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MARCH . St . 1905.
Couaflsx-Koosi ................. .Mala 6P7
1S.axia.gUie Editor Mln 36
Sunde; Editor . Main CCj
City Editor Main 160
Society Editor Main 623-
Composlnc-Boom ..... ..... -Main CS5
Superintendent Building Bed 2S26
East Bldo Olflce East 61
COLUMBIA THEATER (JUh and Waftblncton)
Matinee at 2:15 and evening at 8:03. "Old
EMPIRE THEATER U2th and MerrlBon)-MaU
inee at 2:15, aad evening at 8:15, Manaras
LTRIC THEATER feor. Aider and 7th) Cere -edy-draraa.
"Tlie Convict's Daughter." 2:30
aad 8:15 P. M.
STAR THEATER (Park and "Washington)
Continuous vaudeville, 2:30 to 10:30 P. M.
BAKER THEATER (Third and Taxnbll!) Con
tinuous vaudeville, 2:30 to 10:30 P. M.
Bio Y. M. C. A. Meeting. The bis
men's meeting at the Y. M. C A. this
afternoon, called the Sunday Club for
men, will be addressed by Rev. Clarence
True Wilson. D. D., the new pastor of
-Grace Methodist Episcopal Church. Dr.
"Wilson will speak on the topic "Sin." Al
though a young man himself, Dr, Wilson
has been preaching for many years, hav
ing begun his ministry when scarcely
more than a boy. One of the most popu
lar features of the Sunday Club Is the
musical programme. During the last two
months the attendance at these gather
ings has never fallen below 400 men, and
several times has more than filled the
auditorium, and undoubtedly the music
lias been one of the chief attractions.
The music for today will bo furnished by
Coulter's Orchestra, with a cornet solo
by O. R. Myer. The Excelsior Male Quar
tet will sing several songs, and a Touslng
eong service will be led by Rev. F. Bur
gette Short. D. D., of the Taylor-Street
M. B. Church. Following the 3 o'clock
programme, the large popular Bible
classes led by Professor W. M. Wildor,
and Messrs. C. A. Lewis and H. W. Stone
will be held and the 10-cent social lunch
con served. The programme of the aft
ernoon begins at 3. and Is free to all men.
Danish Residents to Entertain. Na
tives of Denmark living in Portland are
arranging for an entertainment to be
given on Sunday evening, April 2, at
Arlon Hall, in honor of the birth of Hans
Christian Andersen, the great Danish
story writer. The proceeds of the enter
tainment arc to be devoted to the erection
of an addition to the Children's Home at
Chicago, which was founded many yoars
ago In honor of the famous writer, who,
during his career, probably wrote more
stories for the amusement of children
than any other writer. The Home is In
need of improvements, and a wealthy
woman has headed the subscription list
with a donation of $5000. the balance to be
raised by representatives of Denmark
now living In the United States.
Start Work on Schoolhouses. The
Board of Education will start work on
the additions to the Sellwood and High
land schools as soon as possible. Bids for
the erection of these additions will be
closed March 9. For the Sellwood School,
an addition containing six rooms and an
' assembly hall will be put up, which will
make that building a 16-room structure,
and at Highland four rooms are to be
built, making It an IB-room building. At
both the jo schoolhouses additions were
built two years ago, but every room has
been filled and new ones have become
Woodmen op tiib World to Convene.
The third district convention of the
Woodmen of the World will be held at
McMinnville next Wednesday, and a spe
cial train will leave the Yamhlll-street
depot at 7:10 o'clock that morning to con
vey to the convention the delegates from
Portland and the east side of the river as
far north as Albany. The convention will
be composed of delegates representing
about 10,000 members of the order living
in tills section of the state, of whom 110
will be from this county.
Dr. Richardson's Lectures. By an
error in the notice, the dates of the lec
tures on Greece by Rufus B. Rlchard
aon were wrongly announced yesterday.
It should have said Monday. Wednesday
and Friday evenings, the 13th, 15th and
17th of March, the lectures to be given
in the lectureroom of the Library, the
subjects respectively, "Athens," "Our
Excavation at Corinth" and "Mycenae
and Crete." They will be fully Illus
trated by Dr. Richardson's own slides.
