The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, May 21, 1905, Page 12, Image 12

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the, sum) as; pRjsgpgE), jgcigp: may 21, i9p..
The Meier (2b Frank Storf
Women's S5Shoes$3.65 Pfc
Women's patent 'leather and
vici kid Shoes, French heel,
tTjrn sdles, Shoes of the high
est grade ria all sizes? regu?
lar $5.00 values,
on sale at,pair. . .
Women's vici Tad- Lace ShoesV
French and Cuban heel, -weft
solfee, all sizes, t'" L K
best' $5 values pr. f
Women's Oxfords S235
r J v
Broken lines of Women's Low in patent" leather' and
vici kid, Erench heels, 3.00,
$3.50'and & val- jrnff
ues.. at. pair...'.:H?J
500 pairs of Children's fancy Shoes, many styles and color?; uizes
2 to 8, lace and" 'button; regular $i.2o a , $1.50 Qr
values,, on sale; at the very low price, of, pair... .
500 pairs of Children's Shoes, in kid, patent and box. 1
calf, sizes 8M? to 11, $1.50 and $2 values, forpair: . . Hr-
500 pairs of Misses' Shoes, Jcid and box calf, regular tfv
$2.00 and $2.50 values, in all sizes at, pair.- Mr
Notions and Small Wares Sale
Fancy frilled-edge Garter Elas
tic for, yard L1
Flat Darners each 7J
Laundry Wax, 3 pieces 5
Hook-on Silk Elastic Hose Sup
porters for, pair 19
Roberts' Gold-Ejred Needles,
book, sale price ........ .19
85c Combination Needle Book
for sale price . .. 63
85c Accordion Plaites, .ca.59
Gibson Adjustable Shields, Nos.
2, 3, 4, 50c,j60c, 70cpair..
Double-covered Silk . Shields,
. Nos. 2 and 4, 19c and 31c pair
Pearl-head .Shawl Puis. 3
Asbestos Iron-Holders, ea..3
60-in. .Tape Measures, each.3
Globe Pin Books, each 2
Black-and-white Toilet Belt
Tins, great value 3
Good, strong Pins, sheet.
Tracing "Wheels; each 3
Card assorted- Safety Pins..3
Package assorted Wire Hair
pins," great value 3
Cube Toilet Pins, all colors.5
5c package Needfes, each. . .2
No. 4 Stockinet Shields, pr.8
Matchless Hosiery Bargains
The new hosiery b.nyer is stir
ring things up in an unusual
way The newest and best in
women's hosiery at prices
with all profit cut off That's
his way of making friends'
1000 pairs of Women's medium
weight 1-and-l ribbed ' black
cotton Hose, guaranteed fast
color, sizes S to 11; the best
3oc values Ave ever of- yn
.fered at, pair A3
Women's plain black Lisle Hose,
medium and gauze-weight, gar
ter -splicing and double soles?
. best 40c value, on sale 'JfcL
at this low price, pair. . .-OC
800 pairs of Misses r black cotton
Hose, made with linen knees,
double sole and full, fashioned feet, sizes 6 to 10; i f
a ft w
best 25c values, on sale at this low price, pair
oys extra heavy ribbed black cotton Hose, double sole
and knee, sizes 6 to 10; value extraordinary at, pair. . . .
Great Picture Bargains Tomorrow
45c to $1.25 Pictures at 25c Each
i i
Great odd lot of Framed Pictures; many subjects and
sizes; regular values from 45c to $1.25 each; choice, ea.. .--wC
Great odd lot of Framed Pictures inlarge sizes, 16x20 inches;
wonderful values' at the very low price of .. .1.39
Colored Medallions on wood, size 7x9 inches; regular "
. 15c values, on ale for this low price, each". C
Colored "Ballet" and "Mountain-- Girls, mounted on-red .and
green mounts, size 10x18 inches; great special values,, ea. .il
Picture Framing at the very lowest prices. Second Floor.
35c, 45c Ribbons 21c Yd.
10,000 yards of all pare
silk ribbons comprise a
great ribbon carnival w6
have planned for a few days.
Beautiful ribbons 2lA to 5
inches wide Suitable for
Belts, girdles, neckwear and
millinery purposes Black,
white and an immense va-
riety of styles and colors
Taffeta ribbons, mbusselinp
ribbons; fancy silk warp
Dresden ribbons. Ribbons
that, .would be cheap at 35c, 40c, 45c a yard Your
choice from the entire: lot at the extremely
lowprkre of 2 1c the yard.
