The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 03, 1907, SECTION TWO, Page 9, Image 21

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FREE treatments given on the elcctro ut r.55 Fifth street. Professor
Win. Rlckards has returned from his va
cation In California and has resumed busi
ness at the above address; the radiator is
the irreatcst therapeutic Invention of the
mk- and has m-er Tailed to Klve absolute
t Infant leu when ftlven a trial; It given
no shork. but instead Is snntning and
plcas-int, the sedation of the treatment
is ah electric life heat radiating all over
the body; thousands tell of its life-giving
frce and to the cure of rheumatism ana
all chronic and nervous diseases, wnen all
known remedies and hot sorlnpjs hau
failed ; many had suffered lor 2.1 years,
had given up hop of ever being
cured, who are now well ana happy.
Now any one suffering with rneu
matlsm, paralysis, la grippe, lumbago,
stomach trouble, kidney disease and many
others, com and take a free treatment,
and bo convinced, as seeing is believing;
ru.n kib you many auuresses of people
cured in Portland. Office hours from 0 a.
M. to 5 P. M. Lady assistant. 555 Flftn
sireet, corner Lincoln. Phone Main 5.S02.
we ci;rb
All diseases of mm. women ad children
both acute and chronic diseases of the eye,
ear, nose, throat and lungs, heart, kidneys,
bladder, brain and stomach, caut rh, rheu
matism, goitre. Indigestion, constipation and
skin distases promptly cured. All private
and waiting diseases promptly cured and
their effects permanently removed from the
system. Consultation free and strictly con
fidential. We guarantee all of our cures.
New York Surgical & Medical Institute,
Raleigh b!dg.. Oth and Wash. sts.
Enter Marlnello School of Instruction in
iiiHfcMige, manicuring, -electrolysis, sham
pooing, hairdressing; class and individual
Instruction, including McDonald's methods
of caring for the hair, curing dandruff and
alp disraees. This work offers best sal
ary and costs you less money than any
other in time, money and preparatory wurk.
Enter Kail dnss now. Write for catalogue
and full information. Selllng-Hlrsch bUig.,
rooms 3S-30-40.
LANE INSTITUTE) Medical and surgical.
Inc. Diseases of women and children ex
clusively, nervous and chronic diseases of
children given special attention, all up-to-date
electrical apparatus, treatment given
by the month If desired; maturity cases are
given careful and personal attention by a
graduate woman physician ; sanitarium In
connection; consultatlun free, open evenings.
Room 6 to 14 Grand Theater bldg. Corre
spondence solicited. M. 3028, Home 6t07.
General di-ases of women, men and chil
dren treated scientifically ly a licensed lady
physician of 20 years" practice; also out
side confinement cases promptly attended
at all hourw; maternity hospital In connec
tion with office. Address Suite 14-15 Ra
lelgh bldg., Washington, corner tith. Corre
spondence Invited and confidential. Hours
1" to 4; 7 to H P. M. Phone Main 4161. Con
sultation free.
LADIES. ATTENTION Dr. J. I). Grey, the
old reliable socialist, treats all complaints
peculiar to women, children and chronic dis
eases exclusively; 25 years experience. La
dles before consulting anyone see me; no
charge for consultation; correspondence con
fidential; maternity hospital and sanitarium.
253 Alder at., corner ltd., Portland. Phones
Main 270, Home A 27WI.
DR. MARY LANE (the only ami ordinal),
established ' 10 years; (lipases of women and
children; the best equipped lylun-ln sanita
rium on the Coast; no charge for consulta
tion; correspondence confidential. 252 V
Alder, corner 3d, Portland, Or, Phone Main
PKKSi NAIi $30 reward for Information lo
cating AVI 1 Ham .1. Somervllle, age 5S years,
weight 15n Ihs., dark gray hair, blue
eyes, mustache, high forehead, typical
Canadian, dry goods salesman, formerly
of Toronto, Canada. Address T. B.
Merrill. l.'i Monroe St., Chicago.
W KA l.TH V , young Indy, fine appearance,
Feeka husband and adviser; would assist
financially If necessary. Glins, 171 E. 22d
st., Chicago.
BAl.M OF FIGS For all female diseases. 303
Flledner bldg. Main 7721.
FOUND Where hair mattresses are reno
vated, returned same day. 228 Front.
Main 474, A 1374. Portland Curled Hair
Factory. H. Metzger.
LOST Some months ago, square moss agate
pin, heirloom. Return to Gotahall- Print
ing Company, 03 Union block. Liberal re
ward. LOST Black, white-ticked English Better:
name and address on collar. Reward re
turn to Dr. Alan Welch Smith, Oregonlan
LOST lady's open-faced watch. Washington
M. Liberal reward. Return to Park Hill
Hduw, on Park-Yamhill. A dear token.
LOST Yellow Scotch collie with strap around
neck. Finder return to Mus C. P. Lewis,
luth and Gllsan and receive reward.
LOST Gold ring In Y. M. C. A.. October 30.
set with small turcjuols and opals; return
to Y. M. C. A. ofTUs; reward.
LOST Lady's gold Initial pin. h. B. one side
and D. C. on the other. Return 270 14th
at. Phone M. 3S70; reward.
LOST By working boy, small round black
purse containing $11.70 and four car
tickets; reward. Pacific 744.
Wl LL the party holding my scrap book,
name Alice Cary Inside, return room 32
Lewis bldg. ? Reward.
LOST Suitcase containing lady's clothes, be
tween 1st and EX 34th, on Sandy Road. Re
turn ISo 1st. Reward.
LOST A lady's watch on Wash., bet. 14th
and 1st; Initial T. J. on ace. Reward. Re
turn to Portland Seed Co.
LOST ft lack and white collie pup; answers
to name of Shep. Reward, 571 Jackson,
Portland Heights.
LOST Bay mare; barbed wire cut left hind
leg, weight 1050. one white hind foot. t05
Klla st. Reward.
LOST Gordon setter, brown spot over each
eye. Return to ltil North Twenty-second;
FOUND Lady's gold 'watch Monday. In
quire Dr. Akin. Macleay bldg.
LOST Thursday night small mink collar. Re
ward for return to the Beverly.
Mines I kaneona.
NOTICE to creditors and to all persons,
firms and corporations Interested In the
Oregon Trust ft Savings Bank.
In pursuance of an order made by the
Honorable the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon for Multnomah County in the
suit of Louis J. Wilde, plaintiff, against
the Oregon Trust & Savings Bank, a cor
poration, and others, notice Is hereby
given to the creditors, as well as all per
sons, firms and corporations having any
claim or demand ngalnst the said Ore
gon Trust A Savings Bank, a corpora
tion, of Portland. Oregon, to present the
name, with the vouchers thereof, duly
verified, to the undersigned receiver of
said Oregon Trust ft Savings Bank at
his office In the city of Portland. Oregon,
on or before the 1st day of January. 1WJ8.
Portland. Oregon, September 25, 1907.
