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Yellow Fever .Is Spreading in
Lower New Orleans.
"While Its People Battle With .Mos
quitoes, Other Communities
Befuse Interconrss With
. 3. Fever
WSort to 6 P; - ,
New cases, 90.
Total to date 505. - t
Deaths today, 8. fc
Total deaths. 07.
New sub-foci, 15.'
Total sub-fool. 01.
Among: the cases today is that ot
Archbishop Chapelle. of the (Jathpllo
diocese .of New OrleansI .The arob
bishop returned several , ays agp
from the, .country.. HJ . residence,
while not In the original Infected area.
Is not far from Jt. The archbishop
was reported to be doing well tonight.
The 'Marine 'Hospital .Service will
take pbarge of Xh? local fever situa
tion on Monday.
NEW ORLEANS. Aup. 5 (Special.) Of
the deaths from yellow fever tbday, . savert .
occurred lri thd City Hospital and three
la the Italian quarter, "where, tho disease
originated. All -were Italians excepting
two. The spread of the -disease' continues
toward the lower end of the city. One
of the 'new cases is in the heart ot the
tenderloin district, and another on the
outskirts ot the same- district
Tho increase of Infected localities is the
!most alarming: feature, inasmuch as It
'seems, to indicate that the oiling- bf 'the'
cisterns and outhouses has not extermin-
t&ted tho mosquitoes. Tho health officers.
ihoweVefv continue hopeful that they will
oon have the disease under control. '
Tha Siarino Hospital Service has not
$c taken control 6f the situation, though
it was expected! that &s soon as Dr.,,
White received instructions from Surgeon
"General Wyman he would be able to as
isume charge. Dr. White went to Gulfport
thla corning for the purpose of meeting
Dr. Wasdy, of the Marine Hospital Serv
ice, -who is in charge of the Mississippi
quarantine, and Governor "Vardaman, who
went down from Jackson, but did not re
turn tonight as -was expected.
Battle With Mosquitoes.
"Up to a late hour tonight, neither at
the City Board of Health nor at the office
of the United States Marino Hospital
Servioe were there any reports of start
ling developments in the fever .situation.
At Dr. White's office word was expected
from Washington, but none came. While
waiting for tho Federal Government, the
citizens are battling with oil and netting.
Dr. Beverly Warner, chairman of tho cit
izens' committee, Is busy in the midst
of piles of report's from the various wards
showing what has been accomplished.
This evening at 9 o'clock there was a
meeting of the ward presidents and other
officers in the St. Charles Hotel. Tne
whole matter was gone over and planta for
the continuance of the fight were made.
Mississippi Is Angry.
Governor Vardaman Is at Gulfport
looking into the situation, and trying1 to
fcee if he cannot straighten out the tan
gle between Mississippi and .Louisiana
over -quarantine matters. The report
that Louisiana has captured two of
Mississippi's boatsrahd was lowing one
of them to New Orleans has stirred
great resentment through -Mississippi.
Greenville Is tho only town In the
whole state of Mississippi that has pos
itively refused to allow Uncle Sam to
deliver matter from this 'city unless all
malls go through the fumigating pro
cess. Two or three days ago it was bo
lleved-every town in the state would re-
fuse to receive malls from this city on
account of the fever, but this Is notj.
en, mr an iiiuiia auuressea iq towns in
Mississippi are soinjr out regularly
The Southern Pacific today notified the
postal authorities that it would carry
no more Texas or Western mails for the
present. Calcasieu and Rapides Jar-
isnes win aiiow inrougn irarnc. in the
future. The parish officials changed
their minds and decided to lift the lid
as far -as through train- traffic Is con
cerneo. in oiner respects, nowover, a
strict quarantine -wilt be maintained.
This shuts off all -local passenger busl
nes ,oh all Western -roads. .
JCouIsiana 0?lcet Becallea.
