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During this sale you will fin4 10, 15, 20, 25, and 33 per cent Discount Tags attached to odds and ends in
every department of this big store. This sale knows no rival. None can equal it for Furniture. Bargains
TT is for the purpose of bringing customers that this advertisement has been written. It is for the purpose of inducing all who need Furni
ture, to come to POWERS, that these tempting prices are named. It is"impossible to do the subject justice in a single advertisement.
We couldlaot illustrate all the pieces nor tell the complete story, were we to occupy the entire paper. We extend you a most hearty invita
tion to call, inspect our goods and learn the remarkably low prices at which they are being sold. This is an opportunity for houskeepers to
add to their rooms long-needed pieces of Furniture. You'll never get it lower at any future sale here or elsewhere
Solid Oak Dining
Chair. Brace
arms and open
cane seat.
Our'discount sale
Colonial and
Mission style in
Chairs and
mahogany, golden
oak and
weathered oak
Ladies' Sewing Rocker,-solid
oak, in wood or & 1 7C
cane seat
of fuel is possible only in a perfectly constructed stove. Every portion of the fuel that is combusti
ble is burned in JEWEL stoves and ranges and every particle of the heat is utilized. The scien
tifically constructed oval fire pot is an ad van t-
age possessed only by JEWEL stoves and
ranges. It entirely prevents the formation of
"dead corners" and insures an even, clean,
perfect-burning fire. JISWEL stoves and
ranges have eVery improvement essential to
perfect cooking or heating every feature that
can add to their convenience, cleanliness and
economy. They are made in a multitude of
styles and sizes for every possible stove re
quirement and for burning all kinds of fuel.
Ask for JEWEL stoves and ranges you'll
know them by the trade-mark.
A large
and complete 1
line of
Iron Beds.
All finishes,
all colors '
and at
money-saving prices
This season's
patterns in Folding
Go-Carts and
Carriages at
very low prices
We have just received a lot of new things in Carpets and Draperies. Among them are Rugs and Carpets in Ingrain, Tapestry, Brussels, Ax
minster, Wiltons, and many pretty things in Hangings. The Carpet and Curtain departments will command your particular attention
This Rocker
in quartered golden oak
cobbler seat and
polish finish
Great Throng Will Attend
Medical Convention.
Portland Physicians Are Already
Making Plans for Reception and
Entertainment of. American
Medical Association.
Of all the delegations that will journey
from all parts of the country to hold their
annual meetings at the Lewis and Clark
Exposition, most people seem to be agreed
that the most distinguished, learned and
important visitors who will arrive here
during 1905 will be the delegates and In
vited guest of the American Medical As
sociation, who will hold their sessions
July 11-11, at buildings within the Expo
sition grounds and elsewhere in this city.
Famous surgeons from all portions of the
United States will be here, and with them
will be from other lands surgeons of In
ternational reputation, men -whose names
arc honored wherever the English tongue
is heard, and that's the -world over. Dr.
K. A. J. Mackenzie is authorized as the
special representative here of the presi
dent of the American Medical Association
to arrange all details for the approaching
sessions of the association, and Is conse
quently a very busy man.
Five Thousand Visitors Coming.
It is calculated that about 2500 members
of the American Medical Association will
make the trip to this city during the mem
orable meetings, July 11-14, and that they
will bring with them. Including their fam
ilies and guests, about 5000 persons. It is
too early yet to particularize the address
es that will be delivered and give the
names of those who are to speak, but
suffice it to say that from the preparations
already made the occasion will be fully
as brilliant as any previous meeting of
this historical and famous association. The
latter has 50.000 members and only the du
ties of their profession and the distance to
be traveled prevents the whole body jour
neying to Portland. The meeting will dif
fer in this, that the association sessions
will be divided Into a certain number of
sections, each one under a distinct head.
Some sections may probably have an at
tendance of 30 or -40 delegates, while other
sections may have"" BOO or COO. Meeting
places for the different sections must be
secured in this city within a radius of five
to six blocks. The general sessions will be
held in one of the buildings at the Expo
sition, and other meetings will be held
throughout the city.
Sections of the Association.
For instance, there are tbee sections
that must be provided with separate ac
commodations: Medical, gynecology, sur
gery and anatomy, obstetrics, ophthalno-
logy, diseases of children, nervous and
mental diseases, cutaneous medicine and
fcurgery. laryngology and otology, materia
medlca. pharmacy and therapeutics, path-
ology and physiology.
