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Heavy Tonnage . Is Going by
" Steamers.
El pi j t Extra Steamers Chartered" to
Help Carry tho .Orders to the
drlcnt-lMbre 3Iay Be
v Chartered.
Fifty thousand tons of wheat and -flour
liac been sbldfor shipment to Japan with
the urospect of the orders being Increased
to 1M:000 tons, depending: upon the extent
qf the famine In Japan and the prices and
grades here The Japanese require for
npme uses a low grade of wheat, which
must be supplied at a low.prlce.
From the Indications now. the first part
of the crop, of the Inland Empire will go
to the Orient and the rest to Europe.
For this Rurposo not only Is the blc
liner Xuraantla waiting, at the docks, but
many" others pre on the way or chartered.
One Japanese Arm. Mitsui & Co.,. has
chartered itx big' tramps to carry wheat
or flour toJapon. The largest of these,
the Knight Errant, is a steamer BOO feet
over all, drawing 23 feet 5. Inches when
loaded and capable of carrying close to
9009 tons. Besides 'theso it is understood
Mitsui & Co. will charter two or four
more. This will gLvo thpm tonnage to
transport the greater part of the ,60.000
tons already ordered. The regular line of
steamers, plying between here and the
Orient, the Portland & Asiatic Steamship
Company, will carry large quantities and
have chartered two extra steamers to
help tho four they now have, on the run.
These six steamers will have an aggre
gate carrying capacity almost as large as
the number chartered by Mitsui & Co.
But an -4hy will carry general cargo -as
well as "wheat and flour it is safe to say
they wltl carry 26,000 tons to the Orient,
f which 12,600 tons -will go to Japan.
Much concern has been felt among ship
ping men as to whether these Immense
shipments to the Orient, together with
the large number of steamers left Idle In
the Pacific On account of the cessation, of
war. wewW not cause a break in the
rate to Europe "established by the ship
owners Union. Some have '-contended it
would and Tia've waited results, while a
few others have taken some ships at
union rates. A few jshlps were reported
token 'for Portland loading at 25s, which
la 3s 6d under the union rates, but these
have" been nonunion ships and will hardly
affect the general situation.
Will Carry the lailcarrlcrs on Sep-.
'tcmber ID.
The first excursion of the stoamer Tele
phone will be to the Cascades and return
on September.; 10. On -that date. she-, will
take the visiting mailcarriers for artrlp
up the Columbia and . r'etum. 'Arrange
ments have been mode to make this run
from the Oak-street dock. This one ex
cursion, while an indication of what -may
be her regular run'. Is by no" xnearts -conclusive
p"roof. "No definite information1
coulA tJp obtained yesterday as to -where
she would be run regularly.
Notice Given to -Mariners.
The following affects the list of lights
and -fog signals. Pacific. Coast, 1904:
Eidred Bock Light Station, page 52..
after JC6. 251 (ljst of lights, buoys and
daymarks. Pacific Coast, .1903, page 95)
Located on tho easterly , side of Eldred
Bock, easterly -aide of Lynn Canal, and
about 7H miles northwest . one quarter
west from Point Sherman Light Station.
About September 10, 1903. a temporary
fixed white lcns-lantcrn light will be es
tablished, suspended from an arm on a
stake. The light will be 40 feet above
the water,' rIx feet above the base of the
structure from which It will be shown,
and will Illuminate . 270 degrees of the
horizon, the dark sector, lying" between
north and", oast and covering Sullivan
Will -Repair Pilot Boat.
ASTQBIA. (jr.. Sept 2. The state pilot
schooner ,San Jose, which has been in.
service off ihe mouth of the river for a
few months, is not in proper, condition to
remftln outside, and she will be replaced
by the Joseph Pulltzor. which will leavo
for her station as soon as she can be
placed In readiness. The bar pilots who
will accompany her are Captains Gunder
son. Cann and "Wood. The San Jose will
need some extensive repairs before she
will be ready to .undertake the work
Takes the Chester Off.
On account of the extreme low water in
the Cowlitz Blver, the Kellogg Transpor
tation Company were compelled yesterday
to take the Chester off the run from
Kelso to Tlodo. This is the first time
this has been " dona since the boat 'was
built, six years ago. She draws nine
inches, the shallowest draft steamer on
the Coast-VShe will probably bo placed
on the Upper Willamette-River run of
the Orogsn Clfy Transportation Company,
as a freight boat from here to Salom and
Old-Timer Returns.
SOUTH BEND, Wash.,' Sept. 2. (Spe
cial.) Captain McAllop, of .the schooner
Endeavor, whloh came Into port a few
days ago for lumber. Is an old-tlmor here,
having first sailed in over the Willapa
Harbor bar 2S years ago, but he bos not
been hero for 22 years. On the occasion
of Captain aicAllep's trip here at this
time, a family reunion was held at the
home of Captain A. W. Beed. Captain
McAllep and Captain Heed's father being
broth ws-ln-law.
Vessels Loading at Aberdeen.
ABERDEEN. Wash., Sept 2. (Special.)
The stoamer Grace Dollar is being
loaded at Qxt Brydon & Leltch mill. Tho
steamer Llndauer sailed Thursday for
San Francisco with a passenger list of 24.
The big barkentlne John C. Mnycr is at
the Michigan mill. Tho schooners Mat
thew Turner and William Olsen will tako
away 1.S0Q.000 feet of lumber from the
Hart-Wood mill early next week.
Reports a Good Catch.-' .
Captain B. Olsen, of the tug North
King, reports a very successful catch of
salmon In Alaska waters, and says, the
uhlp C. F. 8orgent is on the way down
with 56.003 cases of salmon from the War
ren canneries, on Bristol Bay. "
The Berlin brought down 50,000 cases and
the St Nicholas 30.000 cases.
Marino Notes.-
The steamer F. A. Kilburn - will arrive
In from San Francisco tomorrow -night :
The steame Eureka, of tho Taylor
Houng line. Is expected in early this
The Plnmofe. finished loading 1,800,090
feet of.lumteec yesterday, for Port Ade
laide. AufetralU- -
The steamer ColuraWa, of .the Portland
& San "Francisco Steamship- Company,
leaves tonight at 8 o'clock for the Bay
City." " -
F. B. Jones' steamer Maria is out for
general repaint on the ways of tho "Port
land Shipbuilding Company. . .