A's conditions outside of New' Orleans
have rapidly improved and little fur'
ther probability of violations of Louis
lanas sovereignty, Governor Blanchard.
has ordered Captain Bostwick 40 "with
draw some of his soldiers. The Gov
ernor announces that be is not fighting
the United States Government and' that,
if the Mississippi bOats have been made
a part of the Faderal Government's flo-
tlllai .they, will, molested.-
At Lafayette, the Southern Pacific has some of its men as a result of the
fake dispatches there thai petiole were
dying in New Orleans by the score. As
distant "Division Superintendent Scarlet
resigned, and with eight or "fen opera
tors and dispatchers took passage for
Texas. As way forecasted In these dls-
patcnes, the difficulties of handling the
fruit trade through Mobile are begin
ninp to force the Central American
steamers' back to this oort. ' ,
- There is a complete boycott against
xrult In any of the towns in Mississippi
Edicts have been issued forbidding tho
passage or fruit trains through them
Dr. Wh'ite Says Main Purpose Is
Destruction of Mosquitoes.
NEW ORLEANS, Aug. E. (Special.)
Alter 11 naa oecome Known that an ap
peal had been sent to the President to
take charge of the situation. -J. H. White
of the Marine Hospital Service, was asked
wnat cnange would result from his as
sumption of control. He said:
"I will give an enlarged application of
the system at present in force, take the
usual precautions to prevent people from
leaving while fn the possible incubative
stages -and infecting new districts'; a rigid
application of measures destructive to
mosquitos in the whole of any infected
vicinity: dally inspection of every portion
In every house where there has been
case, and a duplication in such houses of
destructive measures for mosquitos. W
want the citizens, one and all, to mako a
concerted and simultaneous effort along
the lines suggested today by Mr. Parrar
and ,Rev. Warner to kill all the mos
ouitos in the city. and. If the. household
era., one and aft, .will .do -this, it will . be
or enormous Deneni in assisting tne oin
clal 'Work to be done in and around each
locality of infection to .be successful. That
official' work being InCended io insure
beyond question not only ther destructioa-
oxfectedmoegurtoe, jaut,-" far as -
man agency may attain that end. the
destruction of all mosquitos' in all places
where a case of fever nas been. The
prime necessity of this is that doctors
shall report all cases of fever. They must
not stand on their dignity, when the Issue
Is-the well-being of over a. quarter of a
million -people In 'the city and 20,000,030 in
the South at large.
"There Is one way, and only one. In
which yellow fever is transmitted, viz.,
by the bite of a mosquito of a variety
known as stegomla fasclata. So sure am
I of this that I would let my Innocent
wife and children sleep In apartments
separated front a-vlrulent case of yellow
fever solely "by an IR-mash. wire screen,
though ther ale from, the Infected com
partment .might pass freely to them. I
know not think that this Is the oaiy
method by which the 'disease is trans
mitted, and, knowing this, I also know
;that the destruction of yellows-fever mos
quitos Is The only method, of eliminating
the fever, and that the elimination of the
mosquitos by thc.resldents of your city is
the only method of preventing any fur
ther outbreak of yellow fever in this
country. Whether the destruction- and
elimination is done by state or county or
Nation is a matter of no.- Importance.
Who gets the credit for the work Is a
iiatter of less Importance, but the work
hsia duty that some of us must do,, or be
recreant to our duty, and the sooner it is
begun the better." . - -
2few Orleans Sanitary Measures De
velop Unique Style of Fraud.
NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 5. (Special.) A
sensation was created .here today by the
arrest of Joseph L. Houston, James Nel
son, James Klelnoble' and Thomas Leon
ard, -for the Illegal sale of kerosene oil In
tended to 'be placed In- cisterns for the
extermination of mosquitos, Ever Binco
ellow fever was discovered the State and
Citv Boards of Health have employed
scores of men to sanitate premises, screen
cisterns and pour oil on the water. Nel
son and" his associates were placed. In
charge ofa tank wagon loaned to the
health authorities by tho Standara on
Company, and. instead of depositing tho
oil according to Instructions, they are al
leged to have sold It to a corner grocery
and spent the money in dtlnK.
