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Russians Attack Sleep
ing Japanese.
Troops Awake to Find Enemy
Ready to Bayonet Them,
Japanese Break and Flee in Wild
Panic, but Not Before Fifteen
Have Been Killed and an
Equal Number Wounded.
MUKDEN, Dec 3. All day Friday Rus
sian siege guns bombarded villages occu
pied by the Japanese to the east of the
railroad, and early this morning to the
west of the railroad Don Cossacks routed
the Japanese south of Lddlatoun and cap
tured eight guns. This brilliant action,
described by a Chinese, who, dressed as a
Cossack, participated in the attack, is as
"When volunteers were called for, from
two infantry regiments, every man
stepped forward, and the Cosaacka in
chorus asked not to be left behind when
the little party was formed. The order
was given to depart at 2 o'clock in the
morning, and all the men advanced with
extreme caution, and in dead silence,
sometimes crawling and sometimes run
ning. The party divided and attacked the
Japanese position from two sides. The
Japanese were sound asleep, and they did
not even have time to raise a cry before
all was over.
"Again we advanced, and soon saw be
fore us the outlines of a battery- All the
Japanese were asleep except the sentries.
We encircled the battery and attacked
the rear. They had not expected such
an audacious and sudden attack, and
when the Don Cossacks charged on a
dead run, followed by chasseurs on foot,
the Japanese were badly scared and un
able to realize what was happening. They
rushed, half-dressed, from their tents,
only to be received by spears and bayo
nets. The fight lasted only a few minutes,
when the whole camp broke and fled in
wild panic, leaving eight guns in our
hands. We had no losyes, and only one
man was slightly wounded. The Japanese
left at least 15 dead, and probably as
many more were wounded."
Crouching in rifle pits has so hardened
the men to danger that they Ignore it.
Peculiar war sports are becoming popular
among the troops.
General RennenkampfTs Cossacks are
still in -pursuit of the Japanese, and have
driven them out of the villages of Intsa
goundzy and Dapindunian, taking many
prisoners and rifles.
Russian Officer Declares 203-Meter
Hill Not of Inner Defenses.
ST. PETERSBURG, Dec 3. A high
officer of the general staff, who is Inti
mately familiar with the fortifications of
Port Arthur, insists that the Importance
of the capture of 203-Meter Hill has been
overestimated. He explains that this hill,
which the Russians call VIsokaia, is sit
uated west of the railroad, and belongs
to the outer and not to the inner line of
defenses, which are composed of perma
nent forts on Canonla hill, or Spngshu
Mountain; Hawk hill, or Antas hill, and
Woodcock hill. The Japanese are now
only able to attack the main line. Just as
happened in the -case of Dragon hill after
the capture of Wolf hill.
"The Japanese took "Wolf hill July 30,
but it was not until four months later,
November 30, that they were able to reach
the permanent forts on the north and
northeast of Port Arthur.
"I believe the Japanese will try to carry
the main forts by assault, and, falling in
this, they will resort to "sapping and
mining," the officer said.
Russian Ambassador Goes to Secre
tary's Country Seat.
LONDON. Dec 3. Sount Benckendorff,
the Russian Ambassador, has left town to
spend the week end with Foreign Secre
tary Lansdowne at the latter's country
seat. Bowood Park. Wiltshire The visit
creates interest because it is regarded as
a public intimation that Anglo-Russian
official relations are by no means of that
strained character which recent philippics
in the press of both countries have led the
uninformed to suppose.
The latest controversial subject started
in the St. Petersburg press as to whether
or not the Black Sea fleet shall traverse
the Bosphorus excites little interest in
official circles here, where it Is pointed
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During the Month of December
out that there is no evidence whatever
that Russia contemplates any attempt to
evade the treaty governing the passage of
the Dardanelles.
They Expect to Encounter the Rus
sian Second Pacific Squadron.
CHEFOO; Dec 3. Japanese prepared
ness for an encounter with the Russian
second Pacific squadron was witnessed
by the officers of the French steamer
'Binh Thuan, which left Japan November
30 and arrived here today. Near Sasebo
they saw the Japanese battleship Mikasa
unscarred and evidently fully repaired
and painted. Forty miles south of the
Shantung promontory the officers of the
Blnh Thuan sighted the Japanese battle
ship Asuhl, similarly rehabilitated. The
repair work of the Japanese fleet has
been progressing with great secrecy since
The torpedoboat and torpedoboat-de-stroyer
flotilla is reported to have been
maintained in good shape. The boats are
mostly at the Japanese naval base and
at Port Dalny.