Special purajkase' offOO pieces of all pure silk Taffeta and Satin
Taffeta Hibbons, 3 and 4 inches wide, 25 colors; the
grade always iold at 25c'a1y&rd you can buy here at, yd. fpG
3000 yards of Swiss and Nainsook Embroideries, 5, to 10 inches
wide; daintiest designs j big variety.; values up-to jq
75c a yard, on sale for, yard. .. f C
Valenciennes Laces, and Insertions, to IY2 inches wide; -best
, patterns; values up to 80c dozen yards; your choice Ai.
during this sale at, dozen yards. . HfQ
45-inch dotted and figured N.ets. hi white, cream and ecru; beau
tiful styles in great variety,; on71eriljvalues-t
75c vakiea forj49c yird &5c vatg fbr 59c yard
$1.50 vak. for SI. J 2 yard 2.50 vak. for $1.?9 ytR'
- VJHiri' - . . v V .--?',.. f
. Frincipal PorOan Axe orkitt-C-iFattctm at Fa-Qcatxfta
The Meier
wank Store
Portland's Largest and Best Store
Custom Shade, Drapery Work Our Spe:klty Lowest Prices Gntranteed 3d Fioo-
Eireprobf Bunting for ExE osition Work Ked and Graea irf Any Quantity 3d Tloor
Sole PoVtland Asents for the; Ff-tsI Ostermopr , Patent Elastic Felt Mattresses
New Covert Coats $6.25 Ea.
Promptly at d o'clock ton-orrow 'morning we place on sale a
special-lot of 60 hndso-T-a new covert jackets at $6't25 each
Every garment in te lot s of attractive style and desirable ma
tarial We've sold hundreds oif them at $YO.0O each They
are tight-fittfag.,cbt fly JEront,' lyshop
sleeves with tucks Finished at bandwith cuff Strictly tailor
made coats in all sixes We don't! expect them to last. through
the day, so if you" want 'one -of them ypu had better arrange
the household duties so yon can come down G'L C
early in the morning Yogr' choice y wa :& J
Accordion Pleated Skirts $7.50
200 of .the popular ' 'Dixie, accordion pleated walking skirts
Made, of black, navy, brown, red, tan and white cashmere
Full accordion pleatingPeep shirred yoke. Well made
throughout The best skirt value we have offered this season Careful investiga-
tion will prove them far superior in every way to any similar style skirts being
offered around town Mail orders will, be .promptly filled
$1.00 Values 79c $1.25 Values 89c
The greatest bargains in Silk Shirtwaist Suitings; thousands of yards of this season's
best styles in two qualities to bexSjd at less than manufacturing cost. "We relieved a large
wholesale: house of a large share 46f-' their surplus stock at prices that should create the liveliest
selling of the year. Every woman to town wants to share in these grand values-:
Lot 12000 yards of fancy Silk Shirtwaist
Suit Silksir a big assortment oL-styles,
stripes, -figures, and checks in alb- the 'best
color combinations; Silks we've" .sold
thousands of yards of at $1.00 yard; your
cnoice atune-exiraorainary iqw -jq
a yw
. special price of", yard
All-wool checked Voiles, very pretty, serviceable material for Summer dresses,
waists, skirts, etc.; large .variety to select from ? best -$.00 values, at, yard.
