The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 27, 1907, SECTION TWO, Page 9, Image 21

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WANTED Experienced salesmen of rood
personal appearance, capable of earning
$2000 to $5000 er year, who can give
rrords and references showing that they
have been successful ; men of high char
acter ami good education, who are wilt in g
to work to establish themselves In a per
manent position; we have one of the largest
and moet comprehensive lines of calendars,
signs and advertizing goods; a knowledge
of the business desirable, but not absolute
ly necesary. Bennett-Thomas Mfg. Co., 162
West Van Buren at., Chicago, 111.
large income assured to any one who will
act as our representative after learning
our business thoroughly by mall; experi
ence unneary: ail we require Is hon
esty, ambition and willingness to learn
a lucrative business: no soliciting or trav
eling; an exceptional opportunity for those
who desire to better their conditions and
make mare money. For full particulars
address Dept 70"2 B. any office. National
Co-operative P.falty Co., 52 Dearborn
st.. Chicago; firt 7 E St.. Washington, 1.
; rhoinr bldg., Scranton, Pa., or Delgar
bldg.. OfiliTand. Cal.
I have for sale one of the nicest little
d lry ranches in the country, of 22 acres.
19 tkcr-a of which is In cult I vat Ion, bal
ance nearly ready for the plow; good build
ings, splendid location, beat of soil; R. F.
D., on two cream routes, close to school,
tore and creamery, 2t miles town. R. R.
and river; best proposition tn , the country
for the price; only J75f. Wfl can stand;
$4000 will not buy it if contract expires
before It Is sold.
222 Washington st.
BALBSMEN-Stock food, farm implements,
mdlrlne, oil, insurance and other succeiw
fut salesmen who have made a success but
are looking for better proposition; sell
dealers only; the best line and most stu
pendous business getting advertising fea
tures ever offered to assist salesmen and
dealers; you can sell to seven out of every
10 dealers upon whom you call; to right
man we offer exclusive control of territory;
commission on all business from dealers in
your territory; permanent contract. E. B.
Lord, 463 Front St., Milwaukee. Wis.
Shoe salesman, young man with two
years' experience In the line, for coun
try. Dry goods salesman, experienced young
man. chance for promotion; country.
stenographer, capable man wanted for
large corporation.
Other positions open, city and country,
for competent sales and clerical men.
323 Vi Washington st.
A LESM EN We manufacture an article
every man, woman and child needs; are sell
ing large quantities; dealers alt over the
country handle our goods; we want a good
general salesman to manage exclusive ter
ritory; must have a little capital for stock,
etc.; this Is a rare opportunity for a hustler.
Write me in confidence. J. N. Faust, Presi
dent I. S. Co., 161 Market St., Chicago.
BOYS WANTED The Saturday Evening
Post wants a few plucky boys to receive
orders, deliver copies and make collec
tions; high-class customers in best neigh
borhoods; no corner-loafing with bad
companions: good pay and short hours;
need not interfere with school duties
James C. Havely, Jr., 715 E. 11th L..
Portland, Or.
" i
Desk ana desk room in a responsible
real estate firm's well-furnished offices,
for rent to a reliable man that is ex
perienced In trading and selling real
estate; references required; give name
and address in letter. Address M 329,
SALESMEN WANTED A salesman to cover
railroad and country towns, who can fur
nish references and bond, to carry, on com
mission, an established line of staple goods
whtrh sell to drug and general stores on
exceptional terms. Could be carried to
advantage as a side line. Address, stating
age and experience, C. C S., Fredonia,
N. Y.
FIREMEN and hrakemen on railroads In
Portland vicinity, to fill vacancies caused
by promotions; experience unnecessary ;
state age, height, weight; firemen, $100
monthly, become engineers and earn $200;
brnkeman, $75. becoming conductors earn
$150: name positirn preferred. Railway
Association, care Oregon tan.
BOY WANTED One with a backbone and
a bright smile, no matter if he's never
earned a penny; 10 to 14 years old; good
pay and a chance to learn salesmanship;
steady work and short hours; need not
Inierfere with school duties. James C.
Havely. Jr.. 715 E. 11th St., Portland, Or.
ALL diseases of men successfully treated;
discharges positively cured In from 1 to
ft days; consultation free and strictly con
fident lal: send for our symptom blank.
X-radlum Medical Institute, 3d and Alder
sts.; entrance ar.8 Alder St.. Portland,
SALESMEN with experience for staple line
In Oregon; we have' men whose comrms
rlons average from $400 to $000 per
mcnth. not just for one month, but every
month. Write for particulars. McAllister
Coman Co.. 356 Dearborn. Chicago.
WANT work? Call at once: bookkeeper,
stenographers, collectors, cashiers, sales
ladies, salesmen, dry goods, general mer
chandise, grocers, hotels. Clerks Registra
tion Bureau, office 303 Allsky bidg.. 295
Morrison at
YOUNG man of good appearance; must be
. over ft feet 6 Inches tall, about XI years
of age. as floorwalker and window trim
mer; state former experience, references
and salary desired. Address N 19S, Ore
gon Ian.
SALESMAN Good man to fill vacancy Nov.
1 ; contract balance this year and next
if satisfactory; cemmt-sinns with liberal
weekly advance for expenses. J. A. Kid
well, Mgr., 53S-4G Euclid ave., Cleveland,
. O.
MEN and boys wanted to learn plumbing,
plastering, bricklaying; day and night
classes; free cat. ; positions secured; no
book learning. Coyne Trade - School, 230
240 8th et. San Francisco and New York.
SALESMEN WANTED By larjce manufac
turer, two traveling grocery specialty
salesmen; men worth $2500 or more per
year write; long time contract to good
men. Address P 322, care Oregonian.
PROTECT youtself for SI per month against
accident, sickness and death. Write or
call for full information. Northwestern
Health and Accident Association. SOU
Wells-Fargo bldg. Agents wanted.
WANTED Salesmen, all lines; bookkeepers,
stenographers and clerical men for po
sition now open, city and country; salary
$000 to $1800. Call or write Commercial
Abstract Co., Raleigh bldg.
