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Commander of Salvation Army
Arrives jn Portland.
For the First Time Outside New
York ,City She "miPTlajr the .
-Harp at the Meetlngs'ln.
the Marquam. L
Evangeline Booth, commander of the
Salvation Army forces In the United
States, Is in Portland for the" first time,
having- arrived yesterday jnornlpg.
Commander Booth,, who Jias-begn suf?
ferlng ill-health as a result of over
zealousness in promoting the work ot
tUe Salvation Army, spent nearly all
of yesterday in Test and quiet In her
rooms at the Hotel Portland.
The commander is the idol ot the
people she iias so faithfully served tmd
worked for. slnce fresh girlhood. Her
wonderful and wholesome .enthusiasm,
which she considers one of the most
valuable and precious of her assets, -is
the mnrvel of her friends and ad
mirers, as it . never diminishes hut
peems to increase as day by day- she
meets and invigorates and. cheers the
thousands of Army workers she meets
each year. t
Commander Booth is delighted with
Portland, as much' as she lias seen of
it, and says she likes the city and
people so well that she has decided to
play her harp at two meetings to be
held at the Marquam Grand Theater
today, at 3 P. M. and 8 P. M. She has
not played the harp for two years,
and New Tork Is the only city in .the
I'nited States in which she has ever
appeared in public with it. She is a
harpist of reputation and skill, and the
New Tork critics have always highly
praised her playing. She says It is
her favorite musical instrument,- -be
cause of its unusual sweetness of ex-H
"We havp been so successful in the
"Western states lately." said the com
mander yesterday, her eyes alight as
she spoke of the work to which she
has devoted her life. "The "Western
people are so warm-hearted' and cour
teous that our work is -progressing in
great bounds. The' progress we have
made is really wonderful. They are
easily reached and are only too will
ing to follow the right path provided
they are given the opportunity. This
spirit prevails even with the very
lowest classes.
"The Eastern people are as vigorous
In the work after they are once inter
ested, but It Is much harder to obtain
their attention. I feel just as though
I were at home when I am In the WiesU
The people are all so nice and kind to
me that I could not help loving them.
"I will never forget the meeting in
JCansas City on my way to Portland.
nt which I .addressed an audience ot
17,000 people in the Convention Hall.
The audience was so interested and
quiet that every word I spoke could be
heard distinctly Jn allparts of the
hall. I had been under the care of the
physicians for days, and they forbade
roe to appear in public but when I
heard of the Immense throng of people
that awaited my appearance I attend
ed, although I was threatened with a
serious illness. From Portland I go
to Seattle, and then to San Francisco
and Los Angeles."
At the afternoon meeting today at
the Marquam Grand Theater Com-J
mander Booth will speak on "The
Grand March Past," and her topic at
the night meeting will be "Thou Re
malnest." Lieutenant-Colonel Miles,
who accompanies her, will address the
service tomorrow at 10:30 A. M. at -the
virst Presbvterian Church. At 11 A.
M: . Colonel George IVtMii.ilrW fs -
of- the party, will ftfB .the HRltwIi
aeiiness cravesuen at xje r jrst.-re.
