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Yield in Valley This Year Will
Be Over the Average.
Prices Expected to Open Below Last
Year'e, but Competition May
Cause General .Advance
First Sale April 1.
Goat ebearinir U well under way in various
parts of the "Valley and it is estimated that
fully half of the clip of mohair has already
fcecn shorn. The state this year will produce
about 873.000 pound i. which Is somewhat over
the average. The first pool sale will be at
Dallas on April 1, when It Is expected that
76,000 pounds will 'be offered. A number of
smaller sales will be held later at other
points in the Valley.
The market now is nominal at 20320 cents
per pound. Dealers expect that prices, after
the season opens, will be about 5 cents under
last year's quotations, though competition may
run them up to 25 or 30 cents. Last season
mohair sold at 22334 cents. Under the keen
competeltion for the Oregon product buyers
went above values prevailing in the Eastern
markets and & number of speculators here are
said to bare lost heavily. Somo of them still
save & part of their old stock on hand.
The Boston Commercial Bulletin of latett
date says of the mohair situation in that
No improvement over the conditions of last
week are apparent, the bulk of what business
Is transacted being the filling- of orders on old
contracts. There Is some new business coming
in, but there are no movements of any ac
count, and the condition of the market is
quiet. Although such is the case, values are
firmly held at the following Quotations: For-elgne-Turkey
(extras), 4&348c; turkey (fair
average), 4246c; Cape (firsts), S!41c: Cape
(neconds), 88 39c Domestic Combing. 33
56c; carding (good), 81034c: carding (inferior),'
026c; soils (first combers), 2025c
Grain, Flour, Peed, Etc
WTHEAT "Walla "Walla, nominal. 5o; Mue
atem, 92c; Valley, 67c per bushel.
FLOUR Patents. $4.60 4.85 per bar
rel; straights, $4.3004.45; clears, $3.85 4;
Valley, $4.10(34.25: Dakota hard wheat, $5,503
7.50; Graham, $3.50 4; whole wheat, $4
4.25; rye flour, local, $5; Eastern. $50
C.10; cornmeal, per case, $1.90.
BARLEY Feed. 323 per ton; rolled $24
OATS No. 1 white. $1.37401.42; gray, $1.60
per cental.
MIL.LSTUFFS Bran. $10.50 per ton; mid
dlings. $25; shorts. $22; chop. U. S. Mills.
$10; linseed dairy foods. $18; linseed oil
meal, car lots, $29 per ton; less than car
lots, $30 per ton.
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oats, cream. 60
pound sacks, $8.75; lover Grade, $5 0 0.25;
oatmeal, stesl cut, 50-pound sacks, $8 per
barrel; 10-pound sacks, $4.25 per bale;
oatmeal (ground). 50-pound sacks, $7.50 per
barrel; 10-pound sacks, $4 per bale; split
Seas, $4 per 100-pound sack; 25-pound
oxes. $1.15; pearl barley, $4 per 100 pounds;
25-pound boxes, $1.25 per box; pastry flour,
10-pound sacks, $2.50 per bale.
HAY Timothy. $14010 per ton; clover,
$11012; grain. $11012; cheat, $11012.
Butter, Eggs. Poultry, Etc.
City creameries quote butter firm, notwith
standing larger receipts of cream. On Front
street the tone of the market is reported to
ie weaker. California butter Is particularly
easy, as large receipts are due the first of the
week. There was no change in the egg market
yesterday. A car of Eastern dressed poultry
"has been received, which will prevent any im
provement "In prices of local stock next week.
Yesterday's arrivals from the country were
practically all cleaned up by the close of the
EGOS Oregon ranch, ISc per dozen.
BUTTER City creameries: Extra cream
ery, 32 Vic per pound: fancy "creamery. 30c.
State creameries: Fancy creamery. 27is
2Vie; dairy. 1517c; store butter. 1415c;
California. 2331c
CHEESE Full cream twins, new, 14015c;
old. 18c; Americas, 14 015 He
POULTRY Fancy hens, 14144o; old hens,
13CJ13e; mixed chickens, 12Vi"13c; old roost
ers. lOSllc; young roosters, 1112$4c:
Springs, lh2 pounds. 17&19c; broilers. 1T13
-pound, 2225c: dressed chickens, 1415c;
turkeys, alive. 1718c; turkeys, dressed poor,
17&18e; turkeys, choice, 2022c; geese, live,
per pound, 80c; geese, dressed, lOS'llc;
ducks, old, $8379; ducks, young as to adze,
$t69.50; pigeons, $161.25; squabs. $22.50.
Vegetable. Fruit. Etc
There was almost a famine in green produce
on Front street yesterday. Dealers have been
afraid to order heavily as tile rains in Cali
fornia have left vegetables in poor shipping
condition. The next receipts will be by steam
er Tuesday. A car of oranges is due Monday
and two or three cars of bananas are expected
VEGETABLES Turnips, $1 per sack; car
rots. $1.25; beets, $1.25; parsnips, $1.50; cab.
Vage. California. lUc; lettuce, hothouse. $1,253
1.60 per box; parsley. 25c dozen; tomatoes. $2.25
per crate; cauliflower. $2 per crate; egg plant,
12c per pound; celery, $3.50 per crate;
peaa. 10c per pound; peppers, 25c per pound;
sprouts. 6c. asparagus, be per pound; rhubarb,
Sc per pound; cucumbers, $2.25 per dozen; arti
chokes' 75c per dozen.
ONIONS Fancy, $2.0003.10; No. 2, $1L50.
buying Drlce.
l-'OTATOES Orpgon fancy, 90c$l; common,
70g-S5c, buyers price; Merced sweets, lc
RAISINS Loote Muscatels, 4-crown, tc;
E layer Muscatel raisins, 7c; unbleached seeu
If-ss Sultanas, 6c; London layers, 3-crown,
t hole boxes of 20 pounds, $1.85; 2-crown, $1.75.
DRIED FRUIT Apples, evaporated. 6tfic
per pound; sundried. sacks or boxes, none;
apricots, 10011c; peaches, 0010 Vic; peart, none;
prunes. Italians. 4&5c; French. 214S$ic; figs,
California blacks, bc; do white, none; Smyr
na, 20c; Fard dates. 0c; plums, pitted. 6c.
