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    l'iUS SUJSUAr OJKHilirUlAj, Piiyri'l.A 1NT11, ffl A KOH 19, 11KJ5.
Multnomah Wins From Com
Soldiers From Fort Stevens Come
Third With Seven Points, and
the High School Crowds
Them With Six.
Multnomah "won the indoor track meet
yesterday In Columbia's big gymnasium,
taking 40 points. Columbia came second
with 28 and T. M., C. A. third with 14.
The soldiers from Fort Stevens took
seven points and the High School six.
The meet was a good, all-round affair
with only one or two events out of the
ordinary. The Interest centered about
Smithson, of Multnomah, and Kelly, of
Columbia, both crack men who had never
met before. Smithson was formerly of
Corvallls and Kelly of the Baker City
HIph School. They were paired off In
the 50-yard and the 220-yard dashes.
Smithson won in the first and Kelly in the
second. Kelly is only a boy and was
slightly nervous, not doing his best in
the runs. Smithson was cooler, and in
the try-out for the 50-yard dash ran a
wonderfully even race, winning out with
the exact amount of exertion necessary.
However, be did not appear to be as
used to the track as Kelly, and could not
equal him In the 220. At the finish of that
race Kelly was all in, while Smithson
was laughing, still the latter was plainly
beaten. Smithson's race Is .properly the
100-yard dash, while Kelly does his best
in tho 220. His time of 22 4-5 seconds
breaks his own Coast record by one-fifth
of a second. i
Kelly ajso won theamnnlng broad Jump
with 21 feet 1 inch. Smithson came out
second in the high Jump and In the 50
yard hurdles.
Hurdle Well Run.
The hurdles was a pretty race, well run,
Livingston winning out for the Y. 2d.
C. A. in 6 2-5 seconds. Oscar Kerrigan
was third in this event.
Bert Kerrigan went into the high Jump
without having practiced for months. But
he found it no trouble to head the crowd
and when the rest went out at 5 feet 4
Inches, he tried 5 feet 6, then 5 feet 8
with success, stopping there. It looked
as if Bert thought it would be beneath
his dignity to win too easily.
The half-mile belonged to "Walsh, of Co
lumbia readily, Hawkins, of the High
School, and Cowan, of Columbia, putting
up a good race for second. The mile was
as easily Mays', of Multnomah, the real
race in this event being also for second
and third, Bruce, of the T. M. C A., and
Bradley, of the High School, winning the
positions at the finish.
Fight for Second Place.
The quarter-mile was not so pretty as
usual, as there were more men in the
leading bunch than convenient on such
a small track in a race. It was well
run, however, and "Walsh, of Columbia,
had to work for first. Meany, of Colum
bia, and Bruce, of Y. M. C A., fought
for second place, Meany winning.
The polevault was unusually protracted
and easily won by Bert Kerrigan. But
the number of contestants was slow to
diminish, and Livingston, of the T. M.
C. A., and Wilson, of the High. School,
tied at S feet 8 for second place. Kerri
gan quit at 9 feet.
There were several pretty heavy men in
the shot-put, James winning for Multno
mah with 37 feet 4 Inches. Bailey, of the
Y. M. C. A., put it 36 feet 3 inches, and
IJngelhorn, a stocky soldier from Port
Stevens, was third with 30 feet 2& Inches.
The half-mile relay race, the closing
event of the afternoon, was an exciting
contest. Several large soldiers competed
for Fort Stevens, .and in spite of their
wolght were able to win out with a good
margin. All three runners in each relay,
however, were always bunched.
Multnomah carried off the large silver
cup which was presented the winning
team by Columbia University.
The officials were:
Referee Frank E. Watklns.
Starter Jack King.
Judges of the finish E. T. Long, Arthur
Bpnnett and Bono Hutchinson.
Field Judges Lansing Stout, "W. Petraln
and H. B. Smith.
The Summaries.
The events of the day were:
Broad Jump Kelly (Columbia) first. 21
feet 1 inch: O. Kerrigan (Multnomah) sec
ond, 18 feet 11 Inches: Roe (Columbia)
third, 18 feet 10 inches.
Half mile "Walsh (Columbia) first. 2:21:
Hawkins (High School) second, Cowan
(Columbia) third.
Fifty-yard dash Smithson (Multnomah)
first, 0:05 4-5; Kelly (Columbia) second;
Gammie (Multnomah) third.
Sixteen-pound shot-put James (Multno
mah) first, distance 37 feet 4 inches; Bai
ley (Y. If. C. A.) second. 36 feet 3 inches;
Engelborn (Fort Stevens) third, 30 feet
24s inches.
Mile run S. Mays (Multnomah) first,
time 5:27: Bruce (Y. M. C A.) second;
Bradley (High School) third.
Fifty-yard hurdles Livingston (Y. M.
C. A.) first, time 0:06 2-5: Smithson (Mult
nomah) second; Kerrigan (Multnomah)
Pole-vault H. "W. Kerrigan (Multno
mah) first 9 feet; Livingston (Y. M. C
A.) and "Wilson (P. H. S.) tied at S feet
8 inches.