Complaints were made to the City Board
of Health Jast- week that-property-holders,
had been buncoed by the oil thieves.
Today the authorities were Informed that
the Nelson men, employed by tne Algiers
Improvement Association, were neglect
ing their work, and many cisterns mat
were -supposed to have been oiled were
passed by. The health authorities also
received reports that several men had re
sorted to extremes in buncoing tne pun-
He. Ordinary water was poured In cis
terns when oil should have been used.
and the cisterns were Improperly screened.
Steps were taken today for the detection
of the oil thieves. Property-holders were
requested to watch the men as they han
dled cisterns, and every gallon of oil given
the sanitary workmen will be accounted
Blanchard Says Mississippi Invaded
Louisiana Waters.
WASHINGTON, 'Aug. 5. Secretary
Shaw this afternoon received a tele-
pram from Governor Blanchard, of
Louisiana, protesting that Mississippi
patrol-boats for 10 days have been ln-
adlng Louisiana waters and jurisdic
tion, molesting fishermen, stopping.
driving in and chasing the fishing-
boats. Particular complaint Is made
against the Mississippi boat Grace,
which. Governor Blanchard says, -would
have been seized by Louisiana authori
ties but that she claimed to b.e. in the
United States Marine Service. The
Governor says it looks like Mississippi
has been using -the authority of the
Federal Government for depredations
on Louisiana. 'I protest against all
this," he concludes.
The Secretary sent the following
I have ordered Captain Ross, of tho
revenue cutter service there, under gen
eral direction of the Public Health and
Marine Hospital Service. Officials of both
branches or tne service deny any viola
tions of law. Now that the whole subject
of quarantine has been, by authority of
the Governors of each state, turned over
to the Federal Government, there need be
no fear of future complications. Mean
time, I will have all charges Investigated.
Mr. Shaw has wired Captain Ross
to proceed at once to New Orleans,
principally to superintend the .revenue-
cutter service at that point and with a
view oi strictly maintaining: quaran
Wyman Says "-Quarantine and Clean
up Will Be Costly.
OYSTER BAY, Aug.- K (Special.) Act
ing- Secretary Barnes-made public several
telegrams tonight bearing upon the yellow
fever'sltuailon 1n Louisiana. One Is from
".Martin Behman, Mayqr of New Orleans,
requesting tne -tresiaent to take cnarge
of the. situation, and Others are from Sur
geon-General Wyman. of the Marine Hos
pital Service. The. most Important from
Dr. Wyman says, in part:
Service had- skilled officers in New
Orleans since first knowledge of the fever.
Under the law they are there -to see that the
treasury interstate quaranUne regulations
are enforced and under wthe law to Oder as
sistance In their enforcement. Detention
camps have been established and are In
operation to p'ernflt exit of people without
etidangerlng-statcffand Inspector are 'placed
on all trains -Jeaving New .Orleans. Before
formally assuming charge In accordance the request, I have deemed It neces-
txy- to have an understanding as -to ez-
p nics. Surgeon white in his telegram to-
cay estimates the same at $1500 to $2000
per day. The epidemic fund will not stand
this- expense.- I have wired Burgeon white
arrangement, desired Is that the Government
should . maintain and pa for medical and
legislative control, but that the expenses for
material and labor of cleaning up the city
should be borne by the city Itself. This has
been the rule heretofore. I am proceeding
on these lines.
More Suspects at New York.
NEW YORK. Aug. 5. Two members of
the crew of the steamer El Paso, from
New Orleans, were removed from the,Ir
ship today, because or nign temperature.
They were taken to Hoffman Island for
NEW YORK, Aug. 5. The steamer Llg
anor, from Port Arthur, was detained at
quarantine today, and one member of tho
crew was removed to Hoffman Island for
Shotgun Quarantine at Augusta.
AUGUSTA, Ga., Aug: 5. (Speclal.)
Thls city declared in force today
quvatttlne, shotgun style, against all
places wnene yallow fever exists, es
peclally New Orleans, Shreveport and
Memphis Closes Its Doors.
