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Porter in Warsaw Planned to
Blow Up Employer,
Czar1 Rescript Well Received by All
Except Workmen Frightful Mas
sacre of Students by the
Police at Tomsk.
WARSAW, March 4 (4:58 P. II.) A tele
gram from Iodz says a bomb was ex
poded today In the mansion of 31. Poz
nanaki, a millionaire cotton manufac
turer, and one servant was killed. M.
Poznanski's employes went out on strike
Tba bomb exploded In the hands of the
house porter, who Is supposed to have
been examining it. The porter was blown
to pieces. Two other bombs and incrim
inating correspondence were found In the
porter's apartments. The police believe
the bombs were Intended to kill M. Poz
nanski. The elaborate precautions of the author
ities have prevented thus far any disturb
ances here today. It Is reported that the
police have arrested and Incarcerated in
the citadel all the strike leaders, a total
of S3 men.
Czar's Rescript Received With Joy
as Step to Freedom.
ST. PETERSBURG, March 4. The im
perial rescript announcing that Emperor
Nicholas has decided to convene an as
sembly of elected representatives of the
people to elaborate and consider legisla
tion has produced a wonderful impression.
The war and the battle below Mukden are
forgotten. The rescript Is regarded by
many as a second emancipation procla
The Novoe Vremya characterizes It as
Russia's happiest hour. The Liberals are
amazed, and in the flush of enthusiasm
are regarding it as a recognition of the
elective principle and the complete sur
render of autocracy, but discriminating
people, while regarding It as a great vic
tory, realize that all will depend on the
manner in which the reform la carried
out. They do not yet harbor the vision of
a great national assembly debating all
questions of state. According to their
view, an entering wedge has been made.
bat the fight between Liberalism and Con
servatism is now transferred to the com
mission charged with the elaboration of
the reform, and only by keeping up the
agitation do they believe a real triumph is
That the fight will continue in the com
mitt ee Is unquestionable. One of the Min
isters, a man who has labored In favor of
broad concessions, said to the representa-
tive of the Aseoclated Press today that a
contest Is inevitable. According to his
opinion, it is useless to try to forecast the
result, but the great principle for which
he and others have been fighting had won.
High hopes are now entertained by the
Government of calming the present agi
tation "which la convulsing the country-
Bloodshed Is feared in Poland and other
parts of Russia, and the authorities have
taken the most energetic measures every
where. Here the courtyards are full of
troops and gendarmes, and patrols of Cos
sacks are parading the industrial section
in anticipation of trouble. But the re
script has had a quieting effect on the
workmen, and Governor-Gensral Trepoft
says he is convinced that nothing on a
large scale will occur, although it Is pos
sible that there may be slight disorders.
Horrible Brutality of Police and Sol
diers at Tomsk.
ST. PI&ERSBURG. March 4. Mail ad
vices which have just arrived here give
details of the student riots at Tomsk,
Western Siberia, February 26, preceding
the closing of the University and Tech
nical Institute. They represent it as a
horrible affair In which students were
herded, shot and slashed by the infantry,
guards, Cossacks and police. Nine stu
dents were killed and 28 were seriously
Over 100 young men and women were
taken to the police station, where they
were stripped of their clothing and some
of them were beaten into Insensibility
with sticks of wood. The women were
dragged about by the hair, amid cries
from the police of "there Is a wretched
liberty hound." So shameful was the ac
tion of the police that the whole Fifth
Division of police was bound over by the
court on the charge of brutality.
The Indignation at Tomsk was so In
tense that the professors of the Technical
Institute joined the students in deciding
to strike until the form of government is
changed. The university students at a
final meeting tore up the Emperor's pic
ture. Gcpon on His Way to London.
GENEVA, Switzerland. March 4.
Father Gopon, leader of the Russian
workmen on the fatal Sunday, January 22,
who has been here for the last two days,
left Geneva today for London by war of
Rescript Well Received by Liberals,
but Not by Workmen.
ST, PETERSBURG, March 5. The Im
perial rescript has been well received and
the Liberals generally are willing to wait
and give the Government a chance to
formulate reform measures. In the ab
sence of knowledge of details of the ex
tent to which the reforms will extend,
they are not declaring- themselves posi
tively either for or against the rescript.
