The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 11, 1905, Page 12, Image 12

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The Meier (2b Frank Store
Oar Great Jane Sale of
Boys' Clothing
Boys Wash Suits, Boys' Waists and
Boys' Wool Suits at Jane Sale Prices.
The materials and styles are the best
we can secure in the United States
Vy-r Annappl fhsf will nlp-sQe hew and
Ifi ' parents alikeSecond Floor
Wk KSSm White P. K "Washable Kilts for little boys.
ijKStt diZ&&A 9. fn 4- wars of juta? nil -no v. i-r 1
Iffeaffi nrettv styles: rear. $1.50 val.
wnite 2 . iv. wasnaDie jyhls, emDroiacry
WMMSsfMk trimmed, ages 2 to 4 years; fi f QO
Boys' colored Percale Waists, ages up to
12 years, best patterns and col- AQ-s
ors; reg. $1 values, on sale 'x-Jw
"White unlaundered Waists, all sizes, with
or without collars; best 50c Q.
values, on sale for,' each... .
Boys' Russian Blouse and Sailor Suits, in
the very best patterns and styles, all
ages; regular $2.25 and fi? 1 AO
$2.50 values, for. suit
Boys' 2-piece School Suits, in dark, serviceable mix- mi QO
tures, ages 8 to 15 years; regular $3.00 values V
Boys' all-wool 2-piece double-breasted Suits, in brown or gray
checks, plaids and mixtures; ages 8 to 16 years; Qf
regular $3.50 and $4.00 values, for this low price. . P V
Boys' Norfolk Suits, with knickerbocker trousers, in dark gray or
brown mixtures; ages 8 to 14. years; our best $5.00 jt
values, on sale for the low price of..-.
Jane Sale of Wash Goods
Another great line of 50c Silk Madras, in all colors, shepherd
plaids, checks, dots, stripes; plain and mixed effects for OQ
waists and dresses; great special value at, yard Jjry
50c fancy mercerized white Waistings ih great assort
'ment; "remarkable value at the low price of, yard
15c and 20c Batistes, Lawns, Dimities. Organdies; complete line
of new patterns and colorings: matchless value for J
this sale at the remarkably low, price of, yard
White Goods at Special Prices
32-inch Persian Lawns
25c grade, yard 22
35c. grade, yard 3l
50c grade, yard 44
30c grade, yard 26
40c grade, yard 35
60c grade, yard 53?
75c quality for, yard 68
Batiste Mull Reduced
25c quality for, yard 21J
30c quality for, yard 26
35c quality for, yard 3l
40c quality for, yard 35c
50c quality for, yard. ... . .44
60c quality for, yard 54
Imported Lawns
50c qual.38 65c qual.45
75c qual.55 85c qual.60p
50c French Nainsooks. . .35
Wash Chiffons
40c quality for, yard 35
50c quality for, yard 44J
60c quality for, yard 53
75c quality for, yard 6S
S5c quality for, yard 75
32-inch India Linons
25c grade for, yard 21
30c grade for, yard 26 $
40c grade for, yard 35
45c grade for, yard 40
50c grade for, yard 44
68-inch Organdies
40c quality for, yard 35
45c quality for, yard 40p
50c quality for, yard 44?
60c quality for, yard 53
75c quality for, yard 68
85c quality for, yard 75
$100 quality for, yard 90d
$1.25 quality for, yd... $1.10
French Lawns
44-in. 30c quality, yard..X9
44-in. 35c quality, yard. .22
44-in. 40c quality, yard. .25
75c French Nainsook . ...50
June brides and graduates
should take advantage of the
prevailng low prices on White
Goods of every description.