Receiver of the Oregon Trust ft Savings
Miss B. A. Opperman. corset maker, will
recove to 425 Morrison st., now located
at Frakes, 400 Washington st.
FUR SA LB by owner. 22-room room In k
hoitie, doing fine business; mum sell on ac
count ot health. T EM, Oregonian.
HOOMIXG-HOl'SE of 33 room for sale
cheap or trade; what have you? Doing a
good business. 171 West Park.
JU M INO-HOl'SB of ten rooms, at 126 V,
Kusell st.. low lent.'prtee $400; for terms
sev State Lund Co., 133 V, 1st st.
WANTED lady or gentleman with some cap
ital to Invent In good paying business; no
work. V 350, Oregonlan. '
BAKERY for sale, cheap rent, 2-year teas,
reason for selling, sickness. Corner loth
and Washington streets.
$lMMt Good paying downtown restaurant
clears -oo monthly; Investigate. 181 let
st., room 7.
KI HTEE N - ROO M room 1 n g h ouse, good lo
cation; must sell quick; $3uo. IKl 1st,
room 7.
GOOD opening for dressmaker, tailor or cut
ter; $UHo required. T art. Oregonlan.
WANT persons with 2w or more for build
ing homes for sale. X .151. Oregnnian.
WILL give 3 per cent pr month for $200
for 2 months. FJ 35:t. Oregonlan.
LEASE for sale; beet location on Washington
st. V S48. Oregonlan.
$! to HI'YS good saloon. Address p a."0,
HtM T BLACK stand. $7Y rent free. 2!.1
Alder street.
KBVLIN firi:baigh. Swetland Bldg.
If you want to buy a rooming-house or
have on; -for sale, you will tlnd it wort h
your while t. call on us. Below we call
your attention to a fw of the places
hated with u.
20 rooms, strictly modern; newly and
Pl'gamly furnished, in bent part of city;
all arranged In apartments; good leant-;
you can have a swell home here, very
little work to do and clear $123 p"-r month
net ; price nly $:tono.
10 rooniH, well located, nice neighbor
hood; new porcelain hath; nice yard and
shrubbery; you can have an elegant home
here for the Winter and rent enough rmiina
to bring per month over xpenaes;
rent $;su; prU-e for quick sale. Sunn.
27 roonii-, all well furnished, part house
keeping; ' one of the best places in Port
land ; rent $S."i per month, with good
lease; income $200 per month and owner
uses 4 rooms; owing to Illness must be
sold at once: price onlv $ll.o.
22-room boarding-hmse; well furnished:
larye dining-room, will accommodate 40
people; splendid central location, clone
In ; good lease, at reasonable rent. Easily
cleat ins 1 100 per month above all ex
penses; no better bargain In the city at
the ;rice; $100.
12 rooms, beautiful corner location,' close
In ; well arranged for either boarding or
rooming-house; elegantly furnished 0
months ago: running water In most rooms;
furnace beat and modern convenieces;
rent $ti0; $tioo cash will handle this place;
better Investigate, at once.
6 rooms, beautifully furnished with
hih-grade carpets and furniture through
out; almost nw ; rent, including steam
heat, hot and cold wat;r, rooms ex
ceptionally well arranged for renting; you
can have a fine home here for the Winter
and make all your expenses by renting a
few rooms; price $7io
7 rooms, exceptionally well arranged
and Dnuiy furnished ; electric lights; fur
nace heat; porcelain bath; income $lso
per month and owner uses 2 rooms. On
account of central location this is one of
the best iitUu houses in the city; rent
935; price $7r.
1'H rooms, .modern and exceptionally well
furished; tidie location on 12th St., rent
only $00. whb k-tise; fine home-like plac-;
income $i;io p-r month and owner uses
3 rooms; price $ I2."i0.
11 rooms, very nicely furnished, running
water In rooms; prcelain hath ; furnace
beat; income $10s p. r month and owm-r
uses It rooms; rent $to per month. This
is a fine buv at $No0.
24 rooms, all well furnished for work
ing mail's hotel; electric lights; 2-story
frame building, almost new; 3 years'
leaso at on ly $45 per month ; this place
Is absolutely, clearing $1'M per month
above all expenses; can he had at the
low price of $700; terms.
S rooms, nicely furnished; furnace heat;
3 years' lease; income $loo pL-r month
and owner uses 2 rooms; $400 cash will
handle this
!ios-50 Swetland bldg.. cor. 5th and Wash.
It's easy to cut this out and keep It;
you'll need it later on when you remem
ber that rooming-houses pay a big proiit,
and then you can sell them quick if you
would care to. most always at a good
profit. We make a specialty of this business.-
and you are assured of right ana
honest treatment; no cost to you.
Here are a few extra good ones; gooa
locations; always full; low rent:
$ .uh) 1L rooms.
$.'.0011 ::o rooms.
$ 12oo :!4 rooms.
$2."oo 7! rooms.
$2WM 34. rooms.
$-soit rooms.
$:;MH 34 rooms.
$ 'j.'it n :to rooms.
$1500 20 rooms.
97000 70 rooms.
$:tooo 35 rooms. , .
92KOO 32 rooms.
$2;!4H 20 rooms.
911oo 14 rooms.
$ tit to 12 rooms.
And lots of others. All show big, net
results. Terms on some of them.
W. W. SMITH & CO..
250& Alder, cor. Third, Room 1.
Phone Main 40S3.
Everything Jn good running order; output
from HtHHf to 15.000 feet per day; good yellow
and red flr timber jaccessible to run mill
from three to four years: two good teams,
three wagons, outbuildings and lumber on
yard; good market; situated 11 miles south
east of Oregon City, Or. ; Rood ruad. Call
on or write Dlx Bros., Oregon City, Or.,
R. 4.
The Arr.ea Mercantile Agency (established
1805) furnish free Information on opportu
nities In mercantile or manufacturing lines,
city or country. m
204-2o5 Abington bldg.
FOR SALE Baftpry, delicatessen and lunch
eon parlor, in first-class location; business
established and incr asmg; good reason for
selling; will take $i0 if deal i closed
promptly; an excellent opportunity for man
and wife who are competent to cater to a
high-clusa trade. B 277, Oregonlan.
FOR RENT Store room suitable for flrst
class barber ship, also for first-class bar
room (iiquor license included In rental),
in flve-etory brick building, S. W. corner
Fifth and Oak street, opjosite .Commercial
Club bldg. Inquire on premises
FOR RENT Large new hotel at new R. R.
terminal grounds. 12th and Marshall sts.;
has 143 rooms, dining-room and kitchen ;
all modern conveniences; 3-year lease;
rent $500 per month. Apply to Phil Ge
vurts, of Gevurts & Sons. 173-5 First st.
