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Independent Voters Will De
cide Between Hughes
and Hearst.
Parties Make Vote-Buying Legal by
Hiring Voters as I'oII-Workers.
Both Candidates Worn Out,
but Confident.
NEW YORK, Nov. 8 (Special.) With
the election three days off, there Is still
great doubt and uncertainty as to the
tinal result. Both sides claim to be con
fident, but the very fact that all hands
are planning to keep rlgnt up to concert
pitch until the very morning of election
duy rather belies the predictions of the
interested leaders.
Discussing this phase of the situation,
an ex-Governor of the state said to the
correspondent of the Publishers' Pres
"I have been in politics for many years,
but there are ends to the present election
that puzzle me. So far as I can see to
night, the two parties will poll their or
dinary normal, vote on next Tuesday.
There is, however, a greatly growing ele
ment In this state that tries to be inde
pendent. I mean the men who, when
they go into the voting booth, draw the
curtain tight about them, look carefully
to see that they are not observed and
then mark their ballot. When they turn
the ballot over to the inspector of elec
tions, they stand and watch until it is
deposited In the locked box. These are
the men who will decide this election, and
I cannot figure out what they will do.
"My own opinion is that the result will
be In doubt until a large portion of the
total vote is counted, and my personal
belief is that it will be after midnight be
fore definite figures are obtainable."
Will "Hire" Many Voters.
This statement seems to entirely sum
up the situation.
Both sidesure claiming tonight that
they will use no money to buy votes next
Tuesday, but these protestations are not
-on the level." It Is a fact that the Re
publican organization never before had
ho much money at its disposal as at pres
ent, and It hardly seems likely that the
Democratic organization can be bank
rupt. By virtue of the corrupt-practices
act of the last Legislature, it is now a
felony to buy votes, but when that act
was passed some wise politician had the
penal code so amended that it is now
possible for a political leader to "hire" as
many poll-workers as he desires to work
for him on election day...
This is the way the money is to be paid
out on election day. All purchasable
voters will be "engaged" on election day
by the workers of the two parties and it
is altogether likely that the actual money
expended will aggregate more than for
merly. Candidates on Verge of Collapse.
Both of the candidates for Governor,
"W. R. Hearst and Charles E. Hughes,
spent the night addressing big meetings
in this city. They expounded their usual
stock arguments and were accorded warm
receptions by the faithful. Both are verg
ing on a state of -physical collapse and
there was nothing out of the ordinary
about their meetings.
"Tim" Woodruff, chairman of the Re
publican State Committee, discussing the
outlook tonight, said:
"Hughes will he elected. He will have
as large a plurality as any other success
ful Republican candidate ever had in this
state. That is all I care to say."
Both Certain Winners.
: Max Ihmsen, president of the Independ
ence League, said:
"Mr. Hearst will win by 200.000. He is
as certain a winner as ever appealed to
the voters of the state for support, x- is
all over now but the counting of me
Chairman Connors, of the State Demo
cratic Committee, issued a brief state
ment, in which he prophesied Hearst's
election by 1H0.U00 plurality. The statement
reads as follows:
"Mr. Hughes will come down to the
Bronx with a majority of 40,000. Mr.
Hearst will carry Ureater New York by
200,000. I base my statement along the
lines of a careful canvass and a complete
knowledge of the situation. The election
next Tuesday will be a Hearst tidal
In addition to mnklng the above prog
nostication, Connors statefl that he had
received no telegram from Chairman
Timothy Spellary of the California Dem
ocratic State Committee, as stated in
certain newspapers tonight. The tele
gram In question purported to coma
from Spellary, calling upon New Tork
Democrats, to repudiate Hearst. Charles
F. Murphy, leader of Tammany, said:
"The entire Democratic ticket will be
elected and the City of New York will
be in its old place at the head of the
Democratic column."
Hughes Has No Doubt.
