The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, September 02, 1906, Page 12, Image 12

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Meier Frank Store Will Be Closed All Day Tomorrow, Monday, Sept. 3, Labor Day Articles Advertised Below Are for Tuesday
See "Pendleton" Indian Robes and Blankets in Splendid Variety
Large Assortment Trunks and Traveling Bags on the Third Floor
The Meier Frank Store
Fine Silks and Dress Goods
Not a day too early for consideration of
the new silk or tailored gown If you put
it off until late in the month there will
be annoyance and delay with the dress
makerNew Fall stocks of silks and wool
dress materials are ready for inspection
Tpw wenvps in hlnclr T)rpsa Onnds and hlack nrom-
yi ises to enjoy great popularity the coming season ;
per yard, great value Spl.OO to $3.00
New Colored Goods in superb assortment; all
Grades: all the new weaves.
New Serges at, yd. .75, $1.00, $1.25, Sl.SO
New Prunella Cloths, yard. ... .$1.25 to $Z.oO
'Beautiful new Lansdownes at, yard $1.35
;'New Chiffon Broadcloths at, yd. $1.50 to $3.50
Magnificent showing of new Plaid Dress Goods ;
-ts-. every new weave and shading, at prices from
50S 85. $1.0O, $1.25, $1.50, $2 yd.
Th ntpsf in H HiH Si Mr nt. lr vrt Sfi tn 1
S 'Pompadour Crepe de Chines, all shades, per
yard, great values $1.25 and $l.o0
A New Messaline bilks, new Crepe bilks, all grades;
T-vJnew Taffetas, new Peau de Soies, new Dresdens, new
s Velvets, new Corduroys. Particular attention is di
rected to our Velvets. .,
$1.B0 patterns In new Flannelettes, per yard 12J
lUAlir New French Waistings In silk and wool, 27 Inches wide; plaids and
llvff figures; very l.xrge assortment; best values in town at, fl.
per yard s Out
Iowa Flannels, SI Inohes wide; unshrinkable; 100 patterns; best col-
fl lanttQC ors guaranteed; very pretty styles and splendid values 40C
German Bath Robe, Flannels, with or without' border'; A.(t
every good style VC
rnf 1 Arm
I- u
Stamping Done to Your Order in New Designs on Second Floor
Custom Shade and Drapery Work Our Specialty Third Floor
The Meier Frank Store
Our September Hosiery Sale
1000 pairs of women's novelty black Hose;
prettily embroidered with silk dots, bow
knots and other attractive, designs ; sizes
Sy2 to 10; a quality hose sold all OQ
over town at 50c; our sale price.
Women's fine black Cotton Hose; the cele
brated "Onyx" brand J full fashioned leg
and foot; splendid weight; new designs;
sizes 8y2 to 10; best 50o values OO
for this sale at, per pair JCJC
1000 pairs of women 's outsize Cotton Hose ;
made from selected yarn; beautifully
fashioned; French feet; hermsdorf dye;
best 50c values in all sizes on t
sale at, per pair JJ'
Women's fine French Lisle Thread Lace
Hose in a large assortment of pretty
patterns; in allover and boot effects: all
sizes; regular 50c values on sale Ttt
at this low price, pair .J''
"Humpty Dumpty" Stockings for Boys
and Girls; extra strength in the knees;
Jersey ribbed and fast black; 1 C,
sizes 512 to 10; great value, pair-.
Mail orders promptly filled.
Sole agents for "Black Cat" Hosiery for boys and girls; fast color; most O
serviceable school hose ; pair . J w
"No-Mend" Stockings for boys and girls; linen knee; sizes 6 to 10; best (t
value on the market at this low price, per pair
Special values in Girls' Stockings at, per pair, grand value 35
Sole Portland Agents for Ostermoor Patent Elastic Felt Mattresses
Artistic Picture Framing to Your Order at Low Prices 2d Floor
The Meier Frank Store
New Bulgarian Linen Waists
We - direct particular attention to our
showing of new Waists for Fall and Winter
wear Beautiful Bulgarian linens trimmed
in Cluny, Venise, Baby Irish and eyelet
embroidered The handsomest, the rich
est Waists ever produced by American
manufacturers The assortment of styles
is very large and prices unusually reason
able ranging from $10.00 up to $32.50
each See the new chiffon cloth Waists
in Persian designs New plain and fancy
net Waists New allover plat Val lace
Waists All the newest styles, prettily
made and trimmed for dress and evening
wear The display altogether is the largest
and bast ever made this early in the season
Entire new line of the S. H. & M. guaranteed Silk
Petticoats just received. Three mouths' guarantee.
Beautiful quality silks, made with deep flounce,
stitched bands, pleating, ruching or hemstitched, in
all the leading shades. Prices range from $7.00
up to $16.50 each. Second Floor.
