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Chicago Unionists Again At
tack Strikebreakers.
Union Teamster" Cuts Ncrro's Head
"Willi Ax Negotiations for Set
tlement Are' Off Drlscoll
Denies Shea's Charge.
CHICAGO, June 10. This evening while
Frederick Jones, a colored teamster, was
unloading some lumber at an uncomplet
ed building at "West Eighteenth and San
gamon streets, a mob numbering 1000 men,
women and children gathered around him
and commenced to throw stones and
other missiles. Policemen Benson and
Schempser, who were guarding tho wagon,
drew clubs and attempted to drive back
the mob, but with little effect, both offi
cers being struck several times with
"While the trouble was at Its height
John HInce, a union teamster, made his
way through the crowd, and coming on
Jones while he was stooping to throw off
some lumber, struck him on the head with
an axe, cutting a gash in his scalp three
Inches long. Hince struck a second time,
taking off several fingers of Jones' left
hand, which he raised to protect himself.
Hince then attempted to escape, and Of
ficer Benson, who started In pursuit, was
hampered greatly by the crowd, which
tried to shield Hince. Hince was cap
tured by tho officer after a chase of two
squares. The wound of Jones is not seri
ous. Samuel Rolston was shot and killed to
night by Frank Austin, a new colored
policeman, who was guarding a wagon
owned by Rothschild & Co. The wagon
was passing tho corner of Forty-third
and State streets when a crowd of men
shouted at it No violence was offered,
but. according to the statements of wit
nesses, the colored policeman became ex
cited and. drawing his revolver, fired
directly Into the crowd of men. The bul
let struck a silver coin in Rolston's vest
pocket and, being deflected, passed
through his abdomen, killing him instant
ly. The policeman was arrested.
Parties to Strike Suspend Negotia
tions Drlscoll Denies Charge.
CHICAGO, Juno 10. No proposals for
peace came from either side of the team
sters strike today and, for the present
at least, the contest has settled down to
a matter of endurance. John V- Far
well, Jr., in whose bands the employers
have placed their case as far as peace
negotiations are concerned, said this aft
ernoon that no overtures would be made
to the teamsters at any time hereafter.
The employers are willing, he said, to
meet the men at any time, but no more
propositions will be made to them. Both
Mca seem inclined now to await the out
come of the meeting of the Chicago Team
owners' Association Monday, when it is
to bo decided whether that organization
will cast Its lot with the Employers' As
sociation and throw down tho gauntlet
to the teamsters.
The Teamsters' Joint Council held a
short meeting today, at which terms of
settlement were to be considered, but
nothing was done.
Drlscoll Says Shea Lied.
John C. Driscoll, ex-secretary of the
Teamowners Association, who has been
anxiously sought in connection with the
suits brought against President Shea, of
the Teamsters' Union, by George R.
Thornc, for criminal libel, returned to the
city today. Mr. Shea declared that he
was offered 510,000 by Mr. Thorno through
Mr. Drlscoll to call a strike on tho house
of Sears, Roebuck & Co. Mr. Drlscoll
denied positively today that he had any
knowledge of the matter. He will appear
beforo the grand Jury on Monday.
Secretary Sincere, or tho Employers'
Association, declared today that, as far
as doing business is concerned, the strike
Is practically over. The employers have
300 teams in service, and claim to be
doing almost a normal amount of traffic.
Rioting today was for the most part
of a minor character and confined to out
lying districts. One policeman and three
members of the crowds that attacked
nonunion wagons were seriously hurt.
Strike Hampers Building.
Contractors, however, are seriously an
noyed by a series of petty "walkouts"
by bricklayers in many parts of the city,
where lumber from firms whose drivers
e truck is being delivered under police pro
tection. They do not, however, call them
selves strikers. The headquarters of
their union receive no official reports, no
strike benefit has to be provided, the men
simply pass on to another Job, where, it
a police-guarded load arrives, the same
performance is repeated. Unusual condi
tions are said to bo maintained in the
building trades, with a result that tho
demand for stonemasons and bricklayers
exceeds the supply. Wherever the latter
lay down their tools and quit, a Job awaits
them elsewhere. But contractors arc kept
In a tanglo of uncertainty In changing
help and much construction work is de
layed. Garment-Workers Split.
