The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 03, 1907, Page 12, Image 12

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Portland Agents "Nemo" Corsets, Butterick Patterns, Columbia Yarns, "Perrins" Gloves, "Ostermoor" Mattresses, "Ramie" Underwear;
ai&sgiving Sales at The Meier
Frank Store In-
50 Years
5000 Yards of Embroideries and
Laces at Greatly Reduced Prices
5000 yards of Swiss, cambric and nainsook
Embroidery, I-2 to 12 inches wide; beau
tiful patterns in endless assortment; val
ues ranging up to 85c the yard Of"
oh sale at this low price, yard.
2500 yards of lace-trimmed Corset Cover
Embroidery, prettiest patterns in a large
' variety, on sale at the following prices :
$1.60 values, at this low price, yd. 98-fi
$2.00 values, at this low price, yd. $1.29
2000 yards of Corset Cover Embroidery in
Swiss and nainsook; attractive new pat
terns, in large assortment; regu- CQ
lar $1.25 values, on sale at, yard.
18-inch white and cream Figured "Nets' for
waists, very pretty styles; values Eflp
up to $1.50 the yard, on sale at. OVF-U
3000 dozen of French Val. Lace and Inser
tion. . to. VA inches wide ; very best de
signs; values up to $1.25 the doz- CA.
en vards. on sale at this low price
45-inch figured Chiffon and Paris .Mousse
laine .for evening gowns; regu- CQ
lar values up to $1.75 the yard, at.
White and cream Yenise, Eilet and Baby Irish Bands, Medallions and Appliques
for fancy waist'lrimming; beautiful styles, 1 to 4 inches -wide, on sale as follows:
85c vals., the yard, 50? $1.50 vals., the yard, 79 $2.00 vals., the yard, 98
Special lot of white Net Robes with Val. lace insertion", all new styles. 7C
The best regular $10.00 values, on sale at this special low price, ea. Pv. -'
Just received, novelties in Bordered Chiffon Cloths for evening wear See them.
$9 and $10 Ostrich Plumes $5.98 Each
In the Millinery Department, three great lines of high-grade Ostrich Plumes to be
sold for a few days at very low prices; all are the finest, imported feathers, in
black, white, light blue, pink, purple, navy and brown; handsome, clean, large,
plumes, and .great bargains on sale at the following specially reduced prices:
$9.00-$10.00 Plumes, $5.98 $11-$12.50 Plumes, $6.98 $7.50 Plumes, $4.75
Headgear for the Horse Show All our magnificent imported model hats on sale at
greatly reduced prices. Special orders will receive prompt and careful execution"
by the best artists in the city. On salo in the Millinery Department, Second Floor.
2000 Yards Axmmster
Carpets $1.50 Vals. 98c
High-grade Axminster Carpets at a special low price for a few days.
2000 yards in the lot, floral and Oriental effects in the very best
designs and colorings, sellin g regularly at $1.50 a yard For one
week you can buy this high-grade
Axminster Carpet sewed, laid and
lined at the remarkably
low price of, per yard
Elevators, Third Floor
1000 "Kalga" Rugs, the best inexpensive rug
on the market ; Oriental effects in convention
al and small designs; beautiful colorings, all
sizes great values, at the following prices:
9x9 ft. Rugs, $9.00 Values at $6.30
9x1 OV2 ft. Rugs $10.50 Vals. $7.35
9x12 ft. Rugs, $12.00 Vals. $8.45
10V2X12 ft. Rugs, $14 Values $9.85
12x12 ft. Rugs, $16 Values $11.20
12xl3Va ft. Rugs, $18 Vals. $12.65
500 Footstools, upholstered top, with iron legs,
strong and substantial build; variety of col
ors; great values at this low price, ea..43?
The Carpet Department on Third Floor
High-Grade Lace Curtains at Low Prices
Great Clearance sale of high-class Brussels and Arabian Lace Curtains; dainty
white Brussels Curtains in all the newest and best designs, allover scroll patterns,
small figures and plain centers, with rich, wide borders ; ecru Arabians made on
heavy nets with wide borders of Arabian lace; great special values, as follows:
Regular $16.50 Curtains, pair, 912.35 Regular $22.50 Curtains, pair, $16.85
Regular $25.00 Curtains, pair, 18.75 Regular $35.00 Curtains, pair, $26.25
300 pairs of Nottingham and Cable Net Curtains, allover floral designs, plain cen
ters with neat borders; point d esprit centers and Brussels designs, C!1 QC
white and ecru. 2Vfc and 3 yards long, 50 inches wide; $2.75-$3 vals.
