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.Correctly Styled Clothes
That Are Faultless in Fit
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Japan Wants It, but China or
International Syndicate
May Get It.
Hu&eian Finance Minister and Prince
Ito to Confer on Deal If Syndi
cate Bnjt, Manchnria Mai
He) ISnffcr State.
ST. PETERSBURG. Oct. 23. Russian
and foreign diplomatic circles ascribe
crest lmnortance to tbe meeting: at
Harbin on October 26 of M. Kokovsoff.
the Russian Minister of Finance, and
Prince Ito. president of the Privy Coun
cil of Japan, although he exact mo
tives impelling Japan are not known.
The subjects to be discussed were not
sufrgrested In the Japanese overtures,
and M. Kokovsoff. In accepting the in
vitation to meet Prince Ito, barred po
litical questions. Herald that he was
porr.peterrt to discuss only financial and
technical subjects, these covering the
status of the Manchurian railroads,
which have proved such a financial in
cubus. May Sell to Syndicate.
Rnsgi&n statesmen are seriously con
sidering the saie of the Russian rail
road Interests In that territory. The
Japanese proposal to purchase the por
tion of "the railroads remaining in Rus
sia's hands might be entertained by
Russia, owing to internal complications,
but. although it Is understood Japan is
ready to make offers, tbe Russian gov
ernment is disposed to look with favor
'. on a proposition for sale of the Man
churian Hces either to China, financed by
an international syndicate, or to such a
' syndicate direct.
It la authoritatively stated that over-
tares for the purchase of the lines were
I made during the Bummer by a group
' of financiers with which E. H. Harrl
man was connected. but these have
lapsed alnce Mr. Harriman'a death.
. The railroads which may be sold in
" dude both tbe main line and the aouth
j ern branch from Harbin to Port Ar
, thur. The - Russian title runs for about
I xe years, after which It passes te China.
.' Only China's lack of finances prevented
: earlier negotiations for the transfer of
i tbe title before Its date of expiration.
' both Russia and China having agreed to
. this in principle.
Would Create Buffer State.
The placing of the North Manchuria
' Railroad under International financial
control would have far-reaching political
! consequences, as it would virtually
' create a oetier bullv iu dulouw
' political Integrity of Manchuria until
China is .strong enough to assert her-
The meeting at Harbin war arranged
when M. Kokovsoff was unable to ac
cept an invitation to go to Japan-
Overdose Attributed to Sleeplessness
or Domestic Troubles.
In an effort to Induce sleep. Mrs.
Floyd ViiVins. 411 Fourth street,
swallowed two spoonfuls of laudanum
shortly after 1 o'clock this morning.
After realizing the gravity of her act,
she hurried to a telephone and noti
fied a relative residing In the aiouni
-.Tabor district. The police were subse
quently notified and hurried Dr. J. H.
Gilbert to the woman. The physician
discovered Mrs. Wilkins in a comatose
condition. After administering power
ful emetics, the, physician after two
hours' work pronounced her out of
danger. .
Aside from sleeplessness, there Is
another motive for her swallowing the
deadly drug, according to the story told
to the police. Domestic difficulties,
which culminated in a quarrel between
herself and husband earlier in the even
ing, combined with her physical con
dition, are said to have caused her to
take an excessive quantity of the
poison. Her husband, who left home
immediately after their quarrel, could
not be located by the police at an
early hour this morning. He" Is ig
norant of his wife's act.
The Wllklns have one child, a baby
girl X years of age, who was found
sleeping peacefully beside her In
sensible mother.
Noted Episcopal Clergyman. Passes
at Ago of 7 S Years.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Oct. 11. The i
i Right Rev. William Hobart .Hare,
bishop of the Episcopal . Diocese of
"South Dakota, died here tonight, after
"a long illness, aged 71 years.
Bishop Hare sutTered from a compllca-
tlon of diseases resulting from his ad
vanced years and arduous labors in the
West. He came Bast about six months
ago, because of his falling health, and
took a cottage here with his two sinters.
With three exceptions Bishop Hare was
th oldest bishop in the Episcopal church
' In America. .His father was the Dr.
Oeorge Emlln Hare, principal of. the
EptsoopaJ Academy of Philadelphia,
BOSTON., Oct. 23. Bishop Hare, of
South Dakota, will be succeeded by Rt
Rev. Frederick Foote, of Johnson, for
merly rector of Christ Church, North
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lng ss I se it. yet I must obey the
clear call to tell what I believe to be
the truth.
"My fellow-teachers in the university
conduct Bible classes hi various Sunday
schools. The day of the week cannot
Iter things. What is right to ' do -en
Sunday in one building is right on week
davs in another building."
