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Southern Pacific : May Use
-Control of California
'.: -Republicans.
Heney Fires l,os Angeles With De
nunciatlon of Herrln Principal,
j Counties Claimed as Sure
Strongholds of the League.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.. Mar 2. (Spe
cial.) A'lth the primary" elections of
May 5 practically at' hand, Chester ' l.
RowoH. Btute organizer pf J the Llncoln
Rooa;vHt League, iuned a statement
tonight claiming that the reform forces
would dominate the Republican state
convention. The fight Is a clean-cut is-.
sue between the regular, or machine.
Republican forces, "and the league, or
anti-Southern Pacific element.
Mr. Kowell bases his claims upon the
developments of the. past . few days,
which have brought many additional
counties to the league's support. The
entire central committee of Santa Clara
County broke away from the machine
end declared for the league. There has
been a large defection In Sacramento
and' Los Angeles is said to be ready to
fall into line. .
Heney Flays llcrrln.
In order to clinch Los Angeles .the
league held a monster mass meeting
there tonight, at which Francis J. Heriey
spoke. Ir. Heney flayed the machine
forces.' denouneing William F. Herrin
and his state central committee.
The league, predicts that It will carry
Santa Clara County. Sacramento. Los
Angeles, . San Francisco, Stanislaus and
Alameda for a certainty. This will give
the league control of the state conven
tion. -In addition to tha counties enumer
ated, the league claims many of the
smaller ones of the" Interior. s
Hot Fight in Humboldt.
One of the hottest fights Is being waged
In Humboldt County. Whera Governor Gil
lett, George Knight-; and Congressman
KnelebrUfht are, ranged oi tne side of tha
regulars. Mr. Rowell regards the county
as dqubtful, but the . machine forces
claim; It. '. -
The? league is sure of Alameda County
and the machine forces J-ave ipractically
abandoned the fight there. A stiff con
test la . being waged in San Francisco.
The county committee has revolted from
the machine and has lined up with tne
league. ....... t ,
The machine figures ' prepared at the
office of -the State Central Committee, of
which.' Colonel George Stone Is chairman,
give the regulars a comfortable -majority.
Included- In the ljst are23-ifel jgatea from
the Third Congressional District, who are
to ' be; appointed by the. machine com
mittee; The . asnmitte 'has rejed to'
C hold primaries In this district, but the
league has placed its own . ticket- in the
field and will conduct primaries on Us
own accpuht and carry the fight to. t))Q
floor of. the convention, r
Machine Xames Its Delegates.
One of the side Issues to be fought
out at tlie convention is the selection of
four delegates-at-large. The . machine
proposes to send M. H. Pe Young. George
Kiriglit, Governor Gillett and Harrison
iray Otia to the National Convention.
The league Is pledged to the defeat of all
four. So far. the league has refused to
name its elections, on the ground that
It la a 'matter for the convention itself
to decide.
Reveals Secret of" Organized Gang
of Pickpockets and Police Quick
,;. "" ly Act on Advice.
SAN' FRANCISCO. May 2. (Special.)
Irene Duff is 20. black-eyed, pretty and
vivacious. She got on a train at Reno,
Nev., yesterday. So did Frank Hazen.
and Hazen occupied the same seat. In
about (wo minutes . Irene started ver
bally to unloosen herself. She was Just
that indignant that he could not see,
and she told Hazen all- about It-
Irene picked a pocket in Reno. The
rest of her gang, consisting of Prank
Diljard, William Duo (her husband);,
Archie Cohn, William Casey and Frank
Ross, deserted her after she was ar
rested . by the Reno gum-shoe quad.
Irene fought the case and was dismissed.
The gang had loft for San Francisco to
get In on the rich pickings. Irene told
Hazen all about It, their names,, past
history, etc. :
Frank Hazen happened to be. a secret
service agent and. fleeraphed Chief of
Police Biggy. with .the result, that 'Irene,
her gang and her troubles are being
held In detinue apd will be held there
until after, the fleet,' leaves poru
William P. Sheridan, chief of the
New York Identification Bureau; who is
In this .city. Identifl-d all - of the party
as being dangerous Eastern .crooks. Dil
lard ' having' a world-wide reputation as
a pickpocket.