Want Larger Mains. The Civlo
League, of University Park, at its meet
ing yesterday at the home of Mrs. J. L.
McKenna, appointed a committee to pre
sent a petition to the water committee,
asking for larger mains in that suburb.
The petition is generally signed. The
league will hold a meeting next Friday
afternoon in the Haywood Auditorium to
reorganize upon a somewhat larger basis
and lay some plans for work during the
coming season.
To Build Rotart Engines. The Gen
eral Engine Company has selected a site
on East Water and Belmont streets for
the factory in which will be manufac
tured rotary engines for steamboats, au
tomobiles, and for all purposes for which
power is used. The promoters of the fac
tory are Horace C. Campbell, 143 East
Twelfth street: Joseph Supple and Will
lam M. Plympton. The new factory will
bo in shape to start up in about six
Columbia Theater Not Yet Sold. It
was rumored last night that Sam H.
Frledlander, of San Francisco, had at
length completed his negotiations with J.
EL Blazler for the purchase of the Colum
bia theater, Fourteenth and Washington
streets, but this was denied last night by
Mr. Frledlander. "It Is true that I am
after the Columbia," be said, "but there
has been no sale. Nothing definite will be
known until a few days later.
Deatjess Cured by the little magic
Maasucon. It is strictly a home treat
ment. However, we will give you free
test treatments; or if you are incurable.
we will sell you the Acoustican that you
can hear with and have your hands free.
Go to church and halls with It In comfort.
Edison uses it Both are electrical. It is
being put in the principal churches East.
Hutchison Acoustic Co., established at 129
Seventh st. Come and talk with us.
Foe Soldiers' Cottages. Bumner
Women's Relief Corps, No. 2L G. A. R.,
gave an entertainment and supper last
evening In the hall on Grand avenue and
East Pine streets, the proceeds to go to
a fund to be used to assist in furnishing
cottages for soldiers at the Soldiers'
Home, at Roseburg. The corps will en
deavor to raise a sum for this purpose.
as will the other corps In the state.
Noxth Pacific S. S. Co's. steamship
Roanoke, 2400 tons, sails for Coos Bay,
Eureka, San Francisco and Los Angeles,
Tuesday. March from Columbia dock
No. 1. Office. 251 Washington St. Phone
Main 6SS. Harry Young, Agt.
F. E. Beach & Co., the Pioneer Paint
Co., selling the best things made in
paints. Agents for "Liquid Veneer."
""Jap-A-Lac" "Hygienic" Kalsomine.
Neal's Enamels, Plate and Sheet Glass.
135 First street.
A. M. HOLLABAUGH, the veteran shoe
maker, who slipped on the ice during the
cold snap and broke his arm, has recov
ered sufficiently to return to work and
shake hands with his patrons.
Good Women. CThe teachers' salary
question will receive passing "notice at
t ayior-street Methodist Church toniKhL
Morning subject, "The Mighty to Save"
Steamer Regulator for The Dalles and
way points will leave Portland Monday.
ii cunesoay ano fnaay oi weeic commenc
lag March 6.
Roses.,, Fine selection, strong plants.
a no jsiosan nose .Nurseries, UH Mllwau
lde avenue. Tel. East 13S.
B. and R., homeopathlcs. now S07 Wash.
Knight Drug Co., agents. 'Phone 2693.
Masquerade Ball. Merrill's Hall, Sat
urday, uarcn t. uooa music.
Hotel Ostokd, -Sixth and Oak. Open
e&curaay, -aiarcn 4.
XposxERt-tbfi booster, oi fcjsj cofl;
Consul Miller's Lectures on Orient.
On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
March 1 and 15, at the White Temple,
Consul Henry B. MUIer, American Consul
General to Niuchwang, Manchuria, China,
will give a series of two stereoptlcon lec
tures, under the auspices of the Mazarna?,
illustrated by a very remarkable, collec
tion of war pictures, showing recent crit
ical events In Manchuria, the seat of the
war. The lantern slides are made from
Consul Miller's photographs taken in the
heart of the war up to a few weeks ago.
