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Monarch's of Europe Scared
at Prospect of Another
Aristocracy May Precipitate War
Against Popular Will Norway
Does "Sot Expect War, but t
Is Prepared for Worst.
BERLIN, June 1L A sensation has been
created here by the publication in the
Volks Zeltung. which is reactionary in
its policy, of a declaration that the great
powers of Europe have practically com
bined to -coerce Norway to withdraw her
declaration of Independence and again
submit to Sweden. The newspaper de
clares that Emperor Wlllaim has caused ,
France, Italy, Austria and Spain to be I
oounded and has received assurance that I
they Xavor concerted action In opposition j
to any Norwegian' republic.
It Is declared that the precedent on
the part of Norway- is likely to be fol- I
lowed In other cases and Imperils taej
monarchies of Europe. There con
firmation of this report from any other
source. .
Court Clique in SvedenvTalks of Of
fended National Honor.
LONDON. June 10. Authoritative ad
vices from Sweden cause some fear in
official quarters lest the royal and arlsto
tratle elements have undertaken a pol
icy respecting Norway that may Involve
the two nations In war. It Is declared
that King Oscar's resentment at the
course taken by the group of politicians
in Chrlstlanla la deepening rather than
evaporating. His leading advisers are
Inclined to add fuel to the name?. It Is
asserted that the Crown Prince Is obdu
rate, and that some powerful men in the
Riksdag threaten to take the ground that
the Norwegians have offered unpardon
able insult to Swedish national honor.
The opinion exists here that until the
Swedish Parliament, presumably reflect
ing the sentiments of the Swedish na
tion, opposes Itself firmly to the embit
tered circles about the throne, the co
terie will drive Sweden into a position
highly dangerous to peace.
Norway Accuted of Ignoring Swed
en's Rights by Her Action.
STOCKHOLM. June 10. It Is impossible
to forecast Swedish policy in relation to
the Norwegian rebellion, but signs are
lacking of any willing acquiescence there
in. The King, Crown Prince and many
others, official and unofliclal, are llipa6ed
to regard the acts of Chrlstlanla as those
of a rebellious cotorle of politicians which
cannot be considered as necessarily rep
resenting the will of the Norwoglan peo
ple. However, it Is difficult to see how
an official protest can bo made, since
nothing short of a succef-sful war is like
ly to restore the situation. In all, respon
sible men hesitate to commend Mich a
course. That this hesitation will survive
the heat of a parliamentary' session may
be slightly doubtful. Many observers
crtalnly think it will.
Although the Idea of war la condemned
by the press as the height of folly, the
most dangerous feeling arising from the
i rlnls 1 not based on any souse of loss
to Sweden due to Norway's secession, but
arires from the fact that the Norwe
gians utterly Ignored Swedish rights and
Mueceptlbilities in the matter, wherein
tlKy wo deeply Involved. Of course, the
King's unwillingness to agree to Nor
way's action rests on other conditions
ssWe from an Intensified desire to trans
mit the dynastic heritage undiminished
to his fon.
Tear Sweden 3Iay Adopt Course Dan
gerous to Monarchies.
CHRISTIANIA. June U (12:40 A. M.)
K'ports received here of yesterday's con
ference at Stockholm between the officials
The New Treatment at the X-Radium Medical Institute
PROFESSOR HARPER, of Chicago, and other prominent and lead
ing men of the country, were cured of Cancer and other malignant dis
eases by .Liquid Sunshine.
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PUNY GIRLS AND SICK CHILDREN are given new life and
dew growth.
Aiisky Btdg., Third and
of the soverninent and the Hlksdag arc
taken here as .an Indication' that the
Swedes are -Kltbdranrl&c from their posi
tion. It is recognized here that Sweden
has three courses: First, to declare wan
second, to agree to Norway's proposals;
and third, an intermediate course, not
war, but the refusal to recognize N&r- I
way's Independence and the refusal to ap
point a sovereign.
It is feared that Sweden will take the
last-mentioned step and thereby drive
Norway to the extremity of establishing
a republic, which it is known would not
be welcome to Europe. The Influence of
a republic on the Socialist parties In Den
mark; and Sweden, however. It Is pointed
out, would not be likely to enhance the
stability of monarchies, and for this rea
son "Kins Oscar will not consent to ap
point his grandson, William. King of
Norway. William, who is a year younger
than Gustavus Adolphus, is the Norwe
gian favorite, and It Is thought that the
brothers would rule the sieter countries
The suggestion to submit the case to
The Hague meets with strong .disap
proval. The Norwegians say that they
cannot consent to arbitrate the point of
Independence or national honor.
