The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 27, 1907, SECTION TWO, Page 8, Image 20

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- - - All located within few minutes walk of
on Mt. Scott trolley; we have branch of
fice at station and wilt be on the
grounds every day In the week.
1. 4 -room celled bouse, lot 40x125, 6
minutes' walk from station, only $675;
all cash.
2. 4-room house, pantry and closets, 8
' lots, well Improved, 12 fruit and other
trees, berries and grapes, $100; $".50 cash.
ii. ntrn Mure ktuuiiu, iiuiiuics wmiiv
from station, (rood 2-room house." wood
shed and chlcken-houae, all fenced; $900.
$rod cash, ba). $15 monthly.
4. 4-room plastered house, nearly new,
rood condition, lot 40x,129, city water,
chicken-house and run, close to station,
cozy little home bound to increase in
value; $900, $250 cash, balance $10
6.- 4-room cottage, Rood shed and work
shop, chicken-house and yard, fruit trees,
strawberries, flowers,, flne harden, beauti
ful lawn, H acre ground, few minutes'
wain iu tttiiun, an ieucni, uny wnwi
tn house and on lawn; ground Improve
ments alone cost hundreds of dollars, a
cnjy lime no me worm more raonej ,
all cash.
lights, toilet, bath, cltv water, lot 50x
10u. $14j0. 1300 cash, balance $20 month-
" ly.
7 5-room, nearly new, celled house, 1
acre flne ground, 6 minutes walk to sta
tion; city water In house and garden, a
birgain and sure money-maker; $1600,
$1000 cash, balance $10 per month.
8. 4-room cottage (cost about $125 to
" finish), H acre ground. Tminutes walk
from station. $1600, $600 cash, balance
9, S-room modern house, city water,
also 1 four-room house on 1 acre ground,
30 minutes' walk to station; $2850. $1000
10 Good 6-room modern cottage,
electric lights, city water. bath, good
barn, fruit tr'ees, flne garden, chlcken
, house and run, 115x100 ground, corner,
oppoMte station; a very nice home; $2200,
all cash.
11. Two lots. 50x100 each, 2 blocks
from station; $450, a sure money-maker.
12. 6-room modern house, 2 lots, 50x
100. good basement, fine improvement s.
- small fruits: $2300. $700 cash, balance $30
13. Lot 75x100. near station, only $400,
half cash.
14. 10-acre tract at Bell's station, on
Estarada car line; will make nne build
ing lots; $3000, half ca?h.
; Specialists in residence properties.. 301
McKay bldg.. ad anti Stark sts.
sJlO.OOO lOOxloo and splendid 8-room house;
hardwood Hoots, modern in every particu
lar; close In; E. 6th at., Holladay Addition;
will sell house and one lot If desired; terms.
$0500 Nice corner lot and new modern
" 8-room house, nicely situated, in Irvlngton;
$t00 Corner lot and new modern 7-room
house, nicely situated on E. Yamhill st. ;
$3750 50x100. with old house, on Clay St.,
near 14th: nothing as cheap In this vicinity.
g.tOOO Fractional lot and good 6-room cot
tage on Belmont t.. near E. 17th.
... $15ai 60x126 and nearly new 6-room
house; nice lawn, fruit, loo feet from car
. line; terms.
309 Lumber Exchange. i
Near East 30th and Powell. 5 lots, 46x91,
$R.V) each: streets Improved.
Near East 6th and Brooklyn, 8-room
house, $4250; $1250 cash, balance 6 par
Near 22d and Taggart. 5-room cottage,
$2"0O. cash $M0, balance at 6 per cent.
Other bargains. See
407 Ablngton bldg.
New. up-to-date 6-room house; lot 50x100;
cement walks: full basement; furnace, fire
place ; nrst-clntrs plumbing; combination
gas and electric fixture: china and linen
- closets built in; window shades hung; close
to car; easy terms.
614 Chamber of Commerce.
$oR00 to $7000 Four modern 6 and 8-room
house?; complete In every detail; best
- of plumbing, open fireplaces and fur
nace: full lots, 2 of them corners', west
of 23d st.. near Broadway and Irvlng
ton car lines.
- 202 McKay bldg., cor. 3d and Stark.
12 acres, all in cultivation; most atl bot
tom land; fronts on gravel road; lees than
half mile from railroad station, only 10
mllfi out: under fence; some bearing fruit
trees; splendid land; no buildings; might
take city nroperty in exchange.
217 Ablngton Bldg.
$R250 8-room modern residence; complete in
every detail; hot-water heat system
throughout hou.-e; built 4 years for
owner; inside finish redwood and fir
polished; corner lot: rhotce location.
202 McKay bldg., cor. 3d and Stark.
MENT. $18,000.
TSxlOO. with, 3-story building: close In;
paying over 0 per cent grops; will double in
value within 5 years; let us tell you why.
614 Chamber of Commerce.
FOR SAT.E Two flne enst-front lots, corner
Cleveland avenue and Highland street.
Piedmont ; also two east and south-front
Tots on Portland boulevard, near the
demptoriet Church; owners must selt.
need money. O'Brien Realty Co.. Lumber
The owner of a ROxDo fv?t lot on Grand
ave.. In the business center nf the Eist
Side, has aked us to enjbmlt him an offer
for his pronely. Say It must be eold.
Eureka Land Co.. 411 Buchanan bldg., 2864
Wash. Ft. Pacific 645. Home A3221.
OVER 400 acres of good, rich land, within
one hour's drive of Forest Grove, thnt will
be sold any time this month for $15 per
acre; this has over I.OOO.OOO feet of timber.
. some of It. good saw timber; a -part v will
ing to take a third Interest In it. Inquire
; B 3.10. Oregonlan.
STYLISH 6-room cottage, not quite fin
ished; S lots. 100x120. in choice fruit
trees, berries end garden; block of ea
llne: $200 will complete and make it
- worth $2500; price now, $1750; $1000.
down. Portland Homes Co., 204 Morri
- son st.
HAVE you seen the beautiful bulldlnr lots
we are selling near Hawthorne ave.. 'i the
. district of fine homes, for only 550. li
cash, balanc to mit Call at this office
" and let up shw you thewe h-ralr. M. E.
Lee, room 20 Raleigh bMg.. 8234 TVs ph.' wt.
$o?VX 3 new modem 6-room cottage,
corner lot. bath, etc., ffber planter, gas and
lectrlc lights, sewers and all Imnrovements
. In. Inquire 208 4th. Pacific 2125 or Main
. S900.
- $16 00O Tncome prope-tv. choice location.
West 8!de; Income SI 032 per year: nlwevs
- rented ; Improvements first-class: an Invest
ment von will be proud of. M. E. Lee,
room 20 Balelgh bldg., 3234 Wash. st.
FORCED to sell; a beautiful 6-room bunga
low, modern In everv derail. 1ut t 'n'shed.
- located on one of the choice- Iot In Tr
' vinton: will tnke Jt-isno. Sec McGrath.
Boom 30. Hamilton bldg.. 131 3d st.
TJ a front BOx1 00 vt at $4 to : tret
graded, and price includes cost of sidewalk;
6 per cent Interest: you will .have to hurry.
Phone E. 3606 evenlne.
XEW 8-room house, furnace, bath, cement
basement, cement walks, etc. : lot 50x150;
rinse In: onlv $4000, one-hfOf cash. La
throp & Lawrence. 204 Lumber Exchange.