Governor of Oklahoma Tells John
on How He Stands.
GUTHRIE, Okla.. May 2. Governor
Charles Tv. Haskell,, of Oklahoma, to
night made public a letter to Governor
John A. Johnson, of Minnesota, in reply
to one of Johnson's campaign letters.
Governor Haskell reviews the political
situation of the Democratic party and
tells Governor Johnson frankly that he
In for Bryan.
; Judge Gray Out of Politics.
PITTSBURG. May 2. United States
Judge Gray, of Delaware, and Dr. Wood
row Wilson, president of Princeton Uni
versity.' arrived today as guest of the
Princeton Club of Western Pennsylvania,
whose 34th annual dinner was held at
the 'Hotel Schenly tonight. When asked
if his decision not to be a candidate for
the ; Democratic Presidential nomination
was irrevocable, JuUge.Gray said:
"Emphatically it 1s. I am out of politics
and am going to. stay out.'? .'.
Tvo North Carolinians for Tart.
NEWBERSE, N. C, May 2. The Re-
publican'conventlon for the Third Con
gressional District, which met here to
day, unanimously instructed Its dele
gates 'to the National, convention to
vote' for Taft "first, last and all' the
time.". The convention voted for L.. C.
Duncan as the. North Carolina-member
of the National 'committee and elected
as' delegates to the Chicago conven
tion, W, H. Fawyer .and-lL. F. -Brown.
Fourth 'Alabama Un instructed.
CA.LERA. Ala.; May 3- The fourth dis
trict Republican convention of the anti
administration wing of. the party- today
elected W. F. -Aldrlch and John C. Hol
lingaworth, of Lincoln, delegate to the
National convention, uninstructed.
Sixth Georg&t Vninstructed.
JACKSON, Ga..' May il-Tlie sixth dis
trict Republican convention met here to
day and elected Alexander .Ackerman and
W, ..O. Emory delegates- to the National
convention, uninstructed. - .
Seventh Indiana for Bryan." ;
- INDIANAPOLIS, lnd.. May '2 Demo
crats pf the Seventh Congressional Dia
trlct this afternoon adopted a resolu
tion indorsing Bryan. '.
' " Taft Gets Two In Ohio.'
COLUMBUS. O..' May 2. The Republi
cans of the Twelfth Ohio District - today'
elected two uninstructed delegates to the
National convention.
Recognize Strength of Opposition
and Has Begun to Cry "Corrup
tion" Through UU Paper.
ington, May 2. Anti-Bryan Democrats
derived much comfort from the New York
interviews with the "peerless leader," for
In those talks Mr. Bryan clearly showed
an appreciation of the strength of the
opposition, and indicated his purpose to
exhaust every means at hia command in
order to land the nomlnatipn at Denver.
The opposition has felt for several weeks
that It could prevent Bryan's nomina
tion if the two-thirds rule Is maintained
in convention, and feels doubly sure of it,
now that Bryan has declared his 'desire
to have the two-thirds rule abrogated and
a-majority rule substituted. Eut the anti
Bryan men are as greatly pleased over
the fact that Bryan, through his news
paper, Is now charging that money is
being corruptly used to secure and hold
one-third of the convention against him,
and thus prevent hia nomination. The
cry of corruption Is one of the first signs
of weakness in a political fight; It is the
cry of the defeated.