Array JialL w , i '
, - 5
Eastern Bankers Comiap Tor Port
land Consolidated;--
. Frank .Seligaan, C A. Pearson, , Jr.",
J. ' S. Clarke, Herbert L: ' Clarke and
Percy H. Clarke, all xnembers, of. promi
nent banking houses ln Ne,- Yerk and
representatives -of a pojverful SaaternJ
syndicate, will reach the city today- to
begin negotiations for the purchase of
the Portland . Consolidated Street Hall
way Company. t v
It was announced ome "time ag that
the sale 'bf- the Portland -Consolidated
was contemplated, "but as no further de
velopments came to light, the matter
passed'out of mind. The reported arriv
al of thet financiers :from New Tork re
vives the story, however, and v makes
the" immediate sale of -the properties im
minent. The Portland Consolidated Company Is
capitalized at about $5,690,000, and It is
thought that this will be approximately,?,
the figure around' which the .deal will
revolve. Jt is .not thought that the pres
ent owners arje very anxious to sell, but
still if they are -able to gain- a fair
price for their holdings- they' will not
The Portland Consolidated property is
now more valuable than It was at .the
time the consolidation was .made isome
months ago, owing to the 'continuous im
provement work that has been .going an
from that time to the present Many
miles of new track with heavy steel
have been laid and other extensive addi
tions have been made to the equipment Lo
of the .company. It is thought therefore,
that ., the -JEastewi' capitalists will rhave
to pay a good figure for the road if they j
secure -
On the other hand, the purchase would
prove a good investment at this time
especially, owing to the Lewis and Clark
Fair. The cars of the company are now
running crowded most of the time, and
that with only the normal traffic pt the
cKy. when the vast crowds of the Ex
position come, however, the cars will
be crowded from the first run to thel
last. '
. It Is rumored that it is the intention of
the Sellgman people, should they secure
r-control of the .Portland company, to
build extensive suburban lines, it being
probable that the new company -would
take up the now abandoned project of
constructing a line up the "Willamette
Valley to Salem,, and perhaps beyond to
(Cotlsajd FroT;PEe 13.) j
Collector Smith. Xdfr Charged AVfth
Scheme to Rob Poor.
Chronicle today says: A .scheme which
has been In operation in the Tax Col
lector's office for many months has
Just been uncovered by which nearly
$1,500,030 worth of property has been
secured for little, more than $100,000.
The victims are the city's taxpayers,
who are wrongly charged, in some in
stances, it- appears, with delinquencies.
The profits have gone to a. ring of tax
scalpers, who were -assfctcd in every
possible way by the alleged defaulting
Tax Collector Smith and his subordi
nates in office. .Records have been ma
nipulated to keep the truth .from com
ing out, and many poor people have
had their homes placed- in Jeopardy
without so- much ns knowing that a
shortage is charged against them.
A thorough investigation will be
made at once Into the matter, to de
velop, if possible, the extent to which
these irregularities have been carried
Scientific Papers Read.
At the City Hall last night, the monthly
meeting of the State Academy fit Sciences
was held, and the following papers read:
"Precipitation of Barium Bromide by
Hydrobromlc Acid." N. C, Thorne; "Cur
ing and Mounting Wild Flowers," Dr. M.
A. Fllnn. The Lewis and Clark Congress
of Sciences will be held September 11 to
U, inclusive, and arrangements to par
ticipate therein were made accordingly.
Market Street Property Soars
James D. Phelan, to Acquired Solid Block of San
Francisco Property, Forced toP.ay $9,000 a Front Foot.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 17. A new
record was made'in-San Francisco
real estate when James D. lhelan
this week purchased a piece of property
on Market street, for which he paid at
the rate of $9000 a front foot. This is
easily the highest price ever paid for
local property. The piece purchased
adjoins the Phelan building and gives
its new owner possession of the 'entire
frontage on the block. Tho total sale
was made for $715,000, the seller bal
ing the "William Ede estate. Thjs same
land was purchased by "William Ede IS
years ago for $118,000. It is understood
that a skyscraper will be erected by
Phelan. The Bank of California is soon
to erect a new structure to reach 16
stories. It will occupy the present site
of the Bank at California arfd Saneome
streets. The lower floor will bb used
by the bank and above will be offices.
The Hotel St. Francis has begun the
erection of a new wing, which will
nearly double the size of the hotel.
"While the building boom has been
continuing unabated, the enthusiastic
have looked about and put forth
claims that San Francisco's p6pulation
has reached half a million. Thls. is an
exaggeration by upward of '53,030. The
approved methods ot estimating popu
lation show between 42C.030 and 60,
000 for the city and 1,650,000 for the
state. j
The impetus given municipal owner
ship by the decision of the San Francisco
Supervisors to take over .the Geary street
car line has extended throughout the
state. In the interior towns the cry has
gone up for city water-works and light
ing plants. Ventura this, week has voted
for both. In Stockton the question " came
up and the campaign was closely followed
by the San Francisco press. The result
was a decisive victory for neither faction
and it may result in a deadlock. The
Republicans, who opposed "municipal
ownership, elected the Mayor and one
Councilman. The Democrats on a plat
form calling for city ownership, elected
seven Councllnfcn.