I m
Bathing Suits First Showing
I liTJ3iPFi Tomnrrnw male tfco -fircf rm-
Suits for women, misses and children,
All the most attractive styles in
n striped Panama cloth, mohair, gran-
U ite cloths, brilliantine, etc. Made in
fancy styles, braid trimmings Blue,
black and red $1.50 up to $15.00
suit Bathing shoes in black and
white canvas All sizes 25c, 40c and
45c pair Bathing caps in all colors
Pretty styles including the bathing
hood, handkerchief caps and round caps in satin, sateen and
rubber IOc to 60c Particular attention is called to ourdis
play of bathing suits and supplies for misses and children
Side and Back Combs, Drug Sundries
All the new things in Back and Side Combs, Hair Burretts, Shell,
amber, white and transparent; the largest and best showing in
the city; 15c Side Combs, 11 pr.; 25c Side Combs, pr..!9
35c Side Combs, for this sale at the low price of, pair 36
25c Back Combs, 19 each; 50c Back Combs reduced to. ..3S
Hair Burretts, all colors, each 12 and 19d
Real tortoise-shell Hairpins, four in box, $1.25 value 96 C
Real tortoise-shell Hairpins, smaller sizes, great value 14
Bathasweet Rice Powder, exquisitely perfumed, antiscptically
pure; the only safe toilet powder for the nursery and t p
home; 25c value, for the low price of, box IC,
Satin Skin Cream, a perfect skin food, special for only 19
Goodyear's Bulb Syringe, all rubber, special at 49
Women's Knit Underwear
Women's imported Swiss-ribbed, low-neck, sleeveless Union Suits,
knee length, pure white, all sizes; best $1.50 values... $1.17
Women's Silk mixed, low-neck, sleeveless Tests, Richelieu rib, nil
sizes; our best 60c values, on sale for low price of 47?
Women's Swiss-Tib, low-neck, no-sleeve or low-neck, quarter-
sleeve Vests; all sizes; our best 2oc values at low price of. .1S
6t-of-Town Visitors Are Invited to Make This Store Their Hifgarttcs Informa
tion Bureau, Phones, Parcels Checked, Waiting Room, Balcony R.ear of Main Floor
All the Store's Conveniences Are Free for You to Use as Often as You P3ase
The Meier d& Frank Store
Portland's Largest and Best Store
Principal Portland Agents for Butterick Patterns Mail Orders Filled July Delineator
"Willamette" Sewing Machines at $15.00 to $35.00 Are Superior to Agency Ma
chines at $35.00 to $75.00 Every One Fully Guaranteed for Ten Years
Headquarters for Portland, Oregon, Northwest, Lewis and Clark Souvenirs All Prices
Custom Shade and Drapery Work Our Specialty Best Materials Used Lowest Prices
$20 Silk Shirtwaist Suits $14.25
$32 Silk Shirtwaist Suits $22.85
Tomorrow morning we launch our sixth great sale of Silk
Shirtwaist Suits of the Summer season Two lines Three
hundred suits all told Values are equal to any we have
offered To economical women this event will prove a
fitting opportunity to purchase hot-weather garments
at a. big saving Mail Orders Will Be Promptly Filled
Women's Silk Shirtwaist Suits of fine quality Taffeta Silk, navy
blue, black, brown, green," 'changeable and checked effects;
Waists have shirred shoulders and sleeves tucked and stitched ;
the skirts are plaited, flounce or shirred styles; handomely
made and trimmed; perfect fitting; all sizes; fli i
regular $18 and $20 Suits, on sale tomorrow at. . .P t'J
Women's Silk Shirtwaist Suits in shirtwaist and jacket styles;
navy, black, brown and green, changeable and checked Silks;
Shirtwaists silk gimp trimmed in fancy lace yoke; new full
skirts: all sizes; great assortment; regular COO
$30.00 and $32.00 values, on sale for Ct&.iJiJ
$9 and $10 Silk Petticoats $5.98
Another great sale of Siik Petticoats for Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday 250 of them Made of beautiful quality
taffeta silk Deep shirred flounce with rUching or deep
A siik skirt bargain the like of which have made the Meier &. Frank
pleating and ruffle-
Cloak Store famous Black, tens, brown, green, purple, red, navy, (f S Q O
lieht bine. mk. etc. Reenlar S9.00 and $10.00 values on sale for P JS O
Moreen, Alpaca and Sateen Petticoats with deep flounce, stitched bands or deep
plaiting and ruffle; gray, navy blue and black; value extraordinary at this price.
Glove Specials
Great June Sale
Women's 2-elasp lisle thread
and pure Silk Gloves, all col
ors and sizes; perfect fitting;
great special value 4
at this price, pair....C
Women's 2-clasp Suede Kid
Gloves, in white and modes;
all sizes; regular $1.25 values,
on sale for low q5
price of, per pair -JOC
Sole Portland agents for Per
rins' real French Kid Gloves.