No man. has ever charged . Governor
Johnson with being a corruptionist; bis
reputation is sound. Likewise there is
no more respected man in the - entire
Democratic party than Judge Gray, of
Delaware. Yet Johnson and Gray are
two conspicuous figures In the anti-Bryan
crowd, and Bryan will have difficulty in
convincing the rank and file of the party
that a movement led by Johnson and
Gray, or either, 1 a-movement financed'
by crooks. Johnson, young In politics,
and admittedly a man with a future, re
gardless of -what may 'happen In the cam
paign this year, can not afford to throw
away his future by entering upon a cor
rupt campaign to prevent Bryan's nomi
nation. Judge Gray, who is not an active
candidate for the nomination, would not,
after a, long i and spotless, career be
smirch himself by bribery. The high
standing of these two prominent anti
Bryan Democrats serves to discredit the
criea of Bryan, so fa? as his charge of
bribery is concerned. "
Whether or not Mr. Bryan can have the
two-thirds rule abrogated is a question
for future determination. If he succeeds,
he will unqestionably be nominated: If
he fails, his nomination is doubtful. In
the latter event, the opposition will have
to hold together, in support of some ona
candidate, or, after a protraeted fight,
Bryan may get enough votes on the
break-up to make sure his nomination.
Up to April 20 Bryan had 13 d "legates;
there were opposed to him 307 delegates.
It takes 673 delegates to nominate, if the
two-thirds rule prevails, and Bryan would
have a hard light, under ordinary circum
stances, to g3t enough delegates to give
him the nomination. The South is de
cidedly doubtful this year, and New Eng
land is Inclined to send anti-Bryan dele
gates to Denver. If the opposition, which
seems to haveNew York, Pennsylvania,
Delaware, Minnesota. New Jersey, ' New
Hampshire and Rhode Island, making a
total of 207, can get the rest of New Eng
land and half a dozen Southern Stat;s,
Mr, Bryan's goose would be cooked to a
turn. But It Is Impossible to figure out
how the opposition could roll up' enough
votes to prevent his nomination If the
rule should be changed, and a majority
should be given the power to nominate.
Colorado Coalmen Acquitted, but
Rearrested for Conspiracy,
DURANGO, Colo., May 2. At 8:50 to
night the jury in the case of John Van
derwede and John Mason, charged with
killing United States Sprcial Agent J. - A.
Walker, near Hesperus, a few miles from
here, November 3, last, brought in a ver
dict of not guilty.
Both men were Immediately re-arrested
by United States Marshal Thomas Clark
on a Federal grand Jury warrant charg
ing them with- conspiracy to murder
Walker. It is understood their bonds
will be fixed at 120.000 each.
Men Thought to Have Been In Pitts
burg Express Robbery.
PITTSBURG, May 2. Four men, be
lieved to have been Implicated in the
robbery of the St. Louis express Thurs
day night, were , brought to this city
this afternoon by detectives. The Iden
tity of the men or where they were ar
rested cannot be learned.
It is said all will b3 held until Express
Messenger Roshen reaches here in an
effort to Identify them.
Astoria Will See the Fleet. v
ASTORIA, Or., May 2. The Astoria
Chamber of Commerce received the fol
lowing tel-gram this , afternoon from
Senator Fulton:
"The Secretary of the Navy has directed
the commander of the Atlantic fleet to
sail in close to the mouth of the Colum
bia Rivet In the daytime and slow dawn
to give the people an opportunity to see
the fl?et The commander will wire you
day and hour when he will arrive." .
Charge Bartender With Theft.
ASTORIA. Or., May 2.-(SpeciaI.)
Henry Bordnian was arrested on the
train at Rainier, as he was en route to
Portland last evening, on an information
charging him- with stealing $47.60 from
Frank Scott's saloon at S?aslde. He will
be brought here tomorrow for trial.
Boardman had been employed by Scott
for a short time as a bartender.
Audacious and Saintly English
Criminal Is Caught in
. the Act.
Model . Citizen and Sunday School
- Teacher-, Prove Another Jekyll
and Hyde Denounces Own
Crimes In Public.
LONDON, May 2. (Special.) The
burglar who robbed the wife of Captain
Beattie (daughter of the late Marshall
Field) of 125,000 In Jewels last Fall,
taking them from her hunting lodge
at Rugby, has been discovered, but no
trace of the princely loot has been
Tne burglar was quite an artist. By
day he conducted a small dry goods
business in Leicester, being one of the
highly-respected merchants of the
place, and by night he "burgled" right
and left. On Sunday he taught in Sun
day school, and his particularly ex
emplary life and character won for
him the local prize known as the
"Town Hundred." This consisted of
100 pounds sterling, or $500. which is
advanced for 12 years without Interest
to especially worthy young men to en
able them to start In business.
