The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, December 02, 1906, Page 11, Image 11

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Hilonian Laid Up for Repairs
in San Francisco.
Much Freight Awaiting Transporta
tion From This City to Hawaiian
Ports Agent Goes' South
to Secure Relief.
M. J. Lindsay, local representative of
the Matson Navigation Company's Ha
waiian steamship line, left last evening
for San Francisco to urge upon the head
office of the company the necessity of
providing a steamer out of Portland for
the Hawaiian trade in the near future.
The steamship Hilonian, which was due
here two weeks ago on her regular sched
ule, has been laid up at San Francisco
for repairs and . will be on the drydock
for the better part of the month to come.
In the meantime the merchants of Port
land have grot together a large amount
of freight for shipment to' the islands
and are anxious, for a vessel in ' which
to transport- their goods. It had. been
expected that the Hilonian would be able
to make the trip in time to supply the
holiday markets at Honolulu' and Hilo,
but repairs to. the vessel will delay her
much longer than was first announced.
Mr. Lindsay was advised that the
steamship Enterprise, another of the
Matson fleet, was to be sent to Portland,
but as luck would have it she broke
three blades from her propeller when
leaving the Islands on her last voyage
and had to be towed to San Francisco
by the tug Fearless. This accident dis
arranged the plans of the company.
On this account Mr. Lindsay is going
to San Francisco with a view to suggest
ing measures that will assist the Port
land merchants in getting their goods
to the Hawaiian market in time for the
Mr. Lindsay expressed himself as well
pleased with the business guaranteed by
the merchants of Oregon and hopes that
the present trouble will not dishearten
the Oregon shippers. f
The Matson Navigation Company dem
onstrated that it was in earnest in the
endeavor to establish trade relations with
the Islands by sending the Hilonian to
this port on three voyages which were
hardly paying ventures. The efforts made
by the company through Mr. Lindsay
see"m to be bearing fruit, for the local
merchants are beginning to realize that
they have overlooked a profitable field
for some time and have sent representa
tives to the islands. Reports received In
dicate that the trade possibilities have
not been exaggerated.
Daughter of President of University
Christens New Vessel.
CHESTER. Pa., Dec. 1. The Tale, the
second ocean-going turbine steamship
to be built In this country, was launch
ed at Roach's Shipyard in this city to
day. The steamer was christened by
Miss Laura B. Hadley, daughter of Yhe
president of. the. Yale University. The
Harvard, a sister ship to the Yale, Is
on the stocks at the shipyards and will
be launched soon.
The general dimensions, of-the two
steamers "are: Length 407 feet, breadth
over guards 63 feet, draft water, load
ed. IS feet, . motive capacity,. IOiOO
horsepower. They wj,H accommodate
800 passengers each and 6U0 tons of
express freight.
The Yale 'and Harvard are of steel
double-hull construction, the hull being
divided Into many compartments by
water-tight bulkheads and double bot
toms. They are designed to make the
outside run between Boston and New
York in 15 hours, or between 5 in the
evening: and 8 o'clock in the morning,
maintaining an average speed of 23
statute miles per hour.
Steamer Alliance Will Again Call at
California Port.
Commencing with her voyage next
Saturday evening the steamer Alliance
will again make Eureka the Southern
terminus of her route. The Alliance
discontinued calling: at Eureka three
months ago In order to give strict at
tention to the needs of the. business
men of Coos. Bay. but now the request
of the business interests of that port
that she return Is to be heeded. The
Alliance will continue calling at Coos
Bay both ways on her new schedule.
With the Alliance on the run Eureka
will. have four steamships calling there
out of this port, but three of them
continue on to San Francisco and
other ports. .- They are the F. A. Kil
burn, which calls at San. Francisco and
returns, and the George W. Elder and
Roanoke, both of. which call at San
Francisco and San Pedro. The Elder
left San Francisco yesterday for Port
land and the F. A. Kilburn left this
city last evening for San Francisco and
way ports.
Steam Schooner Aurelia Will Be Re
paired When Lightened.
ASTORIA, Or.. Dec. 1. (Special.)
The work of discharging the deckload
of the waterlogged steam schooner
Aurelia is nearly completed, and to
morrow the vessel will be placed on the
beach and th water pumped from her
The French bark Bayard arrived to
day. 165 days from Swansea. She re
ports encountering- very severe weath
er off the Horn. .During the gales one
of the bark's lifeboats was smashed
and several of the crew were slightly
injured. ' Two days ago the Bayard
sighted a French ship that is thought
to be the General De Son,is from Ant
Steamship Comes to Load Wheat for
The British steamship Bessie Dollar,
belonging to the Dollar Steamship
Company of San Francisco which has
British registry on account of her hav
ing been constructed In a British port,
arrived up yesterday to take a cargo
of wheat to Shanghai for Balfour.