SALESMAN for Oregon; experienced travel
ing man preferred; line staple for general
trade; position permanent; $30 weekly
advance with commissions. Sawyer, Les
lie & Co., Detroit, Mich.
i l.
WANTED Men and hoys to learn plumbing,
sign and card writing and designing; day
and night clnsse.s; catalogue frfe. Colora
do School Practical Plumbing, 1645 Arapa-
hoe st., Denver. Colo.
MEN and women to learn barber trade la
'eht weeks; graduates earn from $15 to
$25 weekly; expert Instructors; catalogue
free. Moler System of Colleges, 85 North
Fourth st., Portland.
WANTED High-clats salesman 1 every
city to sell approved investment securi-
ties: high-class proposition paying big
commission. W. E. Fowler. 3S0S Ellis
ave., Chicago.
WANTED Competent linotype operator for
one-machine office in town of bOtiO, good
place to live; position permanent for good
man. Address stating experience R
. CATAKLE salesman to cover Oregon with
staple line; high commissions, with $100
monthly advance; permanent position to
riant man. Jess H. Smith Co., Detroit.
IN HI X weeks we educate you .in sales
man ship, secure you position as-traveling
salesman with responsible firm. Add re -s
The Brad street System. Rochester, N. Y-
WA NT ED Man for general farm work ;
must be able to take good care of horses.
Inquire at 501 Oregonlan bldg., on Mon
day, between 8:30 A. M. and 11 A. M.
WANTED Experienced man to work In photo
stock houte. Address, giving experience,
references and salary required. Galley Sup
ply Co., Seattle, Wash.. Box SOO.
SEND ten names of gentlemen who smoke,
and receive free handsome souvenir; in
close 2c stamp. H. Mofs & Co., 360 Page
st.. San Francisco, Cal.
ADVERTISING solicitors. liberal cash com
mission; Christmas edition. German news
paper,, publications, periodicals, magaxlnea.
603 Goodnough bldg.
GOOD PA Y Men wanted everywhere to
tack signs, distribute circulars, samples,
etc.; no canvassing. 247 National Dlst.
Bureau. Chicago. 111.
GOOD PAY TO MEN everywhere, to tack
signs, distribute circulars, samples, etc.;
no canvassing. Universal Adv. Co., Chica
go WANTED Bellboy at the Norton to work
after school. 108 12ih and Morrison.
WANTED W are In the field to place you
right; call on us for small contracts for
all kinds of railroad construction; will sub
let small portion to suit; you will learn to
appreciate our endeavor .to place .you where
you really ought to be; we have employ
ment for all and every one who is looking
for work Pacific States Employment office,
3 2d st.
BOY WANTED A good , opening for an en
ergetic boy under 15 and a chance to
learn business methods; short hours and
good pay ; need not Interfere with school
duties; steady work In spare moments' all
Winter. JmeC Havelv. Jr.. 715 F.
p 11th St., Portland. Or.
to work for Uncle Sam; quaiffy for special
examination at once; only able-bodied young
men between the ages 18 and 45 need ap
ply, and must not be afraid of work. Call
today. Pacific States School, 613 McKay
bids.. 3d and Stark.
WANTED First-class business man and
salesman with few hundred dollars to take
Interest and charge of fireproof safe depart
ment of tho Northwest for i Portland i.b-
blng house; good opportunity riehi j rty.
Beall &. Co.. 321 Hawthorne
IF YOU are a business getter, we have the
Job for you. A large weekly income can be
made selling real estate. Come In and se
for yourself what our men are making. It
will surprise you. Call at once. Jacobs
Stine Co.. Atchison bldg.. Fifth st.
SADDLE makers wanted for Duloth. Minn.;
good wages; permanent positions for com
petent workmen. Apply Saddlery Dept.,
Marshall-Wells Hardware Co.
WANTED Young man familiar with drug
and sundries business, competent as buyer;
unquestionable references required. Fosi
offtce box 230. Portland, Or.
WB pay $36 a week and expenses to hen with
rigs to Introduce poultry compound; year's
contract. Imperial Mfg. Co., Dept. 54, Par
sons, Kas.
BOY wanted to learn Jewelry trade. 162 H
First at., upstairs.
REGISTERED assistant drug clerk. Apply
D 319, Oregonlan.
WANTED Boy for light office work. H
315, Oregonlan.
WANTED Shoemaker for repairing. 304
Burnside st.
WANTED 2 teamsters. G. K. Howitt, Mon-
tavilla. "
GOOD advertising solicitor at 147hk Front
WOMAN or girl for housework 'In small fam
ily; good treatment and home for reliable
girl; wages $.(0. Call today at 690 Tilla
mook St., Irvington, or see J. L. Bowman
Monday at the Brownsville Woolen Mill
6 tore.
GOOD strong girl for chamber work and
wait table tn private boarding-nouse,
Swedish or German preferred. Phones A
4100; Main 5490.
A GOOD reliable young woman for general
housework ; small family ; good wages.
Phone East 1511 or call at 415 E. 12th st.
HOMR given to dressmaker or any middle
aged woman s'taylng at home. Young
Women's Christian Association. Main 5267.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position, with opportunities for
advancement. Vvl Co.. 10th and Morrison
WANTED Girl assistant In kitchen, $1 per
day; no Sunday work. Call Monday morn
ing ,7:30, Woman's Exchange, 133 10th st.
WOMAN with boy or girl to cook for 10
men; must be good cook; steady position;
good pay. Call up phone Main 431.
WANTED Operators and girls to learn
ehirtmaking. Apply Standard Factory, 2
Grand ave. and East Taylor st.
SCHOOL teachers for Wash-, Or., Mont
Idaho. C. R. B. Teachers' Agency, 303
AlUky bldg.. 265 Morrison st.
848 V Washington st., cor. 7th. upstairs.
Phone Main 2692.
WANTED GisJ to assist in small family
afternoons and evenings ; wages. fiOO E.
10th N. Phone East 4S72.
EXPORT court reporter from East wants pu
pils for shorthand, typewriting and book
keeping. C 200. Oregonlan.
SALESLADIES for underwear, fancy goods,
notions; must be competent andN experi
enced. Apply 171 3d st.
