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    """ T ' " ' ' ' " T '. ' I I ct a c.ottTTt A T XTV.Tt TTSTTJfJ RATE '
San Francisco Puts 1909
Coast League Pennant ,
in Cinch Column.
portlundcri Vimlilo to Sivre Asrnlnst
frouthcrners--lIarkncM Start In
Wild Corson Takes Mound
and lifts ll.t in morotl.
BAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 2S. Fan Fran
cisco fcaaeball Club. Champions 1909.
Pac'.flo Coast League.
That's the way the sign reads these
ys. The Seals, all along the pennant
material of the. West, made It abso
lutely certain when Ralph 'Willis shut
out the Fortlanders this afternoon.
I to 0. It was Rood baseball, that
decisive game of the year, particularly
from a San Francisco standpoint, for
the boys hit well and fielded in good
form. Harkness. who started with trie
Intention of beating the leaders. showed
a woeful lack of control, nnd after
two bases on balls and a sacrifice he
was speedily retired, Carson faking up
the heavy burden.
Xo Chance tor Heavers.
The rortlanders didn't have a chance.
Not even in the first inning were t:ey
particularly dangerous, although It was
one of the few occasions when they
figured at an. Cooney opened with a
Ingle, but was forced at second, and
;:aney slammed the ball Into a double
' play
tan Francisuo was strong for runs
from the first inning. - Ked Davis
walked and after Mundorff sacrificed
Zeider also took- his . base on balls.
Then Harkness went back to the club
house and with Carson on the mound
Miller lifted a tall fly into center. As
the ball was captured Davis and Zelder
were off on their toes. Kollle overran
second, but seeing that he was in
danger, showed good headwork by
keeping away from Cooney.
Fisher- Fails In Finch.
Davis also kept on going, and al
though, the ball was relayed to Fisher
the latter dropped the leather and the
runner scored. Zelder. who was on
third, was scored on Melchoir's single
to right.
In the fourth Inning Mechoir walked,
went to second on Tennant's single, to
third on Olson s overthrow to first and
home on the squeeze play worked by
Harry McArdle.
Outside of those Innings there was
little doing. Ote Johnson went as far
as third on a walk, a wild pitch and
an out in the second, but there was
no one to hit him home with 'only one
down. "Willis limited his nits -to inree
and had good control
all the way
The score:
fooney. 2t. . . 4 i 1 1! "
l.lson. mm 4 . 1 1 1
Oraney. cf 4 " T J X
Johnoa .3b... I
AlcOredie. rf s 0 O 1
KJsher. c i 6 I
Ort. lb i '
Speas. If 3 o J 1 "
Harkness. p 1
tiriuu. p.T a o 0 l J
Totals 0 ' 13 -
Ksvis. If a 1 4 II
MuudorfT. :tb 3 . o o 1 1 o
7..lfler. 2b...' .'. S 1 1 1 - O
Miller, cf I S 0 1 1
MlcMor. rl . 2 1 1 1
Yer.Dant. lb :l O 1 II . 1 O
trrr c .... :l O u i o O
McArdle. ' s 2 0 13 3 1
Willis, p 3 0 0 0 Jl J
Totals 25 3 '5 27 lO 1
............ .0 0 0 0 O O O O O O
1 l 0 1 O 0 1 11 3
Portland ....
San Francisco
1 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 it
11110100 3
No runs. 1 hit off Harkness in 1-3-lnninir. 1
i hare defeat to son. Sarrilie hits
Munnorff. McArdle. liases on balls Off
liarkmss 2. off t'arson 1. off Willis 1. Struck
cut Bv Carson 0. bv Wlllifl 2. liouble p'.ay
Tenn'ant to . McArdle. W'ld pitch Willis.
Time of (came 1 hour 22 minutes. Umpires
Van Haitren and Kinney.
Foor Work In Field Helps Vernon to
Another Victory.
SACRAMENTO. Oct." 23. It wag an
oft repeated story when Sacramento
fell down to the tail-enders for the
fourth time today and lost the game
by a score of 3 to 1. Poor work in
the field and the locals' Inability to
hit lost the game.
The score: R. II. E.
Vernon 010011 00 0 3 11 0
Sacramento .0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 7 4
Batteries Hitt and Brown; - Baum
and La Louse.
Plains Way to Victory With 16 Hits
and 8 Rons.
LOS ANGELES. Oct. 23. Ability to hit
hard and often won the game for Los
Angeles today by a score of 9 to 2. In
the. second inning Delmas, Thorsen and
Hosp pulled off a triple steal. .Del mas
l.os Angeles 0 1 3 0 0 0 3 2 9 1 1
Oakland 0 0000002 02 5 1
Batteries Thorsen and H. Smith; Nel
son and Lewis.
Winter Baseball Schedule Will Be
Fixed for Six Clubs.
If plans materialize the city Indoor
baseball league of six teams will be
organized next 'Wednesday at the Cath
olic Young Men's Club headquarters.
