The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 20, 1907, SECTION TWO, Image 13

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NO. 43.
portWdAgfnt, Nemo Corsets Smart Set Corsets Dr. Jaeger's UnderwearDelineator Butterick Patterns and Columbia Yarns
$5 Cut Glass Bowls, $3.48
To.OO and $6.00 Cut-Glass Bowls, good, deep 8-inch berry
or fruit bowls, nicely cut and best quality 5 Q AO
of glass. Monday sale, only M;0
Hallowe'en Favors and Novelties
Established 1850-FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS IN BUSINESS-Established 1850
f. $2.50 Bracelets for $1.28
A pretty Bracelet in rose . gold finish, different widths,
some set with stones, some plain. Only a
limited assortment, at about half price tpXmtJ
Hallowe'en Novelties 6c, 8c, 10c Up
Good Merchandise Only Quality Considered Our Prices Are Always the Lowest
$6 Novelty Net Waists $3.98
$15 Black Taffeta Skirts $&Z5
ioo Women's Novelty Net
Waists, in the1 extremely pop-
, ular ecru shade, made over
silk ;m the front is richly made
with shirring and four rows
o f insertions ; new elbow
sleeves; opens in back. Reg
ularly sold at $6.oo. Extra-
ordinary Monday
value at .........
75 Black Heatherbloom Taf-
feta Petticoats the kind that
wear three times as long as
ordinary taffeta. Washable,
never crack, and have a 'deli
cate swish and subdued rustle
that bespeak richness and ele
gance; made with a tucked
flounce and four rows of tucks,
trimmed with a ruffle with
rows of shirrings. mn riA
Saieprice &
45 Women's Superb Walking
Skirts, of extra quality black
taffeta silk ; made in the newest
side -and box plaited shape,
with two folds all around skirt;
cut with generous fullness.
Regular $15 val
ues at
$1.75 Kid Walking Gloves, $1.27
$5 Fur Cluster Scarfs, $3.75
300 pair of these smart, one-clasp, pique-seam, Glace Kid Walking Gloves in tan,
brown, mode, slate, oxblood, white and black. Very smart gloves the kind not
usually reduced for sales. All sizes go on sale, but we cannot
guarantee them to last all day. Regular $1.75 values '. . . .4pX.W L
Fancy Cluster Scarfs of fine quality Isabella Opossum, trimmed at each end with
three natural fur tails. Regular $5.00 value. A splendid opentng-
of-season bargain at. .
Lipman, Wolfe & Co. are the sole Portland agents for the genuine French "Trefousse"
Kid Gloves the best gloves and the best-known gloves in the world. Do not be imposed on
bv other stores. Look for the label. Every genuine "Trefousse' glove stamped inside glove.
The Season's Dress Fabric Event in Portland-r-A Wide Display of Rare Beauty and Remarkable Low Prices
If You Need Silks or Dress Goods Get Ready for This
Great Annual Fall Silk and Dress Goods Sale
v v
Our entire stijck of new Fall Plaid Silks by far
the best showing ever seen in Portland reduced
as follows:
$1.00 Plaid Silks for 79c
$1.25 Plaid Silks for 98c
$1.50 Plaid Silks at $1.29
$1.75 Plaid Silks at $1.45
$1:35 Black Taffeta $1.10
30-inch "Gold Standard" Black Taffeta famous
for its quality.
$1.25 Black Taffeta, 95c
'24-inch Chiffon, finest dress taffeta, regular $1.25
$1.50 Black Taffeta $1.25
Yard-wide Black Taffeta, regular $1.50 quality,
splendid value at the regular price.
$1.75 Black Taffeta $1.35
Yard-wide Black Taffeta, " extra good quality. .
The very best and biggest Fall Sale of Silks and Dress Goods in the history
of this store will start Monday morning. Every woman who needs Dress Fabrics
now, or who has prospective needs during the coming Winter months, should at
tend this sale. It is a plain, honest, money-saving duty on her part to do so.
All kinds of silks and dress goods are included in these offerings including the
most DODuIar novelties and staole weaves. Black and noveltv silks for street wear :
. . t - j ,
A smart wool suitings and cloakings; and silks for afternoon and evening wear in
an assortment of shades and colors most wanted for such costumes. All will be
on sale at savings big enoughi to be well worthy of your instan attention. Ad
vantageous purchases, especially in the case of. black and colored taffetas and
noveltv woolen fabrics.- and shrewd and thoughtful buvinc. such as niacin c
f o J o ' x o tn
large orders months a?o. are resDonsible far these economical and timelv nn. e3
cjal-price dress fabric offerings. 1
Every yard of Silk and Dress Goods you buy during thU sale will be .
a wise and savin? purchase. It is months since ODDortunitiea like
these have been offered, and it will be months before any offers
like these will be made again.
19 -Inch Colored Taffeta
85c Quality for 69c Yard
5000 yards 19-inch Colored Taffeta, the same
quality sold elsewhere at 85c yard. Colors navy,
Alice, light blue, pink, tan, beige, champagne,' car
dinal, garnet, reseda, light and dark gray, lilao,
mais, white, ivory and cream.
$1.00 Fancy Silks, 49c Yd.
500 yards Fancy Silks, in Louisines and Taffetas,
for separate waists and entire dresses; regular
$1.00 values.
$1.35 Fancy Silks, 79c Yd.
1500 yards. Fancy Silks, in' checks, striped and
figured effects, in liberal assortment; $1.25 and
$1.35 values. .
$1.50 Fancy Silks, 98c Yd.
2000 yards high-class Fancy Silks for waists,
skirts aid entire dresses; best $1.50 values.
Regular $1.25 Silks for 69c
1500 yards changeable Messalines, Taffetas and
Louisines; regular $1.25 value.