WANTED Woman to help with children m
wages, pacific 887. '
WANTED Experienced family cook, $40;
also capable second girl, family, $z3. 230 .
Yamhill. Main 5413.
WANTED Young girl for general housework,
family of 2; use of piano. Phone East 6001,
T 318, Oregonlan.
WANTED School or business college girl
to assist With housework, for horns.
Phone A 3C89.
LADIES $1 every day at home; stamped en
velope for particulars. Ladles' Aid, Dur
ham, Conn.
AN experienced cook and also second girl;
two in family; references necessary. Phone
Main 3008.
WANTED Girl for general housework at 1054
Qulmby st., 3 in family; good home. Phone
Pacific; 523. v
BEGINNERS wanted, all lines; no fees: free
instruction. Grand Union Theater, 387 B
Burnside. AMATEUR wanted for the road; give age
and v.-hat you can do. Address M 332,
WANTED Finishers, alteration and fitters
for ladles' garment werk. The J. M. Ache
son Co. "
LADY who can sing Illustrated songs. P. J.
Robert, Perkins Hotel. Sunday, from 11
to 1.
WANTED Good talloress or skirtmaker. $12
a week. Apply 425 Fliedner bldg., 10th and
WANTED Girl for general housework; fam
ily of two. 49 North 2oth, near Washing
ton at.
WANTED Experienced girl for cooking and
general housework. 233 X. 24th st. Main
FIRST-CLASS skirtmaker; good wages:
eteady work; finisher. 411 Morrison st. B.
WANTED 50 ladles to take up pleasant pay
ing hums work. Call Room 1, 553 Morrison.
GIRL over 16 years of age who has had ex
perience in candy store, at 323 Morrison.
GIRLS wanted: steady employment, with good
pay. F. C. Stealer, 10th and GHsan sts.
COMPETENT girl for general housework and
cooking. 161 14th. corner of Morrison.
GIRLS for cutting, edging and pasting. 102
5th st. North. D. M. Avsrtll & Co.
WANTED An experienced chambermaid at
the Nortonla, 14th and Washington.
WANTED Girls to make Fits-Well shirts kad
Boss of All overalls. Inquire 75 1st.
WANTED Girl for general housework. 22$
Cornell Road, head of Lovejoy st.
GIRLS WANTED Apply Standard Factory,
2 Grand ave. and East Taylor st.
WANTED Apprentices and errand girl for
private, millinery. 208 Tllford bldg.
GIRL for general housework: small family.
Call 144 North 22d. near Hoyt.
WANTED A -stenographer; salary $35; state
experience. D 330. Oregonlan.
WANTED A strong German girl for general
housework. Apply 300 Park st.
i 1
GIRL for general housework; 2 In family;
good wages. 661 Kearney st.
GIRL to aslst in" light liousework. Phone
Main 1137, 362 3d St., fiat 4.
GIRL to assist in general housework, fam
ily of two. Phone East 79.
WANTED Girl for a-eneral housework, good
wages. Apply 618 Main st.
WANTED GJrl for housework, small fam
ily. 747 East Madison st.
LAD Y barber wanted, or will teach one the
trade, 54 Fourth street -
A GIRL to assist with light housework; .rood
wages. 641 Sixth st.
A GIRL for general housework; must sleep
home. 451 Tenth at.
EXPERIENCED girl for general housework.
785 Irving st.
LAUNDRESS wanted to take laundry home.
54 Fourth st.
WANTED A second glrL Apply 554 Davis,
cor. 17lb,
Telephone operating: good salary, sliort
hours, pay while learning; luncheon served
free of charge and lounging and rest rooms
In connection. Apply Chief Operator, Tel
ephone bldg.. West Park and Alder.
BE A GRADUATE nurse and earn $2 to
$30 per week. We provide home-study course
lectures; hospital practice when desired;
employment for students snd graduates;
largest training school in the world.
Write today free book. American Train
ing School Nurses, 40 Crilly bldg., Chi
cago. ' ATTENTION.
Applicants for all kinds of work, regis
ter with us, free of charge, so we may
locate you on short notice.
MVk Washington St-. Cor. 7th. upstairs.
WANT work ? Cal 1 at once; bookkeepers,
stenographers, collectors. cashiers.- sales
ladles, salesmen, dry goods, general' mer
chandise, grocers, betels. Clerks' Registra
tion Bureau, office 303 Allky bldg., 265
Morrison at.
GIRLS WANTED Operators to work on
shirts and overalls; lessons given to In
experienced. Apply at Standard Factory,
2 Grand ave. and East Taylor st.
WANTED Girl to do general housework
for family of three; must sleep home. Ap
ply mornings. 205 14th st, room T. or
phone Main S3, or A 3485.
WANTED Middle-aged woman to assist with
housework and help care for child 1 year
old; good home for right party; no washing.
Address W 320. Oregonlan.
SEND ten names of gentlemen who smoke,
and receive free handsome souvenir; in
close 2c stamp. H. Moss & Co., 366 Page
st., San Francisco, Cal.
WANTED A f!rM-class saleswoman for suit
dept. Good appearance and thorough expe
rience necessary. Good salary. Geo. J.
Wolff, Aberdeen, Wash.
LADIES Make sanitary belts; material cut
ready to sew; $12 per hundred; particulars
stamped envelope. Mutual Specialty Co..
Dept. 281, Chicago.
WANTED A girl to come and stay with
old lady In country for company all Win
ter for room and board. Address Box 637,
Portland. Or
COMPETENT srlrl for cooking and general
housework, wages $.10 to $40; references re
quired. Apply Mrs. William Gadsby, 770
Marshall St.
WANTED Lady to fill permanent position;
salary $12 per week: references required.
Mm. B. L. Howard, General Delivery,
Portland, Or.
r 1
WANTED Girl desiring permanent homo
to act as companion to lady in Inde
pendence, Or. See J. H. Hear da, Scott
WANTED Women to work In kntfs rack.
wags $1.50 a day. r Apply at 49 North
Third st.. between 9 and 11 A. M. Mon
day. GIRLS with talent for drawing, painting
snd designing; good position t" the right
party p M. AverlU A Co.. 102 N. 5th t.