General Sakharoff Tells of Sharp--shooters'
ST. PETERSBURG. Dec 3. General
Sakharoff, telegraphing yesterday, reports
a successful reconnaissance by sharp
shooters Thursday night in the vicinity of
the Japanese entrenchments southwest of
Tungoon (Tunganon). The Russians first
bayonetted a Japanese outpost of 30 men,
surmounted barbwire entanglements, en
tered the entrenchments and bayonetted
another 20 Japanese. Reinforcements
coming up, attacked the sharpshooters
with hand-grenades, forcing- the Russians
to retire. The Russians carried off Ave
dead and 14 wounded, some Japanese rifles
and ammunition.
Both Sides Devote Six Hours to Bury
ing the Dead.
TOKIO. Dec. 3. The first armistice be
tween the combatants at Port Arthur
was declared on December 2 for the pur
pose of burying the dead. It lasted for
a period of six hours.
The Port Arthur besiegers report that
yesterday bearers of flags of truce in the
direction of the left wing arranged for a
partial armistice to extend from 10
o'clock in the morning to A in the after
noon for the removal of the dead and
Sinking of the Thea Unjustifiable.
preme Court in the appeal of the Ger
man steamer Thea, chartered by an
English firm, which was sunk off the
Japanese coast by the Vladivostok
squadron, decided today that her ar
rest was unjustified, and the judgment
of the Vladivostok prize court was set
aside. As an appeal was not lodged
regarding her cargo, the Vladivostok
judgment in that respect stands. The
owner of the Thea, H. DIedrlchsen, of
Kiel, will place a claim for damages
roughly figured at $145,000.
Persian Deputation at Moscow.
MOSCOW, Dec 3. Mirza Rlza Khan
and the deputation from the Shah of Per
sia arrived here today on their way to
St. ePtersburg. In addition to an auto
graph letter to the Emperor, Mira Riza
Khan is bringing the Shah's portrait In a
frame, set with diamonds. The party is
traveling in a special car, and Is escorted
by a representative of the Ruadan For
eign Office.
Money Freely Given for Wounded.
PARIS, Dec 3. General Stoessel's
heroic defense of Port Arthur brings
out enthusiastic popular subscriptions
to the -fund which his wife -Is raising
in behalf of the helpless wounded of
the fortress. The subscribers represent
all classes, many from the nobility and
hundreds of workmen, and the amount
already subscribed totals S6600.
Russians Are Repulsed.
TOKIO, Dec. 3. Manchurlan headquar
ters, reporting Friday night, say:
"On Thursday at 10, In " the evonlng,
the enemy's infantry attacked Machuan
antze Mountain, but were immediately
"On Friday morning the enemy's Infan
try and cavalry approached Hungtlplet
atzu but were driven off."
Must Get Permission to Coal.
COLOMBO, Island of Ceylon, Dec 3. In
pursuance of instructions from the home
government at London regarding coaling
facilities for belligerents, either directly
or indirectly, a notice has been issued
that no vessel shall be supplied with
coal without the permission of the local
Arabia Seizure Upheld.
ST. PETERSBURG, Dec 3. The su
prome prize court today upheld the ap
peal against the seizure of 5000 sacks
of flour on board the Portland & Asi
atic Line steamer Arabia, captured by
the Vladivostok squadron July 22, and
quashed the Vladivostok decision in
the case.
Russia Bidding High for Steamers.
ANTWERP, Dec 3. Russia Is reported
to be "again seeking steamers for the dis
patch of provisions and ammunition to
Vladivostok. It is said in shipping cir
cles here that offers have been made as
high as $22.50 a ton, including a risk of
Grippenberg at Harbin.
HARBIN. Dec 3. Lieutenant-Gcncral
Grippenberg, commander of the second
Manchurlan army, arrived here this evening;
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Mrs, Chadwick Owes NewYork
Modiste $1357.
It Is Served on Hotel Manager, and
Attorney for Cleveland Woman
Declares Her Baggage Can
not Be Held.
NEW YORK, Dec 3. "There is ab
solutely nothing to prevent Mrs. Cass I e
L. Chadwick from leaving the Holland
House with her baggage if she sees fit,"
said Philip' Carpenter counsel for Mrs.
Chadwick, when tonight ne was asked
concerning the report that a writ of
attachment had been served, on all her
baggage and personal belongings at
.the Holland House today to satisfy a
claim of 51357 which a Fifth-avenue
modiste had against her.
"The papers were served on the man
ager of the hotel and not on my-client
personally, and that fact renders the
service null and void," continued Mr.
"As a matter of fact Mrs. Chadwick
has no intention of leaving New York
for a few days, but there would be no
legal objection if she saw fit, accord
ing to my view of the law."