100 dozen Tuxedo- Xet Veils,
Chenille dotted borders,
popular colors, l3f-yard
lengths, 50c and 65c values,
on sale tomorrow 'J q
at this low price 2
ffig0 Ribbons
Great June Sale
Warp print Ribbons in new
foral designs, satin edges;
many colors, 4 inches wide;
50c values, on sale 5
for, yard OJl
All pure Silk Taffeta Rib
bons, 4 to 5 inches wide, in
black, white and Till the
' popular shades ;
best 35c value, yd.
Satin Taffeta and all-Silk
Ribbons, 3 to 4 inches wide,
all colors; desirable neck
Ribbons, 20c and
25c values, yard
New Ombrc-shaded Ribbons,
7 inches wide, suitable for
sashes and girdles, (LCI
great value, yard. .0"C
Great June Sale
Women's fine pure Irish Linen
hemstitched, hand-embroidered
Handkerchiefs, regular
50c values, for, each...39p
Women's sheer Linen hem
stitched Handkerchiefs',
and 4-in. hems; fine quality;
our best 65c values, a q
on sale for ytrG
Women's pure Irish Linen
Handkerchiefs, hand - em
broidered and Teneriffe lace
borders; new designs; our
best $1.00 values, ftf
on sale for this price. .OJC
Extra special value in Wom
en's fine Linen hand-embroidered
Handkerchiefs, newest
patterns; 75c values 62
$1.0d values for 79
Four Great Bargains in Embroidery
Another big time in the Embroidery Section tomorrow Four immense special pur
chases from prominent importers enable us to place on sale thousands of yards of the
newest and prettiest embroideries at a small fraction of their real value We know
you want to share in these bargains So arrange to come down early tomorrow
75c Embroideries 29c Yard
15,000 yards o Swiss Embroideries, 8 to 16 inches wide, in
cluding English and French styles in the latest designs, suit
able for shirtwaists ; an immense variety for your se- y q
lection; values up to 75c; at phenomenal low price of. -C
$1.25 Embroideries 47c Yard
5000 yards of Swiss and Nainsook Embroideries, 10 to 16 inches
wide; beautiful patterns, immense assortment; values up
to $1.25 the yard; the great Embroidery bargain AJ
of the year at the extraordinary low price of, yard. C
$2.50 Shirtwaist Bonds 89c Yard
Swiss Embroidery Shirtwaist Bands and Appliques, beautiful
styles, magnificent variety; values up to $2.50" a oq
vard. on sale at the surnrisinelv low nrice of. vard. . .O-JC
5000 yards ofEmbroideries, Edgings and Insertions, ys
3 to 5 inches wide ; values up to 25c yard,, for, yd . jC
Point de Paris Lace and Insertion, White Yenise and y
Cluny Bands and Appliques; values to 25c yd., for. . . 5C
Grand Muslin Underwear Specials
EpoclaWot of troincn's -white Petti
coats. ttIJo flounce with hand em
broiderer. Just the styles for wear
with whlto linen suits. i no
Best 5S.50 values for I.5TO
Special lot or women's fino cambric
Drawers, trimmed In embrolJexx
anl lace edging Insertion and
tucket. Regular 50c and"
63c values for
Special lot of nnlaunJered HianJ
made Gowns, hand erabrol Jerj
around neck, drawn, with linen
tape. Regular J3.50 s-Q
values, on sale for 07
Women's white cambric Pettlr
coats, trimmed with embroidery
edging and tucks, also torchon
and VaL laces: dust ruffles, fit
ted waist bands. 575 c n
values for tO?
Women's shprt cambric and nain
sook Underskirts, lace and
tucked lawn .ruffles
trimmed ...............
IZ and S5 short Skirts.... flvf
Women's cambric and nainsook
Corset Covers, trimmed with
lace and embroidery edging. In
sertions, tucks, beadings. rlb-
oonsZ'blouse fronts: &oc
and SOc values for
Women's extra sire muslin Under
wear at special prices. Cambric
and muslin gowns, embroidery and
lace" trimmed
J1.50 values. U $3.00 values.
J2.00 and $2.25 values for
Extra size Drawers of cambric,
nainsook or mulln. lace and em
broidery trimmed
S .85 values. .73 J 1.00 values. -ST
$1.25 values. -S SL50 values. X3S
32:50 values. 18 $3.09 values.9X4r
Great June Sale bargains In rnlssAa
and children's racalln Underwear of
all grades Second Floor.