Florence Roberts, the well-known
actress has returned to Safi Francisco
after an extended tour, which included
not only the cities of the Pacific Coast,
but which reached as far as the Missis
sippi River. "Heretofore Miss Roberts has
not ventured further east than Salt Xak.a,
but as aa experiment this year she visited
Denver. Kansas City and other large
cities e the Middle West. The result
was most gratifying to Miss Roberts. She .
was well received and drew large fcmi3es
almost without exception. Mtes 'Kdfe'erts,
who is a San Francisco, girl, is a "great
favorite here,. where the critics compare
her to Mrs. Fieke.
It is, of course, the ambition f Mies
Roberts to earn a place on BraAdway. She
would have attempted, this fee fere had not
tho uncertain result -of, Mfe Nance
O'NeHI's flight efeterred her. Miss O'Neill,
also from California. at once stirred tfee
aaxxlr&tkHa aa diepiwure ot 3 2tor
Tork critics. They said she was a genius,
but uncouth and "Western. M IsjT Roberts
desires to erase whatever uncouthness
there may be about her before checking
Tier trunk to Gotham. She will play
long Summer engagement here. She will
be seen In Tcss, "Marta. ' Camllle,
".The Doll's House" and several other
The greatness of heart of Mrs. Jane I
Stanford rwas never better illustrated than
In a letter written by her a few days be
fore her death and read this week at the
laying of the corner-stone for the new
library building at the university. In this
letter Mrs. Stanford outlined her cher
ished hopes for the institution and her
ideas of its true aims. In concluding, she
announced that she had set aside all her
Jewels to be devoted to a specfal fund, to
be called the Jewel fund for the purpose
of purchasing..books for the library- The
announcement came as a great surprise,
for it was generally believed that the
heavy demands made upon the Stanford
estate had caused her to sacrifice her
gems long ago. It appears, however, that
but a small portion was sold at the time
the memorial -church was being erected.
Mrs. Stanford at that time needed ready
funds to complete the great structure, and
Tmrted with some of her diamonds. ItJa
stated that the sale of those remaining
will provide a fund which will yield an
annual Income of-almost $50,000. This sum
will b uaed every year Bolely for books.
Stanford University, it is predicted, will
soon" have one of the finest libraries in the
world. In her letter Mrs. Stanford far
ther expressed the hope that the stu
dents would take an Increased interest in
the church and its affairs.
The San Jose Normal School has re
ceived applications from a score ot stu
dents from Oregon tor admission to. the
Summer school course. Last year there
was a total attendance ot -SCO, but at this
year's Summer session there will be 590.
An Innovation will be classes for -chll
dren throughout the Summer. This will
afford practice for the normal students
and at the same tine afford an opeertu
nlty for backward or ambitious children
to make further progress.
The University of California. Summer
school will not open until June- 6 and will
run until August 5
An interesting engagement of ike week
is that of Miss Pearl Sabln. & daughter;
of John I. Sabln, the telephone magnate,
to Cantaln Hfalmac Bjornsted. TT. S. A.
Captain BJornst was stationed at the.
Presidio for a time and met Miss Sabia
whlle on the Coast.
Miss Claudia .Rogers, the- young actress'
whose beauty has drawn suitors from far
and near, has again embarked e the
matrimonial sea. She Was" keeewe ttie
bride of J. Swentxel. a chauffeur. Miss
Rorars' first hwifeaad was Robert C
'Montgomery, hut before her arrtege. was
-annulled sfee beoasae the "wife of A. W.