Charles E. Hughes, the -Republican
candidate, Is no less sanguine of being
elected than is Mr. Hearst. Discussing
briefly the outlook tonight, he said:
"From my own personal observations
and also from facts that I have gleaned
from men with whom I have talked, I
am convinced that the people of the stats
understand the situation thoroughly and
that they will elect myself and associ
ates upon the Republican ticket next
Tuesday by pluralities that will forever
rebuke hypocrisy and deception. There
can be no doubt of how the election is
going, the only doubt Is the figures and
of those of course 1 do not care to deal
at this time."
Meetings are planned for Sunday and
not until late Monday night will the can
didates finish their strenuous campaign
Opposed to PoUtieuI Falsehood and
Will Carry Out Promises.
NEW YORK, Nov. S. Addressing a
meeting of business men at the Brooklyn
Real Estate Exchange. Mr. Hughes
warned his hearers against the results
of overconfldence. Referring to the al
leged Hearst-Murphy bargain, Mr.
Hughes said:
"Two men came to an understand
ing, and the result is one of the most
reprehensible deals in political annals.
The people have always insisted upon
sincerity on the part of those who
seek to lead them. There are many in
this community, I fear, who look ask
ance at popular government and who
fear a democracy. 1 feel that the peo
ple can be trusted, and we must have
their Intelligence uncorrupted. We
should preserve our business life and
make reform. In a constructive and
statesmanlike way. I am pledged to
the accomplishment of th reforms
that we need, and I mean to keep that
"A man dealing with reforms should
have the fear of God In his heart. - He
should be as much opposed to a mis
statement of a fact as to larceny. The
people have determined that there will
be an end ti- what is termed graft. I
have no sympathy with the denuncia
tion of a corporation, particularly
when it proceeds from a corporation.
I have not made any promise, and will
make no promise that I cannot keep,
and that is the only American fairway
of dealing with public questions. The
Insurance business must be run for the
benefit of the policyholders, and in this
connection I want to see our insur-:
ance reform thoroughly carried out
and the insurance put on a secure
Draws His Similes From Holy Writ,
in Predicting Result.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3. After a day of
rest broken only by a trip to Yonkers,
where he spoke briefly, William R.
Hearst tonight mode a lively tour of
Manhattan, where seven mass meetings
had been arranged in his interest.
The candidate's failing voice was a
severe handicap, but his disadvantage
appealed to the audience, thousands of
whom cheered him until they were as
hoarse as the candidate. He said:
We have made a good fight and we will win
a great victory. The victory will be great
In the size of our plurality, for t believe that
we will win by over 2W,ooO. But the victory
will be greater in another way. It will be a
gredt victory for the people aualnst the power
of corrupt corporations. It will be a great
victory for the Democracy of Thomas Jeffer
son and the Republicanism of Abraham Lin
coln. It will be more than a victory for
political principles. It will be a victory for
essential morality in public life, for truth In
public statement and for honesty In public ser
vice. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps
millions of dollars, will be thrown into' this
state and city on election day by corrupt cor
porations to debauch the ballot and corrupt
election officials.
But we must eee to it that these trust
marauders also have some respect for the law
and are not allowed to use in this election
the methods of the outlaw, the bandit and the
Protect your ballots Tuesday. Bee that the
vote Is honestly cast and honestly counted and
we will win a great victory, which all pa
triotic American cltlxens everywhere will ap
plaud. Tuesday, my friends, we wjll restore
the power In this republic to the people and
whip these corrupt corporations out of the
temple of ous Government.
Shrieks and Shouts Do Not Settle
Vexed Questions.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3. The hardest work
of a particularly hard week had been re
served by his campaign managers for to
day, when Charles E. Hughes made six
day and four evening addresses before
the largest and most demonstrative audi
ences that had yet heard the Republican
Gubernatorial candidate. Tonight there
were three Indoor meetings. Mr. Hughes
said, among other things:
Forty yeara ago we had a ftreat crisis in
this country a little more than 40 years
ag0 and to preserve the Union we poured out
our money, our treasure and the Uvea of many
of our best citizene. "We desired to have
equality before the law. We desired to have
the benefits of free institutions extended to all
those that were Just as much entitled to them
aa those that already enjoyed them. The Union
was preserved, but our efforts to preserve our
free government must be unceasing.