Representatives of all the ream will
meet tomorrow night In the C. T. M. C.
m to make plans and fix up a sched
ule. Formal anion. Including election
ef officers, will be taken at the Wed-
esday nigh meeting. .
The six teams which will form the
league are the C. T. M. C, J. O. Mack
Company, Columbia Hardware Com
pany, the Dlllworth Derbies, the Sell
wood Cubs and the Goldflelds.
In addition to the meeting tomorrow
alght at the C. T. M. C. gymnasium,
an exhibition game will be played be
tween the O. I. M. C. team and the
Company D team, which Is looked upon
as one of the best in the city. Allie
Sweeney, the C. Y. M.- U. pitcher, la
considered the strongest Indoor tosser
In the state.
The lineup of the teams in the game
tomorrow night will be:
Company D. Position.' Catholic Club.
Dllvi C McConnell
Jn.-kue" '.'.""I! '. '.. . . .'.V Sweeney, Crosby
Williams ., IB - 'unn.
J-ar.KL.rd .'. P.SS.V. M?Rk
Imncan - B Stuns or i obb
Wet-h L H S H. JfHalo
.;,-rin m 'el
Ryan LF. .Welch. T. McHale
Hrvivril Pastime Club Will Present
Five Contests Xext Tneeday.
At the TaMlme Athletic Club's
mulches next Tuesday night at "Wll
hehn's Tark in Fulton the principal
bout in the Interesting list of matches
offered is a three-round go between
Mike Spanton, the champion amateur
featherweight of the Coast, and a local
lad known as Johnnie Dawson. This
mill promises to be fast and enter
taining and well worth the' price of
The I'astlme Club, an organization
founded by the "Immortal Nonparlel."
Jack Dempsey, flourished in the city
several years ago. and has been re
vived by F.rvin. and promises to be
come one of the leading athletic as
sociations of the city. All the matches
which will be pulled off next Tuesday
night under the auspices, of the club
are guaranteed to be bona fide amateur
Sparon is a well known amateur
and possesses pugilistic ability. That
the newcomer may if?eat him In the
bout is admitted by many; still Spanton
Is willing to give his opponent a fair,
fight and will rely on his ring general
ship for the rest Dawson Is known
as a clever' lad, rjossessing a great
deal of science and a very hard wallop.
The other matches, four In number,
are all between promising local lads
and outsiders whom the promoters have
chosen to bring in. Three wrestling
bouts are also on the evening's card.
As this is the Hrst good card orfered
for several months,4 the promoters ex
pect a good-sized crowd present next
Tuesday evening. And as a promise
to the public that all bouts shall be
straight the two men have selected
Jack King, well known for fairness,
as referee.
Haj ward Disappointed at Showing
lade by Freshmen.
Or., Oct. 23. (.Special.) By the score of
44. against 35 for the seniors, 9 for the
juniors and 2S for their natural rivals,
the frrwhmcn, the sophomore class ath
letes won the .big inter-class track meet
and with it the championship of the uni
versity rhis afternoon.
Trainer "Bill" Hayward. however, de
clared that he wa. much disappointed
with the results of the meet. "Bill"
was pulling for the freshmen to win,
for in that event he would have been,
assured plenty of new material from
which to mould a winning track team
next Spring. ,
Of the new athlete few showed promis
ing form. Young Robert Kuykendall. a
brother of the crack hurdler and quarter,
Eherle Kuykeniinll,-made the best Im
pression. McClure. a big freshman
from the Eief!e High School, ateo did
well in the mile. Holmef?. of Astoria,
was another freshman who showed form
in the low hurdles. A sprinter capable
of filling Oliver Huston's shoes, however,
failed to appear.
Flay Spokane Team lo Standstill,
With Score C to 3.
' LA GRANDE. Or., Oct. 23. (Special.)
Lh. Grande's high school football team
played. Coach Kennedy's boasted eleven
to a standstill In the city this afternoon,
the Spokane lads winning by a narrow
margin of 6 to 3, making their only score
on a fumble late in the second half of the
ga me.
The ball was in Spokane's territory
practically all the time, and La Grande
advanced the ball to Spokane's 5-yard
line only to lose it on a fumble and allow
the visitors to punt out of'danger.
La Grande's score was made on a place
kick early In the first half. The game
was replete'wlth long end runs and well-f.iTO-of-H
tvissps. The slaving as
well as the rooting of the side lines was
above the ordinary Interscholastic class.
The effective leader of the rooters was
a young sub by the - name of Harold
Grandy. Five hundred people saw the
game. . .
Lincoln High and Pacific Vniversity
Meet at Forer Grove.
Second teams from the Lincoln High
School and Pacific University played a
scoreless football game yesterday on the
University grounds at Forest Grove.
The teams were about evenly matched.