Lot 2T 2000 yards of high-grade Shirtwaist
Suit Silks, of fine quality ; checks, figures
and stripes in a great assortment; best
colorings -worth up to $1.25 a qa
yard, on. sale for, yard 0fC
2500 yards plain colored Voiles, immense line
of colors to select from, $1.2o qual. . .97c
Bargainsin BoyVClothing
WashaMe clothing for Boys at' speci4l sale prices This, sea
son's very bast style -are marked at moat economical figures
Wise parents will .supply -the , little fellows' needs this week
and effect a considerable saving Second floor Take elevators
Boys' Cashable Sailor Suits, Crash and bltte-striped Ducks, ages 5 to
10 years; the greatest "Vash Suit value ever offered at, suit. ..98
Boys' "Washable Suits lriTRussian Blouses, blue, pink and tans, ages. 2
to 6 year; you cai-afford tobuy a half-dozen suits at, suit 98
Boys' "Washable Russian. -Ibuse:, Suits in plain blue, and pink-striped
effects, also pink (5hJbyVages xh to $ years; mar- i 1 ' 1 Q
velpus values at thiS!" low price : r ' 1 ir
Boys' "Washable Knee Pant?, Crash, plain and striped Ducks, f.C
ages 3 to 15 years: great values at this low price, pair r JC
i 5nJGAJ "Ravo' Wo oTi q Til r TTn an Ponf c? in Tiinar..? cinrl TtoaTrir ri-a aVt e nlcn i
white Duck, ages 3 to 15 years- at.the. low price of, pair vC
Boys' Khaki Suits, long trouser,"plain military style, 3 to 14 yrs.S1.25
Same as above in Norfolk styles, suit. ' pl.50.
Young .tlen's white Duck Trousers at very low prices. Second Fioor.
Boys' "Washable Suits, sailor blousejstyles, striped Chambrays, com
bination collar and shield, ages 4 to 10 years; special value. .$1.89
Boys' "Washable Inlts, Crash with Ted;and blue trimming, 2 RO
to years, $1.25 values, at the low price of O r C
Cross Stripe Madras urtdiivs $ 1 . 1 5 Pr.
Great special purchase of 500 pairs of cross-stripe Madras Curtains, 9 styles to select from;
. all desirable colorings; size 40 in. wide, 3 yards long; Curtains worth $2.00 fl
a pair every day in the week; your choice, pair p
5000 Brass Extension Rods, extend to 54 in., silver ends, our best 15c values, for, each 9
36-in. figured Sateen and Momie Cloth, makes the best covering for comforters, 20c val, yd.1.4
36-iu. Scotch Lappett, stripes and'igures, wears and'aunders better than Swiss, 12rc val..9ip
Carpets, Rugs, Mattings Linoleum, "Beds, Bedding, Springs, Mattresses, Pillows, etc., at
the lowest prices. Third Floor .
0 .
i Uiv
my f'f
Hf I
$46 Tailored Suits $34
f OO of opt highest grade, tailortdx suits for women to it sold
Monday Tuesday and Wefaesdqy at aridicalonsly low price
Sarggs, Panama cloths., vofej sliepherd worsteds id broad
cloths in blouse, eton.and jacket , style, Flounce or pleated
skirts ki navy, red; green, In'own, tan,lqck and checks Bean
tifally madfc and trimwed Yoncy aad plain tailored creations-'
The riches't garnents we have ol-erad this season Regular
$44:00 and $46.00 values to he sold for
three days at ,
Women wanting a high-cls 'dress -or traveling suit showM'nt
inks tkk mmsoal oaortiinity--Ocr showing, of silk shirtwakt
suits k the largaat ii the cky
1000 copies of Von Tilzer s popular dance folio Teas- 1T
ing, etc., oc vaiue, onsaie uonaayat,-eacni-
Wonaen's Outing kn'J Golf-Salrts wltk gefttiittliehca collar, -white and t&a' j tewne Wfalte and fancy Oxfords,
r. All lxe X1.58, $1.75,-J 2. -alurs. X)n sale in the '
-? ,..-.4..-.-:..,? w...?......i.9
checks. Jl. KrftAt astertBMst td s&lect fro. All lze SI.
raea's furaUhlns goodt Mepartwftt, mgn floor
The Meter r Frank Stdre
200 Handsome Silk Waists
Values Up to $1 1 for $ 3;9$
Great Monday special v in
silk wsU-2(k)Vof them)-'
TfllYttas and creae de chinas
in fancy and tailor-made ef-
fects Light and dark color
ings Plaids, plain colors,
blacks Lace and tucks
trimming Waists for street,
dress and evening wear1
Values up to $ 1 1 each on
sale tomorrow at the phe
low price of
Come early if yon want the best
Special lot of 500 cotton Shirtwaists in. Lawn, Swiss, Organ
dies, Cotton JBtamines and Linen, trimmed in lace and embroid
ery; made' with surplus front; entire front of embroidery or
lace and tucked yoke; exceptional values at v ..2.92
New 50c Wash Goods 37 Yard
50c silk-finish Canton Crepe in plain colors, all leading shades;
one of our prettiest sheer materials; best 50c value, ?c.