HOUSEKEEPERS, cooks, nurses, waitresses,
second (flrls. st. Louis Ladles' Agency,
230i Yamhill. Main 5413.
WANTED Lady to care for boy 5 years old;
only can pay $S a month. Phone East 6725,
from 10 to 11 only.
WANTED At once waist and shirt finish
ers, also sewers. Miss L. Summers. 120
North 23d.
learn millinery. 362 Washington street,
room 2. t
WOMAN or girl for general housework; from
8 to 10 boarders; Cel Ho, Or. Call Union
WANTED Young girl to assist In light
houseworft. Apply forenoons 112 N. 35th st.
WANTED A good girl for dining "Work. T7
West Park, between Burnside and Stark.
GOOD girl for general housework In Christian
home. Phone Main 503S. 738 Hoyt st.
WANTED A p!aning-mlll bench man. Ore
gon Planing-Mllla, 19th and Vauthn.
WANTED Girl for general housework,
family of two. CS4 Everett street.
GIRL for general housework In small family;
good wages. Call at 664 Hoyt stA
WANTED Girl to he?p In dining-room at
- Winters Restaurant, 230 1st st.
GIRL to SMiist with housework; small family.
Apply mornings, 562 Kearney.
WANTED Good, steady woman to do light
housework. Call 333 3d st.
WANTED Girt for general housework;
wages $30. 735 Irving st.
WOMAN to work on coats. The Spencer Co.,
ladies tailors, 125 10th st.
GIRL for general housework. Apply 147 10th
st. Telephone Main 5598. -
COMPETENT c'ming-room gtrl at The Mar
lyn, 553 Washington st.
GOOD girl for general housework. Call 330
Park st. -
FIRST-CLASS skirt makers. 506 Marquam
WANTED Beginning and advanced sten
ographers to Join our special drill classes,
day or night ; will place you as soon as
competent. The school that makes young
1 people happy. Eclectic Business TJniver
slty, 68 Third street.
DESIRABLE permanent positions for ener
getic men and women; reliable firm ex
tending its branches need- capable local
and traveling managers to control sales.
203 Fliedner bldg.
MAN and wife to work on country place,
good home, close to city. Apply to D. J.
Beakey. room 212 Swetland bldg., 5th and
CAPABLE amateurs Interested In -dramatic
ait, under efficient directors. Apply Acme
Dramatic Club. Goodnough bldg.
FOR work or help, restaurants, hotels, fam
ilies, city and out. see Drake, 205 H Wash
ington. Telephones.
Xlmi Sweet Home" W
MtDo you want, to buy, sell or. TMj
f $s doe,n t mat,er which for by ffil
' 9mp' simply turning to the Real Estate S'i& P ' ?M$
-colurnn on the Wan' ,ny MmmMi
WrM&? -day' you win uro to find " Mf tWI'
'I$ffi$w'$JT buyer, seller, or some one with & if fy' V-:"
I lufTt?8!y r whom you can make a trade. -( S,X- r
lllH Y The best homes for sale, rent Ji'if
or exchange are always advertised wT&2il!
grfl in "The Oregonian." " MISS
YOUNG men snd women to prepare for
higher positions; advertising and shorthand
taught tree; write today for particulars.
Oakland Correspondence School, Oakland.
CaL -
DRAMATIC and specialty people in all lines
wanted. Address box R 319. Oregonlan.
Bookkeepers and "Clerks.
A YOUNG man. ajce 27. possessing brains, en
ergy. tact and executive ability, desires a
position tnat orrers a iuture to a mistier wno
wl 1 1 work for It. Am a gl u tton for work
and have a good knowledge of general office
routine, factory costs ami have been assist
ant to general sales manager of N. Y. cor
poration. A personal Interview If solicited.
O 324, Oregonlan.
COMPETENT clerical people, bookkeepers,
stenographers, collectors, shlpplnx and bill
clerks, salesmen, etc., reference as to char
acter and experience and ready to go to
work on the Instant. Free of all expense
to employer. Both phones, Main 7637,
A 5637. Clerks' Registration Bureau, AUsky
bldg., 265 Morrison, third floor.
YOUNG man wants evening work between 6
and 11 o'clock, such as keeping books, sten
ography, attending store or any other kind
of work ; can also devote Saturday after
noons and part or all of Sunday. J 319,
YOUNO man who has been assistant to di
vision sales agent of large Eastern firm
desires like position with Portland Jobber
or manufacturer's agent; experienced tn
office work; references. H 322. Oregonlan.
YOUNG man of good habits, with 12 years'
banking experience, desires connection
with bank or commercial-institution, city
or country; speaks German; references
first-class. H 824. Oregonlan.
CASHIER and general office man of over
15 years all-around office and business
experience, will be open for engagement
November 1. A-l city references. Ad
dress N 321, Oregonlan.
OFFICE man of 8 years' experience wishes to
. locate In Oreg-on; best of references; former
experience banking and wholesale lumber
from mill end1. G 823, Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED real estate man wants
general office , work. Can operate Oliver
typewriter and will furnish own machine.
G 322, Oregonlan.
YOUNG man of ability, graduate of an East
ern law school, wishes position in law of
fice. Address, stating salary paid, W 326,
WANTED By sober, Intelligent man of good
address, position in shipping-room of whole
sale or retail house. Address A 832, Ore
gonlan. POSITION By reliable, accurate bookkeeper,
steady worker with beet references; city or
country. . M 325,- Oregonlan,. Phone East
ALL-FOUND experienced office man and
bookkeeper wants situation, city, country.
B 32$, Oregonlan.
YOUNG man wants posit ten as bookkeeper
or office clerk. Address M 826, Oregonlan.
WANTED Position by male stenographer; ex
perienced and capable, 327, Oregonlan.
SOLICITORS First-class hustling man wants
position. Address N 325, Oregonlan.
WANTED Small set of books to keep after
4:30 P. M. J 330, Oregonlan.
STENOGRAPHER who is competent and re
liable. O 3X7, Oregonian.
WORK at home wanted by expert account
ant. K 324. Oregonlan.