In this campaign there has been brought
home to all citizens of this state that they
must be alive to what is essential to the per
petuity of decent, free, honorable government.
Once you abandon that conscientious desire to
do right, that desire to accord tl your neigh
bor the right that you demand for yourself,
you enter jipon a path that leads straight to
We can accomplish our reforms in an or
derly and a sober manner. Screeching and
rending the air with shrieks and shouts do not
settle any vexed question, either In our busi
ness or our political life. We want sincere
and disinterested leadership.
Woodruff Sends It Back Tammany
Got None From Hearst.
NEW YORK. Nov. 3. Chairman Wood
ruff said today that the Republican
State Committee, during the cam
paign, has received checks from va
rious corporations. In every instance, he
said, the checks have been returned
promptly with thanks of the committee
and the notice that the law forbids them
to receive any such contributions. Mr.
Woodruff reiterated his statement of yes
terday, In which he claimed that the elec
tion was just about all over, but for the
shouting, 'and declared that conditions up
the state were improving hourly. "The
.telegrams from up state chairmen." said
he, "are that the Hughes' pluralities will
have to be increased over their first esti
mates." "William R. Hearst has not contributed
one cent to Tammany Hall's campaign
fund," said Charles F. Murphy, Tammany
leader, today. "We have not asked him
for money, and we would not have ac
cepted it had he offered it. Neither has
Mr. Chanler nor any of the other candi
dates upon the state ticket contributed to
the Tammany Hall fund."
Mr. Murphy said that it is not the cus
tom for state candidates to contribute to
the Tammany Hall fund.
Ihmsen Accuses Republicans of
Planning Victory by Bribery.
NEW YORK. Nov. 3. Max F. Ihmsen,
political manager for Mr. Hearst, gave
out a statement tonight in which he says:
I am absolutely confident that Mr.
Hearst will win this election by 200,000 ma
jority. The desperation of the Republicans
is manillest in the course they have pur
sued. Federal interference has been en
forced and vituperation and abuse will
fail, as they surely must. The Republicans
have another reliance, however. That re
liance is money.
Never before In the history of the state
in a state election has so much money
been available to the Republican man
agers as- is at their disposal for this cam
paign. Thcaggregate will probably equal
that which was used in the Presidential
campaign of 18i6. Information has come
that in Albany County alone $75,000 will
be spent on eleetlon day by the Repub
licans, and in Clinton County $20,000. This
Information is from several sources which
I cannot doubt. What is being done in
these counties is typical of what is being
done all over the etate.
It has been said by State Chairman
Woodruff that corporation contributions
sent to him have been returned. I will
not question Mr. Woodruff's statement,
but I have not the slightest doubt that no
money offered to tire Republican managers
will fail to reach the hands of those who
It may be thought can make the beat use
of it on election day.
Sulzer Speaks for Hearst.
NEW YORK, Nov. 3. Representa
tive William Sulzer, who was a
candidate for the Democratic nom
ination for Governor at Buffalo, was
the principal speaker at a Hearst
meeting today. Mr. Sulzer advocated
the election of Mr. Hearst, "because he
will have something to say to the coal
trust and other trusts." He also advo
cated the election of United States
Senators by direct vote.
Reactionary Leader Arrested.
vldoff. president of the Gomel section of
the union of the Russian people, was ar
rested at the railroad station on his ar
rival In St. Petersburg.
Nameless Babies Bought and
Tortured by Fiends in
Human Form.
Governor's Pastor Openly Charges
' That Hundreds of So-called Hos
pitals Are Nothing but Dens
, of AVorst Criminality.
CHICAGO, Nov. 3.-(Special.)-Ill!nois
state authorities have finally become
aroused by the hideous traffic in homeless
babies a'nd larger children in this city.