Denounced His Own Crimes.
His burglaries caused a sensation.
In addition to cleaning out three hunt
ing boxes in one week, he committed
several burglaries In Leicester Itself
and in the neighborhood of his. own
house. These aroused keen local ap
prehension, for John Spencer, the
model merchant, Sunday school teacher
and burglar, organized a public meet
ing which he addressed himself and
protested eloquently against the in
efficiency of the police protection of
He was canght in the act of robbing
a place on April 9. He fought des
perately in the dark with the police
who captured l?lm. When the burg
lar was finally overcome and dragged
into the light, the policeman was so
dazed with astonishment when he rec
ognized his prisoner as the model John
Spencer that he all but let him slip
Put Victims to Sleep.
In bis burglaries Spencer used drugs
to stupefy the sleeping Inmates of
Houses he entered. In one case a child
died from the effects of the drugs he
employed. More than 40 burglaries
have been traced to the model merchant,
though not a single article of all the
valuables ha stole 'has yet been re
covered or located. .
Would Exclude Blacks, Portuguese
Natives and Chinese Also
Favors Eight-Hour Pay.
LONDON, April 25, Important recom
mendations a to labor on the Rand have
been made by the commission appointed
by the Transvaal government to inquire
into the gold mining Industry. The dom
inating Idea is a large Industrial white
population and the gradual elimination of
black labor. -
The commissioners maintain the' mines
can adjust their organization to the em
ployment of 1 a greater proportion of
whites and. a- less proportion of blacks
without materially increasing the cost of
production prevailing at the beginning of
The commissioners recommend:
The gradual stoppage of the Importa
tion of Portuguese -natives. It Is of opin
ion that thera is no essential difference
between the importation of Chinese and
of Portuguese natives, both being equally
The .abolition of the pass law, because
that would make it impossible to enforce
native contracts, and native recruiting
would stop.
Legislation -compelling the employment
of eno white miner for each machine
, An eight-hour day.
Taxation of unworked claims, no claim
being "worked" unless a definite number
of whites are employed 1n it.
Stricter measures to stop the illicit gold
buying, which prevails to a great extent.
The commissioners assert theadoption
of a white labor policy would result -in
the establishment of the 1900-7 basis of
a white industrial population of 36,000
males, with an annual distribution Of
ten and a half millions sterling in wages
and salaries, as against five and a quar
ter millions sterling distributed in 1906-7,
The commissioners recognize that in
securing the complete abandonment of
colored labor a reasonable time must be
allowed, so as to prevent industrial dis
location. The opinion on the Rand Is that the
adoption of these recommendations would
mean, in the long run, that the natives
would be entirely excluded from the
mines a consummation for which the
Labor party in the Transvaal has long
been agitating.
Replying to Sir Gilbert Parker In the
House of Commons as to whether the
Chinese in the Rand mines, as their con
tracts expired, would be allowed to re
cruit for the mines on the same basis,
and be governed by the same regulations
as the natives now employed. Mr.
Churchill said:
"Every Chinaman must be deported as
soon as his Indentures expire. Thereafter,
no Chinaman will be allowed to enter the
Transvaal unless he enters freely, and to
that the peopls of the Transvaal are, I
believe, unalterably opposed."
Question of Remarriage on Ameri
can Divorce Up at Vancouver.
. VANCOUVER. B: C, May 2. The
question of whether a remarriage in
British Columbia on an American divorce
is illegal will be discussed In Police
Court In Vancouver next Tuesday. Mrs.
Peter A. Arsith. aged 57. is held on a
charge of bigamy. She was for many
years a resident of Vancouver and has
ten children, several of whom are mar
ried and residents of this city. One wit
ness today was her former husband. The
couple were granted a divorce In 1905
by Judge' Bnell, of Tacoma. Tltfs second
marriage was performed In " Vancouver
two weeks ago. Arsith Is 20 years the
Junior of his wife.