Half-mllo relay race Fort Stevens won,
time 2:45 3-5; Portland High School second,
Y. M. C A. third.
, Running high Jump H. "W. Kerrigan
(Multnomah) first, 5 feet S Inches; Smith
son (Multnomah) second, 5 feet 4 Inches;
Lacey (Fort Stevens) third, 5 feet 4
Inches. x.
Two hundred and twenty-yard dash
Kelly (Columbia) first, time 0:23 4-5;
Smithson (Multnomah) second; Gammie
(Multnomah) third.
Four hundred and forty-yard run
"Walsh (Columbia) first, time 0:58 4-5;
Meany (Columbia) second; Bruce (Y. M.
C. AO third.
Association Football.
A most enjoyable practice game of
association football was played yes
terday afternoon at Hawthorne Park
between two elevens of the Portland
Association football club. Good sport
.marked all the play. All tho contestants
. showed marked improvement in com
bination and -dribbling. and the sen
eral opinion of the crowd was that
Portland now has a football team in
the association lino that -would take
caro of any other club In the Pacific
Northwest. Matches with out-of-town
clubs' are now being arranged.
Beach Wins Cross-Country Run.
CORVALLIS, Or., March IS. (Special.)
There were nine starters In the final
cross country run contest held this after
noon by O. A. C track men. The course
was four miles and first place and a big
gold medal was won by Beach, with Mc
Farland second and Van Cleve third. The
time was 24:434, which is said to lower
a world s record.
Britishers Win at Checkers.
BOSTON", aiarch IS. In the fourth day's
playing of the international checker tour
nament here today the British players
won ten games and the Americans two,
while 28 were drawn. Total score British
38. Americana 16, drawn 106.
Standing of the League Competitors
In Tenpin Series.
The Gambrinus team is far in the lead
in the Portland Ten Pin League series.
Ed Capen holds the highest Individual
average and from present indications It
looks as though he would win the medaL
The following shows the standing of
the league teams to date:
- Gamea
played. "Won. Lost.
Oambrinus 30 2S 11
All Stars 42 21 21
Hankers 3U 17 22
Pin KnlshU 39 17 22
P. C
Gold Leaf 39 IS
lv Capen (Bankers ... .
2. Krusa Pin Knights..
3. Withers All Stars
4. Flcken Gold Leafs...
5. Hanson All Stars
6. Buzan .Pin Knights..
1S3 31-39
1S3 2-21
174 31-39
174 3-30
173 S-3C
7. Kneyse
8. Ball
9. Hoffman ...
10. Keating ...
1L I. Cloesct .
12. R. Case ...
13. Schonenback
14. Eowe
15. Galllard ...
16. Siebels
17. B. Case ....
18. Lamond ...
10. Hlnnekarop
20. Mallett ....
21. Hystnlth ...
22. E. Closset .
23. Jones
21. Hague
25. Armltace ..
'Gambrinus ...
172 33-36
Gambrinus ...
Gambrinus ...
Gold Leafs...
172 2-33
171 5-1S
171 T-39
109 18-27
1G9 2-21
1GS 1-53
165 3-27
Gambrinus. .. .
Gold Leafs. . .
Gold Leafs...
Gald Leafs...
All Stars :
Gold Leafs...
Pin Knlghta..
Pin Knights..
Gambrinus ...
AH Stars
164 7.9
163 36-42
1G2 21-27
162 13-1S
101 0-1S
100 7-36
157 15-39
155 4-42
23. Bo til anger AM Stars
27. Van Horn Goid Leaf...
28. Dale JPin Knights..
29. Dilman Bankers
SO. Christian iPin Knights..
81. Ballin 'Bankers
32. Johnson Pin Knights..
152 9-12
152 18-32
149 19-27
14K R.1R
Winning Team Gets the Necessary
Run In Ninth Inning.
The youthful members of the Eagle and
Centennial baseball teams met in action
yesterday, and when the nine innings
were ended the Eagles found themselves
victors by the close margin of one run,
the score being 15 to 14.
The Centennials found It necessary to
use three, pitchers, Hewitt retiring in the
fourth and Cozens in the sixth. The real
feature of the game was the three-base
hit by Davis, of the Eagles, in the ninth.
The line-up was: ,
Eagles. Position. Centennials.
Herschler C Marrias
Iavls P Hewitt. Cozens,
Turner S. S Hewitt
Thomas IB Dingle
Casldy 2B Flory
Mundeil 3 B H. Warren
Bolten L. F Burdlc
McKlnnon C F F. Bristow
Tapham R. F. Thorburn
Eagles 1 5 2 1 S 0 0 1 213
Centennials 0 1 0 4 1 2 4 2 014
Will Play Second Game.
The Schlllers and the East Portlands
will play the second game of baseball this
afternoon, at the Coast League grounds.
The game is one of a scries for the cham
pionship of the city.
The teamB will line up as follows:
Schlllers. Position. East Side.
Slavin C White
Mclnnis, Druhot,...P Reed. Hunter
Haynes 1 B .A. Parrott
J. Rankin.- 2 B Johnson
Fay S. S Newell'
Hart 3 B Patterson
Crandall L.F R. Parrott
Bredemeler C F North nip
Siebels R.F Oliver
Twcnty-to-One Shot Captures Thorn
ton Stakes.
