The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, March 05, 1905, Page 8, Image 8

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The Meier (& Frank Store's Great Display of
Boys' and Girls' Wash Suits and Dresses
Ready for mothers who want to save time, money and worry The largest and best display of Wash Suits and
Dresses for little boys and girls ever shown in the Far West The most attractive styles and materials in
immense variety Every garment well made and perfect
fitting and the prices far below what they would cost if
made at home not considering the work and worry
attached to home dressmaking Remarkably complete
are both the boys' and children's lines showing styles
for morning and play wear, dress wear, Sunday wear
White and colors Plain, figured, striped Wise mothers
will boy early while size assortments are complete
"Washable Suits for Boys, 2 to 6 years of age, made with
detachable collars and ties, small collar and Bishop collar,
Ducks, Ginghams, Chambrays and Galatea Cloths in white, blue,
tans, reds, linen and mixtures, hundreds of them at prices rang
ing from $2.25 to $5.00 each.
"Washable Suits for Boys, 5 to 10 years of age ; Eton Sailor
Suits with detachable collar and tie, knickerbocker trousers;
Crashes, Linens, Galateas, Ducks, etc.; great variety of styles
at prices ranging from $2.50 to $5.00 suit.
Little Boys' "Wash Dresses in fancy wash materials, Kus
sian style, linen color, pink, blue and white; colored polka dots,
plain colors, fancy trimmed novelties, ages 1 to 4 years, 90c,
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00 up to $4.50 each.
Children's new Wash Dresses in Chambray, Percale, French
Ginghams and Linen materials; Russian and fancy styles, sailor
and fancy collars with embroidery trimmings ; blue, pinks and
fanoy checks, $1.35, $1.50, $2.00, $3.00, $3.50, $4.50, $5.00 and
$6.00. Second Floor. Mail orders promptly filled.
The Meier Frank Store Headquarters 1
For Women's Spring Apparel
DRESS New Black Etamine Voile and Black Taffeta
SKIRTS Dress Skirts, silk braid and strapped ef
fects, with and without silk drop skirts, also
shirred styles, $15.00 to $40.00.
Portland's Leading Cloak and Snit House will be found remarkably well
prepared to supply the women of the Northwest with new apparel of
every description in matchless assortments and the very best values for
money expended Our Cloak Chief leaves New York City for home
today His stay of nine weeks in the market has been productive of grand
results Never have we shown such beautiful styles, such immense varie
ties, such exceptional valuesThe woman who buys Easter or Summer
Apparel before looking here has certainly no thought for her own welfare
"Women's Suits in Etons, Blouses, Jackets and Norfolks; Broadcloth, Cash
mere, mannish mixtures, Alpacas, Etamines, Cheviots, Voiles, Panama Cloths
and Serges; tans, blacks, blue, grays, brown, stripes, mixtures, checks; all the
season's newest effects; $12.50 to $45.00.
Our Shirtwaist Suit display is second to none in the land. Taffetas Alpacas,
Etamines, Serges and Pongee in blue, blacks, tans, brown, green, plaids and ma
hogany; beautiful styles in immense variety at prices from $14.00 to $48.00.
Entirely new line of Coats for "Women, "Peter Thompson" effects in black
and white checks', tan Covert, fancy mixtures and Homespuns, stylish, serviceable
garments at $11.00, $12.00, $14.00, $15.00, $16.00, $18.00, $20.00.
New line of Silk Raglans and -Coats; Taffeta, Pongee, Alpacas; tans,
browns and blacks ; handsome novelties at $14, $15, $18, $22.50, $24, $25.
New line of Alpaca Walking Skirts, kilt effects, box-plaited or plain flare:
plain colors and fancy striped, $8.00; $9.00 up to $16.50.
Tan Covert Coats, largest display in this citv. S9.00 to 35.00.
WH1TE White Mull, Lawn, India Linon and Net
DRESSES Dresses a very large display of new styles,
Deauxuuuy maae, lace trimmed, dainty Sum-
mer Dresses, Party Dresses, etc. ; prices $9 to $35. 2d floor.