10 Great Gown Specials.
The Meier (2b Frank Store
2000 Pairs Lace Curtains at
Low "June Sale" Prices
An endless chain of Curtain Bargains for housewives, hotel
and bcHardmghouse-keepers Curtains of ths best styles
qnd grades are priced below manufacturing cost 3 d Floor
$2.50 Curtains $1.89
300 pairs
of Ecru
novelty "weaves and Irish Nets; 50 inches wide, yards long;
big variety to choose from; regular $2.50 values, fi OQ
on sale at this low price, -pair P
500 pairs of "White Nottingham Lace Curtains', 46 inches wide,
three yards long-; floral patterns with heavy bor- SlQr
ders; big assortment; $1.25 values, at this price, pr... 0-?C
"White Nottingham Lace Curtains, 50 inches wide, 3Vi yards long;
plain and figured centers ; our best $2.25 values, 9 o
on sale tomorrow at the very low price of, pair. . . .
$3.00 "White Nottingham and Madras-weave Curtains;
plain cen-
sortraent of styles; grand value at this low price, pr.
Cross-Stripe Silk Curtains
tcrs with borders, also Brussels effects; large as-
300 pair of Cross-Stripe Silk Curtairis, green, red and tan grounds,
beautiful colorings and combinations; 40 inches wide, 3 yards
long ; three great special values, as follows :
$4.50 Cross-Stripe Silk Curtains $2.98 Pair
$6.50 Cross-Stripe Silk Curtains $4.38 Pair
$9.50 Cross-Stripe Silk Curtains $6.32 Pair
$8.50 "White Irish Point Lace Curtains, all new designs, small fig
ures with narrow borders; magnificent styles; great Aft
special value at the low price of, pair $fr00
?500 Yards of Shirtwaist Suiting
Silks Exceptionally Low Priced
si A great special purchase
of suiting silks ready for
choosing at 8 o'clock to
morrow morning at prices
fullly one - third below
value We have no record
of such values as these in
previous sales Take ad
vantage tomorrow
Lot 13000 yards of plain,
colored and fancy figured
Shirtwaist Suit Silks
most stores call it $1 value
it's equal to our 89c Silks
big variety of patterns and colors at the low price of, yd. ,59
Lots 2 and 34500 yards of figured, checked and striped Shirt
waist Suit Silks in a mammoth variety of patterns and color
ings; Silk of beautiful quality and equal to our $1.25 grades;
greatest Silk values- in town at these low ?f
June Sale prices mail orders promptly filled. . j C
White Mohair, the popular material for hot-weather skirts ; four
qualities are marked at greatly reduced prices for this week
only; your choice at these special prices
47c Yard 53c Yard 76c Yard-87c Yard
Handsome checked Voiles for waists, skirts and suits; very best
styles; all our $1.00 grades on sale for a few days at, yd. .79
Plain French Voiles in all colors; finequality ; our regu- QO
lar $1.25 values, on sale at this low price, yard -?OC
Women's $3.00 Shoes S2.05 Pair
IQOO pans of women's patent
colt and vici - kid lace and
Biucher shoes Johnson Bros.
famous make All thk sea
son's best styles in heavy or
light soles All sizes and
widths Best $3.00 footwear
for g few days at $2.05 pair
Women's oxfords $1.24 pair
700 pairs of "Women's vici kid Ox
fords, patent or kid tip, sizes
21 to 8; value extraordinary
at this low price, pair. .1.24
Old Ladies' glove kid Congress
and lace plain toe Shoes, all
sizes, $2.00 values, r 1 Ajr
reduced to, pair. . . .. V
J. & T. Cousins' tan Oxfords for. "Women, big shipment just re
ceived, all sizes, $3.50 and $4.00 pair.
Barefoot Sandals for Misses and Children ; many styles.
Nickel Coffee Machines. c oo 3-inch glass Berry Bowls. a
Regular 17.53 values for.. f Jt77 Kegrular 25c values for IOC
Nickel Chaflnar Dishes. 3-pt. cc 00 -'"ch glass Sauce Dishes. Set
aize: 57.50 values, for.... $5.9 9 of 6 for this low price C
Rogers' -1847" Teaspoons; Q- on TrsJfrach 8c
f acy patterns, set of 6 9C Spoon Traja i t or each
R0J?rh7fibn1tt??S'$I 97 Kef.lfrT5c T value? for. ... .47c
et of S for this low price.. l,?C Thin blown Table Tumblers. a
Sogers -1847" Berry-spoons. Buy all you want at, each JC
Regular $1.15 values for tC x&in blowa Table Tumbler.
Baaeaent, engraved, each