Aroused by bitter speeches attacking
the policy of paying one day's pay each
week for tho support of striking clothlng
t utters and garment-workers, made at a
meeting of the Clothlngcutters Union.
Local No. 12, 200 members of the local
have held a. "rump" meeting after" the
regular session had adjourned and de
clared, off the strike that has been in ex
istence since last October. The strike
affects GOO cutters and 3000 gannentwork
ers. and tho leaders of the "rump" meet
ing insist that the struggle has been lost.
It was sympathy for the idle men. that
precipitated tho teamsters' strike.
The Council finance committee has voted
to pay the special policemen on strike
duty $2.50 a day, instead of the 52 usually
paid to new policemen, The 1400 addi
tional policemen cost 53500 a day.
Mac! lino Manufacturers Combine.
NEW YORK. June 10. A consolidation
of the IngersoU-Sergeant Company and
the Rand Drill Company been made
through the Incorporation of the Inger-foll-Rand
Companay, under the laws of
New Jersey. The new company will have
a capital stock of 510.000,000 and will man
ufacture alr-comprcssors, mining and car
rying machinery and pneumatic tubca. as
well as drills.
The French government has called homo
M. Beau. Governor of French Indo-China,
to confer on plans for the defense of
the colony.
The French Appellate Court has re
duced from three years to one year's Im
prisonment the sentences imposed on
Masse and Moranne. the two men ac
cused of giving false testimony in the
Fair will case.
Affidavits have been filed in the Caleb
Powers case in the Federal Court at
Kaysvjlle, Ky from ex-Governor TV. S.
Taylor, ex-Postmaster-General Emory
Smith, ex-Attorney-General John W.
Griggs and Secretary Cortelyou, showing
that Taylor was recognized as Governor
of Kentucky by the National Administra
tion. The affidavit was filed to show that
Governor Taylor's pardon to Powers was
Fire in the New York & Brooklyn Casket
Company's factory at Brooklyn, N. Y..
destroyed six adjoining buildings, includ
ing M. Voegel & Bros.' tin factory, and
made 90 families homeless. The loss was
about 5300,000.
The Rock Island Railroad has been cut
into general divisions, each under a gen
eral manager. F. O. Melcher will have
charge of the northern division, with
headquarters in Chicago, and D. E. Cam.
of the southwestern division, with head
quarters at Topeka, Kan.
Mabel Gales, aged 18 years, and George
Job, Jr.. were found dying from the
effects of strychnine poisoning in Rose
dale, Kan., at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon,
and both died before medical aid could
be administered. They both protested
when effort was made to save them, and
It is supposed that they had agreed to
commit suicide. They had been sweet
hearts for several months.
Dominican Congress Puts New Face
on Improvement Company Award.
SANTO DOMINGO. Republic of Santo
Domingo, June 10. Congress has decided
that the protocol of January 3L 2503, and
tho arbitral award thereunder In the case
of the Improvement company, the aild
protocol having been signed by the Do
minican Minister for Foreign Affairs and
the American Minister, lsxfor the Domin
ican government only "a project" for a
contract: The award pronounced is not
within the terms fixed by the protocol.
The nation cannot be forced to pay
amounts which it probably does not owe
unless after an adjustment of accounts,'
according to the vote of Congress of Sep
tember 30, 1501, of which the Improvement
company was notified October 10 of the
same year.
Congress is of the opinion that all mon
eys delivered by the Dominican govern
ment to the American Government by
virtue of the protocol and the award
must be considered as a deposit in the
hands of the American Government until
a settlement of tho accounts, after which
tho money either shall be delivered to
the company of returned to the Domini
can government; that the government
bonds in the hands of the improvement
company shall be immediately attached
to serve as a guarantee in case that
company is found to be a debtor. The
government is to give notice of this res
olution to the American Government and
the improvement company.
Gunners of the Kentucky Show How
to Win. Battles.
NEW YORK. June 10. All records for
shooting with five-Inch guns were broken
by four gunners of the first-class battle
ship Kentucky on the northern drilling
grounds, SO miles outside Sandy Hook,
last Thursday. One gunner with 14 shots
a minute hit the target 13 times. The
second gunner fired 13 times a minute and
hit the target each time.' Two other men
had each 12 hits out of 13 shots a minute.
The range was 100) yards and the target
was 21 feet by 17 feet, consisting of a
painted muslin screen floated on a raft.