Spring Catalogue
"Wilibe ready for mailing on "Wednes
day. It is the handsomest and best
illustrated mail order solicitor pub
lished on the Coast. A hundred
pages of half-tone plates taken from
photographs or wash drawings. Ev
erything as far as practical has been
illustrated, giving1 our out-of-town
friends the best possible advantages
in ordering. The Spring Catalogue
being supplementary; to the large,
complete Jfail Order ;Book published
in the Fall, it does not represent all
our departments. "Wearing apparel
lines for women, men and children,
comprises a great portion of the
book. Information and price lists of
merchandise not listed will be cheer
fully sent at any time. Today we
want you to send us your name and
address for a copy of our Spring
Style and Price Exhibit. Ii will be
mailed free to any out-of-town address.
Our Mail Order service is the best
Uncle Sam and we can make it. All
orders filled same day as received by
experienced shoppers who aim to
serve you as though they were shop
ping for themselves. Send a trial
order and be convinced.
Portieres, Curtain Swiss, Bed Sets
Bargdns at T5 Meier & Frank Store
100 pairs of mercerised Por
tieres; two-tone effects m red,
bine, green and combination
colors Rose and Nile, btae
and cream, green and rose,
green and tan, olive and rose
20 colorings to select from
All new this season's goods
Great bargains rf A QA
$7.50 Vfll., Pr.
See Them on the Third Floor
15,000 yards of dotted and figured
Curtain Swiss, 36 inches wide,
great variety of patterns, great
special value at, i
the low price of I I C
Kuffled Swiss Bed Sets, for full-size beds, flounced sides and
foot, including bolster-cover, great bargain, $5.50 qq
values, on sale for three days at, set &mJO
Duck and goose feather Pillows, fancy tick covering, big qo
size, 7 Ids. to pair; great special values for 3 days, ea. . . . -JOG
Great special purchase of 100 Oriental Tapestry Couch Covers,
50 inches wide, three yards long, three patterns, i 9
heavy knotted fringe all around, $3.50 values, for. . .
Double-faced Tapestry Table Cover, two yards square, red, green,
tan and olive; best patterns; regular $2.00 value, tf J
on sale for the low price of, each . VI
The Meier & Frank Store s
Great Black Lace Sale
A one week's sale of Black Laces
All kinds, all grades at a big saving
Our entire stock is in clcded 45-inch
black dress nets, plain and figured
Embroidered and tacked chiffon,
black liberty silk, chiffon cloth,
appliques, bands, net top laces, all,
overs and edges Very best patterns
All Our 50c Values at 39c Yard
All Oar $1.00 Valaes at 79c Yard
All Oar $1.50 Valnes SK29 Yard
All Our $3.50 Valnes $1.89 Yard
All Our $4.00 Valnes $3.19 Yard
All Oct $5.00 Valaes $4.10 Yard
Point de Pans and Plat Valenciennes "White Laces and Inser
tions, VJz to 5 inches wide, 20c values, on sale for J
a few days at this low price, yard i ?yC
French Valenciennes Edges and Insertions, to Ar
inches wide, great special values at, doz. yards sOC
2500 yards of fancy Shirtwaist Suiting Silks, in Chiffon, Taffeta,
checks and figures, in the very best colorings
and styles, regular L25 values, yard -?C
"Servisilk," a desirable Silk for waists and suits, six lead- ff e
ing shades, great special value at the low price of, yard.
Exclusive Dress Patterns in Foulard Silks.
2000 New Silk Petticoats
The Meier & Frank Store's
Greatest Pcrchase $7.50 to $30.00
2000 Silk Petticoats represents our
complete showing for Spring. The
very latest ideas in plain and fancy
styles. It's by far the largest and
best collection ever sent to the Pa
cific Coast Taffeta, Silk Petticoats,
Pongee Silk Petticoats, Japanese Silk
Petticoats, accordion plaited, deep
flounce styles, lace trimmed styles,
silk embroidered styles, silk embroid
ered dots, English eyelet, lace and in
sertion novelties; blacks, white, tan,
blue, red, green, brown, plaids all
are made of the best quality Silks,
full width Skirts, best workmanship ;
prices are $7.50, $10.00, $12.50, $15,
$20, $21, $22.50, $25 and $30.