Consequently a good deal of work
devolves locally on Dr. K. A. J. Mac
kenzie and those who are assisting
him. But Dr. Mackenzie is more than
a willing worker Inasmuch as he
helped to win the convention, wnlch
brought the meetings to Portland. The
IjcuI committees are; Finance, meet
ing places, hotels, general exhibits,
social eptcrtalnments, registration,
banquets, programmes and. publicity.
bureau of information, new member
ship, badges, and women's committee.
Of these committees. Dr. K. A. J. Mac
kenzie Is chairman ex-oftlclo. and so
far these committees liave been ap
pointed: Committee on arrangements
Dr. William Jones, Dr. E. F. Tucker.
Dr. Andrew C. Smith. Dr. George F.
Wilson and Dr. A. J. Glesy; finance
Dr. H. W. Coo, chairman. Dr. George
F. Wilson and Dr. Andrew C Smith:
hotels Dr. William Jones, chairman.
Dr. R. C Coffey. Dr. W. H. Skene, Dr.
C H. Wheeler, Dr. A. E. Mackey. and
by courtesy, H. C Bowers; meeting
places Dr. E. F. Tucker, chairman.
Dr. George B. Story. Dr. H. F. McKay,
Dr. J. J. Panton and Dr. D. H. Rand.
A special meeting place will be furn
ished for the house delegates, consist
ing of 100 or more members, who will
transact the parliamentary or busi
ness affairs of the body.
Social Entertainments Planned
The social entertainments to be of
fered tho American Medical Associa
tion are being planned on a large and
elaborate scale, and include trips up
and down the Columbia River. To en
able delegates to thoroughly appreci
ate our river scenery, it has been ar
ranged to hold one day's session on
barges, and that steameVs will haul
these barges down the Willamette
and up and down the Columbia River.
All the delegates will go on this trip.
Letters being received from Associa
tion members ask all sorts of infor
mation regarding trips from this part
of the country to Alaska and the Ori
ent, and It is certain that many trip
to foreign countries will be made from
this port by medical visitors and
others. Once touching the edge of the
Pacific Ocean and after crossing the
whole American continent, the Orient
is naturally suggested.
Accommodations Already Engaged.
Satisfactory arrangements are being
made with the hotels Jn town, especially
with the management of the Portland
Hotel, and the committees say that the
Inside Inn. with its 600 rooms at the Ex
position grounds, will be a great help.
Already intending delegates are making,
in advance, contracts for hotel accom
modation in July.
It Is more than likely that the Ameri
can Medical Association, after meeting
here in July, will cease to meet except
in a permanent location, and that this
location will be Chicago. The present
president of the association Is Dr. J. H.
Musser. of Philadelphia, Pa., and the
president-elect is Dr. Lewis S. McMurty,
of lyouisville. Ky. The general secretary
is Dr. George H. Simmons, of Chicago,
and the treasurer. Dr. Frank Billings,
of Chicago.
There are about 280 physicians and sur
geons in a healthy city like Portland,
and it Is safe to say that they and all
the medical men of the Pacific Northwest
will work together to make the 1905 meet
ings in Portland of the American Medi
cal Association, a great business and
social success.
Property-Holders Allege Cost of Im
provements Is Irregularly Appor
tioned, and Ask Relief.
Sheriff of Hawaii Dismissed.
VICTORIA, B. C. Jan. 21. Advices
from Honolulu, dated January 32, received
today, are as follows:
Following the dismissal a few months
ago of High Sheriff Arthur M. Brown, of
the Territory of Hawaii, owing to dis
closures made to Governor Carter by a
Plnkerton detective, another blow was de
livered today by the abrupt dismissal of
Sheriff L. A. Andrews, of the Island of
Hawaii. The new High Sheriff. William
Henry, went to the Island of Hawaii a
few day ago. armed with full powers
by the Governor, and Sheriff Andrews
removal followed. He Is not known to
have been charged with any offense
against the law, but he was personally un
popular on account of alleged arbitrari
ness and it is also stated that the illicit
sale of liquor flourished In his bailiwick.
He is succeeded by Sheriff I- M. Baldwin,
of the Island of MauL
A home cure for Eye troubles. Never fills
to -win trtenas. usm ror laxaat use uult
Murine don't smart. Sooth Xye-paic
in the dead of Winter. Gale's Creek
is the last" settlement on this side oC
the mountains and Wilson's the first
on the other side. Between lie 30
miles of uncommonly steep road and
manv feet of snow. Mr. Wollaber says
he docs not know the gentle art of
keeping snowshoes off of each other
or the science of standing upright on
skees while scooting over the land
scape, so he fears he will have to ride
a hofsc over the narrow defiles and
down the steep canyons to Wilson's.