Railroadmen Predict Early Comple
tion of Milwaukee Line.
TACOMA, Wash., May 2. (Special.)
Within ten months the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul Railroad will be
completed into Tacoma. This was the
prediction made today by a prominent
railroad man, who has been keeping
in close' 'touch with the progress of
the Chicago, Milwaukee & SL Paul.
To the two piledrivers now working
on the terminals for the railroad at
the mouth of the Puyallup River three
more pile-drivers will be added in a few
days and the work will be expedited. En
gineers of the railroad have been look
ing into the matter of foundations for
the big warehouses to be built on the
company's terminal grounds. . Contrac
tors are arranging to increase their forces
on the waterfront.
Word received from the ' construction
forces east of the mountains is that the
grading and track-layfng are going .for
ward rapidly under favorable weather
conditions and all the available lfien are
being worked that can be placed on the
West Not Shouting for Roosevelt,
Says Governor Curry.
ington, May 5. "Talk of a third term
for Roosevelt is not heard much Jn
the West," said ' Governor Curry, of
New Mexico, in a recent Interview in
this city. Coming from this source, the
statement Is very significant, especially
when considered with what followed.
"In my territory," continued the Gov
ernor, "the people have accepted the
President's declaration and are in -favor
of the nomination of Secretary
Taft. I do not believe Colonel Roose
velt could be induced to accept the
nomination. From my knowledge of
him. I am euro that he meant what ho
said when he reiterated that under no
circumstances would he be a candidate
for or accept another nomination. It
seems to me unfair to the President,
therefore, to revive the talk of a third
term. The President wants to see Sec
retary Taft nominated, and I believe
the people want Taft. I know that In
the part of the West from, which I
come the sentiment is unanimous for
the Secretary of War."
Governor Curry is one of the Presi
dent's closest friends, and no man has
a greater admiration for Mr.' Roosevelt-
If the president would under any
circumstances consent ' to accept an
other nomination. Governor Curry
would, be the first-man to take off
his coat and work for But the
Governor, knowing the President as he
does, and enjoying his confidence to
an unlimited degree, has no doubt as
to the President's sincerity. Therefore
he is not booming Roosevelt for re
nomination, but is going to the extent
of discouraging third-term talk. It is
rather remarkable that the other rec
ognized friends of the Fresjd,ent tha
men who are elosest to hlm--take the
same poaiticn as Governor Curry, and
insist that the President will not ac
cept another, nomination. '! 'v :
In spite of what, .'the' President's
friends say. the self-appointed Roose
velt Third Term News grind
ing out bales and bales' of oopy. which
;s being distributed ovef if he:.counlrj'
In a vain attempt to - make ft . appear
that the President wiJU accept -tfipi nom
ination If . Jt ..-is tenderd v tdVftim at
Chicago, and in other ways Trying to
work up sentiment' in favor of renomi
nating Roosevelt. j.Persoual trj&hds of
the President declare that : Mia work
of this bureau is Offensive to the, .Pres
ident, for It places'him-na'alse--;llght
before the public, avul mukefc It ap
pear that while declaring one thing be
Intends doing another. ' '"
Many inquirits come back: to Wash
ington from reputable ' papers which
have received the anonymous and gra
tuitous third term copy, indicating that
responsible editors are afraid of the
stuff, coming as it does from n un
known source, and conflicting, as it
does, with the public iterations and re
iterations of the President. Neverthe
less, this copy finds its way into some
of the smaller papers, and Is printed
periodically in a subsidized paper In
Washington City, in the hope of induc
ing its use elsewhere.
But this press bureau stuff weighs
light alongside the interview with Gov
ernor Curry, who is in a position to
know, and who does know, how the
President feels. If the Roosevelt third
term press bureau were operating un
der the approval of the president, Gov
ernor Curry would not be advocating
the nomination of Taft and deprecat
ing the continuation of the third term
clamor.- ,
Persuades Carmen to Walt Till Com
- pan y Earns Surplus.