It Is said ample proof is at hand that
boy babies have been sold for 25 cents
and girl babies for half a dollar. "
The fate of these friendless waifs is
too horrible to contemplate. Their pur
chasers are their absolute masters, with
power of life and death over them and
no relative to assure the little ones fair
play. A few years ago paclrones bought
these children, maimed them cruelly and
sent them upon the streets with twisted
limbs or socketless eyes to excite - pity
and receive alms, but a partial stop was
put to this horror.
Minister Makes Charge.
This horrifying condition of affairs' has
become known through the denunciation
by the Rev. Charles Vtrden at the state
conference of charities of so-called pri
vate hospitals and homes in Chicago
which assume to take care of embar
rassed mothers and to find homes for
homeless children.
There are hundreds of these homes or
hospitals in Chicago. Here are the points
made by the Rev. Mr. Virden. who Is
Governor Deneen's pastor and chairman
of the state committee on child visita
tion: Sell for 25 Cents Apiece.
"Institutions of this sort are ordinarily
conducted by quack doctors. The babies
taken into them are poorly cared for
or starved. Children not wanted by the
parents are often purchased by the pro
prietors at 25 cents a head. Children so
purchased, having been adjudged sound
by their purchasers, are subsequently
sold to other parties as drudges or slaves.
"A certain percentage of the children
coming into the hands of these so-called
hospital authorities disappear. I have
seen vats of quick lime in these institu
tions. The proprietors will explain that
the vats and the lime are used for sani
tary purposes. They lie. These vats are
sufficient evidence to tie a rope around
a man's neck or send him to the peniten
tiary for life.
Ghastly Treatment of Innocents.
"The courts of this state and other
states will have to become the guar
dians of homeless and deserted children.
It is the first step toward the elimina
tion of crime. As matters stand at pres
ent, our treatment of unclaimed chil
dren is the ghastliest in the world."
Hastings H. Hart, superintendent of the
Illinois Children's Home & Aid Society,
to whose care scores of children other
wise homeless are" turned over in the
course of a year, said:
"I have a beautiful little girl whose
name need be nothing more than Jose
phine. She is now in good hands. A few
days ago I took her out of the hands of
a woman who had bought her from an
alleged 'sanitarium' for 12 and a molt
ing canary. I believe there is nothing
more appalling than that In the slavery
of the Congo."
Graduated From Portland Academy
In 1871, and Aterward Served
In the Navy Department.
WALLA WALLA, Wash., Nov. 3.
(Special.) Judge William H. Upton, one
of the best-known attorneys of the Pa
cific Northwest, and one of the first
Judges of the State of Washington, died
at the Walla Walla Hospital this after
noon at 4:30, of heart failure, after an
illness of only two or three days.
William H. Upton was born in Weaver
ville. Cal.. June 19, 1854. He removed
with his father's family two years later
to Sacramento and thence to Portland,
Or., in IStio. He was graduated at the
Portland Academy in 1871, studied two
years in the Bishop Scott Grammar
School, and then entered Yale, where he
graduated with honors in 1877. He then
served nearly three years in the office of
Hon. Richard W. Thompson, Secretary of
the Navy, meanwhile pursuing legal stud
ies lti the law school at Columbia Uni
versity, whenae he was graduated as L.
L. B. in 1879 and as L. L. M. in 1880. He
was admitted to the bar in Washington,
D. C, and in the Summer of 1880 resigned
his position in the Navy Department, de
clined an appointment as assistant pay
master in the United States Navy, re
moved to Walla Walla and began the
practice of law.
Sends Rurals to Disperse Bands of
Cuban Outlaws.
HAVANA, Nov. 3. To end the feeling
of insecurity throughout the island, due to
the existence of straggling bands called
into being by the recent insurrection.
Governor Magoon has ordered the employ
ment of strong bodies of rural guards to
pursue and scatter the bands and restore
order. American troops will replace the
rural guards in the towns in which the
latter are withdrawn.