$1.25 Black Goods 98c Yd.
$1.25 quality newest weaves in fine Black Dress
Goods voiles, Panamas, drap d 'Paris, serges,
cheviots, armures, ; melrose, 50-inch broadcloth,
Henriettas, etc.
50c Si.-on,d Mixed Plaids, 39c
50c quality Silk and Wool Mixed Plaids, for chil
dren's dresses and waists.
$1.00 Popelines, 69c Yd.
$1.00 quality Silk Warp Popelines, 44 inches
wide, in beautiful line of colors, for evening dresses
and house wear.
$1.25 50-inch Panamas 98c
; .
J1.25 quality All-Wool Panamas, In tlack. navy,
brown and wine.
$1.35 Dress Goods 98c Yd.
II. 35 quality All-Wool Imported French Dress Ma
terials poplins, taffetas, melrose, shadow plaid ba
tiste, mohdelalnes, In all the new Fall colors.
$1.75 Cloakings $1.25 Yd.
$1.75 quality 56-inch heavy Cloakings. In plaids and
stripes. In tans, browns and gray mixtures.
A Million Yards of Fine Laces and Embroideries Reduced in Price
50c-$l Embroidery, 35c
$1-$1.50 Embroidery 69c
A superb assortment of handsome Cambric,
Nainsook and Swiss Corset Cover Embroidery
and Flouncings, 17 inches wide. '
20c Cambric Edges at 8c
15c Cambric Edges at 5c
Cambric Edges, 4 to 6 inches wide; also some
25c-60c Insertion, 12V2C
' Cambric, Nainsook and Swiss Insertions, 1 to
6 inches wide, 25e to 60c values.
69c Matched Sets at 35c
50c Matched Sets at 25c
Jfatched sets of edges and insertions in swiss
and nainsook, 1 to 5 inches wide.
$2.00 Flouncings 98c Yd.
$2.75 Flouncings, $1.69:
$3.00 Flouncings, $1.98
Swiss and Nainsook Flounces, 18 inches wide;
t housands of - yards and scores of patterns to
select from.
12V2c Torchon Laces, 5c
Real Laces
8000 yards of Torchon Laces and Insertions,
1 to 4 inches wide. '
We have received a large
shipment of Real Laces
and Real Lace Handkerchiefs some of the most
exquisite patterns ever shown,' especially
v Real Daehesa Lares ...
Real Point Lace.
Real nnrhe.a and Pol at 'Kerchiefs.
Real Princess Lace.. 'Kerchief a.
250,000 yards of Laces on sale as follows white and ecru Net and Venise Allovers,
18, 22 and 45 inches wide, suitable for dress and waist patterns; white and ecru Ven
ise and Net Galloons, Appliques, Medallions Festoons, Edges and Insertions, 3 to 10
inches wide all at the following reduced prices:
Reg. $1.00 Laces 58c Yd.
Reg. $1.25 Laces 89c Yd.
Reg. $1.50 Laces 98c Yd.
; y 1
Reg. $1.85 Laces, $1.18
Reg. $2.50 Laces, $1.69
Reg. $3.00 Laces, $1.98
Reg. $3.75 Laces, $2.50
Reg. $5.00 Laces, $3.25
Reg. $7.00 Laces, $5.00
Considering that all' these Laces are newest
and best patterns, prices are exceptionally lovr.J
60c Irish Linen Squares, 29c
20c White Nainsook 12 V2 Yd.
These pretty 30-inch spoke-stitohed hem Irish, Linen Squares
were picked up by bur linen buyer at a reduced low price ion
' account of the scarfs to match being sold. There are HQ,
only 10 dozen of them; price while they last Monday &
Fine sheer white Nainsook, 36 inches wide, put up in 12-yard
pieces. You can buy it Monday by the yard or OI r
whole piece at, yard. i 'Jjik
Seasonable Wash Goods Fabrics
The Wash Goods Department is showing a beautiful colleo
tidn of seasonable fabrics. Besides the staple percales and do
mestic ginghams, we are displaying white jacquard waistings,
plaid wool-finish suitings, fleeced kimono cloths; also a choice
collection of French organdies and silk tissues, suitable for
evening wear.
Sale of Bags and Purses
Black and brown Carriage
and Vanity Bags, fitted with
coin purses, with gilt and
gunmetal trimmings. Sale
Buffed alligator,, seal and
walrus leather Vanity
Purses, fitted with co i n
ScTA !!!!.... $1.89
Carriage Bags, Also flat
back-strap book shape, with
mirror and powder fZ K '
Cpllapsible Drinking Cups in
S.!!1.6. ...35c
$1.75-$2 Elastic Belts, $1.00
Stylish Elastic Belts for 59c
Black, white and brown
Elastic Belts, with'
large gilt buckles ;
values. . . $1.00
Elastic Belts, white and
black, with back buck
les; sale price... 59
Pearl Buckles, all sizes and designs; 75c, $1.00 and QCn
$1.50 values
White, black and brown Leather Belts; 75c, $1,00 0(1
and $1.25 values. iU
Buster Brown Belts, in all colors; sale price 15
vEvery pair of "La Vida" Corsets is wrought with painstak
ing care by hand. "La Vidas" axe all that the leading cor
setiers can produce in their custom shops in exact fit," proper
shape and quality of material. '
The One Decided Difference is
the Decided Price Difference.
Your modiste will tell you that better results for your figure
and the fitting of your gowns can be had with the wearine of
"La Vida" Corsets. '
All the new models are ready, and the choioe is great enough
to insure the precise Corset designed for your especial type
of figure.
PrM tn;n tin en
; -- . ""g. v- y a jjcr pair