S. H. &. M.
Silk Petticoats
New Laces
Just Received
Thirty-five thousand dollars
worth of new Laces opened up
the past week. With the return
of our lace and trimming buyer
ft-orn a seven-weeks' trip to
Eastern markets, we are ready
to show you marvelous assort
ments of everything new and
pretty in the lace and trimming
world. Represented are round
thread Valenciennes, Baby Irish
Allover Laces, Galloons and
Edges, new flat Venise Laces,
new Net Top Laces, white and
cream figured Nets for waist
ings, etc. ; Point de Paris and
Calais Valenciennes and Planen
Laces, new St. Gall Laces, new
Princess Kobes, new Dress
Trimmings in endless assort
ment. Let .us show you.
Buyers Home
Six of our buyers have just
returned from Eastern markets:
A. Meier, general merchandise.
L. Hirsch, cloaks, suits, waists.
I. Upright, men's wear.
Madame Herbert, millinery.
Estelle Kitchen, muslin under
wear, corsets, infants' wear,
yarns, etc.
I. Cohn, laces, embroideries,
trimmings and handkerchiefs.
Fall merchandise of every de
scription is rolling in by the car
load. We have provided for
the coming season in a very lib
eral manner, everything that's
new, and pretty, and good, will
be found represented here. Mail
orders will receive our prompt
and careful attention.
50,000 jYds,'Magnificeht New Embroideries
Values to $10 at 98c StripValues to $13 at $ 1 A7 Strip
Our great -nnual September- sale of high grade Embroideries starts
promptly at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning A sale planned and pre
pared for along our liberal lines It will again illustrate to you the
superior purchasing power of the Meier &. Frank store in the markets (J
of the world In face of a tremendous advance in the prices of Em-
broideries we go to St. Call, Switzerland, and secure for this always
interesting event better values and greater quantities than we ever ;
offered before Thousands and thousands of yards of magnificent,
new Embroideries in the daintiest styles to be sold at a small fraction
of their real value Embroideries for all purposes and in an immense assortment of dainty patterns If you want to share in this phenomenal bar
gain you will have to plan to be here promptly at 8 o'clock Our Embroidery bargains ; don't, usually last many hours, no matter how great the
quantity Not a single yard to be sold until 8 o'clock Tuesday. None reserved See big Fifth street window display Sold in strips only
Swiss, . Batiste, Cambric andx Nainsook Embroidery
edgings 4 to 24 Inches wide flounces, insertions, galloons,
and double edge beading 2 to 8 Inches wide Beautiful
patterns suitable for womens' Lingerie, waists, gowns,
infants' and childrens' wear, immense assortment, 4 yards
in a strip; values up to J10.0J a strip your choice at this
marvelously low price, per strip
Sold in strips only. No mail orders filled. Come early.
Values to $ 1 0
98c Strip
Swiss, Batista, Cambric and Nainsook Embroidery
edgings 4 to 24 Inches wide flounces. Insertions, galloons,
and double edge beadings 2 to 8 Inches wide; magnificent
variety of patterns suitable for womens Lingerie, waists,
gowns; Infants' and childrens' wear 6 yards In a strip;
values up to $12.00 a strip; your choice at this wonderfully
low price, per strip
Better plan to be here at 8 o'clock sharp Tuesday.
Values to $12
$1.47 Strip
Bargains in
Lace Curtains
For Tuesday's Selling
White and Arabian color Re
naissance Lace Curtains, mada
on French Nets, with Renais
sance inserting and edges; 46
inches wide by 3 yards long;
regular $3.50 values on sale at,
pair $2.80
White or Arabian color Renais
sance and Cluny Lace Cur
tains, all made on the best
French Nets; 45 to 60 inches
wide by 3 yards long; $5.00
values at $3.05
White and Arabian color Re
naissance, Arabian and Cluny
Lace Curtains, mounted on the
best French Nets; handsome
styles; 50-in. wide, 3 vards
long; $7.50 value $6.25
New plain and figured Silks
for drapery work; stripes, flg
uresand plain styles in large
variety. New Cretonnes and
Taffetas, new Mulls and Ma
dras. Custom drapery work
our specialty. Expert drapers
at your service. Best workman
ship and lowest prices guaran
teed. Third Floor.