On account of Labor day, tho steamer
Alliance- will not be able to sail until
Tuesday night for Coos Bay and Eureka,
The American bark Isaac Reedsdfopped'
Into the stream yesterday,. where. she will
finish loading ber lumber .cargo froax.
In order to handle the great quatfytleY
of wheat that will come down fromthb
Inland Empire this Fall, the Regulator
Line has chartered the steamer Albany to.
help in tlje work.
The steamer Valencia, of the. Pacific
Coast Steamship Company, arrived at 7
P. M. last night -from Seattle, and left
at 4 A. M. this morning with a fulipas
senger list for. San Francisco.
Domestic and Foreign .Porta.
ASTORIA, Sept 2. Condition of Ule'bar at
C P. M., smooth; " wind, south;' jweitber,
cloudy. Arrived at 8 and left ' up ai - 9;80
A. 1L-Steatner Valencia, from- Seattle.;,. Ar
rived at 9 and left- up at 12 noonSteamer1
Eureka, from San- Franc toco. Arrived down
at 11:15 A. it. and called at 12:25 P. 51.
Steamer Sjtokane, for San Francisco. Sailed
at & P. M. Steamer Elmore, for Tillamook.
San Francisco, Sept 2. Sailed at 8 last
night Steamer Despatch, for Portland. Sailed
Steamer Whlttler. for Portland; barkentlne
Archer, for Honolulu; steamer Qpwi. for
Pucet Sonnd; bark Charmer, for -Port. Tonrns-i
end; steamer Robert XKllar, for Seattle;
steamer Amelia, fer Astoria. Arrived
Schooner Charles It. Wilson, from . Gray' Har
bor; schooner Jennie Wand, from Gray'it liar
bor; octoooner Charles E. Falk, from Grar
Harbor: bark B. P. Cheney, from Xaknek;
bark Himalaya, from Xueharak; wmooner
Prosper, from Xorrulnr. . Arrived Schooner
Charlea R. Wilson,- ircm Sandberg, six daya
from Graya Harbor; schooner Jennie ."Wand,
from Chriatenecn. 6V4 day from Gray's Har
bor; achooner Charles E. Falk. from.. Hen
nlncs, 7 days ,from Gray's Harbor; bark -Himalaya
fJobnean), 16Vj days from Nuah&rfaJt;
schooner Ruby (Korth)r days from Coqullle
River. Cleared Steamer Queen (Cousins), for
Victoria, etc.. Pacific Coast B. B. Co.; bark
Berate Alden CWedrlg), for Vancouver, S. W.
Karodar steamer St Paul (Randall). .Port
land, San Francisco g Pacific S.'fl. Cp. Saljed
Steamer Qneen (Cousins), for Victoria, 'etc.
Hongkong, Sept 2v Balled German -steamer
Aragonia, for Portland, .via way porta.
Marseilles, Aug. 30. Arrived Oanfa( from
Seattle, etc., for Liverpool.
New York, Sept. 2. Arrived Jfewv Tork,
from Southampton; steamer La Lorraine from
;Havre. "'.
Plymouth, Sept . 2. Arrived Philadelphia,
from New Tork. . .
31 arrlage IJoenfres. ' ' ' ' '
SCHAFER-HI LiL Jacob Schaf er, 50. O. R.
& N. shops; Stella Hill, 24. "
HARRIS-MATTOON Robert Murray,, , Har
ris, 38; Hattle .Matoon, 38." -
BLAIR-CHAMBERtAIN G-orjte H. -lnalr.
25. Lansing. Mich.: Lucy' A. Chamberlain, 21."
. G1L.MOUR-BENDER Joseph H. Glttnour,
2d, S20 East Pine; Laura J. .Bender, 22.
31. 74 East Ninth; ElUabeth J. Ruther
ford. 22. ."
RUTAN-HATTON Morton L. Rutin,' 20,
North Yakima; Lulu H&tton. 27. 1
ZAHN-MALOUF William Q. Zahn..t 36V
Falrmount Hotel; Waddeaa G. H. Malolif. 22 ,
30. 917 Belmqnt; Ualay L. llenn.28'.'.
PALITZ-TALBERT William Pall'ti -47,"
330 Taylor; Emma Talbcrt. 41. s
Northwick, 20. 314 Madison; Pernlta .Par-
sons. 18. ".. ... ' .
LLlS-MEXlHarrjj ElUS Ql(.
avenue; Mabel Mead 20. ' , V
HUNT-KRAMER. Robert - H. -Hunt, 25,
.flreboat Geo. H. WUUamsr-Clara E:..Krimer,
29. ... .;." .
. , Birth. - L .
HElTSMANrAt 433 East. IfarHson-.suret,.
Augpst 2t. to-the-ife.ofArthur-'E. Helts1
man, a daughter.
LYLE At Nau's drug store. Portland Ho
tel building, September 1, Alfred R, Lyle, a
'native of Dallas. Or., aged 52 years. 11
months and 8 days. Remains, removed to
Dallas for Interment
M'DANIEL At 12 East Ninth street, Sep
tember I, Dempsey P. McDaniel, a native of
Decatur, III., ng-d 70 years 11 months and
0 days.
JONES At 320 Crosby street, August 31.
Silas Jones, a native of Ohio, aged 78 years,
5 months and 20 days. Remains removed
to Brooks. Or., for Interment
SORENSON Burned to death in fire at
State Room Inn. August 19. Thomas .So rea
son, a nAtlvc of Michigan, aged 46 years.
MONTO At 771 East Twenty-nrst street
September 1. Earl Leonard. Infant sen of
James Monto, a native of Portland, agod 1
.month and S days.
Building; Permit.
J. F. Kertohcm, dwelling, Sherrett avenue,
between East Eleventh and East Thirteenth.
Keal Estate Transfers.
M. J. Kast t A. Bryden. 3 -acres la
Joshua E. Wltten and wife D. L. C..S . C00
Van B. DeLaehmutt and wife to A. Ury- .
den. acres Joshua E. Witten and wife
D. L. C i
Margaret M. "Wiley, guardian, to M. J.