HERE is a chance for some barber to get
a tine shop, strictly up to date and dom
a good business; fine location in a town
of 12.000 inhabitants. Look this ud if
you wunt to buy. Address T 348. Ore
gonlan. DO YOU NEED CAPITAL, extend or start
business? U so, write me before ar
ranging elsewhere; exceptional facilities
placing stocks, bonds, Quickly. Everett
iHifour, corporation attorney, Washing
ton, U. C.
OWNER of good real estate business wants
partner; experience unnecessary beyond,
ability to show land, etc.; pay active man
$150 to $2oO a month; very little money
required. Call 21S'i Stark st.
AL ON One of the best,, doing first-class
bu sine st. god lease, low rent owner going
to leave city and will sell at reasonable
ftk'Ure. John P. Sharkey Co., 122 0th,
corner Washington. 'J 'hone M. 550.
PARTNER wanted, $15o0 required, which
will be deposited in the bank to n used
In the business; will pay you goort salary
besides profits, and Rive bank reference.
Particulars. iNSVa Stark street.
FOR SALE DrugtdOL-k and building; bargain
for somebody: new town on P. R. N: R. it.;
town building up quickly; 1 miles "from
Hillsboro, Washington Co. Address Lock
Hox 15, Rank". Or.
DON'T be lonesome; send IO cents ror Oc
tober Matrimonial Register; join Inter
state Introducing Society; wealthy
members recently enrolled. Box 2.T1. Se
A bareain if taken at once, 44 rooms,
brings $;fvto or better a month; party leaving
city; small capital required; no agents. S
33ti, Oregonian.
FINE business location, 20 rooms, lease good
for three years; will sell today; takes In
$425 per month; rent $1 25; terms, $2000
cash handles It. 181 Cih. opposite Hotel
KOuMlXU-HOrFjS bargains. 79 rooms, $2000;
t-j 1 uuui". i -t . . it iwiiiN, , n rooms,
$450; $525 handles 18 rooms on Washing
ton st. Call Pioneeer Realty Co., lhu1-.
4th st.
OWNER of cash business wants portlier as
he can t depend on hired help; experience
unnecessary; he guarantees you $5 a day;
$.100 required. Call 24Ss Stark etreoL
WANTED Partner with money for vaude-
vi. 1 e heaauner nookeu at highest saiarv.
Addrrs.- E. J. Keller, 1815 Terry ave., Seat
tle. Wash.
BEST paying rooming-house In Portland,
o rooms, everything new ; owner needs
money; very central. Address T 358, Ore
gonian. WANT to get Into established manufactur
ing or office business; have reasonable
amount ' of capital to Invest. B 357, Ore
gonlan. ATTENTION! If you want to sell your busi
ness quic'K ior casn or ir you want a
good partner call 2(SJ4 Stark street.
PARTNER wanted for a central cig-ir busi
ness; pay you $4 a aay clear; $350 re
quired. Call 24HH; Stark street.
FIRST mortgage of $3000, bearing fi per
cent, to run three years, on Improved city
property. yC 350. Oregonlan.
FREE land riven to develop country along
11 ion enirai it. jt. in 1 exas. 400 Scoi
bird bldg., Dallas. Tex.
PARTNER with 25o n knife rack; good Jo-
.iliuu, can mane i a aay. Call 10G N.
$300 PER MO. NET.
64 rooms, rent $3oo,. including steam heat,
4-year lease, nicely furnished; hent location
In the city ; price $H."o; eas- terme.
505 Swetland bldg. -
13 rooms on 12th t., nicely furnished. Ax
minster carpets, oak and mahogany furni
ture; owner occupies 3 nice large rooms,
has free rent, living and $5o to bank every
month. Do you want anything better than
that? Price $1250.
505 Swetland bldg.
30 rooms, brick, on one floor, very nicely
furnished; rent $2(K per month, including
steam heat, hot and cold water, lights in
hull, elevator and janitor service. This Is
certainly a snap for some one. Price $3000.
505 Swetland bldg.
75 rooms, new corner brick, steam heat,
hot and cold water in every room ; private
baths, best location in the city; 5-vear lea?e,
cheap rent; all Ax. and velvet carpets, oak
and mahogany furniture. Can be handled
on easy terms. The very best hotel propo
sition on the market.
505 Swetland bldg.
43 rooms, new corner brick; steam heat,
all housekeeping and clearing $150 per
month above all expenses; 2-year lease, rent
$15 per month; nicely furnished; beat buy
in the cltv; price $:tiHto.
505 Swetland bldg.
RtO rooms, all housekeeping; 4-year lease;
ren t $2SO ; n icely f urn ished ; loca tion on
"Washington st. This Is a good proposition;
price $5tnn.
505 Swetland bldg.
IS ROOMS Lease; rent $65; centrally
located ; price $000 for Quick sale.
37 ROOMS Good corner, down town;
lease at low rental; making good money;
price $3500.
S ROOMS Cheap rent, close In: price
1 1 ROOMS Nice location, fine furni
ture; price $S50.
RESTAURANT on Washington St.; cheap
rent; making fcood money; see this and
we will make the price right.
SMALL It EST A IT It A NT Good Ivase at
low rent; busy street, muklng money; price
SALOON Cheap rent, good location;
doing tine business; price $1400.
FEED BUSINESS if you understand
the feed business, see this place.
These are only a few of the good buys
we have. Come in and see us.
20S ST A UK ST..
' SUITE 32.
Opposite Chamber of Commerce.
CORNER grocery and cigar etore; sell half
or all at InvoieV; four living rooms.
Ladies' tailoring establishment, doing
Emit stand, fish and chicken market;
central; big trade; call In.
2o-room lodging-house; Wash. st. ; new
carpets, tine furniture; terms.
20 rooms, board and rooms, Morrison st.
3o-room hotel ; big trade; close In.
Other good rooming-house.
Modern residence, 12 rooms; 5 housekeep
ing .suites; all rented at good profit
311 Swetland bldg.
11 ROOMS, well furnished, $ii5o.
20-room apartment-house. $:tjtO.
5o rooms lately furnished, $4250.
. W-room hotel, well furnished, $5000; will
consider city property in part exchange or
give terms.
Thf Original Hotel Broken.
35 1 Vj Morrison t. Phone Main 7311.
SPECIAL Grocery and market, fish, poul
try, eggs, butter, fruits, etc.; 5-year lease,
right in heart of city. What I want Is a
g od partner, very little cash required.
This is the best proposition In town and
parties looking for this sort of business
will readily see on investigation. Call
401-2 Lumber Exchange bldg., 2d and
Stark sts.
Fine suburban grocery and meat mar
ket doing a business of $3lmK to
$,-'500 p"r month ; will sell at in
voice; rent of store, barn and 5 living
rooms, $.15 per month;. long leae; no meat
market within 1 mile of store; no better
buy in cfty. Address O 359. Oregonian.
. Pacilic Wireless at $2.7.1
I lifted Wireless at 4.50
Comstock at , .50
Morning at 04
Electric Heating at :..
Home Telephone bonds with stock Tonu.
