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Portland Jobbers Can Compete
With San Francisco
Firms for Trade.
Tariff Announced by the San Fran
cisco & Portland Steamship
Company Affects Coast
Water Freight Rates.
By a new freight tariff, effective July
15. eouth-bound freight rates by water-
are rediiced and Portland jobbers are
placed on an equality with the 9an Fran
cisco bouses.
The San Francisco & Portland Stcam
tehlp Company announced the new rates
yesterday. The other steamers must nec
essarily fall Into line. Copies of the new
tariff were mailed yesterday, but will not
be generally received by the Jobbers until
For months and months Portland manu
facturers and Jobbers have been trying to
secure this new tariff, which does away
wJtb the Western clarification, and
makes a difference to them of from 10 to
47 .per cent on the south-bound freight
they ship by water.
On ihe Pacific Coast there are two
j?reat Jobbing centers. San Francisco and
Portland. Because the rates discriminat
ed in favor of the Callfornians, the Port
land men -cannot at present compete with
the Bay City firms for the local trade
there nor throughout the state.. But the
San Francisco dealers, by reason of the
low north-bound rates, have been able to
hip goods here and sell them to Portland
retailers in active competition with the
men of the local Jobbing district- "With
goods delivered cheaply in Portland, It
was an easy matter for the Callfornians
to see that they were distributed else
where in. Oregon and Washington.
When R. P. Schworin, president of the
San Francisco & Portland, wag here last
Summer he .promised that better rates
would be forthcoming. The new tariff is
bis fulfillment.
Send Travelers to California.
"We will now have traveling men in
California on the same footing as the
San Francisco Jobbers," said Jay Smith,
manager of the Marphall-Wells Hard
ware Company last night. "The new
tariff means a great deal to us Indeed.
When we came here we found that we
were up against these high
rates, and have been trying for six
months to get them changed. We" will
go right after the California business.
"Our Arm has a San Francisco branch,
and we do not sell beyond the Oregon
line, but the new tariff will help us very
much in the Coos Bay country," 5a!d R.
I Darrow, manager of tho John Deere
Plow Company. "For the Portland job
bers who have no California branches it
"will be a great thing Indeed."
The new rates will not affect lumber.
Sour, wheat and cereal foods.
Examples of Present Differentials.
All kinds of metal articles from heavy
hardware to screws form one of the heav
iest shipments from San Francisco to
On hardware the present rate is 20
.cents per 100 pounds when north-bound,
nnd 25 cents for south-bound. After July
15 the difference will be eliminated.
On nails, nuts, bolts, staples and wash-
-cents, Yrtiile the south-bound is 25 cents.
-This will 'be equalized.
On carpets, linoleum, matting, oilcloth
imd rugs the northbound- schedule has
been SO cents, and the southbond 5 cents.
Thirty cents will hereafter be the tariff
tor either direction.
The rate from San Francisco to Port
land on lead and lead articles, copper,
solder, zinc, etc., is now 15 centB
in carload lots, and 20 cents on less
than carloads, while the southbound
rate prohibited local men from ever ship
ping southward. By the new schedule the
rate is to be 15 cents either way on any
On stamped ware, tinware, etc.. the
difference has been tremendous. North
bound shipments cost 20 cents per 1(0
poujjds, whilo southbound cost 45 cents.
The rates are to bo made equal.
Large quantities of tents, awnings and
oil clothing are made in Portland. To
get these goods to San Francisco cost
45 cents, while the Callfornians paid only
20 cents to get similar shipments to
Some General Reductions.
Building and roofing material has been
ixed at 15 cents either way. As large
jntities of this material arc constantly
.henvy reduction means much
ath ends of the line.
Element dealers have been
goods here at the rate of
any quantity, while Port-
had to pay from 30 cents to
ienuxor less than carloads, and 224
to 30 cents for carload lots. The new
tariff is 20 cents for any quantity either
Some northbound rates have been raised
to correspond with the present south
bound rates. Potatoes and onions, north
bound, have cost 15 cents in carload lots,
while southbound cost 174 cents. -The
latter figure will obtain for either di
rection. The present grain rates are 12i cents in
fcarload lots. Oats, rye and barley have
been raised to 15 cents either way.
