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Telephone Your Orders
Exchange 11
Home A 6171-A 612
Sunday Hours lO A. M
to 2 P. M.
Your Credit Is Good Here
Easy Invalid Chairs
We Carry a Very Complete Assort
ment $25, Up. We
Rent Chairs for
$5.00 Per Month-
Complete line Elastic and
Steel Trusses; Expert fitters,
men and women, in attend
ance. Satisfaction absolute
ly sruaranteed. Surgical de
partment, second floor.
(. Watch for Date of Opening of Picture Dept. )
Vapor Bath Cabinets, The Secret of Good Health
Cures Kidney Troubles, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Colds and Constipation
Sunday in
First, the Whit Temple, Twelfth and
Taylor Rev. J. Whltcomb Brougher. D. D.,
pantor. One-accord prayer meeting In tem
ple parlor. 10 A. M.; preaching service,
30:30 A. M. ; sermon hy Dr. BrouKher; sun
Ject, "Panics and Their Cure"; the Ijortrs
Supper will be observed; Bible school meets
t 12:10 P. M. ; young people's meeting. 0
P. M. ; popular evening service, 7:;;o o'clocK;
Ir. Ervln S. Chapman, the greatest anti
taloon orator in America, will speak on
the subject, "Two Monosyllables." The ra
innus Temple quartet will sing. Everyrjoay
Immanuel, Pecond and Meade Rev. A.
MlnakT, pastor. Sunday school, ' 1 1 a.
M ; B. T. P. C-. 6:0 J M.; preaching.
10:30 A- M., "Service"; 7:30 P. M., "CJirlars
Appeal for AdmiPPlon.
Kant Forty-fourth-Street. corner Fast Main
Rev. B- C. Cook, iattnr. Preaching, tl A.
M. and 7:45 P, M. ; Bible school, 10 A- M.;
B- T. P. V.. 6:45 P. M.
Arleta Rev. K. A. Smith, pastor. Sun
day school. 10 A. M. ; Junior Vnion, 3 P.
M.; B. Y. P. XJ.t 7 P- M. ; preaching, 11 A
M and 8 P. M. by the pastor.
fU John Rev. E. A. Leonard, pastor.
Fundav school, 10 A. M.". preaching. 11 a.
M and 7:45 P. M. ; r. Y. P. 8:0 P. M.
Third, Vancouver avenue and Knott Rev.
R. Srhwedler, pastor. Sunday srhool, 10 A.
M.; preaching. U A. M. and 7:43 P. M. ; B.
Y. P. l. 8:45 P. M.
Swedish, Hoyt and Fifteenth Tter. EVlc
Scherstrom, pastor. Preaching, 10:45 A. M.
nd 7:45 P. M. ; Sunday school, 13 M.
Mount Olive, Seventh and Everett Rev.
B. B. M. Johnson, pastor, preaching, ll a.
M. and S. p. M. ,
Chinese Mission. 372 Onk, near Pant
Funday school, 7 p. m.; preaching in Chi
nese, 8 PM.
Lents, First avenue and Foster road
Sunday school. 10 A. M. ; preaching, ll a.
M. by Rev. J. F. Hoacork.
First tierman. Fourth and Mill Rev. J.
Kratt. pastor. Preaching, 10:45 A. M. and
7:30 p. M ; Sunday school, R:45 A. M. ; B. "X.
P. V.. fi:4.T P. M-
Highland. Alberta and Sixth Sunday
school. 10 A. M.; B. Y. P. U., T P. M. :
preaching. II A. M.. hy Miss Carrie MIHs
paugh, and at 7:3 hy Rev. J. F. HeucorK.
SUwood. Tacnma avenue and Eleventh
Rev. George A. Learn, pastor. Sunday
ftchool. IO A. M. ; preaching, ll A. M. and
b P M.
Sunnyslde (German), Forty-first and Hw
t borne avenue rreachlng by C. Feldmetn,
11 A. M-; Sunday school, 9:45 A. M.
talvary. East Eighth and Grant Bible
School. 1 A. M.; B. Y. P. IT., 6:30 1- M. ;
preaching, 11 A. M. and 7:3 P. M., ty
President L, W. Riley, of McMinnville Col
lege. Savler-Street, between Twenty-first and
Twenty-second Sunday school. 2:.TO p. M.
St. John (German) Preaching by Rev. C.
Feldmeth. 3 P. M.; Sunday school. 2 P. M.
Second German, Rodney avenue and Mor
ris Rev F. Buerrmann, pastor. Preaching.
11 A. M. and 7:30 P- M. ; Sunday school,
P:4S A. M.; B. Y. P. V.t 6:45 P. M.
