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Two Factions at La Porte Dis
agree About Gunness
Mystery. "
i'imlinjr of Iteltos Known to IKf ilcrs
Seem lo Remove ( Effort to
Identify the Corpses
C'onres Xcxt.
LA PORTK. Ind.. May !. The dissen
sion which have been brewing" among the
of Acta Ik of the city and county of L.a
Porto interested in the solving of the
mysteries of, the Gunness farm broke
out today. It ia openly charged that the
present official relations of some men con
cerned had much to do with their at
titude toward the labors of the Sheriff
and the Prosecuting Attorney and a fac
tional flRht In the party to which the
Jatter belongs is blamed also.
The widespread reports that evidence
had been found tending to prove that the
corpse supposed to be that of Mrs. Bella
tiunness is in reality the body of another
woman are said to have had their origin
in the' camp of the defense, the members
of which are of opposite political faith
to the Sheriff and Is the faction opposing
the prosecutor. These reports had their
origin in a statement said to have been
given out by Dr. II. P. Long, a former
Coroner and one of the four physicians
who performed the autopsies on the
bodies found in the ruins of the Gunness
Sot Sure of Identify.
Dr. Long, however, said today that he
had not Issued such n statement, but had
merely expressed a personal opinion that
h was not satisfied h-i to the identity
of the corpse in question. The other mem
bers of the board refused to be drawn
Into the controversy, but Dr. J. H. Wil
liam Meyer, the fourth member, said he
has no doubt that the corpse was that
of Mrs. Gunness. lie, too, however, de
clined to reveal the Undine of the
physicians. ' .
The attitude of the Coroner as between
the two factions has not become mani
fest. At the Prosecuting Attorney's of
fice, however, it was asserted that Dr.
Mack, the Coroner, had chanced the first
report as to the Identity of the Gunness
body and an Inspection of the documents
showed this to be the case.
All four doctors were unanimous as to
the facts and conditions surrounding the
bodies taken from the Gunness home.
"There was absolutely no difference
among us." said one of the doctors, and
this was confirmed by other members of
the board.
Theory of Substitution False.
There Is absolutely no ' indication that
the skull of any of the bodies of the three
children bore penetrating wounds. It
had been asserted that fractures caused
by some blunt instrument had been found
on these skulls. Neither was there any
kind of bruise or hemorrhages and the
heart and lungs of at least two of the
children revealed the same conditions in
these organs as' in the body ot their
mother. The hearts were all dilated and
full of clots and the lungs had collapsed.
This condition Is found In the case of
persons who have died from suffocation
and the circumstance is taken as another
evidence that the theory regarding Mrs.
Gunness having cremated her children,
substituted another woman's body for her
own. and then escaped, after setting fire
to the house, is not tenable.
One of the alleged circumstances
upon which thja theory is based Is the
fact that the body of the woman is
much smaller than Mrs. Gunness was.
The Intenre heat to which the corpses
ware subjected, according to Dr. Meyer,
would fully account for this circum
stance. Mrs. Gunness was .in abnormally
large woman in every particular.
When the corpse was cut open a layer
of fat two inches thick still existed
over the abdomen.
Relics of Woman Found.
Still further evidence that the body
was that of Mrs. Gunness was found
in the fact that the remains of a
finger-ring:, which she is known to
have worn, were found In the ashes
several days later. The buckle of a
money belt, such as the woman is
known to have used, was also picked
up, and later still a key which corre
sponds to the lock on her safety deposit
box was discovered in the basement.
Dr. Long gave this description of
the woman:
"Mrs. Gunness was a woman of un
usual appearance. She was largo, bony,
powerful-looking, with square jaw and
black eyes. She was a woman who
would attract attention anywhere. She
wore a large fur coat during Winter,
and her long strides, together, with her
remarkable countenance and her gen
erally vicious appearance, gave her an
aspect that was almost terrifying."
Try to Identify Corpses.
For the first time since Sheriff Smul
er began work, on the farm he failed to
day to discover at least one additional
body. Excavations were made at sev
eral points in the barnyard, but in none
of them were there indications of human
bones or flesh. The search for bodies is
to be abandoned for a few days at least,
the Sheriff announcing that he will en
deavor to secure additional evidence re
garding the Identity of the corpses found
In the basement. With this object In
view, he has employed Louis Schulze.
who was formerly a miner, to sluice the
ashes in the cellar in the hope.. that ad
ditional metallic relics of Mrs. Gunness
will be found. The gold filling which
Bhe is said to have had in several of her
teeth Is said to be one of the objects
of the search. The Sheriff is not con
vinced that he" has found all the bodies
which have been buried on the farm, but
be has not fully determined the method
by which he will conduct further ex
plorations. The crowds of visitors to the farm and
the city were augmented today. In the
city there was a constant stream of mor
bid sightseers, visiting the morgues
where ten of the 14 bodies are' lying.