The more radical of the workingmen.
however, are far from pacified, and a
general strike may be declared March 6
or 7. There were no disorders in St. Pe
tersburg yesterday and no trouble is ex
pected today.
Work has now ceased in S3 factories and
K1.G04 men are Idle. Several newspapers
will not publish today.
Japanese Try to Sink Contraband.
MANILA, March 4. Japanese embarked
In fishing sampans made four attempts to
eink the British steamer Carlisle last
night, according to a report current here,
but were repulsed by the customs guards
on board the vessel, who fired upon the
(The steamer Carlisle, now lying In Ma
nila harbor, was towed In there recently
from San Miguel Bay at the southern end
of the Island of Luzon, where she was
lyingdisabled. She was under charter to
the Russian government to carry supplies
from Vladivostok to Port Arthur, but
lost her propeller, finally drifting to San
Miguel Bay, where her captain brought
up while he went to Manila for assist
ance.) Japanese Take Three Villages.
IN THB FIELD Friday, March 3. 11 A.
M.. via Fusan (Delayed in Transmission).
During last night the Japanese occupied
three more villages in the Russian line of
defenses, carrying the captured lines 12
miles east of Changtan. The Russians
are falling hack on their heavy defenses
south of Mukden.
The Japanese movement Is entirely suc
cessful. The Japanese losses have not
yet been reported, but it is probable that
they will not be heavy, considering the
importance of the movement.
The pursuit of the Russians continues.
A heavy bombardment is In progress.
Japanese Seize Another Steamer.
TOKIO. March 4 The British steamer
Eastby- Abbey, from Cardiff, bound for
Vladivostok, -was seized by the Japanese
guards hip on February 27.
The Bistby Abbey Is a .steel screw
steamer, 2963 tons register, built at Stock
ton, England, in 1SS2. She is owned by
Pyman, Watcon & Co., of Cardiff, Eng-
Voters of Yamhill County Discuss
Question With W. S. U'Ren.
MMrNNVLUiE, Or.. March 4. (Spe
cial.) At the meeting of the referendum
committee today, W. S. "U'Ren, of Oregon
City, was present He stated as the
reason for his visit a request from Sena
tor Kuykendall, of Lane, that he come to
McMInnville and learn the extent of the
citizens' mass meeting could be recon
vened and the petitions calling for a ref
erendum of the J1.0CO,000 appropriation bill
called In, and also petitions for initiative
measures to correct the evils complained
of to be circulated instead.
The movement was fully discussed by
the committee and Mr. U'Ren. During
the discussion Mr. U'Ren was asked by
the committee if it was not the purpose of
those opposing the referendum to side
track the movement by initiative move
ment. He made no definite reply to this
question. Before leaving the city Mr.
U'Ren stated as his opinion that the pe
tition would easily receive the required
number of signers, and that In all prob-
ablllty the appropriation would be vetoed
by the people. This will be the case, if
Yamhill County Is any criterion.
During the day, while Mr. TTRen waa
here, the purpose of his visit became gen
erally known, and the possibility of his
opposition seemed to stir the people into
more determined action. Expressions
were often heard on the streets that left
no doubt of their determination to defeat
the hill at the polls.
The situation in the county may be
summed up in Mr. TTRen's statement to
Senator Wrisht before leaving that "if
an angel came down from heaven it would
not stem the movement, for It seems that
every man, woman and child favors It
Such Intense interest has not been man
ifested by the people in any movement
for many years, and the feoling seems to
grow with each farmer that comes to pay
his taxes, and it Is not uncommon for old'
line Republicans to say, "Hurrah for
Chamberlain!" for cutting out the emer
gency clause. With this feeling there Is
a slight disposition to run amuck on all
unconstitutional state institutions and sal
aries, but the cooler heads who are in
the van of the movement counsel caution
and judicious action. They do not want
to jeopardize the popularity of the ref
Today McMInnville Grange, No. JO,
passed on emphatic resolution indorsing
the action of the committee, and also
gave vote of thanks to Senator Howe for
his work in defending the measure to
raise the salaries of county officials. All
the blank petitions have been exhausted.
and the committee has decided to print
several thousands more.
J. H. Irvine, of this place, went to Dal
las today, carrying a number of pet!
tlons, and telephoned back that over 200
signatures were secured in less than two
hours. Ho asked that more blanks be
sent at once.