Vnion-Avenue Mission (Swedish). Skid
more street Sunday school. 10 A. M.
Norwegian-Danish Services. 2 P- M., at
1172 Belmont street by Rev. O. L. Hoteti.
I'niverstty Park Rev. A. B. "Walts, pas
tor. Sunday school, 10 A. M., followed by
ordinance of baptism ; communion service,
11- A. M : sermon. "Grace"; B. Y. P.
8:45 P. M. ; evening worship at 7:30 o'clock;
sermon. "Only a Step."
Norwegian-Danish meets Sunday evening
at 7:30 o'clock at corner Shaver and Mi
slsslppi avenue. Take L car, get off at
Second, Seventh and East Ankeny Rev.
P. C. Lapham. pastor. Services. 10:30 A.
M. and 7 :30 P. M. ; morning sermon. "Ttie
Future Life In the Teaching of Christ" ;
Bible school, noon; young people's union,
6:30 P M.; evening sermon, "A Love Story
First. , park and Columbia Rev. T7. 8.
Muckley. minister. 11 A. M-, "How OWd
Stifles the Soul"; 7:30 P. M.. "The Locic
of Trust"; Bible school, 10 A. M.; Christian
Endeavor. 6:30 P. M.
. Rodney-Avenue. Rodney avenue and Knott
Rev. Elmo Robinson, pastor. 9:45 A. M.,
Bible school: 10:45 A. M., communion and
sermon; ::tO P. M-. Y. P. S. C. E. ; 7:30 P.
"Sowing and Reaping.1
Kern Park Rev. E. M. Patterson, pastor.
Services, ll A. M- and 7:45 P. M.: tnemes,
"The Gospel of Cheer" and "Almost TVby
Not Altogether?"; Bible school, 10 A.
Christian Endeavor, 6-45 P. M.
Central. Eat Twentieth and East Salmon
Rev. J. F. Ghormley will speak at 10;3o
A. M : theme, "The Millennium": T:45 P.
M.. "Review of pr. Mills on the Divinity
of Christ"; special music; H. M. Foster,
.Advent. Second between Hall and Lincoln
"Sunday school, 10SJO A. M.; prearhins.
11:30 A. M. and 7:30 P. M., by Evangelist.
E. Wallace Sheppard, of Michigan. Special
meetings all week.
First Church Of Christ. Scientist. Srottish
Rite Cathedral, Morrison and Lownaaaio
Services, 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. ; subject of
lesson sermon. "Adam and Fallon Man";
Sunday school at close of morning sen-ice;
Wednesday evening meeting, 8 o'cIock.
Second Church of Christ. Scientist, ETks
Temple. Stark between Sixth and Seventn
Services. 11 A. M. and 8 P. M.; Sunday
sr-hool. 0 A. M. ; subject of lesson srr
mon. "Adam and Fallen Man"; "Wednesday
meeting. 8 P. M.
FUsL Madison and Park Rev. Luther R.
Pvott. pastor. Morning service with ser
mon. "Glorv in the Cross," 10:30 A. M.;
evening 8rvic"e with sermon. "The Helpful
I-tfe." 7:80 o'clock: Sunday school, 1.15
P M., F. H. Whitfield, superintendent; Y.
P. S. r. E., 6:0 V. M.
Sunnvslde Church, corner of East Taylor
snd Thirty-fourth streets Rev. J. J
Staub. pastor. Morning nervlco at 11
o'clock, subject, "The Practical Side .f
Faith"; evening service at 7;3U o'clock, sub
ject, "Setting Sjtl," the first in a sriis
of Sunday evening discourses on "The Voy
age of Llfs"; Sunday school. 10 A, M.. S.
Too many people can't think and act for themselves they wait and watch
to let others lead. Don't do it. Be a leader yourself. .If the laws of Nature
were obeyed, we would have no sickness .
No .0 Price $4.00
No. 3 Price. . . . . .$5.00
No. 2 Price. . $7.50
No. 4 Double wall, steel
price $8.00
No. 5 Double Avail, wood
c. Pier, superintendent; Junior Endeavor 3
P. M. ; Senior Endeavor, QMO V. M.
Mississippi Avenue, corner Mississippi ave
nue and Fremont street Rev. A. J. I-Xilson,
pasfor. Services 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. ;
Sunday school, 10 A. M. ; Y. P. S. C. E.,
6.30 P. M.
Iaurelwood Rev. 1. B. Gray. 10 A. M.i
Sunday school, Mrs. W. Ingalls, superintend
ent; JT A. M., sermon; 7 P. M., Christian
ITnive-alty Park Rev. D. B. Gray. 10 A.
M.. Sunday schrol; J. E. Brous. superintend
ent; 6:30 P. M-, Christian Endeavor; 7:30
sermon and communion.