Outside of the commodities enumerated.
In the tariff the rates are based on mer
chandise not otherwise specified In less
than carloads at 35 cents; on cars with
a minimum of 30.000 pounds, 25 cents. The
use of the schedule known as the Western
classification Is entirely eliminated In
connection with business originating in
cither San Francisco or Portland.
Declare, Schooner Jennie Stella
Seams "Will Open.
ASTORIA, Or.. July 8. (Special.) The
three-masled schooner Jennie Stella, en
route from Vancouver, Wash., to San
Francisco, with a cargo of lumber, is still
lying in the stream, as the crew refuses
to go to sea in her.
The schooner Is leaking, and the mem
bers of the crew say she is unseaworthy.
While the vessel is not making much
water about one inch an hour the men
assert that If heavy weather Is encoun
tered her seamB are liable to open further
and she may become waterlogged. The
owners of the schooner and of her cargo
are being communicated with, but up to
a late hour no decision had been reached.
The Indications are that the men will
consent to make the trip If they are al
lowed additional pay.
Launch Makes Ocean Voyage.
From a river launch plying on the Wil
lamette to a cannery tender making a
ishort voyage on the Pacific, is the transi
tion through which the launch Lorens has
naescd this week. Built for a cannery
land for the Oaks run during the dull
season at Astoria. ( Business proving dull
here, her owner engaged her .to carry
fish on Yaqulna Bay. To reach Taqulna
Bay a day's run on the ocean Is neces
sary, but It Is believed the Lorens made
port safely.
Two Full Steamer Loads.
Both the St. Paul and the F. A. Kllburn,
which arrived last night, carried full pas
senger lists from California. The St. Paul,
coming direct from San Francisco, was
somewhat behind her schedule. The Kll
burn found passengers waiting for her at
the way ports. To secure berths on any
Portland-San Francisco steamer, either
way. It Is now necessary' to make reser
vations far in advance.
Clearances at Astoira.
ASTORIA, Or.. July 8. The schooner
Fred B. Sanders cleared at the Custom-
House today for San Pedro with a cargo
of 700,000 feet of lumber, loaded at Tongue
Point Lumber Company's mill. The
schooner Jennie Stella also cleared at tho
Custom-House today. She has a cargo of
360.000 feet of lumber, loaded at Vancou
ver for San Francisco.
Italian Cruiser Departs.
Leaving here early yesterday morning,
the Italian cruiser Umbria sailed from
Astoria yesterday afternoon and is now on
her way down the Coast, So far as
known, no desertions occurred here. The
harbor misses her swarthy sailors and
numerous salutes.
Fire Destroys Volga's Cargo.
KOBQ, July 8.-The fire in the hold of
the British steamer Volga. Captain Pattle,
from San Francisco for Yokohama, has
been extinguished. The cargo in ' the
ship's after hold was destroyed.
Marine Notes.
A channel 20 feet deep is to be dredged
across the Columbia, opening up the way
for vessels to enter the Willamette or tho
Columbia ship channel.
The DunBtnulr yacht Thistle returned
yesterday afternoon from Vancouver.
Wash., where she had gone in the morn
ing with her owner and party. Mr. Duns
mulr wished to celebrate his birthday at
the place where he was born.
Domestic and Foreign Ports.
ASTORIA, Or., July 8. Left dp at 3 A. 11.
German hlp Arthur Fitter. Arrived at
fl:20 .a. M. and left up at noon Steamer
F. A. Kllburn. from Ban Francisco ana Coar.l
ports. Arrived down at 1 and mllefl at 4
P. M. Italian cruiser Umbria. for Italy. Ar
rived at 1:1B and left up at 3:40 P. M.
Steamer St. Paul, from San Francisco. Ar
rived down at r:15 and Failed at 6:30 P. M.
Steamer Eureka, for J? an Francisco. Con
dition of the bar at 8 P. M.. mooth; wind,
northeast: weather, clear.