CLEVELAND, May . After voting
1452 to 128 in favor of a strike, the
motormen and conductors of the Mu
nicipal Traction Company, through
International Vice-President Behner
and other representatives, tonight
practically reached an agreement with
the Mayor and traction officials that
will eliminate the prospect of a cessa
tion of work.
The men failed to secure outright
the 2-cent an hour increase in pay de
manded, but are given an assurance
that they may anticipate an advance
after the Municipal Traction. Company
shows a sufficient surplus.
Mayor Johnson dealt with the men
upon authority conferred by the Mu
nicipal Traction Company, of which he
is treasurer.
John G. Schroeder Successful at Trl
State Meet at Pullman.
PULLMAN. Wash., May 2. (Special.)
John G. Schroeder, of Oregon Agricultural
College, won the trl-state oratorical con
test at the State College tonight. Whit
man's representative was s?cond.
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Prosperity Coming if All Will
Push It Along.
Association to Bring Good Times
Sends Address Chicago Banker
and Merchant Predicts Re
covery After Election.
CHICAGO, May 2. (Special.) Steady
and certain revival of business Is pie
dlcted by' men of affairs in Chicago.
The announcement today that St. Louis
business men had organized a "Na
tional Prosperity Association" brought
the information from Chicago's com
mercial leaders that, with a bountiful
harvest and a happy ending of the
Presidential election, prosperity is sure
to return. It is now on the way, they
add, and will gradually swell and
Good Crops, Good President.
"So far as the banking business is con
cerned, it is better than one would think i
from the superficial indications," said !
James B. Forgan. president of the First
National Bank. "I look for substantial
recovery in the Fall, If the crops are as
good as the indications are they will be,
and If the National election results satis
factorily. The. business world is meas
urably waiting upon these two eventuali
ties. If the crop is as large as some peo
ple expect, and if the right man Is elected
President, improvements all around will
be marked, in my opinion."
Harry. A- Wheeler, chairman of the
ways and means committee of the
Chicago Association of Commerce, was
even more optimistic than Mr. Forgan,
though he agreed on all substantial
points with the banker
Boom Is Foreshadowed.
"Business is already good and the
improvement is to be steady, as I view
the situation, ' said Mr. Wheeler. "It
Is true that business men are showing
conservatism, but that should encour
age everybody, as It is a good sign.
"I know the industrial situation is not
what It might be, but It is getting better.
People talk about the large number of
men who are idle, but that is always
the case at this time of the year in
the large cities. On the whole I look for
a revival In all lines of business. Present
conditions foreshadow a boom. With the
election out of the way in a few months
and immense crops in the barns and
elevators, the Nation should be in better
financial shape than the most sanguine
expected last Winter."
Other Organizations Encourage Na
tional Prosperity Association. J
s "ST. LOUIS, May . (Special.) Many
telegrams of inquiry and assurances of
support of the new National Prosperity
Association were received at its head
quarters here today. I
Telegrams asking co-operation were
sent today to 100 leading commercial or
ganizations of the leading cities of the
United States. Monday 500,000 copies of
the association's Inaugural address will
be distributed, beginning with wholesale i
houses which w'ill place them In their
traveling salesmen's hands. The exeeu
tlve committee will meet Monday to else
up the situation.
An attempt is being made by partisan
to appear that this movement is against
Bryanism and Rooseveltiem. The associ
ation's platform declares It Is not a
political movement.
Charged With Misuse or Mails in
Offering Reward for Kidnaping -of
Ex-Governor Taylor.
KANSAS CITY, May 2. Clarence B.
Darrow, who wi the chief counsel in
ths defense of Haywood, Pettlbone and
Moyer of the Western Federation of
Miners, a Boise, Idaho, was here today
en route to Fort Scqtt. Kan., to defend
Fred D. Warren, editor of the Appeal to
Reason, whose trial on the charge of
sending "scurrilous, defamatory and
threatening" matter through the malls,
will ba railed In the Federal Court in
Fort Scott . next Monday.