DOMESTIC FRUITS Apples, fancy. $1,759
2 60 per box; choice. $10L25; common, 500
75c; figs. 5cQ$2.50 per box.
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons, fancy, $2,758
3 75: choice. $2.75 per box: oranges; fancy.
$2.2.25 per box; choice. $1.5001.75: standard,
$1 2501.50; tangerines. $1.5002 per box; grape
fruit, $2.6003 per box; bananas. 505Vic per
Groceries, Nuts, Etc
COFFEE Mooha, 2802Sc; Java, ordinary. 10
O20c; Costa Rica, fancy. 16020c; good. 16018c:
ordinary. 10012c per pound; Columbia roast,
cases 100a, $13.bS; 50s, $13.85; Arbuckle.
$14.38. Lion. 514.3S.
RICE Imperial Japan, No. 1. $5.37; South
ern Japan, $3.50; Carolina, 4VTCc; brokenhead,
SALMON Columbia River. 1-ponad tails,
$1.75 per dozen; 2-pound tails, $2.40; 1-pound
flats. $LS5; fancy 1014-pound fiats, $;
-pound fiats. $1.10; Alaska pink. 1-pound
talis. K5c. red. 1-pound tails, $1.45; sockeyea,
1-pound talle, $1.85.
SUGAR Sack basis, 100 pounds: Cube, J6.S0;
powdered, $(5.05; dry granulated. $5.95; extra
(. , $5,45. golden C. $5.55; fruit sugar, $5.05, ad
ancc over sack basis as follows: Barrels. 10c;
half-barrels, 25c; boxes. 50c per 100 pounds.
(Terms: On remittance within 15 days, deduct
c per pound; it later than 15 days and within
SO days, deduct tfi per pound; no discount
after 30 days.) Best sugar granulated; $5.&5
per 100 pouuds; mapls eugar. 15S18c per
SALT-California, $11 per ton. $1.C0 ier bale,
Liverpool. 50s. $17; 100s, $16.50; 200s. $18;
half-ground. luOs, $7; 50s. $7.50.
NI TS - Walnuts, ISfcc per pound by sack, lc
rxtra for less than sack; Brazil nuts. 15c; fil
berts. 14c, pecans. Jumbos, 14c; extra large.
15c r almonds. L X. L., ICc; chostnuta, Ital
ians. 15c. Ohio, $4.50 per 25-pound drum; pea
nuts, raw. 7 Vjc per pound; roasted, Oc; pine
nuts. loei2e; hickory nuts. 7c; cocoanuta,
bJQOOc per dozen.
BEANS Small white. 4c; large white, Sic;
pink, 3He: bayou, 3Jjc; Lima, &&c
Meats and Provisions.
BEEF Dressed, bulls. 34c; cows, 405Uc;
country steers. 465Hc
MUTTON Dressed, fancy. 774 c; ordinary,
"EAL Dressed. 100 to 125. TKOSMo per
pound; 125 to 00. 6&54c; 200 and up. av-SHc
PORK Dressed. 100 to 150. Sc per pound:
150 and up. 7HSc '
HAMS Ten to 14 pounds. 12o per pound;
14 to 18 pounds, 12i4e; IS to 20 pounds. 124c;
California (picnic), fcttc: cottage hams. 8c;
thoulders. SVtc; boiled ham, 20c; boiled picnic
bam. boneless, 14c
BACON Fancy breakfast. 16c per pound;
rtantlard breakfast. 14c; choice, 15c; English
breakfast. 11 to 14 pounds. 13c; peach bacon,
SAUSAGE Portland nam, 12 3 per pound; J
minced ham, 10c; Summer, choice dry, 174c:
bologna, long, 5c; welnerwurst, &c; liver. 5c;
pork. Dc; blood, 5c; headcheese. 12 Vic; bologna
sausage, link. 4C
DRY SALTED MEATS Regular short clears.
6.c salt. 103c smoked; clear backs. -8c salt.
10c smoked; Oregon export, 20 to 25 pounds,
average, 10c rait. lle smoked; dears, Jtfeo
fcalt, HWc smoked; clear backs, 9c; Union
butts; 10 to 18 pounds, average, 8c salt, 8c
PICKLED GOODS-Plckled pigs' feet, -bar-rels.
$5; -barrels. $2.75; 15-pound kit, $L23;
pickled tripe, -barrels, $5; -barreU, $473;
16-pound . kit, SI. 25; pickled pigs' tongues, Vr
barrelfj, $6; -barrels, $3; 15-pound kits, $1.50;
pickled lambs tongue, -barrels, $3; V-bis-rels,
$5.50: 15-pound kits, $2.75.
LARD Kettle-rendered: Tierces, 04c; tubs,
OHs; 60s. 9c; 20s. OXc; 10s. 10Uc; 6s, 103ic
Standard pure: Tierces. 6,c; tubs, 8Tc; 0.
8c; 20s. 0c; 10s. 954c; 5s. &Hc Compound:
Tiercea, 6c; tubs. tc; 50s, 6;c; 10s, 7c;
Cs. 7ic
Hops, Wool, Hides. Etc
HOPS Choice 1D04. 23fe024c per pound.
TirOOL Valley, 19020c per pound; Eastern
Oregon, 12017c per pound.
MOHAIR Choice, 25026c per pound.
HIDES Dry hides; No. 1, 16 pounds and up.
16016o per pound; dry kip, "No. 1. 5 to 15
pounds, 14015c per pound; dry calf. No. 1.
under 5 pounds 17018c; dry salted, bulls and
stags, one-third less than dry flint; (culls,
moth-eaten, badly cut, soored. murrain, hair
slipped, weatherbeatea or grubby, 233c per
pound less); salted shides, steers, sound, CO
pounds and over, 9010c per pound; CO to 00
pounds, 84090 per pound; under 50 pounds
and cows. 6Oc per pound; salted stags and
bulls, sound. 6c per pound; salted kip, sound,
15 to 30 pounds, 9c per pound; salted veal,
sound. 10 to 1,4 pounds, Oc per pound; salted
calf, sound, -under 10 pounds. 10c per pound;
(green, unsalted, lc per pound less; culls, lo
per pound less). Sheep skins: Shearlings. No.
1 butchers' stock, 253T30C each; short wool. No.
1 butchers' stock, 40050c each; medium wool.
No. 1 butchers' stock. 60080c; long wool. No.