Hasaalo-Strect. corner Seventh and Hal
salo Rev. Paul Ratter, pastor. Morning
service, 10:30 o'clock; subject, "Fellow
ship"; evening service, 7:30 o'clock, subject,
"The Upas of Vz"; Sunday school, 12 M.,
W. H. Morrow, superintendent; Y. P. S. C.
6:30 P. M.
Highland. East -Sixth and' Prescott, Rev.
E. S. Bollinger, pastor. Worship. 11 A.
M., "The Best Service"; 7:30 P. M.t "A
Gifted Ydung Man Who Had a Hard Time";
Sunday school. 10 A. M. ; Y. P. S. C.
0:30 T. M.
St. David's, East Twelfth and Belmont
avenue Rev. George B. Van Waters. D. D.,
rector. Holy communion, 8 A. M. ; Sun
day school, 0:45 A. M.; ' holy commun;on
and sermon by the rector, 11 A. M.; even
ing service, 7 :30 o'clockv.
Trinity, Nineteenth and Everett Rev. a.
A. Morrison, rector. Services, 8 and 11 A.
M.; evening service of song. 7:30 o'clock;
Sunday school, 9:45 A. M.
Pro-Cathedral of St. Stephen the Martyr,
Thirteenth and Clay Rev. H. M. Ramsey,
vicar. Holy communion, 7:30 A. M. ; Bun
day school, 9 :45 A. M. ; morning .service,
11 o'clock; Bible class, 7 P. M.; evening
service. 7:30 o'clock.
S t. pa dl ' s. Wood m e re C. L. Pa rlt er, ta y
reader. Sunday, school, 9:45 A. M.; service
and sermon. 11 A. M.
Good Shepherd. Sellwood street and: Van
couver avenue, Alblna Rev. John Dawson,
rector. Sunday school, 9:45 A. 3a.: holy
communion and sermon, 11 A. Af. J evening
service. 7:30 P. M-
St. Matthew's. First and Caruthera Rev.
W. A- M. iireck, In charge. Sunday srhooi,
9:45 A. M. ; holy 00 mra union and sermon.
11 A. M.
St. Paul's German, East Twelfth and Clin
ton Morning service. lO:30 o'clock S Eng
lish service, J:30 p. M-; Sunday school, 0:30
A. M-; confirmation classes Tuesdav, 4 ana
8 P. M., and Friday, 4 P. M-; Bible lesson
and young people's meeting Thursday ax
8 P. M A. Krause, pastor.
Norwegian Synod, East Tenth and Grant
Rev. O. Hagoes, pastor. Sunday school,
9:30 A M. ; reformation sermon, ll A. M.;
preaching In English, 7:30 P. M.; Ladles
Aid. Thursday at Mrs. Doring's, SOI Michi
gan avenue; Y. P. S., 8:15 P. M.
St. James' English, West Park and Jer
ferson Rev. J. Allen Leas, pastor. , Serv
ices, 11 A. M- and 8 P. M.; evening sub
ject. "The Bible View of Immortality";
Sunday school, 10 A. M. ; Luther League,
7 P M.
Trinity Germany. Missouri Synod. Wil
liams avenue and Sellwood Rev. J. A. Rim
bach, pastor.. Sunday school, 9:15 A. Mt;
morning service, 10 o'clock; evening serv
ice, 7:i)0 o'clock.
Trinity, East Tenth and Grant Sunday
school, 10 A. M-; public worship. It A. M.
evening service, 7:30 o'clock ; Epwortii
League, 6:30 P M-; subject for morning
service. "Walking With God"; evening, "A
Sinner's Savior." -
Grace, Twelfth and Taylor William H.
Heppe, D. p., pastor. Manse, 445 Taylor.
At 10:30 A. M. the pulpit will be occupieu
by Dr. Ervln S- Chapman, of Los Angetes,
the great lecturer, on "The Stainless Flag,"
who will speak on "A Lost Crown is it
Yours?" The pastor will preach at 7:30
P. M. on "The Marred Vessel Re-Made";
morning class, 9:30 o'clock: Sunday school,
12:15 P. M. ; St. Paul mission, 3:30 P. M. ;
Epworth League devotional, 6:15 P. M. ; of
ficial board Monday at 7:30 P. M. ; quarter
ly conference Tuesday at 7:30 P. M.; W.
M. Wilder, organist and choirmaster.
South, 171 M Second. Foresters hall E.