SAN FRANCISCO, March IS. Grafter
won the four-mile Thornton stakes in
7:333. Shipped up from Ascot Park and
kept in the car 26 hours after he got here,
he was made an added starter and then
at a long price shocked the talent by clev
erly capturing the nice, fat purse from
the heavily played public choices, Veter-
ano and Horatius. In the betting on the
big race, Horatius closed favorite at 11
to 10. Veterano was held almost as tight
ly, being at 6 to 5. Flying Torpedo was
played from 10 down to 7. Grafter got
the overlook and. when the bugle sounded
13 to 1 could be had against his chances.
Flying Torpedo set out to make tho pace
and led for three times around the ring,
with Grafter second and Horatius third.
Just before the final spurt the horse with
the explosive name blew up. Then Vet
erano moved to the front and looked a
winner, but when Grafter made his bid.
Vivell's galloper had nothing left. In a
drive Grafter won by two and a half
lengths, with Veterano second and Ho
ratius third. Weather rainy, track sloppy.
One mile Frank Pcarce won, J. V. Klrby
eecond, Hungarian third; time. 1:47.
Mile- and 60 yards Bed Cross Norse won.
Esherin second. Anvil third; time, 1:46.
Mile and a quarter Dusty Miller won. Flaunt
eecond. Inspector Munro third; time, 2:12.
The Thornton stakes, $2500 added, four miles
Grafter won. Veterano second, Horatius
third; time, 7:33.
Mile- and & elzteenth Xlgrette won. Handy
Bill second. Stilicho third; time, 1:471.
One mile Celeres won. Sea Air second. Cloud-
light third; time, 1:444.
Fireball Defeats Col. Ruppert in a
Ding-Dong Race.
LOS ANGELES, CaL. March 18. The
finish between Fireball and Colonel Rup
pert in the third 'race at Ascot today was
the most stirring seen here during the
present meeting. The horses ran stride
for strido for the last eighth of a mile.
both driven to the utmost by their jock
eys. Fireball, the even-money favorite.
won because Dugan proved to be a bet
ter finisher than McDanieL The five fur
longs course was covered in IrttHi.
Three favorites won, tho other success
ful horses being well played. There was
a big crowd present and the books prob
ably broke much behind the talent on the
day. Weather clear, track fast- Sum
Slauson course Ciialk Hedrlclc won. M&nera
second. Massacre third; time. 1:12.
Six furlongs Cerro Santa won. Mart Gentry
second, Dunbar third; time, 1U3.
Flvo furlongs Fireball won. Colonel Itup-
pert eecond. Americano third; time, 1KWU.
Mile and a sixteenth Lord of the Heath won.
Ara second. LusUg third; time. 1:48.
6 even furlongs Workman won, Azclls, eec
ond. Itohador third; time, 1:264.
Mile- and an eighth Tryon won. Water Cure
eecond. Red Damsel third; time, l:Myj.
Hot Springs Races.
HOT SPRINGS. Ark-. March IS. Re-
Six furlongs Paul Jones won. Morddla sec
ond. Geneva i wire: umo.
Vm.r find n. half ftxrlonrs Pretty Nellie wan.
William MoSltt second, Starling third; time.
xrii o'nri n tr!itl yalemlaa won. Eldnev C.
Mile and a half Glisten won. Little "VVally
vnri Walklnd third: time. 2:40 2-5.
Six furlongs Vannaas won. Voltage second.
One mile Payne won. Colonel Preston eecond.
Simon Kent third; time, 1:45.
Mew Orleans Results.
NEW ORLEANS, March IS. Now Lou
isiana Jockey Club results:
Seven furlongs Fair Calypso won, Jucora sec
ntul Man Amour third: time. 1:27 4-5.
Mile and TO yards Royal Arms won. Dales
man second. Monograph third; time. 1:481-3.
Six furlongs Escutcheon won. Invincible sec
ond. Mayor Jonnsoa tmra. tim. l :13 1-6.
One mile Misanthrope won. Avoid second,
Pariaienne third: time. 1:41 1-5.
Five furlongs J. W. 0NeH won. Rawhide
eecond, Sadducee third: time. IKK) 4-5.
Mile and a lxteenth Old Hal won. Ethel
Mark second. limy wase tmra; lima. llt'J 2-a.
Transport Bringing Two Bat
teries of Artillery.
Will. Sail for Manila April 1 With
Full Regiment of Soldiers and
Part . Cargo of Lumber
Fourteenth on Sheridan.
The United States Army transport Bu
ford is due in the river today. She sailed
from San Francisco Thursday evening,
and with favorable weather should reach
the mouth of the Columbia this morning
and be here before night. The Buford Is
bringing the Seventeenth and Eighteenth
Batteries of field artillery. The troops
were brought across from llanlla on the
transport Thomas, reaching San Francisco
last Wednesday, and were at once trans
ferred to the Buford. They will be sta
tioned at Vancouver Barracks.
