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It's withij our power to do things
in the tailoring -line sufficiently bet
ter than does the average tailor, to
cause you to come here for correct
attire. . -
You'll find a tempting variety of
seasonable fabrics here both fancy
and staple,' and large enough to sat
isfy every taste and purse.
$6 to $12
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Satisfaction guaranteed in all case. '
Garments to order In a day If required.
Full dress and Tuxedo Suits a specialty.
Rose Festival Association Re
ceives Suggestion for
Naval Pageant-
English Warships on Way to Vic
toria Will Be Invited to As
cend Columbia AVlth the -American
If a suggestion made to the Rose
Festival Association, yesterday, and
which will be acted upon, bears fruit,
Portland will witness a naval pageant
next June the like of which has never
been een on the Pacific Coast. The
miggesfton ig that in view of the fact
that a squadron of British cruisers Is
to be ordered to proceed to North Pa
cific, waters, some time during the
early Spring, and make Victoria, B. C,
its headquarters, the British govern
ment be requested to have the squadron
pay a formal visit to Portland during
Festival week.
The suggestion came In the form of a
letter sent yesterday to the Chamber
of Commerce, and It was at once turned
over to the Festival Association, for
such action as It might see fit to take.
The letter follows:
Gentlemen: As you contemplate having
the United States warships in Port
land during the Rose City Carnival,
may I ask if your services can obtain
permission from the British government
Jo have the cruiser squadron come down
Vom Victoria, B. C, and take in our
I have heard from good authority that
B cruiser squadron is to be dispatched
from England to the Pacific, making its
aoadquarters at Victoria.. B. C. Portland
has never seen the visit of an EngliHh
nian-o'-war and I am sure the public will
appreciate It very much if your efforts
succeed In having them here during our
Festival. Yours very truly.
Comes From Englishman.
Mr. Bonner, though of English birth,
Is an American citizen, a resident of
Portland, and since writing the letter
lias advised the Association of his wil
lingness to do all he can to work out
the suggestion. He Is manager of the
Scenic Display Company, and his sug
gestion Is that if the British eeaflght
ers come here'and Admiral Evans' great
fleet also Is here, there could be noth
ing more attractive or more interest
ing to people of this part of the coun
try than the international contests that
might be held between the "Jackies"
of both navies.
The executive committee of the Fes
tival Association has not had time for
formal discussion of the ways and
means, pf handling this matter, but it
is altogether likely that the Chamber
of Commerce will be asked to assume
the responsibility of forwarding the
official invitation to the British gov
ernment to have the squadron sent to
Inasmuch as the officials: of the
Chamber have expressed their readi
ness to do all In their power to assist
the. Festival people, it will probably
be left entirely In the hands of this
organization. Jut how much red-tape
will have to be unwound, whether there
will be any perplexing International
knots to be untied, to whom the re
quest should be made and other de
tails, are matters that will have to be
taken up by the Chamber of Commerce
That no time may be lOBt In laying
plans to have the British ships come
here, the executive committee of the
Festival Association will hold a special
meeting within a day or two and for
mally request the Chamber of Com
merce to take up the matter. What
ever action the Chamber takes will
have the approval of the Festival peo
ple. Redoubles It Efforts.
When the suggestion came tip for
discussion at a meeting of the officers
of the Festival Association, yesterday
afternoon, it was the unanimous
opinion that the presence here of the
American Navy, during the Festival,
would materially assist In securing the,
consent of the British Admiralty to
ordering the English cruiser squadron
here, and for that reason efforts to
persuade the powers-that-be at Wash
ington to have the 'VTncle Sam" fleet
hero In full strength at that time will
be redoubled, as will the movement to
have President Roosevelt be the city's
guest on that occasion. In such case,
with the two fleets here, a review by
the President of the United "States and
a representative ot the-British Admir
alty of the monter sea-fighters would
be one of the drawing cards of the fes
tivities. The ways and means committee feels
confident that the coming week will
witness some splendid contributions to
the Festival fund, which, while grad
ually mounting upward toward the cov
eted mark of 1100,000,. has not much
more than reached one-third of that
eum as yet. Unrelenting prosecution
of the financial campaign is to con
tinue this week, chiefly among the
large Industrial, commercial and finan
cial interests capitalists and corpor
ations, from whom it Is anticipated
pledges will come easier now that a
number of the larger concerns have
announced quite liberal subscriptions.