The Sheriff received today several In
quiries from outside points regarding
missing persons who may have been
among the victims of Mrs. Gunness.
None of these was connected directly
with the farm, the fears of their rela
tives being based upon circumstantial
Xcw Kvldencc Against Lamphere.
New evidence regarding Lamphere's al
leged connection with the' deaths at the
farm were discovered. The most Import
ant of thes8 were the statements of Will
iam Slatter and John Rye. The latter
asserts that on the day when Helgelein
is suposed to have been killed he and
l.aniphore drove to Michigan City. They
returned at night and Lamphere alighted
when they reached a point Opposite the
Gunness farm and cut across the fields
toward It, remarking that there would be
"something doing there" that night.
Slatter and Lamphere occupied the same
bed on many occasions after the prison
er's dismissal from the Gunness estab
lishment. He says Lamphere told him
that he had driven Helgeleln. out. of Mrs.
Gunness house at the muzzle of a re
volver on one occasion, but that the South
Dakotan returned later and remained.
Insisted on Having Currency.
A deposition was made here today by
Prank J. Pltner. cashier of the First Na
tional Bank of La Porte, who handled
the transactions by which .Helgeleln col
lected J2R90 from the hank in Mansfield.
S. D. Pitner asserts that Mrs. Gunness
accompanied Helgeleln on the visits to
the bank, and when the money was with-
l drawn refused to let her visitor take a
cashiers check in part payment. Mrs.
Gunness Insisted 1 that currency only
should figure in the transaction.
Search was instituted 'today for
traces of E. J. Tiefland, a resident of
Minneapolis, who is said to have come
here about a year ago. An advertise
ment in a Minneapolis newspaper is
said to have been the lure by which
Tiefland was led to open correspond
ence with Mrs. Gunness.
Asle Helgelein. whose insistence that
his brother had been murdered, caused
the first excavation to be done on the
death farm, departed for his home in
Mansfield, S. D.,- this evening, after he
had made arrangements to have the
body of his brother given a 'Christian
Haunt of Outlaw Gang.
Investigation into the history of the
former occupants of the murder farm
brought to light the fact that one was
G. Mil Car, leader of a gang of out
laws which in 1S77 terrorized this sec
tion of Indiana. Car was a giant In
stature and had great strength. Ho
weighed about 200 pounds. After a
stormy career Car went West. The
next heard of him was when his body
was brought back to La Porte. He
was killed near Denver In n gun fight.
His principal associates. Jerry Draper
and Charles Tlbils, also died with their
boots on.
It, has been conclusively proved that
the story given out by Mrs. Gunness
that Jennie Olsen went to attend the
Lutheran school at Fergus Falls. Minn.,
was false. A letter . received today
from the authorities of that institu
tion declares that Jennie Olsen was
never there, and that they never heard
of her.
Gustave Thun May Have Been Mur
dered, at L Porte.
WASHINGTON, . May !. It Is pos
sible that Gustave Thun. a former res
ident of this city, met an untimely end
at the farm of Mrs. Gunness. at La
Porte, Indiana. A year ago Thun be
gan a correspondence with a Chicago
matrimonial ' bureau. concerning a
widow and three . children who lived
on a farm near Chicago. Thun de
parted for the purpose of marrying
the widow. When he left here he had
$1000. and nothing has ever been heard
of him since.
Relative of Mrs. Bender.
LOUISVILLE. May 9. The editor of
a Louisville afternoon paper today re
ceived the following unsigned com
munication in the mails:
"Louisville, K, May -9. Dear Mr.
Editor I do not like my name to be
known, hence I will not give it, but
will tell you that the notorious Mrs.
Gunness is descended from the same
man as was Kate Bender of Kansas
notoriety. Kate's father was also a
brother to Mrs. Gunness grandfather.
I know this through my marriage ties.
"in my oplnlcui Ray Lamphere is
kin to Mrs. Gunness."
f Suspect Seen In Chicago.
CHICAGO. May 9. A restaurantkeeper
on West Van Buren street today In
formed the police that a man and a wom
an, the latter much resembling the pic
tures of Mrs. Guinness, entered his place
early today. The waitress banded them
a paper containing a picture of the wom
an on the front page. They hastily left
the place without eating the food they
had ordered. Police are .now seeking the
She Characterizes Her Arrest as an
Outrage Without Any Excuse
SYRACUSE, N. T., May 9. Mrs. Cora
Belle Herron, widow of Frederick B.