Kast 3 acres J. E. and N". "Witten
D. L. C J
Title Guarantee & TruM. Company to J.
R. Arlington, lot 1, block 68, Sunny
side Third Ada j
Jennie M. Barber and husband to D. E.
Steel, lots 21, 23, block 13. Highland
Park 7. 1
Perry H. Birth and wife to Security
Savings &. Trust Co., part tract block
6S. city ; J
Sweden Evangelical Lutheran Tm. Con.
of Portland, to Security Saving's Jt
Trust Co.. 50x95 feet beginning 50
feet E. of N. 10th and Burnslde. In
block 67. Couch Add 9.'000
Commercial Trust Co. to R. L. Gilles
pie et aL. S. lot-77. block 254. elty 1
Autonla Meyer and "huitband to-L. B.
Simons, lot 8. subdivision lot 1. Para
dise Spring Farm 3.750
S. D. Smalley and -Rife to J. A. Stone,
lots 12. 18. block 2. Evelyn Park . 200
Edward T. Cohman et al. to J. B. Me
erve et at. lot 5. block 122. East
Portland 4,500
John A. Beard and wife to F. A. Beard,
lot 8. blook 1, North Ivanbo Add.... 100
Louis P. Beno et al. to R. Gulllaume.
50x67 feet beginning intersection S. C
Couch and E. C. 17th 8.000
Mary Dunphy and husband to A. L."
Dlmlck. lot 1. block 218. Holladay's
Add fSOO
Sycamore, Real Estate Co. to E. T. Kru
ger. lota 3. 4. block 9. Kern Park,..... 200
A. O. Miller and wife to S. Mlnogglo.
lot 11. block 318, Balshe's Add, 35
M. J. Pribble to B. Prlbble. lot 10,
block 1. In "W. lot "L M. Patton
tract i
Frances M. Gates and husband to S.
Grlmshaw, lot 140. Arleta Park 300
Elof Johnson and wife to P. Xurklnen,
lot 6, block 1. Oak Knoll Annex Add.. 375
H. L. Holbrook and wife to "Weyerhau
sn Timber Co.. 1 acre In north part
of James Johns land claim 1,250
Chooses Between Two Aivful Deaths.
CHICAGO. Sept 2. Nels Anderson, a
motor Inspector for the Illinois Stel Com
pany, chose death by electrocution In
preference to a more horrible fate Jn one
of the company's seething metal. pits to
day at the South Chicago works.
Anderson was doing repair work on
the arm of a crane directly above one
of the hot metal pits, when ho lost bis
Every Mpther or Father who has a
drinking son can cure him of all desire
for Whiskey or Beer, by giving "
Tho Cure lor the Drink Habit It de-
stroys all .desire for liquor. He takes it
quletl at home or it can be adminis
tered "secretly. 51 per box. Mailed sealed.
Write for booklet.
Money refunded If It falls
The ORRINE CO., Inc., WashlrJjrton. D.C
v . . :
Brand Nevv, Specially Made
. "Meycr Pianos to Go" for
$142, $145fcmd $157 attllcrs
Piano House.
.The remainder of tbe Hwo - carloads of
rbrand-.nw pianos., oddly named. "Meyer,"
are going to b sold tomorrow -forenoon
and Tuesday for J1.42 lor the plain stylo.
M8 for the more elabanite ones, and 51S7
for the very fancy genuine walnut oalc
and mahogany veneered cases. .T.erma.of
Kile will be all cash or . down and 5 or
Sa month, with ..simple Interest
- These "Meyer" pianos were built ac
cording to specifications of a middle West
ern dealer, as Is frequently dorii now In
a number 'of the medium and cheap-grade
'piinb factories. They came td us as a
'reirolt of the following letter received dur
ing the early. Summer, when orders for
islands and cash wero both scarce. around
.New York piano factories:
"idlers j'jono iiousc uentiemcn: we
have a' large number of carefully made
pianos, as line as have -ever been turned
out of our jihop. which entire iot we are
willing to sell at a substantial sacrifice in
order to get the cash out of Jt at once.
.-Thr I ti r ftr. Iqtva ci1f nil cjiVAtl
.and one-third octaves, Rouble-veneered
icases, oaks, walnuts and mahoganies,
witn spruce sounaing troaras, sneuacKea.
efclra heavy plates. Diliihed and nickeled
tuning pins, standard high-grade action,
Schmidt hammers. Poehlautn steel- wire,
copper baas strings, good ivory keys; can
also supply muffler podaiav T. ' .
5'If you are interested, please wire your
buyer to aee us. and Inspect these pianos.,
we hope that you can arrange to. take all
or a large part of them before tjie- 1st
prox., for we are constrained to confess
tha.t we can ue the money to great deal
better advantage Just now than' to have
so large a lot of special pianos awaiting
shipping instructions from the dealers for "
wnom tney were specially made.
''Very truly, .
''Manufacturers." -
'tVe promptly Instructed our KewTork.
representative to Inspect carjetully these
pianos, and, finding them .as, represented,
ive secured the enuro lofat our price.
This- is how we are in position to. offer
pianos, of the grade and quality describe "
an the above Tetter it the price -of 5142,
HS and J1S7.- on terms-of payment Just
habout equal torrent. ,
unstrumt-nts such as these are" frequent-'.
ly. sold for ISO. and even yjo.. almost
rouble tbe price we now, ask for them.
"We .guarantee them to be as represented
above, thoroughly well-jnade pianos, of
pleasing tone quality, and also durable to
quit& a degree. Our regular exchange
agreement enabling a. buyer "to turn' these
pianos back to us at the sale prices tless
depreciation of-SI a month) toward pay
merit of any now hlgh-grade"plano we
may handle, accompanies the regular flve
yearp manufacturers' warranty, thus
making a purchaser doubly secure In his
Note These pianos must not be con
fused with the VMeyer" pianos enumer
ated In the "1K6 Piano Quality" Purchas
ers. Guide as an VX" stencil piano (mean
ing a piano inr which "ho. one should pay
more than $125 to J175 for such a piano").
The"Myer" pianos referred to In "Piano
"Quality" arc mane for still anothwdeHr.