Rear-Admiral Evans, who was-in com
mand of the squadron, said:
"If the squadron had been firing at
an enemy, there would have been no en
emy In half an hour."
Rear-Admiral Evans said that the
squadron also established a new wireless
telegraph record for warships. Ho said
that while at Newport News the Ken
tucky communicated with the cruiser
Maryland off Cape Cod. Mass.. 500 miles
away. An SO-word message was received
without a break.
Had Families in Boston and Milwau
kee at Same Time.
MILWAUKEE, June 10. The Journal
today prints a story of the double life of
Peter H. Deacon, who died in Chicago on
April 13 last. According to the story as
told by John Keating, Deacon's son-in-law.
Deacon lived n jonMa iif tnv "V
years, having at the same time families
in bomervme, Mass., a suburb of Bos
ton, and In Milwaukee. Deacon was a
leading member of the St. James Episco
pal Church.
The Btory of ,the double life leaked out
during the adjustment of life-insurance
policies. According to Keating'a story.
Deacon represented to his Somervllle
(Mass.) wife that he was a traveling man
and that his business kept him in the
West most Of th tlmf Hl visit- tn ,
Eastern homo were limited to about two
each year. For a long time Deacon sup
ported his Somervllle wife and seven chil
dren, but of late his contributions have
ceased altogether.
Mrs. Deacon No. 1 is a years old, and
Mrs. Deacon No. 2, the Milwaukee wife,
about 20 years younger. Deacon at the
time of his death was 59 years old.
LargeSt Floating Dock in World to
Be Placed at Carlto.
BALTIMORE. Jnn 30 Th an,-
ment drydock recently built by the Mary-
uuu .sirci tonpaoy at sparrows Point.
Which Will be tOWd to Mnnlta
cesafully floated today. Miss Endlcott,
daughter of Rear-Admiral Endlcott, chris-
uwi uie new vessel uewey.
The Dewey is the largest floating dock
in the world. It will lift 23. 00 tons and
COSt S1.12S.O00. Its ConRtnirtlnn hhuM
00 men constantly at work. It is fitted
with Quarters for offlrf nn
iciepnones ana venuiaung systems. Iti
Minister Arrested for Drunkenness.
MARION. O. J tin 10. T?.i- n tt
Townsend, of New York, who has been
talking in local churches in behalf of
the National Prisoners' Aid Society,
was arrested last night for drunken
ness. The Marlon Ministerial a :.- I .
tion mot at the city prison today and
oeciaeu ne was insane as tne result of
injuries receiver on the vn.i iv
in Chicago five rears aco. 17 In tri. vtii
be notified at Denver and he will be
taken berore the Probate Court on a
lunacy warrant.
Called Back From Pursuit.
LONDON, June 10. The Tokio corre
BDondent of the Dailv Tlrn&a w ir
nome of the Japanese torpedoboat-de-
stroyers wnicn were onaslng the Rus
sian cruiser IzumruJ ver m-.!r..i
back, the Japanese allowing the ship
10 escape.
J-l- lim. -I 1C T? t Via . ..
era Railway will sell excursion tickets
to St. Paul. Minneapolis. Duluth. mm.
waukee. Chicago. St. Louis. Omaha. Kan
sas Vrik). muiujits, cu. nis oi one
first-class fare plus 510 for round trip.
Tickets allow stopovers going and return
ing, good for three months.
For full information call on or address
H. Dickson. C. P. & T. Great North
ern .Kan way. izs xmra street. Portland.
Morton Says He Will Protect
Equitable Policy-Holders.
Ex-President Grorcr Cleveland, Geo.
Westinghouse and Justice Mor
gan J. O'Brien Form New
Board of Trustees.
NEW YORK, Juno 10. The installation
of Paul Morton, Secretary of the Navy,
as head of the Equitable Life Assurance
Society, was auspiciously attended today
by the prompt acceptances, as members
of the new board of trustees of the Hyde
estate stock, of ex-PresJdent G rover
Cleveland and George Westlnrhouse. Jus
tice Morgan J. O'Brien, the third mem
ber of the board, having already accepted.
Mr. Morton also received assurances of
full approval of his selection as chairman
t the board of directors from Aiimit
Belmont and Brayton Ives. The latter of
wnom. alter resigning from the board,
wrote to Mr. Morton to explain his action
and tender the assurance of his best
wishes for his success.