L. 1. POTTER. 215 Commercial bldg.
RESPONSIBLE man to take active part and
half interest in best located murker m
Portland; choice corner; thorough Investi
gation invited and given; generah business
aMHty required", but experience not abso
lutely essential; man under 40 preferred;
$25O0 cash. Call Monday, 243 Stark st.
Best In the city; very low rent; 6 nice
living rooms, well furnished; clearing about
$150 per mo.; $2u00 takfe everything; this
Us a snap.
505 Swetland bldg."
A NEATLY furnished restaurant for sale,
cheap; doing a good business and a good
oyster trade; just remodeled, everything
nice and new; rent very cheap; must sell
at once ; partners leaving town on ac
count of sickness. Address A 355, care
PARTNER in good paying business, can
clear $100 a month ; guarantee to show
you where you can't loose a dollar. Money
well secured. 401-2 Lumber Exchange
bldg., 2d and Stark.
FURNISHED restaurant for rent; estab
lished business, no investment, all ready
to step in and take charge; rent low: ju
connection n-ith hotel; good locality.
Apply at 2I1 2d st.
RELIABLE real estate man will take part
, nr that Is willing to show customers
property, and guarantees $150 monthlv
Room 323, Lumber Exchange bldg., 2d
and Stark.
SMALL cash business, partner wanted to de
liver goods; must be satisfied with $25
weekiy; $;ut0 required. Room 323 Lumber
Exchange, 2d and Stark sts.
FOR SALE Confectionery, Ice cream and
cigar store; located In the best part of
the city; will sell reasonable if taken im
mediately. Phone Main 438.
$7;o BUYS a restaurant on Washington st.;
rwnt $50. doing good business; good rea
sons for selling. Realty Brokerage Co.,
208 Stark st., suite 32.
40-ROOM apartment house, steady tenants,
near Park school; house less than : years
old ; $4000. Smith's Rental Agency, 313
Couch bldg.
STRANGER, attention. If you are looking
for business Investment, call and see us.
Room 323, Lumber Exchange bldg.; 2d
and Stark.
A DRY GOODS and notion store, live town;
must sell on account of other bueinera.
Hudson & Bennett, box 517, South Bend
BETTER THAN A BANK Get In on ground
floor and help organize big promoting com
pany ; little money needed. S 340, Ore
gonian. WA NT ED Partner for real estate, to dhow
proiterty; very little money required; $30 per
week for right man. Call lKlu, 1st, room 7.
W A N T E D Partn e r in es t a bllsh ed real es
tate and fire Insurance office; only $175; no
fake. 231 Worces'.er bldg.. .'id and Oak.
AM seeking legitimate, profitable business,
preferably manufacturing. Give particulars
And capital required. R 350. Oregonlan.
MY GROCERY Invoices $1700; other busT
ness forces nie to sell; $ 12)0 will take it.
Weston. 301) Wells Fargo Bldg.
LIST your rooming-houses with us. we can
sell them. Smith's Rental Agency, 314-13
Couch bldg. M M20. 1300.
PARTNER in established manufacturing busi
ness;' must bf hustler; 92000 required ; no
agents. W 31G. Oregonlan
ONE. two or three, new modern private home,
West Side, one or two .adults; heat, light
furnished. Phone A '6384.
A GOOD rooming-house to exchange, for
residence or acreage. 510 Buchanan bldg.,
2S0H Washington.
HAND laundry for rent; in going order, in
small town; $15 month. Address: P 340,
WANTED TO BUY Salary Loan offices.
Address1, with particulars, P. O. B. 541,
FOURTEEN-ROO Y lodging-house, 'will be
sold at a bargain if taken at once. Main
353S. '
STOCK in best paying proposition In Port
land to trade or sell. H -354. Oregonlan.
$3mmmi Good paying cigar store on busy
street; rent 9S.00. 181 Vi 1st st.( room 7.
No Office Charge. Commission Only.
The Js'ame Sells Your Business.
While the hanks of our city are in trouble,
nomlng-houses and hotels are over-run;
we leave It to your judgment which Is the
best place to put your money.
We have hotels, rooming-houses nf all
sizes and all prices for sale and exchange.
The following are only a few of many
houses we have listed; see us before buy
ing; if we haven't what you want, we will
find It for you; that Is what we are here
1H rooms In housekeeping suites, very
nicely furnished In oak. velvet andB-B.
carpet; one of the best locations In Port
land; just think of 18 rooms of furnlturw
at the rate of $47 a room; if you are iook
ing for a bargain, see this at once.
28 rooms in new modern brick; the fin
est in the city, running water in every
room, also private bath; if you are loox
lr.g for the best, be sure and ace tnis;
20 rooms on Washington street, close tn:
2 years' lease; rent 91O0; furniture and
carpets in first-class condition; house is
clearing over $125 a month; $1300 cash,
balance monthly.
R rooms of beautiful furniture; house Is
located on corner In easy walking dis
tance; rent $50; 3 years' lease; $400 caan,
tralanca monthly.
ft -room boarding-house, fine location ;
people turned away every day; house will
take care of 23 to 30 people a day and la
clearing about $100 a month; easy terms.
40-room . transient house- one of the
best in the city; strictly modern and "beau
tifully furnished ; clears over $23o a
month; 29 years lease; low rent; easy
20 rooms in housekeeping- of 2 and 3
room suites, very -nicely furnished; rent
$iiO, with 2-year lease; rooms all light ana
sunning water in each suite; a-as ranges;
9lOO0 cash, balance monthly.
lfl rooms on corner, fine location, new
building, new furniture, new caryets, in
fact everything is new and modern. 2
years lease; rent $R0 a month; this
house caters to the best people and clears
over $100. a month; terms.
ft-room Tiouse, one block from Portland
Hotel, with cheap rent and good lease;
this Is one of the best locations In the
city; furniture and carpets are mostly new
within the last ;tO days; this would be a
fine place for a 4oardlng-hous; win give
30 rooms, family boarding-house, one ot
the be-t n the city; caters to the best
people Jid ets the best prices ; beauti
fully f rnuv.ied throughout; dining-room is
lare with high ceilings and good llgnt,
seats about 60 people; this house Is clear
ing . 09 and up A month; easy terms.
Consisting 5f groceries, cigars, tonacco,
crockery, glta.8w&re, etc., etc., located on
a good corner: good fixtures, room 75x25,
rent $:t2 a month; Hying rooms in connec
tion ; business will average about $ 12.00O
per year; $2000 cash will take everything
as It stands, or will Invoice.
SS Raleigh Bldg., 6th and Washington Sts.
Phone Main 5021.
Alaska Petroleum & Coal.
Almeda Consolidated,
American Telegraphone (cheap).
Antinak Leather bonds, stock bonus.
British Columbia Am'algamated Coal,
Butte Boys- Censolidated,
Comstock Golden Gate, bargain,
German-American Coffee,
Home Telephone bonds and stock).
Hurst Switch,
Indiana (one-third company price),
Irvington Imp. Ass'n., bonds.