1 butchers stock, $101.50 each. Murrain pelts,
from 10 to 20 per cent less, or 1214o per
pound; horse hides, salted, each, according to
size, $1.6002; dry. each, according to size, $1
1-50; colts' hides, 25050c each; goat skins,
common. 10015c each; Angora, with wool On.
25c$L50 each.
TALLOW Prime, per pound, 3M,04c; No. 2
and grease 208c
PELTS Bear skins, as to size, No. 1. $2.50
010 each: cubs, $102; badger, 25050c; wild
cat, with head perfect. 25050c: noose cat, 50
10c; fox. common gray, 50070c; red, $305;
crow. S5015; silver and black, $1000300: fish
ers, $5a; lynx. $4.5006: mink, strictly- No. 1,
according to size. $102.50; marten, dark North
ern, according to size and color. $10015; mar
ten, pale, pine, according to size and color.
$2.6004; muskrat. large. 10015c; skunk, 409
50c; civet, or polecat, 6010c; otter, large, prime
skin, $6010; panther, with head and claws per
fect. $205; raccoon, prime 30050c; mountain
wolf, with head perfect. $3.5005; coyote 0o
1; wolverine, $608: beaver, per skin, large,
S506: medium. $304; small. $101.50; kits.
BEESWAX Good, clean and pure 20022a
per pound.
CASCARA SAGRADA (Chittam bark) -Good,
4-4Uc per pound.
OREGON GRAPE ROOT Per 100 pounds.
FEATHERS Geese, white. S504Oe; geese,
gray or mixed. 25030c; duck, white, 15020c;
duck, mixed, 12015c
GASOLINE Stove gasoline, cases. 23Vc; iron
barrels, 17c; 86 deg. gasoline, cases, 32c; Iron
barrels or drums. 26c
COAL OIL Cases, 21 $c: Iron barrels. 13c;
wood barrels, none; 63 deg.. cases, 22c; Iron
barrels, 15fcc; Washington State test burning
oils, except headlight. 5o per gallon higher.
LINSEED OIL Raw. barrels, 61c; cases, 66c
Boiled: Barrels, 63c; cases. 6Sc; lc lees in
6-barrel lots.
TURPENTINE Cases, S5c; barrels. 82c
WHITE LEAD Ton lots. 740: COO-pound
lots. 7c; less than 600-pound lots, 8c
Stocks Working Into Stronger Hands and
Inquiries Increasing.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cat, March IS. (Special.)
The California cured fruit market is quiet,
as Eastern buyers are alow to take hold of
most lines. Apricots are very firmly held with
scanty stocks on hand. Apples are quoted
slightly higher. Peaches are scarce and firm.
Prune values are unchanged, but the market
has a better tone. Coast stocks are working
into stronger hands and Inquiries aro Increas
ing. The Santa Clara prune protection com
mittee Is preparing & plan of organization for
prunepackers which will probably be adopted
next week. The raisin market Is llklv ia re
ceive more attenllon, now that the Growers'!
Association has been definitely formed. s
Hops are moderately active at the recent de
cline. Contracts for Fall delivery were re
cently made at 18 cents. The crop la re
ported In fine condition and tho yield is likely
to be considerably larger than last year, which
was about 63,000 bales.
The gram market was leas active Wheat
and barley futures were easier. Spot prices
for all cereals were steady.
Heavy rain caused a dull market for all
fruits and prices were unchanged.
Seed potatoes are in lively demand and firm.
'Nearly all grades of table stock showed easi
ness with buyers less anxious. Onions were
better cleaned up and steadier. Early vege
tables were in larger supply and weaker.
Dairy products were easy and stocks large
Receipts: 67,600 pounds of butter. 21,400
pounds of cheese and 49,800 dozen eggs.
VEGETABLES Garlic. 810c; green peas,
204c; string beans, 15020c; asparagus, 306c;
tomatoes, $1.2502; egg plant, 15c
POULTRY Turkey gobblers. 18020c; roost
ers, old, $50fi.5O; do young. $6.5007.50; broil
ers, small. $504; large $4.6000.60; fryers,
$5.6006: hens, $507; ducks, old, $506; do
young, $6.6O07.6O.
CHEESE Young America, 120lSc; East
ern. 16016c
BUTTER Fancy creamery, ' 25c; creamery
seconds. 23c; fancy dairy, 23a; dairy sec
onds, 22c
EGGS Store. 1701BVffc; fancy ranch. 21c
WOOL Lambs', l&T-lSc
HOPS 23025c per pound.
HAY Wheat. $10014; wheat and oata, $10
IS; barley. $9010; alfalfa, $8Sl10.60; clover.'
$709; stocks. $607; straw, 40050c
MILLFEED Bran. ' $20.60021.50; mlddllnge
FRUIT Apples, choice. $2; do common. 76c;
bananas; 75c052.5O; Mexican limes, $404.60;
California lemons; choice $2.60; do common,
75c; oranges, navels, 75c0$2; pineapples. $2
POTATOES Early Rose. $1.4O01.CO; River
Burbanks, 75e0$l; river reds, 65075c; sweets.
75090c: Oregon Burbanks. $101.30.
RECEIPTS Flour, 24.100 quarter sacks; bar
ley, 8252 centals; oats, 1200 centals: beans,
4641 sacks; potatoes. 2220 sacks;, bran, 1930
sacks; middlings. 4S2 acks; hay, 3S9 tons;
wool. 42 bales; hides. 402.
Prices Quoted, at Portland "Union Stockyards
Receipts at the Portland Union Stockyards
yesterday were 382, sheep, 102 cattle and 15
horses. Receipts for the week have been 3437
sheep. 707 cattle 462 hogs and 64 horses.
Sheep are quoted firm and higher and should
sell well until after shearing, when there will
be a tumble Hogs are weakened by re
ceipts from Nebraska, but are no lower. Cattle
are steady. The following prices were quoted
at the .yards:
CATTLE Best Eastern Oregon steers, $4;
cows and heifers, $308.25; medium. $1.5002.
HOGS Best large fat hogs, $0; block and
China fat, $5230k5O: dockers. $5.
SHEEP Best Eastern Oregon and Valley.
$4.5004.76; medium. $404.50.
Prices Current -at Kansas City, Omaha and
CHICAGO, March 18. Cattle Receipts. 2000.