Frldtjof Nansen Is mentioned as"" the
probable first Minister to London, and Dr.
Hagerup, ex-Premier, as Minister to Ber
lin. Sympathetic telegrams In great numbers
have been received from Norwegian so
cieties in all parts of America.
Organizing Gox'ernnient and Relying:
on American Aid to Republic
CHRISTIANIA, June 10. A remarkable
calm, accompanied by stern determina
tion, pervades Norway. Beyond the dis
play of the new Norwegian flag from the
buildings in Chrlstlanla and portraits of
the provisional governors In the shop
windows, which attract great crowds,
there -are no vslble signs here that Nor
way is in the throes of a revolution. Nor
wegian merchants continue business un
interruptedly. A -director of the National
Bank Informed the Associated Press today
that large interstate deals Involving thou-
payments, are being signed dally, as
usual. The officials here express confi
dence that Sweden finally will accept the
While determination Is evident every
where. Intense anxiety la apparent, and
the members of the Cabinet are extreme,
ly busy in organizing the new government
and providing for eventualities. The lack
of demonstration is deliberate and is In
tended to alleviate the harshness of the
act of separation, and to avoid a show
of offense toward King Oscar or the
Swedes, but every Norwegian apparently
is ready to answer a call to arms should
the situation warrant it.
All the officials are exercising the ut
most reserve. A member of the Cabinet
who was interviewed by the Associated
Press today, but who declined to permit
the use of his name, said that the Nor
wegians never would recede from their
present attitude, which was the result of j
many years of deliberation. It was not
expected, he said, 'that Sweden would de
clare war, but In that event Norway 1
would be prepared. The army has been i
mobilized for annual drills, and the gov-
' eminent has taken precautions to lay In
an adequate stock of military stores at
advantageous points. While the Swedish
army and navy, he continued, are larger
than the Norwegian army and navy, there
is no reason for fear. The Norwegians
never have beon conquered and never
will be.
Regarding the possible danger of Rus
sian and Gorman aggression against the
two countries in their separated state,
the Minister declared that the union was
not strong enough to prevent aggression
by these powers. There is no reason to
suppose that they arc more covetous now
than before the separation. Norway de
pended on England to prevent such en
croachment, ho said, and Norway is per
fectly willing to enter into a defensive
alliance with Sweden and Denmark.
The Minister said that the popular feel
ing of the country favored a republic and
expressed a hope that the United States
would be the first to recognize the new
The Norwegians generally are hopeful
of a peaceful outcome. Foreign Minister
Loveland, whon interviewed today, said:
"We do not expect any difficulty abroad.
I consider arbitration impossible in this
case. Norway's Foreign Office will open
June 15."
A. Bolner, president of the Storthing,
said to the Associated Press:
"Everything soon will be on an ami
cable basis of commerce. - Political co
operation between the three Scandinavian
countries will be undoubtedly exercised
when we are independent."
Norwegians of United States Will
Send It to Roosevelt.
CHICAGO. June 30. (Special.) Chi
cago Norwegians will unite In a petition
to President Roosevelt, asking him to
Morrison StsM Portland Tekphone Main 2796
.-ecognlxe the independence of Norway as
declared by the Storthing. The peUtlon
movement has already been started In
Boston and is well under way in that
place and in St. Paul. The latter cities
are counted on especially for a large
number of signatures.
The action which has been taken in
this city is backed by such prominent
Norwegian residents as H. A. Haugan.
president of the State Bank of Chicago;
Nicolay G revs tad. editor of the Skandl
navlan; F. Herman Gade. Mayor of Lake
Forest, and President Stenzland. of the
Milwaukee-Avenue State Bank. The pe
tition has been placed In accessible places
In the Norwegian districts and by tomor
row everything will be In readiness for
the 20,000 signatures expected. When
questioned in regard to the international
bearing that is expected to result from a
favorable reception of the petition by th
President. Mr. Cade said:
"It Is the expectation that, in the event
of the recognition by President Roose
velt of the Independence of our native
land, the European nations that have re
fused to acknowledge Norway as an in
dependent nation will be influenced by
the action of the United States and will
act in accordance with Its precedent.
There is a special desire on our part to
obtain In some way the good will of Eng
land for Norway in this 'international
crisis. When, under the combined rec
ognition of the two great English-speaking
nations, the launching of the new
ship of state Into the world has been suc
cessfully accomplished, the independence
of Norway is assured."