He will go out tomorrow to Forest
Grove, proceed by buggy to Gale'
Creek, nine miles out. and then look
the situation over. He knows alreadr
that he will be the only traveler b-
Four suits to review the action of
Vt . immrtn lrtiinrtfl In c f r o t ! Try -
provement matters Wc filed In the j side the mallcarrier venturing into th
State Circuit Court yesterday by Ralph somber, snow-laden forests over th
R. Dunlway. attorney, representing va- naIfw- rtuous mountain road,
rious taxnavers The reason It rains so hard at WU-
James O. Spencer. James W. Cook. n's I f niost of the clouds that
Fred Hustings and others dbject to fome J""" Utp 'hS. nl5L
paying for the improvement of Missis- clr heads on that Jutting shoulder
slppi avenue fropi Norrls to PrescotU V?" r 7St iTXt -Kmi-
the North and South forks of the Wil
son purl in Summer and roar in Winter,
rionm-n TXT nl lnnr 1? Dnlt. T. !
Feurerret ai sue to be relieved from and l8' i "f."quece;
the payment of assessments for the im
provement of Karl street from Mllwau
k!e street to East Thirteenth street.
John Mitchell, the Henry Welnhard
estate, the Portland Trust Company
and others ask to be relieved from the
payment of assessments for the im-
constant precipitation. It is no trick
for the clouds to get up that far. They
sail easily up a narrow canyon, but be
yond that shoulder the peaks crowd
close together, and only streamers and
strings of clouds can get around
Clouds sailing high, of course, go over
rf." fc.u 1-...- 1.Z 1 " , the top. But most dump their con-
Alblna avenue to Russell street. !nt3,th"lS?i?5 (S'' .- .? r
William M. Kllllngsworth. the In- J?I? ?Jn,n H. n
vestment Company. Frank M. Warren W"f,n 2. 0,6 ra,n,est Pot on the
and others object to paying assess- j clUc d3U
ments for the improvement of Union
avenue from Alberta street to a point
100 feet south of the south line of the ,
Lewis Love donation land claim. i
The suits are in the form of writs of
review from the action of the Common
Council in these matters. The members
Railroad Companies Arrange to Take
Care of Heavy Travel.
of the Council and the City of Portland jt jj, unofficially announced that tne
are named as defendants. The assess- N-orthcrn Pacific has under consideration
ments are asked to be set aside as 11-j . , , - ,. . , .
legal for numerous reasons. It is al- I a new scnedule for Its Seattle trains which
leged that the assessments were not ! shorten the running time between
mode according to the benefits to be Portland nnd Seattle to slxihoure, making
derived by the land, that protests of ! a gain of two hours In the time between
property-owners were wrongfully over- j the two places. ana m some cases it is alleged The o. R. & K. Co.. so it Is said, will
the land and improvements comprised f . ... tlm. vortift.i and
Spokane from the present 16-hour trip to
12 hours.
The Southern Pacific Company is also
considering a faster train service between
Portland and San Francisco for the Sum
cannot be sold for the amount of the
asesssment charged against the prop
erty. Many alleged Illegal acts are com
plained of. The amount of money in
volved In these suits is nearly $20,000.
Holds Rain Record
Little Mountain Tottb Record
Precipitation of 127 Inches.
This la the result of the investigations
which have been made by the traffic men
In regard to the estimated attendance at
i the Lewis and Clark Fair. It Is estimated
i that the Northern Pacific will carry over
t-ttf: tini.if nioM .v.. t--.- ! 500.000 DeoDle to Portland from points
1 rn. i t j ... v. I north of Portland during the time the Ex-
1 Coast Is believed to be in the heart position Is open to the public From what
of the Coast Mountains, where It Is re- has been noted In the Southern Pacific
puted to have rained 127 inches In the territory, that road should bring many
past year. Just below where the two I inore than the Jsorthem line, for it has
forks of the Wilson River come tum
bling about the base of a huge shoul
der of mountain that rises, forest-clad,
for 2000 feet, lies Wilson Postoffice.
and the local Postmistress has been the
weather bureau gauger there.