MEMPHIS, Aug:. 5. This olty has
closed Its -doors to the outside world
beginning next Monday at noon and no
person can enter unless holding a per
mit signed by the president- or secre
tary ,of the board of health.
O. X. NT AanoancVg Oars Rate to feaffala
. - ABgast It aad 15.
Very low rate, lone-time tickets in Ruf.
falo. New York, account Supreme Court
Session Foresters of American Particulars
or w. .sunger, city ticket agent O- R.
- Co-, Tklr and Wahiatoa streets,
Trains on'Northern Lines Are
Moving Better.
Officials Say Their Stations Are
Almost Fully Manned Opera
tors Tell of Trouble Gov
ernment Investigation.
ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. E. At the end
of the fourth, day .of the telegraphers
strike on the Great Northern and North
ern Pacific, the officials of the roads de
clare that the strike is. practically a
closed incident. According to Information
given out at the general offices, more than
SO per cent of the strikers on the North
ern Pacific and Great Northern are now
supplanted with agents, a number claimed
to be sufficient to tide over traffic until
the remaining places can be filled.
Tralrwj reached -the Union Station In
St Paul today with greater regularity and
promptness than during tho previous 24
hours. The bulletin office at the Ration
reports all Great Northern trains prac
tically on time. The North Coast Limited
on the Northern Pacific was five hours
late, and the Twin City Express, on tho
same road, six and a half hours behind
Superintendent Beamer. at Spokane, to
day wired to General Manager Horn of
V.I V-l Knn T! r. (hat StHVA Phfilr-
man Haney, of the Idaho division, had
given out a statement in wnicn no ue
clared that the strike was already a fail
ure and advised the men on the division
he represent embracing more than 800
miles of line, to report for re-employment
at once. The action Is said to have had a
significant effect on applications for rein
statement coming in from the Idaho
President Perham, of the Telegraphers,
now In St. Paul, admitted the defection;
and said he had discharged Haney from
the union.
Mr. Perham. in referring to the pro
posed action of the Government in inves
tigating interruption in Interstate tele
graph service, said that his brotherhood
would welcome the move.
"I hope the action will result In taking
the matter into court. I want a better
opportunity to get a fair hearing and to
make known to the public the real Issuo
In this controversy."
The announcement that J. J. Hill' would
return to St. Paul August 10 was -welcomed
by the telegraphers, who will ask him
to Intervene. It Is believed by the union
men that the cost of maintaining tho
struggle and the prospects of loss from
stock and grain movements will result in
Mr. Hill's taking a hand In bringing about
a settlement. Both railroads are giving
the strikers to understand that their
places will not be available to them after
they Are once filled.
General Manager Horn, of tho Northern
Pacific, says he Is having no, difficulty In
securing .strike-breakers, ISO applications
for work being on filo at his office tonight.
Applicants are being examined as rapidly
as possible, and sent West to man the
wires.. It.Is understood that a large num
ber of the. applications being made to
both roads are from women.
General Manager Tells of nancy's
Secession and Movement of Cars.
ST. PAUL. Minn., Aug. 6. Enrly to
night General Manager H. J. Horn made
the following statement showing the first
serious break which has occurred in the
ranks of the Northern Pacific strikers.
He said:
"I have just received a report by wire
from Superintendent Beamer at Spokane,
who advises me that Chairman Haney
of the Idaho division publishes in the
Spokane evening papers a statement in
which he declares that the telegraphers
strike is already a failure. Chairman
Haney advises the men on the division
he represents, which includes 800 miles
of line, to report at- once for re-employment.
His action has had an important
effect and applications are coming in from
the Idaho division strikers.
"Superintendents on nearly every divi
sion reported this afternoon that men
are applying for reinstatement. This
matter has not been considered In detail
by the management.
"Trains are moving on time over the en
tire system, except in a few. Instances.
Conditions have improved very greatly.
More than S5 per cent of the Northern
Pacific stations are now supplied with
agents. Competent operators are going
West at the -rate of 60 a day to take
vacancies. The reports from the divisions
are encouraging."