"We are showing for the first time
a magnificent exclusive line of hand
made French Silk Blouses .in the "La Favorite" and "Callot"
styles, trimmed in round-mesh Valenciennes, Irish Crochet, hand
made Bruges, Duchess and Honiton laces; exquisite novelties, at
prices from $25 to $60 each. Every woman wants to see them.
WHITE . Innen and Lawn "Waists in all the season's newest and
WAISTS Prees styles plain tailored and fancy effects; Port
land's greatest display. Prices Up to $35.00 each.
3 Days Picture Sale
Colored Medallions, oval -shape, size
4x6 inches, regular 35c
values, for 1C
Medallions, size 6x8 inches, big vari
ety of subjects, regular y 9
40c values on sale for.. v
3vPicture Pendant Oval Mats, new
subjects, great special A
values at IcsC
v .Pastel Pictures in 2-inch gilt frames
and gut mat, oval openings, size
14x26 inches, regular on
$2.95 values, on sale forP 07
Great values in Oil Paintings.$2.50
Artistic Picture Framing to your
order at the very lowest prices. Sec
ond Floor.
200 Suit Cases $7 Values $5 Ea.
The greatest Suit Case bargain we ever placed on sale
200 of them A clean-up of the reserve stock of a promi
nent Philadelphia manufacturer 23-inch Full stock Fig
ured linen lining drop shirt fold Brass trimmings A case
that sells every day in the year at $7.00 each Your
choice of this special lot while they last at $5.00 each
A carload of new Trunks just received. "Wardrobe Trunks,
Steamer TrunkSj Basket Trunks, Hat and Skirt Trunks; every
good style and size, all grades. Third Floor.
On sale in our Picture Department, the new view of Mount Hood
shown on page 33 of today's Oregonian; taken with a tele-photo
lens, it is probably the most striking of the old sum- e
mit ever taken; everybody wants one at 42r3Q
$1.50 White Petticoats 83 c
$1.25 Gowns for 69c
Two great lots of White Petticoats and Gowns at ridicn
lonsly low prices for Monday, Tnesday and Wednesday
Special purchase from a leading manufacturer enables
us to offer the following extra special bargains
800 "White Cambric Petticoats, trimmed in cluster of tucks, em
broidery insertion and edging, separate dust ruffles, the
very best $L50 values, on sale for 3 days at low price of. .05C
500 "Women's Cambric Gowns, round and square necks, trimmed
in embroidery, beading, ribbons, tucks and hemstitch- LQf,
ing, all sizes, very best $1.25 values, on sale for OfC
New Spring models-in "La Grecque" and "Kabo" Corsets
now ready; expert fitters in attendance. Second Floor.
Special Bargains in Haviland China
Odds and Ends at Less Than Cost
Haviland China Salad Dish, $1.10 value ..: 77$
Haviland China Salad Dish, $1.40 value. BB$
Haviland China Salad Dish, $1.90 value 31.43
Haviland China Salad Dish, $L75 value 121
Haviland China Sugar Bowl, $1.75 value $1.19
Haviland China Cracker Jar, $1.25 value SB$
Haviland China Cracker Jar, $L60 value $1.22
Haviland China Plates at low prices
$1.25 values . . $1.05 50c value 37$ 90c value 72$
75c values 58$ 25c values 21$
$2.15 Haviland China Chop "Dish $1.48
Odds and ends in Semi-Porcelainware, Palates, Cups and
Saucers, Vegetable Dishes, Platters, etc. Basement.