RELIABLE bookkeeper wants position.
145, Oregonlan,
M Iscellaneons.
"WANTED Steady position By young man, 23
years old, sober and industrious . P 329,
BY steady, sober snd reliable man, position
as carpenter's helper. Address A 330, Ore
gonlan. MAN and wife-want Job at milking or man
agement of dairy ranch. D 310, Oregon
nlan. -
CHAUFFEUR wishes position, sober and re
liable. Address Chauffeur F SSL Oregon
lan. JAPANESE boy wants a place to do cooking
or housework In family. T. 6., 43 N. 4th
st., city. '
MARRIED man wants Job as manager of
ranch; highest references. C 324, Orego
nlan. AN experienced Japanese Janitor wants a
position In building or hotel. L 828, Ore
gonlan. MARRIED man wants Job taking care coun
try home; A-l references. C 325, Orego
nlan. WANTED A position as an elevator boy,
hotel preferred. C. E. Shepard, St. John,
JAPANESH want outdoor work; can furnish
20 or more laborers. A. Harada, 24S Couch
JAPANESE boy wants position as' private
barber or any kind work. X 323, Oregonian.
GOOD Japanese boy wants position, family,
housework or cooking.- M 320, Oregonian.
BY experienced chauffeur and mechanic, work
of any kind In automobile line. Pacific 3097.
YOLTNG, honest Japanese boy wants position
as schoolboy. Address M 334. Oregon laa.
MAN with team wishes to do hauling for
wholesale house. N 316, Oregonlan.
GOOD Japanese laborer wants cat brush or
. any other Job. D 326, Oregonlan.
YOUNG Japanese, good boy, wishes situation
at housework. S 322, Oregonlan.
PRINTER desires steady work forenoons or
afternoons. M 320. Oregonlan.
A JAPANESE) wants a Job In small saloon,
as porter. R 317, Oregonian.
RELIABLE man wants work as Janitor or
watchman. D 318, Oregonian.
DRAUGHTSMAN, competent, wishes work
evenings. D 316, Oregonlan.
I '
Miscellaneous. "
THOROUGHLY reliable, moral young man
of 22, first-class references, delrv posi
tion, outdoor work; is a competent chauf
feur; willing to take hold most anyming
offering chance of advancement. Home
phone A 5579.
ABLE-BODIED young man, sober, industrious
and quick to learn, wants to learn practical
farming; wages less an object than place
with an intelligent farmer. Address - Ca
sett. Hermiston, Or.
WANTED Position by first-class Japanese
cook and waiter, for business house; ex
perienced. Let us know by mail. 268
Everett st. Harry Noka.
MALE nurse desires position to take care
of Invalid; also willing to be companion
to aged gentleman; best of references.
R 316. Oregonlan.
WANTED By traveling salesman a good side
line to handle. In snd out of town; has bad
experience and can furnish references. K
810, Oresonlan.
iMAX 35 years of age would like position
In store, or as nlghtwatchman, 4 years'
FARM work wanted sober. Industrious young
married man ; wl f e n Ice cook ; men fin e
carpenter and farmer; references. G 305
8d St.
WANTHD Position as watchman in factory
or warehouse, understand taking care of en
gines and steam plants. P 818, Oregonlan.
WANTED By young man attending school,
position after school or Saturday and
Sunday, for board. K 320, Oregonlan.
POSITION as Janitor In apartment-house;
10 years' experience; can furnish best of
references. Address A S2, Oregonlan.
SITUATION wanted by experienced hostler,
thoroughly trustworthy; also experienced
with furnaces. Pacific 1983.
EXPERIENCED Japanese young man wants
position as schoolboy, understands English
well. E 319, Oregonlan.
BARBER Several years experience; steady
and strictly sober; small shop preferred. Ad
dress X 834, Oregonlan.
YOUNG Japanese desires half day work
from 7 A. M. to noon, or little afternoou.
X 325, Oregonlan.
4 1
SURVEYING with land or railroad survey
ing party as chain flagman or stakeman.
G 321, Oregonlan.
WANTED Concrete work by experienced
hand, can build frames for basement work.
E 316, Oregonlan.
PAINTER, paperhanger, works reasonably
for owners, city or country. Moves, 72a
Alblna avenue.
YOUNG man with good single express (out
fit wants hauling; what have you. X 326,
Bookkeepers and Stenographers.
CASHIBRS, bookkeepers, stenographers, col
lectors; salesladies, billing and osflca work;
reference as to character and experience fur
jiisheq.and ready to go to work on the In
stant. Free of all cost to employer. Both
phones. Main 7637, A 5637. Clerks' Regis
tration Bureau, &3 Allsky bldg., 205 Morri
son tt,
LADY with 10 years' experience In secre
tarial and stenographic work desires po-
- sltlon ; good education and business
ability; references. O 822. Oregonlan. -
EXPERIENCED stenographer desires po
sition at once; operator Underwood. Rem
ington or Smith. Call East 3160, between
9:30 and 11:30 A. M. Monday.
FOR good stenographer, experienced or
beginner, phone the Eclectic Business Uni
versity, Main 4504: the special training
and polishing school.
YOUNG woman having 10 months' experience
. In bank correspondence and legal work
wishes position as stenographer. Address K
828, Oregonlan.
YOUNG lady, five years' experience, w limes
position as bookkeeper and stenographer;
best references. W 332, Oregonian.
A YOUNG lady stenographer desires position
as office clerk; real estate preferred. C
333, Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and cashier
would like position; best of references. V
827, Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED stenographer and assist
ant bookkeeper desires position at once.
Call E. 3100, between 9:30 and 11:30 A.
M. Monday.
POSITION as assistant bookkeeper; no ob
jections to leaving city. Phone Union 4O30
on Monday. P 31, Oregonlan.
FIRST-CLASS experienced stenographer de
. sires position In or out of city. 169 16th st.
Home phone A 5.182.
YOUNG lady desires copying snd addressing
' to occupy spare time In office. 325 Ablng
ton bldg
EXPERIENCED lady stenographer desires
permanent position, best reference. F 328.