Lincoln having a little the better of the
argument in the ' second half. Both
teams played good ball. Captain Patter
son being the particular star of the
game. The lineup was:
I. h S Position. Pac Vnl.
CVnirreV c ' Perry
Mdehalul. LO.. Taylor Law"nce)
C-r-nr K.G.K AUwortn
I-T JaBoner
Johnson t Russell).. It T i"!!
Jiu-k-on UK House
Koerner K-B Taylor Capt.
Oi.un Q Wist
Patterson C'spt.) ...t- : Silverman
Ortl. ials Referee Archie Hahn. Umpire
Alex Kob.rton. Meld Judge Word. Head
linesman iirataol.
Coach Forbes, Encouraged by Show
ing of Oregon Eleven.
Or.. Oct. 23. (Special.) In two desper-'
a-tely plaved 30-minute halves the var
sity football team beat- the second team
this afternoon by the score oi ii io .
It was the first time Coach Forbes
has lined his men up against each other
In regulation Intercollegiate playing
halves. The nearness in strength be
tween the two teams Is shown by the
closeness 'of the score. .
The first team scored twice on long
forward passes. Jbut the secondteam
men managed to get two safeties on
their Ireavler opponents. Time was
taken out for, injuries only once dur
ing the game. Coach Forbes is greatly
encouraged by the showing of his men.
Goldendale 6; The Dalles 6. '
GOLDENDALE. Wash., Oct. 23.
(Special.) The football game here to
daV between The Dalles High School
anii the Goldendale High School re
sulted In a tie, the score standing
C to 6. Armstrong, the Golde"ndale
right halt, made the first touchdown
11 mlnntes after the. play started In
the first half. Huntington, The Dalles
quarterback, made a touchdown short
ly afterwards, and both sides were
successful In kicking goals. ,
Redskins Win Game.
PENDLETON," Or.. Oct, 23. (Special.)
For the first time In years, the football
team of the agency school on the Uma
tilla Indian Reservation won a victory on
a Pendleton gridiron this afternoon, when
the redskins defeated the Pendleton Acad
emy eleven by a score of 6 to 0.
iir nun nn nTnriMP i
Crimson Gridiron Squad Holds
.Brown Down to Score
of 11 to 0. ,
Cornell Beats Vermont Lafayette
Wins From Princeton Michigan
Has Close Call 01ynipies
Lose to California.
CAMBRIDGEl. Mass.. Oct. 23. In a
raggedly played game today Harvard de
feated Brown,, 11 to 0, the home team
scoring In eacfi half and twice success
fully defending its own goal when touch
downs by the visitors seemed almost In
evitable. Forward passes were, carried off more
successfully than In any other game
on Soldiers' Field this season. Harvard
'outkicked Brown and the Crimson line,
when fully realizing their danger, stif
fened better than In any other game so
far. Both scores came within a short
time after the Harvard goal had been
threatened. In the first half Frothing
ham. in Harvard's Jjack field, dropped a,
punt on Harvard's 35-yard line, from
which point Brown pushed - the ball to
the 2-yard line, where the pigskin was
lost on - downs. After an exchange of
punts. Harvard secured the ball on
Brown's 25-yard line, and Minto, by suc
cessive plunges; carried It over for the
first score.
This action was repeated 4n the second
half, but this time Brown mannged to
get within a foot of the Harvard chalk
line before reluctantly relinquishing the
ball on downs. '
Minto carried the ball over far the sec
ond and, last score for Harvard. The
goal was missed.
Brown, of Harvard,, snapped a tendon
and will be out of the game for the rest
of the year.(
s '
Old Ely Makes Five Touchdowns to
Opponents' Xothing. '
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Oct. 23. Yale de
feated Colgate this afternoon 3f. to 0.
making live touchdowns, live goals from
touchdowns, and two goals from the
Held. The field goals wore both made by.
Coy in the first half.
It was the lirst time since 18.SS that a
Yale man has kicked two goals from
the field in the same game. Philbin
made two touchdowns after long rune.
the first a 404'ard dash and the other
52 yards.
Michigan Eleven Has Close. Call, but
Wins, 6 to 5.
MTTAVXITKEE. Oct. 23. Michigan had
tha narrowest escape of its career today
when the Wolverine eleven defeated Mar
quette 6 to 5 in one of the most brilliant
aanies the Michigan eleven ever piayeu
With the exception of the first ten
minut?s of the game, the two elevens
ware on exactly even terms. In the sec
ond half the play was almost entirely in
Michigan's half of the gridiron.
; i
Reno Enthusiasts See Hard-Fought
Game of Rugby.
RENO, NfV., Oct. S23. A crowd of 5000
neonle saw the University of Nevada tie
feat the Barbarian ciud oi mh r ran
15 to 5. this afternoon. In the hardest
fought tamo of rugby seen on the local
Nevada's passing rushes" offset the su-Twrlr,i-
weieht of the visitors. Both teams
Kived their goals many times by magni-
firent rallies.