The Buford will sail from this city April
1 for the Philippines, and will carry the
entire .Nineteenth Infantry, which has
been recruited up to Its strength at Van
couver." The transport also has orders to
take a quantity of lumber, which will be
stored in the lower hold. The amount car-
In order to advertise the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition,
Portland, the State of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, The
Oregonian will mail the Sundaj- edition to any address
six months for 75 cents. This is less than the cost of the. white
paper and the postage, which The Oregonian "will prepay.
Orders from business houses or individuals- in other cities in
Oregon and "Washington "who may avail themselves of this exceptional
offer will receive prompt attention.
This offer expires by limitation June 1, 1905.
THE OREGONIAN, Portland, Oregon.
Circulation Department.
ried will depend on the space required
for the soldiers equipment and supplies.
The Buford, on arrival, will moor at
Greenwich dock, where the artillerymen
will disembark and at once proceed to the
barracks. The steamer will then go up
to the Portland Lumber Company's mill,
where her cargo will be loaded, after
which she will return to Greenwich dock.
where the soldiers bound for the Philip
pines will be embarked. The men will be
brought over from Vancouver by boat
Just before the transport is ready to sail.
The Buford, somewhere in the middle of
the Pacific, will pass the transport Sheri
dan, which is now on the way from
Manila to this port. The Sheridan has
the Fourteenth Infantry aboard, which is
changing places with the Nineteenth. The
transport is duo here about April 15.
Will Be Installed in Washougal Boat
This Week.
The engine for the steamer Jessie Har
king was completed at Bert Hicks' shop
on the East Side yesterday, and the work
of installing it will begin tomorrow morn
ing. The Eastern-built water-tube boiler
which has been lying on the Washington
street wharf for some time, will be put
in the steamer at once. The Washougal
& La Camas Transportation Company,
owner of the Harkins, expects to put her
in service on April 3. She will make two
round trips daily between Washougal and
this city, carrying only passengers, and
using tho Washington-street dock as a
landing place here.
When the Harkins goes into commis
sion the steamer lone will bo laid up for
two weeks, while a new wheel and king
post are put in and some minor repairs
made. Afterward she will make a daily
trip to Washougal, leaving Portland in
the mornlnsr. Instead of the afternoon, as
at present, and one or twice a week will
go as far as warrcnaaie.
Another steamer that will make use of
the VashIngton-sareot dock will be the
Chas. R. Spencer. It Is the intention
of Captain Spencer to start hep out on
the first of the month or probably sooner.
She will run to The Dalles on her old
Hull Is in Almost Perfect Condition
After Twelve Years'" Service.
The steamer Undine, of the Kamm line,
has been hauled out on the ways at the
Portland Shipbuilding Company's yards.
An examination of her hull showed it to
be in a remarkably good state of preser
vation. With the exception of a few
planks at tho bow and stern, tho timbers
were found to be as sound as the day they
were put in. As the steamer has not been
out "before in the past 12 years, the men
of the company were naturally surprised
at tho condition of the hulL Many steam
boats require a new bottom every five
years. The Undine will bo given a thor
ough overhauling of her machinery and
woodwork and will bo out of tho water
for about two months.
The steamer G. M. Walker will run on
the Vancouver route while the Undine Is
laid up. As the Walker's passenger license
was revoked the company is only handling
freight, sending the passengers over by
car. The Lurllno is now running regu
larly to Astoria.
New 'Regulations for Steam Passen
ger Boats.
As a result of investigations arising out
of the Slocum disaster, the Department of
Navigation at Washington has made im
portant changes in the rules as to safety
requirements for steam vessels carrying
passengers. Some or the more important
changes are as follows:
Metall air tanks are required in life
boats; kapok life-preservers and loose
granulated cork are prohibited in lifeboats
and Uferafts; all passenger steamers must
be provided with tire buckets, barrels and
axes: lamp lockers and ollrooms must be
provided with steam fire branches and be
metal lined: all . hose connections after
March 1 must be United States standard
pipe thread; portable fire-extinguishers,
according to tonnage of vessel, must be
provided: fire hose must be tested up to
100 pounds pressure to the square inch;
and fire mains must be on all decks; ferry-boats
must be equipped with life-preservers
proportionate to tho number of
square feet of passenger deck service; the
flashing of searchlights In a pilot-house
of passing vessels Is prohibited.
Member of Sailors' Union Charges
Them With Assault and Battery.
The only developments in the water
front trouble yesterday were the arrest of
two longshoremen oa complaint of a
sailor, charging them with assault and
battery. Quietness .reigned along the
Gus Johnson, a member of the Sailors'
"Onion, who complained to the police Fri
day night that he had been assaulted on
Second and Burnside streets, swore to a
warrant yesterday morning for the arrest
of Rudolph Schroder and John Maloney.
The police notified Andy Madsen, the sec
retary of the Longshoremen's Union, that
the men were wanted, and Madsen shortly
appeared at the station with them. Both
men were released on $100 ball, and will
have a hearing in the Municipal Court
Monday morning. Schroder and Maloney
say they were not in the vicinity of Sec
ond and Bumside at the; time of the al
leged assault.