San Franclfco. July 8. Arrived at 6 A. M.
Steamer Columbia, from Portland. Arrived
at 4 P. M. Steamer Cascade, from Portland.
Sailed last night Steamer Despatch, for Port
land. San IWro. July S. Arrived yesterday
Schooner Beulah. from Portland.
San Francisco. July S. Sailed Steamer
Manchuria, for Hongkong; steamer Ala
meda, for Honolulu; steamer Sequoia, for
Wlllapa Harbor: schooner Robert Lewera,
for Gray's Harbor. Arrived Schooner Com
peer, from Port Blnlceley: schooner Mildred,
for Bnllnrd; schooner Halyon, for Gray's
Event Called Off and Regular Jockeya
Ride Homes Scaadal
Stirred Up.
SEATTLE. Wash., July S. The gen
tlemen's Jockey race at the Meadows
developed a scandal today, and as a
result the Jockeys from the track rode
the horses. Dr. Hnrtnnfrle and Mr.
RIdgway. who were to have ridden In
the race, stated to officials at the
track that money had been otTercd
them to pull their mounts. Rldgwav
utated that Andy Young, who had se-!
cured the riders for the race and who i
was to ride Claudator, had made him
an offer of $5.1 to pull Sweet Tooth,
the horse he was to ride.
Young had been given the mount on
Claudator, which was conceded no
chance by horsemen. When the betting
was posted, the money poured In on
the long shot. When tho charges were
aired the Judges ordered all of the
gentlemen riders taken down and the
regular Jockeys were put up In their
Montana Charities Delegates.
HELENA. Mont. July 8. (Specials
Governor Joseph IC Toole has appointed
the following delegates to represent Mon
tana at the convention of the National
Society of Charities, and Corrections, to
be held at Portland. Or.. July 15-25.
Rev. Dr. W. N. Sloan. Dr. L. E. Holmes.
Judge A. H. Barret. Otto F. Schoenfeld!
Walter Shobe. ex-Governor Preston H.
Leslie. Edward C Russel. Miss Georgia
C. Young nnd Mrs. H. L. Glenn, of Hele
nn: L. Bernhelm. H. R. Bartlett. W. H.
Orr. Butte; ex-Senator Paris Gibson, W.
E. Ellsworth. Great Falls; V. F. Clark.
Whitehall: James Mauldin, Dillon; R. F.
Allen. Billings; Rev. W. W. Van Orsdel!
Great Falls; Rev. D. B. Price. StevenB
yllle; M. L. Rickman. Boreman; Miss
Alice Woody. Mrs. George F. Brooks. MIs
Koula; Mrs. H. J. Miller. Mrs. W. F.
Coggswell. LIvington; Mrs. C. M. Sawyer,
Ashland Grounds Put in Order.
ASHLAND. Or., July 8. (Special.)
Great preparations are being made for
the coming thirteenth annual as
sembly of the Southern Oregon Chau
tauqua Association, which opens at
Ashland July 12, and continues until
July 21. A large sum of money 1B being
expended In fitting up the buildings
and grounds. The Chautauqua taber
nacle Is being enlarged greatly and Its
seating capacity has been Increased
from l-'OD to 1800, making It one of the
largest auditoriums In the state.
Campers are already beginning to
arrive to be on hand at the opening
next week. The Ashland assembly will
have all the star platform attractions
engaged for the other Coast assemblies
this season. including Gunsaulus,
Quayle, Bishop Hamilton and others.
Lclnoncn Gets One Year.
ASTORIA. Or., July 8. (Special.) Judge
McBride today adjourned the session of
the Circuit Court, but he will return dur
ing August to hold a one-day's session.
Before the adjournment. Prosecuting At
torney Allen announced that he had inves
tigated the alleged robbery of Albert-Lein-onen,
the man who pleaded guilty to as
sault with a dangerous weapon on Joseph
Wilson, but was unable to secure evidence
sufficient to warrant an arrest. Accord
ingly, the matter was dropped, and Leln
onen was sentenced to one year in the
penitentiary. He was taken to Salem this
Skagway Fishermen on Strike.