It is the present intention to an
nounce the names and the amounts
pledged, of all of those who have so
far given their "mites." big or little
to the fund, the last of this wee. or
the first part of next, not only to show
the public how widespread the Inter
est In the Festival already is. but how
generously a great many people have
been In responding to the appeal for
financial support.
Following the example of the Whole
sale Grocers' Association, which holds
Its session ,next Tuesday night, a num
ber of other large organizations of
the city will meet to decide upon the
amount of their pledges to the fund.
This plan has been adopted by some
concerns and classes of business in
place of signing pledges with the com
mittees who were sent out to solicit
for tiie reason that it will be easier to
arrive at a more equitable basis of
giving, where all firms in the same
line of business can get together and
talk the matter over, than to have each
one contribute Irrespective of what all
the others have given.
Another good feature of this system
Is that under the canvassing method
some concerns were overlooked, while
In this way, none will be allowed to
lOS Third Street
Supposed Smoke Only Steam.
A broken steam pipe in Graves' music
tore, on Washington street, between
Sixth and Seventh, about 8 o'clock last
night, caused a cloud of steam, which
escaped from the doors, and Special Po
liceman Ed Maher, thinking that the
place was on fire, ran to the call box at
Sixth and Washington streets and turned
in an alarm. Nearly all the apparatus
on the West Side responded, but there
was no work for the flre-flghteVs when
they arrived. A large crowd of people
was attracted, and Washington and all
surrounding streets were jammed with a
curious throng. There was no damage.
How Physicians Should Act Towards
Patients' Statements.
LONDON, Oct. 26. The London press
is seeking interviews from members
of the medical profession on certain
passages in an address recently de
livered by Dr. Sarah Gray before the
London School ot Medicine for Wom
en. The passages upon which comment
is made read as follows:
"It Is legitimate to pay reasonable
attention to the opinion of patients,
because the profession exists not, in
deed, to please patients, but to serve
"The patient should, if possible, be
heard through, at least at the first
visit. No matter how much better we
know or believe we know than she
does what is wrong, she feels that the
most salient facts have been missed if
we do not listen.
"Do something, if possible. To evince
a scientific interest may show learn
ing, but the patient and her friends
want relief.
"If a cheering verdict can be given,
never fall to give it, and in plain Eng
lish. "Doctors should know where and
whom to frighten. Sometimes it is all
Important to alarm friends; sometimes
almost criminal to do so.
"Nothing excuses betrayal of panic
on n. doctor's part. For the pa
tient's sake a demeanor of calm
courage must be assumed in the worst
emergencies. .
."We are expected to distinguish with
certainty between Teal and Imaginary
invalids. -..
"Many mistakes can be made, "but
also much valuable work may be done
In giving oounsel on the general con
duct of life.
"Patients are mostly not idiots; and
we help . them best when -we respect
Charcoal Kills
Bad Breath
Bad Odor of Indigestion, Smoking,
Drinking or Eating Can Be
Instantly Stopped.
Sample Package Mailed Free.
Other people notice year bad breath
where you would not notice it at all.
It la nauseating to other people to stand
before them and while you are talking,
give them a whiff or two of your bad
breath. It usually corner from food
fermenting on your stomach. Sometimes
you have It in the morning, that awful
sour, bilious, bad breath. You can stop
that at once by swallowing one or two
Stuart Charcoal Lozenges, the most
powerful gas and odor absorbers ee
Sometimes your meals will reveal them
selves in your breath to those who talk
with you. "You've had onions," or
"You've been eating cabbage," and all
of a sudden you belch in the face of
your friend. Charcoal is a wonderful
absorber of odors, as every one knows.