Sellvalo. An -elopement to .which there
was & hitch and & marriage was hefc
ext adveetare. iit bow she says sfee
has settlad-d&wa .la a. jtvieL ate;
for four years past has'bM ,K?J
tlon at Portland; the prtaelpal pwpote'of
Which, as set forth la all ur official
statements. U. K ra&ke kwa tle-re-
-sources and capabilities of Western Amer-
for American trade developmear.lB Orien
tal coantries.rToward"4nk 'high, "purpose
It has expended and tfe State of
Oregon has made available for disbars e
jnetjt, under .the supervision of. .your eora-'
suasion. In carrying owt the general paaor
the further sum of $400,000. Jf this
amont-$30,000 has been expended f or ex
hibit buildings, and we-understand that
an, additional $100,000 has hcen spent for
the purpose of providing an adequate ex
hibit of the resources of the State ot Ore
"gon, including the cost of the Oregon
building. The buildings coBstructed .by
ysur commission are on the Exposition
grounds to speak for themselves. They
are fine, noble structures, worthy ot the
cause in which they nave "been erected,
and it must be a source of gratification
to -the rltlien of Oresron who looks upftn
hPTTi iyot th ftnnronriatlnn nflhe State
-nas been so judiciously apporuonea ana
so economically expendeo, tar ww
buillrUnpn. the rnmoratlon has. at a very
considerable outlay of money, furnlshedt
all plans and specincauojus," conaiea we
services of Its Director of Archltepture
for the purposes of supervision, provided
wiring for electric lighting, leveled the
land allotted lo your, commission, and
has otherwise expended money to perfect
tne sites -occupiea By saia muramgs, jm
addition to the. Stt&uW which it has ex
pended to date, "the corporation has
pteagea its raitn ana creoii ia mo .pay
ment, in run. ot tne operang expensea
of the Ernosltlon. estimated at from $350.-
tf to 1400.000. from all liability for which,
yeur commission- Is specifically relieved.
by law. In pursuance or plans wnicn it
has aifanteri the oorsar&Mon has 'invited'
participation by "all the states of the
American Union and the principal foreign
nations; it lias assumed all financial and
other responsibility for the planning, ex
plftlting, .making and conduct of the" &xj-
sltion. Prior to tne presentation ie ine
Legislative Assembly ot Oregon of tho
hin rrentinr- vnur commission, the corpo
ration had begun an active canvass in all
"Western States with a view to Interesting
them in a substantial manner In. the Ex
position, and had even sent special com
missioners representing it to states east
of the Mississippi River. It had also sent
a special commissioner u uin uitujcu
with the duty of interesting the govern
ment nf Janan and the eovemments of
such other Oriental countries aa might
desire. to participate in the Ixswis and
Clark Exposition. All state. National and
forellm nartlrlnatlon In the EXDOSltlon and
ail exhibits oi wnatsoever cnaracicr iuai
have been obtained are tne resuus oi tne
Invitations and solicitations of the corpo
ration. Th jtrrvine on this work, the cor
poration has used all agencies that have:
been available ior ltr, use.
The facts above set forth are recited to
show that the corporation has net only
rtone nil' necessarv acts lo demonstrate
that it is the body directly responsible
for the preparation, holding and manage
ment of the Exposition, but that it has
been at all limes ready and willing to
furnish free of chance, to any person
desiring the same, any and all Informa
tion resneetinir the -various matters enu
merated in sectlort.6 of the act of January
30. 1383. Indeed, the erncient exploitation
of the Exposition Itself demands that, the
fullest nnbiidtv be elven at an times xo
these several matters; Only by spreading
said knowledge has it been possiDie to
Interest -exhibitors and the oubllc in the
Kxnositlon. in its relation to your com
mission the corporation has been pleased
at all times to rurnisn you an iniorma
tlon enumerated In section because the
welfare of the Exposition has suggested
tnat all concerned snouiu oe as tuny in
formed as Dosslble resnectinr the nlans
ah decided unon asd the nroCTCsa made
toward tneir neveiopmtnt. .-ui umy
uils information been given to your com
mission as a commission, but it was rur
nlshed to vou after your aoDolntment as
Commissioners, and "before you were legal
ly authorized to organize as a commission,
when you could only act as Individuals.