(Special.) Indian fishermen at Skagway
have struck on account of tbe reduction In
price from 8 cents to 6 cents. The reduc
tion was made by cannerymen, who rely
on traps for their supply. The Alaska
run is only starting and many Indians are
already on the Fraser River to flab sock
Starts in Wright Art Store in
Business Section.
Ttvo Women Are Rescued by Fire
men After Being Cut Off From
Stairs Jn the Office of
a Dentist.
SPOKANE. July S. The most costly fire
of the year raged near the center of the
business district this afternoon, and for a
time a great conflagration was threatened.
The lose Is estimated at $120,00. probably
two-thirds Insured.
The cause la unknown. Starting about 1
P. M. in the basement of F. B. Wright &
Co.'s art store", the fire spread to the stock
of paints and oils and could not be
checked un,tll the building was a wreck.
Adjoining store. were badly damaged by
smoke and water, the Palm confection
ery, the Best Clothing Company and the
Crescent department store being heavy
The New York Dental parlors were de
stroyed. Mrs. C. A. Rosebrook and Mrs.
L S. Karney. who were In the dentist's
office when the fire broke out, were cut bft
from the stairway by the flames, but
were rescued by the firemen unharmed.
At 2:15 the fire was well under control.
The chief lexers are:
F. B. Wright, art store, total loss J25.0QO;
insurance, 116,000.
Best Clothing Company, stock, 110.000;
well insured.
Palm confectionery, machinery burned
and store wrecked; loss, 530.000; Insurance,
Crescent store, owned by Spokane Dry
Goods Company, smoke damage $15,000;
cdvered by Insurance.
Hunter building, owned by Spokane Dry
Goods Company, loss $30,000; Insurance
New Tork Dental Company, loss J4OO0.
It Is expected that the Hunter building
will be at once replaced by one conform
ing to that occupied by the Crescent.
Admission Is Denied Those Getting
Pensions Over $12 a Month.
OLYMPIA. Wash.. July S. (Special.)
On account of many applications for
admission to the Stato Soldiers' Home,
the superintendent has been instructed
by the Board of Control to enforce a
rule existing concerning the admission
and caro of old soldiers who receive
pensions. The regulations of the Home
exclude veterans drawing sums in ex
cess of $12 per month from the Gov
ernment, but It has been customary to
admit such men upon their signing an
agreement that If applications from
other old soldiers who do not receive
such large pensions become so numer
ous as to exceed the capacity of the in
stitution, the' shall accept their dis
charge. As provided by this agreement, a
number have already been discharged
from the institution. Soldiers who re
quire hospital attendance arc permitted
to remain, however, no matter what
amount of pension Is received.
Last month the attendance at the in
stitution ran as high as 270, or 20 In
excess of the average attendance of
the preceding month. By the enforc
ing of the regulation above referred to,
the average attendance will be kept
down to about 250. The report of the
superintendent for June shows an av
erage attendance of 253 and an ex
penditure for maintenance of $4043.
S. T. Mlnard Accused of Taking
Stockholders Money.
SOUTH BEND. Wash.. July S. (Spe
cial.) Word comes from Nahcotta that
S. T. Mlnard. agent for the railway com
pany at that point, hotelkeeper. promoter
of the "Auto Hall" and "Auto Com
pany." had disappeared during the fore
part of the week, leaving a lot of unpaid
Captain A. V. Reeves was in South
Bend nnd secured a warrant for the
arrest of Mlnard a day or two since on
a charge of obtaining money under falae
Minard'6 principal scheme was the
"Auto Company," which was proposed
for the purpose of carrying people along
Long Beach to various points of interest.
It is not known Just how much cash
Mlnard secured on this, but $1200 will
not cover the amount he got away with.
Stockholders In the company were of the
Impression thai Mlnard had paid bills
with the money paid In on subscription
to the stock, but they are beginning to
find out that he hnd paid nothing.
Word was received yesterday that 4the
railroad company had an accountant
check up on Mlnara's books and he found
a shortage of $400.