$nrlrtfi noxioo on En- Msln. close In: has a
5-r-vim cottare. with streets Improved and
rM for; vou'll want it If vou see It.
WaMo F. FtewarT. 211 Commercial block.
IN-VFSTMEXTOuarter-block on Third st.,
with eMr.e tracks: flne location for whole
sale, menufsctug or warehoie: snap;
"""" $40,000; terms. 325 Lumber Exchange.
'LEAVING CITY And will -ell th home:
new 6-room bouse. 1O0x1n" round and
household 'nrnltnre for Jt'lV V- down.
Write D 323. Oregonlan: no agents.
$2750-0x100 on Fst Seventh, near Mill: has
enough Income to pay expenses: good fu-
trre to this nropert y. Waldo F. Stewart,
211 Commercal block.
$220 6t1?0. facing the south on East Sal
mon. cloer In than 20th. that Is a dandv:
ree It Monday. Waldo F. Stewart. 211
i ' Com me r c 1 al bl ock.
LOT 5126. with old hulMtng, near Jefferson
: at.. West Side. $3500; $looo cash. Lathrop
A Lawrence. 204 Lumber Exchange.
. Jlflro vine full lot near good csrlln. 2o-
rninute ride: all cleared and level. Waldo
F. Stewart, 211 Commercial block.
6,a ) r -room rnurri ' ' m . nmn. eie"irif"
- Ilrhts. lerge lot. f"rnpbed complete; near
$5O0 HANDLE6 24 seres on city limits: flns
-. e"il- all cultivated; very cheip; owner.
W 884, Oregonlan.
SPHINX AGENCY. 805H Stark st.. can sell
your business property or residence.
$3500 Lot ooxlOO, with new modern 7
room house. West Side; walking distance;
will give good termp; a bargain.
$25 Corner 5)xl0. liti 6-room mod
ern bungalow; a snap.
$10uo Comer 50x100-. with 3-room cot
tage, on carllne; a good buy.
$305O Lot M'xIOO, on Grand ave., with 9
room modern house.
$40XK Lot 60x100. with modern 8-room
hous9 and good fireplace.
$;650 Corner, ICoxluO, with modern 7
room house, beautiful lawn.
$H250 Lot 50xlX. with new modern 6-
moin hntLMe anti 1ft-ft llv
$3250 each, two modern 6-room houses, 4
walking distance; a snap.
$25u0 Corner with good 5 -room cottage:
cIoeo to carllne; good buy.
$1250 Lot 5rtxioo. with 5-Doom house; a
bargain and good terms.
$2Koo Lot 54ixlO. with beautiful 5-room
cottage and good fireplace.
$10.500 Beautiful corner with modern 10
room house; Nob Hill district; waiklng dis
tance; good terms; a big bargain.
$10.750 Corner. lOoxioo, in HoJladay's
Addition, wttb 3 modern houses; one 9
room house with fireplace and two 6-room
houses; this property is well rented and
this Is a bargain ; terms.
$1100 Corner. 100x100, on East Main
street ; a good huy.
$l50 Iot 50x90, on Mississippi ave., close
to carehops; a snap.
$7000 Comer. 100x100, on Thurman st.;
good terms; a bargain.
$3200 buys a beautiful comer. 50x100,
close In. suitable for flats or apartment
house; this is a big bargain.
2 acres close to carllne; all kinds
of fruit.
$3700 5 acres, good house and outbuild
ing!;; lots of fault and berries of all kind;
cloe to carlln a bargain.
- $tt2o0 buys 11 acres; 9 acres cleared,
with good house and outbuildings, young
orchard; the best -of land; cloe !n and
close to carllne; this Is a bargain.
$150 per acre buys one of Lhe test 85-acre
farms In Willamette Valley, In high Mate
of cultivation ; all kinds of fruit, good
house, good barn and outbuildings; this la
an Ideal farm, mile of R. R. station and
graded school, 12 miles of Portland, and
good terms.
For farms and acreage give us a call. We
have lots of them on easy terms.
Real Estate. Farm Land and Acreage,
No. 141 First st.. corner Alder.
Room 3-4 Oddfellows bldg.. Portland." Or.
That choice homestead property, being
subdivision of lot No. 2, block "M." Tabor
Heights, In parcels of 50x100 feet each,
will b sold at rubllc auction, on the
ground at Tabor Heights tomorrow. Mon
day. October 28. at sharp 2 o'clock P. M.
Take Mt. Tabor and Morrison streetcar
to place of sale; rain or shine; easy terms.
Go out today and lonk it over.
S. L. N G I L V A N. .. uct 1 nneer.
$8500 Double 9-room house. Fourth, bet.
Harrison and Hal! sts.
$6300 New 7-room modern house, lot
65x100. Willamette Heights.
$400 Good 8-room bouse. 32d. bet. John
son and Kearney, FULL LOT; about half
ca;h down.
$3000 6-room atory and half house. 21st
St.. bet Savier and Thurman; part cash;
J2300 85x100. Kearney, west of 22d.
$3 00 100xl0. corner E, SOth and- Couch.
LAMONT & HARRIS. 306-7 Swetland bldg.
$4100 6-room modem houae, fine large
, bathroom, full lot, all Improvements,
streets paved. concrete basement,
Cleveland ave., near Sumner et.. Wal
nut Fark; block to Williams ave. car
line: opportunity to buy home- very
choicest surroundings.
202 McKay bldg., cor. 3d and Stark.
1 5-room cottaee. 2 lots, Axl00: lots of
fruit; on East Stark at. ; price $1800, Vi
1 5-room cottage, modern; 2 lots. 1Tx100,
fine lawn and roses, lots of fruit; pries
$2800; easv terms.
232 Washington st.
FOR SALE 10 acres, fine location, near in.
lots In this vicinity selling from $400 to
$M0 per lota. O'Brien Realty Co., Lum
ber Exchange.
20,000,000 FEET on Columbia River and
-50,009. COO ft., river and rail: good snlll.
8.O0O.000 ft. on river; small mill.
liH,000,000 ft. A-l nr. Willamette Valley,
looo acres nllina and teleuhona Doles.
' near railroad, cheap.
other deals on hand. W e solicit your
trade, both buying and selling.
310-311-312 Swetland bldg.
TIMBER claims to locate, one 80-acre,
2.500,000 to 3.00O.00O feet good yellow nr
near a good stream, easy to get to.
8u-acre, 2.6OO.UOO to S.OoO.OOO feet yet
low flr, near R. R., easy to get on to.
160 acres, 2.500,000 to 3,000.000 feet
$5K) worth of wood, 12 miles from gooa
town ; this Is a relinquishment: all good
Investments. Inquire 4-4 Third street; go
ing out Monday evening.
Wo hava several attractive Umber prop
osition ; call and Investigate; timber
lands In Oregon, California and Washing
ton, from 1000 to 20.000 acres.
Sixth and Washington.
160 ACRES fine sugar pine, flr and celar;
cruise about 5,OO0,mm feet; choice fruit land
when cleared; within 3 miles of S. P. Rail
road; plenty of good spring water; a bar
gain for quick sale.
614 Chamber o Commerce.
Chicago. New Orleans. Seattle.
