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United States to Manage
Santo Domingo
Will Collect Customs Revenue
of Republic. '
treaty Concluded With Island Gov
ernment to Adjust Its Finances
Extends .American Influence
in West Indies.
SANTO IK5MJNG0. Republic of Santo
Domingo, Jan. 21- A protocol between the
Dominican government and the American
Minister. Mr. Dawson, and Commander
A. C. Dillingham, U. S. N.. in behalf of
the American Government, was signed
yesterday. The principal conditions are
that the American Government guarantees
the complete integrity of the Dominican
territory, agrees to undertake the adjust
ment of all obligations of the Dominican
government, foreign and domestic, and
the conditions of payments: to adjust un
reasonable claims and to determine the
validity and amount of pending claims. In
the case of the appointment of one or
more commissions to reach an adjustment
the Dominican government shall be rep
resented In order to protect its responsi
bility. The American Government will take
charge of the existing customs houses and
those hereafter to be created, and will
name the employes necessary to their
management, the duties they will exercise
and their rights. These will be consid
ered Dominicans and subject to the laws
of the republic. The Dominican govern
ment will have at each custom-house In
spectors In behalf of Its Interests, and
from and after the date the contract takes
effect. The present employes are to be
considered as acting under Its provisions.
Out of the revenues collected at the custom-house
of the republic, the. American
Government will deliver to the Domini
cans 45 per cent of the total gross amount
for the purpose of attending to the ne
cessities of the budget. It Is estimated
that tho first year $900,000 will be received
monthly. The advance payments are di
vided into four Installments in the follow
ing manner: Eighteen thousand, seven
hundred and fifty dollars on the 1st, Sth,
15th and 23d of each month. -In case the
total revenues of the first or subsequent
year are less than 52,000,000, the payments
may be proportionately decreased.
Out of the 55 per cent, the American
Government will pay the employes of tho
custom-houec and the interest on the
amortization of the foreign and domestic
debts. The whole surplus may remain
and each fiscal year will be delivered to
the Dominican government and devoted to
the payment of its debts.
No changes in the present import
duties or import charges will be made
without the consent of the American
Government until the debt Is paid.
The American Government, at the re
quest of the Dominican government
shall grant such other assistance as
in its power to restore order and In
crease the efficiency of the civil ad
ministration and advance the material
progress and welfare of the republic
The agreement will take effect after
February 1 next.
The Americans here say that Minister
Dawson and Commander Dillingham
deserve credit for the extremely quick
settlement of the Dominican problem,
and it is claimed that the execution of
tho agreement probably will be bene
ficial to tne republic. Quiet reigns here.
Santo Domingo's Request of United
States, Sovereignty Being Reserved.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 21. It was said
at the State Department tonight that
h dispatch has been received from the
American Minister to San Domingo
regarding1 affairs there, but its con
tents probably would not be made pub
lic until some time tomorrow. The Do
minican government, however, it is
learned, was about to publish a decree
in which the United States is asked to
take over and administer the customs
revenues on a business basis in order
to extricate her from her financial dif
ficulties. The statement was added that Santo
Domingo would, of course, require as a
condition to any action this Govern
ment might take that her sovereignty
must be guaranteed. It was made plain
that the Unlto.l Smts, In any contin
gency, does not intend to establish a
protectorate orr the island.
Pennsylvania Management and the
Trainmen Are Getting Together.
PHILADELPHIA. Jan. 21. It Is now
legarded as certain that there will be no
strike of the trainmen of the Pennsyl
xania Railroad. Negotiations looking to
a peaceful -settlement of the differences
between the company and the men have
rot yet been concluded, but after a con
ference of three hours today both sides
expressed confidence in .an ultimate am
icable adjustment.
Tho way to an agreement was opened
late today when General Manager Alter
bury, of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and
representatives wf the Brotherhood of
Railway Trainmen admitted that con
cessions could be made by both sides
without interfering seriously with the
rHnciples for which both tlio company
and the men have been holding out.
Although the Brotherhood of Trainmen
has expressed repeated opposition to
brakemcn working as firemen, it is Paid
It will not seriously oppose this practice,
providing the brakemcn discharged by
the company arc reinstated.
Booker "Washington's New Scheme.
MONTGOMERY. Ala.. Jan. SI Book
er T. Washington, principal of the Tukc-
j see school for negroes, has an option on
l&o acres of land .about five miles from'
Montgomery, and It Is said he will es
tablish thereon a school farm or experi
ment station for negroes.