In payment of various services. Mlnard
issued checks on an Astoria bank up to
last Saturday and then went to Astoria
on Sunday. The first thing he did Mon
day was to go to the bank and take out
all the money he had on deposit and
when the local checks arrived from the
beach, the bank people stamped them
"not paid for want of funds," and cent
them back.
Question Whether District Is Part
of Roseburg or Not.
ROSEBURG. Or.. July 8. (Special.)
Late last evening the County Court of
Douglas County granted the petition of
citizens of West Roseburg for forming a
separate city incorporation there. As the
new city charter of Roseburg, enacted at
the last session of the Oregon Legisla
ture, enlarged the city boundaries so as
to Include a considerable portion of the
same territory, tbe County Clerk was thts
morning enjoined from entering of record
the order of the County Court. The act
of the Legislature became effective on
May 19. and the City Council last Mon
day night made an order forming r new
ward of that district and prepared for
tbe appointment of two CouncIImen.
The petition of the West Roseburg citi
zens had been laid over from the May
term of the County Court, nnd when the
matter was again called up for action
the city's attorneys wore absent, and
there being nothing offered in rebuttal,
the petition was granted. The matter
will now go to the Circuit Court for an
Scratched Willie- Acting as Human
Barrel for Half-Drowned Women.
ROCK WOOD. Or.. July S. Special.
Actlng as a human barrel on the seashore
while the Inanimate form of Mlm Ella
Young, of Portland, was rolled upon him,
EL P. Smith received a scratch, supposedly
from Miss Young, on his hand, and has
blood poisoning as a result.
JL fiaalta aal a, companion rescued Atlu
Young and Mrs. Arthur Mann, her sister,
while they were bathing some ten days
ago near Seaside, and had gotten beyond
their depth. Miss Young collapsed when
taken out of the water, and as no log
or barrel could be found on the beach.
Smith submitted .to the heroic operation.
His body was severely scratched and
Minnesota Custom fo Be Followed
in Johnson Case.
OLYMPIA. Wash., July S. (Special.)
It has never been the custom In this
state to charge fees for the Issuance of
extradition papers. Governor Mead
has been securing Information from
the Governors of other states as to
their practice, and finds that, although
a majority of the states make no
charge, a few of them do. Among the
latter is Minnesota, Governor Johnson
reporting that a fee of $5 Is charged,
which goes to the executive clerk.
If Governor Johnson's requisition for
Mrs. Ida Johnson, the baby-farmer. Is
granted. Minnesota wjll have to pay a
fee to this state of $5. It is stated,
however, that the executive clerk will
not get it, but that it will be turned
Into the state treasury. This does not
mean that fees will be charged In all
cases. It Is only Incident to the con
troversy between the Governors of the
two states over requisition matters.
The hearing In the Johnson requisi
tion has been postponed until next
Tuesday. Sheriff Loth has to wait till
Wednesday, In any event, for a hear
ing in the Federal Court on a habeas
corpus proceeding, and at the request
of Mrs. Johnson's attorney. Will IL
Morris, of Seattle, the matter was de
ferred by Governor Mead.
Dr. Baker,. New Superintendent,
Calls Meeting of Workers.
SEATTLE. Wash.. July S. (Special.)
Reorganization of the Washington Anti
Saloon League i in progress in the head
quarters offices of the league In the Ar
cade building. It Is being led by Dr. P.
A. Baker, superintendent of the present
organisation, with branches in 43 states
and territories.
Dr. Baker this morning called together
the headquarters committee, including a
number of prominent church and Anti
Saloon League workers. It Is tho an
nounced purpose of Superintendent Baker
to reorganize the work In this, state,
which was left In a pretty much muddled
condition by Dr. J. C. Thorns, the former
superintendent, who was dismissed.
Dr. Thorns intimated after his retire
ment from the work of the league that he
would have something pretty hot to say
when Dr. Baker reached here, but he
went to Nome Instead of waiting to file
his protest. F. H. Chcrrlngton. his suc
cessor, will be here next week.
Improvements at Chemawa.
