The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, May 03, 1908, SECTION THREE, Page 7, Image 31

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Faciflc States:
Counting-Room Main 7070
Mv Circulation Main 77D
Managing Kdltor Main 7070
Sunday Editor Main 7070
I'nrairajlnu-Room Main 7O70
City Kdltur Main 770
Superintendent Building Main 7O70
East Side Office East SI
Count in ir-Itoom
Editorial Room
. . A 1670
. .A 1T.U9
BAKER THEATER (Third between Yam
hill and Taylor) Baiter Theater Company
In The cumbers." Matinee 2:15 I". M.;
tonight at 8:16.
STAR THEATER (Park and Washington)
The Armstrong Musical Comedy Com
pany in "The Kathlni! Uirla." Tonight at
8:lu; matinee Tuesday. Saturday and Sun
day at 3:15 P. M.
1.YIUC THEATER (Seventh and Aider)
The Allen Htork Company In "From Sire
to Hon." Tonight at 8:1.1. Matinees Tues
day. Thursday. Saturday and Sunday at
MARQUAM GRAND (Morrison, between
Sixth and Seventh) Pantages continuous
vaudeville. 2:30. 7:30 and 9 P. M.
GRAND THEATER (Washington, between
Park and Seventh) Continuous vaudeville.
2:1!0. 7:30 and 9 P. M.
Vi'iUj Discuss University Appropria
tion. The University of Oregon appro
priation bill will be discussed at the Peo
ple's Forum, In the Selllng-Hirsch build
ins; tonight. Francis V. Galloway, a
graduate of the university and an experi
enced debater, will present arguments In
support of the bill and there will be
speakers on the other side of the question.
The university bill is considered one of
the most important questions that will be
voted upon in June and those who are not
familiar with the arguments for and
against it should hear the debata tonisht.
The meeting will be called to order at 8
o'clock. The general public is invited to
Frank T. Rooers, who has for many
years and Is still conducting, one of tho
largest barber shops In the city, at 2ti$
Alder street, hus opened another barber
shop In the new Corbett building. Mor
rison and Fifth streets, which for beauty
surpasses anything on the Pacific Coast.
No expense has been spared and the new
Hhop is most modern and sanitary in its
appointments. Seven Hrst-class artists
are in constant attendance and the public
patronage is respectfully solicited. All
the fixtures for this handsome barber shop
were furnished by the Lcwis-Stenger
Barbers' Supply Company, who have
tilted up nearly all the modern barbej
shops on the Pacific Coast.
Disecss Earlt Closing. The movement
to close all stores of the city, at 6 o'clock
on Saturday. will be discussed tomorrow
afternoon by the Consumers' League. The
organization will meet in the Unitarian
Chapel, Seventh and Yamhill streets, at
2 o'clock. Delegates from interested or
ganizations will attend the meeting and
there will be a general discussion of the
best way to bring about early closing,
which has been taken up in the interest
or the many employes of Portland estab
lishments. "Sekino Portland" Trips. Beginning
Monday, May 4, the electric observation
cars of the Portland Hallway, Light &
Power Company, will resume dally
service. "Seeing Portland" cars start
fritm Second and Washington streets
every day at 10 A. M. and 2 P. M. Fare
60 cents, time, two and one-half hours.
If you are a stranger in Portland don't
miss this trip. If you live here, see and
know your own city.
Guts Suspended Sentence. James
Wall Willson, the "professor" who con
ducts a dancing class and an employment
agency for girls on the side, got off with
a "suspended sentence." when tried be
fore Municipal Judge Cameron yesterday
forenoon, on a charge of fleecing two
working girls who gave him fees In the
hope of securing employment which did
not materialize. The professor was told
to go and obey the law henceforth.
Sheriff Stevens' Report. The Sheriff's
monthly report, filed with the County
Clerk yesterday, shows that the County
Jail Is well filled with men accused of
desperate crimes. . There are five mur
derers In the Jail, three thugs, three
forgers, six thieves ,of the larceny class,
two extortionists and three men arrested
for obtaining money by false pretenses.
Send Delegate, to Paris. A delegate
will bo sent by the Park Board of Port
land to the convention In Paris. France,
this Summer, which has for its object the
discussion of plans for Beautifying cities.