Market steady. Good to prime steers, $5,100
6.25; poor to medium, $3.7504.85; stockers and
feeders. $2.5004.60: cows. $2.8504.50; heifers.
$306; canners. $1.5002.50; bulls, $2.250-i;
calves. $3jti.50.
Hogs Receipts today. 12,000; Monday. 40,
000. Market strong to 6c higher. Mixed and
butchers. $5.055.27H; good to choice heavy.
35.1505.S5; rough heavy. $505.10; light. $4,050
5.20; bulk of sales. $5.1505.20. )
Sheep Receipt. 2000. Sheep and lambs,
steady. Good to choice wethers, $4.6004.65;
good to choice mixed. $4.7505.40; Western
sheep. $506: native lambs, $5.5007.60; West
ern lambs. $607.60.
SOUTH OMAHA. March 18. Cattle-Recelpta
200. Market unchanged. Native steers. $3,750'
C.75; cows and heifers. $304.30; canners. $2S
3; stockers and feeders. $3.7504.50: calves,
$305.75: bulls, stags, etc. $20,455. N
Hogs Receipts. 3500. .Market 5c higher.
Heavy. $5,0505.15; mixed. $506.05; light. $4.90
Q5.05; pigs. $404,751 bulk of sales. $505.03.
Sheep Receipts, 3000. Market steady.
KANSAS CITY. March IS. Cattle Receipts.
3000. Market unchanged. Native steers. $40
5.75; native cows and heifers. $204.75; stock
ers and feeders! $304.65; Western fed steers.
$4.2506.40: Western fed cows. $304.60.
Hogs Receipts. 3000. Market Rc higher.
Bulk of eale. $545.15; heavy. $50,50520; pack
ers. $5.0595.15; pigs and lights. S4.S595.10. .
Kicca No receipts
Good Resistance Shown During Week
to Selling Pressure Higher
Money Rates Expected.
NEW YORK. March IS. The movement of
the 'stock market today Indicated the activ
ity of contending force In the speculation,
and the contest between them was rather In
conclusive The cloeing was Irregular and not
far from last night's level, after having been
considerably below that Is the early dealings
and generally above oa the rally. Stocks
were freely sold during the early dealings and
the recovery seemed to be due to profit-taking
by the bears, who were disposed to close up
their contracts on three days reaction pre
liminary to the Sunday Interval In the market.
The showing by the banks In their weekly
statement, which had been counted upon by
the bears to Induce selling and thus afford
them an opportunity to cover, proved to be
not so weak as had been feared, so that the
buying by the shorts was of the greater
The weight of opinion la la faror of some
what higher rates for money. But offerings
of funds by the trust companies at the
higher rates may be expected. The usual dis
cussion Is thus Invited of the growing part
played by these institutions In the money
situation as a whole apart from the showing
by the banks themselves. Foreign exchange
continued Its decline la spits of the firmness
of discounts la London. Total sales of bonds,
par value were $3,775,000.
Speculative sentiment showed Itself distrust
ful of the market from the opening of the
week, but there was good resistance to the
moderate pressure during the early part of the
week. In the absence of any unfavorable pros
pect In the general business. Industrial and
financial conditions. "With the rise la the call
loan rate for mosey the reactionary tendency
assumed the upper hand and pressure to sell
overweighted the market.
There Is a large element among those operat
ing la stocks which has held conservative'
opinions on the market for soma time &ud pro
fessional traders hare constantly tilted the
market to find a yielding tendency. Theee
operations had proved so often unsuccessful,
necessitating the covering of short contracts
at a loss, that the bears had grows timid and
were keeping out of the market. The power
of the market to resist short sales and to
absorb the heavy proflt-tiklcg from tlmo to
time and the corstant development of new
points of strength served to convince the skep
tical that stocks were being taken out of the
market by substantial holding powers and gave
color to the many rumors constantly retailed
of accumulations of many stocks for purposes
of control and ultimate plans of combination
and readjustment of relations which were ex
pected to Increase the values of properties.
The bond market has been less active and
there has been no notable advance la prices
of railroad mortgagee United States bonds
were all unchanged on call on the week.
Sales. High. Low. bid.
do preferred
Atlantic Coast Line..
Baltimore & Ohio....
do preferred
Canadian Pacific ...
Central of N. J
Chesapeake & Ohio-
Chicago & Alton....
do preferred ......
Chi. Great Western.
Chl. & Northwestern
4,400 SU b&ii J
100 103 103 103
2.000 142 141 141
7,500 1034 107)4 107i
6,300 146 145U H54
100 2004 200200
13.300 6S 67 57H
100 41 41i 41
100 81 Si 80
3,700 24 23fi 23
500 241 240 233
Chi.. MIL & St. Paul 23,000 179i 170
uni. Term. & Trans..
do preferred .......
C C., C & St. L....
Colorado & Southern.
do 1st preferred....
do 2d preferred.....
400 32 324 82
100 105 105 105
700 24 23Ti 23
100 60 60 60
300 35 35 34
Delaware & Hudson
rv-i Tjrk X- IVt-jt 375
Denver & Rio Grande 34
do preferred 1.000 S0; SS tw4
Erie 21,800 46 46 40
do 1st preferred,... 400 Sl 60 b0
do 2d preferred 900 6S 07 67.
Booking .Valley
do preferred ....... ...... 04
Illinois Central . 3,100 161 160 161
Iowa Central 200 20 23 20
do preferred . . 54
Kan. City Southern.. 200 28 20 29
do preferred 400 66 65 05;
t m. X. .v... tnn will 11111
Manhattan L.
S00 160 163j4 lCa'A
23.300 80 88
Metrop. Securities. ..
Metropolitan St. Ry..
Mexican Central ....
Minn. & St. Louis...
M.. St. P. & 6. S. M.
do preferred
Missouri Pacific ....
Mc, Kim.. &(Xexas..'
do preferred .
Vt1rmJ nf Mr nfd
6,200 124 123 123
1,400 24
New YorkrCentral... 86,300 162 161
N. Y., OnC & West.. 33,500 63 61
Norfolk & Western.. 2,100 6 &5
do preferred ...
Pennsylvania 44.800 143 142 142
p.. c, a & st. l. : 82
Reading 66.O09 85 84
300 116 116 116
300 163 163 163
6.000 107 107 107
100 81 21 31
1.600 66 65 65
5H oomTjasies
"United States
Amalgamated Copper S5.P0O
Amer. Car & Foundry 3,600
do preferred" COO
American Cotton Oil. 300
do preferred........ ......