29 Chamber of Commerce.
FOR SALE 16 miles south of Seaside, on
Cannon Beach, Tillamook road, 145 acres,
4,000,000 ti m ber, V, ni 1 1 e ocean f ron tage ;
fine place for Summer resort; make me an
offer. S. W. Bailey. 387 E. Wash. st.
AN excellent opportunity offered for invest
ment in sawmill on tieep water on Oregon
Coabt; controlling Interest. Full particu
lars to bona Ada purchasers. Address T
323. Oregonlan.
TIMBER lands cruised and estimated;
charges reaaonable: will call to any ad
dress given. Address William Brock,
803 y Washington st, or box 130, New
berg, Or.
10,000,000 FEET choice saw timber, mill,
planer and everything complete at bargain-counter
prices for few days only.
F. M. Batchelor, 215 Couch- bldg.
We have a specially good buy in a large
tract of yellow fir; also some pine tracts.
Sphinx Agency, 305 ty Stark st.
200.000.000 RED and yellow fir; best propo
sition on Pacific Coast for logging "camp,
with a good nilllsite: will sell at bedrock
price. W 320. Oregonlan.
I CAN sell your timber claim If there Is any
ale for It at all. A. D. Marshall. 427
Chamber of Commerce.
HOMESTEAD relinquishment; will exchange
for city property; will assume mortgage.
X 257. Oregonlan.
TIMBER wanted. Or. or Wash.; large or
small tracts. Sphinx. Agency. 305 H Stark.
bought and sold. 403-4 McKay bldg.
WANTED To buy .timber claim relinquish
ment or homestead timber relinquishment.
O 3.19, Oregonlan.
WANTED A good homestead relinquishment,
well timbered ; will deal with owner only.
J.R2R. Oregonlan.
WANTED To buy a good farm from owner
of about 50 to 100 acres; prefer land on
the river or . carllne; give full description
and price. N 820. Oregonlan.
ALL kinds. Including approval forest re
serve scrip, for surveyed, unsurveyed tim
ber and prairie Government rand. H. M.
Hamilton. The Portland, Portland, Or.
100x100 CORNER, center of St. John, Or., will
lease for term of years for first-class hotel;
some man with money can make a fortune.
P 323, Oregonlan.
"THE bee that gets the honey doesn't hang
around the hive." That's the reason why
we are enabled to get hold of bargains in
all kinds of residence properties we're
after good properties all the time and give,
our patrons the benefit of our hustling.
Every woman knows what a task house
bunting is; let us take the work off youi
shoulder; let us know what kind of a
- property you want and we will get it tot
you If it is possible to do so.
. Specialists in Residence properties,
301 McKay Building, Third and Stark Sts.
$6000 WAITING to buy ciose in. West Side,
modern 6 to S-room house; need four bed
rooms; prefer one- story; owners; write
address and price to G 327, Oregonlan.
Phone (week days) Main &0G6.
LIST your homes and vacant property with
us for results; also have a customer for
some good income property. E. R. Mark
ham & Co., 209-210. Commercial block.
WANTED Houses In any part of this city.
We can sell them.
104 Second and 392 E. Burnslde sts.
BUYERS waiting for homes from. $1500 to
$50C0; now is the time, today; don't wait
for tomorrow. G. S. Draper, 343 Vi Wash
ington est., rooms 3 and 4, cor. 7th.
I WANT a 6 to 7-room modern; will pay
$-50 cash and balance as rent; must be
close in or near carllne; bunnyside pre
ferred. M 316 Oregonlan.
WANTED A home of about 8 rooms: must
be modern, nicely situated In gcod locality,
on West Side; will pay cash for a bar
gain. A 331, Oregonlan.
WANTED Two to 20 acres suitable for lot
ting; arteo 40 to 100 acres suitable for acre
tracts; give full description, location and
price. T 332, Oregonlan.
I WILL take an equity In a good building lot
as a first payment on a modern 5-room
cottage; balance may be paid on easy terms.
C. W. Davis, 270 Stark st,
WANTED Improved property from $fO00 to
$12,000, or to loan $8000 on improved prop
erty, all centrally located. T 322, Oregoaian.
I CAN sell any good residence In Irvlngton;
send me what you have and J. will sell It.
A. D. Marshall, 427 Chamber of Commerce.
WANTED 4 or 5-room cottage; small pay
ment plan ; wilt deal with owners only;
agents save stamps. K 330, Oregonlan.
WANT to 'buy from owner lot on Bast Side;
must be weert of Union ave.; state price and
exact location. H 331, Oregonlan.
TEN to 20 acres on suburban line; will ex
change new bungalow; four lots, highly Im
proved. Phone owner. Union 3522. .
WANTED Eastern buyer wants fancy 5 to 6
room cottage or bungalow; select district;
no agents. J 324. Oregonlan.
WANTED Direct from owner, an Improved
farm; give description, legal numbers, price
and terms.- T 333, Oregonlan.
WANTED 6 to 7-room house, good condition;
fractional lot; West Side; $4000 to $5000
. cash. B 332, Oregonlan.
6-ROOM modern house or lot. choice dis
trict; give particulars; lowest cash price.
D 331, Oregonlan.
WIIJj pay cash for bargain unimprovced city
or suburban property; give particulars. G
3.'18, Oregonian.
WANTED To buy lots or acres in Pasco.
Addreas M. R. Wood, box
172, Seattle.
WANTED 5, 7-room home, $1000 cash, bal
ance time. Owners or agents. S 317,
WANT piece ground suitable for small busi
ness; with old building preferred. S 321,
WANTED To buy two 5 or 6-room cottages;
must be easy payments. M 318, Oregonian.
WANTED Modern home In South Portland;
cash; owners only. B 331, Oregonlan.
ALL kinds of property wanted by F. Du
bois. Washington bldg.. room 3.
WHAT have you to trade for elegant resi
dence and two 8-room cottages In Eastern
city of 15,000. 2 hours from Chicago; aisw
finest gentleman's country seat site of 12
acres on banks bf Hudson River, with
finest scenery of mountains. rivers and
cities In ,he world; 2 hours from N. .
City and from 1 to miles from 3 other
cities. Owner, O 300. Oregonlan.
EXCHANGE A Hood River farm for port
land real estate.
It pays to see us.
425 Chamber of commerce. t
Phone Main 1652.
6 ACRES near Clackamas station, splendid
7-room house, good barn, cow. horse, wag
on and chickens. Lots of fruit trees ou
place; to trade for house and lot. W. W.
Zollars, room 32 Washington bldg. Phone
Main 3586.
MILLINERY business for a small house or
lot in Portland; established business on East
tilde, at bargain.
80 acres of choloe land for Portland home.
ROOMING-HOUSE. 12 rooms, part house
keeping, all rented, right In center of city,
r- rent $45; will trade for suburban house
and lots equal value; price $SO0., P 332,
FOR sale or exchange. :fl0-aere fruit and
stock farm, at White Saimon, Wash., for
Portland property. Address John Lealand
Henderson. Hood River. Or.
10 ACRES choice unimproved fruit land
near Silverton, value $400,. to exchange
for Oregon Trust deposits at 0c on the
dollar. 1411 Rodney ave.
DESIRABLE Salt Lake" residence properties
to trade for Portland property or timber
lands. Causey Land' & investment Co.,
506-7 Swetland bldg.