The delegate will bear his own expenses,
and wfll carry with him plans of the local
park system and the contemplated boule
vards. F. Breske, 444 Sherlock building Is the
man who is offering those single-acre
tracts, at Madison Villa. IS minutes out,
on the new electric line at the remarkable
price of $f50 and up. This actually means
an acre for the price of a lot. Full parti
culars on page nine, section three.
Council of Jewish WoifEN. The Coun
cil of Jewish Women will hold its annual
meeting next Wednesday, May 6, at 2:30
P. M., in the Selling-Hirseh hall. At this
meeting reports of officers and com-
mittees will be read, and officers elected
for the coming year.
Exhibit of Butterflies. The Interest
ing and beautiful exhibit of butterflies
loaned by Mrs. W. M. Ladd 'has been
transferred from the Sellwood branch to
the East Side branch library. Bast Elev
enth and Alder streets, where It will be on
exhibition for two weeks. -
J. L. White & Co., room 2 Golden
. West Hotel, corner Seventh and Everett.
Phone Pacific 1514. Carpenter work, white
washing, pap?r-hanging and cleaning,
painting, furniture polishing. Reference,'
Columbia River Scknery. Steamer
Charles R. Spencer, round trip daily ex
cept Sunday, for The Dalles and way
points. Leaves 7 A. M. Returns 10 P. M.
Washington-street dock. Phones 3184.
Save the Discount. Send check or pay
at office on or before the 10th to save the
discount on May bills for the Automatic
Telephone. Home Telephone Company,
corner of Park and Burnside streets.
House-Cleaning Time Is the Time to
have your mattresses renovated and re
turned the same day. Main 474. A 1374.
Portland Curled Hair Factory, H
Metzger, 226-228 Front street. '
Go on Portland Realty Board Ex
cursion to Hood River next Saturday.
Valley at its best. Tickets and Informa
tion from J. O. Rountree, secretary, S24
Third street, up stairs.
Tub Vienna Hotel, First and Davis
streets, under new management. Large
poolroom; also bar. restaurant and
barbershop In connection.
Eves Tested Free. All work 20 per
cent discount during May. Dr. Haynes,
with A. X. Wright, the Iowa jeweler, 2!3
Cm-Ren of Our Father (Unitarian),
PVventh and Yamhill Service at 11 A. M.
Rev. Paul S. Bandy, of Salem, Or., Avill
preach. '
Watches cleaned by competent work
man, for II, during May. A. N. Wright,
the Iowa jeweler, 2K! Morrison.
For Rent A few nice orficea In The
Oregonlan building. See Superintendent,
room 201.
Seaside and Klk Creek lots also Ocean
side, Wash., lots. J. Kraemer, 90 5th st.
Business men's lunch. 11:30 to 2. All
home-cooking. Woman's Ex.. 133 loth st
Dry fir cordwood, 4 ft.. 15.60; sawed, 16.
Portland Fuel Co. Phones E. 26. B 1025.
For Rent. Front iToin, Corbett bulldr
Ing. with floor covering. Apply room 617.
Oreoon Paper Box Factory removed
to !:; Front street, near Stark street.
Afenoroth Bros., jewelers, now at 326
Wash. st. Same block as formerly.
Dr. Marie T. Eqi i moved to :123 Medi
cal building. Telephone Main Kirt.
Dns. F. H and O. J. Ferris have moved
to 211 Medical building.
Furnished house $.". G 897 Oregonlan.
Transits, Levels. Moffetfs. 84 Third.
Younu Men's Carnival, May HJ-27.
Visit Illinois Relatives. Levi W.
Myers and his grandson, Myron K.
Myers, will leave Monday for Mercer
County. Illinois, to be absent three months.
Mr. Myers has four sisters and one
brother living and will visit them all while
on his trip. Mr. Myers was one of the
founders of the Republican party. He
was in the Bloomington convention In
lisHi when the Republican party was born.
A New Restaurant. After a 'retire
ment from business of about 12 months
the Halls, who are among the best-known
restauranteurs In Portland, will. In the
course, of a few days open to the public,
a new restaurant, at 330 Washington
street, opposite the Imperial Hotel, where
they will be pleased to receive the patron
age of all their former customers and
their friends.
Discussion on Armory Bill. At the
regular meeting of branch No. 5, Socialist
Party,. Drew Hall, Second and Morrison
streets, tonight at 8 o'clock, a discussion
on the armory appropriation referendum,
will be held. J. D. Stevens will lead the
discussions. The public and especially
those favoring the armory appropriation
are invited.