Will Be Erected by LInne & Carroll,
of Seattle, for 526,791.
TACOMA, "Wash., March 4. (Special.)
The Lewis and Clark Fair Commission
met at the Tacoma Hotel this afternoon
and awarded the contract for the state
building to be erected on the Fair grounds
at Portland to F. J. Dinne and D. Car
roll, contractors of Seattle.
Eight bids in all were received, most of
them being from firms in Seattle. The
successful bidders agree to do the work
for $26,791. A bid of 524.9SS was received
from the Burroll Construction Company,
of California, but, being a non-resident
concern. Its bid was not eligible.
The contractors are to commence work
on the building at once. They have agreed
to have the Interior finished by May 1
and the exterior by May 15.
The original cost of the building, as
contemplated by the commissioners, was
not to exceed $15,000, but additional space
has been acquired, and an extra allow
ance has been made by the commission
for the building.
All the members were present yesterday.
Dr. J. J. Smith, of Enumclaw, president
of the commission, occupied the chair.
Charles Taylor Knifed by George
Tucker in a Saloon.
EUGENE. Or., March 4. (Special.) A
serious cutting affray occurred this morn
ing at Springfield which may prove fatal
to one of the participants. George Tuck
er, a logger, and Charles Taylor, a car
penter, had an altercation in a saloon.
Tucker drew a knife and struck Taylor
on the breast, inflicting a dangerous
wound near the heart. The men had
been most of the night playing cards in
the saloon, and disputed over a game.
Tucker was arrested and brought to
the County Jail, whoro he is being held
for examination, which will be deferred
until the result of the wound Is known.
Fears ars entertained that Taylor will not
Soldiers Sleeping Above Are Hurled
From Their Bunks.
WALLA WALLA, Wash., March 4.
(Special.) The big range used in the
kitchen at Fort Walla Walla was blown
up at 1 o'clock this afternoon by con
fined gas, generated by combustion of the
largo quantity of coal stuffed into the
Steel was thrown all over the room,
breaking windows and tearing a large
hole in the walL Tho explosion hurled
two soldiers sleeping in bunks overhead
across the room, but did not injure any
one. Tho flames were quickly extin
guished by soldiers.
Idaho Legislature Adjourns.
BOISE, Idaho. March 4. The eighth ses
sion of the Idaho Legislature adjourned
at noon today. The closing hour waa de
voted lo presentations and speeches of fe
licitation. During the session IK) bills
passed both houses. Thlrty-eevon have
been signed and 113 are still in tho hands
of the Governor.
Robbers Dynamite a Safe.
Robbers dynamited the safe in the of
fices of the Mount Scott Lumber Com
pany, on tho Oregon Water Power fc
Railway line, last night and secured $4.
They escaped, and it was about two hours
afterward that the discovery was made
No clew to tho identity of the criminals
fvus left, but they are believed to he
the same who attempted to rob the safe
In F. Dresser's grocery store last week.
They drilled through the top of the safe
last night, as was the case in the other
affair. The police were notified.
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(Coa tinned from Tirol PayO
anese occupying Sanlinpu and neighboring
villages was continued tH morning. At
the game time reinforcements arrived
at Mukden.
"Early this morning the Japanese at
tacked our position on the left flank, In'
the region of JCandolesan, more than 303'
battalions participating. All the attacks
were repulsed with great less to the Jap
anese front ranks.
"The Japanese "attacking our right fi&nk
are dressed in the uniforms of the Chem-
barsky regiment, which was posted at
Gaotu Pass.
Our detachment on the left flank re
pulsed three attacks today, inflicting
great loss on the enemy. I have thanked
these valiant troops in His Majesty's
name for their, splendid defense.
The losses of the Japanese attacking
our left flatty are so great that they are
constructing defenses with the dead bodies
of their fallen comrades."
But Russians Will Be Driven Out by
Big Guns.
TERS IN THE FIELD. March 4. via
Fusan. The Russians still hold their
main line of defenses eastward of the
railway along the Shakhe River, but in
a situation requiring the highest general
ship in order to fight a battle or retreat
without heavy loss.
One of their strongest positions i TVan-
po Mountain, six miles east of therail
way, and a group of hills to the eastward.
The Japanese are today bombarding these
strongholds tremendously with most of
their heavy guns. It seems, Impossible
that the Russian positions will long with
stand such a weight of projectiles that
is being hurled against them.