Harbormaster Biglin spent most of the
day at the Portland Lumber Company's
mill, where sailors are loading the barken
tlne T. P. Emlgh, but there was no dis
turbance, there. Charles Buck, who was
arrested Friday morning, and three other
sailers came to work armed with huge
clubs, but the harbor officer told them the
weapons were not needed, and compelled
the men to drop the sticks before they
went on tho wharf. A few longshoremen
were standing around, but did not attempt
to molest the sailors.
Pearl, Cod-Fisher, Reported Sunk
Among Aleutian Islands.
Greenbaum. president of the Alaska Cod
flshlng Company, has received advices
which convince him that the company's
schooner Pearl, which sailed hence for
Sanak Island, December 7. l&M, has been
los.t with all on board. Telegrams stated
that wreckage of the Pearl had come
ashore near Sanak. The crew of the
vessel consisted of Captain Emil Soder
hold. First Mate P. Llndling; Second Mato
W. Tierney and Sailors A. C. BJornstad,
T. Thomson, Hand Heddlng and P. Jor
genson; Hans Spell mann was cook.
The following fishermen were aboard:
F. Hunt. William Spear, J. Moran. John
Lee, Thomas Bathle, Nils Johannsen,
Bernhard Alsen, C. Williams. F. Berg.
A. Castberg. E. Englebechsen, H. Nor
gren, Robert 'McGroch, A. Thorsson,
Frederick Kraft, Victor Holmberg, H.
Middleson, A. Olson, Carl Johnson. O.
Mikkelsen. J. Declereg, C. Anderson, John
Vera. Roy H. Foreman. M. Jacobsen, A.
Hlllltz. Oluf Olsen and Geore Fempr-
llng. All of the men were engaged at
tnis port.
The Perl is a schooner of 100 tons be
lontrlncr to the Alaska f!nrlflhini fVim.
pany. She was in command of Captain
Emil Soderholm, an experienced mariner,
who was familiar with navigation among
the Aleutian Islands.
Blockade-Runner Caught In Ice.
TOKIO, March 18. The British
steamer Mars, while attempting the
passage of Soya Straits, bound for
Vladivostok, was caught In the Ice and
Is stranded oft Rural Promontory. The
crew abandoned the vessel and landed
on the Island of Hokkaido.
Tho Mars is a vessel of 2497 tons reg
lster and is commanded by Captain
Russell. She sailed from Barry, Wales.
.November 26.
German Ship Outside.
A three-masted German ship was re
ported outside last evening which is
believed to be the Henriette, from Port
Los Angeles. She sailed from the
Southern port February 17 and has
part cargo from Antwerp. A portion of
her cement will be discharged at As
toria. The ship is coming to Balfour.
Guthrie & Co. and Is well known here.
Bonaventura Will Leave Honolulu.
HONOLULU. March 18. The British
cruiser Bonaventura will leave here to
morrow, continuing her Journey to the
Marine Notes.
Captain James Caughill, a well
known Coast skipper, has been ap
pointed master of the gasoline schooner
The Swedish ship Clan Macfarlane,
from Antwerp for Portland via Port
Los Angeles, was spoken March 10 in
42 north. 10 west.
Tho coast survey steamer Ara go was
taken down to the Government moor
ings, opposite St Johns, yesterday, and
tomorrow will be turned over to tho
engineers' department.
The schooners Churchill and A. T.
Brown will leave up from Astoria this
morning. Tho former loads at tho
North Pacific Mill for Haiphong and
the latter takes Government lumber
at the Portland Mill for Manila.
Domestic and Foreign Ports.
ASTOKLV. March 18. Sailed at 7 A. M.
BritMi steamer Ellerio. for Kobe. Sailed at
7:30 A. M. Steamer Columbia, for San Fraiv
cUct. Sailed at 8 A. M. Schooner Polaris,
for San Pedro. Outside at B P. M. A three
masted German shop. Arrived Schooner Bo
reatls, from San Francisco. Condition of the
bar at 5 P. M., moderate; wind southeast;
weather cloudy.
San Franclnco. March 18. Sailed last night
Steamer F. A. Kllburn, for Portland and coant
ports. Arrived British steamer Iqulque. from
Iaulqao: steamer Sierra, from Sydney; steamer
Mongolia, from Hong Kong; bark Edward May,
from Honolulu: ichooner Lizzie Vance, from
Gray's Harbor. Sailed Bark Charles Bt Ken
ney, for Tacoma; steamer Olympla, for Seattle;
steamer Meteor, for Comox.
Hoqulam, "Wash., March IS. Arrived Schoon
er Volant and steamers Xewburg and Iaqua,
from San Francisco. Sailed Steamer Centralia
and Homer and schooner J. A. Garfield, for
San Francisco.
Core Daadraff. Step FsdUac Hair. Selieres Itcklaff.
rhe ORIGINAL remedy that "kills the Dandruff Gers."