Rolling, the man who has been at
tracting so much attention to Montavilla
real estate of late, has been appointed
resident agent for Terrace Park, which
adjoins Montavilla, by the Spanton Com
pany. Auction Sale 10 A. M. today at the
Shurtleff residence; old mahogany, walnut
and all the furniture. Oilman & Co.
The Oregon School of Art removed to
Oregon building. Exposition' grounds.
Fountain Pens. Moffett's. 84 Third.
Indignantly Denies That He Is Re
sponsible for Governor Chamber
lain Answers Mr. Buckley.
PENDLETON", or., April 27. (To the
Editor.) Again a Mr. Buckley, whoever he
Is, burdens The Oregon lan's columns with
his complaint that 1 am individually respon
sible for the fact that the school fund of
"Washington amounts to $5O.UU0.O00, while
that of Oregon is less than $0,000,000. Of
course, when a man gets so ausurd a notion
as this In his head no place short of a
"bug house" will furnish him with an appro
priate abiding place, but since ills com
munications are admitted into the Orego
nian's columns, It seems necessary to again
notice what he says.
One of Mr. Buckley's fancies takes this
shape: "In Mr. Geer's letter of April 8, he
denies that the Governor ever sold an acre
of land. I am well aware that It was the
state I .and Board that sold the land, but
Mr. Geer was the head of the board, and a
dictator in that board while Governor."
Now, in the language of , the street,
"Wouldn't that jar you?" To, his insane
desire to blame me for something he passes
over the two other members of the land
board and asserts that I was the dictator
of the land board. How does he know?
Where Is his proof? The two other mem
hers of the board never told him so, neither
did anybody else.
The Govern oT has no more to say as to
what the land board does than any other
member, and as to his being a dictator, he
is as far from it as Mr. Buckley is of know
ing anything whatever of the things lie un
dertakes to talk about. At any time the
State Treasurer and Secretary of State can
utterly ignore the views of the Governor
and their action is absolute law. Every
body but Mr. Buckley knows this. But, as
I said In my former communication, if it is
the action of the land board Mr. Buckley
wants to criticize, why doesn't he go after
Uiose members who agreed to every decision
the board ever made while I was Governor,
and who were re-elected at the end of my
term by enormous majorities? Why does
the spiteful Mr. Buckley pass by Mr. Moore
and Mr. Dunbar in his criticism of the land
board for its action, and assume that I
monopolized everything In the matter while
Goevrnor and utterly effaced them from the
slightest consideration of any and all land
If Mr. Buckley wilt secure a statement
from either Mr. Moore or Mr. Dunbar that
In a single instance I ever endeavored to
act as a dictator in any matter that ever
came before the board, T stand ready to
make a great concession I will admit that
Mr. Buckley has gumption enough to come
In out of the wet.
The fact Is, Mr. Buckley evidently be
longs to a little bunch of fellows who, at
the end of my term as Governor, solely for
the reason that I would not permit my
administration to be a mere tool of their
demands, combined to force me out, and
used every conceivable, little misrepresenta
tion which would probably answer their pur
pose. Land matters were Industriously
worked in the scheme and while policies
such as selling the state land for too small
a sum. as wae alleged.' was entirely
the work of the board, I was venomously
assailed for It all, while the majority of the
board was re-elected and no questions asked.
Besides, there wa-s never a protest from
the people, at any time that the lands were
being sold at too low a figure. The Legis
lature never protested against it. The
policy of the state has for ?0 years been
tent toward getting rid of Its lands at any
figure, so they were sold. It has been a
very short-sighted policy, to be sure, and s
wiiuc uuviiiui x uikw inn uLntriiwuu in niw
Legislature to it, though it had then been
in force so long that no attention, was paid
to the matter.
The state receives two sections out of
every township of 36 from the Government.
The other 34 sections were Dut on the
market at the time the two bel in seine to
the state were, and as the 34 sections were
Belling for a song, it was impossible for the
state to enter the field in competition for
purchasers with its price any higher than
that asked by the Government. It was
only after all the Government lands were off
the market ' that the state could raise iU
price. Every man capable of sitting alone
can understand this though there are
Buckleys here and there who, not under
standing so plain a proposition, take their
satisfaction in the Indulgence of a coyote
The state should have saved Us land.