Professor Howe's class " is behind him
almost to a unit in the matter. Mem
bers of the Oamma Phi Beta Sorority,
several of whom are in the class, even
offered to let 'him conduct the class In
their bouse.
Rev. H. N. Mount and Rev. D. H.
Trimble, of the Methodist Church, are
the minivers who have announced tbey
will preach on tills .matter tomorrow eve
ning. Rev. Mr. Mount, several years
as-o. caused- some feeling In the Univer
sity bv pleaching a sermon, denouncing
the college fraternities. -
Professor Howe graduated from Cornell
in 1X He is one of the best-liked in--r
,..,. her and his clesees are always
Krod--d. He is regarded ss one of the
fKe-pest and most advanced thinkers on
the faculty. Curiously enough be be-
Jongs to the Fxaabyteriaa (Church,
'?,' .'V
Darden, Who Has . Deserted
Five Wives, Forced by
. One to Disgorge. ,
Man Vlio Ha Lived Ten. Years by
Securing Women's Money, Then
Deserting Them, Brought to
Book In w Mexico.
AI.RfOCEROUE. N. M.. Oct. 23.
(Special.) James O. Darden. of this
lty, wtyise latest ( wife, Mrs. tannie
'an Rensselaer Darden, of New Tork,
mac ii red a divorce and all Darden a
property in the District Court at Las
Iruces yesterday. Tias. it is alleged.
rioaprteri . five wives in the last ten
years, according 'to information secured
ere today.
ft l. 1H Darden married a servant
girl In he East secured her small
savings and went. West, leading tier
enniless. . He then married ana- ae
srted a Spokane woman. His third
ife was married in Coldwater, Mich.
Fourth, he wedded the daughter of a
oalthv banker of Portland.'Or named
Smith, and la said to have fleeced her
father out of several tnousanas. nuu,
married Marie Louise ttoss, worm
,000,080, of New York whose father
connected with the fcteei trust aim
Standard Oil. ' He lived with her ten
days and she got a divorce in
111CII 111 " 1 . . . J - -
Springs, left her and went toBritiah
t r j naranla from MiSSiS-
en married Mary Bono in
IllJllu k.i uw. '
sippi"took Mary Bond to Ashvllle. N.
where she died, on the day that he
brought divorce proceedings on the
ground of desertion.
t . , a-nmA in .vcrv Instance, ln- eu " p.'"1' 1 '
eluding that of Mrs. Van Rensselaer,
was to-get his wue s money, e
refuse to let her follow him. and then
ask a separation, for desertion. The
court yesterday awarded ail Darden s
property to satisfy the claim of Mrs.
Van Rensselaer.
Katherine May sister, of John Ed
ward May. of Chicago, whom Darden
victimized for 12000, is now In this city,
a valuable witness for Mrs. Van Rens
elar. '
Eigbty-tTvo Miles of Difficult Boad-
ajr 'Is Completed.
SEATTLjH. Oct. 23. Word was received
here today stating that fiie Copper River
Railroad. ieing built from Cordova,
Alaska, into the . interior, has been ex
tended ten milea within the last month
marking the completion of 82 miles of the
expensive MO-mile. project. .
Arrangements .have been made to send
an additional force of lluO rock men to
Cordova to work- during the Winter
months. More than 3000 men are already
at work on the line.
Marriage licenses. '
rrj RETTE-SlMMONS-sOeorse O. 1U
Bette city. 49: Josephine Simmons. 44.
SL'PLlOKB-STEWARB -- 6yivetr Sup
Ucke. city. 22; Lola 31 Sttwirt. 17.
WELLS-STEVEX6 Fred Wells. Mt
Tabor. 33; Almee Stevens. IT.
SETBICK-CLEQO C M. fietrick, city, 28;
FearU ClKg. 24.
city. ST; Clare Schmidecke, 1.
Wsddint; and vlsitins earda W. G. Smith
A Co.. Washlnrton bide. 4th and Wash.
,. Semetblag Everybody Saottld Know.
' Any one suffering from- rheumatism,
lumbago, kidney or bladder trouble and
backache can get quick relief by pro
curing from his druggist rtie following
simple remedy: Two ounces salgrene,
mixed with four ounces pur4 olive oil.
and taken in two-teaspaonful doses
every three hours. This 'rerae3y con
tains absolutely no alcohol, making an
Invaluable remedy. . Alcohol whan taken
Into the stomach Irritates the kidneys
and stomach, -
i s
v .. .jUax s.'. - j T? ..."it. : ".?.. !
-!. ii if I i
f -
- -.. v ,i 9 .; .&: T .-.
i.5 Vv
. r .. .'
1st. - i
sV 1:11
1: L:"":" -rf 4
?: Try,
I I COKEA. " v'
Oklahoma Ginning and Oil Mill
Men Indicted.