160-A-JKE farm near Columbia River in
' Skamania County. Washington, in ex
change for ilty property. 620 Marquam
DENTAL office, advertising. fine corner.
low rent, long lease; will sen or exenange
for property of equal value, p 330, ore
gonlan. WILL exchange rooming-house, 33 rooms. 3
years' leape, for city real estate worth
$2500. Write me today. E 326. Oregonian.
160 ACRES alfalfa land near Lo Angeles.
Cal.. to exchange for Oregon property. P.
C. Lassen A Co., 294 3d St., Portland.
PARROT Good talkr, for sale or exchange
for film kodak or phonograph. F. Chandler,
4W8 Mill st., near 14th. Forenoons.
WOULD like to hear from party having va
cant lots to exchange for a fine residence.
East Side. T 321. Oregonian.
A $52 EH era' piano certificate for ducKs or
chickens or what have you to trade T
Phone Tabor 566.
HORSE to trade for top buggy ancTsaddit.
Call grocery store cor. Union ave. and
Falling st. north.
WILL exchange equity In East Side lote
for furniture or piano. Address F a34,
FIRST-CLASS automobile, runabout, as part
payment on lot In good locality. F 324,
CARPENTERS, plasterers wanted, who will
exchange work for lot close In. d 325, Ore
gonlan. VALUABLE lot for furniture, piano, desks
or gun as part payment. W 338. Orego
nian. WILL trade good lot or lots for old law
books. 311 Commercial block, phone Main
. 8109.
NEW modern house, will take good vacant
property part payment 3 322, Orego
nian. -
REAL estate for Oregon Trust A Savings de
posit. A ins worth Smith, 3G9 Wells-Fargo.
WILL trade for what you have. L. Ains
worth Smith. 300 Wells Fargo bldg.
$150 WORTH of -merchandise to trade for
what you have. W 831. Oregonian.
HOOD RIVER apple land for sale. Call
Main or A 1685.
F 1 1 ' ...... 1
HOOD RIVER apple and hay ranch; want
man not afraid of work: family preferred.
Team and implements furnished. Work all
Winter. Call forenoons 498 Mill, near 14th
and see owner. F. Chandler.
ACREAGE In large or .small tracts for gar
dening, small fruits, chicken ranch or
general farming; we can suit you. Sphinx
Agency. 305 H Stark st.
20 ACRES, all clear, fenced. 7 miles from
city. 1 mlie from Gates Crossing; $3000; a
snap. Investigate. 132V6 6th it. H. W.
Lerncke Co.
16t-acre farm, situated In Cowlltx Coun
. ty, Washington, H mile frem boatianaing,
R. R. station and good school; substan
tial improvements, consisting of a good 6
room house, large barn, granary, dairy
and all necessary outbuildings. This farm
is well fenced and cross-fenced, has abun
dance of living water, more than 8t acres
under the plow, a large and prontabie
orchard consisting of more than 30o select
cherry trees, and a large variety of otner
fruit, a good team, 3 cows, 300 chickens,
20 stands of bees, plenty of feed to- carry
stock through the Winter; only $3750
. per acre.
24 6 9-16 acres of flne hill land. 22 miiee
' southwest of Portland. 70 acres unoer
plow. 30 acres more could be iut under
tillage by a few weeks' work, about 2-5
more slashed and seeded, the remainder in
timber and brush, of which 40 acres are
fine pi 1 ins; and tie timber; there is con
siderable cedar, and about 1,000.000 feet
of saw timber; sawmill on the placet
buildings connected with It go with tno
farm, it is splendidly watered with nn
springs of living water, soil excellent
fields all fenced and cross-fenced, a goou
family orchard, house of 8 rooms, plas
tered and well finished, large woodshed.
other outbuildings, blacksmith's snop witn '
iooib complete, z acres or young cnerry
trees, about 5 acres of young walnut trees.
15 tons of hay. 360 bushels of oats. hh
bushels of wheat go with place. The stocx
Includes 3 horses. 3 cows, 20 pigs, 2 brood
sows. 14 stock hogs, 16 goats, while inn
implements consist of mower, "rake, disc
drill, disc harrow, 3 plow's, 2 drag bai
rowa, l cultivator, 2 wagons, l hack. 1
buggy, 1 hand garden seeder, cream sep
arator, 2 incubators, besides farm ana
garden tools too numerous to mention.
Will take a smaller farm as part of tne
purchase price. Price $10,000. All the
above described farm Implements are new,
while the farm has telephone and R. F. D.
and lies close to school and church.
Well-equipped farm near Tigardvllle, 12
miles from Portland, mile to school. 01
80 acres, 70 of which is in a high state
of cultivation, 5 acres of fine timber, 5 in
pasture, well fenced, with good buildings.
Everything goes with the place, including
cattle, pigs, fine team of horses, wagon,
hack, some 23 tons of hay, 300 bushels or
oats, 100 bushels of wheat, splendid prune
orchard and dryer, etc. Price $8500. This
is an exceptional bargain, the owner leav
ing owing to Illness.
40 acres. 11 miles west of Portland, all
Improved, fair buildings, good fences,
family orchard, the best of ; land, oniy
40 acres rich land near Tigardvllle, only
A very fine dairy farm, no better 00
acre farm in Clark County, near proposed
streetcar line, located in a good nelghbor-
hood, handy to school, church, store; has
telephone and R. F. D.. a new barn, wx
66. cement foundation ; 11 high-grade
dairy cows, young team, 4 and 5 years
old, all farm implements in good condi
tion, 50 tons of hay, all dairy and farm
machinery, poultry; a flne stream on the
place. All for $3250. - -
20 acres on Base Line road, 9 miles out.
6 improved; $4000.
If you are looking for a farm anywhere
In the Northwest, call and see me. I have
a large list of Oregon and Waahlngtoa
Real Estate.
21p-2l6 Ablngton Bldg.
HOW about that houe and lot you have
several miles out? Would It not be better
to sell it now when you can get a good
frici for it, and buy a nice little place out
n the country, where you could be quite
independent ir the hard times should come
Here are a few bargains from Forest
Grove. Or. :
1. 4 acres of land, close to town, with
house and barn and good orchard ; price
f 1 IW.
2. 12$ acres, with fine house and good
barn, family orchard; all the land is un-
. der cultivation and in flne shape; $3300.
3. 18-acre fruit farm, house and- barn,
5 acre in bearing prunes, new fruit dryer
goes with place; price $1500.
4. 4y acres stock range; only $1000.
For further particulars call on or write
to Fores t Gro v e Real Est at e Co. , Fore st
Grove, Or.
$2600 Nice 10-acre well-Improved fruit
. farm close to cannery and Newberg College;
lovely home and moneymaker.
$4500 For an 80-acre well-Improved farm.
13 miles from Portland, good buildings and
best of soli; 30 acres in timber with more
cordwood than to pay for the place. Easy
$-15 per acre for a 400-aere river bottom
farm, fronting 2 navigable rivers; firet-class
buildings and soil. There Is enough timber
left to pay for the farm with cordwood, sold
to the boats; 1-3 cash, balance 10 years 6
per cent. f
If you want to buy a good farm of any
alze and kind and want to buy right, see
F. FUCHS. 221 Morrison st.
2 54 sections In Columbia Co., unimproved
best Al farm land, good Improved farms,
close to these lands, each J4 section has
about flOOO.000 feet of good timber, Ne
halem River runs close to these lands, and
R. R. surveyed near them, here is a chance
to get a good, ranch cheap. Price $2500 for
1 quarter and $2000 for the, other or will
trade for good Income property In -city.