It has Indoed been "frittered away." but.
Lord! I didn't do it! Mr. Buckley says:
"Why, he was a member for four terms, and
Speaker of the House for one of thee
terms, a powerful position to change and
make any kind of a school land law. Still
he did nothing." Of course I was. but am
the only man who has ever been in the
Legislature. Have not others been
Speakers of the House? Where la the
record of Thayer, Moody. Pennoyer,
Lord? Am I not the only man who
has ever been Governor? And of course,
having been Speaker of the House 17 years
ago, all the accumulations of the alleged
shortcomings of all the past Speakers cen
ter on that session of 1801. There were
McBride, Gregg. Moores, Smith, Keady.
Reeder. Carter, Harris, each with the same
responslbiltiy In the matter, as I. but they
are all lost to sight, in the eager delight of
Ir. Buckley to make the impression that
of all the men who have been Governor of
t he state since 1 So9. or who have served
in the Legislature, or have been Speaker
of the House, Geer, and Geer alone. Is re
sponsible for that difference of $4".OO0.0f0
between the school fund of Washington and
that of Oregon.
But this blind venom has got in Us de
sired work. Mr. Buckley is a type of a
little coterie of managers who. unable to
dictate policies ami appointments during my
administration, determined to undermine me
in any and all ways that could be devised
They succeeded, through the varied sources
of their influence, in doing so, and since
this sample of Mr. Buckley's loading on my
shoulders all the alleged iwglert of all the
Governors. Speakers of the House, Presidents
of the Senate, members of both Houses of
all the sessions of the Legislature we have
ever hud it Is to he hoped that the Insti
gators of It are satisfied. No greater act of
injustice has been done any man in the
history of any state In the Union than this,
but since many of those responsible for It
have since had thetr own troubles. I am
disposed to extend the mantle of charity and
to repress every symptom of malice.
Xo public man discharges all his duties
without making some mistake which he can
afterward discover, and If I could I would
at once pay into the school fund of the
Ft ate that $43,000,000 which I should have
provided for riu&jng that session of lRfll
when I was Speaker, but until Mr. Rocke
feller pays his $.. 000. 000 l shall contend
for my right of delay.
I am forced to notice another burden Mr.
Buckley unloads on my shoulders. In these
words: "It Is -such men as Mr. Geer who
ThavA been the cause of Oregon having a
Democratic Governor; and I heMeev the peo
ple of Oregon will keep on until greater care
Although we have always car
ried an up-to-date stock, we .are
now showing the largest line ot
Jewelry. Silverware, Clocks, Cut
Glass, Umbrellas, Shopping Bags,
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this city.
IV BRACELETS we are show
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filled goods. Our new La Valliers
are catchy and the attractive
kir.d. We are also showing new
things in Bar and Veil Pins. Our
line of fancy mounted Back
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In SILVERWARE! our special
attraction Is MIEFKIELD ware
in large and small Trays, Pitch
ers, Tea Sets. Bowls. Bread
Plates, etc. This Is the most
popular ware on .tn.e market and
decidedly the thini? In the East.
Our stock of Sterling and Plated
Silver was never as large nor
prices as attractive as at present.
How About Your Eyes?
Our opticians are experts. We
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can handle any broKen piece of
jewelry that ,is not beyond the
fixing limit. We don't hold you
up. either, on prices.
Jaeger Bros.
266 Morrison St., Between 3d and
4th (Security Saving: a Bank's
Old Quarters).
is exercised in the selection of men to fill
her offices.'
Now, I do. not seriously mind that de
ficiency of 45,OO0,0OO in the school fund,
but the charge that I. am responsible for
Mr. Chamberlain is more than I can well
endure. I not only made him Governor the
first time, so it is charged, but afteV four
years of private life I was still the moving
spirit in Oregon politics which put him to
the good against Mr. WIthycombe by some
2000 majority! Mr, Buckley's intimation is
that I was so bad a man that the peoplo
elected Mr. Chamberlain in preference to
Mr. Furnish, a new man while Mr.
Furnish's friends Insisted, and some of them
still so Insist, that I was so popular with
the people at the end of my term that I
elected Mr. Chamberlain beoause I merely
remained at home and said nothing.