.and emanate from onepr the very cheap
.Eastern olano shops, while the "Meyer .
pianos advertised by -us for sale at J1C
$14? and 5157 possess, at tho'verv lowest
Kestlmajer at least .80 per cent greater value
.ana menu rtememoer toey. go tor mz.
;JU8: and. 5157, on terms of 58, down and 55
mommy. tuiututva rusu rtutbt.
balapce and fell. The only support within
.'reach 'was an uninsulated live . wire
which connected the -crape with power.
Anderson 1 gave one glance atslhe white
'hot metal below and caught the wire as
he was fajltag. He was killed, and the
body -hung over the wire, until the,cur
,rent cpuld be shut oL Death Is thought
to' -have been instantaneous.
Has TVur "VVIres "-Elvlrtg.
CHICAGO, Sept. 2. A "Olspa'teh to
the Tribune from Indianapolis, Ind.,
says: "Charles Tuller Is under arrest
here on a charge of bigamy. The po
lice claim to 'have secured evidence of
his marrlagp to Ave women, four of
whom are. living and none divorced.
His first wife was Miss Bessie Davis,
of Springfield, 111., who is dead. His
second was Jane Reed, whom he mar
ried at Monticcllo. III. His third. Mamie
McOrath; his fourth, Elizabeth Brown,
-whom he wedded at Areola,. 111., and
his fifth and last. Eliza Lane, whom
he married at Sullivan. 111.
All tho marriages took place between
1897 and 162. When arrested in this
city he was living with number two.
Two of his wives- are coming here to
identify him.
PORTLAND. Bept. 2. Maximum tempera
ture, OS degr.; minimum. CO. River reading
at 8 A M-. S.S feet; change in past 24 hour,
fall. 0.6 of a foot. Total precipitation. 5
P. M. to 5 P. nen; total lnce September
1. 1005. none; normal, 0.00 of an inch; de
ficiency. 0.08 of an lnoh. Total Kunihlne
September 1. 1005, 10 hours and 23 ntlnute;
ponsfble, 13 hours and IB minute. Barom
eter (reduced to sea level) at 5 P. M., 30.14.
Baker pity
Eureka.. ., t ..... .
Helena.. ........
KamloopK. B. C.
North Head
Red Bluff
Sacramento. .....
San Francisco...
Spokane. .....
Tatoosb Island. .
Pt Cldv.
1 7210.00
1 8S10.00
. ftSIO.00
1 0210.00
010.001 fllXW
!P(l CMy.
." S2!0.00
, 6410.00
121 W
S4 0.00
PL Cldv.
14 SW
PL Cldv.
nsi t
T traca.
Alt&ough the weather is generally cloudy
and threatening in Western Oregon and
Western Waahlngton. no rain of consequence
ha occurred. It la decidedly cooler In West
ern Oregon and Western Washington and
slightly warmer In Idaho and extreme
Northeastern Whlngton.
Tho Indications are for showers Sunday In
Northwest Oregon and "Western and North
ern Washington. It will bo cooler east of
the Cascade Mountains.
Forecasts made at Portland for the 28
hours ending at midnight. September 3:
Portland and 'vicinity Possibly showers!
Westerly winds. -
Westrn Oregon Fair south, possibly show
era north portion. Westerly winds.
Western "Washington Cloudy with pos
sibly showers. Westerly winds.
Eastern Ore ton and Southern Idaho Fair
and cooler.
Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho
Fair south, pofribly showers north portion.
Crer Vaugha &b& Tweaty-feurUt.
AUGUST 29, SB, SI; SepteeJier 1. 2, 3.
Box tickets and reserved seats on sale at
box' offlce.
Lewis a Clark Observatory
sAirrxoRNX terra ex
Now epea. Tak Portias Heiffct ear aaa
rt off tHawtborno TerracO aa block frsa
car llaa. No cllsablag. Xlectrlo elevator
Moat' maa;sicct View la Asaeriefc. t
btlf ul" effect of iwwerful aearchllgbt tnm
tas ft tower. 0m A. K tt I f , a
, J.BUliOOK". M CJBfTf,
keeaJinr Rodms," "SUsatlesa Waat4 1J
words or lc. IS ccattst 18 wor. 3
ceaU; 21 to 25 weras, 25 eaata, etc. N U
connt for aa&lUoBal lastrtle.
-"New TodT,,i24 craU for 15 wsris jir lej
18 to 29 words, 49 eeats; 21 to 25 wfrda, S
ceaU, etc first iasectioB. Mack asUUoaal
insertioa, oae-kalf ; m Xartker AlscAsat wi
der ono EBCstk.
"NEW TODATrjrsaxe Bseaaare aiate), IS
cent per line, ftrst lkertieau It ests fec
line for each adaYltiosal fataectiea. f
dressd care Tao Orrreikiu. ujiA. tyft at this
efflce; ahoold' always be la closed; la selaled
envelopes. No stasis- la reaairoi ea suca
letters. ,'
Tho Orezealas wili.aot be reipwwalble fer
errors la adrertlsesaeaU tafcest tkraack the
tclrphoaeC ' .
. . jEETbfQ yOTICEg. .
Areanum. aeeta at Auditorium Hall on th
WW 1IU A.UVJ V CKUii Q23CJ. & k
o'clock. . "nsluag brothers .ara invited to
attend.' T. C. HOECKEH. Rereai.
Dekura bICr. !
EUHEI5.V rxCIL. NO. 204. K. and L.
OF S. , hereby sotlfr their Jne'ibera that there
wMt be election' of oGfcen 'Monday erenlnr.
September 4. at their ball, la tho Auditorium
bid?--- " " M. u JOHXSbX. .Cor. .Stu.
DECREE OF, HOXOR-Hall of Port Indua
LodteXa 37,D. of. H. -Member Uke notlie
that Ebrt InJua-wjll mef in Drew Hall. 12
Sfccondf t. and" will hojl bouseK-arxalnr' on
rdJ5elj- evening, September C Rerreih
meepL. ' OTT1L1E- OLESEX a of H.
Xttil:.J. R. MANX." Recorder .
ROVAL CIRCLE. "W.-O. W.. will glvo it
Jrit-Brl2e Whltf anrf ittiulnr mrlo Cln.