WANTED By experienced office woman po
sition as cashier or bookkeeper. H 326,
YOUNG lady wishes position as stenographer
or light office work, some experience. Call
Sell wood 284..
EXPERIENCED stenographer, bookkeeper
and cashier desires position. J 318, Ore
gonian. GIRL beginner wishes position as stenogra
pher or answering telephone.1 K 324, Ore
gonlan. YOUNG lady typewriter wishes position as
office girl. T 334, Oregonian.
LADY typewriter and office assistant desires
position. Phone Main 4394.
STENOGRAPHER who Is competent and re
liable. O 317, OreKonian. '
RELIABLE bookkeeper wants position. A
144. Oregonlan.
DraMtnskert, -
EXPERIENCED dressmaker (lately from
Germany), wishes employment in German
rami nes or at nome. miss limine r mscne,
270 East 36th st. .
YOUNG lady wishes position as apprentice
in dressmaking parlor. C 328. Oregonlan.
FIRST-CLASS dressmaker will make engage
ments by the day. Phone Woodlawn, 170.
FIRST se Angtjles Dressmaking Parlors. 242
Stb and Main. Pacific 2776; A 3992-
WANTED Plain sewing to do by the day;
$1.24 snd board. R 330r Oregonian.
UP-TO-DATE dressmaking, hlgh-cla
340 4th st. Pacific 2776. A 4323..
EXPERIENCED dressmaker, $2.30 day.
East 6217.
PLAIN sewing wanted. 91 1st St., room. 23.
AN elderly lady w lathes situation In Portland
as housekeeper to a widower or bachelor,
or to take charge of rooming-house. Ad
dress K. S. A., 104 12th St., Salem, Or.
RESPECTABLE widow wlshe position as
housekeeper for widower or rooming-house ;
would buy rooming-house i close In of owner.
R 334, Oresonlan. s
WOMAN with a little girl wishes a posi
tion as housekeeper, more for a good
home than big wages; prefer suburbs. 435
East Pine street.
WANTED A position as housekeeper In
small hotel or roomlng-housjV 3 years
experience. S 383, Oregonlan.
NEAT, capable woman with girl it desires
situation, housekeeper for widower's fam
ily. 230 Yamhill. Main 5413.
TRUSTWORTHY middle-aged woman wants
care of elderly couple, housekeeper widower's
family. L 327. Oregonian.
WIDOW 40 years old, wishes position as
housekeeper In widower's or bachelor's
home. D 324. Oregonian. ,
REFINED young widow wishes position as
housekeeper for respectable gentleman; close
. In. Phone Main 4407.
W ANTE D Entire chare: of small room Ing
hpuss by capable young woman.. Address T
317, Oregonian.
RELIABLE German glr! would like position
housekeeper or care of Invalid. Phono
Union 30 22-
WIDOW lady wishes charge of small select
rooming-house. Phone Pacific 2768. 56S
, 4th.
REFINED young lady wishes nursing by the
day; care of invalid preferred. E 818, Ore
gonlan. MIDDLE-AGED ladles experienced nurse.
67 E. Davis. East 2050.
WANTED Child from 3 to 5 years to care
for; a good home In the country on Salm
electric line. Addrees Oswego, Route 1,
Box 24.
REFINED lady wishes position as com
panion for a lady or nurse for a chtia,
thoroughly experienced. K 325. Oregonlan.
CAPABLE German trl desires situation,
governess or children's nurse; best refer
ences. 230 V Yamhill. Main 5413.
EXPERIENCED middle-aged nurse wants
nursing; semi -In valid child ; would travel.
230 Yamhill. Main 5413.x
WOMAN will take care of children evenings.
Mrs. Worley, 4S9 Alder street. phono
Main 34S5.
REFINED young Parisian lady desires light
work in home; not adapted for general
housework; could be lady's maid, jjompan-
Ion; good reader, writer; could shampoo,
drees hair. R 332, OreKonian.
GIRL In store wants to work for room snd
board ; good worker. Young Women's
Christian Association. " Main 6207.
GIRL wants place for housework ; use of
piano; no children. Young Women's Chris
tian Association. Main 51)07!
A YOUNG woman with boy would take
small wages in pleasant home. Address
Box D8. W. Wells, city.
A MIDDLE-AGED woman wishes house
work In small family. W 333, Oregonian.
GI RL wants general housework In East
Portland. Call Main 5413. Monday.
WANTED, position as cook. Call Monday,
723 Wilson st.
YOUNG lady -with experience seeks positions
with good printing-house as proofreader
or assistant proofreader; cfn operate lino
type and typewriter. C 332.: Oregonlan.
YOUNG lady wishes to give private lessons
In arithmetic and alfrehra to high school
pupils; would also help grade pupils;
terms reasonable. C 331, Oregontan.
WASH at my home, ladies' shirtwaists, chil
dren's clothes, underwear of all klntls.
lace curtains; first-class work done. Phone
East 4073.
POSITION with family to care for invalid
by middle-aged lady, can give referent-'t
Reply by mall. M. B.. 795 Vaughn.
WOMAN wants housework, washing. Ironing,
cooking, by day or hour. Phone between
7 and 9 P. M.. Pacific 2024.
YOUNG lady would like to take care of
office and answer phone; can give refer
ences. T 330, Oregonlan.
POSITION wanted by womnn to do chamber
work in hotel or rooming-house. Phone
Main 2099. L. S.
WANTED Position as chambermaid, where
can R-et room and board by Eastern lady.
D 320. Oregonlan.
WANTED Two more days esch week, reli
able woman; laundry or housework. Phone
East 4240. f
EXPERIENCED music teacher gives 2 piano
or mandolin lessons for 75 cents. V 328,
SHTRTWAISTS. silks and. fancy underwear
laundered by competent laundress. Phone
B 2333.
LADY entertains Invalids, eared, children, by
hour. day. month: references. Pac. 671.
A COMPETENT woman wants dsv work,
sweeping and cleaning. Main 220ft.
LACE curtains washed and stretched, 40c end
50c per pair. . Phone Main 7014.
LACE curtains laundered a specialty; best of
work. Phone Main 3740.
WA NTED A few more customers for day
work. Call Main 2012.