709 Swetland bldg., 6th and Washington.
2 acres, partly cleared; lies well; best
of soil and can bo put in first-class condl
dltlon for orchard at $30 per acre; 8 miles
from Hood River, convenient to school,
store, etc.; 6-year-old orchard close by
recently sold for $1000 per acre; this place
can be had at the very low price of $75 per
acre; If Interested in Hood River lands,'
call at our office for full Information.
60S-5C9 Swetland bldg., cor. 5th and Wash.
720 ACRES Sherman County wheat land all
undr- cultivation with good Improvements.
This farm is near railroad and In the best
wheat-raising district in the county. Can
be bought for $40 per acre; $S000 down, bal
ance on easy terms If taken before seeding
' season commences. Will pay for Itself In 4
years. Investigation invited. Write or call
on C. E. Johnson, Moro, Or.
325 ACRES good soil, part cleared and in cul
tivation, about 9 miles from Portland, neifcr
new carllne, 10-acre orchard, fair house and
barn, enough wood can be cut from place
to pay price asked. Only $65 per acre; must
sell to settle estate. Terms. ,
Columbia Trutit Company,
Couch Bldig., 109 4th st., near Washington.
$2400 will buy a 40-acre farm on pro
posed Mt. Hood R. R.. 17 miles from Port
land, half under cultivation, good orchard,
abundant spring water, 3-room bouse and
large barn.
614 Chamber of Commerce.
35 acres choice land, including 7 acres
hops, yielding this year 15,000 lbs. ; all
kinds fruit trees, including 200 English
walnuts; good shipping facilities, steamers
landing on premises; situated 30 miles from
Portland, at Yeagers landing. Marlon Co.,
Or. Apply at 207 Oregonlan bldg.
320 ACRES situated In best wheat belt In
. Sherman County; has good house, barn and
outbuildings and water In abundance; yield
1907 was 32 bushels per acre. Railroad
within J4 mile of houee; $40 per acre; $3000
down, balance deferred payments. Address
or call on C. E. Johnson. Moro, Or.
6-ACRB tracts near Vancouver. 24 miles from
ferry landing, partly cleared, lay nice, good
soil, water easily gotten. They are snaps
for $300 up. on terms.
Columbia Trust Company.
Couch B!d., 109 4th st., near Washington.
20 ACRES near Greshnm. all in cultivation,
at a bargain a few days; 160 acres near
Gresham, 35 In cultivation, fine spring
water In house, some good timber, price
550 per acre, if sold by Nov. 10. 1907.
Gresham Real Estate Co., Gresham. Or.
gfSOOO will buy this ranch. The improve
ments alone cost as much as owner asks for
the whole place; $1500 will handle this.
Eureka Land Co., 411 Buchanan bldg., 2S6V
Wash at. Pacific 645, Hoie A3221.
5000 SHEEP, $4 per head; 8000 acres land.
$5 per acret 250 tons new hay, $0 per ton;
four horses, farm Implements. $1000; 150
' head cattle. $20 pvr head. See James
Connolly. Burnet Ranch, Crook County,
FARM. 19 r acres. 7-room house. 350 fruit
trees. 7 acres cleared: plenty wood, water,
outbuildings, for $1800; half cash down;
easy terms for balance. A. Franti, Knappa.
25 ACRES fine rich eoll, level, under culti
vation: few miles from city; half mile to
electric car; $200 per acre; terms. Seng
stake & Lyman. 90 fith st . near Stark.
BEST BARGAINS 110-acre farm, $1800; 160
. acre farm. $3000 ; 40 acres, $1500; 1000-acre
, dairy ranch, complete. $35 per acre. Joseph
Parker. Hoi brook. Or.
KLAMATH CO. 560 acres fenced, own Irri
gation. 300 acres meadow, lOO acres tame
bay, stock and buildings; $13,500, terms.
C 330. Oregonian.
CENTRAL OREGON, good lands cheap, for
ale by Van Tassel ft Davis. Write or call
ou them for information. Madras." Crook
County, Oregon.
FOR SALE 20 acres. 1 miles east of
Clackamas Station: all cleared bottom land:
price $2000. Inquire 168 East 6th.
160 ACRES. 24 head cattle, $2250. 80 acres.
10-room house. $1306; 40 acres on bay, $700.
v O. MIddtekauff, Yaqulna, Or.
$7500 for one of the finest 20-acre places
In the vicinity of Portland; rich- sandy
loam, all tillable, fine orchard. In full
bearing. 5 acres In strawberries, good house
and outbuildings; barn full of. hay, wood for
two seasons, very flne horse and cow, 1
acres potatoes; the whole place in the pink
of condition; $2500 cash will secure this
splendid property. Don't fall to see us
about it. Easy terms on the balance.
jiToO 80 acres 86 miles east of Caxa
dero. covered with second growth 10-lnch
stuff; land flne for fruit or dairying; this
is less than $9 an acre and It won't last
long at the price.,
280 acres near Estacada; 100 acres In
cultivation, 75 In timber. 40,000,000 In eaw
timber. 12 acres In all klntfs of fruit; house
and outbuildings; a splendid farm; $40 per
acre ; H cas., good terms on balance.
These are all bargains.
165H 3d at.
I have one of the best lists of farm bar
gains In the state. As a sample I submit
the following, viz.:
1 acre,- close In, 5o carfare, 2 blocks car;
22 -acre highly Improved dairy farm; $2750.
Two 40-acre partly Improved farms for
40 acres? Improvements alone cannot be
duplicated for the price; $1100.
40 acres, nicely Improved, flne location,
stock and farm machinery; $4000.
160 acres, fair improvements, 16 head of
stock, 8 milch cows, 10 tons hay; fine fruit
land; $2000.
123 acres, good Improvements; 30 acres
flne timber; $3600.
Many others, large and small.
222 Washington st.
80 acres, practically level, 40 acres bea
ver dam. 10 acres cleared, balance timber;
about 500 cords ash wood, also partly
fenced ; 5-room house and small barn ; 1
mile to school and about 8 miles Oregon
City; price $2250.
80 acres, near O. W. P. R. R. ; 40 aores
level, balance rolling; 15 acres cleared and
fenced, 1H acres orchard, small house and
barn, nice stream running through one cor
ner of place; 1 milts to school; a snap
at $1250; $500 down, balance to suit.
Give us a call.
209-21O Commercial bldg.
VERY choice 35-acre farm on Willamette
River at Yeager Landing, 30 miles from
Portland, with splendid shipping facilities,
as steamers land on premises, and town of
Dundee, the railroad station. Is only half a
mile; rich soli and level; 7 acres of hops,
yielding this year 15,000 pounds: splendid
hophouse ; good barn ; 200 English walnut
trees; also all kinds of fruit trees; new
fences; beautiful view of river and on coun
ty road. Price $4000. cash or terms. Call
or write Gregory MacGregor, 610 Swetland
bldg., 6th and Washington.
100 acres under cultivation.
12 acres orchard.
40 acres timber.
Balance pasture.
27 miles from Portland.
2 miles from O. W. P. car.
$4000 cash and $6000 at 6 per cent.
By cutting thte farm up'into acreage $5000
can be cleared.
700 Borthwick at.
Phone Woodlawn 412.