Anoted dermatologist says: "Tix Urn
Is cominr when an unsterluzed public
.hair brush will be aa rare as a public
tooth brush. The reason Is that dirty
bair hrushec spread dandruff, and true
dandruff Is now known to b a conta-
Bnc Starsc JIM. int Ite. stM. to IBFiClBE CI., Hft 8. Dtirtf, mm., tor t stapw:
Applrcatlens at Prsailaeat Barber Shaps.
Are-Wanted for Raising Postal
Joe Golden and George Fenton Ar
rested in Portland and Tom Pow
ers in Seattle Held for the
Canadian Authorities.
With the arrest of Joe Golden and George
Fenton, alias "Monk," in this city yester
day, and the previous arrest of Tom Pow
ers in Seattle, it Is believed that a gang
of postal money order "raisers" Is at last
under lock and key. The operations, it is
alleged, have covered months, the terri
tory being British Columbia. Golden and
Fenton were taken into custody by De
tectives Day and Welner. at the request of
Detective Mulharn. of the Vancouver, B.
C, Police Department.
The specific charge against Golden, Pow
ers and Fenton is raising a Canadian pos
tal order, secured in Victoria, from li
cents to 540. It is alleged they caused the
duplicate to be sent to the Seattle Daily
Times, and cashed the original for face
value at a Vancouver establishment.
When taken into custody yesterday
Golden and Fenton refused to say whether
they would return to Vancouver for trial
without a legal battle, but when Detec
tive Mulharn. with Day and Welner. vis
ited them in their cells at the City Jail
last night, they declared their Intention of
fighting extradition.
Detective Mulharn immediately wirea
the facts to his Chief, and will remain
here to handle the case from this end.
The prisoners will be transferred from
the City to the County Jail today, as there
is not sufficient room for them at Police
"There are supposed to be 12 cases of
raising 'postal money orders against the
three prisoners," said Detective Mulharn.
The one case will be pressed, ana is
thought to be so strong that to escape
conviction seems impossible. The same
methods were pursued in each of the
cases, the original orders being raised to
various sums, and cashed by business
houses in different places. The postal
officials have Just finished tracing in tne
case alluded to. and warrants were imme
diately issued for Golden, Powers and
Fenton. The" government is very anxious
to punish toe men, and win do an tne
legal fighting that may be found neces
sary." Golden. Powers and Fenton are wen
known all over the Pacific Coast- Ac
cording to the Dolice. they are burglars.
and have many times been arrestee ior
crimes. Golden is said to be the most
notorious of the trio. He was recently ar.
rested In Seattle in connection with a
sensational series of burglaries, but man
aged to secure an acquittal.
Rooney Defeats Jim Parr.
CHICAGO, March IS. John Rooney,
of Chicago, defeated Jim Parr,, the Eng-
lisn cnampton, in tneir wresuin? maica
here tonight at the Chicago Athletic
Club. Rooney won the first fall.
Graceo-Roman; Parr won the second,
catch-as-catch-can; Rooney the third.
Trains Are Moving Slowly.
LOS ANGELES. March IS. The rail
road situation in Southern California has
greatly Improved during the past 24 hours
and all trains were moving" tonight,
though somewhat behind schedules.
J Duncan, Naw TorkjMr and Mrs G if
H Shaw. New iorK i Jiortu, Cleveiana
J MSemple and U T CaJahan. Chicago
children. spoKane izusa a x uojuck. ao
G I Blattner. Tacom'
M Eckaten and wife,'
J W Adams. San Frn
II T Hendryx, sumptr
F D Fuller, Sumpter
L V Morrell, ChlcatforW B Bach. MUwaukie
a B Smith. St Paul
M Mayer. San Fran
B F Bernheim, Chicagi
ij A Crane and wile.
J H MfNIchola. city
R Yountr. Tacoma.
Miss Crane, Mass
Miss Lockwood. do
F Mottet find wife, do
A MacGrotty, London1
F E Fisher. LouUvll
F J Koster. San Fran
J J Hood and wife.
L Hlrsch. New Torkj
A W Homple and wf.
Grand Rapids
J V Kimball. San Frn
D McGarrlty. S F
J H Fiynn. N X
W H Gay and wife.
E II Smith and wlfe.i Detroit
Duluth (J "W Thompson and
A L Dodge and wife. wife. Detroit
New York IC W Carutl V T
D Duncan. San Fran
C E Winks. WInlpesr
W J Blchaus and wife.
Crystal Falls, Mich
R Stewart. co
Mrs r coring, ao
C S McLalne, San FrlA il Webster. San Fr
A J Cody. do
R D Macpbail. S F
G E Youle, Seattle I
A B Cousin. Calico
Mrs E T Coman. Colfx
Mrs W J Carrou.
Baker City
Miss M Carol!. Bak C
Miss E Threlter. Ill;
Mrs T B Quinn. ChiK
J J- Healy. Alaska
A Slater. San Fran
MUs R Hall. St Louis
Miss E Hall. do .