Nevada's back, Harry Fletcher, suf
fered a broken hip. Otherwise the game
was free of injuries. .
, i
Lafayette Substitute Runs 80 Yards
to Victory. , 1
PRINCETON. N.'J.. Oct. 2.1. On one of
the most sudden plays characterizing
now football. -Frank Armschler, a young
-slibstittite right halfback on .the Lafay-
etta College team, caugnt tne oau on
bound In the last minute of play after
Cunningham' try for a drop kick had
been blocked, and ran 30 yards for a
touchdown, making possible a Lafayette
victory over Princeton by the score of 6
to 0. Just as- Captain McCann kicked
the goal time was called.
I'tah Fumbles Badly.
DENVER, Oct. 23. The Colorado school
of Mines eleven defeated Utah University
today by a score of 14 to S in a game that
was marked by frequent fumbling, in
which Utah was the chief culprit. A
sensational run oft 77 yards for a touch
down by Captain Spring or tne uomen
eleven, was a feature.
Cornell Crimps Vermont.
IT1IACA, N. Y.,' Oct. 23. Cornell de
feated Vermont 16 to 0 today by the use
of open football tactics. In spite of a
drizzle which continued throughout the
game, the forward pass and the triple
pass were used accurately and effect
ively. f -
Denver Downs Dakota.
niwVER. Oct. 23. Denver University
defeated the University of South Dakota
eleven here today by a score oi J.u iu v
Dakota gained a near touchdown on sev
eral occasions only to be fought back
by the superior, playing of the Denver
Stanford Soaks Castaways.
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 23. Leland Stan
ford University defeated the Castaways,
41 to 0 in rugby football today. The game
was little more tjian a practice for the
heavy northern players, who seemed to
score almost at will.
California Beats Olympics.
BERKELEY, Cal.. Oct. 23.-The Uni
versity of California defeated the' Olym
pics of San Francisco at football today,
19 to 0. The superior strength and train
ing of the Varsity team at all times was
In evidence.
Game Goes to Tie.
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 23. The Univer
sity of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania
n.ti.. nlivi1 a tiff football em
v. uim". . c
here this afternoon, 3 to S, both aide
making their scores In the second half.
Pennsylvania was tied last year, 6 to 6,
by the Carlisle Indians.
. T"
Eastern Gridiron Results.
Eastern gridiron results: ' .
At Madison Wisconsin 6, Indiana 3.
At Mobile Medicos 28, Southern Uni
versity 0. '
At Knoxville Georgia 3, University of
Tennessee 0.
At St. Louis Depauw University 8,
Barnes University, St. Louis, 6.
At Terre Haute, Ind. DePauw Univer
sity 5. Eos? Polytechnic Institute 8.
At Nachville, Final Vanderbilt 17, Aft
bitrh 0. '
At Amee Ames 61, Missouri 6.
At Annapolis university of Virginia 6,
Navy 0.
At South Bend. Ind Notre Dame 17,
Michigan Agricultural College 0.
At Lawrence. Kan. University of Kan
sas 23. Washington University of St.
Louis 0. ' -
At New York Fordham 21, Swarth
more 3-
At Lincoln Iowa 6, Nebraska 6.
At St. Louis St. Louis University 14,
Wabash College 0.
At Pittsburg University of Pittsburg
14. Carlisle Indians S.
At West Point, N. Y. Army 1!, Le
high 0. .'
At Des Moines Drake 16, Simpson w.
Interscholastic League Players Are
Evenly Matched, With Cham
pionship in Doubt.
If the showing made In games played
so far counts for anything, the Cham
pionship of the Interscholastic Foot
ball League will lie Between Columbia
University and Waehington High School.
The close scores show, however, that
no team will have a cinch an3 that all
the games undoubtedly will be hotly
A game is to be played next Wednes
day between Columbia and Portland
Academy and the result of this
game will show which of the four
league teams may be counted on to win
the pennant.
In a game that was no waik-away,
Columbia met Lincoln High a week ago
Friday and admiplstered a defeat by the
score of 3 tcf 0, On a place kick. If the
Lincoln boys had npt been weakened by
the loss of some of their best men, the
score miht have been reversed. The
West Side men have improved consid
erably within the last week and with
no bad luek, they still have a chance
of landing- on top at the end of the
In the Washington-Portland Academy
game Friday, the teams proved well
matched In spite, of the fact that Wash
ington outweighed P. A. about 8 pounds
to the man. The score of 5 to 0 in
Washington's favor indicated closely
the comparative strength of tne two
teams. The P. A. team plays with a
spirit, however, that probably will keep
It out of the cellar.
In the -coming game Wednesday, the
dope would have Columbia win over
Portland Acaderny.
The big game of the season will be
played November 5, when Washington
High meets Lincoln High. The rivalry
between these two schools is great and
both rooters and players will put forth
their best efforts. Both schools will be
there with brass bands and a big bunch
of noise, and the spirit of the occasion
will be the best part of the programme.