Many groups of famous diplomats. Gen
erals, war correspondent?, and other high
officials, both Russian and Japanese, will
be shown. An historical talk on the rival
occupation of Manchuria by Russia and
Japan will precede the explanation of the
pictures. Consul Miller will also have Im
portant news to communicate concerning
the coming changes In our trade relations
with the Orient and great opportunities
that await Oregon. No Portland business
man can afford to miss these lectures.
The Mazamas are requested to turn out
In force Tickets. 50c each, at tho J. K.
Gill Co. and Woodard, Clarko & Co.
Will Meet to Organize. The proposed
Women's Auxiliary Corps of Scout Young
Camp, Spanish War veterans, will meet
to organize Tuesday afternoon, at 2:30
o'clock, at the hall used by the camp, 162
Second street, and it Is hoped that a
largo number of women friends will be
present. It is though that such an aux
iliary would be a valuable aid in times of
sickness, and also would be helpful along
social lines.
People's Fobujt. Beginning with .this
evening, the meetings of tho People's Fo
rum are to be held in the Knights of
Pythias Hall, in the Marquam building.
This evening, at 7:30, Thomas N. Strong
will speak on municipal ownership. Free
and open discussion is Invited. All inter
ested are welcome.
Oregon's Finest Roses grown by Clarke
Bros., 2S9 Morrison St., headquarters for
all the new and rare varieties, aa well as
the best standard sorts. Now is tho time
to plant our large dormant, 2-ycar-old
bushes, the best in the land. Prices low.
Handsomely illustrated catalogue free
To Remember Emmet's Death. Tho
anniversary of the death of Robert Em
met will be observed today by the Irish
residents of this city, for which an elab
orato programme has been prepared. Tho
exercises will take place at Arion Hall.
Admission will be free.
S. S. "Alliance" sails from Couchrst.
dock for Coos Bay and Eureka Tuesday
night, March 7, at S. Eureka, 7.50 cabin,
$5.00 second-class; C003 Bay, $5.00 cabin,
$3.09 second-class, meals and berth in
cluded. F. P. Baumgartner, Agent, Main
Will Hold Lenten Services. Lenten
services will be held In Ascension Chapel,
Nineteenth and Elm streets, Portland
Heights, every Wednesday evening during
Lent, beginning next Wednesday, Ash
Wednesday, at S o'clock P. M.
When it comes to a question of heat
ing satisfactorily, economically. It Will
Pay You to see us. Phone Main 52.
The W. G. McPherson Co., 47 First street,
between Pine and Ash.
R. L. Cate, successor to Gate & Powell,
general agents for the Hawthorne estate
and Ladd's Addition. Main office, 113 Sec
ond st, between "Washington and Stark.
Phone Main G2S.
Tomorrow night the Supreme Lodge
plan of assessment will be discussed at
Industry Lodge, No. 8, A, O. W. All
members of the order are requested to be
Steamer W. H. Kruger sails direct for
San Francisco this evening, P. M. Cabin
$12, steerage $S. Meals and berth included,
a H. Thompson, Agent, 12S Third st.
San Francisco steamer sails today, S
P. M. Cabin, $12; steerage, $S, meals and
berth included. Independent Steamship
Co.. 165 North 6th st.
Free Band Concert at Vancouver City
Park today, at 2:80 P. M-, by the Nine
teenth Infantry Band. Take Vancouver
Rev. A. Ratmond. Independent slate
wrltlrig, test medium. Spiritual Society.
Ablngton bldg., today. '2:30 and S. Free.
Grand Ball given by Sons of Her
mann for the benefit of German day. In
Merrill's Hall, Saturday, March 1L
New and slightly used pianos rented
and sold on easy terms at reduced prices.
H. Sinsheimer, 72 Third st.
See R. L. Cate if you want a home, 113
Second st., between Washington and
Dr. R. Nunn, Macleay bldg., has re
turned 10 A. M. to 12:80 P. M.; 2:30" to 4:30
P. M.
Have you heard of the "Televue," see
ing telephone, on exhibition this week?