Mammoth Silver-Lead M. & S.,
Morning Mining CMetaline).
Omaha Telephone, stock and bonds,
.Orpgon Trust & Savings Bank accounts,
Puget Sound Telephone bonds,
Waphougal Gold & Copper,
United Wireless (lo shares unstamped).
All other stocks and bonds.
125 Abington bldg.
NEW pressed brick building, nearlng com
pletion, .K4 rooms, hot and cold water in
all, number o private paths, steam heat,
electric elevator, handsomely furnished
and modern throughout, situated Grand
ave and Stark. Will make a fine hotel.
Arranged for restaurant If desired and
will lease for term of years or owner will
partly finance- same for capable people.
Morgan, Sweet & Chapman, 213 Abington
HOW to get rich; try It yourself; don't
dodge a money-getting opportunity; tws
prompt and energetic; secure the Rose
Automatic Grinders and sell them to your
friends and neighbors; every family needs
and should have them. The Ro Au
tomatic Grinders grind dull knives ana
shears In one minute. Address I. M. Ros
Co., 4S17 Germantown ave.. Philadelphia,
CORNER cash store; sell milk, bakery
goods, confectionery, etc. ; nice living
rooms; just the place for man and wire;
owner guarantees you can make you
living, pav all expenses and- save $75 a
month; $7O0 required. Call 248H Stark st.
honest, hustling business man for part
ner; must have reference. Phone and ad
dress, D 357, Oronian.
92tK) rer month in the real estate business;
$10 capital will start you. 1 teach the
business by mall. Write for free boon,
explaining co-operative plan. Gray Schoo
of Real Estate, 724 Century bldg., Kansas
City, Mo.
ATTENTION Superfluous hair, moles, etc..
removed by electric needle; established
1S94 ; physicians references; lady opera
tor. Parlors 170tfc 10th St., near Morri
son. Phone Main 6207.
MEXICAN Railway building Gulf to Pa
cific; interesting to engineers, contractors,
brokers and Investors. Gigante Mountain
Tunnel & Railway Co.. Ouray bldg.,
Washington. D. C.
STOCK, bond offering, mining, electric, in
dustrial off railway company wanted for
sale; commission basis. Address, full
particulars. Clientele, P. O. Box 20S.
New York.
BEAUTIFUL postcards of Maine. N. H.,
Mass., New York. Phll'a views, state cap
Itols and warships, .toe dozen. H. C.
Moody & Son., 1182 Herkimer st.. Brook
lyn. N. Y.
GREATEST coal mines in Texas, will earn
$300 dally at $00,000; land alone worth
it, part cash, balance unincumbered prop
erty; good reasons. Box 781, Dallas, Tex.
WANTED Good partner In feed and sale
stable full of horses; can double present
receipts in buying and selling horses; ex
perience not necessary. X 355. Oregonlan.
OWNER of light manufacturing business
wans partner with $:i50 and willing to
worf; duties easily learned; he shows you
$150 a month clear. Call 248 Stark st.
FOR SALE An old established grocery
store; good location: good street, fine
trade. Particulars, call on J. L. Wells
Co.. 300 Chamber of Commerce bldg.
MILLINERY store; a store fitted uo right
with a good stock and doing well; ood
reason for selling. You can bujr this
cheap. Address L 349. Oregonlan.
WIDOWER. 35, with little boy, wishes to
meet working girl or widow; object, mat
rimony; no objection one child. Thomas
Denton, general delivery. Portland.
CONFECTIONERY, with bon ton trade;
cheap rent, long lease; living rooms In con
nection. Merrifleld In v. Co., 312 Washing
ton st., Vancouver, Wash.
STORE, butter, eggs, etc., partner wanted;
9000 required; owner gives best references
and guarantees you 9125 a month. Call
248 Vi Stark street.
IF you have a business to sell or want to
buy one see us, we will supply your wants.
John P. Sharkey Co., 122V4 6th St., corner
WANTED Honest man with 9400; fine pay
ing Nickelodeon; no curiosity seekers
answer; references exchanged. S 335, Ore
gonlan. LOST Thursday P. M.. between Meier &
Frank's and 3d St.. a sterling silver blt
buckle on plaid belt; reward. 415 Falling
FOR SALE Creamery produce outfit, new
wagon, young Ahorse; good route, very
reasonable If sold soon. T 339, Oregonlan.
WANTED Reliable young man to how
property; mail amount of money inquired
Call Pioneer Realty Co., 189V& 4th st.
CASH grocery; because of other Interests
must sell . Monday; first reasonable offer
accepted. Call 248 Stark street.
FOR SALE By owner, 49-room hotel, over
flowing wlth-buetness: must sell on account
of other business. 350 Gllsan st.
GROCERY store, sell at invoice, good loca
tion, cheap rent, five living rooms. Ad
dress Box 117. Gold Hill. Or.
INVESTIGATE THIS Cigar an confection
ery stand; gjod location, will sell reason
able. G3 tith st.
226 V4 Morrison Street.
Leading Real Estate and Business Brokers
The largest and best equipped otnew
In the city. Main l.ios; A 4150.
922,V 9 acres, 5 miles from city; others,
all prices.
91i,0m Income property paying 13 per
cent; largeet list in city.
92200 5-roera modern iiouse. walking
distance. 91000 will -handle.
$750 handles nice chicken ranch, 5-room
house and orchard, on 5c carJlnw.
9500 handles 25-room rooming-house,
$950 Rooming-house.. 27 rooms.
93.M 38 rooms, rent $150.
. 92tKK 37 rooms, rent $H0.
$000, half cash, beat lunch counter tn
$100fJ Fine grocery. $40 daily.
9750, half cash, grocery, with living
rooms, income 91000.
91000 Fine money-making confection
ery; others, all prices.
$3O0 buys employment agency.
9575 Splendid restaurant, must sell ;
others, all prices.
9100O, half cash, best real estate busi
ness in Portland.
Any kind of a business investment at
almost any price; everything investigated
by us.
Wanted reliable man in employment
office; 915O required.
COAST REALTY CO.. 220H Morrison St.
Main 156H A 1150.
Whereas, we arte now undergoing a tem
porary ARTIFICIAL panic.
Be it resolved. That now is the time to
Invest In real estate, stocks, bonds and
other securities, which are safer than any
bank's promise to pay.
Resolved, That the following investments
are worthy of consideration: -
91I.O0O 6 per cent not, amply secured;
will sell at 10 per cent discount.
Good 5 per cent municipal bonds at a dis
count of 8 per cent and other first-class
Good Irrigation lande, 935 pr acre; will
pay you over 10 per cent while pacing for
Fine apple orchard, three-year -old trees.
In best valley In Oregon; only $300 Pr
No matter what you want, see me, as 1
have bargains, and this is the time for
both the small and large investor.
20o Couch bldg. Phone Main 7646.
64 rooms, heart of the city; 4 years' lease.
rent SJOO, including steam heat; clearing
above all expenses $30o per mo.; this Is the
best buy that was ever on the market
price 9650ft.
o05 Swetland bldg.