Leather Goods B argains
Special lot of fitted Handbags,
in seal and walrus leathers;
fitted with card-case and coin
purse; tan, black and brown;
$1.25 to $2.00 values, ea..98
Gold and silver Belts; values
from $1.00 to $3.00 each; on
sale at this wonderfully low
price 89
200 Wash Belts, assorted styles;
values ranging from 50c to
75c each; on sale at, each.30J
Women siMew Fall Apparel
In Portland's Leading Cloak and Suit Store
Hundreds of parcels of new Fall ready-to-wear
garments for women are being
unpacked every day Everything that
fashion dictates in larger and better as
sortment than can be found anywhere
about town and the reasonable prices
of 1905 will prevail for 1906-07
Portland's leading cloak store cordially
invites you to view the latest in wom
en's ready-to-wear ' apparel 2d Floor
New Tailored Suits in the latest fashions and
materials; -length, fitted and semi-fitted Coats;
also 26 and 36-inch lengths. Norfolk, Pony, Eton
and Blouse effects. Skirts in gored and pleated
styles. Broadcloths, serge, tweeds, Panamas and
novelty Suitings; plain tailored, fancy braid or
velvet trimmed Red, blue, brown, green, grays,
plaids and mixtures. Prices from
$11.00 TO $100.00 A SUIT
The new Fall and Winter Walking Skirts are
ready in surprising assortment; all the most de
sirable styles ; plain habit, circular skirts, 9 to 21
gored skirts; pleated and panel effects; trimmed
with tailored straps and buttons; plaids, checks,
mannish mixtures, homespuns, golfing cloth in
black, blue, gray, brown, green, tans, etc. New
black voile Skirts with or without silk drops.
PRICES FROM $5.00 TO $35.00
Complete line of new Fall and Winter Coats in
medium, s and lull-length ; loose, half and tight- ' !
fitting; shepherd plaids, Bannockburns, tweeds, worsteds, cheviots, Scotch tweeds, herringbones; checks,
mixtures, ombre plaids, etc. , Prices range all the way .from $10.CK) to $55.00
New Evening and Theater Coats; immense saving at prices from $28.00 to $100.00
New Carpets Now Ready
The new Carpets and
Rugs are ready for your
choosing a showing un
equaled in the entire
Western country Car
pets of every grade Car
pets of every style in
amazing variety All the
very latest designs and
colorings, Wiltons, Vel
vets, Axministers, Brus
sels, Moquettes, Ingrains
Room size Rugs in all
sizes and marvelous
Assortment Small Rugs
by the thousand in all grades Linoleums, mattings, etc.,
etc. By far the largest and most complete stock of Car
pets and Rugs to be found in the city and facilities for
promptly and properly caring for any size contract
Before buying floor coverings it's to your interest to
look here Third Floor . : . "
Special lot of 1000 Axminster Rugs in ' Oriental and floral designs;
beautiful colorings; size 27x60 inches; a rug every housewife in the
community. can find use for; regular $3.00 value on sale C 1 Qfc
for. a few days at this unusually low price, each r J
Special lot of room-size French Wilton Rugs ; exquisite designs and col
- orings; size 9x12 feet; a rug that we sell a great many of at $60.00
, regularly; larsre variety to select from; great value lAO
at this low price, each Third Floor ... : M"-
We are always ready to furnish estimates on Carpets and all Floor
Coverings ' for homes, hotels, boarding-houses, stores, boats, etc. All
work guaranteed. Third Floor. Phone Exchange 4.
New Fall Clothing
For Men and Boys
Men's Suits, Overcoats and
Topcoats, 1906-07 Fashions
from the leading wholesale
tailors, L. Adler Bros. &. Co.,
Hart, Schaffner & Marx, Stein
Bloch Co., and the Washing
ton Co. The display is second
to none in the city and our
prices in every instance mean
q saving of 25 on what
equal style and quality costs
you at the exclusive clothing
store The showing includes:
3 and 4-button Sack Coat Suits, with
center vent or without vents. Double
breasted Sack Coats, military cut. All
the newest and best materials. 36
inch Topcoats, shaped, black Thibets,
black unfinished worsteds, worsted
cheviots. 44 and 45-inch Overcoats,
military cut with velvet collar; stripes
and fancy mixtures. Second Floor.
FALL SUITS, $15 TO $35
FALL O'COATS, $ 15 to $40
Entire line of Men's Trousers for Fall and Winter wear; handsome
patterns; all grades. New line of Men's Fancy Vests. Men's Bath
Robes and Smoking Jackets in grand assortment. Second Floor.
Entiro new line of the popular "Peter Thompson" Sulta for children and
misses, A to 18 years of age: new styles In blue, brown and red serge
trimmed with braid and chevrons; handsomely made and finished
throughout; the most practical garment for school or dress wear: al
ways looks well and gives splendid tervise. Prices fromST.OO to
S20.00 suit.
FOR BOYS, $5.00 EA.
Our celebrated "Hercules" Suits for boys; guaranteed
shower-proof and absolutely all-wool and fast color,
as well as unshrinkable; pants lined throughout with
shrunk Irish linen: best patterns and will outwear
any other make of school suit on the market; all ages
and grand value at this popular price, per suit.. 81. OO
Boys' and children's Reefers in all the newest novelties;
reds, shepherd plaids, coverts, seriros and cheviots.
Teach ... ... S3.50 to S12.50
New Fall Suits for young men: single or double-breasted
styles; very latest fashions and materials at prices
rroni S7.50 to 25.00