American Ice ......
do preferred
American Linseed Oil 200
do preferred
American Locomotive 5.600
do -preferred 115
Amer. 8m. & Refining 14.000 102 101 102
do preferred 1,500 121 121 12I:
Amer. Sugar Refining' 5,300 143 142 142
Am. Tobacco pf. cert. 600 96 86 96
Ar.aconca. .inning vo. 4 uu 117
Brooklyn B, Tranelt. U.P00 67
Colorado Fuel & Iron 8,600 53
Consolidated Gas
Cora Products ...
do preferred ...
1,400 206
TOO 18
200' 73
Distillers' Securities.
1,100 41V
General Electric
600 188 188 18SU
. 1,900 23 22 22
International Paper..
00 crerermt
200 79
International Pump..
do preferred .......
National Lead ......
North American ....
Pacific Mall
People's Gas
Pressed Steel Car....
do preferred
Pullman Palace Car.
Republic Steel
do preferred .......
"Rubber Goods ......
do preferred .......
Tenn. Coal & Iron...
JSO 102?; 102 102
S.4O0 Vl2 111 inaj
V2 92
245 245
76 76
26 26
3.600 83 8S
U. S. Leather,
do preferred ............ . icu
XJ. S. Realty fiOO 94Vi 93U 94V
U. S. Rubber.
200 41 40 40
do preferred .....
II .S. Steel
do preferred
Ya. -Carolina. Chem
do preferred .....
Westinghouse Elec
.. 40.100
.. 15,200
200 107 107
Western Union ..!... 300 94 84
Total sales forthe day. 625.000 shams.
NEW YORK, March . IS. Cloalnr quota
tions: V. S. ref. 2s reg.l04Atch!son AdJ 4s. 96
do coupon . ..104JD. & R. G. 4s. .101
T7. S. 3s reg.... 104UN. Y. Cent. lsts. 99
do coupon ...104Nor. Pacific 3s.. 77
V. S. new 4s reg.1321 do 4s 106
do coupon ...132ISo. Pacific 4s... 95
V. S. old 4s reg. 104 (Union Pacific 4s. 106
do coupon . ..105Wle Central 4s. 94
Stocks at London. V.
LONDON. March IS. Consols for money.
91; consols for account- 91.
Anaconda ..... 6"
Atchison 81
do preferred .106
Bait. & Ohio ..111
Can. Pacific ...149
Ches. & Ohio ..59
C. Gt. Western . 24
C M. & St. P. .164
DeBeers ... ... 17
D. H, G S5
do preferred . 92
Erie 47
Nor. & Western. S8
I do preferred .. 94
Ont & Western. 63
Pennsylvania ... 73
Rasd Mlnra in
Reading 49
ao 1st pref ... 47
do M rret 4T
So. Railway ... 35
do nrefrrK"l -Jlniii
(So. Pacific TO-
Union Pacific ..156
do 1st pref ... S3
do preferred ..101
do -2d pref 70- . S. Steel
. 2 ft
do 1st preferred.... -400 82
do 2d preferred
Rock Island Co. 7.100 34
do preferred S00 80
St. L. & S. T. 24 pfd. 100 71
St. L. Southwestern .....
do preferred 2.S00 64
Southern Pacific .... 25.100 68
do preferred 400 118
Southern Rallwy . 2,500 35
do preferred 100 89
Texas & Pacific 2.400 38
Toledo. St. L. & W.. 1,300 30
do preferred 1.300 59
"Unloa Pacific 86,300 133
do preferred
Wabash 700 22
do preferred 100 46
"Wheeling & L. Erie
'Wisconsin Central .. 700 24
do preferred 300 S3
Express companies
66 66
52 53
205 205
18 18
73 73
41 40
88 188
22 22
73 7Si
da srcferr& u STifcXtlae&t sad Is td was paid for .tee greasy.
Downing, Hopkins & Co.
Established 1893
Room 4, Ground Floor
T. fr V ...14B 1W!mji .. ... "".U
M.. K. & T. ,32) do preferred .. 47
2f. Y. Central.. .166
Decrease Is Cash Is Large, bat Is Less Thaa
NEW YORK. March IS. The Financier says:
The official statement of the Ne-sr York As
sociated Banks was Quite tmfavorable It
showed a large decrease la cash, partly as the
result of lighter receipts of currency from the
Interior, but chiefly because of the surrenders
of public deposits In response to the treasury
call which was leaned last November and
which finally matured oa Wednesday; the
operations of- ye Treasury' Incident to the re
quirements of the 5 per cent redemption
fund aad to remittances of excess Internal
revensa collections contributed to the loss of
cash. The decrease la this Item was, how
ever, smaller than that which was estimated
from the traceable movements of money during
the week. The discrepancy was due to the
fact that the principal movement out of the
banks, the transfer of pubVio deposits, was
completed by Wednesday, thus causing this
loss to count for an average of only three days
of, the bank week.
The statement of areragas of the clearing
house ban lr of this city for the week shows:
Loans 1.127.678.400
Deposits 1474.438,100
C 5.24L800
Legal tenders.. .....
Reserve required....
Surplus ..
Ex-U. S. deposits...
Bank Clearisgs.
Bank clearings of the leading cities of the
Northwest yesterday were as follows:
Clearings. Balances.
Portland ..43S6.cS4 3161,430
SeatUe ... 654.422 133.746
Tacoma 484,985 29.163
Spokane ...y. 436.625 85.780
Clearings of Portland, Seattle and Tacoma
for the week were:
Portland. Seattle. Tacoma.
Monday 51,033.242 SL049.180 2 556.059
Tuesday 682.292
Wednesday .. 664.901
Thursday .... 1.012.02S
Friday 781.305
Saturday .. 5S6.6S4
Total . ..$4,86L352 S5.700.344. 13,053,252
igs for the corresponding week la for
mer years were,:
Portland. Seattle
1900 21.791.942 Sl.651,948
1901 1.913,717 1.892,955
1802.. 2,837.425 2,829,000
1903 .. 4.09S.001 3.789,801
1904-. 3.491,450 3.858.318
2 794.969
843. 4S1
Mosey, Exchange Etc
NEW YORK. March IS. Money oa call,
nominal; no loans. Time money, easy; 60 and
90 days, 3 per cent; six months, 3 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, 36-t per cent.