Grand Jury Probe May Affect 75
Men Prominent la Business of
State Some Names Secret.
Work Will Continue.
GUTHRIB, Okla.. Oct. E Charged with
violation of the Federal and stata anti
trust lavs, the largest cotton-purchasing,
ginning; and oil mill concerns of Okla
homa were Indicted today by a special
grand Jury ordered by. the district court
to probe the cotton situation in Logan
County. ' Certain individuals concerned In
the management of these companies also
wore included.
The following '-were Indicted: W.
Coyle, Consolidated Oil Companies,
Gut 11 He; W. H. Coyle Oil Mill Company,
Guthrie; Boughton & Douglass, Guthrie;
Southwestern' Cotton Oii Company, Okla
homa City; The Cawthorne Company,
Crescent; W. H. Coyle, F. 1 Houghton,
E. Cook and A. T. Bounting, all of
Guthrie; R. A. Vose, Oklahoma Olty and
yy. O. Cawthortie, Crescent. '
The Indictments will. It i said, affect
75 persons; Including some of the most
prominent men In the state. Their names
not be made public until warrants
have been secured.
The Oklahoma laws provide either a
fine or imprisonment. ,
The Indictments wers returned follow
ing a grand Jury Investigation, which has
been proceeding here under the direction
of 'Attorney-General Charles West, of
Oklahoma. Following the returning of
the indictments this afternoon, Mr. West
said he would eontinue the probing over
the entire) cotton district of Oklahoma.
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ful and resourceful perlonallty, tno
other Individual character more fully
apprehended and embodied the possi
bilities of the-Oregon that was
than-did Mr. Ladd. Possessing these
qualities, coupled with exceptional
ability successfully to organize and
control, he feecane -wealthy, a result
he attriUuted lagely to the encourage
ment and co-operation of his faithful
helpmate, who also was one of the
state's builders.
Rev. William Hiram Foulkes, pastor
of the First Presbyterian Church, of
which Mrs. Ladd was a lifelong mem
ber, last night paid the following
tribute to the deceased:
"Anjf word that I might say concern
ing the Christian life and character of
the late Mrs. W., S. Ladd would fall
short of the mark. The beautiful sim-
I plicity of her faith, coupled with the
gracious unostentation ot ner wonts
will ever be. an inspiration to those
who knew her. Jntense loyalty to the
church and In particular its reat mis
sionary concerns, ' characterized her
life. Though well past the allotted age,
she was unusually' keen and forceful in
the grasp of affairs. We are all inex
pressibly shocked by the tidings of
her death, yet we feel that it Is only
the glorious sunset of a wonderful day.
Her labors surely follow with her."
"I was associated vith Mrs. Ladd In
missionary and church work ever since
I came to Portland In 18S6, and learned
to love and esteem her more than 1 dan
express." said Mrs. H.,C. Campbell, who
for several years was associated with
Ira. Ladd as corresponding secretary of
the North Pacific Board of Missions.
"As president of the North -Pacific Board,
her rulings, while firm, were always most
gracious, kind and reasonable. She- was
an example to us all in patience, charity
and punctuality. . Bhe was always the
first to give sympathetic response to
whatever call that came and her gen
erosity was proverbial. Hundreds of wo
men engaged in missionary work all over
the Pacific Northwest loved and revered
her: Her beautiful life has been one of
the greatest .Inspirations I have ever
Associates Adored Her. .
"We loved Mrs. Ladd next to our own
mothers," said Mrs. C. R. Templeton,
who, for many years, was associated
with Mrs. Ladd in missionary work. "We
adored her. The news of . her death
came to me with almost the shock that
would attend the death of a member of
my own family. Mrs. Ladd always
showed a thoroughly Christian spirit and
a beautiful disposition. She always was
active In church work and was a liberal
contributor to missions."
The Fight Is On
Every moment of your life when
you are at home or, abroad,
awake or asleep- .
Between the poison germs that are in air,
food and water, everywhere in lact,
and the billions of your invisible friends,
the little soldier-oorpuscles in your blood.
' If these little soldiers are kept strong
and healthy by taking Hood's Sarsa
parilla, you need have no fear of dis
ease. Begin using it 'at once if you are
at all under the weather, or have
troubles of the blood, stomach, liver
and kidneys. Get it of your druggist.
Grant Phegley, Mgr.
Wright Takes New Pupil in.
Aviation Up in Air.
At High Speed Makes Circles and
Sharp Turns Makes Flights
and Keeps Foulois in. Air
for 6d Minutes.
COLLEGB PARK, Md.. Oct. 23 With
an additional pupil Wilbur Wright today
gave two hours of instruction to the aero
nautical ' division of the United States
Siial Corps. Five successful flights
with the Government -aeroplane were
The additional pupil today was Lieuten
ant Benjamin D. Fouiols, who had just
returned from abroad, where he repre
sented the United Sxates Government at
an aeronautical meeting. His time in
the air aggregated 62 minutes.