Guthrie & Co. She has a capacity of
7250 tons and will commence loading
tomorrow. Captain A. Gow, the com
mander of the steamer. Is a relative of
Captain Gow of the steamer Fulham,
which recently loaded a lumber cargo
St. Paul Reports Bad Weather. '
NEW YORK. Nov. 30. A wireless
message from the steamer St. ' Paul
says the vessel has encountered ex
tremely severe weather during the voy
age from Europe.- She will be about 24
hours late In reaching' her dock here.
Marine Notes.
The steamer F. A. Kilburn sailed for
San Francisco via. Coos Bay and Eureka
last evening. She left out with a full
cargo of freight and about 70 passengers
for the coastwise ports.
The German ship Marine Hackfeld . Is
anchored oft the Star Sand Company's
dock. She is in ballast from -the
Hawaiian Isands and will commence dis
charging -Monday. She made a quick
voyage consuming ID days between Hono
lulu and Astoria.
The steamers of the Open River Trans
portation Company plying on the Upper
Columbia have been tied up for the sea
eon. Various reasons are assigned for
the discontinuance of the service, the
principal of which Is he practical end
of the harvest season.
On account of the car shortage the Bri
tish steamship Manchester Port shifted
over to the Eastern and Western mill
yesterday and commenced loading lumber
before she had all of her wheat cargo In,
This will be placed aboard as soon as
the grain arrives from the Inland Empire.
The Norwegian- steamship Jethou will
sail today with a cargo of 3.595,690 feet of
lumber valued 'at $47,063.75. She was given
the quickest dispatch of any of the lum
ber carriers calling ' here recently. It
having taken . a little over two weeks to
load her.
The British steamship Danerlc. which
brought a cargo of coal to this city, sailed
last evening for Vancouver B.iC where
she Is scheduled to load a cargo of lum
ber for California. An effort was made
to charter the vessel out of this port, but
the British ' Columbia ; charter, was re
ported previously.
Notice to Mariners.
The following affects tho. lLst' of lights, buoys
and daymarkfv. Pacific Coast, 190(3.
Oregon Columbia River entrance, page 60.
Jetty tiuoy, a HS. first-class can, marked
"Jetty" In white, was established November
27, in 81 feet of water, about 14 mile "V"SW.
westerly from the outer submerged end of the
Jetty. Vessels should not paaa to the eastward
of the buoy. North Head Llghthoiuie, NNW.,
westerly; Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, N.
Vt W.; Point Adams unused lighthouse, E.
S., easterly.
By order of the Lighthouse Board.
Commander, U. S. N., Inspector Thirteenth
Lighthouse District.
Arrivals and Departures. "
ASTORIA, Dec. 1. Condition of the bar at
6 P. M., moderate; wind, west; weather
cloudy. Arrived at midnight and left up at
3 A. M. Steamer Costa Rica, from Saa Fran
cisco. Arrived at 10:40 A. M. French bark
Ayard, from Swansea. Sailed at 11:15 A. M.
Bark Agate, for Ban Francisco.
San Francisco, Dec 1 Sailed Whaling bark
Alice KnoWles, for whaling grounds; steamer
Casco, for Portland ; steamer Tiverton, for
Astoria; steamer Svea, for Gray's Harbor.
New York. Dec. 1. Sailed Patricia, for
Hamburg; Carnla, for Liverpool; Philadel
phia, for Southampton; Columbia for Glas
gow; Prinzes Irene, for Naples and Genoa.
Arrived Trave, from Bremen.
Havre, Dec. 1. Sailed La. Bretagne,' for
New York.
Hongkong, Dec. 1. Arrived previously
Teucera, from Liverpool, via Slngapore. 'for
Yokohama and Tacoma; Tonawanda, from
San. Francisco. r
Brlsbane. Nov. 28. Sailed-Aorangl, froin
Sydney, for Vancouver. .-! :
Yokohama!,' : Nov. 28. Sailed Empress .'of
India; from Kiogo and Hongkong, for Van
couver. .i -, ' . - -.. . ;
. Sydney,-ITS.W., Nov. 24. Sailed Steam
er Thyrla, for San Francisco., ,
Honolulu, Deo 1. Arrived Suveric. from
Azores, for San Francisco.