Sterling exchange easy, with actual busi
ness la bankers' bills at 24.SC2534.8635 for de
mand and at 34.S425g4.S425 for 60 days.
Posted rates. 24.8534.85 and S4.87e4.S7.
Commercial bills. 54.S3e4.S4,
Bar silver, 57c
Mexican dollars, 44c.
Government and railroad bonds, steady.
SAN FRANCISCO. March 15. Silver bars.
57e Sight drafts. 7c; telegraph, drafts, 10c
Sterling oa London, 60 days, 24.83; sight,
LONDON. March 18. Bar silver quiet.
26 9-16d per ounce Money.t 182 per cent.
The rate of discount la the 'open market for
short bills Is 2 per cent; the rate of discount
In the open market for three-months bills Is
2&25-10 per cent.
Imports aal Exports.
NEW YORK, March 18. Total Imports of
merchandise and drygoods at the port of New
York for the week ending today were $13,
221,794. Total Imports of specie at the port t New
York for the week ending today were 2LSS6,
S91 gold and 2192,963 silver.
Total exports of specie from the port of
New York for the week ending today were
2CS0.S75 gold and 2507.CS6 silver.
Dally Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON. March 18. Today's state
ment of the Treasury balances la the general
fund abows:
Available cash balances 5142.103,063
Gold 65.472,309
Mining Stocks.
SAX FRANCISCO, March IS. Official clos
ing quotations for mining stocks today were
as follows:
Alpha Con. ...
Best & Belcher
Challenge Con..
Chollar ... ...
Confidence ....
Con. Cal. & Va.
Crown Point ..
Exchequer ....
Gould & Curry
Hale& Norcross
2 .09MexIcan , ...J 1.75
.2l(OccIdental Con.. .90
-201Ophlr 7.00
23Potoal m
.42 Savage
.14 Scorpion ........
.141 Seg. Belcher ...
.62Slerra Nevada . -L60iSllver
Union Con.
Utah Con. rf
Yellow Jacket
NEW YORK, March IS. Closing quota
tions: Adams Con. ....2 .25
Alice' 93
Breece 25
Little Chief ....2 .06
Ontario ...... . 3.75
Ophir 6.75
Brunswick Con.. .06
Comstock Tun... .OS
Con. Cat & Va.. L60
Savage ... ....
Sierra Nevada
Horn Silver .... LSO
Iron Silver 8.25
Leadvllle Con. .. .03;
Small Hopes ....
Standard ,. L80
BOSTON, March 18. Closing quotations:
Allouez ..
.2 6.00
Mohawk ......2 5X00
Mont, a & C
Amalgamated. .
Am. Zinc .....
Bingham ....
CaL & Hecla .
Centennial . . .
Copper Range.
Ejaly West ...
Dominion Coal
Gran by ......
Isle Royals ...
Mass. Mining.
Michigan .....
viz Dominion.
Osceola ......
Shannon ...
Tamarack ....
u. s. Mininr...
U. 8. Oil
Utah ...
Winona ...
Wolverine 112.00
Dried Fruit at New Tork.
NEW YORK. March 18. The market for
evaporated apples Is quiet, but holders are ask
ing full late prices. Common aro quoted at
46c; prime 5e5c; choice. 636c; fancy,
Prunes quiet. Quotations, range from 2
Se according to grade
v Apricots Are steady in demand, hut are of
fered very sparingly and ruled firm. Choice
ore quoted at 105jllc: extra choice. 116
I2c; fancy. 12815c.
Peaches are firm with choice held at 10G
10e; extra choice 1010c; fancy. ll612e
Raisins are easier, but without change la
prices. Loose Muscatels are quoted at 4UQ
6c; London layers. 21.05GL25; seeded raisins,
. Coffee and Sugar.
XEY YORK. March IS. The market for
coffer futures closed steady at uneEanged
prices to as advance of S points. Sales were
reported of 62.500 bags. Including: May. &S59
6.50c: July. 6.5568.60c: September. 6.7026.75c;
October. 6.60c; December. 6.9036.05c; Janu
ary, 7.05c Spot Rio, quiet; No. 7 invoice
7c: mild, steady; Cordova 10313c
Sugar Raw, firm; fair refining, 4 c;, centri
fugal. 96 teat. 5c; molasses sugar, 4c Re
fined, steady; crushed. 26.75; powdered, 29.15;
granulated. S&OS.
Lesio Weol Sales.
LONDON. March 18. The offerings at the
wool auction today amounted to 7800 bales.
The demand was spirited and the small supply
sold readily. The recent hardenSog tendency
was agala notice able today, especially la me
dlom and well-grown cxoss-breds suitable for
Americana, who secured several lots. All
I grades of merinos were wasted for the Cos-
Chamber of Commerce
Causes Bullish Tone to Trading In
Chicago Pit Close Is Firm
at Top Prices. V
CHICAGO. March 18. The wheat market
opened with indications of bullishness. Jkfay
was uschaaged to o higher at 21.14
LIB. July was a shade lower to o higher
at 92e92c From the start the May de
livery was la active- demand, shorts being the
best buyers. The weather was etlH extremely
favorable to the growth of the Fall-sowa crop.
but bullish sews from the Northwest easily
outweighed this Influence. Another reason for
the firmness at the opening was higher prices
at Liverpool. Asstrallas shipments showed
cauing on. ti continued bad reports
cf the Indian wheat cros was attributed the
strength of foreign grain markets. During the
first part of the trading here offerings wera
rather light and oa predictions by the Weather
Bureau of cold weather throughout the West
and Southwest, sellers became still fewer. Os
buying due to fears of damage by frost, prices
advanced materially. May selling up to 21.15
and July at 9388Sc The market reacted
slightly oa profit. taking tn July. The close
however, was firm, with May o up at 21.15.
Final quotations oa July were at 92c
Higher cables aad wet weather had a bullish
effect oa the corn market early la the day.
May opened &o higher at 49649o and
closed at 49C49e
The oats market followed com. May closed
at 81c
Provisions started strong with prices some
what higher, but the advance was followed by
considerable proSttaktng, resultlCT la a loss
of almost all the early gains. At the close
May pork was up 2o at 21287. Lard was
up 247Sc at 27.12. Ribs were a shade
lower at 26.95.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. Hlrb
May .. L15 - 21.15
.49 .49
.49 .49
.49 .49
.32 .82
May .