J T Kindall. Indpls
J B McCune. Boston
E WInsly. San Fran
L. H Bell. Sumpter
C P Hermann, Boston
A G Benard. San Frn
C H Christotter. JJ T
W F Marshall, S F
C E Fairbanks. Gr BpB F Stone. Astoria
J E Omara. Chicago I
R M Mack. Hlllsboro
J A Miller. do
TV P "Wood. do
A B "Wood. do
Tom Nolan. Corvallls
W E Cole. Birming
ham Springs
R L Baughman. Idah
S G Holland, Salem
D Durbln. do
K K Somervllle. NaDav-E McMurrar. St Paul
J "W Dahl. NapavinelW B Kurtz. The Dlts
J H Hamilton, New ic F Fulton. Wasco
III Mamasse. Ohio
John Bentley, S F I
Mrs Bentley, San Frn
Mrs E Hofer. Salem
Florence Holer, ao
Mis McKlnnie. do
"W W Chlsson. Eugene;
J D Matlock. do
Sam woode. do
A C Bnrdlck. city
Mrs "W Williams. Dllas
Mrs T Chapman, do
M J Allton. Everett
"W J Dixon. Blue Kvrj
G W Veness. "Wlnlock
"W O Asb. Hood River
.Bertha Veness, do
Mrs Ash. do
Robt Burns. Salem
Mrs E Smith. Salem
Chas Mulharn. Vancvr
J TV Knight. Gervalsi
Lias Balnbridge. Stockt
W W Bays. Illinois
R w Jones. McMInnvl
H L Stephens. Pendlt
Mrs Wra Dutcher, Ab
C D Johnson, do
Lillian Plowhead.
Mlddletown. Idaho
Miss Dutcher. Abrdn
C A Inskeys. McMlnnr
Alex Miller. San Fran
Bessie Inskeys, McMnn
I TV Shultz. ChehallslC E Vance. Maringo
E M Brannlck. city
M A Cole, Tacoma
Geo Harris. San Jose
J Johnson. Blalock
G D Wtram. Vancvr
Chas Hughes. do
TV B Simmons. do
fW H Davis. Albany
T J Seufert and wife
w H Davis. Albany
The Dalles
G E'Coghlll. For Grov
Tr T TV JaMcson. Vil-iTV TemDlln. Chicago
llsea lEdaon M Rowley and
A D Stlllman. Fendltl wife. Vancouver
gious diseaM that will, sooner or later,
cause baldness. A writer In Medical Re
view of Reviews says, "3chooI children
should know that It la dirty to use an
other's hair brush." Newbro's Herpldde
renders public hair brushes harmless by
destroying the dandruff microbe. A de
lightful hair dressing. Gives wonderful
Dr. W. Norton Davis & Co.
is an association of eminent physicians,
cialists, witn aounaant capital, estaDiisnea in .fortiana in issy.
They will accept no case of treatment except certain they can effect a cure,
nor will they make any charge in case of failure.
Many men experience weakness and disease brought on by youthful follies
and excesses, producing some of the following symptoms: Nervousness, mel
ancholia, dyspepsia, costiveness, diarrhoea, nightly or dally losses, weakened
eyesight, catarrh, ringing or buzzing sounds in the ear3, headache sleepless
ness, lack of energ, loss of memory, backache, muscular and general weak
ness, fluttering of the heart, hot flushes, fatigue on rising from sleep, creeping,
tingling sensation and twitching of the muscles, sour risings in the throat,
bloating after eating, dizziness upon rising suddenly, pain in back of neck;
hands, feet and muscles stiff; piles, organs shrunken, cold and clammy, varico
cele, hydrocele, diminished powers and impediments to marriage.
Many men suffer from drain without suspecting it. For one case where loss
is noticed, there ara ten where no visible signs are detected by the patient.
Many men suffering from vital weakness go into a decline and die without sus
pecting the cause, while others experience but little physical weakness.
The specialist In this department uses a treatment which is peculiar to him
self which has never failed, to his knowledge, in any case. It consists of a local
treatment in connection with internal medication. He will give you a -written,
guarantee to cure you or forfeit
Though it Is much better to call upon us in person, those who can. not tto so
may write for our question blank and Illustrated book, mailed free, sealed, in
plain wrapper, describing- the male anatomy and our methods of treating 'dis
eases of men. Our system of treating by letter Is so perfect that we are able to
treat most cases successfully at home. We number our patients from nearly
every country in the world.
Office hourse: Dally 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays and holidays 10 A. M. to 12 M.
Should You Desire You May Pay After Cure Has Been Effected
You may deposit the fee in any bank in Portland to be handed to us when
you are entirely satisfied, that you are cured, or you may pay in. weekly or
monthly installments.
The Leading Specialists of the Northwest. Established 1889.
Van-Noy Hotel, 52 1-2 Third Street, Cor. Pine, Portland, Or.
Mrs A McDonald. S F
A 31 Crawford, Salem
A "W Shearer, city
Miss Chisholm. SeattI
A J Davidson and wf,
W H Burrago. Colo
Hood River x
E1 Zeyss. Salem
Dr Gellewick. do
E "W Haines. For Gro
Sirs R H Fleming, Sa-
Mrs McCoIlusx. Napa.
Joan Mlnto. Baiem
E P Scarflon
ueo J AlUces, S F
Margaret Shea, Sil
J. J Franklin. Dallas!
w-L Robb. Astoria
W W Levlne, N Y
A L Barker and wife,
ver City
Mrs C J Tippett, Gold-
Peter. Beeg and wife.