Mr. Morton has not yet acted upon the
resignations handed him of President
Alexander. Vice-President. T?vd WHcnn
and Tar bell, it Is possible that James
Haxen Hyde will remain as a director, but
me retirement from all official connection
of the society of Alexander and Tarbell
Is expected.
Tarbell's Friends Protest.
Friends of Mr. Tarbell are advancing
tho argument that general agents of
the company to the number of 73 r
cent will leave the company If Tarbell re
tires, xms argument is carrying little
weight and is denied by those who' are
unfriendly to the vice-president.
In accepting the trusteeship over Hyde'B
stock, which has been secured by the
syndicate headed by Thomas F. Ryan,
ex-President Cleveland said it was his
duty to accept the trust. Following Mr.
Cleveland's declaration of acceptance, Mr.
Ryan telegraphed him as follows:
"Pray accept my hearty thanks for
ypur acceptance of the trusteeship of the
stock of the Equitable Society and for
active co-operation in the work to be
done by shareholders, trustees and di
rectors In protecting the interests of
policyholders and all concerned."
Mr. Morton will call a meeting of di
rectors Wednesday and at that time some
of the directors who have resigned will
be asked to reconsider their action. These
will include Cornelius N. Bliss. Robert
T. Lincoln and T. Jefferson Coolidge, as
well as a number of New York men
whoso resignations have already been of
fered. George Westingbouse today de
clared that the offer to act as a trustee
of the majority stock was an agreeable
surprise and that he had heartily ac
cepted. Morton Speaks.
The new chairman spent the greater
part of the day in conferences with Presi
dent Alexander and other officials of the
society. He will not enter on the active
discharge of his new duties until after
his resignation as Secretary of the Navy
on July L
Mr. Morton said today that in his plans
for the reorganisation of the society he
intends to consider first of all the In
terests of the policyholders.
"You can say for me." said Mr. Mor
ton, "that my watchword in my connec
tion with the Equitable Life Assurance
Society will bo for the best Interests of
the policyholders. I do not propose to
reflect in any way on the former man
agement. I simply take matters as I
find them, and shall give all my efforts to
carry on the society in the proper way.
The Interests of the policyholders are the
greatest interests, and It would seem to
me that no oollev leaving thi tart mr
of consideration can succeed."
Grorer Cleveland Interviewed.
Mr. Cleveland in discussing Equitable
affairs, said:
"I deem it my duty to do what little
lies in my power to bring about im
proved conditions in the affairs of this
"This has grown beyond the Equit
able as a company. Life insurance is a
National affair, in which the interests
of a great number of our people are in
volved. Therefore, in this case. I feel
that a public duty lies upon me.
"The other gentlemen who havo been
named as trustees of tho stock have
the confidence of the people. They are
most estimable men. I would not think
of participating in the business wero
It not for the high character and' the
great ability of the management.
"I do not know how much power we
shall have as trustees but I shall en
deavor to the best of my iblllty to
bring about an improved condition of
affairs In the interests of the people. It
is a duty I feel Incumbent upon me
for the public good.
"This matter is entirely new to me.
I have not had time to enter Into any
details, therefore I can say nutalng
, Marriage Licea.
Hiram S. Brasaeld. Si; In Albright. SL
Hugh O. RcsseU. 26. Oregon City; Rosa
Goodreau. 21. "
Caspar p. Caexer, 22; Anna. McLeed. 1.
Real Estate Transfers,
a Smith anJ wire te 1'. M. Drkum.
420 acres. Sec. S3, 36, T. 1. S.. R.
2 b. j r
L Rodney et at le D. C Peltoa. let
0. T. S. Mock 170. druthers Ada... 2.300
Portland Trurt Co. to tame. lots 7,
8, block 109. same 7,300
C. FlrckcnsCrln and husband to K. A.
Xalr. parcel land beginning at Inter
section of east ld Use r Wj&lnc
ton with west aide Una of Cbasaaa IS 000
B. P. Allen to J. Denser, lot 12. block
10S. Sellwcod l
J. D. Simon et at. to J. Asderaoa. let
8. block Ci. Vernon 175
J. A. Thayer and wlfo to C. I H
man, 17.31 acres C. WIH D. L. C.
T. 1 S.. R. 2E. "500
M. J. Pollock to T. S. McDanleU let
2. block "C." Cfaerrrdxle 1,250
J. Epperty and wife to TV. D. Smith,
lot 1. block -3. Colombia UelcbU 200
Columbia, neal Estate Co. to E. II.