July .........
8pt. .....
May ....
July ....
.31 .31'
.28 .23
12.87 12.90
May ...
July ... ..13.05
7.15 v 7.15
7.32 7.32
May 6.97 6.97
July 7.17 T.17
Cash quotations were as follows
Flour Easy. Winter patents. 2335.10; Win
ter straights. 24.75&4-90; Spring patents. 259
5.40; Spring straights. 24.4034.80; bakers.
Wheat No. 2 Spring. 2L10&1.14; Jfo. 3, 21.02
1.12; No. 2 red. 2IJ501.16.
Com No. 2, 47c; No. 2 yellow, 43c
Oats No. 2, 81c; No. 2 white, 33g33c;
Ko. 3 white 31eS3e
Rye No. 2. 78S8c
Barley Good feeding. 3640c; fair to choice
malting, 43J47c.
Flax, seed No. 1, $1.20; No. 1 Northwest
ern. 2L3S.
Mess pork Per barrel. 212.S0-gl2.S5.
Lard Per 100 pounds. 2707.02.
Short ribs Loose, 26.87r7.
Short clear sides Boxed, J6.S77.
Clover Contract grade 213.35.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels ... 30.600 42.100
Wheat, bushels 33.000 33.900
Corn, bushels.. ...609.800 304.900
Oats, bushels ...317.S0O 201.800
iti e. Dusneis.. ........ ...... 3.0W 13.500
Barley, bushels 74,800 19,000
Grain aad Produce at Nnv York.
NEW YORK. March IS. Flour Receipts.
26,400 barrels; exports, 2700 barrels. Quiet
but steady. Minnesota patents, 25.S326-20;
Minnesota bakers. 24.1034.50; Winter patents.
55.40S5.75; Winter straights. 25.2O2S.30; Win
ter extras, 23.65Q40; Winter low grades.
Wheat Receipts, 107,700 bushels. Spot, firm;
No. 2 red. nominal elevator: No. 2 red, 21.18
f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 Northern Dulutb,
51.23 f. o. b. afloat: No. 1 hard Manitoba,
51.09 f. o. b. afloat. Shorts were good buy
ers of wheat today, especially May. Last
prices showed 6o advance May closed at
21.13, July at 97c and September at- 90c
Hops Quiet. State common to choice 1004.
26SC0C; 1903, 24C27C; olds. 11&13C Pacific
Coast 1904. 26323c; 1903, 2320c; olds, ll13c
Hides Steady. Galveston. 20823 pounds.
13c; California, 21&2S pounds, 19c; Texas dry.
240CO pounds, itftc
Wool Steady. Domestic fleece, 3133c
Petroleum Steady. Refined New York,
7.25c; Philadelphia and Baltimore. 7.29; do
la bulk. 6.50c
Grain at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 18. Wheat and
barley, quiet but steady.
Spot quotations Wheat: Shipping. 21.50-3
1.53; milling. 2L55L67. Barley: Feed,
2L221.25; brewing. ?1.2Se1.30. Oats: Red,
1.40L65; white 21.42L60; black. 2LJ5
Call-hoard sales Wheat: May. 21.46 bid.
21.46 asked; December. 2L2S. Barley: May,
51-20 bid. 2L22 asked; December, 81o bid.
Com: Largs yellow. 5L351.4a
European Grain Markets.
LIVERPOOL. March 18. Wheat May, 6s
8d; July, 6s Slid.
wheat, unchanged.
18. Cargoes. Inactive;
Metal Markets.
NEW YORK, March IS. There was no spe
cial feature In metals, which were .-generally
quiet aad unchanged. Tin is quoted at 29.40
29.60c Lake copper, 15.3P4l715.50c: electro
lytic 1325137c; casting. 14.S7e1C.23c
Lead remains quiet at 4.454.60c Spelter Lr
unchanged at 8.15C30c Iron Is la good de
mand and firm.
Dairy Produce In the Kant.
CHICAGO, " March 18. On the produce ex
change today the butter market was firm;
creameries. 20326c; dairies. lS323c
Eggs Strong at mark, cases Included, 15c;
firsts, 15c; prime firsts. 13c; extras, 17c
Cheese Steady to firm, 1213c
NEW YORK. March 18. Butter, eggs and
cheese, unchanged. -
New York Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. March 18. Cotton futures
closed steady and about net unchanged.
March. 7.0Gc; April. 7.70c; May; 7.75c; June
and July. 7.71c; August. 7.74c; September,
Wc-etjjat St, Louis.
ST. LOUIS. 3 Urea 18. Wool, steady; me
dium grades comb'lng a.nd clothing. 24925c;
lfght Use. lS02Oftc; heavy line, 14615c; tub
washed, 30g37c
W. R. Cody Is Arrested.
Upon complaint of Sergeant of Pol ce
Slover, TV. R. Cody, proprietor of the
Girard Cafe, Sixth and Stark streets, "was
arrested yesterday afterpaon by Patrol
man E. S. Kelson. THe charge against
him Is violation of the 1 o'clock closing
ordinance. He Is alleged, to have had a
,erowd of people in his saloon, drinking, at
s o cioac yesteraay xnorruaj-.
The Wonder of the World
Over $4,000,000
Worth of Ore Shipped In
One Short Year . .
"Goldfield Is
That Is the tray Mr. Laurence Tenny Gray, well-known In the mining
world of the "West, eplto'mizes his estimate of the mining camp that, in
its first year has shipped gold ore worth Four Millions of Dollars, break
ing ail TJnited States records and rivaling the highest score "made by the
Klondike during its palmiest days.
240 Per Cent Dividends
Ths Combination Mine of Goldfleld, which up to March 1st had been pay
ing dividends at the rate of 10 per cent per month on Its capitalize tion."of
5400,000, announces an increase of dividends to 20 per cent per month, or 2t0
per cent per annum; and mining engineers who recently Inspected the prop
erty assert that there is at least One Million Dollars' worth of ore in sight.