" The charge against Warren is based
upon the mailing of a printed reward of
$100 for the kidnaping of ex-Governor
Taylor, of Kentucky. The Appeal to
Reason made this sensational offer for
the purpose of calling attention to the
decision if - the United States Supreme
Court that the removal of the officers of
the Wesetern Federation of Miners from
Colorado to Idaho for trial was not an
Illegal proceeding. The Appeal to Reason's
reward indicated a desire to have ex
Governor Taylor kidnaped and taken from
Indiana to Kentucky for trial for alleged
complicity In the assassination of Gov
ernor Goebel.
Increase In Pnbllc Debt.
WASHINGTON, May 2. The monthly
statement of the public debt shows that
at the close of business April 30, 1908. the
debt, less cash in the treasury, amounted
to $923,167,236. which Is an Increasa as com
pared with March 30, 1908, of $15,443,899.
New specimens of jraji snd whit
orchid never before known to exiat In this
I country have been discovered In Cape May
County. New Jersey.
Mrs. C. K. Tyler. Burlington. Vt.,
says : " The cares of a large farm, so
much to do and ao little health to do it
with, caused almost a complete brealc
downi blood poor and thin : no strength.,
little sleep. Hood's Sarsaparilla gave
appetite, natural sleep, perfect health.
Wraug4 ta4o all mj. work.".
. Registered Na 23447 .J k
ill fyi-gk3.
it ,vyj - y Mir
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Dip-Front and Pockets; tne latest tiling. A
little bit extreme, tut just the style tne young
fellows want we make it especially for them.
Insist on seeing; tne SCHLOSS "Baltimore" before you
Duy look tor this label. lour
Clothier can get thia model no
cost or obligation to you or him if
you don't want to keep the Suit
after examination.
Schloss Bros. CS, Co.
, Balti
suirn suits
In two or three pieces,
can be seen at our
Wen's Clothind Parlor
In all the newest models, fabrics and colorings. THE
THE LONDON and THE ROYAL models are strong
favorites with the young men. Thsy are stylish,
snappy and correct. In conjunction with these, we
show the Stein-Bloch and Bradbury System Smart
Clothes, the best made, and price them very moder
atelyfrom $35.00 down to $18.00
You can pay in weekly, semi-weekly or monthly pay-
ments, to suit your convenience. '
The Store Where Your C edit Is Good
To advertise our new and won
derfully successful Alveolar
Method, we will do work at cut
rates for
A ten-year guarantee with all
work. Examination free. Silver
fillrnars, 50c; crowns (22k), $3.50
to $5.00; bridgework (per tooth),
$3.50 to $5.00. . Platcl as low as
$5.00. Everything first class.
Lady attendant
Boston Dentists
Morrlsom St- (lw FoatoOicc .
Copyright 1908 By
Fine Clothes Mikert
Baltimore snd New York .
Wjoles&le Drapers
The Weil-Known Old
Reliable Chinese Boot
and Herb Doctor, Cure
any nnd all diseases of
men and women. Chron
ic discus a specialty.
No mercury, pjlson.
drug or operation.
10 If you ennnnt atl
wrlte tar sy
V$&Jffi&-jM b.,a,,k and clrcul
t-SitJJJfi.W close 4 tents in I
ular. In-
The r. tjec Vo llniuoc .Wv.n me Co..
1U2V4 H.t St.. tor. Iur. inun.
Portland. Or.
. Please Mention This roper.
Tour weini, double enm, uuL. abdomen
hips and fatty bean reduced Or euydtr
guarantees bU treatment to be pertectly
harmless In every particular No exercise,
no starving, no detention from business; na
wrinkles or discomfort. Dr Snyder has
been a specialist in the successful treatment
of obett for the past 25 years, and has the
unqualified indorsement of the medical fra
ternity A booklet, telling all about It free.
Call or write tndiy Dr O W F Pnvdef Co .
513 Maniuam Theater hid.. Portland. Or.
CH.UntaitK s riLLS
yean known as Best, Safest. Alw RellaM
.aifai AkK your Umrflst lor a's Diamond It !-ndjrV
I'llis in Red snd feold nw-tatlic
Dmi'rUL A k for r II li-Trn