Bush, east 20 feet lot 17-20 Inclusire. -Mock
24. Penlncslar Xa 2 35
3. W, Brandt and wire to S- C. Priest
ly, lot S. block 10. FexchaM Adit;
lot 18, block "B." Shelby' subdi
vision block 23. Sooth Portland 1
H. G. Holmes to Commercial Trust
Ox. part lota S. 4. block 251. city- 80.000
B. SelHnr and wife to J. X. Hayem
en. lots IS. 17. block 2. Laurtlwood
Park 133
McLean Is Twenty-Mile Champion.
'REVERE. Mass.. June" 10. Hugh Mc
Lean, of Chelsea, won a 30-mile motor
paced race and the title at champion of
the world at the Revere cycle track to
night, defeating Bobby "Walthour. of At
lanta. Go and establishing a new rec
ord for the track. 2S minutes. 50 seconds.
"bellow" Dorsey Dies in Arlaoma.
SAN FRANCISCO. CaL. June 10. Spe
daL) TV. H. Dorsey, known on every
racetrack in the country as "Yellow." -died
yesterday morning at Phoenix, Ari. Dor
sey flrrt cams to California, es valet for
Georre Miller, who was thn r-rnrV tu-v
ct the Bay District track In the early 'Ma.
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Metal Perfume Atomizer
Only kind that Is safe for traveling
Can't leak In your trunk -
Cut glass 32.00
Imitation 9L25
Druggists' Sundries
4th and Washington
In recent years Dorsey has occupied minor
positions with the California Jockey Club.
He was In very poor health for a couplo of
years and about three months ago Tom
Williams sent Dorsey to Arizona, paying
all his expenses, in the expectation of cur
ing him. He died of consumption and
leaves a widow la this city.
Edward and His Family Give Span
ish Klnc Senl-Off.
LONDON. June 10. King Alfonso left
London for Spain this morning. He ap
parently thoroughly enjoyed his visit and
the character of the farewells testified to
the cordiality of the feelings of the Brit
ish people.
King Edward, the Prince of wales and
the Duke of Connaught accompanied the
Spanish King to the railroad station,
where he met tho Spanish 'Ambassador.
Senor Polo de Bernabe, the rest of tho
Spanish Embassy. Foreign Secretary
Lansdowne and others. King Edward en
tered the royal car with his guest and
engaged in a few minutes' conversation
with him. As the train moved out of the
station. King Alfonso stood at a window
waving farewells to the members of tho
British royal family, who stood barehead
ed until King Alfonso had disappeared
from their sight.
may die. Most of the others were only
slightly hurt. The road was running an
unusually large number of cars on account
of the Tale-Princeton ball game. The col
lision is said to have been due to one of
the cars running past a red light.
Demurrer to Kansas Suit to Oust It
Is Overruled.
TOPEKA. Kan., June 10. In the case of
the State of Kansas vs. the Standard Oil
Company, the state won the first point In
tho Supreme Court today. This is the
case In which' the state is trying to oust
the Standard from doing business in the
state, on the ground that it is a trust.
The charges are of a general nature,
while the Standard asked that they bo
made snore definite and that tho places
and dates where the Standard "had con
spired; be given. The answer of the state
was that the information tho Standard de
sires is the peculiar possession of the
defendant company, and the state does
not have to set It forth In detail. Tho
court overruled the Standard's contention.
Escape Death by Fire.
NEW TORK. June 10. Firs that
started In ths basement of H. A. Rob
erts "& Co-'s dry goods store at Rock-
away avenue and Broadway. Brooklyn.
completely destroying the structure,
entailed a loss estimated at 5100,000.
The employes In the building all escaped.
TreUcr -CoUtokMt la Jersey.
TRENTON. N. J.. Jaaa 11 la a head-on
cellist, oa tho Treats. Lawresceville Jb
PrteeeCsn trolley-11 & tMs eresiRg at Lw
reacvil). K ersoa were Injured. One
et the iBjored, Laac ImuMoa. f lais city,.
Taft Takes Evidence About Money
Paid by Asphalt Company.
WASHINGTON, June 10. The In
quiry concerning Assistant Secretary
Loo ml 3 and Minister Bowen was con
tinued today before Secretary Taft.