A Region of Vast Wealth
As development work progresses it Is apparent that Goldfleld is destined to
become the center of a. large area of gold-producing territory. The latest
news from Bullfrog, 75 miles south of Goldfleld, Is the uncovering of a 100
foot ledge that assays over One Thousand Dollars a ton. Still another 'Is
reported on ladd Mountain, near Bullfrog, where the pay streak shows &
value of
Five Thousand Dollars to the Ton
The Southwestern Securities Company, of Loa Angeles a corporation that
makes a business of buying and selling mines recently financed a new
company called the Goldfleld-Herald, In which the first allotment or block
of stock was over-subscribed In less than one week; and later marketed
the sioond allotment of shares at three times the first price all Inside of
thirty days.
This Company Now Offers GoIdfield-GIadlator
Shares at 5c; Par Value $1.00
The Gol(i2eld-Gladiator Company, incorporated for $3,500,000, controls three
claims tha Washoe, Stranger and Tucson which are located three miles
northeast of the City of Goldfleld, adjoining '. the Hercules Group of 20
claims, in which Mr. Charles M. Schwab is heavily interested.
The Southwestern Securities Company's resident Mining Engineer, Mr.
"W. 3. Ro'jerts, is now on the ground ready to begin development work
and & rich strike may be expected in the very near future, which will in
sure a rapid rise ia the price of shares.
Why Opportunity Is Offered
It Is the custom throughout the entire mining section of the Far West to
realize funds for development purposes by the sale of stock. A large por
tion of the stock of every company usually goes to those who put up the
money for the purchase of the company's property; and as most of this
money Is raised by mining men who know the district and are interested
in dozens of other enterprises, they are glad, at tho start, to avail them
selves of this mean of engaging outside capital.
History shows that the small investor is the man who, more than any
other, contributes to the upbuilding of greal Mining Camps because
when a man outside the mining region proper puts his money into one of
the mining properties, hls interest is focused on the mining situation of
the state, "and the task of securing big capital at "short notice for other
enormous mining enterprises which come up, and are bound to continue to
develop in a region where nature has distributed her health with such
prodigality, is a simpler matter.
You Are Invited toShare in
Goldfielti's Undug Millions
The Goldfleld-Gladlator Mining Company has authorized us to dispoea of
a limited number of shares of It3 Treasury stock fully paid and non-assessable
at the nominal price of 5 cents a share, for the purpose of push
ing development work; but in order to benefit by this offer, prompt ac
tion on your part is necessary, as no order for stock win be filled which
does not reach this office on or before the 20th day of March, ISO?.
"We further reserve the right to decline all orders returning funds after
the" allotment of stock allowed us by- tho aforesaid Goldfleld-Gladlator
Mining Company has been subscribed; and be It further understood we
cannot sell fewer than 200 or more than 10,000 shares to any one- person
it being the company's desire to effect a broad distribution of its stock, thus
enlisting co-operation that will be helpful im promoting other propositions.
$10 Will Buy 200 Shares, Par Value $ 200
$20 Will Bay 400 Shares, Par Value $ 400
$40 Will Buy 600 Shares. Par Value $ 8O0
$80 Will Buy 1600 Shares, Par Value $ 1,600
$100 Will Buy 2000 Shares, Par Value $2,000
Fill out the blank below and mall to us at once, Do it today; tomorrow
may be everlastingly too late.
Los Angeles, California
Enclosed please find $ in payment of
shares of stock in the Goldfield-Gladiator Mining
Name :
Address .".
Or-a safer plan Is to wire your orders (charges collect), -mailing remittance which
practically Insures you against the possibilities of feeinsr too lite.
Broadway Bank . Trust Co.
Colonial Mortgage &. Trust Co.
Mercantile Loan &. Trust Co.
All Los Angeles Newspapers.
Any Reputable Mercantile Agency
Los Angeles.
We are In position to furnish at lowest market value the stock of any
reputable Goldfleld Mining Company; and also have developed and undevel
oped Mining properties for sale, correspondence invited.
If you are interested in Gold Mining but are not yet ready to invest
we will be glad to mall you our beautifully Illustrated booklet entitled,
"Goldfleld," showing mines in various stages of development sent free
upon request.
Securities Co.
Fifth Floor Herman W. Heliman Building
Fourth and Spring Streets, bos Angeles, Cal.
4hc1iS, stmt San Francisco
FnPpOnr new edition of the
r n r r Itt,r3' GoIds
I IiLsIm Jta eScput doth bound Vook
, eeatsiahir inforaaiioe asd sdvtce to ioTestais
aad ipecuktsts couplets statistics of all rail,
road and Urge Industrial enterprises mill be
furnished toa appKcxtfon, a"so hi It Msrktt
LrUtr lea free apca request.
We opm accwats aad gra qeSck
Banks pay depositors 2 per cent to 4
per cent per annum, whllo the stockhold
ers receive 20 per cent to 100 per cent. We
offer you an investment which will place
you on the same level as the bank stock
holder. Absolute safety and a. large reg
ular monthly Income guaranteed. "Write
for particulars and recelvo our booklet
entitled, Income Assurance," describing
our metHMs, which are meeting with
great sucm with all classes of invest
ors. The Xqah & Savin Co., Incorpor
ated. Casital S.Me. Home office. 2ft
LJSU Alexis stmt, Montreal. Can.
Denver Dally. Mining Record.
Colorado Springs Mining Investor.
Chicago Farm Loans and City Bonds
and United Securities Company of
San Francisco.
Tpnopab, Goldfleld asd Bullfror are the great
est Gold Mining Camps on earth. "Write at
once for Map. Dally and "Weekly Market letter
and other Information. Absolutely free.
The American BanVfng & Brokerage Co.
303 Majestic bldg., Denver, Colo.
By the fast 10,000-ton twta-scretr steamers.
HELLIQ OLAV. from NewTorr, May 10
OSCAR H.. " " June T
HELUG OLAF, " " June 21
OSCAR H.. " July 19
No. 1 Broadway, New TorK.
590 Shares Good Goldfleld SMek.
Now orzanhdng sew company to develop val
uable properties. Charter members wanted at
2c per share, cash or Installments. Par value,
51.00. non-assessable. COO sharea free. Month,
ly reports. "Write or wire for particulars.
"L. Z. WILSON", Sox at, GMSetd, CTewute.
S -' 1 -
"He says he married, a widow. "What are
you laughing at?" "Ho thinks he did.
"Well, didn't her "Everybody elie says ther '
widow married htm."- Homtoa. Post,
Simply Great