CHEMAWA. Or.. July S. (Special.) The
material for extensive Improvements at
the school dlnlng-hall and kitchen are
being delivered. The contract for these
supplies being given to Salem and Port
land firms.
Maloae Picked Up Near Steae'n Laad
Ibj?, sad Officer ob Trail
of Three Other.
TACOMA. July S. (Speclal.)-SIck in
mind and body, and cloehed In some rags
that he had picked up In the fields through
which he had passed. James Leslie, one
of the escaped convict?, staggered Into
the town of Kent this afternoon and was
soon arrested by Marshal Sheplch. AH
attempts to learn the whereabouts of his
companions failed. Leslie said he lay
concealed In the -brush near Stone's Land
ing today, and that a number of officers
passed close to his hiding-place.
A report came from Sherlock today that
Convict McCarthy had been captured, but
It proved to be unfounded. McCarthy had
been working on a ranch near there for
two days, but disappeared today.
Tonight a telephone message to the
Ledger gave the information that Con
vict Malone had been captured, presum
ably near Stone's Landing, and that the
officers were on the trial of three more
convicts and expected to capture them
within a short time. There are now five
prisoners at large, three having been cap
tured. Malonc Found on Vashon Islnnd.
SEATTLE. July S. J. Malone. escaped
convict from the United States Peniten
tiary at McNeil's Island, was captured
this afternoon. He was not armed. Ma
lone was captured by Special Deputy
United States Marshals Needham and
Balrd, on Vashon Island, about 20 miles
from here, and Is a prisoner In the City
Jail. He will be returned to the peniten
tiary tomorrow.
It is expected that within the next 24
, hours several more of the escaped con
victs will be captured. That several are
still on Vashon Island Is the belief of the
men In the employ of the United States
Marshal's office. A complete search of
the Island will bo made today.
When searched at the police station; tho
convict Malone had a small amount of to
bacco, some shoestrings and a few small
articles picked up In his travels.
Reporter Is Badly Wounded.
TACOMA. Wash.. July 8. Rltter Wllke
son. who was shot by Deputy Marshal
Bergh last night, was a reporter for the
Tacoma News. Two rifle bullets, fired at
a distance of 40 feet, shattered his arm
and two others went through his coat
sleeve. Wilkecon was acting as a deputy.
George Armltage, another News re
porter, was thrown into the Sound by the
collision of two launches and narrowly
escaped death by drowning.
Three Men HcavIIj- Armed.
PORT TOWNSEND. Wash.. July 8.
(SpeclaL) Telephone advice from Brln
non. a distant settlement on Hood's Canal,
In this county, announce the presence
there of three heavily armed strangers
who, from published descriptions, are
undoubtedly McCarthy. Castle and Wade,
three of the escaped McNeil's Island con
victs. A Sheriffs posse has gone from
here in pursuit.
Stlckney Tried to Break Jail.
TACOMA. Wash.. July Ed Stlckney,
one of the escaped convicts, who was cap
tured, was caught trying to break out of
the City Jail this afternoon. He was re
moved to the County Jail.
Assembly at Gladstone Chautauqua
Promises to Break Records.
OREGON CITY, Or.. July S. (Spe
cial.) More than 50 tents have already
been stretched at Gladstone Park in
preparation for the annual assembly
of the Willamette Valley Chautauqua
Association, which will be convened
Tuesday. July 11. Never before at this
early date were there as many camp
J ar qa th grounds, and the manage-J.
Yoti have experienced that
refreshing glow all over
the body after exercise and
bathing. Whar a delightfully
clean feeling that is I It's
the blood coming to the sur
face, the nerves breathing
deep through the wide-open
pores. That is how your
scalp feels after using
ft removes that parched,
dry condition, prevents the
formation of dandruff and
nourishes and invigorates
the hair bulbs.
You caa feel the good It doe
after tbe first application.
MICRO besides being a strong
germicide and tonic. Is an exquisite
hair-dressing, its delicate odor and
absence of all stickiness establish
ing It at once as an appurtenance
of the dressing-table. Its constant
use Improves the texture of the
hair, and leaves It soft and lus
trous. $1 at All Druggists
NOTE On account of a clerical er
ror the price was marked 75c la Fri
day's Oregonlan. The price Is always
Avoodard, Clarke & C(0.