Frank Croker's Leg Broken, Chauf
fcur Killed, Another Man Injured.
DAYTON, Fla.. Jan. 2L While speed
ing; his racing automobile on the beach
today, Frank Croker, son -of Richard
f rnVrr ot" Veu' Vnrlr fOlwIiwt
j motor cycle chair driven by one of the
vrmonc Hotel -help. Mr. Croker s log; was
hroken. His chauffeur. ArouL was
thrown 40 feet in the air. landed pn his
forehead and mi klllrvl lnctnn1 fVi
chalr-drlvcr had both legs broken.
j Mr. Croker was in his racor. a -180-j
horsepower machine, with his mechanic.
niuui anu was Koine ai a mue-a-roin-ute
clip. Just ahead of him In the same
direction coming up the beach from Day
tona to Ormond was a. man on a motor
cycle, which was wobbling badly. Mr.
Croker was driving his racer and started
to turn out of the wav of thp motor
cycle. As he did so, one of the front
tires of his machine flew off and it rolled
Into the sand.
' The machine turned over three times.
The machine crushed Aroul's life out
instantly. Mr. Croker went cut on the
second turn- and sustained a fracture of
the right leg at the knee and several ribs
were broken,
badly torn.
One of his cars is also
Kuropatkln Has 300,000 Men, but
Cold Prevents Fighting.
TOKIO. Jan. 2L In well-informed quar
ters here it is said that the Russian army
at Mukden was recently reinforced by
four divisions. Its present strength Is
estimated at nine army corps, or 300,000
men of all arms.
General Kurorlatkln'a headquarters are
at Fong Mountain, In close touch with the
Mukden-Fushun line. The Russians late
ly have been heavily strengthening their
wings. At present two and a half divi
sions are facing General Oku, two corps
are before General Nodzu and the greater
strength of these corps confronts General
Kurokl and guards the coal mines In the
vicinity of the Fushun Valley. Between
the opposing armies is a network of
Governor of Colorado Says Repub
licans Stuffed Ballot-Boxes, Cor
porations Intimidated Voters.
DENVER. Colo.. Jan. ZL The answer of
Governor Alva Adams to the allegations
of ex-Governor James K. Pcabody, con
testant for the office of Governor, was
filed this afternoon. It consists of 150
typewritten pages. The answer makes
general denial of the allegations of the
contestant, and specifically charges fraud
In several counties against the contestee.
It alleges that divers corporations and
mineowners' associations conspired with
the Republican tSate Central Committee
and spent large sums in securing fraudu
lent naturalizations, padding registration
lists, corrupting election officials and buy
ing votes for the purpose of re-electing
Governor Peabody.
The answer -alleges.- fupon Information
and belief that the bailor" boxes of Denver
do not now contain the ballots which
were actually cast by qualified voters,
that the ballot boxes have been tampered
with and stuffed since the election by
perrons In the employ and under the dl-
rectlon of the Republican committee of
the City and County of Denver, and that
said spurious ballots have been substi
tuted In the Interests of the Republican
candidates and the Interest of the con
testant, pursuant to an unlawful con
spiracy entered Into by the fRepublican
committee. Its tools and employes, for the
purpose of making It appear that the bal
lots were substituted In the Interests of
the contestee, whereas. In fact, whatever
substitution of ballots has occurred In the
City and County of Denver. If any has
occurred, has been committed In the in
terest of the contestant.
Intimidated by Corporations.
In pursuance of a conspiracy, the an
swer ays, corporations, mineowners and
other persons threatened their employes
with discharge if they failed to vote for
Peabody. It is alleged that in Las Ani
mas County the Colorado Fuel and Iron
Company, the Victor Fuel Company, the
Rocky Mountain Coal and Iron Company
and various other corporations Imported
from Italy. Austria, and other countries
and states thousands of other persons to
take the places of employes who had left
on account of labor troubles; that none
of these persons were citizens of Colorado,
hut at least 260 of them were fraudulent
ly naturalized, registered and voted.
The contestee further charges that large
bodies of armed men were? about certain
votinc places In "Las Animas County for
the purpose of. Intimidating voters. In
Teller County, the contestee alleges, the
mineowners and operators association Is
not only in full control of the mines, but
also directs the manner in which public
offices shall be conducted.
Armed Men' Drove Away Voters.