"What has been done in this regard Is
stated In the answer wnich follows to
your demand for a strict compliance wjtn
section. 6 or tne act or January u, lauj, ere
atlnir vour commission.
Your letter of Mav 12. suDDlemented by
the representations of your committee of
six at tne conrerence witn our executive
committee on the eveninsr of the 17th Inst..
requests the submission to your commis
sion of the following: ,
First A clan of tne allotment or space
tor exhibitors. .
Second Classification of exhibits.
Thlnd Plans and scooe of the -exhibition
Fourth The appointment of all Judges
and .exaraiaers.
yjfthr-The awarding of premiums.
Sixth A statement of the rules and reg
ulations governing the rates for entrance
and admission fees.
To the foreffolne several requests this
corporation makes answer and submits
miormation as iouows:
j?irst Allotment of snace for exhibitors.1
Practically all information- on this subject
was supplied to you in tne rules and reg
ulations furnished and submitted to you
under date ot September 17. 1003, and. the
official classification of exhibits, forward
ed to you under date: of August-16, 1901
Furthermore, vour commission nas iorni'
ally and officially selected the space In
each building which 1t requires for ex
hibit Durnoses and nas turned over tne
remaining space to the corporation. In
the conferences which "have taken place
between our Director of Exhibits and
your commission, or those representing
it you have Jhad opportunity, together
witn the iniormauon tnat nas oeen tur
nlshed you In the classification of exhibits
and the rules and regulations, oi oemg
fully informed respecting the allotment
of space. Furthermore, by the naming
of the various exhibit bulldlnes. the al
lotment of space nas oeen otnerwise des
ignated. The allotment of space In detail
Is now being made by the exhibit division.
and. if vou so desire, we win oe d leased
to furnish you plan showing same when U
it is completed.
Second Classification .of -exhibits. The
official classification of exhibits was sub
mitted to you on AuguBt 16. 1?0. after hay
ing been considered by mrector or .Ex
hibits Doscli and a committee of your
commission. "We herewith hand you a
printed copy of said classification of exhibits.
Third Plans and scone of the exhibition.
All Information on this -point your com
mission has had as follows: (a) By the
adoption, by a majority of your Commis
sioners, ot tne site or tne exposition at
a meeting between said Commvssieners
and our board of directors on March 13,
IMS. (b) By the approval, by a majority
of your Commissioners, of the construc
tion department' of the Exposition, at a
meeting between said Commissioners and
our Doaro pi directors on jaarcn u. xotj.
tcj By the approval, by a majority or
Vour Commissioners, of the plan and scope
or tne Exposition, witn tne exception or.
the Memorial building, at a meeting be
tween said CoramuHNoners and our board'
or Girectors-ron Apni x, iao. ah oi tne
above acts "(a, b and c) were done by your
Commissioners prior to- the formal organ
izatioakOf your commission, with the un
derstanding that said acts would be .rati-
ncd wnen yeur coraraissioa snouia oe le
gally organized, (d) By the acceptance
and distribution brrroiir commission of a
f folder on the -pi an and scope of the Expo
sition, pre parte oy tne exploitation di
vision of the Exposition and furnished to
you in -quantity for distribution. Here
with we send to you in tnis connection,
for your information copy of the plan of
the department of construction, .which you
approved March 30, ISO; "plan and scope
Which vou approved April 15S3: plan
and scope folder issued, by our. expllta-.1
tlon division ana. supplied-to you. e) in
the rules and regulations' of the Exposi
tion, which .were' transmitted to your cam
mlseion on September 17 156.
Fourth Appointment ef all Judges and
examiners. Only one. jedge or Juror has
so far" been sencted by the corporation.
This one is Professor H. E. Van- Deman.