Henry Tnwln. of New Tork, formerly
connectedwlth the asphalt company,
was a witness, and several newspaper
men wero called by Mr. Bowen and
questioned as to the ethics . of their
profession regarding communications
and confidences from public men.
Mr. Unwln was aked concerning the
alleged check which has figured In the
controversy. He remembered such a.
check, but did not know of his own
knowledge for whom It was Intended.
He was able, however, to give Mr. Taft
tho names of certain officials connected
with tho asphalt company, whom Mr.
Taft has summoned. These are Messrs.
Atkinson. Huntington and Cartland.
In addition. Mr. Taft also has sent a
representative to Philadelphia to In
terview John Mack, of the asphalt
company, who has promised to produce
tho bank-book of the company, and,
if possible, the check said to have been
It is not expected that any further
proceedings will be taken In the mat
ter during the coming week. Mr. Taft
will leave; Monday morning to attend
the graduation ceremonies at West
Point, and will go from there to New
Tork to attend the dinner given to'
Joseph H. Cnoate on Tuesday evening.
Ho will then go to Ohio, where he will
be during tho remainder of the week.
It Is not thought necessary to com
ply with Mr. Bowen's request for an
investigation In Venezuela. A cable
Jng about certlin alleged facts and tho
repiy wm De sumcient ior purposes of
the Investigation.
Irving Coaxing to America.
LONDON. June 1L There was unprece
dented enthusiasm last night at the con
cluding performance of Sir Henry Irvings
London season of the Drury Lane Theater,
la a speech the veteran actor stated that
he would make a three" months' visit to
America, starting In January.
Tn America," he added, in conclusion.
T ever receive a, most bountiful welcome."
Wm. H. Rogers, Newspaper MaH.
NEW TORK. June 10. Wllltasa H.
Rogers, for 14 years a neatber of ths
editorial staJC of the Warld, is dac
frora acute pasuasoaia. He was Bora
in Jan a villa, "Wl, la IMS. aad was
rraduated from BloIt- TJpoa vir
COllc r lM dfHt J4 the MW8ftK
field at St. Paul and Minneapolis, sub
sequently becoming night editor, of the
Chicago Tribune. In 1891 he came to
this city.
Tho Portland R. P. XcAusland, A. N.
Phillips. Seattle: J. E. Lohmna and trite.
Montana; J. E. Ranaome. Utlca; F. W. Hall.
Chlcaco; J. I. Glantjerff. B. Well. R. W.
Hoffman. Xew Tork; F. B. Magan. F. J.
Qulnn, Chicago; A. D. Rummell. San Fran
cisco; J. "W. Fordney, J. B. Egrerer, Sag
inaw; H. Wo Iff. San Franclaco; Mrs. T. T.
Bird. Bostcn; Miss C. B. Parker, Mew Tork;
A. Bldwell. E. Hal!. Freeport, 111.; H. C
Godfrey and wife. VaJleJo. CaX; R. Unden
herger and wife. Astoria; E. Kuchle.
vllle; G. A. McLellan. trite and son. Indian
apolis; Mrs. E. V. Roberts. Dr. and Mrs. II.
Stoever. E. B. PIckel. Pasadena. Cal.; J. A.
Teck and wife. South Bend. Ind.; J. V.
Benness. Baker City; J. D. Mulrerhlll. New
Tork; S, G. White. Chicago; H. Harlan, city;
W. U. Eccles and wife. Hood River; J. Mun
roe and wife. Nelson. B. C; M. E. Dlas, New
Tork; N. S. "Wilson and wife. Mrs. J. B.
Crockm. Mrs. W. S. Martin. H. a Scott, N.
S. Lata. San Francisco; G. W. Whltson and
wife, Chicago; G. W. Greenbaum. New Tork;
Jilts L. Greenbaum. Seattle: R. H. Wilbur,
Waukesha; J. Kelfer and wife. Moore; A. TV.
Jackson. San Francisco; L. J. Burd and wire,
Vancouver: W. E. Wade. Utlca. N. Y. ; J. A.
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ardson. Walla Walla; J. I. Blackstock and
wife. Ventura. CaL; J. Graham and wife.
NevlU. Pa.; M. Levin. Near Tork; Mrs. F.
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and wife, J. Barley. Tacoma; H. Cutnbert.