Eastern owner will sell 165 acres N. W.
of Forest Grove, of which 80 acres Is
under plow, 40 acres finest bottom land
with 1000 bushels of oats, some rye, 28 tons
or nay, 200 nusneis of potatoes, z horses,
4 head of stock. 8 cows giving milk. 33
hogs, liv ready for the market: machinery.
2 houses, one 5-room and one extra good
8-room, new barn, sheds, etc., all for $6500.
on very reasonable terms.
$500 FREP5.
20 acres 12 miles from Courthouse, on
Foster -road, east side of river; all level;
as to soil. It cannot be beat: not a stone on
place; $1000 worth of potatoes and other
vegetables ready to dig, all yours; good
house and barn ; good fences : nne wa ter ;
best of roads right to place; worth $500 more
than asked. Price $3200; $700 cash. Best
Duy in toe market.
H. W. GARLAND & CO., 101 4th st.
40 acres Improved farm In qne of the
nest apple or fruit districts try the state.
.situated on the Sandy, short distance
Mount Hood electric line, on main county
roan, near school : nne SDrlng. rood or
chard, ail nice and level land; buildings
alone worth more than ask for the place
only $1100. Must be sold this week.
222 Washington st.
WHAT is the greatest bargain? A 20-acre
nigmy cultivated farm, orciiard, straw ber-
riee. good 5-room house, with bath and
fireplace, barn, chicken corral, chickens and
farm tools. Why Is it a great bargain ?
Because -you can't put the buildings on the
place for the price asked for the whole
place. Where la it?
At HOME LAND CO., 14&H 1st.
Price $1800, $8O0 down.
80 ACRES near Vancouver, Wash., 2 miles
from station, 30 acres cleared, 4o acres good
fir -timber. 500 prunes. 100 apples, 12 peach
trees and other small fruit. Two wells with
pumps. Good 7-room house, barn and fruit
dryer. Only $3570.
Columbia Truet Company.
Couch Bids., 109 4th st., near Washington.
$2000 54-acre farm m Tillamook County. 13
miles south of Tlllamok City, 14 mile to
cheese factory; 6-room house (new), good
bam; creen on the place; river bottom land;
16 acres clear, balance easy to clear; post
office and store close by; must sell; terma.
Inquire owner, H. Gessner, 227 Washing
ton st., room 89.
28 ACRES at Independence; all In high state
or cultivation ; good buildings, cows, horses.
hay and Implements: every-trrlng for $26oO,
but It must go quick; we know, for a cer
tainty, property in this immediate neiah-
borhood Is selling for $100 an acre and no
improvements. The Span ton Co., sole agent.
270 stark et.
1040 ACRES of rolling' land, good soil, plenty
water, good house, two barns, a 4-acre orch
ard In full bearing. 550 acres open suitable
for stock range and not far from Portland;
oniy iu per acre.
Columbia Trust Company.
Couch. 43Idr., 109 4th st.. near Washington.
FOR SAI.J9 Best dairy or stock ranch In
nil ! on Cou n t y ; 655 acres : 4 m 1 1 es fro m
union: splendid house, cost $5000: also barn,
cost $1000; tenant-house, cost $1000; 8 head
horses. 12 Jersey cows, wagons, buggies
price $12,500; part cash ' and time. B. S
McConias, St. Charles Hotel.
FOR S A LE 50O0 acres good dairy, orchard
or alfalfa land In Union County, 3 miles
from good town and railroad ; splendid
water; 1500 acres untouched timber, about
10.000.0fi0 feet: your price Is -mine If it Is
reasonable. Andreas e. b. Mctotnas, St.
cnaries Hotel, fortiana.
127 ACRES near Eugene. 70 acres In cultlva
tlon ; a money-making farm. with good
buildings and all sorts of Implements for
working it; HveMock goes with the place;
$40 an acre: terms to suit. . The Span ton
- to., ziu. star st.
FOR SALE Mortgagee's sale, ranch In Til
lamook County. 120 acres. $1000; home
steaded 1888, X1000. half cash, balance 3
years. Fwope-Grant C.. 420 Commercial
block. Second B.nA Washington.
230-ACRE farm, every foot arable. In center
of Benton County. watered by two
streams,- 3 miles from Willamette River,
fences, bouse, barn and orchard. M. C.
Davis, 16 Hamilton bldg.
00 ACRES flne fruit land H mllea McMinn
vllle; 30 walnut trees and young orchard;
house, barn, horses, wagon, etc.; $5000 few
days only; terms. K 334. Oregonlan.
160 ACRES good land near Wilhoits. Clacka
mas County, $1250; 80 acres good timber,
near HlUsboro. $2O0O. A. D. Marshall,
agent. 427 Chamber of Commerce,
1 ACRES and small house, on carllne; good
service; fine for chlckene; $1375; terms.
Puree. 823 Chamber of Com. Main 7309.
ii-Mlle rcean front. 66 acres, south of Tilla
mook City, Or. X 380, Oregonlan.
Horses, "Vehlckles. Ete.
FOR SALE Team geldings 5 and 9 years,
weight S200; no Flemish. W. J. Kelly, 5th
and GUsan. Overland Stables.
BARGAIN Brown work horse, weight 1250
pounds ; true to pull ; not thin ; $45. 446
Flanders, comer llth.
BAIN FARM wagon, nearly new; cart, bug
gy, for sale cheap; wanted, shotgun. - M
327, Oregonlan.
WELL matched team of ponies, elegant driv
ers, weight about 500 pounds each. A 333.
WANT to trade a good farm wagon for
- small horse. Inquire at 107 6th at. T runic
" Factory.
FOR SALE Horse, harness and wagon, only
$loo. Nobby Stable, 12th and Flanders
Hubert A Hall. 266 4th. dealers In horses
and vehicles; horses and vehicles for rent.
FOR SALE Fine black driving mare. 41
Union ave. Phone East 89, A 1089.
TEAM in best of condition, weight about 000
each; $175. 510 Commercial bldg.
Uaraea, Vehicklee. Ete.
TEAM weighing 2400 pounds, 9 and 10 years
A 2Vj-ton truck; good set of harness;
very reaaonable at $6.iO.
Call at 5o4 Dekum bldg.
FOR SALE Fine team of bay ponies. 8 and 5
years 01a, weignt J.100; drive single or
double, gentle and no bad tricks; also nearly
new side spring buggy and harness. Apply
804 or 488 Flanders at.
TEAM, weighing 25C0 lbs. 9 years old, 3
wagon, a good set of harness: no reasonable
offer will be refused, as owner ia leaving
town. 410 Lively at.. St. John. Get off
at Stewart..
FIVE head of work and driving horses,
also two milch cows, for which I have
no use; prices reasonable. W. H. Smith.
105 Union ave.. South. Phone East 5156.
ONE bay, 4 years -old (chunky), $60; aorrel
team, $110; chestnut driving mare, $60; big
bay horse, $85. T. Bright, Lenta.
MUST sell today: leaving city: 1 driving
norse, ruDoer-tireo Duggy. 2 single harness,
1 pony, at your own price. 835 E. 2Sth t.
W.-W. car to Kenllworth curve.
FOR SALE Team well matched. 5 years
old, weight 900 each, $150; will trade roe
1300 horse; Iron gray preferred. J.
V. Koning. Third and Pacific.
ELEGANT Stude baker brougham, seats1 3;
in first-class condition; cheap for cash.
