 per share.
This stock is som ny a riuruo i uc
luded agents upon the most flagrant
exaggerations, misrepresentations and
In exchange for about One Million
($1,000,000.00) Dollars in hard-earned
cash. Oregon people can now- boast Of
having about ten (10) small wireless
stations, which can l.e duplicated for
Ten Thousand ($10,000) Dollars. And
what makes matters worse, these sta
tions. I am Informed, are not even
earning their operating expenses, let
alone earning any dividends to pay on
Seventy Million ($70,000,000.00) Dollars,
the present selling basis.
The money collected in Portland
alone, I am informed, would build ten
times the stations now in the entire
State of Oregon.
Eastern financial magazines have for
months denounced this GIGANTIC
FRAUD as a rank swindle and esti
mate (taking the United W!reless-,-own
financial statement) that this stock is
not worth even $1.45 per share.
United Wireless stockholders need
not look beyond the State of Oregon to
see what their company is doing.
I made a public offer, published in
the Portland papers, offering One Hun
dred ($100.00) Dollars for -a 100-word
message to be sent from the Perkins
Hotel station, at Portland, to Astoria
direct, an air line district of about 75
miles. So far my offer has NOT been
accepted. 1
EXPOSED, the faith of hopeful In
vestors In these next to WORTHLESS
SECURITIES will receive . a jo9 to
which the San Francisco earthquake
will seem a mere tremblor.
To you whose money has been ob
tained by the grossest misrepresenta
tions and fraud, the LAW will tell you
what to do.
It will either mean for Fred S. Stew
art and Geo. H. Parker, the unscrupu
lous promoters- of this enterprise, to
"cough up" or go to Jail.
I am ready to help you in every way
to bring these men Into the
court and put them where they belong.
John L. Schuyleman, 701-2-3 Oregonian
Bldg. Advertisement.
Schedule to Be 72. Hours, Which Ne
cessitates Change of Time on
All Trains of Road.
Important Improvements In train
service on the Spokane, Portland & Se
attle Railway (North Bank) will be
come effective next Sunday. One of
these will be the Inauguration of a
solid through train between portiana
and Chicago via the North Bank. North
ern Pacific and Burlington systems.
The North Bank has been maintaining
a through sleeping-car service between
Portland and St. Paul, making connec
tion In Spokane with Northern Pacific
trains. A solid, electric-lighted train'
will take the place of this service, run
ning on a limited schedule of 72 hours,
or the equivalent of the schedules of
other transcontinental limited trains.
In addition, another through fast
service to Chicago is to be provided by
means of standard touriBt sleepers
which will be attached at Spokane to
the Oriental Limited of the Great
A change in timecard will apply to
all trains on the road and the running1
time between Seattle and Spokane will
be cut down. The day trains, which
have consumed 12 hours and 40 minutes
between the two cities, will make the
trip, beginning next Sunday, in 12
hours. The night running time will be
12 hours, a reduction of 50 minutes.
An improvement in the local service
will be made in the addition of a diner
on the evening train to Cliffs.
Train No. 2, which now leaves Port
land at 8:45 A. M.. will became the solid
through train, and the departing time
will be changed to 9:25 A. M. This
train will reach Spokane at 9:25 P. M.
No. 3. the westbound companion train,
will arrive In Portland a,t 8 A. M. This
train will leave Spokane for Portland
at 8:10 P. M.. Instead ef 8 P. M., as
Train No. 4, which will carry through
ulrpppr connecting with the Oriental
This office has recent information that agents of Ihe "Clark Wireless
Co " in an effort to sell their stock, OR INDUCE HOLDERS OF UNI
TED WIRELESS STOCK TO SELL THEIRS, have been circulating the
most absurd reports about the said UNITED CO. and its management.
It seems hardlv necessary to note these derogatory statements, in view
of actual conditions, and our only reason for doing so is to protect our.
Thev state that the UNITED CO. is nearly bankrupt, and cannot last
long The Provable fact is that the UNITED CO. was never so-prosperous
as at present. We are building more stations pnd earning more money
than ever before ($70,000 per month). Our three factories are running to
full capacity. We have recently started in ENGLAND, have a large torce
of men at work, with a number of contracts already secured The Com
nanv has plenty of money in the treasury, bills are paid monthly, and we
have NO DEBTS. - Both R. G. DUN & CO. and BRADSTREET verify
this statement. .