"Superintendent Albee of the Pacific
division reports that S0CO people are be
ing handled dally between Tacoma and
Portland without delay.' This is Exposi
tion travel. He has reduced the num
ber of loads waiting movement today
from COO to 300.
"Superintendent Beamer reports that
he needs no more men and this afternoon
t freights were moving on his division
on their schedules. He is accepting freight
for au his main and branch line stations
except two.
vTho Rocky Mountain division reports
2S freights mbving onetime. and all trains
on their schedules. . The Montana divi
sion reports the arrival of. Thursday's
Pacific express, 16 coaches, out of St.
Paul on time to the minute. This divi
sion moved 21 freights yesterday on. bet
ter than fast freight time. It handled
two sections of the Atlantic express on
time today, two sections of the west
bound Burlington Flyer and the Harrl
man special, all on time. Sunezintrndent
Rapelje reports from Gl endive that the
Yellowstone division is in as good shape
as ltt July before tne strike started.
"The four divisions cast of M and an are
still handling business quite as success
fulh as before the strike started. The
Lake Superior division delivered 323 loads
in St. Paul today from Duluth. Extras
on the other two districts are being suc
cessfully handled. Only three small sta
tlons remain unopened.
"The Improvement since noon has been
very rapid, men previously. sent being put
at worK at numerous different points.
and the work of reopening stations Is
progressing more rapidly than at any
previous time.
Fpr the general. manager, Curtis -Mosher.
Both .Roads Claim to Move -Coast
Traffic Without Trouble.
SEATTLE. Wash., Aug. 5. Railroad
man omciais ure jioi experiencing, as
much trouble with belated trains and con
gested malls, owing to the telegraphers
strike on the Great Northern and North
ern Pacific railroads ns was anticipated
when It was announced, several days ago,
that a strike would be proclaimed.
Today Superintendent Scott, of the
Great Northern, nncd . vacancies at
Marysvilie and JV oolrlch, completing"- the
lrne of offices north of Marysville and
establishing service" on a regular basis be
tween that point and Vancouver. Super
int'endent Weymouth, .of the NbrtherrCPa-
cjnc, cpener tne oinces at Jtooe and
Granite Falls, and both officials state
Uuli th majority of stations- west of the
mountains will be filled tomorrow with
operators and agents. The recruits, are
picked up in the town ot the Coast lines,
and no opfrators have reached Seattle
from the East.
Tho Btrike situation remains practically
the same as reported yesterday, with tho
exception of the places filled as stated
above. Trains are all reported working
as close to schedule as . under ordinary
circumstances. The situation all along
tho lines of bottt roads is represented by
officials as Improving, and the better
service and time of the trains goes far
towards carrying conviction that tho
roads will very shortly be working- on
their regular schedules. All of the tele
graph business of the roads west of the
mountains la being carried on over the
wire of both companies with no inter-
Moody Takes Hand In Telegrapher's
Strike for Interstate Reasons.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 5. Attorney-General
Moody today wired the United States
Attorneys at Madison. Wis.; Milwaukee.
Wis.; St, Paul, Minn.; Fargo. N. D.; Hel
ena, Mont,; Boise, Idaho; Spokane, Wash.;
Seattle, Wash., and Portland, Or,, to In
vestigate the facts as to the interruption
of telegraph service on the Great North
ern and Northern Pacific Railways, in
view of the Government's duty to keep
unobstructed the avenues of Interstate
commerce. '
The Western Union Telegraph Company,
in connection with the lnquirj today an
nounced that that company "and its em
ployes are In no way Involved In the
strike of railroad telegraphers."
The followlngJLs the telegram of the Attorney-General
to the District Attorneys:
I am Informed that for several days tho
transmission of Interstate, foreign and
Government messages over the Western
Union lines which follow the Great North
ern and Northern Pacific Railroads has
been seriously Interrupted. In such a
situation. If it exists, the Government,
whose duty it Is by all means at Its com
mand to xep open and unobstructed the
avenues of Interstate commerce and to
protect Its own communications, has
grave concern. You will. Immediately In
vestigate with all possible speed the facts,
and. if you find the interruption exists,
endeavor to ascertain the reason, report
ing to me fully by wire.