A veet fine dinner today at the Calu
met, 149 Seventh st. Price as usual, 50c.
Transits, levels, etc., for sale, 666
Worcester bldg.
All the delicacies of the season at the
Portland Restaurant, fine, private apart
xnents for parties. SQ5 Wash., near 5th.
Tho Butler.
Elegant turkey dinner served today,
with, wine, 60c. 145 First Main 235.
Tho Empire Restaurant will serve
special chicken dinner today from 12
to 7:30. 192 Third street
Elegant Italian dinner, including ravi
oli, wine, etc., 50c. Manhattan Restaurant,
69 Sixth street
Genuine French dinner with wine, E0
cents at No. 93 Fifth street, near Stark.
French dinner, with wine, 50c: chicken
dinner 35c. Oxford Restaurant 6S 6th. st
Special chicken dinner today at Per
kins Restaurant, 35c. D. M. Watson.
Having a very large stock of fine linen
warp matting on hand, we must positively
close it out to mako room for our new
stock of goods to arrive for the Fair
trade. We also have a large stock of new
canton, crepe and linen embroidered pat
terns for ladles waists and dresses,
pongee silks and other fine goods, such as
grass linen, table center pieces, Japanese
and Chinese latest novelties, curios, etc.,
at lowest prices. Andrew Tf an & Co., 2S7
Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co., 70
Sixth street Portland Oregon. Gentle
men: Burglars attempted to blow open
the chest In our safe this morning, but
failed. Apparently two charges of
nitroglycerin were used. We congratu
late you on the superior quality of your
safe. It has saved us more than its
cost already. Yours truly.
By F. Dresser, President
Goodyear machine. Better than hand
work. Best material used. " Schwind &
Bauer. 263 Yamhill, between Third and
There is good reason why
White Rock Lzthia Water
should have a great and increasing de
mand. It's the best yet discovered.
Awarded the only gold medal of all com
petitors at Paris Exposition In 1900.
We deslr to express our heartfelt
wanna to our many wna mends for their
tender sympathy and kindness during the
Illness and after death of our loving
mother. Annie Louise Holme. FAMILY.
If Bjr J" Cutflc Teet&i
X cur aad tm ttat old. aA irell-trlsd raatfrr.
Ktt TdnsloWa Eootslar Syran. ior cfcllcrea
teetala. It aaetsae tm child. softfes tin (nsi.
ti'msi fcU. Mitt jmt
This is the condition of watches brought to ns daily for.Tcpairs,
but by tho time they leave our "Watch Hospital are. good as now.
Railroad, and Street-Car Men -who want first-class work done on their
watches should leave them here. We can fnrnish the finest kind of
references among' your fellow-workmen as to the kind of work we
turn out- Every Watch repaired hero is warranted to keep first-class
time or it -wont cost you a cent.
Yes, vfe can make anything in the jewelry line. Scarf Pins,
Brooches, Rings, Charms, Cuff Buttons, Emblems" Elk Teeth mounted
in some of the very swell est designs, both in charms and pins. Hava
you ever .seen our line of mounted nnd' unmounted elk teeth, they are
the talk of the town. Bleeps some of our neighbors guessing -where
we get them, also why we sell so many If you want a fine Elk Tooth
wc can sell it to you, for we certainly have the goo'ds. Our shop is
never idle for wo turn out only first-class work, and there is nothing
in the jewelry line we cannot make.
Give ns a trial.
Highest price paid for old gold.
J. L. Kingsley Twice Seen at
His Home.
They Shadow the Residence, but
Friends of the Crook Probably
Warned Him In Time
to Get Away.
City detectives yesterday learned
that J. L. Kingsley, acknowledged head
of the gang of bankrobbers that suc
cessfully operated at Lebanon, spent
Thursday and Friday nights at his
home in South Portland, unmolested by
officers. From 8 o'clock last night until
daylight this morning, officers shad
owed tho Kingsley residence, but with
out success, as Kingsley did not appear
on the scene. In the opinion of the po
lice ho was warned by friendly neigh
bors that the officers were on his track.