LMo.'nibec'.O,. in. United Artisan Hall.
frtskcieat9.erved; admlBbloa 15 c-.jO f
HAYirS This morslnrat the family reldence.
a Lrerett" sL, Elbo'anna Hayes. Funeral
notice lat-r. r- i . . .
T?1.'. Wash.." September 2.
.Mrs. aintoa-. L. Stone, a red' 23 Veirs. 3
'months ad2S days. .
CAR6dx In this September 2. 1005.
.J.ofcn S. Carron..aged 42 yar. Notice of
fpnral vrili-bo-clven later; .
WEXDEROTH-R..J. Wenderoth. ormerly of
South Bend. Ind.. after a .Ilnctrtns . lllnejis.
ed yesterday afternoon at Su Vincent's
Hospital. Arrangtmtnts will t made to
ship the body East to hlfi relative.
G1.111- Mllwaukle. Or Aucust 31. 1K5.
Leone Sarah Grlftln. aed 23 year. 1. month
c"i wJo Funtr"1 w take place t-vlay.
ffiTmb: 3',1 2 p- M.frem F S. Dun
tI eiXp?X f0"" ot East Alder and
Ea Sixth streets. FriendsTnvitetS.
COMPSOX-In thU city. Au'inwt 31. 1003,
Hartwell Benton 'Compson. agM-.C? years.
7vf.nj8 "n1 fcctiualntances'ar -respectfully
invited- to attend the funerar service,
which I b held at the fthapel of J. P.
ny. at 2 p X- toffsy.' Inter-
ment In O.vA. R. Cemetery. .
prrXNCiG. M.'ENTEE ft OTLBAUnn i
retsors to Doanlar Jt- Campion, undertaaers
and -embeJmers. modra In every 'detail. 7t&
and Pine. Pboao Mala 438. Lady aisbtaat.
EDCRD-HOL3tAN CO., Undertakers issd
embalmers. have) .ssoed to their new balld
iiur. Third and SalsBoa. La4r asalstast.
Telephone No. 407. :
J. P. FINLET A SOX, Ptiaeral Directors.
or. 3d asa"Madisot. Os3c of County Cox
aoer. Lady" alo Imjh U Telcphoap "No.a.
r, B.i rmiypa Undertaker.. .(14 . .East
Alder. La dy easts tani. Tele9hos)e East 53,-
Enibaimers. 273 Rut'lt.Kaft 1S5; Uay vt.
NEW today;
On Tuesday Next, at 2 P. M.
We ar Insfnirtw! Vii- Tt- C c
vens (leainp for Kansas) to sell by auc
tion at residence, NO. 43 MARKET ST.
(nuar 13th street-car line). FIRST-CLASS
Singer sewing machine; C. S. rocJcers;
parlor chair and table: portieres; Pro-
Bru&9flH mirs StI- nrtnn.lnn tsMa-
ins chairs; glassware and crockery ; good
" wucii; nun dcus; springs ana mat
trrsses; fashionable drewsers and wash
stands; ingrain carpets: ECLIPSE STEEL
RANGE, with W. B. (like new); cranlte
ware and utensils; washing machine and
laundry outfit; shades throushout the
house. Sale Tuesday at 2 P. M. -GEORGE
BAKER & CO.. Auctioneers.
On Tuesday Next, at 10 A. M.
Alder and Park, tho following furniture
from private residence at Highland; also
furniture and carpets taken on mortgage,
comprising: Parlor pieces; center table;
screens; piano lamp; two complete dining
suites In quartered oak; pictures! upright
folding bed; quarter oak twice-folding
bed; two oak bedroom sets; four Iron beds
In blue, cream and white; best Eastern
bed springs; elastic felt and wool mat
tresses, pillows, blankets and quilts; four
dressers; three washstands: chlffonieres
in solid oak and white maple; hall tree;
couches; lace curtains; 12 window shades;
reliable gas range, in perfect order; gas
waterjieater; Coras took 6-Tiole range, with
reservoir; Roxon airtight heater (like
newj; heating stoves; leaf table; kitchen
cupboard; H. H- treasure, etc.; Brussels
and Ingrain carpets; rugs, 9x12; three
rooms of good matting, and other effects.
Auction next TUESDAY, at 10 o'clock.
GEO. BAKER & CO.. Auctioneers.
Auction isale at the new restaurant, NO.
FOURTH STREETS. Sold-under powers
contained in chattel-mortgage deed: Largo
steel range, with hood; .all culinary uten
sils; H. H. treasure; 24 saddle-stat chairs
In weathered oak; 6 dining tables: 3 dozen
sets of each of silverware; table linen:
large assortment of crockery and glass
ware; 7 hall mirrors; 2 hatracks. 3 costly
folding screens; 6 pictures; 330 silver coffee
urn; counters; high stool; desk; gas fix
tures; awning and illuminated signs;
about 50 yards linoleum. The above goods
were supplied new, and only used 3 weeks.
. GEO. BAKER & CO.. Auctioneers.
con8lgntncntsf household goods and fur
niture, carpets, etc, from various house
keepers and mortgagees. Auction at 10
GEO. BAKER &. CO., Auctioneers.
Butter! Butter!
Our Other
Prices Prices.
Best creamery ......55 -Oc 05-70c
Dairy butter............. " 40c
Ranch egxs 22H-25c 30c
Best sugar-cured hams... 14c lCc
Breakfast bacon 15c 18a
Beat of tea, lb 80c 50-73C
Lard, 5-lb. pall ..45 -53c 55-65e
Remember Chickens on
. Saturday 1 6c and 1 7c
All Goods Retailed at Wholesale Prices.
La Grande Creamery
4 264 Yamhill Street
the Exposition xroua. - Seett'.kM t the
cretary,t Uw, U4. X.'. Garrar,
rcrttarx. j ; ,
Auction Sales
Tuesday, August 5th, at 91 N.
Park Street, at 10 A. M.