The stock, lease and fixtunes of one of
the best appointed saloons in the city
location for flrst-class trade is not ex
celled; there is sufficient stock now on
hand to run unfll January 1 next; re
ceipts over 950 per day; rent exceptionally
low, with good long-time lease; no bet
ter proposition for the money In this
line can be had In Portland; for price
and terms call on
508-509 Swetland Bldg., cor 5th and Wash.
95000 or about for a general merchan
dise store 'in Southern Oregon, fine cli
mate, beautiful country, rich In . agri
culture and mining ; owner made a for
tune, and the business will stand the most
. thorough investigation. Terms given.
F. FUCHS, XJ.y Morrison street.
WIS sell half Interest in a good paying
business to right party for invoice price
of stock. If you are not pleased with
your buy at the end of 30 days, will- pay
back your money cheerfully and allow
you 9100 for your salary. 401-2 Lumber
Exchange bldg.
ON account of mohey market, lady ot gen
tleman with at least 95oOO cash can Join
Irrigation company as active member, that
will pay more than 100 per cent on stock
capital; over 93oO.OOO casli invested up, to
aaie. & aoo, uregonian.
One of the best locations in the city;
cheap rent, good lease, finely fitted up;
good steady trade; the right place for the
right man. N 350, care Oregonlan.
FOR SALE by owners, 32-room rooming
house, centrally located in business district;
9200O; terms; 3 years' lease. 14ti Front fit.
PARTNER wanted In solid manufacturing
business, to look after hired help. Owner
will guarantee no less than 9-"0 monthly;
93OO0 required. Call room 323, Lumber
Exchange bldg.. 2d and Stark.
MAN with long experience In restaurant
will sell all or half interest In well-located
place, has other interests to protect. Must
have money. See me Monday. F. T.
Berry, No. 4 N. 6th st.
GROCERY store, $2O00 or invoice, nice cor
ner place, best location on East Sjde. ao
ing a cash business of $00 to $75 a day;
rent only $25; all staple stock. Call lyi
Fourth street.
ONE-HALF Interest In brokerage and busi
ness chance office; here Is a chance to make
big money on small capital; good reasons
for selling. C. S. Arnold & Co., 351 Vb Mor
rison st.
UPHOLSTERY and repair shdp and small
stock of furniture to be sold this week at
a bargain ; good reason for selling. Bijou
Upholstery, 127 11th St., near Washing
ton. WANTED Partner In a cigar and confec
tionery store, doing a good cash business
that will net you 9200 per month; little
. cash required. Inquire 504. Dekum bldg.
BOARDING-HOUSE, 12 rooms, 20 regular
boarders, near in. making good money;
cheap if taken soon. Call 401-2 Lumber
Exchange bldg., 2d and Stark.
NICE little restaurant and lunch counter,
very central; clearing 9150 per month;
good lease, cheap rent. 401-2 Lumber Ex
change Mdg., 2d and Stark.
CASHIER wanted in first-class restaurant;
salary 935 weekly and board; $700 re
quired. Rcom 323, Lumber Exchange
bldg., 2d and Stark sts.
PART interest in first-class business; posi
tion Inside or road ; exceptional opportunity
for practical man or woman with 91000 or
more. A 354. Oregonian.
28-ROOM, elegantly furnished rooming-house
paying well : prominent street ; will sell
quick for 940O0. Smith's Rental Agency,
815 Couch building.
LADY with small capital to help In business
already established; large profits, no com
petition; will stand close investigation. W
359. Oreaonlan.
IF you are looking for good cash grocery,
d lng business $10 dally, we have one.
Room 323, Lumber Exchange bldg., 2d
and Stark
WILL sell ftOtH) shares of Smuggler Gold A
Copper Mining Company stock at 5 ' cents
per share. Address Conrad Wyss, 605 B.
12th South.
FOR SALE By owner. 30-room rooming
house, nicely furnished, doing fine busi
ness, close in; price reasonable. Call 230
80,000 shares of stock In the Smuggler Gold
& Copper Mining Company for pale at 5
cents per share. Call at room 2, 142 2d st.
FOR RENT Store room, excellent location
for drug business, owner will make im
provements to suit renter. O 35H. Oregonian.
CONTRACTOR wants partner who can take
c h rge of gang ; little money req n 1 red for
half Interest: Call 181H;lt. room 7.
940,000 GILT-EDGE property; must Fell at
once; in need of some ready cash ; no
airents; Investigate. K 351, Oregonian.
Money to Loan.
MONEY loaned In sums of $5 and up on all
kinds of security. W. A. Hathaway, room
10. Washington bldg. Pacific 1832.
TO LOAN Large and small amounts on good
security; low rate of Interest. Sherlock A
Woerndle. 90 5th st.
MONEY to loan on improved real estate,
bunches of $1000. 920O0, $3000 and $4000
T 347, Oregonian.
SALARIED' people save money by getting our
terms on loans first. Employes' Loan Co
716 Dekum bldg. .
Etate funds loaned. 6 per ct. W. E. Thomas,
state agt., Multnomah Co. 400 C of Com,
MONEY to loan on ail kinds of security.
Wm. HoIL room 9. Washington bldg. .
$500,000 to loan at 6 per cent on mortgages.
Wm. G. Beck, room 312, Failing bldg.
TO LOAN 95O0 . by private party, city or
country. - Address V 342. Orironlan.
DON'T , borrow money n- your salary until
you. se Hutton Credit Company. .
A LOAN for the asking, salary or chattel.
The Loan Co.. 410 Dekum bldg. , . .
Monejr ts Loan.
9 9 9 $
$ 9 $ 9
9 9 9 9
9 9 9 9
9 9 9 9
9 9 9 9
9 9 9 9
9 $ 9 9
9 9 $
9 9 $
$ 9
$ 9
9 9 9
$ 9 9 9 SALARY $ 9
9 9 9 9 LOANS 9 9
$ 9 9 910 to $ioi
9 9 9 T"pn plain notes
$ $ Lowest Rfttes,
9 9 Easiest Payments.
9 No Mortgage,
9 No lndorsT,
No Publicity.
"Absolutely no Security.
Open 8 A. M. until 0 P.
Sat. and WeJ.'s until 8 P.
704 Dekum Bldg.
All Railroad Men, Carmen, etc..
Clerks, Salesmen. Bookkeepers.
All Salaried employes,
Can Get from us
Any amount from 910 to 9100.
Easy payments and lowest terms.
Strictly confidential.
, 42S Mohawk bldg.
LOANS made to salaried people holding per
manent positions and responsible firms;
easy payments and strictly confidential;
on personal property; rooming-houses a
205 Abington bldg.
Any salaried employe, wage-earner, can
gc on his note, without mortgage (con
fidential: Month. -month. Week.