H t Mowra, pastor. 30 A. M., Sunday school:
11 A. M-v "The Power, of social Life"; 6:30
P. M.. 'Epworth League; 7:30 P. M., preach
ing. Taylor-Street Dr. Benjamin Young, pas
tor. 9:30- A. M.. elasses; 10:30 A. M., ser
mon, "Love as Power"; 12:15 p. M-. Bun
day school ; 6 :30 P. M-. Epworth League;
7:30 P. M., sermon. "Work Out."
At the A. M. E. Zlon -Church a special
sacred programme has been arranged un
der the auspices of the Lucy Thucman Tem
perance Union. Rev. George E. Jackson,
pastor. " -
Epworth Charles T. MePherson, pastor.
Services will' be held in the Oregon build
ing. Fair grounds, at 11 A. M. and 7:3u
P. M. ; preaching by the pastor; morning.
"Working to please the Master" ; evening,
"A Man Who Succeeded, Though in Prison";'
Sunday school, 10 A. M.; Ernest Blue., su
perintendent ; Epworth League, 6:30 P. M.,;
Edward Born, president.
The Clinton Kelly Memorial. Thirty-ninth
and Powell Rev. 3. J. Kester. pastor. Sun
day school, 10 A. M-; preaching, 11 A. M
and 7:30 P. M. ; mid-week service Thursday
at 7:30 P. M.; a course of seven sermons
by the pastor on "The Gospet From me
Cross" : morning theme, "The Gospel From
the Cross, first sermon; evening, "The Gos
pel From the cross," second sermon.
St. John's Rev. F. L. Young, pastor.
Sunday scnool, 10 A. M. ; preaching serv
ice. U A. M-. sermon by Rev. H. S. Wat
lace, president of the Co-operative Chris
tian Federation; Epworth League, 0:30 P
M. ; preaching. 7 :."H P- M. ; sermon by-Kev
W. B. Holltngshead, followed by communion
Sellwood, Fifteenth and Taeoma avenue
Preaching by the pastor. Rev. Amos p.
Boyd; morning subject, "Three-Fold Glory
of the Church"; evening, "The History or a
Woodlawn Services, 11 A. M., "The Vic
tory of Faith"; 7:30 P. M.. "A Successful
Man." .
Centenary, East pine and, East Nintn
Rev. Clarence True Wilson. D. t.. pastor.
Class meeting, ;;jo a. M.; mission Sunday
This Is the Last
Squee Gee Photo Albums
All in first-class condition; only, a 'few left.
Price is" no object. Sizes 4x5
and 3V4XV4 inches. Regular Tip
values to 50c. Your choice, each
Don't forget free class in Photography every
Wednesday evening: at 7 :30. Next class shows
developing and finishing " of "Argo'- Paper.
Very interesting. Expert in charge. Everyone
frame, including face bleacher;
price $10.00
Robinson No. 1 Double wall, wood
or steel frame, including face
bleacher; price $12.50
Heaters and book, "Health and
Beauty," free with each cabihe't.
school, 10 A. M. ; Sunday school, 12:15 V.
M.; Epworth League, :15 p. M.; Dr. Wil
son's subject at 10:30 A. M.. "The Lord's
Prayer. So-Cailed" ; at 7:30 P. M-. "The
Type of Mn Required for the Twentieth
Century." The deaf Invited to the morning
service; professor Clayton Wentz. Interpre
ter in the mute language. The pastor de
livers a five-minute children's sermon at
the morning service.
Marshall-Street. Seventeenth vand Marshall
r Rev. C. W. Hays, pastor. Sunday school.
IO A. M. ; preaching. 11 A. M. by Rev. P.
E. Zartman, of Wenona, Ind., and at 7:TWJ
P. M. by the pastor; Y. P. S. C. E., 6:45
P. M.
First, - Alder and Twelfth Rev. William
Hiram Foulkes, minister. Morning worsnip,
1i :30 o'clock : theme, "Tho Reversals ot
God": 12:10 P. M.. Sunday school and Bible
classes; ;30 P. M-. young people's meeting;
7:15 P. M., organ numbers by Mr. CourBen:
7:30 P. M., worship, with a sermon on "The
Evangel." The following musical programme
has been arranged: Morning Prelude.
"Prayer - Offertory" (Devred); anthem."
"Thou, O God, Art Praised In Zion" (Wol
stenholmo) ; baritone solo, - "Tho Publican"
(Van de Water); poutlude, 'Voiuntaiy"
( Schultz). Organ numbers at 7:13 P. M.":
a. "Melody and Intermezzo" (Parker) ; to,
"La CInquantalne" (Gabriel-Marie) ; e,
"March" (Sodermann)." Prelude "Trau
mercl" (Schumann) ; soprano soio and
quartet, "Let Thy Merciful Ears" (Oaun;
tenor solo and quartet. "Lead. Kindly
Light" (Smith) ; postlude, .''Andante" (Gels
sler). Mlzpah Rev. Jerome R. McGlade, D. T..
paHtor. Preaching services, 10:30 A. M. and
7:30 P. M.; theme of evening sermon, "The
Conversion of Saul of Tarsus."