Railroad Offlclnls Minimize nnd
Strikers 3Iagnlfy Their Troubles.
SPOKANE. Wash., Aug. 5. The tele
graphers' strike situation at Spokane is
about the same as yesterday. All trains
are moving, those of the Great Northern
more nearly on time than thoso ot the
Northern Pacific The smaller stations
east and west of both main line roads are
still without operators.
The telegraphers' strike chiefs, while
admitting trains are running, say the
sire of trains has been greatly reduced
and they believe the companies are ex
ceedingly fortunate in so far escaping
wrecks. Additions are being made slowly
to the working telegraph force of the
Northern Pacific and Great Northern, but
the block system on the former road is
still disqualified.
Strikers claim next week will see such
a congestion of freight as to seriously
hamper the companies', but the district
superintendents say there is little doubt
of their ability, to move promptly all
freight offered.
Government Wants Report on Inter
ruption of Communication.
- BUTTE; Mont,, Aug. 5. Butte author!
tics were notified last night to report any
lntcrruption of interstate communication
by strikers to the commission at Wash'
ington, D, C. It was stated that In the
event the striking telegraphers interfered
in any way with communication between
states, the Federal authorities would take
action in the matter.
Wires were grounded In several places
between this city and Missoula yesterday
and similar Interruptions were reported
today. It Is believed that the Interfer
ence was made by striking telegraphers,
The Northern Pacific has had a large
force of linemen at work all day making
repairs, and at a late hour tonight tho
wires were reported to bo working as
Perishable Freight Is Being Han
died With Regularity.
ST. PAUL, Aug. 5. (SpeclaJ.) There
were few developments in the strike of
telegraphers on the Northern Pacific and
Great Northern roads today. Both sides
claimed to be encouraged, but conserva
tive opinion is that the men lost some-
wnar, inasmuch as some sinkers re
turned to work.
Passenger traffic is being handled with
delays of less than an hour in nearly
every Instance, the perishable freight be
ing moved with considerable regularity.
The time card Is being strictly adhered
to... and In many cases train orders are
transmitted by telegraph, A large num
ber of strike-breakers arrived hero to
day, and were started west to man tho
keys abandoned by the union men.
Eight Ore-Cars Go in Ditch Near
Great Falls.
BUTTE, Mont., Aug. 5. A report was
received in this city late tonight of a
wreck on, the Great Nortnern at Mid
Canyon, 15 miles from Great Falls. An
ore train of eight cars went Into the
dltcn, tlelng up traffic along the road
for about seven hours. The wreck was
said to be due to a broken flange. No
body was Injured.
There was a rumor current tonight
to the effect that a passenger train was
Involved In the wreck, but this was de tho local officials. It was alBO
reported that the poor telegraphic com
munlcatlon, resulting- from the opera
tors' strike, was. responsible, but this
report could not be confirmed.
Passenger Trains Arc Still Running
Behind Schedule.
HELENA. Mont. Aug. 5. (Special.)
The telegraphers strike on the Great
Northern and Northern Pacific Is still on.
Both sides assert their -confidence that
they will win out. The telegraphers are
directing their attention to an effort to
Induce the relief men to desert their
posts, and claim to be making
progress, along these lines. :
Passenger trains continue to
slightly behind schedule, and but
freight fs being moved.
Quick Time on Winnipeg Line.
ST. PAUI Minn.. Aug. 5. Indicative
of the extent' to which the Northern Pa
cific has regained control over train ner
rico in Minnesota and the Red .River
Valley Ib the circumstance that a spe
cial train on this line broke the record
for quick time fast night between Win
nipeg and St. Paul.
Only Two Out of One Branch.
SOUTH BEND. Wash., Aug. 5Only
two operators on the- Northern Pacific's
South Bend branch walked out in obedi
ence to the order to strike. One was the
operator at Frances ana' the other was at
apanese Force Advances to
Rear of Vladivostok.