Governor Magoon said that he is de
termined to prevent horse stealing and
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that he will have persons guilty of this
offense arrested and punished. The pro
visional goverment believes" that all good
citizens in the recent uprising have dis
banded, and says that persons henceforth
assembling in bands will be considered
actuated by illegal motives and dealt with
Bryan Compares Himself to Jeffer
son, Beveridge to Hamilton.
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 3. Speaking at
the Auditorium tonight to a crowd thaM
A1IAJ Kill Hm-tu TV T R.tT.jn T-
concluded the political campaign in Lin
coln and made what is regarded as the
most notable speech of his canvass in Ne
braska. Aside from slight hoarseness,
Mr. J3ryan was in excellent voice and the
sympathy of the audience was apparent
ly with him. His subject was "Dreams,"
being an answer to Republican orators
who have spoken in Nebraska this Fall in
criticism of him, and more especially to
Senator Beveridge. in Lincoln, several
weeks ago. Mr. Beveridge at that time
said Mr. Bryan was a splendid man, but
in politics an impracticable dreamer.
"I regarded It as a compliment to be
termed a dreamer by Senator Beveridge,"
said Mr. Bryan. "A short time after
wards Governor Cummins, of Iowa, called
me a dreamer. Then I sat up and took
notice. . In but a short time Speaker Can
non termed me a dreamer, and then I
thought there must be something to it.
Finally Governor Hanly, of Indiana, re
peated the same thing. This was too
much. I might be ablo to defend myself
if only Senator Beveridge had made the
assertion, but when four leading Republi
cans declared me a dreamer, I con
cluded to plead guilty, and search for the
He said Jefferson had been called a
dreamer.-and In his day had a Beveridge
in the person of Alexander Hamilton, an
officer whose pet idea was that the Pres
ident should be elected for life.
"I do not like that plan," said Mr.
Bryan. "Roosevelt is only a year and a
half older than I, and he is in perfect
health. What chance would a man of
my age have to be President? If such a
plan were in vogue, you never would have
hail Roosevelt. Grover Cleveland still
lives, my friends."
Some of the dreams of Democracy were
described by Mr. Bryan as being the elec
tion of United States Senator by direct
vote, tariff reform, arbitration and trust
regulation. These were dreams, he de
clared, which would in time come true.
Mr. Bryan said that, considering his
environment. President Roosevelt had
done well, but that there had been no
part of his popularity that had not been
derived from his advocacy of Democratic
principles. He said he considered it a
compliment to have the President prefer
th'e Democratic platform to that of his
own party.
Concluding. Mr. Bryan said the Repub
licans had been killing him on for many
-veRrs. but he was still above the political
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sod, not because of his own personality,
but because of the things he stood for.
Mr. Bryan made two speeches at Falls
City this afternoon.
XVill Depose Crazy King Than-Thal.
PARIS, Nov. L M. Mlllles-aUroix,
Minister of the Colonies; has decided to
summon the annual state conference and
depose King Than-Thal. Than-Thai was
adjudged ineane and the French author
ities made him prisoner. Previously the
King had ordered seven of his wives to
be executed and looked on with delight
while they were slowly tortured to death.
CJet Out of Way Before President
Can Fire.
RICHMOND, Va., Nov. 3. Undaunted
by his previous failures. President Roose
velt again went after wild turkeys at
Tine Knob today. A gang of the wary
birds was found, but the dogs flushed it
before the hunters could get within
shooting distance and the game escaped
without the President getting a shot.
In the afternoon the President and Dr.
Rixey made another foray Into the part
ridge fields.
JIubcr's Saloon Open After Hours.
Four men were arrested in the Frank;
Huber saloon at tne corner of Fourth
and Wasnington streets this morning
at 1:25 and on Monday a warrant wil)
be asked for the arrest of the proprie
tor for keeping open after hours.
Torpedo Kxpkxlrs, Killing Sailor.
TOULON, Nov. 3. While being hoisted
on board the French battleship Charted
Martel during practice drill today,
a torpedo exploded, killing one man and
wounding ninny others.
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