The Cecil Hotel
Having Instructions from C "W. Brant,
proprietor of this house, we will sell at
public auction the entire furnishings of
the dining-room, kitchen'' and sleeping
rooms, ' comprising dining-room tables and
chairs, dishes, glassware and cutlery,
wine' glasses, table linen. LARGE DOUBLE-DOOR
kitchen will be sold POPULAR STEEL
RANGE, kitchen treasure, gas plate, full
Une of utensils, etc; carpets through tho
halls and bedrooms; a variety of dressers,
iron beds, springs and mattresses: com
modes, toilet sets, wardrobe"; WHITE
bedding and bed linen; large bevel mir
ror; laco curtains; Windsor, coal heating
'stove; couch; rockers; chairs; tables, etc
Two Days' Sale -In One at
Salesroom, 180 First St,
at 10 A.M.
Monday being- Labor day, a holiday ..we
postpone our usual sale to this, our mid
week salesday. This gives. us double the
amount of furniture, etc. to sell. The
salo Includes carpets; picture's; lace cur
tains;. bed -linen; plllowB; quilts; blankets;
sideboard; ' large FRENCH-PLATE mir
ror; F, L. NBUMAN PIANO. In rosewood
caao, with fruit cluster carvings (VERY
ANTIQUE): oak." wardrobe; dressers;
chairs: Iron beds: metal bed couches;
mantel and twice-folding beds: mattings:
BRITANNICA;. showcases; glass punch
"bowls;" glasses; 'dining-room tables; weath
ered oak chairs; kitchen equipment;
.MAGEE RANGE, cook and. heating
stoves, etc
Large Roomlng-House, 170
Twelfth Street, Between
Morrison and Yamhill
MENCES at 10 A. M. The furnishings
comprise: Twice-folding and metal beds;
dressers; toiletware; rockers; tables;
chairs clocks: couches: cots: Singer
extension tables; chiffonier; wardrobes;
hair' mat tressed; Mace curtains; Smyrna
and goat rug!; parlor screen; sofa pillows;
box "couch: quantities of bed linen: blan
kets: quljts; .pillows: large STEEL
RANGE, good as new; dishes and glass
ware; a very complete and extensive out
fit. Note This spacious and centrally lo
.cated house for rent to responsible par
ties. For particulars Inquire ISO First st.
J. T. WILSON, Auctioneer.
Salesroom, 180FIrst Street
Furniture, carpets, steel range, cook arid
heating stoves, bedding, dishes, glass
ware and all other consignments will be
Closed out this day,
N. B. We are buying and paying cash
'for household effects, etc. Phone Main
1636. J, T. WILSQN, Auctioneer.
Portland Auction Rooms
Auction Sale
Store, 271 First Street
Begins Tuesday at 10 A- M. The owner
went bankrupt, the assignee took stock.
The Portland Auction Rooms have orders
to sell everything In the store to the high
est bidder In the shortest possible time."
Come and participate In the whirlwind of
bargains, and let us show you how quick
we can sell out this stock of staple and
up-to-date dry goods. ladies' and gents'
furnishings, small wares, fancy china
ware, toys. etc.. otc. Don't mlsa It. as
wc Intend to make this a record-breaking
sale In selling out this Immense stock in
the shortest possible time, and will ap
preciate your assistance by being present
at the sale, which begins Tuesday at 10
A. M.. at 271 First st.
C. L. FORD. Auctioneer.
Auction Sales
On account of tomorrow being Labor
day, we are obllgod to cancel our regular
Monday sale, and will sell furniture, etc.
at 211 First sL on -WEDNESDAY, at 2
P. M., and Friday at 2 P. M.. this week
only. At Wednesday's sale we must sell
a FUMED OAK sectional bookcase;
Welch folding bed. with lSx0 plate mir
ror; three-compartment glass front book
case, in polished oak; double-deck confec
tionery showcase; counters; oak roll-top
desks, otc. etc. as well as a full assort
ment of general furniture, kitchen and
laundry utensils, etc
C. L. FORD. Auctioneer.
A. SCHUBACH. Proprietor.
Auction Salesrooms
S. L. N. GILMAN, Auctioneer
Tuesday, 10' A. M., at Sales
tooms, No. 413 Washing
ton Street
AH the fittings and furniture. Including
large plate-glass mirrors, oil paintings,
piano, sitting-room and dining-room fur
niture, tinted iron bedsteads, springs, etc.
Great bargains for housekeepers. Chiffon
iers, dressers, including all the furniture
of residence. '
S. L. N. GILMAN, Auctioneer.
Thursday and Friday, Each
Day at 10 A. JM.
Household furniture from South Port
land, etc. Buyers will do well to attend
these sales, at rooms, 413 Washington st.
Cash advanced. Sales held at residences.
S. L. N. GILMAN, Auctioneer.
318 Worcester Sleek
GerBl practice. Xaveatlattau.
Etate work. SyeeUI aa eri&&Ul twUto.
k9 Clar &
aT.COO This three-story, solid brick
building, centrally located, 50x100: will be
a good income-bearer as long as Portland
stands. Nothing to equal it. Easv terror.
.F. FUCHS, 143 First.
tate 510.00. Let rat know irat yon
$7W Lota la X7osc&ers Second AS&ltloa.
North Portland; euy terms.
Two lots. 14th and Collexa.
91100 Corner lot. 17th and Madison.
SI8t8 Si -block. X. 24th bU; eaay terms.
2M4 Full lot. or thru p. near 22 d.
34 aerea. 16 acres under, plow, sear
Cedar- alU.
$2M Slzhtly U -block. S. K. cor. of.jGrover
and "Water stu. Grover street Improved,
.and cement walk.
23ie Full .south front lot on Northrup. 100
feet wet of 234. AH street, Improvements
12300 Fractional lot, 7-rooxa hopae. N. 22d,
renUnp for J23.
Nice little modern homo la South
30x100. S-room house. Qulmby it.
SS59 30x100. S-room modern house. Olay t.
$4999 Corner and new modern 8-roora
house, Vaughn and Factory, North Port
land. $46a 23x100. store first floor, living-rooms
above: X. 10th. near Davis.
830 14 -block. 24th and Pettygrove.
&3W Sightly H -block. 22d and Johnson.
f65M Beatitilul. new, modern home on Irv
ine, near 2tth; move risht In.
30fl 2 lota and modern 10-rbom homo
on Overton, near 23d at.