Victoria. v
The Perkias J. H. Carpenter. L. R. Car
penter. Los Angeles; M. S. Woodcock, Cor
vallts. Or.; J. C Bills and wife. William Bills
and wife. William C Wensch. McMlnnvllle.
Or.; Mrs. M. E Burg. Mary Burr, J. J. May.
South Pasadena; W. J. Wright. Eoreka. Cat;
C C Parker, Albany. Or.; F. B. Leach.
Seattle; Florence Martin. Chicago; R. Butler.
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E. C Goodman and wife. The Dalles. Or.;
E. C. Goodman. Grant's Pass; W. A. Combs.
A. J. McSpoaett. Mrs. M. Shipley and daugh
ter. Elmo. Wash.; A. F. Hamraersley and
wife. Pennsylvania; J. P. Roberts. Laurence
Roberts. M. O. Roberts. Medford. Or.; Darld
P. Howell. Salt Lake; G W. Henderson.
1005; John Moras, Kansas City. Mo.; W. L.
Taylor, Spokane: Charles S. Falser. Pitts
burg. Pa.; W. W- Sanford and wife. Spo
kane; A. E. Corbett, L. C Corbett. Hunts
vlUe; Mrs. C B. Richardson, Walla Walla;
H N. Naaghton and wife, Los Angeles; Will
last Walker and wife, San Francisco; D. B.
Allen and wife. Astoria; A. O. Thorne and
wife. Montreal: E. A. Baalssurr. Pendleton;
G. H. Crandall and wife. Lena Crandoll.
Qulnn. Or.: Thomas Meseaer and wife. Eagle
Cliff; W. II. Carrlgan. Clatskanie: W. L.
Tyler. Harrlsburg. Or.; Lena May hill. Poca
tello. Idaho; W. M. Chamberlain. II. G.
Chamberlain. Goldendale. "Wash.: J. B. Back
hora. Alec Hawley. Goldendale. Wash.: II. L.
KuhL Canyon City. Or.; Mrs. M. M. Warner
and daughter. Goldendale; P. S. Dykeman.
Castle Rock; G. S. W. Lllley. Lena K Stall e,
San Francisco; H. D. Kelly, Salem; Phil A.
Kohn and wife. Miss Bay Greenwell. Ogden.
Utah; L. C Adams and wife. Kanaa City;
J. M. Wilder. Los Asgelea.
The Imperial W. W. Stelwer. L. L.
Stelwer. Miss Mary Stelwer. Miss Maud
Hoorer. T. B". Hoover, Fossil; Mrs. C I.
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Miss Robertson. Pendleton; W. T. Scbonold.
G. M. McBrlde. Astoria; C. G. Prler, Chi
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cisco; Fred W. Wilson and wife. Mrs. F. A
Oran. Hood River: Mazy Scott Myers. The
Dalles; Mrs. A. W. Gowan. Mlas Mabel
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an. Mt. Home; Mrs- G. W. Dart. John Darf
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E. Sowne. SUtervlIle: Mrs. Sam Motherhead
sad daughter. Mis Can Swats, Sum; K.
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wife. "Walla Walla; A. C Shute. Hlllsboro;
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Tho St. CharlesMrs. Harraan. Caldwell.
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Barnum and wife. Salem': George Lewis and
wife. Taqulna City; L. M. Powell and wife.
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E. Pendleton. Hubbard; J. Corlsy. B. F.
Coe. city; A. 3. Graham and wife. J. Eddy,
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wife. C. E. Olson; Mrs. N. E. Moffltt. Clacka
mas; J. R. Guthrie and wife. Miss Guthrie.
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A. E. Adklns. Metropolis. I1L; M. L. Walker.
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Henley. Sacramento, CaL; George B. Clark.
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Ind.; X. F. Lewis. R. Carlxle, C. II. Wolfe.
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Fox; J. C Fox and wife. R. H. Benkcr. Se
attle; D. McKellar and wife. New Tork;
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S. GUlam. city: M, H. Westervelt. St. Paul;
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attle; Ecgene Henley, Tacoma; E- J. Toung.
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wife. Hannibal. Mo.: A. G. North and "wife,
Pontlae, Mich.; Charles I. Roth. Belllngham;
Mrs. E. T. Atwell. C R. Welch and wife.
Fort Collins. Colo.
Taeesaa MeteL Tacema.
American plan. Rates, $3 and hb.
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