Mr. Carpenter Js of the opinion that
the appointment of a receiver in Cleve
land will not complicate matters un
necessarily. "It must be borne in mind," he said,
"that there is a great difference be
tween voluntary and involuntary bank
ruptcy." Nathan Loeser, who was appointed
receiver in Cleveland yesterday, said
today that as it would be necessary to
bring an action in court to gain pos
session of Mrs. Chadwlck's property, he
undoubtedly would defer action for a
time, and before taking further steps
he would confer with Mrs. Chadwlck's
counsel. The attorneys representing
her in New York have not yet had any
communication from Mr. Loeser, who
is in the Ohio city.
A gentleman who is fully conversant
with Mrs. Chadwlck's affairs said to
night that by the time the bankruptcy
matter came to the attention of the
court the claims of Mrs. Chadwick
would be settled, rendering further ac
tion by the courts unnecessary. He
said that the turn of affairs in Cleve
land would not affect the settlement of
the claim of Herbert D. Newton, of
Brookllne, Mass., whose suit against
Mrs. Chadwick was the first filed.
The informant of the Associated
Press said this claim had beeji adjust
ed to the satisfaction of both sides and
that the formal money transfer would
be made in a few days.
Lawyer George R. Yall. Mr. Newton's
New York counsel, said the appearance
of Mr. Carver, Mr. Newton's Boston
counsel, here today was quite without
significance. Mr. Carver tonight said
he would remain in New York until
Monday and added that he was sat
isfied with the manner in which the
affairs of his client were progressing.
A story was published in an evening
paper to the effect that .several de
tectives alleged to be in the employ
of a New York millionaire whose name
has been mentioned in connection with
the Chadwick case, are shadowing Mrs.
Chadwick. According to this rumor
two detectives are in the Holland
House in the guise of patrons, while
others are watching the exits and
lounging about the corridors. The
hotel management is quite unaware of
the alleged presence of the detectives
and it has been Impossible to confirm
the story.
An interesting future of the case
today was the optimistic view taken by
the Chadwick counsel. Philip Carpen
ter stated emphatically that his client
Is a very wealthy woman and amply
able to meet every just claim against
In contradiction of the statement of Mr.
Carpenter. Deputy Sheriff Frank C. Rlnn
said tonight he served the attachment on
Mrs. Chadwick personally today, after
first serving It on a clerk and Manager
Harrimon, of the Holland House Rinn
said he was permitted to go to the Chad
wick apartments, where he found Mrs.
Chawick reclining on a couch. Owing to
her deafness, Rinn says, he was obliged
to carry on conversation in a loud voice.
"When he made his errand known, the
Deputy Sheriff says, Mm Chadwick took
the papers and placed them on a table
beside her. He continued:
"I, too, searched the room as well as 1
could, but all I could find was a small
handbag and the woman's hat and jacket.
"We have been Informed that Mrs.
Chadwick has changed her apartments in
the Holland House three times. "We be
lieve the handbag I found in her room
docs not constitute all of her effects.
"We shall go to the hotel the first thing
Monday morning and Inform the manage
ment that we want from them a state
ment of whatever effects they have be
longing to Mrs. Chadwick, either In the
way of valuables deposited in the safe
or a parcel such as might be contained
In her trunks."
Five Millions in Securities.
CLEVELAND, O., Dec. 3. In the pro
ceedings brought about by the suit of
Mr. Nerton against Mrs. Chadwick to
recover a large loan, frequent mention
has been made of an attest for $5,000,000.
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Today a copy of the alleged attest was
printed. It was written on a letter-head
of the Wade Park Banking Company.
Following Is a copy of it:
Cleveland, O., May 23. 1002. To "Whom It
May Concern: I hereby certify that I have In
xny possession five million dollars ($5,000,000)
in securities belonging to Cassle L. Chadwick.
and that neither myself nor the "Wade Park
Bank nor any other person has any claim, upon
the same. IRI REYNOLDS.
When asked about the authenticity of
this note, Mr. Reynolds tonight refused
to either affirm or deny Its authenticity.
He said he would talk about his dealings
with Mrs. Chadwick only on the witness
New York Tribune Learns Ohio Bank
Holds Paper of Mrs. Chadwick.
NEW YORK, Dec 3. The Tribune to
morrow will say: All of Mrs. Cassle L.