$10, W Modern 18-room' home. Nob Hill.
SlO.Oee Property In North- Portland, paying
10 per cent net.
51MW Property on N. 22d. rentinr for 131
per month.
$14,04)0 Corner with 3 houses, renting for
$130 per month.
$17,&0 30x0, First st. corner; paying good
fl8,0e Hrlck building, close n, paying
good returns.
$29.09 Only lot for sale' facing Washington
23,O0 Improved property leased for 53300
per year. .
131.00030x200, downtown, paying 0 per cent
-bleck facing east on 23d and Irving, with
a largo modem lS-room Availing, the houa
costing $10,000 to build. This property will
be sold" for a reasonable price and on
favorable terms.
We- offer for Bale a beautiful and sightly
home on 23th and Johnson. There are about
2?- .lota with new Il-room dwelling, built
after the latest design- and is now ready
for occupancy.
. The most desirable bulldlnr alts In Port
land, surrounded, by palatial homes with an
'unobstructed View of our famous mountains;
tno only exclusively high-ciaas residence
property supplied with bttulltblc streets, ce
ment sidewalks. Bull Bun water, sewer and
.gas laid, to each lot. Take Washington
street car to City Park and get off at Park
tve. For" plats and prices call on or address.
$158.kad up Lota In Feurers Addition. Sell
wood car. near Brooklyn school; lowest
priced lots on the market; easy terms.
$130 eaeh 3. lotr, 10th and "Wygant, High
land. 5223 Lots 0 and 7. block 2. Gay's Addition.
$230 and up Lota In Larsens Addition, K.
biirk.and Larsen ave., lit. Tabor car.
$300 Two lots In Cook's Addition on the
hill above the car shops.
$700 Corner lot, Kern's Addition, near In-
man fc Poulaen mill; easy terms.
$300 Corner lot. E. 11th and Hancock.
$800 Lots near Steel bridge, on Benton,
bet. Dixon and DuponU
$90030x100 and tf-'room house. Starr, near
Itussell t.. Lower Alblna; easy terms.
$1000 Two corner lots.. E. 26th. running
rrom Weldler to Broadway.
$100010 acre. O. TV. P. Railway, near
Johnson Creek.
$113000x100, K. Taylor, near 23d sU
$126030x200. K. 8th. near Brooklyn st.
$1330 Lot on Williams ave., near Broadway.
$1COO Block -44, IVaverly, one-third former
selling price.
$1000 3-rooni modern cottage la. Sunnyalde.
renting for $17.30 per month.
$1700 Corner lot. 2 cottages, E. 13th and
Ellsworth; rcnilnr for S2L
$X80-Corner. E. 13th and Madison.
$2000 Two lots In bearing fruit and S-room
bouse. Sandy Road, near E. 2Sth.
$230033x100 and two houses, 4&t and 460
E 0th; rent $23 per month.
$2400 New and modern cottage, E. 38th and
$2500 Modern cottage, S23. Kerbyst.; stone
foundation and everything up-to-date.
$2300 Corner and modera cottage, E. 12th
and Tillamook sts. -
$23003 lots, southeast corner cf 17th and
$2630 30x100. Modern 7-room house. 124 E.
10th. near Qllsan.
$20302 lots. loth. bet. Belmont and Tay
lor sts.
$270030x100 and 9-room modern house,
493 Commercial at.. Upper Alblna.
$30005 acres facing Toodatock car. at
Kelly ave.
$3t30 Beautiful and nightly "Westaeott
home on the "Woodstock car-line at Howe's
station, consisting of two lota, modern
3-roora house costing $3300; barn and
plenty of fruit; completely furnished;
move right In.
$330010 acres, all Improved, orchard,
house. Just south of Multnomah Hall, Sec
tion Line Road. '
$3300 Quarter-block. 2d and "Wasco.
$3600 i -block. E. ICth and Ankeny.
$3700 Corner and 0-room house and barn,
E. Sth and Halsey. Holladay's Addition.
$3300 2 new octtages. 34 th St., Sunnystde;
will Dell separately.
$400030x100 and modern home, E! Madison,
near 13th.
$4200100x100 and one of the most desirable
homes In Piedmont: 11 rooms.
$4300 -block. E. 2d and Holladay ave.
$4600 H-block. Grand ave. and Hassalo st.
$3000 3S acres iacing base line road; consid
erable cordwood on the land.
$325012 acres at "Wlltaburg, highly Im
proved. 4 acres in orchard; house, barn
and windmill.
$5700100x100 and 0-room modern house
In McMillen's Addition, near Steel bridge;
room for two more houses.
$900 and up for lots near Steel bridge on
Benton, bet. Dixon and Dupont sts.
$150O-S Iota near North Alblna Station. "Will
trade for Spokane property.
$4750 About one acre. E. 3d and Stephens
sts.. 500 feet railroad frontage; will trade
for St. Paul or Minneapolis property.
$500 3 acres highly Improved, plenty of
bearing fruit, modern new S-room house,
new barn, windmill. Kelly ave.. near "Wood
stock car. "Wilt exchange for house and
lot on East or "West Side.
For 'Sale-rSeveral contracts. 160 acres each,
ot the Columbia Southern Irrigation Land
Co. on the Deschutes River In Crook Coun
ty. First selections made out of 27,000
The Larson home, near Hunter's Station
(Mt. Tabor car), is now for sale. The prop
erty consists of 100x200, house, greenhouse
and barn, with an abundance of bearing
fruit: easr terms.
For sale, eight room, modern house,
large lawns and flowers, good as new;
15 minutes from city; furniture If wanted;
good location; $2630; terms.
tj-room, new, modern, flat, TXS& Kearney,
5 rooms each, three new flats on'.-Jackson,
near 7th. $30.
0-room house. CIS Qulmby. near 21st Ur
modern; $35.
10-room modern house. 603' E. Oak, near
10th, $33.
7-room, new, modern house. E." 18th, ne'ar
Clinton. $15. 4
6-room cottage, 405 E. ISth at., near, Clin
ton. $12. .
S rooms and large ball, new, modern house,
38th and E. Madison,. $10. "
2t Stark Street.