-of Washington. D.-C, appointed as pemol-
ogtst oatae jury or- awaros. -iToieseor
van Deman's appointment was notified
Fifth The awarding of -premiums. No
premiums have yet been awarded, and untH after the Exposition to
ooeed. What has been doe by the cor
poration is set forth on sage S of the
ct&selflcatkm of exhibits. wWch, , as has
bees heretofore stated herein, was for
warded to your commission on August 26
mi. , . , -
Sixth RhMh and Tegulatkiv goreraMg:
tkarat for etttraace. and nlilmloc -fee-
The gral action f the carparatkw in
out ag cImt u
Is the onlj ale that is
alwaji ready' to
serye. Ifs-diment.
missirndei date of Sentember ITT IS
The corporation waited a reasonable tk
for advice concerning said ruies ano. n
ulatlbns, and. not hearing from; ya up pro
ceeded, early in 1S04. to print and.dlstnb
ute saiaeT Since, the. action of September
sale, and -soJd season commutation photo-
rrsMMa ttcireta mvsri for Hi admissions
for 53. and o-counon commutation,, tickets'
tur 4L.av. copies OI l5 iiguiauwuo iir-
garomg tne issuance OI passes rc Here
with forwarilef n vrhf.
The following documents and records re-
ferred to in this letter are nerewitxi tratw-
mltteiv to vnur- wminlwinn:
(a) Rules and regulations of the Expo
sition. adoDted bv the corporation Sep
tember 15. 1M3, and you "on SepteteU.
(b) Official classification of exhibits ana;
rules of exhibit department, as agreed
upon by the Director of Exhibits and. a
committee representing your commission,
fcl Extract from the orbccedlnKS ofr'oun
-Boara oi uireciors oi oate jdarcn-Ai ..uw.
showing, action f members ot ybur com
mission in reference to sue or exposition,;
(d) Extract from the proceedings of 4ir
Board of Directors of date March. 3 '-ISssV
show In a: action of members of i'cfu'r com
mission In reference to construction pjans.'
lej .extracts irom proceedings ori our
Board of Directors of date April 36. 1903.
showing action of your Commissioners on
plan and scope of the Exposition. . "
' (0 Plan and scope of the Exposition, as
adopted bv the corporation April .23. 1S03.
Se "e" above for action of your Commis
sioners thereon.
(g) Rules, regulations and conditions for
issuancepf workmen's passes and badges
Dy tne ixswis and ciaric centennial ex
(h) General rules and retaliations kov
eralnsr the issuance and use of passes at
lion. ,
(1) Folder with bird's-eye -view on "Plan
and Scope" of he Lewis And Clark Cen
tennial -Exposition and Oriental 'Fair, to
be held at Portland, Or.
(J) Blue print- showing plan of Lewis
ano AJiarK centennial exposition.
x ours, very truly.
By HENRY E. REED, Secretary.
Commission AnxIou9 to Know if City
- "Will Buy Ground.
"Wllf the city of Portland buy tho
groundsupon which the Forestry building.
stands? That Is the question the answer
to which ..the State Commission wquld like
to hear at this time, or as soon as It is
possible for the" city to decide-.
Yesterday afternoon President Myers,
of the Commission; wrote a " letter . to
Mayor "Williams calling his attention to
the provisions of the law In which It Is
provided that the city of Fdrtlahd siali
have the first? chance to- secure control
and ownership of the Forestry building
by the purchase of the acre of land upon
which it stands, , The .aqswer t)t the city
Two-piece set, Cottage Bed
and Cbrrib'irittlon BUreaurWash.-
stand.- ;Bed I or full ize, made
6f select Oregon fir,ftoldenoak
finish, 5 feet 10 inches hih, mir
ror in Bureau size 12x20.
Standard Vcfte
Wipe Spring rtatt-'
xesses .Iv...
golden finish, French bevel
mirror, size 20x24r serpen
tine top drawer, brass
handiest a 20
article on sale.
fCr, U 1 it 5 3
for Porch
or Camp
Net Cash
Ing towards ' the p&servatlop of the
The Commission must know definitely
by December lwhat wyiJMdpne with the.
building, and It no bnc wlTf assume the
ownership -of It the structure, must be
torn down, and removed, -fcy March 1, 1905.