Herron, former president of the Seth
ness Chemical Company, of Chicago,
who was arrested by Syracuse detect
ives in a Pullman sleeper this morn
ing, on suspicion of being Mrs. Belle
Gunness, the La Porte alleged mur
deress, was quickly able to prove her
Identity, and will go on to New York
this afternoon.
An effort is being made to have her
sign papers releasing the city of. Sy
racuse from liability for her arrest,
which she characterized as "an out
rage without the shadow of an ex
Was Reared Near Franklin and Has
Long Lived There.
FRANKLIN, Pa., May 9. Mrs. F. B.
Herron, arrested in Syracuse. N. Y.. on
I suspicion of being Mrs. Belle Guinness,
me La i'orte arch murderess, lives in the
country about seven miles from Frank
lin. She resides with her mother, Mrs.
Lucy Burton, an aged lady.
Mrs. Herron was reared in this vicinity
and a number of years ago was married.
Her husband died in the South last Win
ter and Mrs. Herron brought the body
here for burial.
They had no children. Since then she
has been in Chicago most of the time,
but had arranged to spend the' Summer
with her mother. On April 25 she adver
tised in a Franklin newspaper for Sum
mer boarders, either children or adults.
She has a brother who resides here. The
family has always borne a' good reputa
Women Are Much Annoyed Because
of Their Arrest.
SYRACUSE, N. Y.. May 9. Two travel
ing salesmen who left a New York
Central east-bound train after 10 o'clock
last night at Rochester, reported to the
police of that city that -two women, one
resembling Mrs. Belle Guinness, the La
Porte. Ind., alleged murderess, were pas
sengers on the train. The police called up
the Syracuse department and detectives
boadred the train, and after locating the
women, went on to Utlca in order to
question them. They returned with the
two women, and the police put them
through- an examination. r. ,
Six of th largest colWes in Switzer
land have 2193 female students.
(Continued From First Page.)
the streets of Oakland and in review of
the Secretary of the Navy, Oakland being
his home city. For the officers . who
did not parade, as well as those In the
march, there was a beautiful automobile
ride during' the afternoon. luncheons,
picnics and tonight a banquet and ball.
Another long week of never-ending
gaieties Is before the officers and men of
the Atlantic fleet here before they set
sail for Seattle and other cities on Puget
Sound on May 18.
Dayton Represents Thomas.
Rear-Admiral Dayton of the Pacific
fleet represented the new commander of
the big battleship fleet. Admiral Thomas,
in Oakland's reception to the officers and
men of the big fleet today. Every avail
able house top and every office along the
line of the parade was packed from early
hours by enthusiastic crowds, every one
carrying flags and all having flowers to
bombard the marchers.
In the reviewing stand were Secretary
of the Navy Metcalf. Governor Gillett,
Admiral Thomas. Mayor Mot-t, of Oak
land, and a crowd of naval and civic
Immediately after the parade. Secretary
Metcalf and the others were given a
luncheon at Arbor villa, the home of the
millionaire "borax king." F. M. Smith.
Tonight 400 of the visiting naval officers
and soldiers will be tendered a banquet
at Idora Park, where there will be 1000
at the tables.
Display Is Brilliant.
Secretary Metcalf was delighted with
the grand manifestation of enthusiasm by
the people of Oakland.
Rear-Admiral Dayton said:
"It is an excellent parade, a good dis
play; the general appearance of the troops
could not be improved -upon."
The ships of the fleet were thrown open
to the school children of this city today
and thousands of boys and girls availed
themselves of the opportunity to visit
the vessels. There was music in the
public squares both afternoon and eve
Northwestern People Swarin Home,
AHer Seeing Fleet.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 9. (Special.) A
big trainload of Northwestern, mostly I
Portland, people left for the north to
nijrht, having had a weelo of good times
such as vacation never- offered them be
fore. They were all dead tired, but
pleased, having seen two sights never to
be forgotten the fleet entering the gate
and the illumination of the warships at
night on the bay. The biggest crowd ar
rived here Monday morning and the big
gest left tonight, remaining away from
business just one week and yet having
six whole days here. Not one of the
thousand who came down but felt that he
was well paid for the trouble.
If the East thinks San Francisco is fleet
mad, there is occasion for it. But the
edge of the excitement is off now. and we
of the Coast, having had our fill of the
sight, the sailors are having their fun.
The visitors are gradually leaving.