The strong feeling . among the prep
schools was formerly most In evidence
between West Side High and Portland
Academy, but that was in the days
of Bull Chalmers and Stump Stott and
before the East Side institution was
He AYotild Bar Smith's Strangle
Hold or Fix Time Limit.
Peter Buzukos, the Greek wrestler
whp was defeated by "StrWngler Smith
Friday night, wants a return match
with the longshoreman and has posted
a forfeit of t"0 -to bind such a match.
In his challenge to Smith, Buzukos
stipulates that Smith must make good
his boast that he can make 145 poundsT
and that the match must be under
the Police Gazette rules which pro
hibits the strangle hold, Smith's favor
ite. It this is not agreeable to Smith,
Buzukos states that he is willing to
wrestle him for f 100 a side and allow
Smitji to weigh whatever he pleases
providing he will agree, as he an
nounced the other night, to throw
Buzukos three times in one hour. The
money Buzukos has posted Is also open
to any wrestler under 140 pounds, and
will remain posted lor two uays.
Tigers Off to Flay Cubans.
DETROIT, Mich., Oct. 23. WMth Out
fielder Matty- Mclntyre In the role of
manager, a dozen members of the De
troit Amerlqan League team left here
tonight for Havana, Cuba, to meet two
Cuban ball teams in a series of 12
games. - ' '
St. Helens Wants Games.
.ST. HELENS, Or., Oct. 23. (Special.)
Xhe St. Helens football team would
like to make arrangements for games
with any eleven playing on Sundays.
The team averages about 160 pounds.
Address, Marion Stoddard, manager, St.
Helens, Or.
Marshfield d; North Bend 0.
MARSHFIELD. Or.. Oct. 23. (Special.)
'The Marshfield and North Bend High
school football teams played this after
noon at North Bend.i The game was a
tie neither side scoring. It was the first
football game of the season, and was
witnessed by many.
tt does not oar to buv an old building:, when we can build you a
every convenience, for lesa money.
Modern Apartment House or Residence Flats?
It will pay you to see u. Higrh-class workmanship and
ruaranteed . All plan, and specifications free Mcjieyloan.
Tug purposes. Houses built for small payment down. blaa
TH,C MAi! 60OO.
; I
OCTOIER 24, 1909.
Captain Barliske's Wonderful
Work Gives Missionaries
Game, 30 to 6.
r . -
Whitman Fails to Make Yardage,
but Idaho Blunders When For-"'
ward Passes Are Attempted
ndv' Opponents Score. '
MOSCOW, Idaho, Oot. 23. (Special.)
For the second time In succession, Whit
man College, of Walla Walla, defeated
the University of Idaho by scoring 30, to
Idaho's 6 before an audience of 3000 peo
ple. Captain Borleske, of Whitman, exe
cuted feats of wonderful running and
kicking.- No more Successful team work
was ever witnessed on Idaho's field than
was exhibited by Whitman. Captain
Borleske, in directing and executing his
plays, was masterful, while Idaho. appar
ently worked at crose purposes at cm- i
leal times. I
The score looks worse for Idaho, be
cause Whitman never forced Idaho for
yardage on downs. Idaho repeatedly
made yardage on downs for great dis
tances, but when Idaho tried the forward
pass it was either fumbled or blocked by
Whitman. The etyle of playing and form
ation were much the same with each
team, but Whitman was more successful
in execution. Three times Idaho was -nearer
Whitman's goal than Whitman
was to Idaho's, when Belt safely directed
three place kicks in the first half. When
It became evident that Whitman could
not force Idaho for yardage, signals weru
given' for forward passes and punting,
which enabled Whitman successfully to
work the ball forward, and Belt secured
place kicks.
Scores Made on Fumbles.
Whitman kicked off and Idaho fumbled.
Whitman secured the ball. Borleske de
livered another place kick. Idaho kicked
off. Whitman returned the ball into
Idaho's territory. With a well directed
fake, Borleske got around Idaho's left
end for a place kick. Whitman kicked
off. Here followed a- series of scrimmages
and slugging, in which Umpire Hocken
berry put Wilson, of Whitman, out of
the game. The first half ended with the
score 12 to 0 in favor of Whitman. " It
required one and one-quarter hours to
play the first half. ,
Whitman kicked off. Idaho returned to
Whitman's 40-yard line, and after mak
ing yardage twice tried for a place kick.
but failed. Borleske rose from the cen
ter of the scrimmage with the ball and
ran to Idaho's goal with no one to op
pose him His touchdown was converted
into a goal. Idaho kicked off and in the
scrimmage Borleske succeeded in dodg
ing no less than four men and secured
his second touchdown. The goal was
kicked, making the score 24 to 0. Idaho
kicked off. Whitman . failed on down?,
attempted a forward pass, lost the ball
on a fumble and Montgomery made a
sensational run for 25 yarts, scoring
Idaho's first and only touchdown. He
also kicked - soal, making Idaho's score
six. . " . '
Idaho Fumbles Again.