Hoqulam, Wash.. Doc 1. Arrived Steam
er Coronado, from San Francisco, for Aber
deen, galled Schooner Roy Soiners, from
Cosmopolls, for San Francisco.
Phone Company Statement.
lu reply to the request of Mayor Lane
for the franchise-holding corporations' to
file a statement of their affairs with the
City Auditor, the Home Telephone 4V
Telegraph Company yesterday added its
report to those already submitted. As
the company Is jtit now installing its
plant, -the report was limited to, a list
of expenditures which shows the rost of
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Bad Breath
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Indulgence, Can Be In
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of styles that are BEST, and
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the chief features.
PRICE and what is back of each
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are riot satisfied. Could any
store do more? Can you point out
any that Hoes asuch?
Overcoats $15 to $50
establishing the system thus far. The
company presents Its realty holdings in
Portland as follows: Main exchange and
general offices. Park and Burnside
streets: Kast Sido exchange. East Mor
rison and East Eleventh streets: Albina
exchange, Russell and Knott streets;
total cost. W9.350. Other expenses in
curred are as follows: Underground sys-
irw.i.tHtno- no hi ps and conduits. $144,-
260; aerial construction, $166,275; apparatus
and appliances. 49,Tit; salaries, iae auu
other expenses, J98.175. Grand total,
$547,825. .
Gotham Housewives Resent High
Price of Meat. ,
NEW YORK. Dec. 1. The strike of the
women of the East Side tenements against
the butchers because they increased the
price of meat, has extended to Harlem.
It was determined at a large meeting of
women held In Harlem last night to boy
cott the butchers absolutely until the
prices of meats are lowered.
The Harlem butchers also organized
last night to combat the boycott and de
clared they would join their brethren of
the lower East Side in closing their
shops rather than face the possibility of
having their places of business wrecked.
Like the butchers down 'town they de
clared the increased cost of meat was not
because the packers had raised 'prices.
The women at their meeting adopted reso
lutions not to buy any more meat until the
price is lowered. Meanwhile flsh will
take the place of meat in thousands of
families. Several little skirmishes oc
curred yesterday, but most of the butch
ers on the East Side twitted their pa
trons by telling them that they Intended
to stand by the customers and fight the
"Sam" Martin's Cafe Closes.
NEW YORK. Dec. 1. Samuel Martin,
proprietor of one of the best known of
the all-night eating places on Broadway,
yesterday tiled a petition In voluntary
bankruptcy. The restaurant will go into
the hands of Marshal S. Hagar. as re
ceiver and will be closed. Martin's Is
at No. 143 West Fortieth street, and has
lalso a Broadway entrance. For half a
Ilk d
century it has been a famous "after the
ater" dinner place. The younger genera
tion has frequented other more elaborate
places, but the "old-timers" remained
steadfast to "Sam." But the demand for
magnificent tapestries and appointments
has transferred the late dining patronage
to Sherry's and the Astor, the St. Regis
and Delmonico, and because of this the
famous old hostelry, the scene of many
famous gatherings, is now to close.
BJglin Case Continued.
More testimony was taken by the Civil
Service Commission yesterday. In the
hearing on the appeal for reinstatement
of Ben Biglin, the discharged harbor
master. Attorney Logan, for the defense,
brought out the point that the general
orders of the police department, caution
ing against the careless use of firearms,
was not given until After the shooting on
the water front which was the direct
cause of Blglin's dismissal. C. E. Baty,
Griffith Roberts and R. G. Ellis were
the only witnesses called and the point
was fully established. It is now charged
that Mr. Biglin, when harbormaster,
neglected to report a. case of shanghalng
of which he had knowledge. For this pur
pose, the investigation was continued
until Thursday, December 13, at 2 o'clock
when it is hoped to conclude the hearing.
.Police Guard Train Stations. .
CHICAGO, Dec. 1. City policemen last
night guarded the platform of three of
the most congested stations on the ele
vated loop. They forced a semblance of
order among the scrambling, pushing
throng of passengers who crowded past
the fare collectors and rushed for the
cars in their frantic haste to reach their
homes under adequate transportation fa
cilities. It was the first police effort in Chicago
to check overcrowding.
The policemen were detailed to the sta
tions after the Coraporation Counsel, J
Hamilton Lewie, had given an opinion
that the city under its police power could
prevent passengers from entering crowd
ed trains to their own possible injury or
the injury of others.
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