Kenllworth Preaching at 11 A. M- by
Rev. J, S. Dunning, Ph. D. ; Sunday school,
12 M-
Sellwood, East Seventeenth and Spokane
avenue Rev. D. A. Thompson, pastor. Sun
day school, 10 A. M. ; morning worship, 11
o'clock; theme, "The Doctrine of the Trin
ity" ; evening service. 7:30 o'clock, "The
Reward of the Upright.
First Vnited, sixth and Montgomery
Rev. .A. W. Wilson, pastor. Regular serv
ices morning and evening, 10:30 and 7:30
o'clock; sermons by the pastor.
Trinity. Fulton-sunday school, 11 A. M. ;
Christian Endeavor. 6:45 P- M.; 7:30 P. M..
sermon by Harvey Miller.
Church of Our Father, Yamhill and Sev
enth Rev. W. G. Eliot, Jr., minister; Rev.
T. L. Eliot. D. D., minister emeritus. Serv
ice, 11 A. M.; subject of sermon. "The Re
cent Financial Panic"; Sunday school. 9:45
A. M. ; adult class, 12:30 P- M.; Y. P. F.
6:30 P. M
Ministers' and Mediums' Protective Asso
ciation removed to A. O. U. W. hall. Wash
ington between Ninth and Tenth Confer
wore married by Dr. Clarence True Wil
son, pastor of Centenary Methodist Epis
copal Church. The ceremony was per
formed at the pa'.-Bonaf?e, 508 East Oak
street. Mr. and Mrs. Beiser will reside
In Salem.
Klbert G. Marsh -and.Mlss Emily M.
Lucas were married Saturday after
noon, October 26. at the' White Tem
ple, by Rev. J. Whitcomb Broufrher.
Only immediate friends and relatives
were present. Mr. artd Mrs. Marsh will
receive their friends at their new home,
1045 East Grant street, after Novem
ber 1.
, Bacher-Wilson.
Miss Julia Nelson and Dr. George
Bacher were married October 23 at her
home in Portland. Dr. Bacher is a
prominent young dentist of Roseburg:,
where the young . couple will in the
future reside. . ,
' Gunn-AVinzler.'
On Tuesday afternoon, October 29,
Mr. R. C. Gunn and Miss Luella Wlnz
ler. were married in the reception
room of the White Temple. Dr. J. Whit
comb Broug-her officiating.
' 'Egberg-Ostgnard.
Mr. Otto Egberg and Miss Mina
Ostguard were married In the reception
room of the White Temple, Saturday
afternoon, October 26, by Dr. J. Whit
comb Brougher.
Mrs. Emma B. Carroll has announced a
series of student recitals to begin Novem
ber 8 and continue on the second Friday
of each month during the season. The re
citals, Mrs. Carroll says, are not social
affairs, but purely educational, .and every
one Interested in the development of mod
ern piano playing is cordially invited.
The recitals' will take place at her resi
dence studio, 697 Flanders street, from 8
to 9:30. '
The engagement of Miss Carrie Layton
to Herbert R. Entrican, of Hood River,
Is announced. The wedding -Is to take
place November 12.
The current topics department of the
Woman's Club . will meet Monday after
We Want Your Eye anil
Your Ear Just a Moment
Are you a bookkeeper, steno
grapher, clerk, cashier, student
in fact, all eye-workers DO
YOU KNOW what condition your
eyes are in? Do the glasses you
now wear fit correctly are you
sure of it?
We would like to have a per
sonal talk with you about your
eyes. It will cost you nothing.
Questions cheerfully answered.
Come in and see us. - Graduate
optician always in charge. Now
"in our enlarged headquarters on
the second floor.
Delicious! McDonald's
World -Famous
." Chocolates
The highest priced in the world.
Made from the fresh fruits and
r2 pound. 50 1 pound..,. $1
ence at ll A. M. ; question for all to take
part in; lyceum at 12:30 P. M. ; Dr. W. J.
Carecco will lecture at 7:45 P. M. ; subject,
"Light on the Path"; Mrs. Sophie B. Seip
will answer written questions collected at
the door.
Ockley Green, Willamette boulevard and
Gay Rev. J. Bowersox. pastor. Preaching,
11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. ; Sunday school, 10
A. M.; K. L. C. E., 6:30 P. M.
Christadelphlan, Woodmen's Hall, lqunt
Tabor Services morning and evening; 11.