Garrison Commander Issues Signifi
cant lOrder Hasegavva Crosses
Mountains Whilo Sakhalin
Army Approaches.
LONDON, Aug. 5. (Special.) The news
that the commander ot the garrison of
Vladivostok has Issued to the inhabitants
of tho city the stringent orders that are
given out only In case -of a threatened
siege has created uneasiness but no sur
prise In St, Petersburg. There seems to
be a constant' fear in the Russian capital
that communication with Vladivostok may
any moment be severed, and the recent
engagements along the shore of the River
Jugcn give grounds for the supposition
that the expected may happen at any
It was not necessary that Baron
gawa's detachment should cover all the
distance to Ninguta before making the
detour that would bring It out near the
Russian lines of railway. On the con
trary, the chances are that it left the
high road when It reached Kalho, a ham
let on the banks of the river of that name,
and thence crossed the gap in tho Llao
yehllng range to the headwaters o the
Suizfong, which flows Into the Avar Bay
at Vladivostok, passing by Nikolska,
and, as there Is a mountain road
for the greater part of the Jour
ney, entering the maritime province
at the village of Poltavska. it Is not Im
possible that this flanking force belong
ing to Baron Hasegawa's army may make
its appearance before many days elapse
to the north and rear ot the Russian sea
General Andricff has abandoned any in
tention that he may have had ot creating
a diversion by marching a Russian column
into Corea, and he has withdrawn his
forces, it would seem, to the Kovoklevak
depot. There Is no Russian army, as far
as can bo ascertained, east of KIrin, save
the Vladivostok garrison, and the pros
pects of that becoming isolated are un
deniable. It is probable that operations
will be conducted from the direction of
Sakhalin and this applies with greater
force to the situation today In that the
Russian railway headquarters has shifted
to Hawbaravka.
An expedition may perhaps ascend the
Amur and co-operate with the land forces
against tho Russian position as soon as
minor matters of administration have
been finally settled In the Island of Sah-
halln, and at the present rate of prog
ress this would not take very long. The
latest reports from Japan show that the
army pursuing the Russians through tho
Island Is steadily successful in Its endeav
ors to clear the soli of Intruders.
"Meaaeat Thief Believed to Have Es
caped From Nevr Jersey WItk All
Proceeds of Ufa Embezxlemeats.
NEW YORK, Aug. 5. (Special.) At last
a warrant has been Issued for William
H. Belcher, who Is still Mayor of Pater-
son. N. J. He is charged with embezzle
ment of over $100,000, and the police de
partment has been ordered to use its ut
most endeavors to take the missing man
Into custody.
But that he will be located is doubted
by everyone In Paterson who Is at all
familiar with the facts In the case. On
the Hps of everybody in the city where
he was looked' up to as a model citizen.
husband and father, was the charge that
the .meanest thief" had by this time
placed hundreds of miles between him
self and his former home.
It has been ascertained that Belcher
had several thousand dollars at least
when he disappeared. During three days
before his flight after he bad been con
fronted by evidence obtained by bank
examiners, and had made confession of
his crimes to them, he went from one
to another of those who had implicit con
fldence In nls Integrity and without
further security than his personal prom
ise to repay loans, was able to borrow
thousands of dollars.
There are many who believe that
Belcher had secreted many thousands of
dollars In addition, and that he carried
away with him a comfortable capital with
which to make a new start In South
America or some other foreign land. It
Is now a well-ascertained fact that
Belcher has been a thief and a forger for
at least a dozen years, descending to the
level of the common pickpocket In rob
bing those who trusted him with amounts
as small as $1. He has on several oc
caslons escaped exposure only by aDnlv-
ing on his knees to his victims and work-
ins upon their selfish Interests, nromls
ing that If he were given time- he would
make good their losses.
Theso exposures have convinced Pater
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son business men that he Is not the kind
or man who would take his own life. That
he will ever be heard of again Is doubt
ed. That tho warrant issued at the 11th
nour wm result In his arrest is not consld
dred within the range of probabilities.