I Sole Manufacturers
ment has received every assurance
that the attendance at this year's as
sembly will prove a record-breaker.
President W. C. Hawley arrived to
night from Salem, and every detail has
been arranged for the opening- day's
programme. Tuesday, which will be of
a patriotic order. Senator Thurston
will deliver the opening address, a
patriotic oration. In the afternoon, and
In the evening Dr. William A. Quayle
will give his celebrated lecture on
"Abraham Lincoln." The addresses
will be Interspersed with patriotic se
lections by Parson's full orchestra and
vocal numbers by Miss Mary Alverta
Morse, of Oakland, Cal., Chautauqua
Forest Threatened With Fire.
SEATTLE. July 8. "Unless tho state
takes some steps Immediately toward the
appointment of a Deputy Fire Warden,
with Jurisdiction In this county, the whole
country to the north and northeast of Se
attle will be in flames within the next
few weeks."
This was the statement made by Game
Warden Rieff today, who for two years
served also as Fire Warden In this
Under the recent net of the Legislature
the nppolntment of these wardens Is taken
out of the hands of the County Commis
sioners and delegated to a State Warden,
whose duty It Is to divide the state Into
districts and assign Deputy Wardens to
Chcimiiijr Case Is Settled.
BOISE. Idaho. July S. (Special.) The
Supreme Court today affirmed the order
of the District Court for Shoshone County
denying the application of the Chemung
Mining Company for a receiver to take
over the Judgment of some $40O.C0O secured
by Kennedy J. Hanley against the Empire
State of Idaho Company In the suit over
an eighth Interest In the Skookurn claim.
In deciding this point the court is
thought to have practically disposed of
the entire case brought by the Chemung
Company against Hanley to have the lat
ter declared trustee for the company of
the one-eighth Interest In the Skookum
To make man better, make
trade better. To make trade
better, make goods better.
Schilling's Best:
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want every man afflicted with the
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quickly and permanently. Our counsel
will cost nothing, and we will do by you
as we would wls'a you to do by us If
our cases were reversed. Write for our
home treatment If you cannot call.
Roc mj 8 aad 7 Wlacbester Hesse. 3d aad
itabIkBea 1375.
Special Sale
In the Boys' Department.
A few of the many bargains in the things the boys
are in need of at this time. This sale will appeal to
economical folks with boys to clothe.
Boys' Knee Pants, ages 3 to 16 years, regular 50c
values, this sale 20c.
Boys' Waists? plain and fancy patterns, 5 to 10,
regular 50c values, this sale 20c.
Boys' Underwear, regular 35c and 50c values,
this sale, the garment 25c.
Boys' Sweaters in all the colors of the rainbow,
great values at 75c and $1.00.
Children's Straw Sailor Hats, great values at
25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
Boys' Straw Sailor Hats, 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.
Boys' Tarns in tan, plain white and crash, regular
75c and $1.00 values, this sale 50c.
Boys' Washable Suits
fancy patterns; in sailor
the following prices
j35 reduced to $1.00
reduced to $1.35
Sam'l Rosenblatt & Co.
over which the long litigation 'occurred.
The court held that the Chemung Com
pany sold the Empire State of Idaho Com
pany all Its property, and was therefore
in no position to maintain this case.
Cadets Arrive at Eugene.
EUGENE. Or., July 8. (Special.) The
Congregational Cadet Corps, of Eureka.
Cal.. arrived here and pitched camp
shortly before noon today. The corps
consists of 60 young men. who have been
marching after the style of a military
company from Eureka, and are on their
way to Portland to visit the Lewis and
Clark Exposition. They have a regularly
organized system and Are enjoying their
trip very much, marching by easy stages
and giving entertainments In the towns
to raise funds to defray their expenses.
At theVate they are marching- they will
be In Portland about the last of this
Increase at Western State Asylum.