She has written recently to District
Forecaster. Beals, of the Portland
Weather Bureau, telling of the discov
ery she has made, and it has been con
sidered a matter of sufficient? conse
quence to science of Athur B. Wollaber,
local forecaster, to travel many miles
a larger and more extended territory trl
butary to it. The traffic over the O. R,
& N. line from the East and over the
Northern lines from the Eastern States
Is problematical, and cannot even be ap
proximated; but it Is so sure that there
will be a very heavy traffic that the roads
are planning for special trains and shorter
It is also said that. In order not to con
gest the trains and throw the service out
of order, special sales day? will be made
for each different section, so that the peo-
through the mountain fastnesses and Ia4 SSnSTL fferSPtoeJ'anS'u.S
deep snow to learn whether she has .e J0" at d,fcrent "m?- fnd thas
madfi accurst mMKurnntc it ,l,SBIC l" companies nauuic ice large
has. Wilson's has the record 'for lain. numbcrB ot crelonIat-t without delay.
Mr. Beals has written her. asking '
explicit questions regarding her metb- LINGERING COLD.
?.?f S"m;frhve,fOU,2i W!ttol Oilier TrrBt. b,t
or not. but her letters have told him i
Cured by CBUBfeerlaM's CosgB Reasedjr.
all about the discovery she has made: ! J.'i..LiL FJ?!?
but nothing in answer to his questions, j rquhart of Z&hf?. 6at. "coulTh was
t0 Mr V ollabcr will have to go and I very dry and harsh. The local dealer
interview her personally and teach her I recommended Chamberlain's Cough: Jtem
tha Governmenfo way of gauging the' edy and guaranteed It. so I gave it a
rainfall, so she can be sure she Is right K1?:1",, ne?tcall .tu.e 11 JL1 "m,e
next time. y ' I -believe Chamberlain s Cough Remedy
ft t. i.v. , , . , i to oe tne oest i nave ever ueea- t
It Is no joke to travel to Wllaousf remedy Is ior sale by all drarrteta.
Large Number of Permits Issued, and
Real Estate Market Stiffens Per
ceptibly During the Week.
Building activity took a brace rather
sooner than was expected, after the first
of the year, and the past week has been
fruitful In building permits. Of the $S3,
373 worth of permits granted, none were
for Iare buildings and most for residences
costing from JpCO to X3X0. This is a good
sign and shows that the same sort of
activity in homebuildlng will continue this
year as existed last year.
The real estate market contained no
sales of note, but a general stiffening in
prices was noted. In the suburbs one
can yet buy according to his pockets, but
he must go farther out than formerly.
while down-town property Is stlffer than
it has been for many years. There have
been no down-town sales of size, though
tne market Is filled with bidders, as own
ers are continuously holding off for better
Inducements to selL
Transfers for Week.
January 14 J 13.727
January 16 13.228
January 17 v 10.593
January 18 '. 12.821
January i 14.9S2
January 20 20.827
January 21 19,241
Total . flIS.423
Permits for- Week.
January 14 X 11.900
January 16 13.300
Januarv 17 16,200
January IS '. 4.200
January 13 18.275
January 20 21,500
January 21 20.S00
Total I S3.C
Swears Out Arrest Warrant for tha
Woman Who Thrashed Him.
John Henry Hltchings, attorney, has
caused a warrant to be issued for the
arrest of Mrs. Rose Hathaway, who so
severely chastised him la John P. Kava-
naugh's office Thursday.
"Somewhat disfigured but still in the
ring. Is what Hitchings says In ex
planatlon of the result of his combat with
Mrs. Hathaway.
One of Hltchings' eyes is discolored and
there is a long scar on the top of his
"That was not painted there?" queried
one of Hltchings friends yesterday.
"Xo," said John. "She ran her finger
nail along that spot."
"It Isn't fair to treat a limb of the. law
that way." said another. "Kow did you
get mixed up with her, anyhow?"
"I didn't get mixed up with her. She
got mixed up with me."
"Did you sue her for damages?"
"No: for a fee for $25 for services ren
dered." "X wouldn't take that for $45," broke in
another spectator.
Hitchings states that Mrs. Hathaway
employed him last Summer to find out
what her husband. C. Lf Hathaway, who
eonducts the Square Deal Brokers' Agen
cy at. 123 Seventh street, was doing. Hitch
ings employed two detectives, he avers,
and obtained the required information,
and Mrs. Hathaway paid the detectives
but did not pay him. The attorney also
says Mrs. Hathaway settled her differ
ences with her husband, receiving S3X)
cash. Recently Mra. Hathaway sold a
lodging-house, and Hltchings thought it
was a good time to collect his fee. He
threatened suit, and Mrs. Hathaway
agreed to a meeting In Mr. Kavanaugb's
office to bring about a settlement. It
is stated that she struck and bruised
Hltchings because efae heard he had made ,
disparaging and insulting remarks con
cerning her.