HOUSEWORK wanted by day. Phone Main
WOMAN wants day work. Phone E. 5360.
AGENTS wanted, nrien and women of good
character, to conduct local agency; can
vassing not necessary; can devote all or
only a portion of your time and profit
accordingly, from $3 to $10V dally at
start, and gradually increase as orders
duplicate; no capital required ; best op
portunity for agents to establish a per
manent business ever offnred by a reliable
house; no "string" 'to this offer. Write
, us immediately for your territory. C. W.
Turner & Co., 150 Nassau St., N-ew York.
AGENTS Chance of a lifetime; secure ter
ritory quick for our newly patented folding
umbrella; It's a mechanical wonder; car
ried In the pocket; everyone who sees It
buys; quarter million sold in New York in
a month; 100 per cent profit, $1 to $3 on
every sale, according to style: we will send
you free sample if you send us a refer
ence and 30c to pay express charges; no
sample sent without reference. New Jersey
Umbrella Co.. Hoboken. N. J.
WANTED Agents for the greatest novelty
in America, in every town and county tn
Oregon, Washington and California, to In
troduce a specialty, for which the pat
entee offers JflOOO if any similar great
selling noveH"f ts placed on the market by
any one. Hustling agents can make from
$5 to "10 per day. Address D. W. Coon,
solo agent for the manufacturers. No. 711
E. 51st st.. Los Angeles. Cal.
A SPLENDID business offer $1200 to $5000
per year conveniently positive for men and
women to manage home or store sales par
lors for the very latent, most attractive and
scientifically Improved drees shoe known for
women and children; 12 new eight-selling
original features; previous experience un
necessary; no risk; poneibllltles unlimited.
Answer today.- Marvel Shoe Co., 105 Sum
mer st.. Boston, Mass.
IF YOU'RE the man we want, write right
now ; mate a t o commission weeKiy or
start as sideline; well-known staple sold
by most lines every town; no samples to
lug; season Just onenlng; liberal datings.
Manufacturer. Box 1108, St. Louis.
SPECIAL accent wanted $75 weekly and
expanses easily' made selling our popular
combination policies and appointing
agents; experience unnecessary. write
Oscar Ekmnn, 313 Eitel bldg., Seattle,
A HOME company; low premium rates and
high cash values make the policies of the
Columbia Life A Trust Co. easy to sell.
A pply to Jesse R. Sharp, manager of
agents, 214 Lumber Exchange bldg.
BE a business woman; our representatives
make $25 and upwards a week; we establish
you In a permanent business; outfit prepaid;
write today. Women's Apparel Supply Co.,
Chicago, ill.
AGENTS WANTED Can you sell goods? If
so. we need you; complete outfit free;
cash weekly. Write for choice of terri
tory. Capital Clt. Nursery Co.. Salem. Or.
AGENTS WANTED--To sell our hla;h-grade
trees, shrubs, etc. ; out fit burnished free ;
commission advanced eech week; good terri
tory open. Albany Nurseries, Albany, Or.
FAMOUS new prize gaslight, sells for 10c,
leave on trial and collect cash; agents
making $40 weekly; exclusive territory.
Room 616. 60 Wabash. Chicago.
CALL and have, a private talk. You can sen
our lots, we help you and pay you well,
quit your Job for this. 31X Commercial
block, 2d and Wash.
PARISIAN diamonds, finest imported stones;
stnjid ecry test; write for catalogue; liberal
offer, $5 dally sure. Paris Manufacturing
Co., Syracuse, N. Y. .
WANTED 5 good- real estate agents to ell
Waverleigh ; good commVlon; none but
hustlers need apply. H. W. Lemcke Com
pany, 122Mi .6th st.
WANTED, AGENTS Legitimate substitute
for slot machines; patented ; sells on
sight for $1. Particulars Glsha Co., An
derson. Ind.
WANTED A good agent. Apply Sunday nil
day or week days after 3 p. M. 227
Washington st., room 57.
PROPOSITION where two Al solicitors can
make $50 weekly by addressing box 24U.
Walla Walla, Wash.
INVESTIGATE our line; a winner; $4 to
$7 per day ; manufactured here, V 321,
YOUNG lady employed, wishes board and
room, private family, central; references.
E 332. Oregonlan.
ONE large or two small unfurnished rooms
on West Side, south of Morrison st. H
316, Oregonlan.
YOUNG man attending business college wants
place to work for room and board. S 161,
Oregon lah.
YOUNG man attending business college wants
place to work for board and room. Main
YOUNG lady wants room and board In pri
vate family. West Side. K 31S, Oregohiau.
$5000 Fine new 7 -room bungalow wltn
modern conveniences, nearly 14 block or
ground, on West Side, commanding mag
nificent view; would consider improved or
unimproved lots as part payment- Address
E 320. Oregonian.
WANTED 20 to 44 -room modern rooming
house; Al tenant; might consider a building
to be erected. f
List your houses with us for Immediate
rental. Smith's Rw'al Agency, 315 Couch
bldg. Main 6120. a 1506.
WANTED One or two cottages or apart
ments, unfurnished for small families
without children, rent $15 to $30. accora
lng to location and conveniences. Can
phone Main 2073 or address X 329. Ore
gonlan. WA NTED To rent Houses, cottages, flats,
stores, offices, rooming-houses, etc. Land
lords will do well to call on Portland
Trust Company of Oregon. S. E. cor. 3d
and Oak. Phone exchange 72.
WISH to rent, furnished home by gentleman,
wife and daughter. Must be In good order,
dpslruhly situated. West Sid, prate - loca
tion and price. M S17. Oregoniaii.
WANTED 3, 4 or 6-room unfurnished bunga
low, with fireplace preferred, or hon
keeplng rooms with modern convenience.
Address P 337, Oregonian.
LADY with one child wants two hou--keeplng
rooms with strictly private fp.:--ily,
close in. modern. Answer 362 Wash
ington street, room 2.
J WANT well-furnished modern suite or al
cove room for one year within 12 blocks
of Postoffice. not exceeding $15 per mu.
D 333. Oregonlan.