The petitions distributed" in Chicago
will be collected next Tuesday, bound to
gether and sent to Washington in charge
of a delegation.
Oscar Receives Notice From Norway
That He Is Dethroned.
CHRISTIANIA, June. 10 The address
of the Storthing to the King, announc
ing the dissolution of the union be
tween Norway and Sweden, which the
King had previously refused, to accept,
was handed to him yesterday afternoon
at Stockholm by a representative of
me president ot Storthing.
Mst Not Accept Orders From Nor
wegian Government,
COPENHAGEN, June 10. Count Gyl
fenstolke. the Swedish Minister of
Foreign Affairs, has forbidden all Con
suls who formerly acted for Sweden
and Norway to accept any order from
the Norwegian government not recog
nized by Sweden. All Norwegian em
ployes In the Consular service will
Immediately tender their resignations.
Her Life a Monotonous Round of
Work and Home Life.
NEW YORK. June 10. (Special.)
What purports to be a letter written by
Nan Patterson Is published this after
noon. In it sho states her case and tells
what she has been doing slnco her libera
tion from The Tombs. Here Is part of
the letter:
"In the character of a woman who has
but recently emerged from Imminent
peril of death, and who has now to be
gin the battle of Ufc with the burden of
an indictment for murder still hanging
over her, I ask permission for the urst
and last time to correct certain lying
statements now circulated in various
quarters and to remove from the mind
of the public the entirely erroneous Im
pression as to the general conduct of my
life since my release from prison.
"There is no truth In the story that on
the night of my release during a supper
I gave a certain toast, bearing directly
on the trial In which I was the defend-
ant. The story is a malicious He. one of
the many emanating from my enemies in
the Criminal Courts building. In pursu
ance of the promise mado to my mother.
I have refrained, and shall to the end of
my life, refrain, from the use of wine.
My story, since I stepped out of The
Tombs has been a monotonous record or
work and home life. I returned to the
stage because I must earn my own llv
Society Woman Goes Into Coal Trade
In New York.
NEW YORK. June 10. Mrs. Harry
Toler. wife of the former golf champion
who embraced Christian Science and tried
to reclaim t2.0M.0Co worth of real estate
In the upper part of the city, with the
result that his firm was split and he be
came separated from his pretty young
wife, has gpne Into trade. Mrs. Toler,
who is wldctv known and Is a great so
cial favorite, has established herself as a
retail coaldealer. and all of her friends
have received neat little circulars offering
to fill their cellars with coal for the Win
ter at greatlv reduced prices. She Is fol
lowing an example set by the Marquise
ef Londonderry. Lord Tweedmouth and
the Earl of Dudley, and her friends be
lleve she will get more orders from the
"four hundred" than aay big retailer In
the city.
Three New Destroyers for Japan.
TOKIO. June li. (3:30 P. M.)
Three torpedoboat-destroyers will be
launched at Y'okosuka on Saturday
next. June 17.
Cause of Franco-German Con
test in Morocco.
France Unwilling to Yield Hopes of
North African Empire Germany
Not Contest With Leavings
In Dark Continent.
PARIS, June 1L Prince Radolln. the
German Ambassador to France, met
Premier Rouvier yesterday with a view
to conducting the Moroccan crisis into
more conciliatory channels. The discus
sion waa not entirely official and was
continued in an agreeable spirit when
the Premier and the Ambassador met
again at the reception at the Austrian
Embassy last night.
The government's decision upon the
German note with reference to a confer
ence with the powers will be reserved
until France has had an opportunity to
canvass the sentiment in London. Rome.
Madrid. Washington and other capitals
heretofore considered friendly to the
French view. Meantime. Premier Rouvier
is seeking a direct adjustment with Ger
many without recourse to a conference
of the powers, but the officials recognize
the extreme difficulties of the task, as
the French and German theories re
garding Morocco are at complete vari
ance. France seeks political supremacy and
every Frenchman looks forward to Mo
rocco's becoming ultimately a part of the
French North African Empire. It Is also
the prevailing view In France that Ger
many has Imperial aims In Africa. It is
pointed out that Germany was late In
entering Africa, getting only the sterile
southeast and southwest areas, which are
Insignificant compared with the French
possessions. Algiers. Tunb and Mada
gascar, or England's South Africa and
Egypt. Only Morocco and Abyssinia re
main as possible German fields. There
fore the dlplomatlc'game that Is now go
ing on is viewed as one for future empire
more than commercial rights.