1 II . 1.M Vi&VVii11jllr n-lll
VVVAJ1UIU5 fcl.C in. w- uuiiun, "
be given -"to Portland. In the first place,
or. that failing, 'to any organization that
will buy the land upon which it stand?,
provided that .jt "Is" used for,, a permanent."
museum or for similar purposes. If the
City Council will cat consent to the pur-
chase of the building then the Commission
will make aji effort, tohave some other
means provided for Its preaervatlbn, and
'for this reason It Is hoped that" the Coun
cil will take immediate action upon the.
request of President Myers. ' '
are Coming by thotjsxxds;
HqY the Oregon Cities Will'Be Rep.-
V resented fctCthe Fair.
The three workers sent-.aut the first of
the week. by. .the excursion bureau of the
Exposition are meetlngwith great success
in their endeavors to arrange for excur
sions to be run to the Fair during the
Summer months.
Already it has been arranged that a
large excursion will come from " The
Dalles. It being calculated that 1000 peo
ple will "make the trip from that city.
Hood River has guaranteed 300 persons.
and "will make a special; day of their ex-
as to whether or not It will naake the ipursion. it nas oeen deciaea by tne citi
purchase must- "be in the -bands of the
Commission py October 1. according to
the law. It is. however, desired by tne
Commission that notification be .given
prior that time in order to.,aIIow time
it it accjaes not to ouy me property ior
the Commission to take other steps look-
zens'of that place to bring a large ship
ment ot Hood River products with them.
when they come, which will be distributed
to the. visitors at the Exposition grounds-
Banners and badges have also been ar
ranged for, and altogether it is anticipated
by the Fruit City that their day win be
the best and .most unique in the list ot
all special days.
It is thought that 2600 people will come
to Portland from Corvallis on the day
;set apaft for that city, while all of the,
towns along the West Side are making
preparations to come - en- masse on; the
dates set apartfor them. In most of
tnem tne times oi tneir excursions nave
been declared to be munlclnal holidays.
and all business houses Will be closed and
the day given over to the Exposition, trips.
May Be Exhibited.
' It is possible that the fine arts depart
ment of the Exposition will be able' to
secure for exhibition purposes-the famous
painting by Millet of "The Man "With the
Hoe." This painting Is owned by Mr.
(rocker, of San .Francisco, and Is valued
at $100,000. It has never been 'exhibited
at "any place, with-. the ."single exception
ot the Corcoran ArtGirtlery. bfJVashlng
ton D. C. It is also.,! "the. masterpiece
from which Edward Markham drew the
inspiration . for "hi poem which he named
after tho painting. 4
Negotiations- ara now being conducted
by Frank "Vincent-Du Moral, the chief ot
the.' fine arts department; which If suc
cessful will result In the shipment of the
painting to Portland at an" early date.
If this is done it will be a great drawing
card In the art exhibit and" will place it
in the front rank with any exhibit that
has been, made in the country: The col
lection will represent a value ot more
than' 51,000,000 when all .of the art treas
ures promised for exhibition have been
Pharmacists "Will Meet Here.
Edwin K. Sheldon, corresponding sec
retary of the Scientific-Congress has re
ceived word, from Albert Schneider, of;
San Frapciscb; "corresponding secretary";
of the Pharmaceutical gongress. to tha'
effect that the latter organization would
meet In Portland from September 11 to 14.
Inclusive, in 'Joint' convention with the
former society-. "f .
The pharmacists will hold-eight or ten
sessions.-at which SO or 60 papers will be
read oy the best authorities on pharmacy
to be' found In the iJnlted States. It is
.expected, that the-joining of 'the two con-
rles of sessions. - .
Four Portland Firms Compete Id
Supplies of Lumber.
Four Portland lumber dealing firms
sent-blds to th'e purchasing department of
the Canal Commission at Washington last
night,, in competition for the privilege ot--supplying
the Government with more
than 14,000,000 feet of lumber and timber
needed in Panama for the construction
work, now being done, or soon to be done, x
on the canal. The bids submitted were
by the Eastern & "Western Lumber Com-:
pany, the North Pacific Lumber Com-
pany, Inman-Poulsen & Co., and the Pa
cific Export Lumber Company.