$50 Repay to us... 913 83 or 96 65 or 93.3S
925 Repay to us... 9 65 or $3.20 or 9165
916 Repay to us. . .9 4.00 or $2.00 or $1-00
209 McKay bldg., 102 Third.
MONEY advanced salaried people and others
upon their own names without security;
cheapest rates, easiest payments; offices In
60 principal cities ; save yourself money by
, getting our terms first.
TOLMAN, 233 AbinKton bldg., 106 Sd.
$ $'9 9
17 PER CENT more people lose money In
banking than In our line of investments.
We pay larger dividends than any other
line of securities known. K 340, Ore
gonlan. MONEY LOANED On salaries, no other
security; my system is the best for rail
road men, clerks, bookkeepers, streetcar
employes and others; all business confi
dential. F. A. Newton, 611 Buchanan bldg.,
256 Washington st.
TO LOAN On mortgage at 6 per cent, in
sums from $1000 to $20,000 on Improve!
Portland realty and on good acreuge ui
Multnomah County. Swope-Grant Co.,
Brokers. 420 CommercIaL block. Second
and Washington.
WE make loans to salaried employes hold
ing permanent positions; get our rates be
fore going elsewhere; notes bought: cash
on hand for trades of any kind. Fidelity
Loan 4k Trust Co.. Room 10 Washington
. building.
I HAVE for loaning on well-Improved city
property, special sums private monev of
$3K0. $2500. 92000, 96000, $5000 and 91500;
interest 6 per cent to 7 pr cent accord
ing to security. M. G. Griffin, 206 Stark
Corporations organized and financed,
meritorious projects only; strictly com
mission basis. The H. J. Folts Co.,
Guaranty bldg., Minneapolis.
CASH on hand for purchase money, mort
gages, bonds for deeds or contracts of sale
on real estate, either country or city
property. H. E. Noble, Commercial blk
2d and Washington.
. 1
9100,000 to loan In sums of $1006 or more to
suit, 6 to 7 per cent, on improved realty, M
G. Griffin. 266 Stark, opp. Cham, of Com.
LOANS on furniture, pianos and other se
curities; lowest rates. S. W. King, room
45. Wash. bldg. Phone Main 6100.
95000 or4ess In sums to milt on real estate;
charges -reasonable. Inquire J. H. Middle
ton, 617 Chamber of Commerce.
MONEY loaned on real estate mortgages or
contracts. Small building loans a specialty.
W. H. Nunn, 552 Sherlock bldg.
Loons Wanted,
92500 MORTGAGE on St. John property, 6
per cent Interest, for sale.
$1500 installment mortgage on residence
prcperty. 7 per cent interest, fine security,
for sale.
Chamber of Commerce.
WE have a client who wants $sOn on ex
cellent city real estate and will ay 8
per cent interest. We consider this an ex
ceptionally good loan. The .Spanton Co.,
270 Stark st.
PARTY wishes to dispose of $t5 mortae,
well secured; payable on or before a years;
lnterept at T per cent, payable quarterly.
M 358, Oregonian.
WILL pay 7 per cent for $3000 on frood
real estate security. Give phone number.
R 350, Oregonian.
WANT to borrow 925O0 for 3 years on Im
proved real estate valued 9"50o. Room 8
Hamilton bldg.
AM building $5Krt home at Piedmont; want
a loan of $2000 on same. E 337, Ore
gonlan. WILL give 3 per cent per month for $200
for 2 months. B 353, Oregonian.
WANTED Loan of 91.100 on good improved
real estate. C 350. Oregonian.
WANT Loan92'H0 on new improved city
proerty. G 35 1 , Oregon ian.
A LOAN of 900 on new cottage. C 35S, Ore
gonian. '
Accordion plaiting.
Accordion and knife plaiting and p Inking.
Chamber of Commerce. Office systematizing
and general accounting. Both phones.
Art School.
LESSONS In hand carving; buy and sell an
tique furniture, repairing. 62S Wash.
Assayers and Analysts.
Wells ProebsteL mining engineers, metal
lurgist and atisayera. 2o4 Washington.
MONTANA Assay Office, 166 Morrison at.
Best facilities. Prices reasonable.
PAUL BAUMEL, assayer aDd analyst. .Gold
dust bought. 2o7 Alder st.
MEYER'S Book Store, formerly at 225 Morri
son, is now at 2bH 1st st.
Carpenter and Builders.
J, A. PETERSON, carpenter, contractor and
builder; contracts taken for buildings of all
kiuds, estimates furnished. Cull ou me be
fore bulldlnc,. Address Barr Hotel. 6th and
Gllsan sts., city.
W. L. Buckner, office, store fixtures, general
jobbing, contracting; 330 Stark. Main Wal.
Carpet tJ leaning.
THE IONE steam carpet cleaning works, re
fitting and sewing; prompt delivery : work
guaranteed. R. F. Shepard. East 360.
Chiropody ana Manicuring
WM. DEVENY and telle Deveny, ths only
scientific chiropodists, parlors 203 Drew
building, 162 2d si Phone Main 1301.
Chiropody and Pedicuring. Mrs, M. D. Hill,
room S30 Flledner bldg. Phone Pacific 1U.
Commission Merchants.
HERMAN METZGER, purchaser of hides,
pelts, furs, wool, mohair, tallow and rubber
and old metal and general commission mer
chant. Front st., hear Main, Portland, Or.
TAYLOR, YOUNG A CO.. ship brokers, com
mission merchants. Sherlock Dldg., Portland.
D. C. BURNS CO., grocers and commiacioa
merchants. 210 Sd st.
INTERSTATE Adjustment Co., law and col
lections. Main 8130. 414 Buchanan bl'.lg.
PROF. WAL WILSON S School of Dancing
aim ueprirafiii wtmimih uany, private 01
classes. Special low terms this montn ;
lessons 25c. Waltz, t two-step, three-sit p,
stage dancing, -buck' and wing, clog, jr,
skirt, high lilng. Both phones. Hall ana
office, room 12. Selllng-Hlrsch, 3h8 Wash
ington, between West Park and 10th st.
PROF. RINGLER, danclnj academy, a select
school; class or private lessons daily. So8
3. Morrison it. Phones.
MME. TUTTLE, modiste., 507 Montgomery,
between 15th and 10th. Phone A 5057.
-I)of and Horser UospHaL
Dr. C. E. Brown, D. V. S., D. C. M Dog
. horse hospital. 106 N. 6th at. Union Trans Col
9 9 9 9 9 9
9 9 9 9 9 9
9 9 9
" f f f
M 9 9 9
M. 9
$ $
9 9 999
Tt nth and Morrison.
Open all the year. Private or class in
struction. Position certain when compe
tent. All modern methods of bookkeep
ing . taught; also correspondence, rapid
calculations, office work. Chartier ahort
hand; eaj?y, rapid, legible. Catalogue free.
W. W. Williams, M. a.. Prtn., 146 6th st.
Central location; Pitman shorthand; expert
graduates; low tuition; day and night scuool
tiew pupils dally.