"Breaking of Bread"; 7:30., H. W. G. W7i
limant will lecture; subject. "The Resur
rection of the Dead"; Thursday, 7:30 P.
M.. the usual services.
Millennial Dawn, G. A. R. Hall, north
east corner Second and Morrison Services,
2:30 P. M.
Benjamin Fay Mills will conduct special
services at Women of Woodcraft Hall,
Tnth and Taylor, as follows: At 11 A. M.
he will deliver his celebrated address, "Be
tween the Animals and the Angels"; at
3 P. M. he will speak, by special request,
on "Scientific Psychic Research and at
7:30 his topic will -be "Ralph Waldo Emer
son, the Prophet of the New Era." All
seats will be fre at all of these meetings.
The doork will be opened 45 minutes before
each service. All attendants should te
seated before the hour mentioned ror com
mencing. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints .will hold regular quarterly con
ference. President Nephl Pratt of the
Northwestern States Mission will preside and
speak at both meetings, which will be hela
in hall 400, Alisky building, corner Third
and Morrison streets, at 2 and 7:30 P. M. ;
Sunday school, 10 A. M.
Universal New Thought Assembly Altar
service and lecture at 11 A. M. at Reflmen
Hall. Washington between Tenth and Wesx
Park; subject, "The Sermon on Chanty
From the Gospel of Buddha'; evening lec
ture at 8 o'clock; subject, "What Is the
Power Back of Circumstances That Shall
Bring Freedom to Us?" Sister Avabamla,
Vniversalist. Church of the Good Tidings,
East Eighth and East Couch Rev. James
D. Corby, minister. Divine worship, 10:45
A. M-; topic, lessons of All-Souls' day; suo
ject for popular evening service, "How Our
Bible Is Made"; rally service of Sunday
school at noon.
Divine Truth Center Chapel, hall 201
Alisky building Services 11 A. M. ; Thad
deus M. Mlnard, pastor; H. E. Martin, so
loist. Centenary, East Pine and Ninth stroets
Clarence True Wilson, D. D., the pastor,
resides at 508 East Oak street. Class meet
ing at 9:30; Mission Sunday school, at 10
A. M.; Sunday school, at 12:15 and Epworth
League at 6:35- Dr- "Wilson's subject at
10:30, 'The Lord's Prayer. So-Called, " and
at 7:30. "The Type of Men Required for the
Twentieth Century." The deaf invited to
the morning service. Professor Clayton
Wentz. interpreter in the mute language.
The pastor delivers a five-minute children's
sermon at the morning service. At
night we Invite people with questioni to
write them, bring them to church and de
posit, them la the plates for the pastor to
noon at the home of Mrs. Otto Kleeman,
Fourteenth, and Belmont. Take Sunny
side car. 1
The Scottish Rite Masons will give the
first of their series of five entertainments
November 8 at their cathedral. Cards,
dancing and music will be followed by a
banquet.- The patronesses will be: Mrs.
E. C. Jorgensen, Mrs. J. J. Kadderly,
Mrs. E. B. Colwell. Mrs. C. W. King,
Mrs. J. E. Werlein, Mrs. Richard Martin,
Jr., and Mrs. A. H.'Wlllett. All Thirty
third degree Masons will farm the re
ception committee. They are as follows:
I. W. Pratt, P. S. Malcolm, B. G. White
house, H. L. Plttock, General T. M. An
derson, L. G. Clarke, John McQraken and
D. W. Taylor.
On the entertainment committee are: C.
C. Newcastle, chairman: E. B. Colwell.
secretary; V. A. Avery, treasurer; George
W. Stapleton, Robert A. Miller, R. Mar
tin, Jr:. B. D. Jorgensen; J. F. O'Donnell,
J. G. Mack, A. M. Wright and D. W.
Mr. J. R. Thompson, National secre
tary of the T. M. C. A., will give the ad
dress before the Young Women's Chris
tian Association this afternoon at their
"at home," from 4 to 6 o'clock. The
"drop-In" Bible class will meet at 4
o'clock, and in the story room one of the
delightful little stories of Annie Trum
bull Slosson's book, "Story Tell Lib" will
be read.
At 4:30 the following musical pro-
gramme will be rendered: Violin solo.
Miss Gail Beatric Myers; reading. Miss
O. E. Rigby; vocal solo, MisB Carrie
Florilla Spaulding; piano solo. Miss Abble
Whiteside; vocal solo, Mrs. Pauline Chap
man. . .
Members of George Wright Relief Corps
sewing circle will meet at the home of
Mrs. Sarah Hawkins, 444 Hibbard street,
Montavilla, Tuesday, November 6, from
10 A. M. to 4 P. M. This Is the next
to the last meeting before the annual
bazaar, November 22, and a full attend
ance Is much desired.