30 Oriental pattern Couch Covers, Bagdad designs, fringed all, around,
00 inches wide, 3 yards long; best couch cover value offered at, each.
Silks and Dress Goods
4 Great Special Bargains
Plaid Dress Goods on sale at reduced prices.
5000 yards of colored Peau
de Soie of superior quality
for all purposes; pink, light
blue, navy, reseda, garnet,
brown, Alice, cream and red
-best regular $1.00 TQ
value, at, ep'L, yd.
2500 yards of Dresden Silks
in a very large assortment
of , new designs and colors;
best $1.00 qualitj', r7Qn
on sale at, per yard. - S7C
3000 yards new Plaid Silks
in the very best designs and
colorings, for waists, gowns,
children's apparel, etc., at:
The yard, 79S 89S 98
50c Wool Suitings in the very
best styles; special OO
values, at, the yard. OOC
New Fur and Fancy Cloakings.
Women's Suits at $22 Each
Ten immense lines of women's
Tailored Suits just received by
express Great special purchases
from leading New York manu
facturersAll new, up-to-date
garments and extraordinary val
ues at the low price of $22 per
suit The assortment includes
Military suits of broadcloth,
silk braid trimmed, lull pleated
skirts with bias folds in blue,
green, brown, black, red and
leather shades Tight - fitting
short Coat Suits of broadcloth,
velvet trimmed, in all the best
colors Tight-fitting medium
length Coat Suits, strictly tail
oredAll this season's leading
shades Box back, double-breasted
Coats of broadcloths, all the
best shades and effects Suits in
the lot that would find ready
sale at $35 each -In the-Cloak
Dept., Second Floor
Take your pick ot, suit
5000 Prs. PerrhVs Gloves
$3.50 Values on Sale at $2.19 a Pair
$4.00 Values on Sale at $2.79 a Pair
Great Annual Thanksgiving Sale of Per-
rin's real French Kid Gloves in 1 2 and 1 6-
button lengths at an unusually low price
Best styles and shades Every pair
guaranteed perfect and to give satisfac
tory service in every particular The
shrewd buyer will anticipate her present
and holiday needs at the big saving offered
Mail orders promptly and carefully filled
2000 pairs "Perrins" real French Kid Gloves, in
' 12-button lengths; black, white, tan, green, mode,
navy, gray and champagne; sizes 5l2 to 7Yz; every
pair guaranteed and fitted to 4he ff 1 Q
hand; regular $3.50 values, at, pair. I
3000 pairs of "Perrins" real French Kid Gloves in
16-button lengths; blacks, whites and tans, in all
sizes; every pair guaranteed perfect and fitted to
the hand; regular $4.00 values, on CO 7Q
sale at this special low price, pair.'"'
Mail orders will be promptly and carefully, fillod.
30,000 Yards of Velvet Ribbon on Sale
at the Low Price of 7c and 17c Yard
30,000 yards of all-silk satin-back Velvet Ribbons, in black, brown, navy, green,
gray, light blue, cardinal, etc.; for dress and hat trimming, fancy work, etc., etc.:
Widths from Vj-inch to 34-inch, regular 10c to 18c value, special,-the yard.. 7
Widths from 1 inch to lVfr-inch, regular 20c to 40c value, special, the yard.. 17
Great sale of 5000 large-size Kimono Handkerchiefs for aprons, sofa pil- (T
lows, dust caps, work bags, etc.; best 10c values, on sale at, special, eaeh. .---- C
$9.00 Blankets on Sale at $6.95 a Pair
1000 Feather Bed Pillows at $1.45 Each
In the Blanket Department, Fourth Floor, 500 pairs of 12-4 extra large size white
Saxony wool Blankets, pwik and blue borders; best regular $9.00 (Efl
values; your choice while they last, at this special low price, per pair. sJCI.-r J
1000 Feather-Bed Pillows, weighing 3y2 pounds each ; covered with CI ft
blue and white striped A. C. A. ticking; regular $2.00 values, each. -4-
An immense assortment of Comforters at special prices silkoline-covered, in all
the best designs and colorings, at prices ranging from, each, $1.25 to $3.00
The Great Annual "Thanksgiving" Linen Sale
Is of Importance to Economical Housekeepers
Tomorrow the great Annual Thanksgiving Sale of Table Linens will command the attention of
Portland housewives who have Table Linens to supply The time of the year when the linen
closet can be replenished with the best linens the Old World produces at prices that mean a
saving from 25 to 50 per cent on every purchase This sale will continue through November
Heavy-weight Satin Damask Table Linen, full bleached,
best patterns; the best regular 90c values, on 7 A
f -xv
sale at this low
-take advantage.