Excitement ran high at this time. Idaho
tried for a place kick from the 25-yard
line, but failed. In the scrimmage that
followed Borleske, for 'Whitman, again
eluded all Idaho's tackling, made hfs final
sensational run from center field for
another touchdown and goal. This left
the score: Whitman 20, Idaho 6, when
time was called. The line-up:
Lewis ...
Wilson .
M atthews
. .R H. ..
. . F'
. .11 G
. .C
. .R T. . .
, . Hlllman
. Thornton
. .. Curtis
... Stein
. .. Jewell
. i Graves
A rmstrone
. .1. G
(Capt) stokesh-ry
Referee Varnell: Umpire Hockenberry.
Field judge Mlddleton. Head linesman
Capital .City Team Has Advantage
Over Lincoln High School.
SALEM. Or., Oct. 23. (Special.) The
Salem" High School . and Lincoln High, of
Portland, met in a scoreless game of
football here today on the athletlo flekl
of Willamette University.
.Though no scores were tallied, the ad
vantage was all with the Salem team.
Only once or twice during the game was
the goal of either team very much- in
danger, the play oscillating back and
forth near the center, o"f the field. On'
a forward pass in the first half, by Port
land. Salem got the ball and made a get
away for a touchdown, but It was not
allowed as the ball had touched the
ground before any player had touched It.
In the second half, Salem forced Port
land backward gradually, making yard
age all the time. Salem had the ball on
Portland's seven-yard line, but lost the
ball, and Portland punted to safety. The
second half was played mostly in Port
land territory, and the game ended with
the ball hear the center of the field.
Cliehalls 17; Castle Uoc-k 0.
CHEHALIS, Wash., Oct. 23. (Special.)
Chehalis High School football team de
feated Castle Rock today 17 to 0. The
nd satisfaction
ed for bulld-
ce like rent.
Check Accounts
opened without restriction as
'to amounts. Good intentions
the only, requirement.
Savings Accounts
opened with one dollar or
. . over. Neat Pocket Savings
Banks for free use to those
wanting them.
Trust Business
The xbond issue,- handling
estates under will or other
wise, trustee of properties
for individuals, firms or cor
porate bodies, and service in
all legitimate fiduciary rela- .
tions carefully and econom
ically handled.
Realty Department
Properties rented, cared for
and sold, strictly and only
on commission under the
personal charge of a thor
oughly competent and skilled
Public patronage is so
licited. MERCHANTS
Corner Sixth and Wash
ington Streets.
(fame was played on a muddy Held In
a drizzling rain.
PORTLAND. Oct. 2-. Maximum temper
ature. Otl degrees; minimum, 44. River read
ing at 8 A. M..' 2 feet; change in last 24
hours, fall O:! foot. Total rainfall. 5 P. M.
to 5 P. M. Ort inch; total since September
1 1009, 2.24 Inches; normal. 4.4K inches;
deficiency. 2.24 Inches. Total sunshine. B
hours 20 minutes; possible, 10 hours :u min
utes. Barometer, reduced to sea level, at J
P. M.. 30.25 laches.
During the last 12 hours the barometer
has fallen rapidly over the Northern Korky
Mountain States and moderately heavy ranis
have fallen In Western Washington and in
portions of Northwestern urej-on. ii is com
er in the Sound country and generally
slightly warmer east oi tne cascaae noun
tains. . . '
The Indications are for generally fair
weather in this district Sunday, except in
Eastern Washington and Idaho where the
conditions are favorable for rain, followed
by fain weather. It will be colder Sunday
In Southern Idaho.
Portland and vicinity Probably fair;
westerly winds.
Oregon 'Probably fair; westerly winds.
Washington Fulr west, rain followed" by
fair east portion; westerly winds.
Idaho Rain, followed by fair weather;
colder south portion.
f-T'WRD A. TIFTALS, District' Fnrw'-utiT.
give a "500" party Monday evening,
October 25. In Masonic Temple,
West park and Yamhill streets. Ad
mission 23 cen.ts- All are cordially
rVA.VHOE LODGE. No. 1, K- -P., will give
an entertainment Jn their castle hall, lltn
and" Alder sts.. Tuesday evening, October 26.
Entertainment consisting of recitations,
songs, dancing and whist. Members, their
families and friends invited.
E. M. LANCE, K. H. S.
UNION OF AMERICA are kindly requested
to be present at a class initiation and meet
our Supreme President Monday evening.
October 2r, in Hill s Hall, corner Williams
avenue and Russel street. COMMITTEE
masked Halloween party Saturday evening.
October 30, In the new Wavcrly Hall. East
ith and Clinton sts. Admission, loc; re
freshments and dancing.