Next Monday evening the ladies' gym
nasium classes of the East Side Ath
letic Club will give an old-time Halloween
party in their large ballroom. This social
has been an annual event for the past
three years, but this time a great novelty
Have You a Searchlight
In Your Pocket ?
Special, sale of Ever-Ready and Columbia
v Electric Pocket Lights.
Vest Pocket Lights, regular 85c to" $1.25;
special' . 65
Coat Pocket Light's $1.25
10-inch Round Lights "..$1.25
10-inch Miners' Lights .". $2.75
Electric House Lanterns $3.00
Extra Bulbs and Batteries 30 and 35
iricture rrammg at ieasonapie rrices )
Our Best Quality of Leathers for Men
This Is a Specialty With Us and Can Give You the Best of Satisfac
tion. No Cheap Goods, Simply the Very Best at the
Reasonable Price. . It's AH Guaranteed.
Coin Purses with riveted frames ; hand-stitched
.leather, with or without pockets, each 15
to $3.00
We have a fiue line of imported Coin Purses.
For durability they are unsurpassed. We are
now. making our Fall showing of Letter Books,
Bill Books, Wallets, Cardcases, Bill Rolls, Pass
Is expected. No- men are allowed af these
affairs. The girls dress In fantastic cos
tumes. The evening's enjoyment Is com
prised of a literary programme, dancing
and games. AH members of the ladies'
classes are Invited.
' ' .
The psychology department of the Wom
an's Club has invited Dr. .Lindsay to
lecture for them on Tuesday, November
5, at 2 P. M., In Women of Woodcraft
ball. Tenth and Taylor streets. Subject:
"The new Psychology and -What It is to
You." The lecture will be free and open,
not only to ail members of the Woman's
Club, and their friends, but also to the
general public.
The captain of the losing side. In the
membership contest of. Central W. C.
T. U., assisted by all on her side, w;lll
&lve a reception for all members Tues
day evening, November 6, at the home
of Mrs. Cottel, 893 Kelly street. Take
South Portland car on Third street.
Entertainment will be furnished by
winning side.
The Rose City Dancing Club Is arrang
ing to give a party on the first and third
Thursday of November. In Rlngler'B hall.
Music for the occasion will be rendered
by Stiles' Orchestra. Officers of the club
are: F. L. Zimmerman, president; E. J.
Jaeger, vice-president, and Dr. G. ,H.
Wardner, secretary.
i ...
The Central W. C. T.l U. will have
Its usual monthly tea Wednesday, No
vember 6, at Its rooms In the Good
nough building. Refreshments will be
served by seven of the ladies, Mrs.
Shane chairman. The public Is Invited.
The music department of the Woman's
Club will meet next Monday, November
4, at the residence of the secretary, 95
East Thirty-fourth street, owing to the
continuance of B. Fay Mill's lectures at
the clubroom.
A reception will be given to Rev.
Luther B. Dyott and his family by the
First Congregational Church on Novem
ber S, from 8 to 10 in the evening. The
paators of the city and their wives are
cordially Invited.
Miss Roma McKnfght will give a
studio tea Saturday from 2 to 6 P. M.
at the Arts and Crafts Shop, 446 Wash
ington street, to which her friends are
cordially Invited.
The ladies of the Taylor-Street Metho
dist Episcopal Church will hold their
annual bazaar on December 3 and .4, In
the parlors of the church.
... .
Eureka Council, No. 204 Knights and
Ladies of Security, will serve refresh
ments after council meeting tomorrow
evening at Auditorium.
The St. Francis Social Club will give a
whist party in the church hall, on East
Twelfth and Pine streets, next Tuesday
evening, November 5.
The date of the recital to be given at
the Unitarian chapel by Miss Helen Bars
tow has been changed to Friday evening,
November 15.
The Council of Jewish Women will hold
its next meeting Wednesday, November
6, a 3:30 P. M.. In the Selling-Hirsch Hall.
The Portnomah Study Club will meet
Wednesday, November 6. in the com
mittee room of the City Hall, at 2 P. M.
The Trvington "Dancing Club will give
Every dealer who is really interested in giving you pure foods
Bacon and Lard.
Can be used in a thou- '
sand ways. The hand
iest Table made., Many
styles ; adjustable,
strong and well made.
Price each. ... $.50
Remember, we! sell
Elastic Hosiery of all
kinds. Expert fitters;
satisfaction guaran-"
teed. Surgical de
partment, 2d floor.
Books, Roll-Ups,
fitted, complete.
Flasks,' etc.
Its second party of the season Wednes
day evening. November 6, at the Irving
ton clubhouse. Twenty-first and Thomp
son streets.