It la further alleged that ia the Cripple
Creek district on election day 1000 armed
deputies, under the direction of Sheriff
Edward Bell, paraded the streets for the
purpose of Intimidating voters, that they
ejected Democratic Judges from several
precincts and Intimidated others, and that
two election Constables were shot down
and killed without provocation. Prior to
the election, it Is charged, 200 desperadoes,
many of them ex-convicts, were Imported
and organized Into bands by the Repub
lican Committee; that at least 2000 Demo
cratic voters were driven from their
homes in this county and not permitted
to vote, and that there were placed on
the registration books and allowed to vote
over 2000 persons who were not entitled to
register. Moreover, the contestee alleges
that the members of the Mineowners As
sociation threatened to deprive any miner
of his "working card" if he failed to vote
for the contestor against the contestee.
Fraudulent Votes Cast.
In Pueblo County, the contestee alleges,
there were -1000 fictitious names on the
registration books, and In addition at
least 1200 persons voted by Impersonating
other people. The answer alleges the Re
publicarr organization In Pueblo County,
aided by the Deputy Clerk of the County
Court. County Judge and Acting Clerk,
both of whom are Republicans, caused to
be issued 1000 naturalization papers to for
eigners, none of whom has been In the
United States or the State of Colorado
long" enough to have acquired the right to
vote. Further, It Is alleged that W0 per
sons were registered In precincts where
they did not reside.
In Fremont County similar charges are
made, the contestee alleging that 200 persons-were
permitted to vote who were not
qualified voters. Fraudulent votes are al
leged to have been cast for the contestor
In Rio Grande. Costilla. San Miguel, Huer
fano and Teller Counties, and charges of
Intimidation, false registration and "ballot-box
stuffing" In these counties are
made. Alleged fraudulent acts in Jeffer
son, Pitkin. La Plata and "Weld Counties
are also set forth.
His Majority Should Be 30,000.
In conclusion. Governor Adams claims
that, with a fair and free vote, his ma
jority wold have been 30.000, instead of
only 9774, as shown by the canvass be
fore tho Legislature.
Governor Adams asks the Joint Assem
bly, if It finds that fraudulent votes were
cast In Denver, to separate the good from
the bad and count the good ballots. To
throw out the entire vote of more than
ZOO precincts, as asked by the contestor,
the Governor says, would disfranchise
thousands of legally qualified voters.
He avers that fully 10.000 votes that were
cast for him In the counties referred to In
his answer were not counted for him.
Half the Votes Fraudulent.
Seven experts who had examined the
ballot boxes In as many, precincts made
their reports before the joint legislative
committee this afternoon. They reported
that out of the 2041 ballots found In the
seven boxes 394 were fraudulent.
At the niaht session six experts, who
examined the contents of six additional
ballot boxes during the afternoon, report
ed that out of 1330 ballots found In the
boxes 473 were fraudulent. The experts
have opened five additional boxes, but
were not ready, with their report tonight.
Seventeen more ballot-boxes are to be
opened and tfcelr contents examined. The
report of tho entire 22 boxes will be made
when the committee reconvenes on Monday.
Two Suspects Taken From Blind
Baggage at The Dalles
Two men, who may prove to have been
Implicated in the hold-up of the Spokane
Flyer on the Oregon Railroad & Naviga
tion Company's line last night, were ta
ken Into custody at midnight by Police
man Crate at The Dalles.
The men were riding the "blind bag
gage" of the passenger train leaving here
at 8:15 P. M.. on which Attorney SInnott
was also a passenger. He was "robbed by
the bandits having been originally on
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board the Flyer. When the two suspects
were ehown to him. Mr. Sinnott stated
that In a general manner they resembled
two of the hold-up men.
Policeman Crato communicated with
Captain Moore at local police headquar
ters at 1 o'clock this morning, telling of
the arrests. He was Instructed to bold
the prisoners, pending developments.
Bishop Moore to Attend.
Bishop Moore will be present at the
Taylor-Street Methodist Church this
morning and will probably assist in the
services. Since the beginning of the evan
gelistic services held between this church
and the First Congregational Church
great Interest has been displayed in all
What Suiphur Does
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(Continued from First Page.)
also reported to have decided to cut
the telephone and telegraph wires and
cut oft St. Petersburg altogether from
communication with the outside world.
Altogether the situation is most crit
ical. Go to the Palace Armed.
Father Gopon, when apprised that
the government proposed to prevent
the demonstration tomorrow, issued
inructions to tne men that they must
go to the palace square with their
wives and children, "but the men must
be armed," he Is reported to have said.