Russia's Defeat Removes Need of
British Battleships in Orient.
LONDON. June 10. The decision of
the government which has . been an
nounced In telegrams frosr Hong Kong
to aend home the - battleships from
China, the British China squadron
henceforth to consist entirely of cruis
ers, is interpreted, as the outcome of
the "destruction of the Russian fleet
and causes much satisfaction, as It
will permit Great Britain to follow the
example of Germany and concentrate
her naval strength to a greater extent
In home waters. This change gives the
Admiralty seven additional battleships
for European waters. The Governor
of Hong Kong, according to dispatches
received, has announced that his proc
lamation against the exportation of
coal will not bo enforced until further
German Action Turns Down Negotia
tions With France.
LONDON, June. 10. The correspon
dent of the Times at Tangier reports
that Germany has notified her accept
ance of the invitation to the proposed
conference on the Morocco situation.
This Is believed to mean that no ne
gotiations for a mutual arrangement
between Berlin and Paris are now pos
sible. ,
Germany Preparing New Treaty.
BERLIN. June 10. The German Gov
ernment's draft of Its views on the pro
posed commercial treaty with the
United States Is in course of prepara
tion for submission to Washington in
July. It Is based upon the reports of
the German Chambers of Commerce
and other commercial authorities.
Memorial to O'Donovan Rossa.
LONDON. June 10. The United Irish
League of Great Britain at its annual
meeting here today under the presidency
of T. P. O'Connor passed a resolution for
a national memorial to O'Donovan Rossa.
Diversified Farming Will Add Great
ly to Population.
GRIDLEY. CaL. June 10.-(Speclal.)
With the opening of the headgates and
the turning on of the water Into the
Butte County canal today, what is prob
ably the most important irrigation enter
prise in Northern California is now in
working order. There were no bitches or
accidents, the river pouring Its water
tlMMViwBi -?BBIaaal
Y'tiaHiiaaHVr ?j!a?Baa1
1 Intft th panal A t ntM ipr rlsJ.
The canal Is It miles long; 30 feet wide
on the bottom ana carries. 35,tt lndbw
of water, equivalent to 5 cubic feet, a
second, and will irrigate 88,99 acres.
What waa formerly an exclusive grata
farming . section Is rapidly belag trans
formed Into a region of diversified farms
and settlers from the East are rapidly
coming In.
First Point Gained in Attempt to
Break WelgBtraaa Will.
PHILADELPHIA, June 10. Judge Ashe
man In the Orphan's Court banded down
a decree ordering that a citation be
awarded compelling Anna Welghtman
Walker to show cause why an appeal
from the decision of the register of wills
admitting to probate the will of William
Welghtman. her father, should not be
sustained and the decision set aside.
This action means that a determined ef
fort Is to be made to break, the will of
William Welghtman. the wealthy manu
facturlng chemist, who died leaving the
bulk of his estate, valued at 560.,XO,
to his only remaining child. Anna Weight-
man Walker. The contest waa Instituted"
by Mrs. Jones-Wlater, whose first hus
band was Dr. William Welghtman. Jr.,
in the interest of Martha Rogers Weight
man, their daughter.
The peUllonflled by Charles E. D'ln-
vuuers as guardian or Jiartna nosers
Welghtman sets forth that on December
15. 1S4. William Welghtman executed a
will giving one-third of his estate to his
daughter. Anna M. Welghtman Walker;
one-third to his eon. Dr. J. F. Weight
man, and one-third to his son. Dr. Wil
liam Welghtman, Jr. It further avers
that after the death of Mr. Welghtman's
two sons he executed a codicil directing
tha this grandchildren should receive the
share of the estate that should have gone
to their deceased parents. The petition
also states that the testator In an add!
Uon codicil directed that one-third of his
estate should go to Mrs. Welghtman Wal
ker, and that the remaining two-thirds
be divided Into eight 'shares to be held
in trust for hta eight grandchildren and
their issue.
Continuing, the .petition states that on
August 1. 1S3S. Mr. Welghtman Is alleged
to have executed another will, devising
his entire estate to Anna Wclzhtxnan
Walker absolutely. Later a codicil waa
added making some provision for the
The petitioner states that he expects to
prove that at the time of the will, dated
August 1. ISSj, Mr. Welghtman was not
of sound mind and that the execution
of the will was procured by undue Infiu
erice on the part of Anna Welghtman
Walker and others.
For a time, the petition further states.
Mr. Welghtman lived with his daughter-in-law.