There will 1e a social at the St. Law
rence Hall. Third and Sherman streets,
on November 6. . .
Charlei R. Paul, of Chicago, Is at the
Hotel' Portland.
Mrs. F. M. RilHman. of Seattle, Is
visiting her uncle In this city.
Mrs. Earl Hines Parker Is visiting in
Seattle as the guest of her sister, Mrs.
Price. .'.-'',
MA. W. M. Kapus will return this
morning on the overland from a two
months' visit In California
Mr. and Mrs. A. E.. Latoowitch and A.
Edward Labowitch. Jr.. left Thursday for
Seaside, where they will remain for two
weeks. '
Mrs. Helen F. Rice has returned from
Trout Lake and will make ner home with
her son, H. G. Rice, 8T7 East Davis
street, where she will be glad to see her
friends.. , . . ,
Miss Grace Lewia leaves the city No
vember 2 for the East. She will visit Chi
cago and other big cities of the East.
Miss Lewis expects to be away until next
W. C Bristol. United States Attor
ney, left last night for San Francisco,
where he goes to argue the Potter
Jones land-fraud case before the United
States Circuit Court of Appeals.
Mrs. Louis B. Hilllard, wlu, has been
visiting at the home of Captain and
Mrs. Edward Sullivan, left last evening
for Grants Pass. Or., to spend the Win
ter with her sister, Mrs. C. H. Samp
son. Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Poston, of Berke
ley, Cal., arrived In the city yesterday,
and are visiting Mrs. Poston's mother,
Mrs. Lm. B. Stratton, and grandmother,
Mrs. D. Jay. at the Ozark, 223 Eleventh
Miss M. Pennicard, of 56 Lucretia street,
has left for New York, where she will
sail for Europe on November 16 on the
Lusitanla. Mr. Pennicard accompanied
hl daughter. They expect to remain
about a year.
Otto Schumann, Jr., paid a visit to Port
land to see hia parents and friends before
leaving for the south on the United States
ship Milwaukee as first machinist, having
entire charge of the machine shop. He Is
hale and hearty antSmuch pleased with
his position under Uncle Sam.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Graham and
daughter, formerly of this city, but
for the last six years residing in Salem,
passed through this city yesterday for
Spokane, their future home. Mr. Gra
ham will look after the Important In
terests of Balfour. Guthrie & Co. in
Eastern Washington, with headquar
ters at Spokane.
At the Women's Vnlon.
Miss Delia Beck was a" transient
guest at dinner on Tuesday.
Miss M. Green wu the Guest of Miss
Relster at dinner on Thursday.
The Misses Qulnn were the guests
of Miss Lena Esch on Thursday eve
ning. T. A. Asbrldge, of Los Angeles, Cal.,
was the guest of Mrs. Grose on Tues
day. '
Mlas Martha Margrof. who resided
here some time since, made us a visit
Traveling Cases, plain or
Cigar and Cigarette Cases,
See our new line of import e.d Com Purses,
hand-made, of pigskin, crocodile and sole leath
ers. Large showing in Washington-street
on. Friday and renewed her former
Miss Hazel Campbell, of Everett,
Wash., who registered on Monday left
for her home on Wednesday.
Mrs. Nina Larowe will form another
adult beginners' dancing class. Inquire
till 2 P. M.. and Tuesday,: Wednesday
and Friday evenings.
Murlark Hall danalng school, Monday
evening class, beginning November 4;
children's Saturday afternoon class, be
ginning November 16. Miss Maxon.
Phone East 306.
Much Interest Is' being taken in the
annual recital hy advanced pupils of
Marie Soule at theater this season.
Home telephone directory, just out for.'
November. .
No Students No Cocaine No Gas
We Set the
Specialists in
Painless Dentistry
Our Process of Re-enameling
Is the greatest invention iri mod
ern dentistry, and has been th
most successful of all methods now
in use.
. By this method we are enabled
to restore badly-decayed teeth
which would otherwise be beyond
We are equipped to do all kinds
of dentistry, and the workmanship
is the best obtained, and j'ou will
.find our prices very low, consider
ing our quality of work. ,
We give a written guarantee
with all work for ten yearns.
Astoria Office N. E. Commercial and .
Eleventh Streets.
. Open Evenings. Lady In
, Corner Sixth and Washington. I
Second Floor. ;
Eighteen Offices In United State.
Our meats are tasty, tender and
delicately satisfying There's none
of. the harsh, salty coarseness of
common hams and bacon; the lard is
pure, sweet and wholesome. The
brand, "Columbia, U. S. Govern
ment Inspected" is the guarantee.
handles Columbia brand Hams
' .