ENGINEERING Civil, electrical, mechanical
survey, assay, cyanide; established listU
Van der Naiilen School. 51st and Telegraph
Oakland, Cal. '
GERMAN LANGUAGE -Conversation and
grammar, by young lady, experienced
teacher. S 340, Oregonian.
LESSONS in French by lady who has re
cently arrived from France. S 35a Ore
gonlan. Furnaces.
. V. lua31 AU1 ie matcher furnace;
" uMcuibccu. cost uuua. - eua
Furniture and Repairing.
A FEW pieces of fine old mahnirnnv furniture
for sale. Walborn & Walk ley. repairers and
nnifhers. 23 Grand -re. phone East 6161.
Gasolkfio Engines.
Stationary, marine, electric equipments launch
es, accessories, wholesale, retail; engine re
palrlng. Releraon Machinery Co.. 182-4-6 Mor.
Junk, Hides and Pelts,
L. FH AN K A CO.. purchasers of hides, pelts,
wool. furs, tallow, old rubber, metals and
sacks. 812 Front St.
Lea tiler and Findings.
tablished 1858. Leather and findings; Stock
ton sole leather and cut stock; fuU 11ns
Eastern Juirbos. lbi Front st.
CHA8. L. MASTICK ft CO., Front and Oak
sts. Leather and skins of every description
for all purpose: sol and tan cutter
B. TRENKMAN ft CO.. mining, sawmill log
fins machinery, hydraullo pipes, castings,
all klDds, repaired. 104 N. 4th at.
MANDOLIN, violin, banjo, guitar instruc
tion; private lessons only; Gibson mando
Uns. Weber's studio, 4hU Wash, st
EMIL THIELHORN, pupil Prof. Sevclk. vto
iln and viola teacher. a34 Pine. Pacific 298U.
Osteopathic Physicians.
415-16-17 Dekum bldg..
Third and Washington sts.
Phone, office. Main ;149.
Residence, IS. 1028-
DR. L B. SMITH, pioneer Osteopath of Ore
gon, graduate Klrkville, Mo. 4u Ortgouiaa
bldg. Main 1242; rua; Main 2762.
Paints. Oils and Glass.
t.?- J Beach & Co.. the Pioneer Paint Co.
Window glas and glazing. 135 1st. M. 1334.
RASMUSSEN ft CO., Jobbery paints, oils.
glass, sash and doors Cor. 2d and Taylor.
Patent Lawyers.
PATENTS SOLICTTBD Wash, atty., expert
advice free. A. J. Matter, 61a Cosnuiua
wealth bldg., 6tb and Ankeny.
R, C. WRIGHT, domestic and foreign patents j
Infringement cases. 004 Dekum.
Harness and Saddlery.
THE George Lawrence Co., wholesale saddle
and harness mnfrs.. 80-86 1st. Main 22U.
Rubber Stamps.
ALSO trade checks and all office goods. P.
D. C Co., 231 Stark sl Both phones, 1407.
DJFROLD mang-anes safes large lines car
ried. Lock-outs opened. Jacks, Jails, metal
furniture. Honest prices and goods. Bota
phones. J. E. Davie. 06 ad.
Sate Co., 108 Second st.
PROF. E. K H 1 MO.
This Is strictly a matter of business ou
your part to call at my office and become
familiar with my spiritual and scientific
work. A hint to the wise Is sufficient.
Greatest living astral dead -trance clair
Voyant of the age; ADVISER OK BUSI
whom you will marry, how to control the
one you love, even though miles away;
reunites the separated; gives secret powers
to control others, no difference how cluse
or how far away, you can always obtain
your desired results. Tells you just hew,
where and when to Invest your money to
obtain the beat possible results. If you
are sick, melancholy, disheartened or dis
SPAIR; come and receive Spiritual advice-
that will help you to receive
I v.Ul do all others advertise to do, and
a great deal more.
Office Nos. 3 and 4, Grand Theater bldg.,
UOJ1 Wash, st.. Phone M. 167.
C L A 1 It V O YA N T 5.
In order that all may have the oppor
tunity lo consult him, readings reduced this
' week to the
MME. ADWARI), spiritualist medium, can be
consulted on businet-!, lawsuit, love, mat
rimony; unites the separated, no matter the
distance or cause; Hiiti.sfat-tion guaranteed;
reading 5o cents, daily and Sunday. Moved
to the M ilmr, 350 ia Murrison, cor. Park st.
Elevator second floor. Parlor. 3 and 4.
THE STEVENSON'S, celebrated trumpet and
clairvoyant mediums and psychic palmists
from the East, will give readings daily;
select circles Ly appointment. At ths
Vjvaro, 171 West Park st., upstairs, rooms
11 and 12. Home phone A 2376.
MARION COHELLI. palmist and trance me
dium. Satisfaction guaranteed. 22S Vi
Washington St., bet lut and 2d.
MAY ANDREWS, card reading at 326 Main
25c. Phoiitj Main 754 H.
Showcase, Bank and 6 tore fixtures.
THE James I. Marshall Mfg. Co. show,
cases, cabinets, store and office fixtures.
2M Couch st. Pacific 2181. ,
Mrs. Marshtield, prophetess, IMs1 Morrison,
bet. 3d and 4th ste., reads your entire life.
R. H. BIRDSALL designer; agent M. Winter
Lumber Co., 7 Hamilton bldg. Main 0530.
THE Lutke Manufacturing Co., cor. tfth and
HoyU Phone Main 14US.
Sign Painting.
The largest sign-makers in thu Northwest,
5th and Everett sts. Phone Private Ex
change 55.' Home A 1155.
SIGNS ("That Attract.")
Portland Sign Co., 2S7 Stark. Pac 1696.
Storage and Transfer.
First-class iireproof storehouse; prompt
and careful attention givtn to all classes
transferring. Office 2M Oak. Phone Main
647. A 2247, Pacific 1061.
C- O. PICK, office 88 1st, bet. Stark and Oak.
Phone 5fc6. Pianos and furniture moved and
packed for shipment; commodious brick
warehouse, with separate iron rooms. Front
and Clay sts.
C. M. OLSEN Safes, pianos, furniture moved,
packed and ehlpped. Office 60 3d st. Roth
phones. Office, Main t&b; res.. Main 24H0.
Teaehwrs' Agency.
C. R. B TEACHERS' AGENCY can psaco
you at once where your ability to "mans
good" will command the highest remuner
ation; "no delay." 14 Selllng-Hlrsch bldg.,
3.K8 Washington st.. corner West Park. -
Tinners and hoofers. '
BANGE ft JOHNSON All kinds of cornlc
and blow-plye work. East 5o03. 403 East
NEW and second-hand typewriters, all
nrnkes repaired, sold, and rented; also
state ag'-ms the Visible Fox. The Type
writer Exchange, 4 3d st. Main fiiiti.
NEW typewriters, alhmnkes, rented, sold re
paired. Coast Agency, 231 Stark. Phoas isf