The Clark Co. has been in business for about six years having been
reorganized several times. During five years they had a clear field, on ,
the Great Lakes, with no competition; yet the Government report gives
hem only six stations and as many boats. The Clark Co s ates in their
pamphlet that $150,000 has been expended on the work which is certainlj
a huge cost. They ajso state that "about 700.000 shares" have been
issued. Thev state that they have no promotion stoe so that these
700.000 shares must have been SOLD. This amount of stock a the par
value of 1 per share, amounts to $700,000. They have spent $lo0,000
where is'the other $.j")0,000? r i
Last March the UNITED CO. opened up business on the ( Great 1 Lakes
In 60 davs vTe built more stations and equipped more boats than the had
built or equipped in six years. Up to date, we have 1 stations and 30 ship
equipments 0.1 the Great Lakes, and we are still building and equipping.
So much for the Great Lakes field.
Thev have no stations on the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf Coasts The
UNITED CO has over 100, nearly 50 of which are on the Pacific Coast,
anVShave put both the "Pacific" and the "Massie" wire ess companies
(iVo were boh doing business on this Coast 22 years ago) out of exist
ence Our UNITED stations on the Paeific Coast handled over --,400
comment messages during August, 1909 Ag. in-l - this -Pf -
WORK ACTUALLY DONE, you are asked to accept the unsuppo.ted
statements and airy promises pf the Clark Co. and their agents.
At the last reorganization of the Clark Co., their charter was taken
out under the laws (!) of ARIZONA, instead ofUlCAKBsbelove
V. no not know why or care; yet it imjo""e o -
that RIZ0NA (and until very recently, inuvawaj, "uw""" :
able in its laws (or absence of laws) to the incorporation o wildcat or
miest ionable enterprises; as the attached copy of an advertisement ol The
quesuoiiauie p ti,0:, Ai-izona. taken from the la-
k1 onVof Yhe stest in the Union, with regard -to the
i i. a. TTXTi'i'hMi i ll nnri its man-
vicious and scurrilous sianaers aoou VfvTX(i AND
gemenl. Upon .request, we will mat. of Amil 3.
T-.TrTX- u i v i h v or nun i in . .
World' and its
Mocictara ...v. 'i 014. elearlv shows. As a com-
c tic Monthly" ror Atiguhi, j-. p- , r of MAINE whioh
.1 .. I'viTun -n ic r,rrrnm7.ed under the laws or jiiai d,
is know
tinn nf coruorations.
Much use is made by our enemies of a certain so-called financial paper
.if nlnciaT World." which for two years, has been publishing : the
tuv ..-..
t1c;n,'r. "' ..rV,' .ZZnt nf the "Financial
1909, which win give you 1.. We will also send, if you wish, copies
editor much better than we "Mdo. -ILE REPORTS
botftfc UNlEDCa0ndathde Clark Companies, and other authontative data.
Finally JOHN L. SCHUYLEMAN, the general agent of the Clark Co
SrS TiMEllNCE t0h h bn SgUed as a curbstone broker, in persuad
H IS TIME bY-vTTFn WIRELESS stock (through misrepresentations)
mg holders of 1' BR0KERS WORKING WITH HIM,
to sell or turn oci iu y-, --
their stock certificates, at about the same figure that same had cost them.
Having secured the stock by running down the UNITED CO., their tune
was changed, and the stock was RESOLD to other persons. Al A 1 hOM l ,
sale of "Clark Wireless" stock has been a side issue with him. His main
object has been thegetting hold of UNITED WIRELESS stock as cheaply
as possible, 'to resell it at a profit.
He has recently advertised in the Portland, papers, asking VITET)
WIRELESS stockholders to call at his office in the OREGONIAN build
in for important information. Persons who have gone to see him. inform
us" that after a lengthy abuse of the UNITED CO. and its management,
and his -nssuranoe that, Clark Wireless stock "is very much more valuable
-than UNITED stock," he ends his argument with AN Or I ER TO EX
TED At the Clark Company's price of $1.00 per share, this would be
equal to buving UNITED stock at $15 per share, which he could reacnly
-resell at $30 per share; since the UNITED company's price is now .?3..
This clearly shows his brokerage scheme to make money by dealing in
our stock.