"Wc must first show we are peaceful.
We have appealed In vain to the em
ployers and to the bureaucracy. Our
last hope Is the Emperor himself. If
he refuses to 3ee us and orders them
to disperse us. then we must fight."
Father Qopon has bud a guard of 403
sworn workmen formed to protect the
Emperor from harm If he will come to
the palace square tomorrow.
Among the rumore afloat Is one to
the effect that the famous Probajen
sky Guard Regiment nas declared It
would refuse to flrev on the mob, but
this, like many other sensational re
ports pertaining to widespread disaf
fection in the army. Is not confirmed.
St. Petersburg Given Oyer to Soldiers
and Wild With Rumors.
ST. PETERSBURG. Jan. 21. St. Peters
burg this morning presented the appear
ance of a beleaguered city. The mllltary
Is In complete possession. The streets are
lined with troops, galloping squadrons and
sections of cavalry aro ven everywhere,
gendarmes are concealed In all the court
yard.1: and the closed factories and mills
are surrounded by cordons of police and
On every bulletin board Is posted the
government's proclamation warning the
people against assembling. Despite the
energetic measures taken to Insure the
safety of the city, the inhabitants are in
a state bordering on terror. The wildest
rumors regarding the Intentions ot the
mob are afloat, and many small retailers
did not open their shops this morning.
An edict has gone forth that no shop must
open tomorrow, when the great assem
blage on the palace square is scheduled
to take place. Although the authorities
seemingly are determined to prevent it.
preparations for the gigantic demonstra
tion are proceeding, the men declaring
that they are ready to die In their tracks.
The plan of tho authorities is to pre
vent the workmen tomorrow from enter
ing the city proper. The industrial section
beyond the Neva. Moscow and Nevsky
gate will be cut off and all bridges will be
guarded. Several batteries of artillery
have been brought Into the city.
Will Not Allow Workmen to Ap
proach Palace of Czar
ST. PETERSBURG. Jan. 21 (6 P. M.)
The situation- has much improved. There
have been no disturbances of importance
during the day. and the authorities be
llve they have the situation well in hand.
Chief of Secret Police Lopoukine said to
the Associated Press at 5 o'clock:
"The strikers are perfectly quiet and
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well conducted. Additional troopi have
been brought In from Tsarkoe-Selo and
Peterhof to guard the mills. Artillery Is
stationed around the arsenal. No delega
tion of strikers appeared at Tsarkoe-Selo
last night. We are fully.apprlsed ot their
Intention to gather on the palace square
tomorrow, but His Majesty will not be
there, and measures have been taken to
prevent strikers from making their way
Into the center of the city. We are con
fident that order will be preserved.
"From our police Investigation we are
satisfied that the Incident of January 13
was an accident due to an oversight. The
battery was practicing on the previous
day, and a charge of case shot was left
in the gun. No evidence has been found
of the existence of a plot, and the punish
ment which will be inflicted will probably
be only for neglect and carelessness."
The above 13 a very optimistic official
view. Bloodshed is generally feared to
morrow. The extent of the strike and the
character of the movement have surprised
even those who thought they were well
Informed regarding the situation. The
delegations of strikers which have been
goln? around the shops today have been
meeting with success everywhere- Even
the jewelers' workmen are joining.
Romanoff, the policeman who was
wounded January ID, is dead. The battery
from which the shot was fired, being Xo.
1 of the regiment, like all guards regi
ments', wore the Emperor's insignia.
'More Chadvlck Notes Turn Up
ATLANTIC CITY. N. J.. Jan. 21. Pro
tested notes to the amount of $23,00 made
by Mrs. Cassie L. Chadwlck and indorsed
by Victor Freiainger. a local bankrupt,
turned up otday. when Frederick H.
Glnn, assignee of the Euclid Avenue
Trust & Savings Company ot Cleveland,
filed a claim for that amount with
Referee C. 1 Cole. Frcisinger failed for
The Itch Fiend
That Is Salt Rheum or Eczema, one ct
the outward manifestations of scrofula.
It comes In Itching, burning, oozing, dry
ing, and scaling patches, on the face, bead,
bands, legs or body.
It cannot be cured by outward, applica
tions, the blood must be rid of the im
purity to which it is due.
Has cured the most persistent and difficult
cases. Accept no substitute for Hood's ; no
substitute acts like It.
Schilling's Best means
bsitinj.powdrr spices
aarorhg extract lodi
of good-enough quality at fair