That Is why Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges
are so quick to atop all gases and odors
of odorous foods, or gas from indiges
tion. Don't use breath perfumes. They never
conceal' the odor, and never absorb the
gas that causes the odor. . Besides, the
very fact of using them reveals the rea
son for their use. Stuart's. Charcoal
Lozenges in the first place stop for good
all sour brash and belching of gas, and
make your breath pure, fresh and sweet,
Just after you've eaten. . Then no one
will turn tils face away from you when
you breathe or talk; your breath will be
pure and fresh, and besides your tood will
taste so much better to you at your next
meal. Just try it.
Charcoal does other wonderful things,
too. It carries away from your stomach
and Intestines, all the impurities there
massed togethpr and which causes Jhe
bad breath. Charcoal Is a purifier as well
as an absorber. -
Charcoal Is now by far the best, most
easy and mild laxative known. - A. whole
boxful will do no harm; in fact, . the
more you take the better.' Stuart's Char
coal Lozenges are made of pure willow
charcoal and mixed with Just ' a faint
flavor of honey to make them palatable
for you, but not too sweet. You Just
chew them like candy. They are absolute
ly harmless.
Get a new, pure, sweet breath, fresh
en your stomach for your next meal, and
keep the intestines In good working
order. Those two things are the secret
of good health and long life. You can
get all the charcoal necessary to do
these wonderful but simple things by
getting Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges. We
want you to test these little wonder
workers yourself 'before you Jauy
them. So send us your full name and
address for a free sample of Stuart's
Charcoal Lozenges. Then after you have
tried the sample, fend been convinced, go
to your druggist and get a 25c box' of
them. You'll feel better all over, more
comfortable, and "cleaner" Inside.
Send us your name and address today
and w will at once send you by mall a
sample- package, free. Address F. A.
Stuart Company, 200 Stuart building
Marshall. Mich. j
2&d Jl tSi V sggggg5P. MM&iMr -'"""
ow e Day of THanksgiviii;
"Eclipse" Ranges Will Prepare 15,000
Thanksgiving Dinners in, Portland
Buy an " Eclipse "
now before . Thanks
giving, and you will
be thankful for years
and years to come. A
written guarantee ex
tending over 35 years
goes with every
range. The world's
best" Eclipse."
You will more than
save this small pay-
II Ml i.'-" "il'lrT'"7!.11 .
V"'1': jii .in i ni'fttiiii-awT'iiiiiTiiiiiiiiini iirr- -' .TT"'.j- L
The Wonderful "EclipsedThe Stove
of Choice, Economy and Satisfaction
There are a lot of in
ferior heaters on the
market that are not
worth a stick of wood.
There ' s only one
"Eclipse," and only
one place to buy this
popular exponent of
economy. 4 ' Eclips e "
heaters are built of
highest grade cast
iron and steel. They
aw VSP-'t.
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ment on your fuel bill,
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NOTE " Eclipse "
contest entries are
coming in every day.
Send us that reason
why you prefer the
"Eclipse." Three val
uable prizes given
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are lined with an
everlasting circle of
castiron (fluted), the
best lining "ever put
into a stove. Twentv
styles "Eclipse"
heaters, for wood and
for coal, in line for
your inspection Ev
ery " Eclipse " guaranteed.
Ai 1
'TT 5''
Specials for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
$22.50 and $25 Couches . $15.00
$1 Down $1 a Week
A sale intended to rouse a lot of interest as always our Monday
sales do. The Couches are built of best steel construction im
proved spring edge, upholstered in the very best velour; two
toned color effects, in greens, browns and reds, and many in pretty
floral designs, as well. The very best $22.50 and $25.00 Couches
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An Eventful Sale of Three
arid Five - Piece Parlor Sets
All $50.00 Values $37.50
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are all the same, being in the very
choice mahogany finish." The uphol
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mi r i
i I L1.4 '. Jl 1' ! ,1 1 iL I . . J, J