OLYMPIA. Wash.. July 8. (Special.)
The monthly report for the Western
Washington Hospital for the Insane
showB an Increase of 16 over the pre
ceding month and an increase of 82
patients since last September.
The number of patients received dur
ing tho month was 32; discharged. 21;
paroled. 7; returned from probation. 3.
ana thoroughly restored to vigorous neaun.
WORIUED MEN". Have you VARICOCELE, HYDROCELE ? Under our method we
cure without surgery.
VITAL DECLINE, commonly called lost manhood. Is a sure sign of vital decay and
weakness. Master the weakness now. Don't let false modesty
ruin your health. Come to us at once and be quickly cured.
SYriHLIS Is quickly and safely cured with a thoroughness unknown to other meth
ods. No mineral poisons used.
POISONED MEN In the first, accond or third stage are purified and made clean in
blood, tissue and bone promptly and permanently. Cure guaranteed.
PILES AND RECTAL ULCERS are painlessly cured to stay cured without surgery
or Interference with occupation. Our positive guaran-
tee In every case.
GONORRHOEA AND GLEET quickly and permanently cured without stricture
and other complications attendant or following.
STRICTURED MEN. A positive, permanent curs by our sate, painless method.
-without the knife or the nllghtest Inconvenience or loss of time.
8ELF-RUTNED MEN are saved from the terrible consequences of Ignorance and
fully restored to bright, vigorous manhood. Every case guar
Of See Hearst 8 'A. 31. to 8 P. M.j Sundays ltt to 12 oaty.
St. Louis S.rd Dispensary
Cer. Second aad Yamhill Streets, Portland, Or.
DaadroT 1 a cvartaxiess Hiee. caaeed by a microbe.
mnciiE m wi it
T&a mere mention of "hair remedr" throws
sotae sen Into a fit of unreasonable Incre
dulity. It Is true that befora the znlerobio
origin of baJdnea was discovered zaoit
hair remedies wera worthless, but not many
tni SttTM, J1.M. ShI Ik., ttaps, ti BEHPKliE CO.. Dtp!. H.t Kttn, kh.. far i $w.
The Or!lMl Remedy That " Kills the Dandraff Germ."
AapIlcattwB at Pramlaeat Barber Shops.
in all the latest plain and
and Russian effects, at
Iqq reduced to $1.50
reduced to $2.00
making' an average attendance of 8S1.
The expenditures were $10,248.
To Buy Warships lor Norway.
BELLINGHAM. Wash.. July 8. A mass
meeting of Norwegians In this city last
night resolved. In case of hostilities be
tween Sweden and Norway, to inaugurate
subscriptions, which they hope will be In
creased by their countrymen In America
until sufficient for tho purchase of two
modern battleships for presentation to the
Government of Norway.
Disciplinarian Is at Puyallup. -
CHEMAWA. Or., July 8.-(Speclal.)-The
pupils of the school here were glai,
to greet David B. Brewer upon his
return to the school today to assume the
duties of disciplinarian. Mr. Brewer Is a
Puyallup Indian and one of the first pu
pils of Chemawa. He graduated here In
1883 and has been employed nearly con
tinuously since.
Defeated by Second Team.
CHEMAWA. Or.. July S. (Special.)
The St. Paul baseball team was defeated
here today by the second Chemawa team
by a score of 17 to 9. The 'Chemawa
pitcher struck out 11 men, while the St.
Paul twlrler struck eight of the Che
m a wan a
Diseases That Wreck
Men's Lives Cured Promptly
and Permanently
FRAIL MEN". We give you new life and vigor "We build you
up and make you ttrong- with a. strength that
MEN PAST 40, who find their vital powers waning, quickly
till lUt IT
190 ute m iiirmiE
of them were designedly so. Chronic bald
ness Is incurable, but Its forerunner
dandruff, ttohtnr scalp and falling hair
can be cured by stopping th mlcrobta
grqsrth with Newbro'a Merplolde. It pre
vents reinfection. Money back If unsatis
factory. Delightful hair dressing. Stops
Itching- of scalp Instantly.