Mrs O'Brien. Anacond
H A Llnsenbrmk,
Orion Klnersly, city
C G smith, city
H G Van Dusen, Asto
Tacoma Hotel. Tacoma.
American plan. Bates, 53 and trn.
Hotel Doanelly, Tacentsk
First-class restaurant in connection.
&riontI icK'xi LfiULJuH
wnziaai mma unly ueanlac
8 ATE. AI7irlUtJ. T.dla iU Drn1n
la JIEB ia3 Cold BtUlIla Imzm. mlal
Mis blMrlbtea. Take a ether. Bern
Ixitrtu SalMtttatioms and IaUto-
funMaU. l,OBOTntlsaaU!i. SoUty
atnHtmtUiypr. MsALmji 840x1-0. PMILA-. v.
Xsagest eatabUshed.
sbgc saccessiBi ass
reHfcble syecJalltts
tn eUsease f aaes,
aa medical diplomas,
licenses asd aewspa"
per records Bow.
Stricture, Varicocele,
Poison, Rectal, Kidney ana urinary uiseases
ud sOl diseases aad Treakacsaca due to lalaerltaace, evil habits, ex
cesaes or the result of specific diseases.
CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION FREE ?llTEt Honrs 1 8 A. M. (o 8 P. M.j Sundays, 10 to 1 only.
St. Louis Saa.and Dispensary
Cor. Second and Yamhill Streets, Fortland, Or.
potsncy thoroughly cured o lauure suaraawi.
vini; v. "V trouDieu wiiu iuui ciuusiuui), v. -tuuo, uwuuug uinn
bashfulness. aversion to society, whtah ueprive you of your manhood. UNFITS
XOV lbAGEI) Ewhofrom excesses and strains have lost their
Ji1! nnAV SKIX DISEASES, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, painful, bloody urine,
Glee? Sictu Enlarged Prostate! Sexual Debility. Varicocele. Hydrocele. Kid
DRUGS. Catarrh and rheumatism CURED.
Ttr "Walker's methods are regular and scientific. Ho uses no patent nos
trums or ready-made preparations, but cures the disease by thorough medical
treatment. His New Famphletmon Private Diseases sent freo to all men who ds
irribp. their trouble. PATDSJiTS cured at home. Terms reasonable. All letters
answered in plain envelope. .Consultation free and sacredly confidential. Call
on or address
DR. WALKER, 181 First Street Corner Yamhill. Portland, Or
experienced surgeons and expert spe
Every Woman
edous we vroaaerrai
MARVEL WkklwMi Spray
The NewXadles Syrtegei
joest. Barest, asoav
ilk jnr rKftUt fir tL
It he cansct supply th
other, but teaa. sump iotu
lustrsted book MU4Jt gtres
mil TMrMralan and directions m-
Talaableto-ladie. MARVKIiC.,
41 'PmTW Snr. Xenr "Fork.
Woodard, Clarke Si Co- Portland. Oregon.
. mm m Cured tO Stay OUTBti.
T H H U For FREE TEST treatment pra
rV 1 Bl pared for you sendfdl descrip
tion of your case and names of two afttTrmarta
sufferers. ntrtr. vtnt jajlu, m. u,
Dnt. 1. American Express Bldg- Chle)f
B Qur Hand Book on f atanta.Trade-Vartr 1,
etc., sent free. Patents procured throngh
9g Konn tfc Co., receive free notice fn the m
H romST fc CO.. 361 Broadway, JT.T. H
H BzAcsOrTicx:eFSt-,Waghtogton,D.C. B
Above all other tklnzs, tto strive to save tha thon
sands of younsr and middle-aged men who are plunging-
toward the grave, tortured by the woes of nervous
debility. "We have evolved a special treatment for
Nrvoua Debility and special weakness that Is uni
formly successful in cades where success was before
and by otaer doctors deemed Impossible. It does not
stimulate temporarily, but restores permanently. It
allays irritations of the delicate tissues surrounding
the lax and unduly expanded glands, contracting them
to their normal condition, which prevents lost vitality.
It tones up and strengthens the blood, vessels that
carry nourishment. The patient realizes a great blight
has been lifted from his life.
We want all MEN WHO AHE SUFFERING from any
diseaso or special weakness to feel that they can come
to our office freely for examination and explanation
of their condition FREE OP CHAIIGE, without being
bound by any obligation whatever to take treatment:
unless they ao desire. "We cure
Nervous Debility, Bfood
Twenty Years of Success
In the treatment of chronic diseases, such as liver,
kidpey and stomach disorders,, constipation, diar
rhoea, dropsical swellings, Brlght's disease, etc
Kidney and Urinary
Complaints, painful, difficult, to frequent, milky or
bloody urine, unnatural discharges epeedily cured.
i Diseases of the Rectum
Such as piles, fistula, fissure, ulceration, mucous and
bloody discharges, sured without the knife, pain or
Diseases of Men
Blood poison, gleet, stricture, unnatural losses, im-