$1.25 Haviland Comb and Brush Trays 84$
$1.35 Haviland Celery Trays for 94$
Tomorrow Begins a Great One Week's Sale of
Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and Cocoa
We are getting Portland women better acquainted with onr Grocery
Store every day Selling the purest and best goods of all kinds
, ui frmuco wmuu mwm m. wuameimie savui every jmuum uuc
week we introduce our Tea, Coffee and Chocolate department The
leading brands at exceptionally interesting prices 'Phone Exchange 4
Best English Tea, lb 48$
Fancy English Tea, lb 37
Best Gunpowder Tea, lb 48$
Fancy Gunpowder Tea, lb... 37
Uncolored or Spider Leg Tea, lb.42
M. & F. Co. Green Jap. Tea, lb. 40$
Countdy Club Mocha and Java Cof
fee, 1-lb. cans, lb 33$
Country Club Mocha and Java Cof
fee, 2-lb. cans for 62$
Green Costa Rica, lb 12y2$
Green Java Coffee, lb 18$
Green Mocha Coffee, lb 23$
Imperial Cocoa, -lb. cans 18
Baker's Cocoa, -lb. cans 21j$
Baker's Cocoa, 1-lb. cans 42$
Ghiradelli's Cocoa, -lb. cans 20$
Ghiradelli's Cocoa, 1-lb. cans 40$
Hurler's Cocoa, -lb. cans 28$
Yo lb. Huyler ready-to-serve Choc.30
Epps' Cocoa, -lb. cans....- 23$
Ghiradelli's Eagle Sweet Choc. . .23$
Ghiradelli's Unsweetened Choc..23j
Baker's Eagle Sweet Choc. lb..25$
Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate. 30$
Meier Sb Frank's famous Mocha
and Java Coffee Equal to J C
the best 40c grades Lb.
"Hawes" Hats "Stetson" Hats
New models in the famous "Stetson" Hats for Spring wear are now ready Derbys
and Soft styles Black, nutria, pearl, tans Best hat America produces $4 and $5
Spring models in "Hawes" $3.00 Hats Derbys and Soft styles All the nevest
blocks in Mack, pearl, tans and nutria The best hat money can ny $3.00 each
New Caps for boys at 25c, 50c, ?5c and $1.00 New Spring Furnishings, Shirts,
Collars, Neckwear, Hosiery, Underwear, Nightshirts, Etc. in aU the latest styles
Great Sheet and Pillow Case Sale
Every housekeeper in town is interested in the March Sale of Sheets and Pillow
Cases Hundreds of dozens of the best grades in all sizes at the lowest prices quoted
on equal qualities for five years Housewives, hotel and boarding-house keepers win
anticipate their Summer needs by stocking up liberally Sale continues all this week
42x36-inch bleached Pillow Cases,
good cotton, great value, each....
45x36-inch bleached Pillow Cases,
great special 15c value at, each. . . .
45x3 6-inch, hemstitched Pillow Cases,
matchless value at, each.
Hemmed Marseilles pattern Bed- g
spreads, large size, great valne. .H &
Hemmed Marseilles Bedspreads, large size,
great special value at -. $2.05
72x90 bleached Sheets, good quality,
great value, each
81x90 bleached Sheets, great spe-.
cial value at, each
81x90 hemstitched Sheets, best qual
ity cotton, great value
81x99 hemstitched Sheets, best qual
ity cotton, great bargain
9,0x99 hemstitched Sheets, best qual
ity cotton, great bargain
Our Grand Wash Goods Display
Is the talk of the town Hundreds of thousands of yards of the newest and prettiest
Wash Materials m novelty effects for Summer Dresses, Waists, 'Shirtwaist Suits,
Party Dresses, Etc., Etc. Every piece priced at an unusually reasonable figure
New Canton Crepes, yard 50
New fancy Colored Swisses, yard 15$
New imported French figured Nets, hand
some styles, yard 85c to 50$
New imported fancy white and cream Silk
Madras, yard, 85c and 75$
New white embroidered Madras, yard.75
New white Piques, yard, $1.00 to 18
New embroidered Tissues in checks, plain
grounds with dots and figures, very best
styles for shirtwaist suits, immense variety
to choose from, yard 25$
New Imperial Chambrays in colors,, 30 inches
wide, great variety, yard L5$
New Cotton Shirtwaist Suitings, in Voiles,
flaked Voiles and novelty designs, an im
mense assortment at, yd, 25c to 15 $
New flowered Silk Organdies, yard .35$
New "Soiesette," plain colors, beautiful mercer
ized fabric for waists and dresses, yd. .25$
New "White Goods in endless variety; all-the
latest effects, plain and fancy styles, all grades.
Japanese linens in all grades. New Swiss,
Nainsook, India Linons, Lawns, etc.