Shoot Spectators Instead of Robbers
They Aim At.
CHICAGO. Aug. 5. Four officers of the
police force last night sent a fusillade of
shots after two robbers who had stolen
goods valued at about $2300 from a bag
gage car standing In the yards In West
Sixteenth street. The thieves escaped
without their booty, but three Innocent
persons were shot by the officers, none
seriously, however. The wounded are:
Lieutenant James Larkln, shot in the
wrist; Morris T. Cohen, shot in leg; Mra.
Cohen, ear shot off.
The robbers loaded the booty on a wag
on and drove to Israel-T. Benson's shop,
where they tried to sell the plunder to
Benson. He kept them dickering, while
his son ran to notify the police. Detec
tive voss saw the thieves half a block
down Union street, and was tho first to
fire, after a command to half had been
Ignored. Then Lieutenant Larkin started
to empty his gun, and Officers O'Hara and
Sullivan Joined In the running fusillade.
but the robbers hurried away on foot.
The party turned up Barker street, and
at length rounded into Halsted. Larkln,
breathless, halted at the corner a moment.
aimed at the fleeing thieves, and fired
three shots. Only ono took effect, and
that In his own wrist.
Followed by several hundred persons
who had been attracted by the shooting.
tne thieves ran until they reacned a con
venient place, where they Jumped Into a
buggy and escaped. Cohen and his wife.
who were sitting in front of their shop,
were hit by stray bullets.
Drunken Passenger Kills Man and
Robs Others.
LOUISIANA, Mo., Aug. 5. This
morning- while a Chicago & Alton spe
cial train was crossing the Mississippi
River brjdge Marion Warner, of Secor,
III., a passenger on the train, was shot
and instantly killed by an unknown
man. Warner was asleep when the
unknown man came through tho train,
asking- tho people if they had guns.
He awoke Warner and asked him If
he had a gun and, receiving a negative
reply, shot Warner Just over the right
eye. killing him instantly. He then
went to another passenger and. holding
the gun again his temple, made him emp
ty his cash.
After shooting Warner, he emptied
his revolver at the other passengers,
one woman receiving a slight wound
on tho arm. A bollermaker from Jack
sonville volunteered to arrest the man,
and In doing- so knocked him senseless
with his fist.
The man who did the shooting- was
drunk, and boasted before the murder
that he would kill some one. The train
was held two hours while the testi
mony of the passengers was taken.
The man who did the shooting refused
to tell his name or where he lives.
Stanford Trustees Refuse to Go Be
hind President Jordan's Action.
f SAN FRANCISCO, Cal:., Aug. 5, (Spe
cial.) The board of trustees ot the Stan
ford University have declined to interfore
In tho matter pf the dismissal by Presi
dent Jordan of Professor Julius Goebel
from the head of the Germanic depart
ment of the unlverslty
Due to the friction In the department
and among the faculty, particularly in
the uee of tho .library. Dr. Goebel after
ten years of service was removed by the
authority of tho president, this action
being sustained by the advisory board
of the faculty. From this decision Goe
bel' appealed to the governing board of the
university, but in its review the board
says It has no authority to go Into the
matter of his reinstatement. On account
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waste no spilling no
scratched enamel no
tarnished gold work.
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and gums tad a pure fere at h
are the reward of 8oxodont.
of his years of service and the fact that
he has never claimed his sabbatical year's
leave of absence on halt pay, the board
granted Dr. Goebel ono year's full salary.
The board's resolution Is as follows:
"Resolved, That tho secretary Is In
structed to reply to Dr. Goebel's commu
nications that ho has been remqved from
office by the president of tho unlverslty
wlth tho concurrence of the advisory
board, in accordance with the rules ot tho
trustees under tho terms of tho charter,
have no authority to review that action.
"Resolved, That In recognition of Dr.
Goebel's long service in the university,
extending over two sabbatical years, ot
which he has not availed himself, tha
treasurer Is authorized to pay him a sum
equal to one year's additional salary."
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