price, yard-
Heavy Satin Damask Table Linen, bleached, in
beautiful .patterns; regular-$1.00 quality, yard
Bleached Satin Damask Table Linen, best
designs and quality; $1.50 value, at, yard
Bleached Double Satin Damask Table Linen, J1 AQ
: regular $1.75 grade, on sale at, the yard . . P rrO
Bleached Double Satin Damask Table Linen, in a variety
of magnificent designs and quality; best d! QQ
regular $2.50 value, on sale at, special, yd. .P
Extra heavy Bleached Satin Damask Table Napkins in
the verv best patterns, large size, superior (jJQ QQ
quality; extraordinary values at, per dozen. .Pfci.0
Special lot hand-embroidered round Irish 1 Pi!
linen Doilies, in all sizes, on sale at. 1 lICB
Extra heavy bleached Satin Damask Table Napkins, very
attractive patterns, large variety to select dJO QO
from; regular $4.75 grades, special, dozen. .PJ.0
Extra fine Satin Damask Table Napkins, in tC Qi
beautiful patterns; reg. $7.50 grades, doz. .PJ.OJ
Hemstitched Satin Damask Traycloths, 17x23 inches; the
greatest values ever offered at this low price, ea..21
2000 hemstitched Satin DamaskTraycloths, size ,0 0
18x36 inches; regular 45c values, on sale at, ea.
50c hemstitched Satin Damask Traycloths for, each. .35
Fringed all-linen bleached Damask Tablecloths, the very
best patterns, in large assortment; values as follows:
2-yd. size, 98 2V2-yd. size, $1.18 3-yd size, $1.38
All our fine Satin and Double Satin Damask Tablecloths,
with napkins to match, all sizes, newest patterns, all
grades, from $15 to $125 a set, at greatly reduced prices.
The greatest Table Linen bargains in the city See them.
Bleached all-linen Satin Damask Teacloths,
36x36 inches; regular $1.35 values, at, ea.
Bleached all-linen Satin Damask Teaclolhs,
"regular $2.00 values, on sale at, special, ea. .
Bleached all-linen Satin Damask Teacloths,
very pretty styles; the best regular $2.50
values, on sale at this special low price, ea.
Complete showing of John S. Brown & Son's fine Table
Linens in all styles and all grades; the very best values.