General Kuropatkin has massed a great
army there on his left, apparently think
ing that the Japanese might successfully
attempt a flanking movement from Liao
Yang. The main line of defenses there,
which it took four months to perfect.
crowns the summit of steep hills.
Kuropatkin's Demoralized Army
Flees Before Oku's Army.
IN THE FIELD, 9 A- M., March 3, via
Fusan (Delayed in transmission). Lata
yesterday the Japanese occupied the sec
ond line of the Russian's right defenses
two miles northward. Their line was
taken this morning on the west bank of
the Hun River, four miles north of
This completely turned the Russian
right flank. The Japanese fire completely
demoralized the Russians, who retreated
In disorder. Pursuit was continued during
the night Tho Russians are still retiring
and General Oku's army Is advancing
Preparations for Retreat From Muk
den Panic on Right Wing.
NIUCHWANG. March 4 (7 P. M.), via
Tientsin. According to the latest reports
received here, the Russians are burning
Mukden station and their stores prepara
tory to a retreat. There are persistent
reports that the Russian left has been
successful, but that the right is panic
stricken. One hundred Japanese cavalry arrived
from the North this afternoon. They ex
changed shots with Russian scouts in the
outskirts of the town. Two hundred Cos
sacks are three miles east, moving north.
The Japanese are scouring the country
Japanese Near the Goal Russian
Right Wing Is Flanked.
MUKDEN, March 8. (Delayed in
transmission.) The Russian positions in
the center are unchanged. The east flank
Is fighting close to Manchuntan, while the
Japanese occupy Sufangtoljon tho south
west. On Thursday and also today Jap
anese corps gave battle on the southwest
within sight of Mukden.
Russians report that a Japanese force
has broken around the right and la mov
ing north, though It is believed the Rus
sians hold the Sinmlntln road at the Liao
Russians Show Signs of Yielding,
Though Reinforced.
TOKIO, March 5 (11 A. M.). Tho Rus
sians, driven from Chinhocheng, passed
Tallng and have remained at Samlungku
four days, resisting the Japanese advance.
The Russians there, although having re
ceived a reinforcement of over 80,000, show
signs of retreat. The Japanese are press
ing them toward Makunlln.
The Japanese have firmly established
communication with Penslhu and activity
on a grand scale Is expected.
Japanese Creep Upon Them In Pitch
TERS IN THE FIELD, via Fusan, Fri
day, March 3. The hotly-contested en
gagement waged since midnight across
the Shakhe River, from Witosan, is still
proceeding late this afternoon, under con
ditions entailing great hardships upon the
attacking force and favoring those de
fending the entrenchments.
A largo Japanese contingent which
crossed the plain directly west of Wito
san In darkness, rucceeded In gaining
the first line of the Russian trenches,
to the great astonishment of the Rus
sians. t
The Russians havo since been making
a fierce resistance in the second lino of
the trenches on the summits of the foot
hills, and the Japanese arc attacking
them spiritedly.
The night was bitterly cold, and today
it Is freezing and a thin film of snow
covers the earth. The Japanese are
obliged to wear the heaviest clothing,
which, with the cold and continuing snow
flurries, handicaps them.
Kuropatkin Will Abandon Mukden
for New Line of Defense.
BERLIN. March S. The Tageblatt
learns from a person In the confidence of
tho Russian Embassy there that the Rus
sian authorities are convinced that Gen
eral Kuropatkin will soon find it neces
sary to evacuate Mukden and retreat to
Tie Pass, where he will give decisive bat
tle. This, the paper's informant adds,
was General Kuropatkin's plan from the
flrst. and plans have already "been made
for the arrival of Russian troops at Tie
Russians Are Mystified.
MUKDEN, March 4. Tho Rus-
. v'
;--" .'
Elans are holding on desperately to
their positions. Although the fighting
has now been in progress six days, the
officers here aro mystified as to whether
tho actions at tho wings aro not dem
onstrations to facilitate the chief object
of the Japanese to break through the
Russian center, or if it is Field Marshal
Oyama's Intention to turn Mukden, on
which side is the real movement, and
on which the feint. One of General Ku
ropatkin's staff officers said to the Asso
ciated Press:
"Oyama's strategy is to break the cen
ter, and then Inclose the wings and com
pel a demoralized retreat, but until now
the Japanese attacks against the center
have been only measurably successful.