Mr. Wright executed man? complicated
circles and short turns, during which
the flyer maintained a high rate of speed.
He guided the machine over the close
kilometre course, covering 1000 metres Jn
66 seconds. - '
Prof. A. Lawrence Roch, of Harvard
University, president of the Aero Club of
New England, witnessed the flights.
Henry Farman Carries Off Prizes In
Blackroot Contests.
BLACKPOOL. (England, Oct 23, The
aviation contests were concluded here
today. Henry Farman carried off the
chief prizes of the week. lncluding the
grand prize of J10.000 for the longest
flight and a prize of 2000 for the fast
est three laps of the course.
Herbert Latham won the -prizes for
general merit and the slowest circuit.
Bishop Says Prospects of America
for Next Year Good.
NEW YORK, Oct. 28. Cortlandt Field
Bishop, president of the Aero Club of
America, arrived here today from Eu
rope. .
He said he thought America had an
excellent opportunity to secure the two
big aerial contests for next year, for
both heavier and lighter than air ma
Hastings Will Wait Until Schlatter
Controversy Is Settled.
HASTINGS. Neb., Oct 23 The body
of Charles, McLean, or. Francis Schlat
ter, the alleged divine healer, who died
s - '
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Men's ard Boys' Outfitters
here Thursday, will be kept within the
jurisdiction of the Adams County Court
until his affairs are legally settled.
The County Judge says the man's ef
fects will be guarded until a legal dis
position is made clear. '
A bank book shows a deposit of $300
In a . New York bank. An envelope,
whicti may contain money. Is held by
the Bay State Trust Company, of Bos
tan. No word ba.3 been received from
Boston. '
i e
Clark County Sunday School Pupils
Enjoy Picnic. ,
VANCOUVER. Wash, Oct 23. (Spe
cial.) The annual picnic of the Clark
County Sunday School Association, held
In this city today, was a grand success,
over 2000 members attending.. A monster
narado was held at 11 o'clock. In which
' over 1500 men and . women, boys and
girls, participated. Bach wore a badge
signifying the Sunday school which they
represented, and many carried Danners.
on" which were painted such signs as:
"The saloon at Battle Ground must go."
Wlne Is a mocker," "Vote for us," "The
saloon must go," etc.
The line of march of the- parade ex
tended" through the business section of
the city on the paved streets, and was
led by a drum corps of Civil War vet
erans. In the parade were babies in
carriages, and men and women over 70
years old.
A basket lunch was served in the Olty
Park at 12:30 o'clock, and at 2 o'clock a
programme was given. The weather was
ideal and every one had a jolly good
time. This evening an entertainment was
given in the Tabernacle, which was filled
with children and teachers. Moving pic
tures formed the chief form of amuse
Theodore Martin Claims Body; Of
. ficers Not Convinced.
TACOMA. Wash.! Oct 23. (Special.)
Although the Coroner and several others
Interested in ihe case have expressed
themselves as uncertain whether or not
Theodore Martin, of Portland, is $he son
of the suicide found hanging to a tree
In Point Defiance Park, the young man
attended the funeral this afternoon end
was the sole mourner. The funeral was
held at the Tacoma Cemetery, where a
lot had been obtained for- the suicide and
the name of "R. J. Martin"- will be
placed oveh- the grave unless the -man's
Identity is soon proved otherwise.
Coroner Shaver has placed in a safety
vault the valuable diamond ring and gold
coins together with the watch and chain
taken from the man's clothing. He has
not been convinced that Theodore Martin
is the suicide's heir and will not turn
over the property, he says, Until definite
evidence Is produced.
Unknown's Crime Causes Cattle-
men's Trial $o Stop.
BASIN, Wya, Oct. 23.. At the urgent
request of both prosecution nd de
fense in the Ten Sleep murder cases, in
which seven prominent cattlemen are
charged with the murder of three
seepmen, Judge Paftnalee has ordered
Petween Fourth and firth
Jewelers and Opticians
7th and Stark Sts.
an Investigation of the grand jury box
and jury list
It is charged that 83 names were
erased fraudulently from the jury list '
and abstracted from the Jury box.
Ancient building or works can ot b
restored In Italy without the consent of the
government. -
Think of It.
Is. It PosslbleT
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that Is cut-abler and all cases are cur
able if treated early.
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Bishop Tayler-Smlth, Chaplain General of
the Uritib Army has kindly given as per
mission to publicly state that he has at
various times ordered supplies of Mother
sill's Sea and Train Sick Remedy and that
he has- found It most effective.
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