These are two versions by men who went
out among the people against me, solely
because ' I showed my independence of all
factions by vetoing the Portland charter bill
In 1901 in the Interest of the business men
of that city and against political trades with
Democrats, a-s against the regular Repub
lican ticket. That was the basis of it all
but It has permanently had its desired
effect. I did my duty and have paid the
I was not only the entire state govern
ment while I was Governor nobody else has
ever been criticised for anything but my
sins of omission reach back to the time of
Whftaker in public affairs, and include every
administration since executive, legislative
and judicial while if I had not vetoed the
Portland charter bill and fallen in line at
that time the other members of . the land
hoard would have been held, responsible for
their acts; that $45,000,000 would have been
divided between all the ' state administra
tions; different Speakers of the House would
have been required to assume their portion
of our lax school laws as to the price of
land; and I would .ave been easily renomi
nated and Mr. Chamberlain would never'
have been heard of in Oregon politics.
But, as It is, the only thing of Importance
that has happened on the Pacific Coast since
that event which has not been laid at my
door was the San Francisco earthquake, and
how I escaped that constitutes the one
wonder of the times. And when Mr. Buck
ley and his associates present themselves
at the pearly gates for admission and are
denied It by St. Peter, they will go their
way shouting that "Geer was the causa of
it all" twhen, honor bright, I don't care two
-whoops in the great hereafter what becomes
of the entire outfit Individually or collec
tively. T. T. GEER.
Splendid Programme Selected by
Herr Beltman, the Director.
The musical programme for this
evening's' concert at the Nortonia Ho
tel Is of more than ordinary Interest,
having been carefully selected by Herr
Bettman, and consists of some of the
latest musical gems. The spacious dining-room
Is liberally 4 patronized on
Sundays for dinner and the Nortonia
Hotel dinners .are something out of the
ordinary, being prepared just right by
an experienced chef. The pleasure of
eating a meal at the Nortonia la most
delightful, as well as appetizing. The
musical programme Is as follows:
H. Li. Bettman. Director.
1 March
2 Overture. "Barber of Seville". .. .Rossini
3 Novelette. "Snow Queen" Salzer
4 Waltz, "Estudlantina" Waldteufel
5 Selection, "Travatore" , Verdi
6 Cello solo
Mr. Rudolf Kaps.
7 Selection, "Serenade" Herbert
8 Reverie, "The Roses Honeymoon"
0 March
All the delicacies of the season at the
Portland Restaurant; fine private apart
ments for ladies, 303 Wash., near 6th.
Pekin Restaurant will serve a, first
class Sunday chicken dinner, with ice
cream or strawberry shortcake, 50c;
11 A. M. to 8 P. M. Excellent mer
chants' lunch daily, 25c. 323 Stark.
The Vienna, 251 Morrison street, will
serve a special Sunday dinner. Chicken,
turkey or goose, 50c, with pie or pud
ding. Music from 5 to 8 P. M.
Special Sunday dinner today, turkey
or chicken, 50c. Merchants' lunch ev
ery day, 11:30 to 2, 25c. Dragon Res
taurant, 149 Seventh street.
Six-course chicken dinner every Sun
day 50c, 12 to 8:30. Music 5 to 8. Frank
lin, 468 Washington street. .
Moore's Restaurant will serve a 50e
chicken dinner today, 148 Fifth, opposite
Meier & Frank's.
Watson's Restaurant will serve a fine
chicken dinner today, 50 cents, 331 Wash.
Best Oak Leather. While you wait,
or sient for. Jacob Schwind, 367 Stark,
near Park. Phone Main 7359, A 3212.
123 6th st. Flowers and plants. Phones
Main 5102; A 1102.
Columbia bldg. 'Phones Main and A 1635
Mrs. J. J. Byrne and family extend
sincere thanks to all kind friends who
so thoughtfully remembered them dur
ing their late bereavement.
Hanan shoes fit the feet. Rosenth&l's.
I til J A 5?
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Eddie Gregg Receives Load of Bird
Shot in Thigh and May Die
of Blood-Poisoning.
SEATTLE, May 2. Eddie Gregg, 13
years old, placed a basket of flowers
on the front door knob of A. W. Cope
land's home at Foy Station, a few miles
from Seattle, yesterday, as a May day
custom. He rang the bell, nobody
came. He rang again. Mrs. Copeland
answered, did not see the -flowers, but
saw the boy run. Gregg rang again,
when Copeland opened the door and
fired with a shotgun. The boy received
the load in the thigh and may die of
Suit to Enjoin Tax Collector Thrown
Out of Court.'