Muslin Underwear Samples
I 111
10,000 drummer samples of fine Undermuslins to be
sold tomorrow at very interesting prices 35 sam
ple lines of the traveling men of America's largest
and best underwear manufacturer beautiful styles
in gowns, shirts, drawers, chemise and corset cov
ers all the newest and prettiest styles, made of
the very best materials and trimmings. All are
slightly soiled or mussed from handling. We regrej
that space doesn't permit our giving more particu
lars. Oome prepared to share in the greatest Under
wear bargains of the year, at the following prices:
75c Corset Covers on sale at, special, each. o3
Regular $1.50 Corset Covers on sale at, ea. . 89
$2.00 and $2.50 Corset Covers, special at. .81.22
Regular $3.00 and $3.50 Corset Covers, ea..$1.69
Regular $1.25 Chemise on sale at, special . . 79
Regular $1.50 Chemise, on sale at, special.. 87
$2.50 Chemise at $1.22 $3.50 Chemise at 1.89
Regular $4.50 to $6.50 Chemise for, each.. S3. 12
Regular $1.25 to $1.75 White Petticoats for. 98
$2.50 Skirts, ea., $1.79 $3.50 Skirts, ea., S1.98
Kegular $4.50 to $0.00 Skirts, on sale at.. $2.98
Regular $8.00 to $10.50 Skirts, special, each. $5.68
Regular $13.50 to $18.00 Skirts, at, each.. $8.95
Regular $1.25 Gowns, on sale at special, ea.. 79
Regalar $2.00 to $7.50 Gowns, for 98c to.. $3.97
Regular $1.50 to $6.00 Drawers, for, pair. .$2.47
$2.00 Silk Hosiery at 98c a Pair
$3.00 Silk Hosiery $1.95 Pair
2000 pairs women's silk-thread Hose, in black, white, tan, grajV nile, QO
inais, heliotrope; gauze silk and heavy silk, all sizes; regular $2 vals., pr. 'OC
1000 pairs of women's beautiful silk-embroidered Hosiery; rosebuds, J QC
polka dots, etc.; handsome effects, all sizes and colors; $3.00 values. V I f J
Women's fine quality black gauze lisle Hose, several beautiful patterns
to select from; the best regular values up' to 65c a pair, special, the pair.OC
200 New Silk Waists
Values to $14 for $4.85
Manufacturers' sample line of Silk and Lace Waists
at a ridiculously low price 200 Waists in the lot.
Taffeta and Messaline Silks, Nets and Laces made
with fancy yokes and trimmed in Maltese, Cluny,
round mesh, applique, silk embroidery, nleatine.
large and small tucks all new, beautiful dress and
evening Waists, from America's best waistmaker.!
Colors are white, cream, old rose, light blue, pink,
garnet, navy, . black, mode, green, light and dark
plaids, nets and laces; open front or T A O C
back; all sizes; values to $14 ea. for. . .pi'.0 J
Groceries Can Be Bought Here at a Big Saving Phone Exchanged
M. d& F. Coffee
23c Per Pound
10.000 lbs. of Meier & Frank's
famous Mocha and Java Coffee,
equal to the best 40c' grades.
Buy all you want at, lb... 23
All Mllehner Herring,
keg Sl.lO
1-lb. Jar Chipped Beef 25
16 lbs. Dry Granulated Sugar
for Sl.OO
1 gal. Log Cabin Maple.. .$1.25
H-gal. Log Cabin Maple 68V
1 box No. 1 Macaroni 45
10-lb. sack Graham Flour. . 30
Durkee's Salad Dressing, lOc,
S5c and. . ..: -454
Lea & Perrln's Sauce, SSe,
KOr and 854
5 bars P. & G. White Naptha
Soap 254
3 bars Wool Soap ...254
New Walnuts, per lb 204
New Almonds, 2 lbs. for. . . .454
Electro Silicon 104
Franco-American Soup, -
Pints : 104
Franco-American Soup, pts..204
Franco-American Plum Pud
ding, 1 lb 354
Franco-American Plum Pud
ding. 2 lbs 654
Welch Grape Juice, H-pints.
2 for. 25
Welch Grape Juice, pints.. .204
Duffy's Malt Vinegar, qts...200
2-lb. cans Sliced Pineapple. . 15
Sapolto. per bar....'...
Bon Ami. 3 for 254
Fig Prune or Postum Cereal. .204
1-11. can Ghiradelll's Choco
late. . . . S5
H-ib. can Baker's Cocoa. ... 254
3 cans Standard Tomatoes. . .254
Grape Nuts, 2 pkgs. for 254
2 1-lb. pkgs. Seeded Raisins.. 25o
2 pkgrc. Zantc, , CSrrants 25!
I-t-mon or Orange Peel 254
Citron 25o
Victor Flour, none better..Jgl,35
1-lb. can Victor-Baking Pow-.
r 354
3 pkgs. Bromongelon 254
3 pkgs. Jello 25C
2 nn Fancy. Main ('nrn.. .25i
3 cans Carnation Cream 254
3 pkgs. Mincemeat 2iC
C. & B. Olive Oil. qts 704
Blue l.nhel i'ntfinp, pin 204
Heinz' Catsup 20
2 pkgs. Knox Gelatine 254
3 pkgs. Malta Vita 25
2 1-lb. cans A. i L. Oysters..25c
3 cans Sunset Mackerel.. 504
, - .