Chadwlck's effects are In the possession
of the Savings Deposit Bank and Trust
Company, of Elyrla, O., under a chattel
mortgage given In April and filed in Cleve
land on November 22. The mortgage Is
admitted in a statement signed by the
entltre directorate of the bank. '
This, the Tribune learns, Is the sub
stance of a telegram which has been re
ceived by the adjusting firm of Frank,
Leguln & Arnold from Louis J. Crossman,
their Cleveland correspondent. Mr. Cross
man Is the Cleveland lawyer, who, on
behalf of Jacques, Krakauer and others,
filed a petition In Involuntary bankruptcy
against Mrs. Chadwick in the Cleveland
Federal Court on Friday afternoon, a re
ceiver being appointed later in the day.
Mr. Crossman's telegram Is, In part. Is
The principal reison that prompted the flllty;
of the petition was tho Information recelvep
by me that certain creditors who hold a large
quantity of Mrs. Cbadwick'a diamonds as odl
laterary were threatening: to sU the same fit
a sacrifice sale. Besides this, the Savings De
posit Bank: and Trust Company of Elyria. 0.,
are In posseesion of all of Mrs. Chadwlck's
effects, worth a large amount, under a
chattel mortgage given In April last and filed
here November 22. This mortgage, as Is ad
mitted over a statement signed by all the.
directors of the bank, was given to secure
an old indebtedness and simply as additional
security there.
According to report Mrs. Chadwlck's
'son, Emll, is the possessor of a blanket
bond for $7,500,000.
Mrs. Chadwick Nearly Collapses.
NEW YORK, Dec. 3. Mrs. Chadwick
Is said to be in a state bordering on
almost collapse tonight. The nervous
strain of the last few days had been
so great that she is almost hysterical.
Dr. Moor, her medical attendant, was
called In tonight, and after prescribing
for her, said:
"Mrs. Chadwick is suffering from
nothing except the nervous strain
which she has been undergoing. It is
no wonder that a woman of her age
should give way, considering what she
has been through lately. There is,
however, no constitutional trouble."
-Cleveland Suit Again Continued.
CLEVELAND, O.. Dec. 3. The suit
brought by Herbert ' Df Newton, of
Brookllne, Mass., against Mr3. Cassle
L. Chadwick, was again continued by
Judge Babcock today. The attorneys
represeiitlng both Newton , and Chad
wick were in court and 'requested that
the hearing go over for a week. JIr.
A. F. Sterns, representing Mr. Newton,
said tne entire matter wouta oe aouut
less settled out of court.
Finance Minister Estimates She Will
Need $225,000,000 Next Year. I
TOKIO, Dec. 3. Premier Katsura al
Minister of Finance Sone addressed tne
House of Representatives today on tie
occasion of the formal presentation of tm
budget and government measures. M.
Katsura said he met the House with
pleasure, congratulated the army and
navy on their successes, and expresacd
sympathy with the soldiers and sailors
who were submitted first to intense heaY
and then to freezing cold, and who, de
spite their difficulties and sufferings, gal
lantly continued their work, strongly
aided by the united national support.
The Premier expressed the opinion that
the favorable condition of general affairs
was due to the union of the nation, and
said the goal was distant, and that the
duties upon the House and government
were heavy. He hoped the Diet would
approve the budget. The Premier's re
marks were greeted with cheers.
M. Sohe said that since hostilities were
opened the" people had shown unprece
dented power and capacity to bear the
burden of the war. The emergency of the
people and their military strength were
undiminished. These conditions were at
tributable to national unity. These happy
conditions strongly portended the future,
prosperity of the empire.
The war budget totals $390,000,000, in
cludes provision for the interest on out
standing loans. M. Sone added that the
government has prepared the budget on
the most economical basis, and proposes
the most frugal measures in order to
avoid unnecessary outlays.
The Minster, summarizing the sources
of revenue, said It will be necessary, in
1505 to borrow only $225,000,000. In prepar
ing the financial programme the govern
ment has carefully .weighed the capacity
of the people and taken steps to preserve
the national credit. Economies in ordi
nary expenditures permit the diversion
of $60,000,000 to the war fund. The war
and ordinary budgets total about $500,
000,000. In conclusion, the Minister urged
the House carefully to consider the bud
get and assist the government to the
formulation of its financial plans.
When M. Sone concluded his remarks he
was cheered by the House.
The budget was referred to a commit
tee. It is probable that the Diet will make
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in the mountains surrounding Chita are
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beria, which heretofore have been aver
aging 15 monthly, each, having a capacity
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Russian Fleet Coaling at Jibuti!.
JIBUTIL, French Somaling, Dec. 3.
A Russian fleet, consisting of 13 war
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of Rear-Admlral Volkersam, Is anchor
ed outside this harbor coaling.
Russia to Make Two Loans.
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