By sustaining the county's demurrer to
the complaint of the Astoria & Columbia
River Railway Company, In the action
brought by that company's representa
tives to avoid payment of taxes on rolling
stock In Multnomah County, Circuit Judge
Cleland gave a body blow to the corpora
tion's case. The company will now either
have to pay or appeal.-
Assessment on rolling stock Is made on
a basis of the number of miles of rail.
The railway company, in this instance,
claims to operate over the Northern Pa
cific's line into Portland, palng taxes on
its rolling stock in Clatsop and Columbia
counties. It is contended that assess
ment here practically means double taxa
tion. ,
Bulk of E.stute Valued at $100,00 0
Goes to Widow.
An estate valued at more than $100,000
is to be distributed among the heirs of
Charles A. Cogswell, the major portion
going to the widow. The Cogswell will
was presented for probate at the County
Court, yesterday forenoon. The executors
are: R. W. Montague, G. "W. Stapleton,
K. E. Coovert and the widow, Martha
A trut estate aggregating $15,000 is left
for two children, Charles and Marjorie
Cogswell, to be invested for them.
Marie Gelinsky, a married daughter, Is
given a house and fractional lot at
Seventeenth and Yamhill and $350 in cash.
A law library is left In trust for Charles
Cogswell, provided he enters the legal
profession on attaining the age of 25
years. Otherwise the library goes to
Stapleton & Coovert. who are named to
hold It tn trust. It Is provided that there
is in the faand of an expert, -whose advice on the correction of vision
is absolute authority.- 'Twill fully repay you to consult him and
obtain' glasses that. will make your sight like new.
Oculists' Prescriptions Accurately and Promptly Filled
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shall be no final settlement of the estate
before August 8. 1915.
To all of those -that assisted In the
funeral of the late Mrs. W. Hazlett;
also to the Caledonia Club and the
Sunshine Lodge, Degree of Honor, for
the flowers. BY THE FAMILY.
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Post office
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ot Watson's 4th-st. restaurant, Portland;
egettfrianCafe WaahSuday dinner
35c. with ice cream. H A. M. to 8 P. M.
ThADrairnn 349 ?tn Merchants" lunch
ilieirafeOn daIy 25e. Special- Sun. din.
turkey ot chicken, chop suey & noodles. 60c
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. Scientific &. J
Should remember that our force is so
organized that we can do their entire
Crown, llrldffe und Plate Work in a
day It' noei'ssary. Ponltlvely Pnlnlean
Rxtrai-tinK Kree wlu'n plates or bridges
are ordered. We remove tlie mont nen
altive teetb ond root without the leant
pain. Ten chairs. "Sa u(l-n; no un
certainty but apeclallalH who do the
most scientific and careful work.
Jl 1 1 JL Painless Dentists
Failing Bit! sc..
Third and A aahlnffton St recta.
R A. M. to 8 P. M. : Sundays. 9 to 12.
Painless Kxtractlon, R0c; Plates. JS.OO.
Both Phones, A and Main 2029.
North Pacific College
of Dentistry
Opn to the public daily (except
Sundays) for dental work, mouth
surgery and correction of Irregular
ities and deformities of the teeth and
jaws, the entira year. Special daya:
Irregularities and Deformities.
Monday and Thursday afternoons
' and Saturday forenoons.
Injuries and Diseases of the Mouth
and Jaws.
'Wednesday and Saturday forenoons. -Artificial
Daily from 1 to 4:30 P. M.
Infirmary opens at 9 o'clock A. M
Corner Fifteenth and Conch Sts,
312 Pine Street.
Phones: Main 1662, A 3136.
$chwab Printing Co.
Fourth and
Opening, Hotel Savoy
Additional four stories, containing
. 78 rooms, each with bath.
Twelve rooms with bath, specially
constructed for commercial dis
play, size 16x28.
A greater part of all these rooms have
an unobstructed marine view.
The entire maneuvers of Atlantic
fleet can be seen in any part of
harbor at once glance. -
Just a reminder that we have a few
rooms left in our "12 Stories of
Soli Comfort."
Rates SI. 00 Up
Barbers' Supply Co.
Morrifton and 10th fcitreeta.
Fine Cutlery and Toilet Articles.. Repair
ing of all kinds of Sharp
edged Tools.