The bids are to be opened in "Washing
ton on Friday next . by Major Gallagher,
purchasing agent for the Canal Com
mission, and were mailed last night In
order to get them to their destination on
time- for consideration.
The British Admiralty has. Invited blds
for turbine engines ot 23,000 horse-powenT
for one of the battleships now building on' .
the Clyde.
Tickets Free to the Lewis and Clark Fair
t WkilQ they lastfinly, with each order for a gentleman's Suit Bead below in detail'of this great offerIt takes time to take an order for a
' Mah?s Suit, shrink, cut and lit it- We say it takes time, so we have to make our Fourth of July Sale in time to get out and deliver the goods in
. - i " r i i TT i y-, m . , . , .... . .. ... . r ;t . il. tl Ul-.i i it,-.
ii&j-aciurj' saape. xieuce wiaru 11, now. J.nis is a Ciean-CXit aavertismg proposition xor ousiness ana at tuts saints uiuoiei buujc lVvc
ewis and Clark Fair, for the tickets yre wilf-give away free will run far into thousands; and many a.lady or gentjwilL go more often to the great
t ' 2 -i show' if thevhave a bunch of tickets stuck in 'their pocket tickets that have not cost them
rftgard to ajmiflskn is et . forxh ln- th
rales and rgW&tions r ue s
a4d-brXh' baraf HrelM'
one cent. THINK OF IT, PEOPLE! For each two dolors paid in installments you get one
admission free to the Fair. This applies on all gentlemen 's-to-order garments and all
la'dies ready-to-wear garments. These are: not books of tickets, but straight oUc admission
tickets, and you can go to the Fair or sell, the .tickets, ;jnst as you like. Ho selections ot
persons to get these tickets; you. all get tickets.
Accordion-Plaited Skirjt, full-fashioned hip atyle ,
the prettiest garment you ever ss.yv."
white, black, blue, brown, made of fine cashmere and.
silk Young lady, you will want one to wear out" to1"
tne Fair. Easy payments irryou like., Tiekets free.
Just come and see the new Covert Coats, Silk Coats,
lilaclc blue and tan n on tree, white. tr Skirts, all col
ors"; elegant, latest styles.. Silk Salts. Brilliantine.
Suits. White SHlt l-Km't rorget tosses the. 'All sola
, on easy -payments iryou like. and. free. Fair tickets go
with them". "We have no room .here to qkeje prices. $e
our large display window -oa will "see the prices,
are fight.
4 BDTtf j. ZKZZ
OetaiLSUtcmcat mf L-lex'
Silk Shirtwaist Suit free
"With each cash, order for a gen
tleman's suit we will . rglie free;
, while they last, Mone - IadMfc' -Silk,
Snlrtwalst Suit., This offer will-.close
when we have exhaustepur line of
these popular garments, as there- is,,
such a great demand forVthese'.eler
gant, popular suits that the priee ef
the silk stilts has been advance..! so
much, that we are unable to coatract V
cor any more aca ,pnee eaaiuing ik v
iu mem iree. so? yoti can- geu.
then now while" they last. "Wcsava
afeout,150 silk suits tbglve.-free. -
vSpccla!- Lot f Covert Jackets,
while they !as at. . - -
Tfttail Statement of Tiekets Free
With each-two -dollars paid on installment payments
for gentlemen'sraade-to-order garments-or ladles reaay--m
...n.w..u. fn.t. turUi toN -Qrlll elvo one ires
dtesion tidcetite-the Lewi's ad Clark Fair. Cash orders
f-n thi Wnra' to-ordr dfcnartment. without the SllK bniri-
waist iltit.'or cash purchase In. the ladles' department oi
ilaOies' Sufts, Ccats. Skirts,- etc. win be figured on the
' same basis as Instaflment-payment sale6, and tlcKets
given free: We skip-none of you. No tickets will be,gHen
with purchases of.five dollars or less.
T H E J . M:
S. Tt. R "E IE' t S
t -f -