Information came to the Police De
partment early yesterday afternoon
that Kingsley had been seen about 4
o'clock Friday morning, walking away
from his home. Ho walked rapidly,
going toward the south, and had disap
peared before the neighbor who saw
him could think of notifying the au
thorities. Again, j-esterday morning,
about the same time, a passerby on his
way to work noticed Kingsley in the
neighborhood of his residence. Alter
reaching the place where he Is em
ployed, this man notified a friend, who
communicated with the police. It was
intimated that Kingsley had returned
to Portland to make arrangements for
the removal of his family to another
part of the country and that ho re
mained In hiding during the day, -visiting
his home late at night and remain
ing until daybreak.
Police Captain Moore, to whom tho
information was given, immediately as
signed Detectives A. Q. Vaughn and
Lou Haftman to tho case. The detec
tives took a car for South Portland and
got off in tho vicinity of the Kingsley
residence, where Detective Vaughn
shadowed the house while Hartman In
terviewed those from whom the in
formation was supposed to have come.
It was established beyond a doubt that
Kingsley had been at his house both
Thursday and Friday nights.
From shortly after 8 o'clock last
night until daylight this morning the
officers guarded the residence, ready to
take Kingsley Into custody should be
appear. He did not appear, however,
and the officers are of the opinion that
lie was notified by friends that the
police were watching for him. It is al
leged that he h3s friends In the vicin
ity of his home who would protect him,
and It is thought that it was one of
these friends who shielded him in the
Search was made of the neighborhood
aaid all tho resorts in the vicinity wore
11 rMSSEbr Ex'
N.Third JOOTH4ffl(M)wi3s.ouRi elusive
The World's Greatest Baritone,
MarquamGrand Theater
March 9th
Of course. All the great artists use no
For Sale Only by
Stein way and fifteen other makes of
Standard Pianos.
S72 and 374 Morrison St., Cor. W. Park.
closely watched- The search will be
continued today and all trains, out
going, as well as street-cars, will be
closely watched. It is the plan of the
police to guard every path leading
from the city.
Neighbors of Kingsley, one of the of
ficers stated last night, bolleve that he
has not been but of the city since the
arrest of other members of his gang
by the Sheriffs deputies, and think that
whilo Sheriff Word was looking for
the man In Seattle, Kingsle was com
municating with his family every
night. Kingsley Is known to" acquain
tances as bold and. reckless, a man who
would run any chance, and it is thought
that he was determined to remain in
the vicinity and run the risk of arrest
until he completed details for the re
moval of his family. Tho idea of Kings
ley going from Portland to Victoria
and from there Bast through Canada,
as expressed by officers some days ago,
is said by Kingslcy's acquaintances to
have been caused "by confederates who
attempted to lead officials from the
right track. Police officers last night
declared that they were confident
Kingsley was in Portland and that
every avenue of escape would be close
ly guarded.
For Enticing Girl to Saloon.
On a charge of enticing Sadie Thomas,
a minor, into Blazler'a First-street sa
loon Mrs. L. F. Phillips was arrested
last night by Detective Sergeant Slover,
and released on $50 cash ball. Her hus
band, who is manager of the establish
ment, furnished the amount. The girl,
who Is aged IS years, is held on a charge
of loitering in a saloon, and as a witness
against Mrs. Phillips.
"When Slover entered the box in which
Mrs. Phillips and Mis 3 Thomas were seat
ed, there was a bottle of beer on the ta
ble, but both women declare the girl had
not tasted the liquor. The case will be
called before Municipal Judge Hogue to
morrow. Complain to the Police.
A. -Anderson reported to Captain of Po
lice Moore last night that ho and a party
of three friends paid for a private box at
tho Orpheura. but when they refused to
admit women they were compelled to
leave the place. Anderson was advised to
New Suits
Mothers, give the mttter of dressing the boys
right your due considerationSee our dis
play and note the little prices.
$2 to $5 -
make complaint to the City Attorney to
morrow, and. said bo would do so. Ander
son Uvea at 121 Knott street.