He has advertised that the Clark Company will at once build ten 23
K W stations on the Pacific Coast, which will operate for from oOO to
1000 miles at anv hour of the day or night. Just how a company which
the mercantile agencies describe as having judgments for $t,,.9,. and fo.t.oo
rendered against them is going to erect such a string of stations is not
quite clear. The instruments for the Portland station are supposed to oe
on the way; and Clark was to have been here on October 15th, to superin
tend the construction. We will deposit with any bank or newspaper in
Portland, $1000, Mr. Schuyleman to deposit $500. If the Clark Company
has in commercial operation,' by January 1, 1910, on the Pacific (oast, a
wireless station capable of sending messages from 500 to. 1000 miles at any
hour of the day or night, we will forfeit our $1000. If the Clark Company
does not have such a station by that date, he is to forfeit h;s $o00.
Also, as soon as our Perkins Hotel station is completed and turned over
to the operators, we will give Mr. Schuyleman an opportunity to pay that
$100 for a 100-word message transmitted direct to Astoria but we will
insist that the $100 be put up. before the demonstration "fde Mean
time, the interested public is invited to test the service of the LM1EU
WIRELESS Pacific Coast stations, day or night.
We trust these facts will clear the air somewhat. DO NOT BE LED
THEIR STATEMENTS AND CLAIMS, and if any further information is
desired, write or call at this office.
Yours Very Truly, F. S. STEWAET,
Fiscal Agent, Oregon, Eastern Washington and Idaho, 410 Corbet t Build
ing, Portland, Oregon.
The following is a copv of the advertisement appearing in the August,
1909. issue of the "PACIFIC MONTHLY," on page 214s, which is re
ferred to in the above-letter:
Costs less than elsewhere.
A a u-a a 1-.. worth tllOtSaildS.
"Vo tax irf Arizona. No stock subscription's required betore in-
liability, riu t-L BMt. n .j' ";:" ," .7 .v. v. V,
erty, services
evi-mtit from company
tTOIS virED AZONA. Resident Stoddardt FORMKR
I V SECRETARY OF ARIZONA, was for years officially, in charge
Vt Mncor&VatinB buiinesV and president agent for many thousand
companies. Alf blanks, law. by-laws and particular, free . lom-
thorized debt. ...
References Any bank In Arizona.
Limited at Spokane and w
leaves Portland at 5:40 P. M-. i"
part under the nw -Module it '.M
r. M.. and arrive in Spokane at .7 A. M.
. 1 will leave Spokane at s a- j-
rhe present departing time.
in Portland at 8 P. M.. or 50 minutes
earlier than at present.
The Columbia River local, or No. 5.
-will leave Cliffs at 7:45 A. M. and arrive
Z Portland at noon. No. 6. now depart
ing at 4:15 P. M.. will leave Portland at
5 P. M.. arriving in Cliffs at 0:1. .P. M.
Instead of 8:50. as at present, and wilt
have a diner added.
On the Goldendale branch train No. 55
will leave Goldendale at 7 A. M- arriv
ing at I.yle at 8:40 A. M.. and connect
ing with the Columbia H'er local,
reaching Portland at joon. No. 66 will
leave Lyle at 12:45 P. M-. after No. 2 has
arrived there, and reach Goldendale at
8-It U the understanding here that the
new through North Bank train does not
take the place of any through train now
operating over the Northern Pacific and
Burlington between Puget Sound and
the East. It will be an additional train
on that route between Spokane and Chi
cago It does not add to the number of
trains now running between Portland
and Spokane.
Xotcs From Railroad Row.
I,. W. Landman, general Western pas
senger agent of the TAke Shore Road,
with headquarters in Chicago, Is in Port
land on his wedding trip. Mr. Landman
was formerly secretary and later presi
dent of the Transcontinental Passenger
Association. ,
The steamer Harrison, a new vessel
pntlt on Lake Coeur d Alene by the O.
r & N. to run In connection with a nail
road cutoff now building from Rockford
to ft point on the lake opposite Harrison,
will be given a trial trip next Wednesday.
Several railroad officials will go from
Portland to .participate in the event. By
means of the cutoff and "ewt "teamr.lT
O R & N. will shorten the time between
Spokane and Wallace, Idaho, about two
W. W. Cotton, counsel for the O. R. &
N has returned from San Franciaco.
where he participated in the distributive
rate hearing before the Interstate Com
merce C ommission.
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