Thouch there will be many here for weeks
yet, comparatively few new ones are ar
riving. At The Oregonian Information Bureau,
wnich is a comparatively good index of
the crowd, the new registrations were not
great, but the hundreds who registered
fearller in the week were constantly com
ing back looking for friends, leaving mes
sages, written and verbal, getting the lat
est copy of The Oregonlan and generally
finding the booth a convenience. Being
at the center of the hotel district and
within ten feet of the headquarters of the
official- committee, which has had charge
is a
This question is not
' on a par with the one
that asks, "what time
does the 8 o'clock
train leave?" Many
a man has found, to
his great pleasure,
that a $30.00 suit was
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good bargain. Think
ing it all over after
wards, he has been
forced to the con
clusion that a shabby
appearance at the
psychological mo
ment would have
"queered" the whole
proposition. It's the
same-old story, "let
your clothes work
for you." On the oth
of the whole celebration in honor of the
sailors, it has come In for more atten
tion than if it had been elsewhere. The
Oregonlan was the only paper to' estab
lish such a convenience for Its readers.
Even the San Francisco papers did- noth
ing to help people find rooms and see to
their comfort.
Today's list of registrations follows:
Fraik Wheeler, Til-W. H. Rolin. Malad.
lamook. Manlo P-el,
Mrs. J. E. Mclntyre. Bepnie Ellison, Med-
Malad. Idaho. ford.
Mrs. M. I. Uellatly. Floyd H. Adams,
Philomath. J. D. Wherry.
C. C. Wrstorer. A. L. Wadsworth,
Grants Pass. MeMinnvllle.
Owen C ORdon. Lilian Ogden. Ho-'
C. O. Rue. Seattle. quiam.
Wants to Outdo All Other Cities
Where Fleet Has Slopped.
TACOMA. Wash.. May 9. (Special.)
The local fleet committee has made
arrangements for the review of the 15
battleships in Tacoma harbor. May 27,
and the consequent festivities, that
will make their stay of four days in
this port the most memorable in the
history of the fleet's cruise thus far.
Preparations are-being made for the
entertainment of thousands of peo
ple all over the Northwest, who have
made known- their Intention of attend
ing; the Tacoma celebration. This will
conclude May 30, with a Memorial 0ay.
parade having in line thousands of
marines and sailors from the shin.
members of the Grand Army of the Re- I
public from every post in the state,
with the uniform rank of the fraternal
There will be no' lack of entertain
ment for visitors, who will have a
fine opportunity to fview the fleet
from the high bluffs on which the city
is built. Massed bands of the fleet,
with the numerous musical organiza
tions of Jacoroa and the surrounding
country, will play military airs. These,
with the New York Symphorry Or
chestra, led by Damroseh, in a four
day engagement, will give Tacoma the
greatest assemblage of musicians ever
got together in any city in Washing
ton. In addition, there,. will be ath
letic contest, boat races between the
crews of the various battleship, a
grand illumination parade of the har
bor craft, nightly illumination of the
warships, and Japanese fireworks.
Admiral Deeply Affected 'as He
Takes Last View or Fleet.
OAKLAND, May 9. Rear Admiral
Evans was given an enthusiastic greet
ing by a crowd which gathered at the
Southern Pacific ferry depot just be
fore he entered his private car at
tached to the overland train. "Good
bye Bob," "Good luck. Admiral," and
other greetings were answered by his
laconic salute, and cheery "Good-bye
On the trip over on the ferry boat
the admiral stood on the deck watch
ing the fleet so long as It was In sight
When asked for a statement, he
said, "There is nothing to be said ojx
cepting that out there," and he pointed
to the fleet, "lies my first and last
flagship, the Yorktown and Connecti
cut" The admiral was almost In tears
as the boat dropped Into the ferrv
Yakima Democrats for Bryan.
NORTH YAKIMA, Wash., May 9.-(Spe-cial.)
The Yakima County Democratic
convention today Indorsed Bryan for Pres
ident and A. J. Splawn for Governor and
adopted, by a large vote, a local option
plank, recommended by the minority of
the committee on resolutions and plat
form. A Saxony Arm has Introduced a new road
building composition for preventing dust.
It Is called apokonin. and Is a mixture of
the heavier residual oils obtained In the dis
tllatlon of coal tar with high boiling hydro
carbons. er hand, it is inad
visable to overdress.
We know a man
who approached a
bank cashier on a
business proposition
of minor conse
quence. The man
wore a Prince Al
bert, a silk hat and
patent leather shoes.
The cashier thought
the gentleman was
making more money
out of the deal than
the bank would
make, criticised the
gentlemanly appear
ing fellow for Iis fine
apparel and declined
to negotiate. To dress
well, wear tailored
clothes, fitted nicely
and you have the
"bull by the horns."
Grant Phejjley, Mgr.
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