on sale at the low price of, yard . taC
40c fancy white Mercerize "VVaistings, our " complete line in
Yoiles, Madras, Oxfords, etc., on sale for a few lays
only at this low price, yard. .1 J ... . .OVJC
40 styles of cotton Shirtwaist Suitings, Crash, Voiles, Bambo
line, Norwegian" weaves, etc.; all. new, desirable ma- 1 Q
terials,- great values at this price, yard" ... -fw
Sale of Children's Gingham Dresses
500 Children's Gingham'Dresses in ages 1,
2, 3 years; materials of pink and blue
pin-stripe and checks, trimmed in hem
stitched edging and embroidery, round
and square-yoke effects, trimmed in fin
ishing braid and tucks, well made
75c Values for. . . -59c Each
$:1 .00 Values for.
?6c Each
$ 1 .25 Valnes-for : . 98c Each
Children's white Lawn Presses, ages 6
months to 3 years, trimmed in fine em
broideries and lace pdgmgs," clusters of
tucks, headings, insertions and ribbons,
Mother Hubbard, short and long-waist-ed
styles; regular $2.00 J c9
and $2:25 value, for. . . P
Special lot of Children's Drawers, all
ages, wide tuckeH ruftles,trinuiid;
fine embroideries ; .regular. : fiftr '-f
. &1.00 values at tiisTBrice. nnir . 15 CT
Children 's- knit and' ifeah'thi'derwaists, atir
a'ges, all'sfyles. Second Floor.
Great Specials in the Basement
Mrs. Potts' famous Nickeled Sad Irons, set for 98
1500 "Window Screens, 24x42 inches, at low price of, each 28
Rollman's famous Cherry Seeders for low price of, each 68&
Best Wire Meat Safes, large size, good value at, each.". . .JJl.lS"
Porcelain .Salt Boxes, 24h Wooden Chopping.Bowls. .T. -X4
Double Mincing Knives, 11; Garden Trowels, each 3$
1-Burner Oil Stoves 52; Fruit Press, each ". . 19 J
. IDut Glass arid Silverware
Cut Glass Bowlsh fancy , cut,
- best $5.00 values $3.98
$4.50 Nappies, 8-in., for.$3.69
5-in. handled Nappies, $2.50
values, on sale for. . .$1.98
10-in. Cut Glass Vases, regular
$7.00 values, for ....$5.69
Beautiful Cut Glass Rose Bowls,
large size, $9 value.. $7.28
When in the basement, don't
fail to see our immense line of
Solid Silver Souvenir Spoons,
in many styles and sizes
Salt and Pepper Shakers. l3
4-piece Silver-plated Tea Sets;
regular $12.50 values.$989
Silver-plated Candlesticks for
only $1.47-
4-piede Silver-plated Coffee
Sets, reg. $12 values. $9.78
Silver-plated Breadtrays..98
Rogers' 1847 Beef Forks,48$
Gold bowl Berry Spoons for
only $1.37
$5.00 Bohemian Glass Dishes
for $3.97
Fancy pattern Pie Servers at
this low sale price . . .$1.42
$ 10SilkPetticoat$$6.45Ea.
Another great three days' sale
of high-grade silk petticoats
starts here tomorrow 2QO of
them made of superior quality
taffeta sflk Deep pleating;
ruffles; tucked or three bias
pieces All the leadrng colors',
blacks and alaids- Perfect fit
ting, well made petticoats of
splendid: style and qnality
Every .skirt k the 3ot regnlar
VI 0.00 vahie choice Mo-
day, Tuesday,
Wecbtcsdayv . . .
Mail orders wHI receive onr prompt and careful attention
Special lot . of Women VWhite Corsets, bias straight-front i&4
hose-supporters, side -and front; long, tapering waist-Corsetsi
" of the best style and all sizes; regular $2.50 and j r j.
$3.00 values, on sale at the low price of, pair-. .. . . .Tr'
75 dozen "White-Petticoats; trimmed in embroidery 'edginr, insec-
pnarP ilnat-mfO'ea : hiff'assortmeHt : AO 'r
regular $1.25 an $1.50 valuesj on sale" for. . v .-fOV
Sole Portland 'agente for La Grecque Corsets, and-?ailprcd
Underwear-' SecojicL JEfabr. ; s -' ;
V 2"