Mrs. Jones-Wlster, and he urged
her to marry him and she refused. As a
result of a false and malicious represen
tation or as a consequence of his resent
ment because o Mrs. Jones-Wisters re
fusal to marry him. Mr. Welghtman. the
petition states, executed the last wllL
Big- Alligator Wreaks Vengeance on
Impertinent Keeper.
NEW YORK. June 10. (Special.) Big
Em. a 12-foot alligator, tore the trousers
off the head keeper, "Bill" Snyder, In Cen
tral Park Zoo Wednesday and cracked him
on the head with its tatt. The water bad
been let out of the tank in which the score
of alligators bathe and with an Iron-shod
pike Snyder climbed In to clean it.
He prodded The big alligator viciously.
Instantly the tall of the alligator slashed
through the air, striking the legs cf tae
keeper and knocking them from under
him. Snyder was dazed by his fall and al
most helpless, the great ugly head bearing
down toward him and two great Jaws
opening over bis legs.
With a spasmodic movement the keeper
Jerked his legs from the Jaws and man
aged to get to his feet, only to be knocked
down again. Snyder managed a second
time to get out of the way, but the alll
! gator, thoroughly aroused, dashed angrily
' about the tank, the tall slashing and whlp
j ping about with such frightful rapidity
that Snyder was sent to the floor time
after time. The pike was Snapped out of
the keeper's hands, but he kept his nerve
and made a successful leap for the edge
of the tank. As he scrambled out tne
alligator was close behind him. Snyder's
clothing was practically torn from him.
Removes Machine Magistrates and
Has Grafter Arrested.
PHILADELPHIA. June 10. Magis
trates Robert J. Moore and Leslie Yates,
who were a few month ago appointed
committing magistrates at the Central
Station by Mayor Weaver, were today re
moved from those positions by the Mayor.
Magistrate William Rlsenbrown succeeds
Mr. Moore and Magistrate Yates' place
was filled bji Magistrate Kochensperger.
It Is reported that other arrests are to
follow that of John A. Macker, the de
posed storekeeper of the Water Bureau,
who Is charged with defrauding the city,
and it said to be the Mayor's idea to
have the cases heard before Magistrates
not in sympathy -with the Durham or
ganization. A City Hall watchman was discharged
today because of his criminal record. A
fireman was 'also dismissed for Insub
ordination and Intoxication. In addition
a number of firemen and policemen were
fined, and In some cases suspended for
various offenses.
The New Treatment at the X-Radium Medical Institute
FOR OVERWORKED MEN, sufferers from nervous prostration
or people, approaching old age, there is nothing that will benefit them
so surely, so quickly or so permanently as Liquid Sunshine. s
The X-RADIUM MEDICAL INSTITUTE is indorsed, patronized
and the only institute recognized by the medical profession and hospital
clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest for the treatment of Cancer,
Consumption. Stomach, Liver, Blood, Rheumatism; Paralysis, Catarrh
and kindred disorders.
and drugging you for months without knowing what ails vou. The X
0 Ray looks clear through your body and at once locates, the cause.
American, German, French and Scandinavian Specialists in attend
ance. Consultation free; treatment within the reach of all.
Automobile Dashes Off Bridge
Into Chicago River.
Party Returning From Wedding
Driven at Twenty Miles an
Hour Drop Twcaty-Flve
Feet From Roadway..
CHICAGO. June 10. An automobile re
turning from a wedding ceremony held In
St, James Episcopal Church. Cass and
Huron streets, ran Into an open draw at
Rush-street bridge tonight, and as a re
sult three of the party lie at the bottom
of the Chicago River, anotherwas taken
to the hospital in an unconscious condi
tion, from which state she has not re
Tired, and the chauffeur is confined to his
bed from the shock he received in the 2
foot drop to the water. The dead:
JEROME o. KUKTZilAX. Chicago, man
arer ot the lIqaozone Company.
"W. E. HARTLBT, manager for a local
automobile establishment.
Tha rescued: W. IT. Hoops. Jr.. local man
ager for an actomoblla company; Mrs. Jere
miah Runyon. New York City.
Both Mrs. Runyon and Mr. Hoops were
unconscious for half an hour after being
taken from the water, but are expected
to recover.
The accident occurred at the north end
of the bridge, where there Is an upward
slope of 200 feet before the end of the
bridge or the edge of the draw Is reached,
This slope Is so steep that it has not been
necessary to stretch chains across the
roadway, as Is done at a number of other
bridges, for the reason that It would be
almost impossible for a vehicle to slide
over the edge Into the river.