"...jOO" two hours of "SOn" Friday even
ing October 20. Hall 201 Alisky bldg.; good
prizes- ice cream and cake; admission, l.ic
Bring your "500" friepds. Oregon Rose
Camp, Royal "Neighbors.
yTDum Facet Clamat." '
Our esteemed neighbor, Jacob Alfred
Larsson, has left the activities of this life
H.s funeral services will be held In our
camp hall today .(Sunday) at 2 o'clock. M
Russell street. All neighbors of this and
other camps and friends are invited to at
tend. Burial in Ro. y Cemetery.
W. W Mcintosh. Consul Commander.
COLN ANNUITY UNION, gives a military
whist social Monday evening. October J4.
Eagles Hall, 2d and Yamhill streets. Ad
mlFn 15 cents.
SCHOOLCRAFT Oct. 23, to the wife of
Thomas Schoolcraft, a prominent farmer
and walnut-grower of near Dllley, a son,
the parents of whom are the best-pleased
couple In tho land because it is a bo.
Dr. C. L. Large attending.
CLAYSON In this city at K.Al East 1 5th
st Oct. 2.X Charles Clayson. age U'.l
. vears. 12 days. Remains at A. B. Hem
stock funeral pariurs, corner East Utn
and Umatilla ave.
ZIEGLKR-In ' this city. October 2.1. Lo"'
B Ziegler. aged 27 years and JO days. The
remains are at Flnley chapel. I' uneral no
tice Sereafter. .
MORRIS -The funeral services of Mrs. 11""
naii Rodney Morris, widow of the late B.
Wistat Morris, bishop of Oregon, will take
place in Trinity Church. Monday. Octo
ber '" at 2 P. M. Interment at Lone Hr
cemetery. Services at church and grave
-not private. .
CURL In this city. October 22, at the fam
ily residence. l'Xi Russell street. Ivy Mae
Curl aged :(' vears. 6 months and -1"! days.
Funeral services will be held at the above
residence at 1 P. M. today (Sunday). Oc
tober 24. Friends invited. Interment River
View Cemetry.
BOSCACCI At S'.evenson, Wash., Eugene
Boscacci. aged 41 yean. Funeral from Hul
man's chapel. Third and Salmon sts.. at
l'3o P. M. today (Sundajl), Oct. 24. thence
to St. Michael's Church. 4th and Mill sts.
Services at 2 P. M. Friends invited. Inter
ment River-view Cemetery.
SLATER In thLs city, October 22. at GOO
Upshur street, the family residence, Lucy
M Slater, aged 22 yeaie and 3 days. The
funeral service will be held at Fin ley's
chapel V 2:30 P. M. today (Sunday). Friends
Invited. Interment Lone Fir Cemetery.
LDD Caroline Ames Elliott Ladd. widow
"of the late William S. Ladd. died at . her
residence this city, October 23. Funeral
from the First Presbyterian Church. Men
day afternoon, October 25. at 1 o'clock.
Services at the grave private :'
Dunning. McEntee Gllbaugb. Funeral
Directors, "th and 1'ine. 1'Houe Main 430.
Lady Assistant. Office of County Coroner.
EDWARD HOLMAN CO.. Funeral Direct
ors. 220 3d St. Lady Assistant. I'hone M. HOI-
J. p. FINLEY SON, 3d and Madison,
Lady attendant. Phone Main 9. A 15KU.
McENTEK-ERICKSON CO.--Undertakers :
lady ussibtant. 409 Alder. M. C133.
EAST SIDE Funeral Directors, successors
to F. 8. Dunning. Inc. K. 82. B 262H.
ZELLER-BYRN'fcS CO.. Funeral Direct
ors. 212 Russell. Both phones. Lady assistant
LKRCH Undertaker.. 420 Ent Alder,
rkones East Ml. it Lady assistant.
In Effect Novemner 1. !
uutly or buiiuiu-
per Lin.
St A I'
wur imm
K.m m.l tan. unMlt lv lmft .- t
Same ad three consecutive lime.
Same ad six or kevt'n consecutive time.
' Six words count an one line ntr nil
vertUementii uid no ail counted for .
than two Ilnei. When tin advrlivm "
not run consecutive Units the one-tune rni"
' The Above rate apply to advertisement
under "New Today" :md all other clawlc
tioim excepting the following:
Situation Vautd, Mule.
tMtuatioiiH AVnnted, rVumle.
For Kent, liooinn. I'rlvut Famtlle.
Koonij and Board, l'rivate iuinlle
Hoiibekccpiru; Koomtf. Private l amillcw.
The rate of the above clituVution Is
eenta a line each insertion.
Space In the "New Today column !
flsured by nieasuru only 14 Hue to the
gon inn will receive copy by m:ill. proi'U'd
ftufTiclent remittance for a definite number
of iMiea Is .Mit. Acknowledgment f uch
remittance will be fonvarded promutly.
On charce of book advertisement th
eharee will be based on the actual numh-r
of lines appearing- in the paper, reicrdicM
of the number, of w.ird. In each l;ne.