Begin While You Are Young
To save your money and when you are
old you will not depart from it, though
you will then be beyond the need for
saving if you deposit your surplus earn
ing? with us and reap the reward of
thrift I per cent interest from us,
compounded semiannually. We'd like
to show you money grows by our meth
ods any business day. This week is
the best week for you to start in.
Oregon Savings Bank
Portland. Oregon.
to Introduce
irrua m rww
P"UI '
1903; dieses nro v
taon hook'm on. Dealers misted..
KiNfiriaHCR u.n'Ua.TilOUTBwBima
stock, moderste prices. Mall orders soUdted.
Catalaojaa treo. WOODASD, n.ATHTB U
CO., PartUsd. Or.
Splendid Suits
Judging from the point of fashion, tailoring
and quality, you would reasonably expect to
pay "$10.00 more for any garment we present at
15.00 and 20.00. Each model received the
same personal supervision, during construction,
that our very finest custom clothes did, and
you obtain elegance and smartness of style and
fabric from the world's foremost designers and
tailors at the mfaftninri prices
$5 and
The Greatest Clothlni House In
We have a large and complete assortment of Loving or Prize Cups in-
sterling sliver and pewter.
An inspection will convince you that our stock Is well selected and the t
prices right r
Between Fourth.
and Fifth
leases ests&Uilted.
meit saeeeMXU ass
reUasle speeUUais
la dUeases a Bes,
m medical diploma.
Beeaie sad Bevr?
per records skew.
Stricture, Varicocele, Nervous Debility, Bfood
Poison, Rectal, Kidney and Urinary Diseases
Uj xU dteeeses xa Tre&Scxessea due to laaeritaace, evil Itafclts, ex
cesses or the rcsalt of apeclae diseases. -C
Offtee He ant S A. 3C to S F. 31. ? SnBdays, 10 ta 13 esdy.
St. Louis SSlr Dispensary
Cer. SecoBd and Yamhill Streets. Portland, Or.
Satrta!smes.t tna Is. $lMaur ta jom
KVtxu los ast fia-panO. on the xaos7 yon
pead. but oa your owa ksowledgi ct how
ta rcetive aadT extesa hospitality. CbrlstlM
ZerfeUB Xerrlelc tails yoa all About it. Fost
jwla. 3A casts.
X. 7. CLOBX. FsMbfcar, 18 Tlftk Are,
Xttr York.
gchwab Printing Co.
; ' "
k -.'0
' . . .
" mi
' '
v. .
V v
- .
the Northwest
Between Fourth
and Fifth :
Strain a cable beyond its resisting powers it J
brealrs. So it is with, the eyes. A slight strain.
weakens them, a continuons strain destroys s
their usefulness. Let us care for your vision &
in time to save it. z.
Above nil other things, ire strive to save the thou
sands of. young: and rnldJle-aged men who are plans
Ins toward the grave, tortured by the woes of nervous
debility. T7e have evolved a special treatment ior
Nrvous Debility and special weakness that is uni
formly successful In caes where success was before
and by other doctors deemed Impossible. It does sot
stimulate temporarily, but restores permanently- It
allays irritations of the delicate tissues surrounding
the lax and unduly expanded glands, contracting them
to their normal condition, which prevents lost vitality.
It tones up and strengthens the blood vessels that
carry nourishment. The patient realizes a great blight
has been lifted from his life.
We want aU MEW WHO AKE SHFFERIKG from any
disease or special weakness to feel that they can com'
to our office freely for examination and explaaatioa
of their condition FHEE OF CHARGE, without being,
bound by any obligation whatever to take treatraeae
unless they so desire. curs
Eviry WisUi
is ounKeaica mrws mwrir
sbest tbe. waedrfBl
TlaNaw I4Ja ffyrl
If he eaanet capplT tba
otber. box xeod stzmpt 9t 11-
mil Tunirnlm and dire citansla.
LjrftloablatolaiUe. MA CO..
sssr m
Woodcrd; Clerk Co Fextlutt, OncM.,
BATE. AlwTaM. Li
in nimiin
Hiak im, mm