Twenty Miles an Hour.
Tonight the occupants of the automo
bile which dashed Into the river were
coming south on Rush street, close behind
another machine, tne chauffeur of which.
seeing that the draw was open, slackened
speed and was coming to a stop about 50
feet from the edge of the draw, when
Hoops, who was driving the rear machine.
thinking to pass ahead, pulled out to one
side and. putting on extra power, shot to
ward the open draw at the rate of 20
miles an hour.
When close to the open draw ha re
alized his danger, and throwing all his
weight on the steering wheel, attempted
to turn the machlno to the left, and by
running along the edge ot the draw make
a aulck turn and regain the roadway. The
rrmhln tsrat too cloae to the draw to
I permit of this, however. The machine
I turned slightly, and for a fraction of a
second hung on the brink. The tire of the
I front wheal ripped off. the hub broke, and
the machine, after sliding along the edge
for a few feet, dropped Into the river.
120 feet below.
Topples Over Edge.
As it slipped along the edge of the draw
the women In the automobile screamed
In fear and all the occupants rose to
their feet, ut had no aime In which to
make another move before they were
thrown Into the river, and after them
plunged the heavy machine.
Hoops and Mrs. Runyon fell clear of the
heavy machine and were taken from the
i river by a number of vesselmen who were
on the docs Just east of the bridge. Both
were unconscious when rescued, and it
was 30 minutes before they rallied.
j Mrs. Runyon was taken to the Lexlng-
i ton Hotel in a highly hysterical condl
1 tlon. but H00P3 himself recovered with
i in a few minutes after opening his eyes.
Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Kurtzman rose to
the surface, and It is thought they were
pinneu ocneain uie macmne. up io a
late hour the bodies of the three drowned
persons were not recovered. It Is believed
the current carried them further down the
After dragging the river for over
three hours, the bodies of Mrs. Kurtz
man and' Mrs. Hartley were recovered.
Mr. Kurtzman's body "has not been
Many Ore iron Postmasters Have
Their Salaries Raised.
ington, June 10. These changes in salaries
of Oregon Postmasters were announced to
day: Increase Albany, The Dalles. 12200 to
S2ZC0: Arlington, Burns. Condon. Elgin,
J12C0 to $1200; Athena, Monmouth. Myrtle
Point, J10CO to $1100; Corvallls. J1S0O to
$15C0: Dallas, Forest Grove, $1500 to $1600;
Independence, $1300 to JliCO; Junction City,
Lebanon. Milton, $1103 to $1200; Klamath
Falls. $1300 to $1500; La Grande. $21C0 to
$2200; Mount Angel. Woodbum. $1200 to
514CO; Newbury. Ontario, $1400 to $10: Ore
gon City, $2000 to $2200; Wasco. $H0O to
Decrease Sumpter, $2000 to $1700.
Two New Postmasters.
Aiisky BIdg., Third and Morrison Sts.t Portland
If you have a boy who is always
up to some "stunt" hard on his
clothes,put a "Hercules" suit on
him. If he tries to go through
his clothes quick so that he can
boast to his chums that he has
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it is possible to make a combi
nation of cloth, buttons and
Hercules" suite are AU Wool
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1 6 years.
We will send yen "Heresies" Bask
ana dealer's name an request.
Daubc, Colin & Co., Chicago
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lngton. June 10. Postmasters appointed:
Oregon Waldport. William R. Wake
field, vice Charles L. Dlven. resigned.
Washington East Spokane. Edwin D.
Roberts, vice Fred Shirley, resigned.
31rs. Lconldas Hubbard on Trail of
Her Dead Husband.
HALIFAX. N. S.. June 1L The widow
of Leonidas Hubbard, who'perished while
on an expedition in Labrador interior
ha3 arrived here en route for SUllsport,
on the Labrador coast, whence she will
continue explorations from the point
where her husband was forced to stop.
Mrs. Hubbard's party will Include five
Americans, besides Indians and other
Mr. Wallace, who was associated with
Hubbard In the previous expedition,
passed through a week ago on his way
to Labrador with the same object In
view as Mrs. Hubbard. Mr. Wallace, said
nothing about joining- Mrs. Hubbard In
the project.
The only way to get rid
of pimples and other erup
tions is to cleanse the blood,
improve the digestion, stim
ulate the kidneys, liver and
skin. The medicine to take is
Hood's Sarsaparilia
Which has cured thousands.
So far as they go, Schilling'!
Best take doubt and difficulty
out of getting your tablt
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