Phone Main 1270 or box O 328. Oregonian.
FOR SALE: I team, weight 2fHo lbs., 8 years
old. G. K. Howttt, Montavilla.
SEVERAL horses for sale very cheap. 211
Washington st.
FOR SALE Gentle saddle pony. 689 John
son st.
FOUR Pianolas, numerous good uprights.
Kimball, Stein way. Decker. Fischer tnd
Everett among them, go for a mere song
at Ellers Piano House, this week; see an
nouncement on page 4 of this Issue; pay
cash or buy on time, as best suits your
convenience; no uncertainty in buying it
buying at E. P. H.; everything we ell
is guaranteed; money back if not satis
factory or as represented.
STEINWAY Concert Grand, No. 56.533; was
formerly Paderewskl's tour piano; instru
ment Is unexcelled for volume and sweet
nfss of tone; beautifully grained rosewood
case. Phone Pacific 3013.
$185; termsf cash discount. 618 Tour
ny bldg.. 2d and Taylor sts.
FOR SALE Cheap for cash, slightly used
upright piano, standard make; big; bargain.
Address G 316. Oregonian.
NEW piano of unusual tone; must be heard
to be appreciated; will sell on time. Call
at 389 Taylor st.
FIRST-CLASS piano for sale: excellent con
dition. 69 21st at., near Washington. Phone
Main 8332.
A BARGAIN Upright piano, oak case, al
most new; must be sold today. Phone Main
A PIANOLA, used a short time, for sale
cheap. J 323, Oregonlan.
UNREDEEMED pledge- for sale cheap; 7
small diamonds, from $15 to $45, Barr &
Wright loan office. 40H N. 6th et.
LARGE) gasoline launch suitable for shallow
water, capacity 20 tons; sell or exchange
for real estate. F 318. Oregonlan.
WOOD, cheap, a big load of 16-lnch slao
wood for $2. Union Fuel Co., foot of
Montgomery. Phone Main 2143.
PARTY going to California will sell seal
skin coat, good as new. or trade towards
vacant lot. V 325, Oregonian.
BUY or sell furniture, stoves and household
goods. Call Main 6374 or A 2327. We want
your traae. The Dollar.
FOR SALE Drugstore fixtures complete;
. floor cases, shelves, bottles, etc. 1 Posi
at., Spokane, Wash.
FOR SALE Road grader, latest model, near
ly new; first-class condition; a bargain.
Inquire 106 2d st.
FOR SALE No. 7 Remington typewriter.
with tabulator, used few weeks; $75 cash.
. V 330. Oregorrian.
FOR SALE Account of $2M In Oregon
Savings Bank at 50c on the dollar. Ad
dress Box 71. city.
FOR SALE) A $100 Remington typewriter,
Ud very little; will sell for $50. Call at
349 Salmon st.
LOGGING- and hoisting engine for sale or
rent. Railway Equipment Co., 324 Cham
ber Commerce.
FOR SALE No. 5 Underwood typewriter,
bought this year; cheap for cash. C 334.
SHOW table suitable for milliner, tailor, elo-'
thler, $15, worth $35. 603 Goodnough bldg.
Main 5558.
FRESH cow, good for dairy. West avej, Pec
. tlon Line road. South Mt. Tabor. Phone
East 4377.
OREGON BANK deposit, $500. for sale;
make an offer to L. G. Talcott, P. O. Box
371. City.
FOR SALE 15-foot skiff, brand new, cheap
for cash. Address 561 E. 21st. Phone
East 3429.
FIRST-CLASS cash register for sale at a bar
gain. The Ames Mercantile Agency, Ablng
ton bldg.
HAVE French Legion of Honor decoration,
exchange or sell. Arthur Bonner. P. O.
Box 604.
FOR SNAPS on second-hand automobiles,
call at Portland Motor Car Co.. 16th and
40O FEET of new 4 "4 -Inch black pipe at 40
cents per foot. VJall at Watson's Restau
rant. FINE Bdlswi motion-picture machine. 2000-ft.
. film, song slides, cheap. 333 Ankeny, near
A FIRST-CLASS well drill, gasoline power,
all complete. Call at Watson's Restaurant.
IMPORTED German roller canaries. Port
land Bird Co., 304 3d. Phone Pacific 2057.
FOR SALE or lease, double drum hoisting en
gine, perfect condition. 42 Sherlock bldg.
COME at once and get a good second-hand
sewing machine from $2 to $5. 312 Main st.
FIRST-CLASS male ticket. Kansas City;
limit Oct. SI; stop-over. F 323, Oregonlan.
FOR SALE: Setter pups. Inquire at tent
at Arbor Lodge, on St. John car line.
CANARY BIRDS Fine singera. $2.50; fe
males, $1.- 534 Mill st. Phone Main 1178.
I0o BUFF ORPINGTON chickens, all ages.
Felix Murphy. Woodstock, near P. O.
$400 BUYS my fine launch and boat house;
give phone number. O 334. Oregonlan.
BRAND new. latest model. Oliver typewriter
for sale. A bargain. B 327, Oregonlan.
FOR SALE CHEAP $52 Ellers Piano House
certificate. Address H 325, Oregonian.
FOX terrier pup and folding go-cart for sale
cheap. Phones, Main 5777. A 2377.
ONE $12, one $7 parlor lamp: only leen used
few weeks. Call 607 E. Belmont st.
FO R S A LE Th o rou gh bred Bu ff Coch in
Bantams, $2 a pair. 235 Cherry st
FOR SALE Cheap ticket to Colorado, male.
Call at room 3. 445 Columbia st.
FOR rosea. lawns, manure or rich dirt de
livered $2.25. Phone Main 5683.
BRAND-NEW 30-horsepower automobile for
sale cheap. T 324, Oregonian.
FOR SALE Cocker spaniel pup, 6 months
, old. Apply 448 Union ave. N.
FOR BALE English setter pups. 1205 East
Taylor. Telephone E. 4721.
FOR SALE Cheap, a coupon on Ellers'
pianos. V S32. Oregonlan.
FOR SALE Cheap. Ostermoor mattress, near
ly new. Call East 1006.
FOX typewriter for sale, nearly new; a bar
gain. V 384. Oregonlan.
FOR SALE Ticket to Denver, male, young,
tall, dark hair. K 321.
FOR SALE CHEAP Two fresh cows. Hoo
ter's place. Lents. I
FOR SALE Roll-top desk and chair, cheap
Phone Main 5004.
EILERS piano coupon worth $52 for $5. H
320, Oregonlan.
FOR SALE Wood, cheap. Call 6395. Miss
6KY TERRLER pup, 1 year old, cheao. Vin
OFFICE FURNITURE Bargain; we have
taken a lot of strictly modern office furni
ture on a debt and will sell same singly or
in lots; desk, typewriter, chairs, leather
settee, filing cabinets, sectional bookcaees,
vry little used. Chapman Advertising Co.,
505 Commonwealth bldg.
BO SLIGHTLY damaged sewing machines at
very low prices; Singer, Wheeler & Wilson,
Domestic. White, Household, Dnvia and
others; to make room for new stock.
Wheeler & Wilson and Singers. 3. S. Sigel,
335 Morrison St., Marquam bldg.
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard and
pool tables; easy payments; we .rent tables,
with privilege of buying; modern bar fix
tures; cheap prices. Brunswick-Balke-Col-lender,
49 3d st.