Hltchings denies this and asserts that
while be was explaining what services ho
had performed for Mrs. Hathaway she in
terrupted him, saying ho had talked a
long time, to no purpose, and she was
prepared to settle matters, and she
jumped him, knocking him .off the chair
011 wmcn ne was seated, ana pusned mm
against the walL He warded her off,
and called her "a silly fool" and told her
to behave herself. This only caused her
to become more angry, and she renewed
the assault with Increased vigor. During
breathing spells he again called her a
"silly fooL"
HOME RULE FOR at.artta.
C. B. Haraden Says People Should
Make Their Own Laws.
Mr. C. B. Haraden, who represents
Ross, HIgglns &. Co., one of the largest
mercantile concerns in Southeastern
Alaska, having extensive business in
terests at Juneau and Skagway and
dealing all through the Yukon Ter
ritory, is in Portland on a business
trip. In an interview. Mr. Haraden
said he considers Alaska one of the
most wonderful countries In the world.
and expressed himself as well-pleased
with present conditions and the future
outlook, and that what Is most needed
is home rule under a territorial form
of government. "We have, without
doubt, 30,000 to 60.000 white people In
Alaska at the present; brlgnt, pro
gresaivo men scattered all over Alas
ka, who are perfectly able to make
laws and see that they are properly
executed. The population Is rapidly
Increasing and a home rule form of
government would develop the coun
try in a manner that would surprise
the world, and I think the powers at
Washington should give this matter
immediate attention. There Is cer
tainly no other place in the United
States, and probably not in the world,
that has as much mineral of all kinds
as in Alaska, and the fish Industry
would be simply enormous If properly
perpetuated. We want home rule and
believe "we are fully entitled to it.
and with a very few exceptions the
entire people demand it.
Fairbanks, about 250 miles up the
Tanana River, without doubt will be
the camp this season, and everything
points to a big rush there in the early
Spring. The diggings around Fair
banks are rich, without any question,
and there Is no doubt but that it is
destined to be a large camp for several
Steyn Returns to Be a Farmer.
PARIS, Jan. 2L Judge Steyn, former
President of the Orange Free State (now
the Orange River Colony) has left Paris
for South Africa. He has become recon
ciled to the changed conditions, and In
tends to reside on his farm In- the Orange
River Colony.
No Sreakfbst Table
complete "without
The Cream of Cocoas.
The Most Nutritious
and .Economical
Sherwood it Sherwood. Pacific Coast AgesU
When the Great
Chinese Doctor
c. gee wo
can cure you of any ailment by his powerful and
harmless Chinese herbs and roots, which are un
known to medical science of this country. His
wonderful cures throughout the United States
alone tell the story. Thousands of people are
thankful to him for saving their lives from
Then why let yourself jffer? This famous doctor knows the action
of over 500 different remedies that he has successfully used in different
Tbe fellorrlBg: tmtiiHonlala from Trell-knovrn people tell of the iroa
rferfal curative powers of Nature's own herbs and roots t
Thomas Walsh, Tenth and Everett streets, city, cured of stomach
trouble, two years' standing.
Miss Helene.Enberg. 506 Vancouver avenue, city, suffered many years
with dyspepsia of the stomach and lung trouble, and was said by doc
tors to have incurable consumption. I am thankful to say, after five
months' treatment of Dr. C. Gee Wo's remedies. I have fully regained my
health and strength. I recommend all that arc sick to go and see him.
Saved from operation: Mrs. Theresa George, 705 Fourth street, city
I had suffered from inflammation of the womb and ovaries and female
weakness, and tried many doctors, but all said I would die if I did not
have an operation. I tried Dr. C. Gee Wo's remedies as" my last resource
and am thankful to say that after four months' treatment I was entirely
He guarantees to cure Catarrh. Asthma. l.lver. Kidney, tung Trouble,
Rheumatism. Nervousness. Stomach, Female Trouble and all private dis-
Hundreds of testimonials. Charges moderate. If you are sick with
any of tht above testimonials, then call and see him.
Consultation free,
v Patients out of the city write for blank and circulars. Inclose stamp.
The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co. 233 'rfSFZ.0
Stairway of i5iV Alder leadiag to mr occ