In cae box office address ih required, u
reuular form eiveu, and count thin a part
II. a a, I in.ucra tit lidvertiscnientrt will
! be forwarded to patrons, provided elf-ad-
dresscd Htamped cnviopes ur iurmsnei.
A receipt will be ptven for all puW-ln-advancp
udvertisinc The Oreoninn will not
undertake to correct error or rciund monoy
unlsft thi receipt Is returned.
hkCKklAKV. Maln.SVS-
HUMANE OFI-1ciK..r.t 17H.
Today w are groins -tn make a special
effort to close out the last lott leit in.
Seventv In all. at th", low price of l."
t X200 a lt, 10 down, n month. If
more tlsun two lots are taken a li-s.ser
sum down arid a reduction in the month
ly payments
Location between Hose City Park and
Montavilla. directly enst of the Countrv
Club. Take Montavilla car to Hubbard
ave., the aijent will meet you. These lois
are all level, clean S'dl and most of
them cultivated, clear from roots or
stumps and supplied with Bull Run
wh tor.
On the ground all duy today; after
that cull on
Auction and Commission Company
S. Ij. N. Oilman, : auctioneer, No. 1-S
Second St., between AVaslliiiKton arid Al
der. Sales this week . include the regulur
sales of
At private sales we are closing the Em
met stock of umbrellas, men's and ladies'
hosiery, hate, "velvets, men's underwear
and overshirts, suspenders, pocket knives',
table linen, also extension tables ami
chairs, spring beds, iron bedsteads, mat
tresses, pillows, sheets. . '
1000 pairs fine blankets.
500 bed comforters.
Call at 126 Second street, near Wash
ington, for bargains.
See window. Main 2173. (
S. L. N. OILMAN, Auctioneer.
LOCATION On East tJth street, North,
in Holladav Addition.
LANI-i-4i'xll0 feet and a northwest
corner at that, with south and east
frontinfr.s. ,
HOUSE Eiirht rooms; two stories
high; completed in June, 1!I0S; mod
ern in everv respect; oak floors
downstairs, and maple floors upstairs
furnace, pis heaters; sleeping, porch,
and all the conveniences.
CAR SERVICE Irvinsrton icars one
block away; Broadway curs two
blocks away.
NEIGHBORHOOD C 1 a s s y; nothing
finer in Portland.
PRICE $75uO We can deliver the -property
on payment of $4-!0 cash.
If thai Is too much 'for you to pay
down, we can arranne easier terms.
See us about this at once. It is a
home to your likinfr.
heeij ai i iva.,
037 Chamber of Commerce. ,
IMione -Molll KT;i.".
17 Net! 17 Net!
Absolutely best investment for tha
maney in the city. Close-in- property,
West Side, now paying 17 per cent
net on'11,3.000.
Investigate This!
310 Abington Uldy.
A Greenhouse Business
With several hundred feet of frlass; 4
acres of ground. riKlit in town; beau
tiful nine-room house, large barn, big
spring, fruits nnd shrubbery. Dolus
fine business. For sale cheap.
21S Alder Street.
$1000 CASH
balance tame as rent, buys a beaut il'ul
new, S-rooin house. Twentieth and
Hawthorne ave.; lia.-dwoo.l floors, tile
bath, furnace, plastered busemont,
sleeping porch. See owner, .
A. '. l'.MEIIV,
' sill Thiinibcr of Commerce.
Nob Hill Residence
New 8-room residence on .'Irving' st..
built for a home: cv;ry modern con
venience; with 70 feet frontage; $1 ,.
Sengstake & Lyman
IT'S dl'ST LIKE I'lMint; ""
To ascertain if any one wants Port
land really l it lake $qr00 net for that
choice tifiUCO lot on l.ovejoy, just west
of Twenty-third street. AL 4i.i, Ore
ironlati. : ,
A SPI.KNDI1'. lRrire sized, fanev mtiheranv,
hlKU-Krade. SoT.I piftno. showtifi; hut little
upc Is shown in our show window tomor
row for Jil4; others $i:t.-i, SIH. two at
S'.H. All uprishta; pay cash or .." or a
tx month. Kilers r'Jino House, piano ex-i-hance
and bargain room, ii'oS Washington
MS ACRES on river. 2 miles to electric
station; KO acres in cultivation: best fruit
onH Halrv land in valley: -only $123 per
acre- 6oo0 cash will handle the deal.
JVt. t-.. IAVIO, XV. A'. J.. -iv. u. c....,
A-l RKAL estate contract, ?l:ioO. payable,
monthly: sacrlflc for cash, or will take lot
part payment. M 4S7. OreKoniun'.
ONE lot In Pewirkley Addition. 45x100. I
block from Hawthorne, ave. car; "bargain
.at S150O. N 4S!l. Oregonlan.
UNION' AVE. BARCAIN Ftu.neK lot, goo4
bouse, very cheap. 6:t(i Union ave,