ENGLISH setter pups. 6 wks. old, by Cham
pion Imp. Lingneld Bragg i"0-time bench
winner) ex Dorris Rodneld. ex Champion
Rodfleld. Address P. -J. Nolte. 107 6th
st., city.
FOR SALE One 9x11 Columbia Erglneering
Company's donkey. 54 boiler, well mounted
on practically new sled: all in first-class
condition. Eastern So Western Lumber Co.,
FOR SALE A snap. 250 Metrostyle Planoia,
perfect condition; guaranteed good as nw
cheap. Call or phone appartment 6, The
Sheffield, mornings, 7th and Jefferson.
WILL ell good 4-year-old cow. Red Pole,
giving 2 gallons milk a day, for $50. or
trade for work horse and pay boot. Rose
City Stables. Flanders st. corner llth.
TYPEWRITERS Smith Premiers, $47.50 to
$57.50; Remingtons. $40 to $55; also other
makes taken in exchange for Underwoods.
Underwood Typewriter Co., 68 6th st.
For sale cheap; suitable for furnace or
steam plant. Oregon Fuel Company, 384
Alder et. Phones Main 65. A 1665.
TWO young, fresh cows and calves, one Jer
sey, one Durham; $40 each. " Woodstock
car to Kennllworth curve, south two blocks,
In field. Phone East 3318.
NEW mandolin and contract for 40 lessons
with the Obourn Conservatory of Musb
$20. one-fourth cash; regular price now $35.
A 317, Oregonlan.
SHOW cases, counters. ca-h register, plat
form scales, corfec mill and several other ar
ticles for sale cheap at store 840 Union
ave. North.
DON KEY engine 25 horse power. 8"0 ft.
-lnch wire rope, 1000 ft. trip line; perfect
condition. D. E. Keasey, 7 Chamber of
FOR SALE 22 stands of bees on wired
comb foundation in good condition, cheap;
come today or tomorrow. SS5 E. 34th st.
FOR SALE One good milch cow, 4 stands
of bees and 5000 feet lumber. J. J. Barlow,
E. 20th and Holladay ave. Phone East
3 615.
PAINTER'S 40-ft. extension ladder, swing
scaffold, falls, hooks, etc., good as new,
cheap. East 34th and Sherman. East 4707.
FOR RALE Second-hand engines, boilers,
sawmills, - pumps and general machinery
by H. C. vMbee A Co., 248 Grand ave.
FOR SALE A brand-new Home sewing ma
chine, on account of leaving the city. Ad
drew box 24, R. F. P., Montavilla. Or.
Physician wanted for office practice; good
poMiion for right man. B 323, Oregonian.
TWO first-class organizers can make from
$ti to $12 per day. situations permanent, by
addressing box 24D, Walla Walla, Wash.
WANTED Turkish bath man. to go to North
Yakima, ash. For particulars apply to
- Iewis-Stenger Barbers' Supply Co.
WAXTBD Young man to help in office and
do light porter work; give reference and
salary expected. C 326. Oregonian.
10 BOYS, 10 years of age or over, to work
after 7 P. M. till 10 or 1 1. Inquire of
Sam L. Beary, 323. Morrison st.
HARNESS makers, steady country Jobs, top
wages. Charles L. Ma stick & Co.. whole
sale leather. Front and Oak eta.
-. 'I II '
WANTED A harnessmaker for the country;
good wages and ntf-ady work to the right
man. Address O 324. Oregonlan.
DANCING leasons, 25e, waits, two-step, etc
Prof. Wal. WIIlKon's Dancing School. 304
AUsky bldg., 265 Morrison St.
OFFICE BOY. good, pay. splndld opportun
ity for advancement; good education
- necessary. R 323. Oregonlan.
A MARRIED man to run a meat market In
a email town ; references required. Address
A. L. Glle, Ilwaco, .Wash.
EXPERT court reporter from East wants pu
pils for shorthand, typewriting and book-
keeping. C 209. Oregonian.
BARBER shop for sale, cheap, two chairs,
lease, low rent, good business. A. H.
We lih off. 493 Gllsaiwst.
$S to $5 thousand paid for distributing cir
culars, samples, etc. American Union,
Pontiac bldg., Chicago.
WANTED Cashier in business as partner;
pay you $25 a week; $275 required, secured.
Call 248 Stark st.
WANT carpenters, mechanics snd others with
$200 or more in building houses for sale.
N 333, Oregonlan.
WANTED Coatmaker; $9 and up; also smalt
Job maker. Apply J. M. Curry, North
Yakima, W'aah.
WANTED Boy over 16 for office work; high
echool graduate preferred. Apply P. O.
box 82, city.
PATENTS secured; lowest fees; quickest serv
ice. Matter, 518 Commonwealth bldg, 6th
and Ankeny.
HAVE a motion picture machine outfit, films,
views, to sell; state particulars. W 335.
Oregonlan. ,
TALENT wanted for play; splendid oppor
tunity; no fees; free instruction. T 328,
WANTED Bov to learn plumbing trade.
Apply 453 Washington street Monday
FIRST-CLASS carpenters wanted Monday
morning, between 10th and 20th on Mar
shall st.
MAN to build furnace Are and do light Janitor
work. Phone Sunday A 1678or call at 711
WANTED Apprentice competitor with some
experience, for city office. S 334, Ore
gonlan. YOUNG man to learn barber trade, union
shop, easy terms, tools furnished. Barber.
171 Ist ,
WANTED Must have good coatmaker at
once. Baldeck" & Ransburg, Lew Is ton.
WANTED Three or four men to dig pota
toes by the sack. Call 289 Morrison at.,
WANTED First-clasp bookkeeper Immedi
ately; references required. R 3SU Orego
nlan. CANDY-MAKER wanted. Inquire Perkln
Hotel from 5 o'clock to 7 this evening.
WANTED Firat-class coat and pants mak
er at J. Polivka ft Co.. 249 Morrison street.
WANTED Man and wife on farm. $50 and
found. Pionepr Employment Co., 16 N. 2d.
California Wine Depot, headquarters for cooks
and helpers. 148 4th st. Pac. 2183. P. Lor atl.
FIRST-CLASS ladieV tailor; best waes;
. steady work. 411 Morrison mt. B. Sail.
WANT a good tenor to go with a trio.
Call room 10, 409 Wash, rt., after 4:30.
500 MEN wanted Free shaves and haircuts,
284 Couch st. Moler Barber College.
WANTED Old clothing, shoes, right price
paid. 50 3d st. Home phone A 495L'
WANTED A young man for rainting. with
or without experience. Call 429 6th st.
BOY wanted-; $5 per week. 8 u hours per day.
Anderson & Dunlway Co., 28 Alder st.
BRIGHT boy 16 years old to work in store
and deliver parcels. 171 Third st.
WANTED Motion-picture machine, films,
slides, etc. 333 Ankeny, near 6th.
WANTED A first-class frame maker. The
Christiansen Art Co., 375 Stark st.
WE secure position!" for our members; spe
cial membership $2. Y. M. C. A.
WANTED A good coatmaker. Williara
liredenberg. Hoqulam, Wash.
WANTED Watchman for duck grounds. In
quire 414 Lumber Exchange.
WANTED Second miller or competent flour
packer. J 322. Oregonlan.
WANTED Boy to learn hardware business.
343 Washington st.