Good 7-room house -and
lot. 73x150. at Mt. Tabor.
Easy terms.
1C0 Third Street.
For Sale House
Ot ten rooms with corner auarter-bloet.
LlGOslOO; entire property in excellent repair;
cement waixs, zuu cement casement. lur
nace. improved streets, sewers, etc.; beau
tiful lawn and shrubbery, making desir
able home: or room for sir flats or three
houses without moving present house;
good location for income yroserty. im
mediate oMeealon given. Inquire 415 2d
St., X.W. car. Hall, or & Dekum Bldr.
X jBufacs. t 4 It. M4sl.WMUa .
Hartman, Thompson &
Powers :?
Room 3, C. of C.v .
1C CnnSOxSO feet, brick building;. In
d 1 0)0 UU wholesale district on West
Side. Rents, "J1S00 per annum, pays about
9 per cent net.
tOQKn Qne double brick house, with 7
vU&UU rooms in each department, and
one 7-roora house in good location on
West Side; brings in $75 per month.
CvT7fin New modern 7-room house on
tHrUU Wasco at., in Holladay Park.
tRfin lCfcdOO, "with 9-room. house and
ofUUU barn, on the corner of East
Stark and 12th sts.; easy walking distance.
CKfin 50xlOO-foot lot., with three slx
w'rwUU room 'cottages, on 'corner of E.
7th and Davis sts. Income from rent,
53 per month.
5QCnn 50x100-foot lot. with good" 11-
vuJUU room house on Corbett st., in
good location, on West Side.
tQKnn S-room house on Clay st.. bet.
dOUUU 14th and l"th; rent $30 per mo.
tQnn EOxlOO-foot lot on corner of E.
dufUU 10th and Schuyler sts.
modern 6-roora. house.
07 Cn Each for three new modernr
VfuU dwellings of 6 rooms each, on
corner of 21st and Vaughn sts.; payments.
JZoO.CO cash. $25 per month.
(07(1(1 Xew 7-room house, 50x100-foot
vUU lat, with alley, near Thompson
School, Central Alblna.
97fin 6-room modern house, on .the
V I UU corner of E. 31st and Couch sts..
In Hawthorne First Addition.
jQPCrt S-room house, almost new, on
i)UuU corner of 21st and Wilson stsr
$600 cash. $25 per month. N
QQCn vroom house. 50xlOO-foot lot.
vudU near corner 23th and E. Salmon
sts. Payments JCO0.0O cash and 530 per
month. .
! QOnflfl 6-room house, 23xS7-foot lot,
I 3ZUUU on West Side, on Hall st., near
Uth, renting for $23 per month.
New 10-room house, all on
O lOUU ground floor, 50x35-foot lot. near
Highland School, one block from carllne.
Sflftn 4-room house. 50xl00-foot corner
0UU lot, on E. 6th and Mason sts.;
easy terms.
South Sunnyside
AK( 5or lots ln South Sunnyside: $80
cash, $10 nor month;, each lot
exiw: streets graaea ana grav
eled and sidewalks. This nroo-
SKKH ert7 Is situated on south- side-rot
U0U Hawthorne avc. bet. 33d and,
3Uh sts.; each lot two feet abo.e grade.
100-acre farm near 3arie- Creek Station,
on O. W. P. Ity.; fine soiC; Be mute land;
running water; orchard; good bulldiasa;.
Finely Improved farm of 160 acres, oao
mile south of Tualatin; $11,600. Will carry
$6000, at 0 per cent.
no-acre farm, 4 miles from Washoujral.
oa Columbia; good buildings, including- $3000
frultdryer; fruit income about $3000 per
year; full creamery outfit by waterpower; a
most complete farm. $60 per acre. Including
all stock and Implements.. A decided bar
gain. 100 acres. 3 miles from Canby; 25 plowed,
3 more slashed, balance timber; fi-room -house,
good barn, etc.: $4300.
Send for list. We hare hundreds of prop
ertied comprising some of the beat on the'
City Properties
Wt have a large list of city properties, bus
iness, residence and vacant lots, and InVits
an Inspection by intending purchasers. Spe
cial terms can be made with thoe wishing
to build on any of our vacant lots
We hare opened & rental department and
solicit charge of business and residence prop- -ertles.
These will haTO special attention
and. the interests of owners carefully
Suburban Acreage
Do not forget our two additions to Jen
nings Lodge, on the Oregon City car-line
and Willamette River, the choicest property
of the kind about the city and at prices of
single OOxlOO-foot lots elsewhere.
We are now located in our new offlce. two
doors west of the old location, and are hi
position to better -care for all business placed
with us. Our facilities are much improved
by tho change.
Safe Investment
Houses are in heavy demand at
University Park. Prices are 'advanc
ing. Employment for laborers and
mechanics is abundant. It is the bon
ton residence portion of the "whole
peninsula. It has the Columbia Uni
versity, Portland public schools, Bull
Bun water, electric lights, electriri
street-cars, elegant homes, liquor pro
hibition, mills, factories and shops,
in short, everything necessary to
build a great city. There will be a
great city between the rivers and
University Park will be its business
and social center. Prices of lots $100
and upwards, on easy installments.
Take the St Johns car and stop off
at University Park. Seeing will con
vince you. You have been reading'
advertisements of University Park
and notice the advance Irom month to
month. How much higher will, you let
these prices go before you buy?
Francis I. McKenna, 606 Commercial,
University Park Station. -
100x100 feet in choice West Side
neighborhood, very sightly and hand
somely improved, with, "inodern iouse
in excellent condition. Cement base
ment, hot-air furnace, modern bath
room, four bedrooms and servant's"
room in attic. For particulars apply
Rountree & Diamond
241 Stark Street, Corner Second.
Holladay's Addition
Tor sale A new "5--com cottage, all con
veniences, full cement basement; streets -different
and better than saytMs; la th
city; fully Improved; a very desirable lo
cation; convenient to two trolley lines. See
the modern., complete unique, elrht-rooaa
residence, ccrner- 15tb and Clackamas sts.
Ready- Sept. 13th. Lots sola cn advanta.
s-eous terms to hesaebuUders.
Tbc Orefon Rci Estate Co.
'Xtlr. .t., -Room i.