WANTED ?ulte modern unfurnished roemtu
private family, not exceeding $12 per
month, within 14 blocks Courthouse. D
332. Oregonlan.
WANTED Immediately, 8 or 4 rooms, fur
nished or unfurnished ; steam heat pre
ferred, steady occupancy; business man.
Phone E. 884.
IN SELECT private family, 2 or 3 unfi
nished or partly furnished rooms for light
housekeeping by young couple. W S30,
WANTED By gentleman and wife. Fur
nished alcove room or suite with boar.
Must be modern and reasonable. P 327,
FURNISHED . 8 or 9-room house; must h
first-class in every respect; West Side; until
May or June. Frank Kau, Portland Hotel
WANTED Py 3 adults. 2 or furnishes
rooms for light housekeeping: a little out
of city preferred. E 825. Oregonlan. .
MIDDLE-AGED gentleman wishes furnlsn'd
room with sociable private family, closo
In; permanent. D 334. Oregonian.
LADY with one child wants roonr-and hoard
with strictly private family. Answer 303
Washington street, room 2.
ROOM AND BOARD For gentleman and
daughter, north of Washington, bet. 13ih
and 20th. K. 331, Oresonlan.
RANCH with all equipments; cash or on
shares; dairy preferred; highest references.
German. L 324, Oregonlan.
YOUNG lady desires board and room in pri
vate family in walking distance of City
Hall. P 338. Oregonlan. ,
TO RENT Unfurnlshe or will buy furni
ture 0-roorn flat: must be close in; furnace
heat. H 330, Oregonian.
WANTED 2 or 3 neatly furnished house
keeping rooms; reasonable; central. Ad
dress N 319. Oregonlan.
WANTED At once, modern house of about
8 rooms for A-l tenant. Wakefield. Fries
A Co., 229 Stark st.
LADY employed wants steam-heated room,
furnished or unfurnished, board preferred.
P 334, Oregonlan.
SIX or 7-room house by Nov. 1 ; permant;
West Side preferred. B 333, OreKonian;
WANT 20 rooms, modern, close in, py re
sponsible party, p 333. Oregonlan.
ROOM and board by young man; West Side;
modern. O 330, Oregonlan.
BOYS, we will pay 10 cents each for tns
ten largest chentnuts that are brougnt to
us on Monday.
Specialists In Residence Properties,
301 McKay Building. Third and Star Sts.
MAIN 5C50- 211 FIRST ST.
WANTED Men's cast-off clothing and
shoes; we also huv household furnishings,
highest price paid. Call at the "Fair
Deal,' 62 N. 3d sL Phone Pacific 1722.
WANTED To buy 100 or ISO acres of good
alfalfa land, suitable for dairying; lanu
(lit river or carllne preferred. Address K
326. Oregonlan.
THE Western Salvage Auction Co. wants $5000
worth of furniture and household goods;
highest prices paid. 20th and Wash, sts.;
phone Pac. 703.
WANTED Puppy, ft to 12 months old. me
dium sized breed and cheap. Give full
description and price. O 319, Oregonian.
Bull terrier dog puppy, s to 10
months old; give full description and low
est cash price. F 330, Oregonian.
WANTED All kinds of plain sewing done;
reasonable charges. 477 East 11th and Di
vision stj. Phone Sell wood 373.
WE have a client wishing to borrow $5O00j
will pay 7 per cent; secured hy close-in
acreage. 325 Lumber Exchange.
RANTED Two good parties in duck
shooting preserve, near city; references
required. E 334. Oregonlan.
PHONE East 6204 If you wish to sell your
household goods for rash, prompt atten
tion. 368 Hawtliorne avenue.
WANTED Modern small machine lathe,
also 4 to 1 H. P. motor, both In good
condition. O 327. Oregonlan.
TO RENT for the Winter, Oliver or Under
wood typewriter. Will receive good care.
Address W 322, Oregonian.
WANTED 300 pure bred young white . Leg
horn hens. Communicate with S. E. Barr.
Fern Hill, Wash.
CASH paid for furniture fixtures and mer
chandise, phone Main 1626. J. T. Wilson
WANTED All kinds store and office fixtures,
wall cases, counters, showcases. W 336,
WANTED To buy, a bay team about 120
pounds. 175 E- 23rd. Phone East 7S9 and
B 1007.
SPOT cash paid for your furniture, prompt
attention always given. Phone East "1007.
20 OR 30-passenjfer gasoline launch, with aids
curtains and cohered. R 822, Oregonlan.
Z PAY cash for household roods. Savage si
Pennell Fur Co.. 346 1st. Pacific 360. ,
-WANTED Second-hand malleable csokstove,
must be cheap. P 326, OreKonian.
WANTED To rent 7-room house close in,
reasonable. Phone Main 2000.
WANTED A fresh cow and calf. Staples,
the Jeweler, 162 1st st.
WANTED Good home for fine terrier, (fe
male). Phone Scott 821.
WANTED Curtains to stretch. 502 Petty
grove. Main 4191.
WANTED Home-canned fruit. A 2L3 or
211 Park st.
CIGAR and confectionery fixtures wanted.
N. st.
Furnished Rooms.
FT7RNISHED rooms, centrally located; hot,
cold water, electric lights, bath and -hoi h.
phones; reasonable. 340 Clay. Pac. 1313 or
A S3 13.
NICELY furnishes room, walking dften-. $J
per month. 429 6th t. Phone Main S676.
LARGE front room with alcove, suitPhle fr
2 or 3 gentlemen; $1.50 week. 67 KIul.
NICE clean room, suitable for one or two.
Phone, bath. SS month. 331 -J4:h t.
LARGE room for rent, suitable for two; also
single room; modern. 3254 loth st.
ONE steam-heated room: private; modern -flat;
$10 per mo. 4o3 10th, flat C.
2 NICELY furnished rooms', with bay window;
furnace heat; close In. 473 Aldr.
FURNISHED front parlor; heat, bath and
phone; $22 a month. 349 Jefferson.
LARGE parlor, two beds: nicely furnished;
bath, phone, etc. 3U Taylor.
ONE newly furnished steam-heated room for
rent. 190 Morrieon St., flat 4.
F: 1 05.2