"Sanllnpou, which Is the key of our po
sition on tha right flank, was the scene
of awful carnage last night. The Jap
anese concentrated on it tho fire jot over
100 guns, and then attacked with the
bayonet. According to the reports com
ing in they were repulsed and In a coun
ter attack captured seven machine guns."
Trains are leaving Mukden ceaselessly
for tho north with wounded men and
Japanese Make Wide Circuit on Right
to Cut Off Communications.
ST. PETERSBURG, March 4 (5 P. M.
The .battle raging at the front has as
sumed enormous proportions. Already one
of the Associated Press Russian corre
spondents places tho Russian losses at
30,000 men and those of the Japanese at
40.009. It is added that the attempt to
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-draw a net around General Kuropatkin
has not yet succeeded, but it is stated that
the Japanese from Bin Mln Tun are at
tempting, by forced marches, to cut the
Russian line of communications.
General Knroki, according to tho latest
reports, is stalled by the Russian left, but
the Russian center la yielding slowly be
fore the Japanese onslaughts.
On Thursday Field Marshal Oyama
shifted the weight to his left, seeking to
envelop the Russian right, eight miles
southwest of Mukden. In the hand-to-hand
fighting which followed and con
tinued for four hours, the loss on both
sides was enormous.
But the most serious news is the report-thnt
the Japanese attacking column
at Sin Mln Ten, about SO miles west of
Mukden, has divided, part of it moving
straight east to roll up the Russlon right
wing, while tho other Is making forced
marches northwest, -with the evident pur
pose of cutting tho Russian lino of com
munications with Tie Pass and closing
the line of retreat. Should the operations
provo successful, the Russian army might
be surrounded.
They Drive Russians From Villages
and Capture Provisions.
TOKIO, March 4 (4:30 P. M- An official
dispatch received here today from the
headquarters of the Japanese armies In
Manchuria says:
"Many counter-attacks in the direc
tion of Hsinching have been repulsed by
tho Japanese. In tho direction of Bent
slaputzo the Japanese pressed the enemy
to his main defenses and are now en
gaging him. The Japanese have captured
Sunmupaotzu and the heights north of
Tan go la tun. east of the Shakhe River
Railroad, and have since ben engaging
the enemy's infantry.
"About a battalion of Russians attempt
ed to penetrate .Shunghwfang from the
direction of Fenchiapao, but were re
pulsed. "Paying no attention to the enemy's de
fenses west of the railroad, the Japanese
are pressing northeast. Part of tho Jap
anese forces dislodged the enemy from
Tamintun and Sin 'Mln Tun. The Japan
ese at tho latter place ' captured a Quan
tity of provisions."
Kuropatkin Says His Left Wing Is
Cut Off.
BERLIN, March A. dispatch to the
Tageblatt from St Petersburg says: "Gen
eral Kuropatkin, In a telegram which
arrived here at 7 o'clock last evening,
said SftftXlO Japanese bad broken through
the Russian left wing, and that it was
cut off from the remalner of the array."
At 10 o'clock came another" dispatch
from General Kuropatkin, which read:
"The Japanese are marching on Muk
den. My position Is extremely danger
ous." In government circles here today- there
is a conviction that General Kuropatkin
has been fully beaten, that part of his
army has been dispersed, and that the
railroad north of Mukden probably will
be cut
Japanese Land In the North.
VLADIVOSTOK, March 4. Two thou
sand Japanese troops have landed at
Shengshln, northward of Corea, to which
place they were conveyed "by steamers
from warships. A. flotilla of torpedoboats
covered the landing.
Russians Beaten at Sin Mln Tin.
TOKIO, March 4. It was an
nounced today from the headquarters of
the Japanese armies in Manchuria, xthat
the OghUng on the right, center and left
is resulting In steady Japanese zainsl
bbb, 'v
Our Claim
The Japanese, it Is added, have defeated
the Russians at Sin Mln Tin.
New Cars for Siberian Road.
ST. PETERSBURG, March 4. All the
new rolling stock, which includes 443 new
engines and 5173 cars, just delivered, will
be employed to reinforce the main Si
berian line Instead of being utilized In
general commercial traffic, as had been
Intended. The Minister of Communica
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